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Saitō (斉藤 Saitō?) is a former second progenitor of the vampires, who later acts as an experimental subject and assassin in the Brotherhood of a Thousand Nights (Later referred to as the Hyakuya Sect). He was one of the main antagonists in Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign along with Sika Madu.

He previously used the alias Makoto Kijima (木島真 Kijima Makoto?) while working for the Thousand Nights, and Urd Geales addresses him as Rígr Stafford (リーグ・スタフォード Rīgu Sutafōdo?), Shikama Dōji also refers to him as Rigr, indicating this is his true name. He is a second former member of the Progenitor Council.


Saitō appears as a nondescript young man with a gentleman-like approach. He has short clean-cut black hair with bangs and dull black eyes. Like other Thousand Night members, he wears a business suit that includes a white dress shirt, black dress jacket and pants along with a black tie.

Despite being a vampire, he does not have pointed ears. Although he actually has red eyes, he wears colored contacts over them to hide his vampirism. He also keeps his fangs hidden.

As seen during the events of the past in Ancient Greece, Saitō's (Rigr's) original appearance was that of a typical young looking vampire with the physical age of someone in their late teens to early twenties with short mid length long blond hair and the normal red eyes and pointy ears of a vampire.


Saitō has a cold sense of humor and attitude towards others, possibly due to his nature as a vampire. He is cold, calculated, and goes to great extents to hide his true strength and identity. While facing off with Guren in First Shibuya. He'd never revealed his real name at first but after the first attack in which they needed to retrieve Mahiru Hīragi, he appears worried when Guren threatens to overpower and kill him, despite the fact he is actually far stronger than Guren and Mahiru. He also acts exasperated and tired when their attack on the school gets off schedule. It is stated by Ferid that Saitō was using Guren all along.

He treats Mikaela Hyakuya gently and gives him money for ice cream when out walking with him in the summer of 2012. However, he treats Yūichirō Hyakuya coldly when he drags the temperamental child to the orphanage on Christmas Day. He also bluntly tells Yu that Yu's home went up in flames and that Yu was so hated by his own parents that they tried to kill him. Saitō then states that in the Hyakuya Orphanage, everyone there was just as unwanted as him, therefore he would have a big, new family. It is difficult to ascertain his true nature.

His true objective is unclear, even to Mahiru Hīragi. All she knows for certain is that he is invested in the Seraph of the End project. He is the one who invites her to the Thousand Nights, which they both betray later on. Although he convinces her to become a vampire, he refuses to turn her himself. However one clear part of his motive seems to be his desire to be acknowledged and "seen" by his "Father" (Sika Madu) and seems to be one of his main goals and his main drive to all of his actions, and he even states that he wishes to restrain and capture him.

Although never stated, this obsessive desire to be noticed by his "Father", is also one of the main reasons for him changing his name and appearance to that of a Japanese name and a more Asian appearance due to his "father's" preference for the Country. Later during his destructive battle against the First, Saitō was shown to have become excited and giddy at the prospect of his "Father" finally beginning to "notice" him.


Rigr a thousand years ago alongside his fellow Second Progenitor Urd Geales

An earliest known recollection shows Rigr was a human in a prison cell along with Urd. Seeing Sika Madu before them, they were promised eternal life.[4] A thousand years ago, Rígr Stafford was a second progenitor among the vampires who always accompanied the First Progenitor, Sika Madu. At some point, Rígr turned Ferid Bathory into a vampire, though he ended up abandoning him when Ferid didn't live up to his expectations. He was also a witness, along with Urd Geales, on the day Sika Madu disappeared with Ashera Tepes. Rígr later gave up his seat and reappeared in Japan as Saitō, working as an assassin for the Brotherhood of a Thousand Nights, and had experiments done on his body, to the point that his vampire nature was barely noticeable.[5]

Rigr, along with Urd Geales, waited until Ashera awakened after being transformed into a vampire, pointing it out to Urd beside, him and commenting that now they are three. He feels things will be much more fun, and picks up on Urd's statement of them being superior beings to humans. When Ashera begins craving blood, Rigr tells him that he will get used to it, as it will never truly go away, and suggests to Urd that they will have to teach him how to deal with it.[6]

At some point Rigr took up residence in a castle within a mountainous region of Romania. Questioned by Urd who was with him on whether he was leaving Rigr did not answer, not even when asked if it was to chase the first. As Rigr drifted forward the question from Urd was what he thought he could do, to which Rigr answered what Urd thought he could do by staying. Hearing that Urd would uphold the laws of vampire society Rigr commented that was amazing, and whether he would do that for thousands of years, without any hope of reward. Remarking how selfless it was of Urd he spoke how the first is gone and has abandoned vampire kind. Answering Urd not to sulk Saitō added that it was not like he is abandoning him. With only the two of them remaining in the world Rigr agrees it is true, out of all the old vampires it is just him and Urd. He then addresses whether Urd is going to miss him. When Urd mentioned if if said yes would Rigr stay, he flatly replied no.[7]

Aware that the penalty for breaking their laws is death, Rigr spoke how they laid down those laws themselves. They were building a vampire utopia, one that would last forever. Saying that he was sorry Rigr felt their utopia was just an illusion. Asked who he thought he was to decide it was mere illusion Rigr retorted who was Urd to decide it is real. Their parent has left them and whether that was seen as a reason to leave too, Rigr affirmed that Urd was staying and he will protect everyone. Apologizing, Rigr was ready to draw the sword at his hip to block Urd's strike. Clashing with Urd who intended to make him stay, Rigr said could they maybe stop this, and that Urd cannot beat him. Landing then jumping into the air Rigr was able to cut off both of Urd's arms. Before him, Rigr stated that was enough. He always looked slightly pleased with himself when he would win. Rigr liked that so he held back every time in their previous fights. Saying that he was sorry Rigr did not intend to hurt him.[8]

Announcing that he would be off Rigr was questioned with him gone who was left that can leave a scratch on Urd. As he considered the mountainous horizon Rigr heard if he left then Urd will hate him forever. Deeming that fine, Rigr told Urd to go ahead, if that will give him a reason to keep going.[9]

Later shortly after the disappearance and abandonment of vampire kind by First Progenitor along with former Third Progenitor, Ashera Tepes, Rigr also abandoned his post as Second Progenitor of the Progenitor Council and disappeared from the eyes of vampire kind for the following millennia in order to pursue his own goals. Later it was revealed Rigr had in fact followed the First Progenitor to Kyoto, Japan[10] where he then founded the Brotherhood of a Thousand Nights in order to assist him in his goal to be noticed by his "Father" and seemingly continue the First's experiments with the Seraphs for his own goals. Founding the Hyakuya Sect and injecting his own genes into the Ichinose family, ironically it pitted him against the First's own organization of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army and the Hīragi Family, with whom the first had selected to become his host family of vessels for him to possess as a demon and acted as their secret patron and the main reason as to why they consolidated and monopolized the Magic Underground of Japan for a thousand years.


Events of 2012

When Guren returns to his apartment after school with Sayuri and Shigure, he heads to the upper floors that has been converted to a training dojo by the Ichinose family. As he waits for the elevator, he is greeted by a man dressed in a suit who he assumed to be the owner, so the man goes along with his assumption. However, when Guren boards the elevator he notices something amiss by the elevator buttons, then realizes that the man is not whom he claims to be. Immediately, he concludes that the man could only be an assassin.

Soon afterwards, he and the man engages in combat. Guren manages to mangle the man's arm and land many blows on him that would prove to be fatal, however the other is not deterred. In fact, he hardly reacted to his would-be agonizing wounds. Black mist seeps out from his wound as his body is mutilated. Guren thinks that he is neither human nor vampire, but a sort of monster that resulted from some sort of human experimentation - a chimera. Later, the man introduces himself as "Makoto Kijima", an assassin from the Brotherhood of a Thousand Nights. His wounds heal at an incredible pace. He claims that he was there to offer Guren an alliance between the Thousand Nights and the Order of the Imperial Moon. Guren blatantly refuses their offer, warning the man that he will kill him. He starts counting down for him to retreat, in which the latter does so. In return, he too gives Guren a warning - a warning that he would regret not having joined the Thousand Nights. The elevator door closes and the man is gone.

Saitō giving Mika money for ice cream.

Later another day, Guren sits in front of a small supermarket as he waits for Sayuri and Shigure to shop for ingredients. Nearby, he hears a little boy excitedly shouting for a man named "Mr. Saitō." He watches as the boy eagerly speak with the man for money to buy treats back for the others at the Hyakuya Orphanage. The man, Saitō, acts friendly and kind to the child, calling him Mikaela and giving him a 10,000-yen note. After the child has run off to the supermarket, Guren immediately recognizes the man in suit as the assassin from before.

He casually strikes up a conversation with the assassin about his identity and real name, in which the other replies that he doesn't have a real name. After refusing another offer from Saitō to join the Thousand Nights, he questions what the man planned to do with Mikaela, knowing that the Brotherhood carries out human experimentation. Saitō states that the Hyakuya Orphanage is run by the Brotherhood as a charitable endeavor, and that he'd volunteered his own body for experimentation. He reveals to Guren that the Imperial Demons run by the Hīragi family have begun studying forbidden magic, and that the Thousand Nights are trying to put a stop to them.

Once more, he offers to Guren an alliance to join them, in which this time Guren questions where his clan would stand in this midst of the conflict. Saitō warns him that in ten days, war will break out between the two largest and most powerful magical syndicate in the country. Guren asks for an hour to decide, but he is refused. In doing so, he once more turns down Saitō's offer of alliance. He warns the man that he would regret not having the Ichinose clan on his side. Mikaela soon returns after their exchange, commenting about Guren having a nasty look in his eyes to Saitō.

The assassin jokingly warns him to stay away from Guren, stating that he does not know him and may be a pervert. This compels them to immediately leave Guren afterwards. Guren ponders afterwards whether or not he had made the right decision in turning down his offer.

During the qualifying exams, after Guren decides to forfeit his match with Seishirō with Shinya's help, he notices a beam of red light high in the sky above the schoolyard. Before anything else, he quickly forces Mito and Norito out of the way just before the beam of light collided with the schoolyard. The beam of light instantly massacres many of the students in the vicinity. Dust and smoke rises up from the bombing, creating a smokescreen that masks their sight. Guren realizes that the war between the Brotherhood of a Thousand Nights and the Hīragi Family had begun. Recalling Saitō's words, the assassin had warned him the war would start in ten days, it had only been two days since the warning. Knowing Saitō has lied to him though he had expected it, he views the situation on hand.

As he is about to draw his sword to join the fight, a lone man floats down from the sky in the center of the schoolyard's temporary fighting ring, now abandoned. Guren immediately recognized him as Saitō. The assassin studies the carnage with a smile and states that everyone, the students, could all die. With Shinya and Seishirō alongside him, the former asks who the man is. Seishirō is infuriated and tells the assassin that he made a big mistake attacking the Hīragi family. Saitō comments that he hated noisy brats before attacking. Right before he strikes him fatally, Guren manages to kick Seishirō out of harm's way and out of sight. Quickly, he casts numerous spells for him to be able to deal with Saitō's attacks. Shinya, still present, is surprised and astonished by Guren's sudden display of admirable prowess. Afterwards when Guren threatens him, the two decides to work together to fight against Saitō in the meantime.

After they manage to pin Saitō in place, Guren explains to Shinya about his and the assassin's relationship and how they met previously, including the alliance he had proposed. As soon as this is mentioned, Saitō once more offers the alliance, this time including it to Shinya. However, Guren refuses and tells Shinya he could decide whatever he wanted, but he refuses to be controlled. With this, he attacks the man. The latter only calmly watches as Guren's blade descends to cut him through, stating that his body had been altered to resist such tactics. With that, his body begins to diffuse into mist as he prepares his chains to deflect Guren's attack. However, at the last moment he comments that it wouldn't be enough, and Guren's blade slices through the chains and into his flesh.

Soon afterwards, Guren slaps on a fuda and it explodes with energy. Saitō is surprised to see the curse eating away at him, bewildered at the effect and saying that his body had been altered to resist all Hīragi clan magic. Guren corrects him and says that he's not a Hīragi. Fear crosses Saitō's face as Guren tells him that the curse would consume him until he would be trapped for all eternity inside his sword. He calls for Guren to stop, in which he demands for answers and information. He tried to retaliate by activating a spell from his eye, but Shinya easily prevents it with a fuda.

Eventually, the man relents and explains that one of the students had betrayed the Hīragis, selling secret magics to the Thousand Nights and that the research project was an experiment they've been carrying out together with the student. He tells them that the Hīragi family was betrayed by someone important, someone who despises the Hīragis family and is higher than Shinya. Shinya immediately realizes who it is, Guren demands from Saitō who it is. The latter merely states that if Guren wished to kill him, he might as well get it over already. He tells him that his mission was almost complete, and that they were here to recover research materials and to pick up their "collaborator," and that his job was to simply keep both Guren and Shinya busy. With this, Shinya quickly runs off in a panic as he realizes the trap.

Soon afterwards, Guren realizes who the traitor was, Mahiru. Saitō comments that he had thought Guren would be more upset since she was his girlfriend, but Guren denies it. Saitō then continues to goad and chide at Guren about Mahiru, saying that the reason she had come so far in doing all of this was to return to his side. He tempts Guren with Mahiru, stating that with the two of them together, it would make a welcome addition to the Brotherhood. Guren then questions that if this was also part of his mission, to wait for this moment before extending an invitation once more to join them. However, they are interrupted soon afterwards when the Imperial Demon Army arrives. Guren realizes that everything had been set up by Mahiru, that no one would discover that she was the traitor and rather she was abducted by the Thousand Nights. Saitō then says that they were out of time, but Guren refuses to let him leave and that he would kill him if he didn't give him any information.

The assassin tells Guren that if he kills him, he would never see Mahiru again. Guren merely says that he was fine with the idea, saying that he did not grow stronger with the intention to see Mahiru again.

At this, Mahiru herself appears. They exchange words with each other, with Mahiru displaying her newfound powers with the research of cursed gears. After awhile when she starts to slowly be consumed by the demon curse, Saitō finally intervenes by wrapping one of his chains around her consumed arm, suppressing the power. He tells her that they were running out of time and that they must leave. She agrees with him, but Guren stops Saitō and asks what he did to Mahiru. As he attacks the man, Mahiru intercepts his strike, cutting through Guren's blade with hers.

When Guren refuses to come with them again, Mahiru then tells Guren there was something important she wanted to tell him. At this, Saitō seems to panic and tells her to wait, but she ignores him before warning Guren of the apocalypse and end of the world that would soon come around Christmas. Afterwards, she disappears through one of the smokescreens and leaves Guren alone with Saitō once more.

The assassin by this time acts tired and exasperated, saying that they have gone far off schedule. He informs Guren that if he wished to get in touch with the Thousand Nights in the future, he should go to the Hyakuya Orphanage and speak to the director there. Then, he promptly leaves.

Some time later, the 6 p.m. news shows the fire at an apartment complex. A disheveled woman in her mid-twenties with long, silky black hair steps out of the crowd and screams for Yūichirō. She screams about a demon and says the fire should never be put out. She says the demon child should be killed immediately. She dowses herself in lighter fluid, but firefighters tackle her before she can set herself aflame.

Saitō appears and approaches the camera before the footage is cut.

When attacking First Shibuya High School with the rest of the Hyakuya Sect, Saitō orders his soldiers to rape Sayuri and Shigure in order to make Guren become a demon more quickly. When the pair realize this, they attempt to swallow poison, but he uses his chains to pull the poison capsules from their mouths. When Saitō notices Guren’s arrival, he steps back, and Guren slaughters the Thousand Nights soldiers.

Saitō applauds him and encourages him to give in to the demon’s curse. Guren cuts him in half, but It is only an illusion.

Saitō tells him Norito is holed up in the fifth-floor girls’ bathroom while Mito is in the audiovisual room. He says he will not be able to resist becoming a demon once he saves them.

Mahiru joins Saitō and then goes to the roof to torment Guren and his aides more. After that, they disappear.

Guren returns to his apartment to see Saitō lounging on his sofa. Saitō reveals he is actually a second progenitor who has been alive for over 1000 years. Saitō ask Guren to kill his servants and join him.

On December 24th, Saitō is driving Yu to the orphanage. He tells the Yu that the children at the orphanage are kind and will get along, but the boy says he cannot get along because his parents said he was a demon child which Saitō decides not to tell him that they weren't his real parents. He tells Yu that children are cuter when they are smiling which Yu replies he does not want to be cute.

Saitō tells Yu that if he wants to die he could open the door and jump out of the car, but Yu says that as long as there are good things left he will not die. Saitō thinks about how he does not even remember if he had family or friends or good memories. He then calls the director of the orphanage and says he is bringing a child of great destiny and a demon, but the director does not understand. Saitō thinks about how it is raining, which will be beautiful with the blood being shed.

On December 25th, Saitō notes that it is snowing in Tokyo, and his former comrades the vampires who raided the Thousand Nights. He thinks about how everyone is acting crazy before the world is about to end. Saitō brings Yu to outside the orphanage and tells him that the children could be his family, but Yu says he doesn't need one. Saitō remembers that he once had family members that were important to him, which would mean he would lose them.

Saitō wonders how many hours are left, and his phone continuously vibrates. He knows that they are reports about what is going to happen at the end of the world, but he does not look at them. He looks up at the sky and thinks about how he cannot save the world so he must plan for the future. Saitō smiles at Yu and brings him into Hyakuya Orphanage.

Events of 2013

Saitō sends a fifth progenitor vampire Caek Sanorium to contact Guren that his master has taking a 'liking' to Guren. When Guren felt a sudden impact against his back, collided with the wall of a building breaking his spine and his internal organs. As his demon curse kicked and healing his injuries, though he couldn't stand. Saitō visits the injured Guren saying that the world has ended after all, Guren asks him if there is a point wearing contacts despite him being a vampire, answering that it makes him look more human. Guren responds that he isn't human either way but Saitō tells Guren nor he is a vampire anymore which puzzles Guren wanting to know what he is then. Saitō finds his question interesting as he says that does any of us know what they are asking Guren for an answer, which he simply answers that he is a human. Saitō says that all vampires were human once as well mentioning just as Mahiru was. Guren tells Saitō that he is the one responsible for turning her into a vampire, though he answers that she isn't a vampire anymore. Guren demands Saitō by asking what did he do to her, he simply answering what she wanted to which Guren responds that she swallowed the demon and went inside him. Saitō reveals he already knew, then Guren stood up and levelled his sword at Saitō's throat. Guren asks him again what did he to her and he repeats the answer which Guren wants to know what is it exactly that she wanted. Saitō answers him for him to 'survive' that she wanted Guren to become his strength, supporting him from within. Guren asks him if he has her to do that, Saitō admits so but also says he wouldn't take all the credit.

Saitō pushes Guren's blade out of the way and asks Guren directly about what does he thinks of this world and goes on as to who built this world and the one who made it the way it is. Guren tells him how should he know and suggest to him to read philosophy to which Saitō takes this as nonsense who's written by people whose life-spans are measured only by the tiniest fraction of his own. Guren remarks as if it depends on how long a person lives as he is only 16 reminding Saitō. Saitō laughs as it's a good point for someone who is only 16 has been through a lot.

Guren turns around, watching the world that he himself destroyed muttering that he's right. Saitō continues and says that he went through something similar as well, mentioning when he was about Guren age that 'it' happened to him. Guren is confused by what does he mean and asks him about the details. Saitō start saying when the man who sired him when he was nearly seventeen of in his twenties as his memory had grown hazy. Guren questions him what exactly is he talking about to which Saitō says about the only man in this world who has been alive longer than him, naming him as the one who sired him and the first progenitor. Guren staring at Saitō who has no idea what's he talking about and asks what is his point.

Saitō held up a finger and went on that he believes the story of this world has by and written by the first. Guren didn't understand but Saitō continued anyway asking about the first and what is his final objective. Guren asks him if he is a god, to which Saitō comprehends so though says he is a vampire in a case and Saitō continues saying he is been pursuing the first, Guren asks him for what reason but Saitō tells him it's for him to know, confusing Guren and Saitō mentions even if he would tell him he wouldn't understand as he didn't lived long enough to understand it. Guren just tells him this has nothing to do with him though Saitō cuts him he is not a scion of the first tale but Saitō's 'child'.

Guren says he has only one father, the deceased Sakae Ichinose and no one else. Saitō tells him that's beside his point, wanting to know what's the point. Saitō starts by speaking that there are two separate occasions on which he'd played a significant role in shaping history of magical society in Japan and says that Guren already knows one of them; Saitō was the one who created the Brotherhood of a Thousand Nights he explains he did so to oppose the Order of the Imperial Demons

When Guren says he did so due to the Imperial Demons were manipulated by the first, Saitō is impressed by how Guren is very perceptive smiling and says when it comes to it, nearly everything in this world is his creation. Saitō continues by mentioning that things didn't go according to plan as although he created the Brotherhood of the Thousand Nights, none of them seemed to do what he wanted them to as they began conducting their own research without Saitō 's knowledge but in fact all of them seemed to play right into the first's hand.

Saitō goes on as all of it and his creation in fact all part of his plans all along he asks himself what should he do, as the more he tries to catch up with him, the further ahead he seemed to get. Feeling as he's just trapping him, Saitō says he then had no choice but to take a different track; he would do nothing but instead change what he was doing. He planted his own seeds in the fields the first had cultivated. Guren asks him the changes, Saitō raises two fingers explaining that his second major act within the magic-using worlds, 100 of years ago he arranged for the second most powerful and influential clan in the Order of the Imperial Demons after the Hīragis, the Ichinose clan to come into conflict with their masters.

Saitō went on, that he used a woman to do it, that she was an alluring girl and with a little extra help from his own sorcery, she drove a wedge between the clans in no time at all. As the Ichinoses would become outcasts, as if the clan itself is in the balance on the verge of dissolution, but Saitō intervened. He tells Guren his story is not like in the movies as there is no happy ending he starts saying the girl in his story, she is a conceived with a child and into that child, Saitō inserted a small amount of tissue from his own body explaining that Guren is the descended from that child.

Guren in return swing his sword with all of his strength with the intent to kill, though Saitō easily intercepted his blade with his two fingers. It didn't matter to Guren as he pushed harder using all his strength as well as calling all the power from his demon strength causing dark magic stains flow over Guren's arm to his face. An angered Guren shouts by killing him to no avail as Saitō praises how strong he became making his 'dad' proud angering Guren more refusing to believe that he is his father. Saitō agrees, but says he is more like greatest grandfather which makes them both strangers.

Guren tried to attack him once more by pulling back his sword and swinging again though Saitō merely tilted his head to the side, dodging the blow. However Guren was undeterred cursing him to die, but Saitō keeps laughing Saitō then raised a hand lightly into the air and then brought it down sharply, slapping Guren across his face that nearly took his head off and slammed his body to the ground. Guren neck was broken, he couldn't breathe and his mind was unable to form a logical thought. Saitō is impressed how powerful Guren has become as no human could survive such a blow

Saitō tells Guren that the first is apathetic, he has no human heart, doesn't care about lives, love or hate means nothing to him. Saitō believes it's because he thinks that he is perfect in every way or it's just he lived too long, but he distance the human race. He refers that this is no different from the Ichinose clan which was cast out for the sake of love that the first is the one responsible for being outcast as he didn't care which made rise of the Brotherhood of the Thousand Nights.

Saitō just wonders again if he is dancing in the first's palm. The bones in Guren's neck finally heal up and asks Saitō what could he possibly want from him, Saitō answers by him being his scion that he made him resist the first. Returning to his story by saying to abduct the maiden from the pages of his story. Guren knew he meant Mahiru before saying anything more Saitō cut him off saying he had nothing for their feelings but he just brought the two together and Guren fell in love with Mahiru.

Saitō then smiles and he takes a sinful key out of his breast pocket, which Guren couldn't describe it looking like it as a dagger. Mahiru however materialized next to Saitō, although he couldn't see her but could sense her presence asking if she is there, although Mahiru conforms so but she knows he can't hear her. Guren told him her location which was next to him, which Saitō expected as much, and Guren questions about the dagger he is holding he doesn't give him

Saitō throws a sinful key at Mahiru's throat

a proper answer. Instead he talks to Mahiru if she knows but she denies knowing it. Saitō then swing the sinful key above his head and throws it, which pierces Mahiru's throat.

Mahiru gives a shout as she put her hands on her throat and collapses on the ground, much to Guren anger questioning what has he done. Though Saitō seemed unconcerned explaining 'nothing much' that he just hid something called a sin, Guren demands to know who's sin but Saitō tells him he will find out soon enough, as now they will need to collect those sins to make their wishes are to be granted. As Saitō about to depart not wanting the first to notice him, Guren wants an explanation but he cuts him and says he himself will reach him even without an explanation, as he is his child and he made him to serve him.

Shinya suddenly arrives at Guren location after his fight with Caek, Guren turns around and notices that Saitō has disappeared which Mahiru says to Guren he's gone but they will sure see him again, and finds out that Saitō has left a letter for Guren before leaving. Which Guren later opens the letter looking at a document which was inside the envelope which contained information on two subjects, their location, when they could be rescued and the best way to do so. Guren looks at the list to find two names, Yūichirō Amane and Mikaela Shindō confusing Guren by their identity.

Events of 2020

Post-Shinjuku Arc

Saitō first appears in the flashback, taking Yu to the Hyakuya Orphanage. He mentions that Yu's parents hated him so much, they tried to kill him, and Yu's previous home went up in flames.

Osaka Arc

Turning up again after eight years.

He reappears where he visits Krul Tepes, who is sealed in a wall and starved for blood. He comments on how pathetic she has become, and though Krul does not recognize him at first, he says she should know him quite well. She then recognizes him as "the one who always tagged along behind the first progenitor."

After a flashback of events that occurred 1000 years ago, she comments that Saitō has changed a lot. Saitō asks if it has really been that long since he quit being a second progenitor and says he changed his name to Saitō, which sounds Japanese. She asks if he ordered Ferid to capture her, but he denies it and comments about the difference in power between her and Ferid. He says Ferid must have tried really hard to capture her.

Saitō glances at the human limbs hanging from the ceiling and comments that Ferid has been an eccentric one since the day they first met. Angry, Krul demands to know if he did this and what he is plotting, but Saitō denies any connection to Ferid at all. He says he discarded Ferid a long time ago because he was unable to live up to Saitō's expectations. He then comments that this is no different than what the first progenitor did to them since he was only interested in Ashera Tepes, Krul's brother, and ignored and discarded the rest of the vampires.

Krul asks if Saitō is also after the first progenitor and says that all vampires despise him to some degree. Saitō says that is a good question and that all vampires go through a rebellious phase at some point. He asks if Ferid has said anything about him, only for Krul to call him Saitō's lackey. As if sensing something happening outside, Saitō says a fleet of ships from Russia have arrived with Urd Geales and a few nobility. He wonders it it is his son who has summoned the other progenitors.

Saitō notices a bleeding wound on Krul's neck, and observes that a strange ointment has been applied to it to keep it from healing. He mentions that a high ranked progenitor gives off a unique scent that attracts lesser vampires. He licks the ointment off the wound, but says that Urd already smelled the blood, and then figures that this was a trap for him. He contemplates whether or not to leave when Urd bursts through the door and goes right for him.

Urd and Saitō fight.

Saitō stops Urd's fist, and is referred to as "Rigr Stafford" when asked if he is behind what's happening in Japan. Saitō greets him with a smile and dodges Urd's sword slashes. Urd says Saitō has gotten slow, though the latter remains unfazed and allows his arm to be cut off. Multiple spiked chains spring from it and towards Urd, who slashes them away except for one that pierces his neck and causes marks to appear.

When Urd demands what that was, Saitō says that it's a curse he had been working on for centuries with human help. Urd claims that Saitō is no longer a vampire, to which the latter replies that remaining as a vampire is the reason why the first progenitor left Urd. Urd points out that Saitō was abandoned too, much to the latter's agreement. Urd then asks what Saitō wants to which the latter answers by asking him the point of continuously living century after century following the rules of a father who abandoned them. Saitō continues with saying that they are brothers coming from the same blood of the first progenitor, so Urd should not be interfering with him and tells him to leave. Urd refuses, so Saitō then lassos a chain around Krul and pulls her out of the wall to launch at him as a distraction. He sprints to the open door when Lest Karr shows up, but Saitō simply slices through him to get through.

Saitō spares Ferid

Once outside, he makes his way through a garden, only to come to a halt by Ferid, who says that he has been awaiting him as its been a thousand years since they last met. Saitō tells Ferid that he has no time to chat as Urd would be following him. Ferid tempts Saitō to kill him though the latter is suspicious on triggering another trap if he tries. Ferid continues to tempt him, so Saitō lunges at him and pats Ferid on the head. He comments that he chose "an odd one" to turn into a vampire. Before he departs, Saitō tells Ferid that he will forgive him for this act, but won't do again next time.

Besides appearing in Mika's flashback on the day Yu first came to the Hyakuya orphanage, Saitō does not appear again in person until where he is seen standing atop the Sunshine 60 Building in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, holding two small cross-shaped daggers. Overlooking the devastated district, he muses aloud about how far the person has come in the last thousands of years and whether he still goes by "Sika Madu" or is now "Shikama Dōji". Saitō then asks aloud if his interference is disrupting that person's plan, before a suited person informs him that its time to go which makes Saitō wonder how much time is left for this world as he leaves.

Shibuya Arc

Much later in Ikebukuro, he, along with other vampires across the world, feel the First Progenitor's presence. Saitō mentions it's been a long time but it seems it was recent, and today is the day that it begins. Still in Ikebukuro, at station east exit, commenting about the First Progenitor's interference with his plan. At the old Hyakuya Sect underground headquarters, he orders the researches to launch multiple missiles In what turns out to to be an attack on the aircraft carrying Urd Gaeles, Ky Luc, Lest Karr and Krul Tepes. Urd figures out that Saitō was the one who sent the missiles. Saitō is seen glaring at the moon as he wishes that Urd would die on this night. A suited man informs Saitō about the extent of damage to the aircraft. Saitō then decides to go to Shibuya, as he announces to the legions of the Hyakuya Sect, among them vampires, telling the army that today they are all going to destroy the Japanese Imperial Demon Army.

Saitō is remembered as a second progenitor and member of the Hyakuya sect when Guren and Kureto are discussing Mahiru.[11]

Standing amongst the ruins of Tokyo, near the east exit of Ikebukuro station, Saitō becomes aware that the first is awake again and really wishes he would stop doing that. Noting he is always so loud about it, now everyone will notice and get in his way. Yet Saitō wonders whether the first is being loud on purpose.[12]

Moving to the old Hyakuya Sect underground headquarters, Saitō walks before an fleet of missile bearing trucks. Informed by staff that a target signal as been acquired, Saitō gives the order to launch a volley of target seeking rockets towards Urd Geales, Krul Tepes, Lest Karr and Ky Luc.[13] His involvement is suspected by Urd, as Rigr is remembered by him speaking to the first and Yu from the past.[14]

Admiring the crescent one above, Saitō contemplates what a lovely moon, and that it would be wonderful to be able to die on a night like this. He concludes that Urd Geales will not die though before he is told that all aircraft have been destroyed. Deeming this news good in that it has bought them perhaps half a day, Saitō intends to move his forces onward to Shibuya. Legions of the Hyakuya Sect are before him with Saitō proclaiming that today, they destroy the Japanese Imperial Demon Army.[15]

Having arrived in Shibuya outside the city walls and captured Yu. He orders his men to take him to the lab in Ikebukuro then destroy the Japanese Imperial Demon Army and capture the first, and strip the 'Sun God Aten and Michaela' from Urd and the first.[16]

With his army having arrived at Shibuya, Saitō stands with his eyes closed before being informed that preparations are complete and that the attack may begin at any time. Saitō asks if everything is in order acknowledging that they are facing some powerful opponents including the first himself and several "family" members who bear his genetic material. Nevertheless he instructs them to go all out from first contact but once the objective is acquired they are to retreat immediately. Checking that he is understood Saitō raises his hand to initiate the full scale attack.[17] His helicopters were able to become so close without being detected by using a curse based camouflage, and Saitō orders them to fire.[18] As the operation occurs, Saitō stands atop a wall and is revealed to others as being the one in complete control of this plan by Basteya Irclu.[19]

Having made his way to the area where Mirai has been activated as a seraph, Saitō uses six long chains from his back to murder the scientists there. He is stood directly behind Kimizuki and heard that Mirai is his sister and so he will have to treat it with care. Not answering Kimizuki's question of who he is, Saitō is afraid he does not have time to speak with him right now. Saitō then asks rhetorically what he means to Kimizuki, before questioning whether he should go to his sister. He does not turn as the first enters the room instead politely saying hi to Shikama Dōji who is inside Shinoa's body and notes that it has been a while.[20]

Preparing to fight the first in Shinoa's body

Standing opposite the first with Kimizuki and Mirai in between them, Saitō is politely asked how many years has it been. He considers it a good question, it has been at least two-thousand years. Asked if he has been well, quite, he thanks the first explaining that the years have been entertaining for him fortunately enough, very much so. As chains extend from his back Saitō elaborates on his contentment that this is because he has been so eagerly awaiting the first’s return, he practically counted the days. The chains have penetrated the ground around him and Saitō reaches his point that he could hardly wait to show the first what he is truly capable of, with an emphasis on making the first pay attention.[21]

He and the first are joined by Basteya Irclu and another vampire suddenly crashing into the room where lord Saito hears that the unification spell is ready and they will begin at his command. Saitō states it is good, proceed, and answers the firsts enthusiastic question as to what he will do simply replying that he is restraining them. Saitō duplicitously agrees with the first's analysis that they are all so weak, claiming in honesty he is not at all confidant. Adding that he has the feeling they will fail at it utterly.[22]

Powered by the Hyakuya Sect army

This stage of his plan involves having his own Hyakuya Sect army use spell tags to make themselves targets. Stabbed with chains that appear they are sapped off their power which flows into Saitō and he can now suspend himself off the ground.[23] With the first having reasoned this, regarding how how powerful it makes him Saitō judges it a good question but could not say. Curse marks have appeared on his face as he announces that he may as well test it. Asking whether the first thinks so but not waiting for a reply, Saitō declares here he goes to his father. In response to Shikama Dōji instead making a move towards Mirai, Saitō immediately lashes out with a chain snatching their wrist and waits for the first to react.[24]

The opportunity is used to advise Kimizuki to take the girl and run, make his way towards Shinjuku where Saitō claims that he has allies there.[25] His chaining broken free of, Saitō is decapitated by the first yet his head lies on the floor still alive and well being attached by a chain to his body. He explains to Kimizuki that the Demon Army was founded by the first for his personal use and as long as he stays here, he will be experimented on so should run quickly.[26]

A chain connecting his head to his body

With his head able to be raised, Saitō insists that he would never do such a thing when accused by the first they would be his guinea pigs instead of theirs. As Saitō's head floats above him like a balloon with a chain to his torso, he replies that he woke up in the morning and it was like this when queried on what happened to his head, asking is it not strange. Feigning ignorance on his state is changed to a clear appraisal that he would be quite dead if the first cut the chain connecting his head and body.

Chains burst out of Saitō's decapitated torso

In the middle of politely asking that the first please do not cut it, Saitō's neck chain is sliced and he manages a smirk before a profusion of chains explodes from the opening in his neck.[27]

These are directed to stab into the ground where the first is who sprints away from them and leaps through the glass exiting the building. The chains follow them, arching out onto the exterior. Shinoa with the first within is airborne possessing six seraph wings. Saitō's head is reattached and he now has conjured before him an array of thick scaled necks ending in a range of animal heads with lifeless white eyes consisting of a ram, panther, goat, wolf, lion and a draconic like creature. Not commenting on the first's remark that it looks almost like a beast of the apocalypse, Saitō only notes it's impressiveness. He attempts to assure the first that it is all just smoke and mirrors though before observing that their wings are as lovely as always, just like an angels.[28]

Viewing the scythes now circling around the first, and with their suggestion that Saitō might need to be punished, he declares it is about time. Asking if he has finally managed to make the first see him, Saitō requests his chains to come and pierce the first through.

Fighting the first with powers resembling beasts of the apocalypse

His animal head weaponry dive head first upwards into the whirling ring of scythes, with resulting large explosions from the impacts[29] and he sustains this assault on the first, seemingly enjoying the battle.[30] With something emerging elsewhere, Saito is asked by the first whether it was his doing. He deems it a good question and asks what do they think.[31]

With chains continuing to be used, Saitō drily remarks on whether the first just got even more powerful, and that this is a problem to make his concern more convincing. Whatever trump cards Saitō has, the first will not let him use then and Saitō happily orders the full curse system to be activated when a scythe is flung towards him.[32]

Enough sinful keys to seal the first

Maintaining the fight, Saitō sees Guren join the battle. With his arrival and the first doubting the abilities of this trump card, Saitō smiles. Commenting on the lateness, Saitō states he nearly died. He enquires about the key and has one tossed to him from Guren above. Catching it, he explains to the first that according to his calculations and considering that the first still has not manifested their real body, then the three shining keys Saitō possesses should be enough to seal the first away.[33]

Betraying Guren, Mahiru and Noya

Considering the possibility that the first is correct on the extent of the speed, Saitō springs into the air and states if he ate three more demons, what then. He betrays his allies Guren, Noya and Mahiru in the middle of the fight against the first and moves in to bite Guren. Saitō finds his deception met with a double cross as he is struck with a dagger from Ferid, appearing through Jigenso’s portal upon Guren’s command. Appearing apprehensive hearing from Ferid that one key is enough to break him, there is a resulting large explosion.[34]

Visualized, Shinoa is aware of him as controlling the Hyakuya Sect from the shadows as she considers who they can side with.[35]

Post-Shibuya Arc

Saitō's chest upwards aside from his left with chains from the opening is what remains of him. He is within an alley and thinks how it is incredible how he is not healing at all, putting it down to getting hit by a sinful key. Asking himself whether he will be able to get away, Saitō notes his plan is not complete yet. Found by Ferid and Crowley, he comments Ferid came after he announces his intent to kill Saitō. Enquiring what his plan is, Saitō would like to know what Ferid gets from killing him.[36] Questioned on what meaning there is to their lives, Saitō sees Ferid raise the sinful key and he directs a chain to scrape across Ferid's cheek. Further ones are blocked and results in an explosion. Seeing Ferid above, Saitō wraps chains around his arm and holds Ferid there. Voicing that making him a vampire was a mistake, Saitō states first and foremost Ferid was always abnormal.[37]

Attempting to recover and stop Ferid attacking

With him speaking to Crowley, Saitō wills himself to heal, to get his power back and focus. He feels he could escape Ferid and the range of the sinful key's reach, but the problem is someone he really does not want to deal with is almost here and he has to move before his arrival.[38] Damning the situation when he hears a voice offering help, Saitō answers that the offerer was the last person he wanted it from. Regarding when he was told not to turn him, Saitō replies that it is too late for that now and if Urd meant it then he should have tried harder to stop him back then.[39] With Ky Luc and Lest Karr with Urd, Saitō is again asked whether he wants help and he accepts.[40]

After Crowley has taken Ferid's dismembered upper torso into the air, Saitō replies to Urd to let him play just a little longer. He also thinks just a minute more and he will at least have his skin healed enough to move. As Saitō states that if Urd takes Ferid likely then he can be scary, and for Urd to be careful, Saitō's body is pierced by Ky Luc. Unbothered, before Saitō can speak his mouth is covered by Lest Karr.[41]

He reacts when Ferid appears through a portal created by Jigenso and has appeared behind the progenitors with a sinful key.[42] When Crowley catches and activates it, Saitō appears happy and states that they cannot react in time for the keys effects then praises Ferid.[43] After a window shattering scream is hear, Saitō has the chains raise himself. He can sense Ashera Tepes with Krul Tepes and Noya Hienma. Saitō considers it unbelievable after all that has happened.[44]

In spite of escaping from the alleyway, Saitō is confined within a prison with his wrists bound and chains strapping him to a throne within a cage. Tapping an armrest and humming to himself, Saitō pays no mind to the vampires around discussing him, before suddenly crushing the end of one if his left armrest and damning the situation. Finding that Ky Luc is speaking to him Saitō smiles pleasantly after hearing that the legends about him are all very old. With Ky Luc mockingly wondering whether he is really that powerful, Saitō denies it and simply affirms he is weak. Why else would he be bound in humiliation like he is. Told he has an awfully cocky look in his eye, like he is in total control, Saitō disagrees. Professing to be scared out of his mind Saitō begs Ky Luc to please not pick on him.[45]

When Ky Luc's provocation falters due to Lest Karr's words, Saitō repeats loudly to not pick on him. Glared at by Ky Luc and returning a look of his own Saitō asks what, does he not have the guts to pick on him. Petitioned to stop teasing their subordinates by Lest Karr and replying that he is so bored, Saitō says maybe he could pass the time by killing every single one of them, that may be fun. Since the prison's power intensifies depending on the age of the vampire Saitō agrees it is true, he cannot move an inch. Deeming it incredible, Saitō is surprised they could make something like this. Informed the prison was probably designed to hold him, Saitō asks whether Urd made it. Wondering whether Lest Karr thinks Urd is mad at him Saitō hears that he is the only one Urd becomes emotional over. Concluding Urd is furious then, Saitō questions if Lest Karr thinks he should apologize. Thinking it is a good question on whether Urd would forgive him, Saitō ponders how it has been a long time, so long that he only barely remembers.[46]

It is remembered that in a mountainous region within Romania Rigr was exiting a castle. He discussed leaving and who Urd was to decide the vampire utopia they wanted to make was real, when Rigr thought it was an illusion. It is recalled Rigr defeated Urd in a fight.[47] After the recollection Saitō asks Lest Karr whether he thinks Urd will torture him today. With Lest Karr of the view that he should be executed for breaking far too many of their laws, Saitō protests that the laws are so stuffy and questions who came up with them. Reminded that he came up with them, Saitō remembers then decides it is okay, he will add one that says it is okay to break all the others. All the laws are meaningless, they can run in the halls now, give blood to humans and makes all the new vampires they want. Turning to what Urd said, Saitō is informed by Lest Karr it was not to speak with him at all. Replying but he came to his prison anyway Saitō mentions how he does want to talk to him, and has questions he wants to ask. As Lest Karr replies not particularly, Saitō is certain he does. Like he said, when the first took all of the best third progenitors with him, why did he not choose to take Lest Karr.[48]

Mentioning Ashera and Byakko then Gekkouin, along with Kiseki-o also Raimei and even Noya, they were all taken. Saito may be aware that as demons they were situated around Sika Madu, who held Yu from the past near the clear casket containing Mikaela all the while with black suns floating above them. Saitō continues speaking to Lest Karr on how two were left out. One was Krul Tepes, and the other, Saitō just cannot place the name, but thinks it was Lest... Lest Karr. Ordered to be quiet, Saitō speaks why did the first leave Lest Karr behind. Maybe it was because he was incompetent, or was there something else Lest Karr is lacking. Commanded to be silent, Saitō mentions Urd knows why, but bets he has not told him and is why Lest Karr came to talk to him. In response to Lest Karr's denials Saitō wonders just why the first did not choose him and that he wants to know so badly he is desperate. After Lest Karr shouts no, Saitō simply requests he let him out and he will tell him. Adding that Urd will surely kill him when he comes, Saitō entices him further with the prospect that the secret Lest Karr wants to know so badly will be forever out of reach.[49]

When Lest Karr declines to free him Saitō enquires as to what the different reason for approaching him was. Informed that Lest Karr just wanted to hear what he had to say in his imprisoned state where he could not escape, Saitō asks what he was expecting. Clear that Lest Karr is not going to free him, Saitō questions if he is really okay with the secret staying secret forever. Accused of not knowing the answer even if Lest Karr did have a secret, Saitō insists he does. Called a liar Saitō states Urd knows too before being asked to stop this poor struggle. Mentioning by the way, Saitō snaps his fingers for a multitude of chains to break out of the backrest of the throne and fly into the vampires around him. While Lest Karr and Ky Luc are not attacked, Saitō's chains have torn through the roof of his cage to form a cyclone of them and the vampires they have pierced through. Stood on the top of the formation Saitō reveals that prison never really bound him, at all. He declares that everything that Urd values he will destroy.[50]

Freed, and with it time to destroy everything precious to Urd, he focuses on Lest Karr below. When Lest Karr speaks if they mess up here they all might be destroyed, Saitō claims actually he will destroy them all even if they do not mess up. After Lest Karr readies his rope spear, Saitō remarks too slow. His chains fire towards only to miss him, and Saitō comments that Urd sure likes keeping dedicated ones. Finding that Ky Luc has reached his vantage point, Saitō comments that he is fast, then avoids the ranged emission from his weapon. Adding that he is powerful, Saitō asks Ky Luc what progenitor is he. Clashing, Saitō thinks amazing, Ky Luc is getting even faster. Speaking that those are not the moves of a mere fifth, Saitō announces he could see Ky Luc killing a third like that, which means he must be Urd's right hand.[51]

With Ky Luc sharing he is going to kill him a second progenitor, Saitō aims a spike at his face. He then sees the chain has gone through Ky Luc's head after he ploughed onwards into it, and Saitō has been struck in the chest in turn. Also observing Lest Karr appearing, crackling with electricity around him, Saitō sees so this is how it is going. Judging Lest's Karr's generation a powerful attack, but it takes time to charge, Saitō feels he best dodge. Ordering Ky Luc to move, with him meaning to keep him there, and with Lest Karr's Burst Heaven's Fan power invoked, Saitō deems that is scary, it could even damage him.[52]

Lying on the ground with Ky Luc armless near him, Saitō is missing his left leg and can only make sounds in his vanquished state.[53] When Urd returns, Saitō is told to stop messing with his subordinates. The defeated Saitō claps his hands, and Saitō himself is sitting on his chair in the unbroken cage he was in. Displaying two spell tags, Saitō reveals it was an illusion. Explaining it was one of the kinds humans can create, Saitō adds that vampires have a bad habit of looking down their noses at humans. This makes it all too easy for them to fall for human tricks. In response to Ky Luc's bafflement, Saitō raises if he wants to practice too. He could introduce him to a Hyakuya Sect basics of spell craft class. Addressing Urd and how he built this prison just for him, Saitō decided he would not leave, just for him. Able to do so if he wanted, Saitō details he just had to make them open it for him.[54]

In response to Urd seeing he is just as insufferable as always, Saitō sees he still puts on that pleasant facade. Watching him speak with Ky Luc, he thinks how Urd has truly been blessed with good companions. Questioning why stick him in here, Saitō wonders if Urd is going to slice him to bits. Answering Urd already knows what he is doing, Saitō states he is getting revenge for the first betraying them. Told in doing so he betrayed Urd, and affirming it is true, Saitō adds to go ahead and slice him to bits then, he does not mind being killed by him. That he came here to talk is raised, and Saitō articulates that he thought about Urd every day, even when it was not necessary. With this conversation cut off, Saitō is queried by Urd how far his revenge plan advanced and is it going smoothly, then fixes him with a gaze.[55]

Questioned if he invested this much time into his revenge only for it to fail, Saitō replies his revenge is still going precisely according to plan. Offering his hand, Saitō feels together they can kill the first and asks Urd to join him, he cannot do it on his own. Speaking how they will both get revenge on the first for abandoning them, Saitō shares that he has finally finished his preparations, that is why he came back. Adding he is sorry it took so long, when Urd asks how he plans to do that, Saitō addresses did he get come hostages already in reference to Kureto and Shinya that Urd brought with him. Wondering what of Raimei and Byakko, rising from his throne, Saitō judges it excellent. According to his plan, the first will wake again in five seconds. It is time for them to move to the next stage too. Counting down each number, Saitō brings his hands together and states now.[56]

Outside the prison, Saito has formed a large pentagram made up of chains from his hand. Asked by Urd what he is starting, Saito replies he would say the climax of their little story. Turning to the cage, Saito questions why Urd created that cell. A jail that drains more power the older the vampire it holds, Saito wonders who Urd really thinks belongs in there.[57] Chains are used to stab into Kureto and Shinya which results in the capture of Raimeiki and Byakomaru. The chain formation has emerged out of Kiseki-o's coffins to assail Sika Madu in his location, and Saito is impaled through the chest by the return fire of a scythe.[58]

Laughing as blood sprays out his mouth, Saito addresses Sika Madu's words that he can die now. Speaking how the First finally deigned to notice him, Saito feels Sika Madu must really be in trouble if he did that. Calling for Urd to support him, once the scythe is pulled out he announces today is the day they surpass the First. Directing a chain into Shinya, it can emerge from Kimizuki's chest a great distance away. Able to communicate through the chain out of Kimizuki, he speaks for Guren. Stating that it has begun, Saito voices that it is time for them to put their plan into motion and to help him. Guiding him to use the drugs he gave him, Saito explains they can take their demons back from the First, then use Kimizuki's power to let them reach Yu and Mika to save them from the First.[59]

When Sika Madu calls for his and Urd's assistance, chains pull the First into a coffin where Saito stands ready waiting for him to awaken. After a comment that the First looks like a wreck, and whether he can see them, Saito speaks how if only Sika Madu had asked in the first place, they would have gladly helped him. Addressing Urd for him to agree[60], Saito views Sika Madu chained in the prison that kept him. The line of conversation that is desired to be heard is the beginning of the world, to the reason Sika Madu abandoned them. Wanting to have at it, Saito adds they are all listening.[61]

Spoken to by the First on whether his plan went as expected, Saito questions in turn how was it, and whether the First's plan has been destroyed. Asked if Sika Madu was his only objective or was there more to it, Saito questions what does he mean by that before considering the question of how many sinful keys does he hold.[62]

Akihabara Arc

Directly asking what the First is plotting, Saito also questions what ultimate goal does he strive for. Said to know that already, otherwise he could not interfere as thoroughly as he had, Saito mentions Shikama Doji wants to bring Mikaela back to life since he was his son. Commenting that he was a guinea pig to him at first, Saito wonders if it is the case that he was to be a potential body to house Mikaela in. Feeling Urd was one too, Saito guesses the First was trying to create a doll strong enough that it could hold his dead son's soul. Assuming he was a failure, Urd as well, Saito formulates that Shikama Doji moved on to the next generation, but Lest Karr, and Krul, they were all failures. At that point, Saito states the First changed his tactics. Recollecting how he was a human with Urd in prison and promised eternal life by Sika Madu, he felt they were then discarded without a second thought.[63]

I was a guinea pig to you at first, wasn't I? A potential body to house Mikaela. So was Urd. You were trying to create a doll strong enough... ...That it could hold your dead son's soul. But I was a failure. Urd was a failure. You moved on to the next generation. But Lest Karr, Krul... They were all failures.

–Inferring that vampires were tests by Shikama Doji to resurrect Mikaela. Chapter 114 "Everyone's Goals", page 3

Questioned whether he held a grudge ever since the First left, Saito considers it a good question. Having been given eternal life as promised, Saito details how they needed some reason to keep living it. The days become so boring otherwise. Recalling how ages ago when he was still tailing him, Saito found that in Kyoto, Japan, the Emperor's Demons, a human organization, had been formed. Noting that it was ostensibly a religious sect, Saito found they were conducting experiments on turning vampires into demons. Confirming that he injected his own genes into the Ichinose family, and founded a competing organization, Saito affirms it was the Hyakuya Sect. Wondering whether Shikama Doji noticed the little barb he hid in that name, Saito explains "Hyakuya" means one hundred nights. It means one hundred nights for them, then a thousand, to a million meaningless nights spent by them after the First abandoned them.[64]

Reacting with mild bemusement to Shikama Doji's words that he did not notice the name, and that nothing in this world means anything, Saito then seizes the First's neck through the prison bars. Demanding to know whether he is kidding him, Saito raises if everything is meaningless, then why does Shikama Doji have the single-minded determination to bring his son back. Instructing him to not drag them into his problems, Saito adds thanks to him, they have no reason to live, yet no way to die, so wonders what are they supposed to do.[65]

Suggested that they become independent for once, Saito laughs of the idea. Addressing becoming independent of the First's manifestations, Saito states Shikama Doji was quick enough to take advantage on his Hyakuya Sect. Even now he feels trapped within his grand plan. Releasing the First's neck, Saito announces he is sick of it. Not reacting to Shikama Doji having blue blood, Saito also stands indifferently to Urd's look. Upon hearing that they have already cut themselves free of Shikama Doji's strings, and told to just look and how they have him bound and imprisoned, Saito aims his hand backwards to fire chains into the First.[66]

Ha ha ha ha ha! Independent of your machinations? You were quick enough to take advantage of my Hyakuya Sect. Even now I'm trapped within your grand plan.

–Laughing off the idea of being independent from the First as he mentioned. Chapter 114 "Everyone's Goals", page 9

Striking Shikama Doji in the throat, Saito orders him to shut his mouth. All that ever comes out of it is lies. Asserting that he will ask the questions here, Saito orders the First to answer them, nothing more. Speaking of one day when he noticed an anomaly in what he thought was his organization. An orphanage had suddenly been added, and considering the Hyakuya orphanage, having looked into it, Saito found it was experimenting on and killing thousands of human children. One day, several decades later, Saito notes a certain boy appeared on its doorstep. Detailing that he had a familiar face, and familiar name, with it being Mika, wondering what is he, Saito questions the First whether he finally found a vessel up to his high standards.[67]

Accused of interrupting, with Shikama Doji mentioning Mahiru, then Shinoa, and Yu, and saying that Saito tampered with them all, he answers yes, but the First accounted for this, even planned on it. Although the First states he is not god, Saito answers he cannot trust him. With the request to listen to him, after Shikama Doji claims they have a mutual interest, Saito shoots a chain through him and reiterates he cannot trust him.[68]

While Urd, along with Lest Karr, and Ky Luc react in a pained manner in response to the First's telepathic communication how when vampires die they become demons, with no will of their own, so they should listen to him, Saito deploys spell tags. Retrieving them from his jacket, and casting them into the air, Saito says to let them break that brainwashing spell. After his chain that was in the First clanks to the ground, and it is remarked that he is not an ordinary vampire anymore, Saito speaks of the spells at his disposal. Sharing how he took advantage of an organization Shikama Doji created as well, Saito mentions the Emperor's Demons and their spellcraft. Mentioning light spells, Saito also lists demon curses, to blood magic, and control of the divine punishment in order to weaponize the seraph of the end.[69]

Unsure of who that punishment comes from, Saito then raises how with Shikama Doji's angelic wings he almost seems angelic. Wondering where did he come from, Saito also questions who is chasing him. Pointing his finger, Saito queries who, and what is Shikama Doji. Summarizing that his goal is to bring his son Mikaela back to life, Saito infers if he is the First's son then he must be the same species as him. While he cannot say if Shikama Doji is an angel or a demon, he does know that reviving one would take an unimaginably large price. One so large that other angels would punish the attempt.[70]

You know? I don't think we can allow that to happen. You did make us vow to maintain world order for eternity. We're bound to uphold that vow. Right, Urd?

–A sudden interest in defending the world now that Shikama Doji's likely activities threaten it, so Saito will act to undermine the First. Chapter 114 "Everyone's Goals", page 19

Reminded of the First's vow he had them take, and deciding that now is a good time to defend the world from a potential second ruining due to Shikama Doji attempting to resurrect his son, Saito brings Urd in the agree with his stance. The world has already been destroyed quite enough in Saito's view, and they cannot let the angels come and punish it further. Hearing that nothing will happen to the world, Saito is informed that the price is seven sinful keys, and the lives of every last vampire.[71]

Darkly recalling the mutual interest that Shikama Doji mentioned, Saito is asked are they not about ready to die, where they ought to be bored of living by now. Mirthful, Saito sees and questions is that what this is. Taking issue with the assumption that Saito would want to help Shikama Doji resurrect his son, and be one of the vampire sacrifices and so acquire the death he is supposedly after induces a reaction in him. Pleased, without a word, Saito launches a myriad of chains from out his back which plough into Shikama Doji.[72]

I've finally found true meaning for my life. I think I don't want him to ever get his wish.

–Where the First wants to sacrifice vampires to resurrect his son, Saito rejects the death offer he had in mind and has a new goal. Chapter 114 "Everyone's Goals", page 21

Sorry to everyone, Saito speaks to Urd, with Lest Karr, and Ky Luc as well. Stating how he comes back for the first time in ages, Saito raises how now he has to make a selfish demand. Not responding to Urd asking when has he not made selfish demands of them, Saito rallies them with the speech that they cannot trust Shikama Doji's words. Something could happen to the world, and there is no guarantee that they will properly die if they listen to the First.[73]

We'll need to stay alive for now... ...Stop Mikaela's resurrection... ...And stablize the world. I'll search for a way for us to finally die, I promise. Can I ask you all to trust me in this?

–Directives to Urd, Lest Karr, and Ky Luc, all the undermine the First. Chapter 114 "Everyone's Goals", page 22

Extending his hand, Saito suggests they resolve to live and prevent the First's son from being resurrected. When the world is stabilized, Saito adds a further incentive that he will ascertain a method of allowing them to die. Finding that Urd will support him, Saito keeps his hand there as he is welcomed home by Lest Karr, with Ky Luc also agreeing with his plan. Repeating that they will find their own way to die, there is then the matter of interrogating Shikama Doji thoroughly.[74]

Powers and Abilities

Natural abilities

Being a former second progenitor, as well as one of the highest ranking members of the Progenitor Council, Saitō was already among the most powerful vampires worldwide, although on his own admission, he is still far surpassed by Sika Madu, the first progenitor.

His modifications have increased his strength, as Urd noted when he proved able to fight on par with him, another second progenitor, implying that he was once weaker than Urd but with his modifications, he is as powerful as he is, and they tie as the strongest vampires with Sika Madu, who is now a demon. He also quickly defeated Third Progenitor Lest Karr, who is considered to be stronger than Krul Tepes.

He has displayed great reflexes and speed, managing to intercept an attack from Urd when he was moving at speeds fast enough to swiftly reach Ferid's house and dodge most of Urd's slashes, although Urd noted Saitō had gotten slower than before for unknown reasons.

In Catastrophe book 6, after Mahiru's transformation into a vampire, she attempted to kill Saitō with Shikama Dōji, but fails when the latter manages to block the cursed scythe with just two fingers. Mahiru notes that despite herself becoming a vampire and receiving the strength of a third progenitor, she is still unable to land a single hit on him.

As seen after being severely injured by Ferid Bathory using a Sinful Key, Saitō also possesses extreme physical durability and endurance. Being strong enough to survive having the majority of his body obliterated, rendered incapable of regenerating the damage right away due to the Key's powers, he was still able to move around and escape to safety to momentarily hide from his enemies and rest. Upon being confronted by Ferid and Crowley, Saitō was shown to nonetheless possess sufficient speed and strength in his incredibly weakened form to fight, out-pace, and physically restrain Ferid.

Upon being located by Urd, Ky, and Lest, it was stated that in order to properly capture him, the only "safe" way to do so was to completely destroy the entirety of Saitō's skeletal structure, rendering him partially dead. Further emphasizing the fact that, even in his weakened state, both progenitors would likely have no chance of capturing him, and he could easily kill them both regardless.

As a noble, he has the ability and permission to turn a human into a vampire.

Saitō's chains

Unknown abilities

Saitō can turn into smoke and dust and release chains from his body. He says this is from being experimented on by the Thousand Nights, but the truth for this is unclear. By using these abilities, he hides his true nature as a vampire. His chains also allows him to absorb the life force of others if they come in contact to increase his power. A stream of them out of his left hand can produce a large shape, namely a pentagram. Once chains are stabbed into human hosts this construction can capture demons. Used in conjunction with demon powers, Saito's chains can reach targets of his choice including the First who is in his own demon realm. Firing a chain into one human can have it appear out of another human in the physical world. This can be used for communication where it is able to relay Saito's voice for him to administer plans.

Saitō summoning beasts

He is also able to summon beasts heads that consists of a dragon, lion, wolf, bear and a goat heads. Shikama Dōji described them similar to the beasts of the apocalypse.


In the light novels, his chains covered with fuda and smoke coming from his body when fighting Guren Ichinose. In Vampire Reign, when fighting Urd, there are no fuda and the chains are enchanted. He also slash Lest Karr in half simply by making a sword finger.

Saitō also seems to have some loyal vampires to him, so far only Basteya Irclu and Caek Sanorium were introduced and have shown loyalties to him, both are nobles as well. They obey Saitō despite him not even being part of the Progenitor Council anymore. It is unknown if there are more vampires who is loyal to him.

Spell Tags

Keeping many on his person, often within his jacket, Saito uses physical ofuda to create both illusions, and nullify magical effects from others. From his confinement in a vampire prison, which had magical restraints, Saito could generate a spell tag creation of himself. Able to inflict the illusion that the prison had been destroyed to a third progenitor vampire, this manifestation could also use Saito's chains to strike through vampires, and also speak. Seemingly vanquished, clapping its hands together resulted in its disappearance.

I took advantage of an organization you created as well. Your Emperor's Demons and their spellcraft. Light spells. Demon curses. Blood magic. And control of the divine punishment... In order to weaponize the seraph of the end.

–The source of his magical based abilities, some more devastating than others, and all potent. page 17

Many light flickering spell tags could be cast into the air which ended what Saito called a brainwashing spell from Shikama Doji. Where the First's voice harmed those he was communicating telepathically with, Saito was aware of how to overcome it and did so successfully via this magic.


Relationships: Saitō


Image gallery: Saitō


Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen

The following quotes are from the Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen prequel light novel series.

Book 1

From Book 1:

It seems the future head of the Ichinose Clan is no pushover. But my, such a temper… A person just happens to board an elevator at the same time as you, and you attack without giving it a second thought...

–Saitō to Guren. Chapter 3, pages 60-61

Very impressive, indeed. My poisonous mist should have paralyzed you by now… Don’t tell me you’ve been holding your breath this entire time?

–Chapter 3, page 62

My name is Makoto Kijima. I belong to the Thousand Nights.

–Saitō to Guren. Chapter 3, page 63

You have a lot to be angry about, Guren Ichinose… Believe me when I say you don’t have enough power to defeat the Hīragi Clan on your own.

–Saitō to Guren. Chapter 3, page 65

Here, Mikaela, take this money. The supermarket’s right over there. I can trust you to buy the treats on your own, can’t I?

–Chapter 5, page 91

The kids at the orphanage all know me as their friendly Uncle Saitō.

–Chapter 5, page 91

I don’t have a real name.

–Saitō to Guren. Chapter 5, page 92

The Thousand Nights is dedicated to ensuring our country’s future. You may not be aware of it, Guren Ichinose, but if Japan continues on the path it’s on, it will face ruin. The trumpets of the apocalypse are soon to sound.

–Saitō to Guren. Chapter 5, pages 92-93

If things continue on their current path, a viral outbreak will occur. Forbidden magics that no man was meant to meddle in will be unsealed, and our world will become one in which humans can no longer survive.

–Saitō to Guren. Chapter 5, page 93

War. It won’t be gods who spread this virus. It will be man. Humans. And ones that you know very well. The Hīragi Clan.

–Saitō. Chapter 5, page 93

The Imperial Demons are desperate to overtake the Thousand Nights as the leading magical syndicate in the country. In their panic, they have begun pursuing forbidden arts. We are doing all we can to stop them.

–Chapter 5, page 93

Only ten days. In ten days, the war between the Thousand Nights and the Hīragi Clan will begin.

–Saitō. Chapter 5, page 95

Checkmate. When you meet your maker, tell him it was pride that was your downfall.

–Saitō. Chapter 7, page 136

Just my luck. I picked the worst spot to land. There’s only seven people on the list of dangerous targets at this school, and I’m stuck handling two of them.

–Saitō. Chapter 7, page 139

It’s a long story. One of the students here betrayed the Hīragis. This student has been selling secret magics to the Thousand Nights, behind the clan’s back… The research project was an experiment we’ve been carrying out together with the student.

–Chapter 7, page 145

Haha! Have it your way. But you realize that Mahiru is still in love with you, don’t you? The only reason she grew so strong, and betrayed her own family, was so that she could return to your side. It was very brave of her, don’t you think? All these years she’s remained true, working hard to be reunited with you. Don’t you think it’s time you rewarded her devotion? All she wants is for you to hold her again…

–Saitō to Guren. Chapter 7, page 148

[Guren: So the one who convinced Mahiru to betray her clan…] …was me. She told me how she still loves you. She wants to create a world where the two of you can be together. She said she would do anything to achieve that goal. Even sell out her own family.

–Saitō to Guren. Chapter 7, page 149

Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen Book 4

From Book 4:

You can try to chew through your tongues if you like. I’m pretty sure you both know how difficult it is to kill yourselves that way. The worse for wear you both wind up, the more Guren will be affected and the more powerful he will be.

–Saitō to Shigure and Sayuri after he prevents them from committing suicide. Chapter 2

Uh oh, it looks like the demon’s already here. Guren gave in sooner than I thought.

–To no one in particular. Chapter 2

Impressive, impressive… It’s made you stronger than I expected. Much, much stronger. How do you like the demon’s curse? How does it feel to give up being human? Does it feel good?

–Saitō to Guren. Chapter 2

By the way, how long are you able to stay in control of yourself? How many minutes are you human and how many minutes do you go berserk?

–Saitō to Guren. Chapter 2

We didn’t make it to the final act, unfortunately, but what did you think of our little performance? That forbidden power feels better than you ever imagined, no? You were able to save your two followers from being terribly abused. The truth is I was hoping to injure these two lovely girls beyond repair. So that I could drive you even further into despair and teach you the sweet, sweet joy of revenge.

–Saitō to Guren. Chapter 2

Do you really have time for this? There are many more desires you need to fulfill. More people you want to impress. You have to show everyone how strong you’ve gotten and make them bask in your glory. Remember, you’re strong now. So very, very strong. And it feels good. That’s why you gave up your humanity. Just to feel this pleasure. To fulfill your desires. That’s how you grow more powerful. Stronger, and stronger, and stronger. […] Saving your friends was just an excuse, wasn’t it? You told yourself you were giving up your humanity in order to protect others. But I know the truth. You needed an excuse to justify taking the next step forward. But it was a lie. Just an excuse. The truth is you couldn’t resist your desires. In any case, you’ve given up your humanity, and it’s time you enjoyed yourself. Go while you may. You don’t have any to waste on me. […] This is your chance. Save young Norito first, in the fifth-floor girls’ bathroom, and then Mito in the audiovisual room. If you go in that order, you’ll be able to protect them both. Once you do, you’ll understand just how incredible this power really is. It will consume you. You won’t be able to turn back, to shake how good it feels. Yesterday you were pond scum. Today you are god. You’re their savior. Once you see how good that feels, you won’t be able to resist becoming a real demon.

–Saitō to Guren. Chapter 2

Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen Book 6

From Book 6:

What would you do if I said I was [Mahiru’s] new boyfriend? …Ah, you don’t seem to be very angry, do you? Don’t worry, though, I’m not her boyfriend. She’s a bit too scary for my—

–To Guren. Chapter 3

It’s a punishment sent down by God to chastise mankind for its insolence. But now there are foolish humans attempting to utilize it to create a weapon, never pausing to consider it might be put to more productive use.

–Saitō to Guren about the Seraph of the End. Chapter 3

The outcome won’t change, but still you wail and gnash your teeth. You put up this pathetic resistance, even though in the end you’ll still make the same choice. But the kinder and more human you are, the deeper the despair into which you will fall, and the greater the strength you will acquire.

–Saitō to Guren. Chapter 3

I’m a human.

–Saitō to Guren before abruptly revealing he is a vampire. Chapter 3

Don’t say that. Your speed just now was breathtaking. Just what you would expect from a progeny of Third Progenitor Krul Tepes. You’ve only just become a vampire, and already you have enormous strength.

–Chapter 4

Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign

From the Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign manga:

True, your old home did go up in flames. Not to mention you are now so hated even your own parents tried to kill you. But it's all okay now. In this orphanage, you'll find friends who're just as unwanted as you are. You'll have a big, new family.

–Saitō to Yūichirō. "Taboo Krul"

Needed or not, this will be your new home. It's the only place you can live. Welcome to the Hyakuya Orphanage, Yūichirō Amane.

–Saitō to Yūichirō. "Taboo Krul"

True. Has it really been that long since I quit my post as second progenitor? I did dye my hair... and changed my name, too. For the last few centuries, I've called myself Saitō. Does that have a nice Japanese ring to it?

–Saitō to Krul. "Progenitor's Memory"

What? You allowed yourself to be captured by Ferid of all people? You must be kidding. Like me, you are a child of the first progenitor. Ferid is merely a child of mine. There should be quite a difference in power. My, my. He must have tried really hard if he managed to capture you. Still... So this is his mansion? He has been this way since the day we first met... but goodness, he is an eccentric one.

–Saitō to Krul. "Progenitor's Memory"

Me? Oh, no. I have no connection to Ferid at all. He was unable to live up to my expectations. So I discarded him ages ago... Ah well. Not that that is any different than what the first progenitor did to us. In the end, he was interested in only one child--your brother, Ashera Tepes. He ignored and discard all the rest of vampire-kind.

–Saitō to Krul. "Progenitor's Memory"

A good question. All vampires hate their 'parent' at one time or another. Almost like how human children go through a rebellious phase. Oh! Has Ferid said anything about me?

–Saitō to Krul after she asks if he is after the first progenitor. "Progenitor's Memory"

Still... What brings them all the way to Japan so suddenly? They are quite in the way of things. I have already invested over 1,000 years into this plan. I'd rather not have any last-minute interruptions. Who on Earth could have summoned them here? You? No, not you. Then, who? Perhaps it was my rebellious son?

–Saitō to Krul about Urd, Lest, and the arriving vampires. "Progenitor's Memory"

It seems this was a trap meant for me after all. Now then... What to do? Should I leave, or should I allow it to play out?

–Chapter 50, "Brothers in Blood"

Isn't it amusing? It is a curse that I have been working on for centuries, with human help.

–Saitō to Urd Geales. "Brothers in Blood"

What do you want, living pointless century after century, faithfully upholding the rules set down by a father who carelessly abandoned us both? Oh, I don't need you to tell me. We are both brothers born of the blood of the same first progenitor, after all. So what say we stop interfering with each other? Okay? Okay. Now, leave Japan. This is my playground.

–Saitō to Urd Geales. "Brothers in Blood"

I certainly chose an odd one to turn into a vampire. I will forgive you for today. But next time, I will not be so generous to you and your games, Ferid.

–Saitō to Ferid. "Brothers in Blood"

Dun da-da daaah. Way in the distance, I see the world is about to change. My... How many thousands of years has it taken to get this far? Founding the Hyakuya Sect... pursuing the Hiragi Family... Say, First-- No. I can't tell if you are still Sika Madu, or if you're Shikama Dōji now... But whoever you are, is everything still proceeding according to your plan? Or am I catching up to you? See? I hold two of them now. Is this, too, part of the fate which you decreed for me? Or perhaps...

–Saitō to himself. "Saviors"

Time, huh? Is there much of that left for this world, I wonder?

–Saitō to himself. "Saviors"

Oho! It's your sister, hm? I guess I'll have to treat it with care.

–Speaking to Kimizuki regarding Mirai as a seraph after having murdered scientists in the room with chains on his back. Chapter 80, "Lightning over Shibuya"

A good question. It's been at least, oh... 2,000 years or so, I'd say.

–Civilly discussing the last time he saw Shikama Doji (note, number "2,000" used over words "two thousand"). "Fallen Wings", page 3

I've been so eagerly awaiting your return, you know I practically counted the days with bated breath. I could hardly wait... ...to show you what I'm truly capable of-and make you pay attention.

–Pleased that the first found him. "Fallen Wings" page 4

Take the girl and run. Make your way towards Shinjuku. I have allies there. Find them.

–Calmly stated point by point steps for Kimizuki to take with Saitō allowing him to rescue his sister and revealing allies in Shinjuku. "Fallen Wings", page 12

The demon army was founded by the first for his personal use. Stay here and you'll only be experimented on further. Run quickly.

–His view of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, knowledge of experiments on people, and explaining this whilst his head is on the floor with only a chain connecting it to his body nearby. "Fallen Wings", page 13

Oh, this? I woke up one morning and it was like this. Isn't that strange? Ha ha!

–Answering the first on what happened to his head, when it is floating in the air. "Fallen Wings", page 14

Yes, I would die quite dead. Please don't cut-

–Pretending that cutting the chain connecting his head and body would result in his death, knowing full well that the chain would be cut, resulting in a huge mass of chains springing out into the first. "Fallen Wings", page 15

Isn't in impressive? Though it's all smoke and mirrors, I'm afraid.

–An account of what his beast of the apocalypse resembling power is. "Fallen Wings", page 18-19

It's about time. Have I finally managed to make you see me?

–The response to the first saying they will have to punish Saitō. "Fallen Wings", page 20-21

Uh-oh! Don't tell me you just got even more powerful.

–Drily commenting on the first's strength, before activating the full curse system when the first fights how Saitō wants. "Nativity of a Princess", page 8

Boy, this is incredible. Not healing at all. I guess this is what happens when you get hit with a sinful key?

–Thoughts on his dismembered state after experiencing the detonation of a sinful key. "Orphan Prince", page 14

You're kidding. I sense Ashera Tepes. Krul Tepes too. Even Noya Hienma. Unbelievable. After all that's happened, still.

–Within Shibuya he can sense them after a loud window shattering scream is emitted. Whilst Asuramaru exists within cursed gear as a demon, Saitō refers to him by his human name. It is here that Saitō reveals Noya's name of "Hienma". "Black Demon Scenario", page 24

Oh, I'm not. I'm weak. See? Why else would I be bound in humiliation like this?

–Imprisoned, supporting a case of being weak when Ky Luc doubts his power. Chapter 105 "Saito and Urd", page 7

Oh no. I'm scared out of my mind. Please don't pick on me.

–With Ky Luc picking up that Saitō looks in total control he expresses otherwise, which greatly provokes Ky Luc. Chapter 105 "Saito and Urd", page 7

But I'm bored. Maybe I could pass the time... ...by killing every single one of you. That may be fun.

–When asked by Lest Karr to stop teasing their subordinates since everyone was terrified. Chapter 105 "Saito and Urd", page 10

True. I can't move an inch. This is incredible. I'm surprised you could make something like this.

–Being impressed with the prison containing him may be genuine, yet by resorting to his chains Saitō would easily break out. Chapter 105 "Saito and Urd", page 10

Yep. We laid down those laws ourselves. We were building a vampire utopia. One that'd last forever. But I'm sorry. Our utopia... ...was just an illusion.

–In the past within Romania Rigr considered his and Urd's plans and what they amounted to. Chapter 105 "Saito and Urd", page 18-19

Oh yeah! Okay, then I'll add one that says it's okay to break all the others. All the laws are meaningless! You can run in the halls now! You can give blood to humans and make all the new vampires you want!

–Reminded it was himself that made what he described as stuffy laws, Saitō has some amendments. Chapter 105 "Saito and Urd", page 29

But you came to my prison anyway. You do want to talk to me. You have questions you want to ask.

–Engaging with Lest Karr after asking what Urd said, and hearing that it was not to speak with him at all. "Saito and Urd", page 29

When the first took all of the best third progenitors with him... ...why didn't he choose to take you? Right? Ashera. Byakko. Gekkouin. Kiseki-o. Raimei. Even Noya was taken. But two weren't. Two were left out. Krul Tepes, and one other. What was his name again? I think it was Lest... Lest Karr?

–Apparently aware of other third progenitors, and sharing this background to induce Lest Karr to ask him to reveal the secret why he was left by the first, so Saitō could ask to be freed first. "Saito and Urd", page 30-32

Let me out and I'll tell you. Urd will surely kill me when he comes. Then the secret you want to know so badly will be forever out of reach.

–Framing it as a last chance to persuade Lest Karr to free him. "Saito and Urd", page 33

That prison never really bound me. At all.

–Failing to have others free him, Saitō frees himself from a prison meant to contain specifically him. "Saito and Urd", page 39

Actually... ...I'll destroy you all even if you don't mess up.

–Answering Lest Karr's concerns that if they mess up here he might destroy them all. Chapter 106, "I Am Your...", page 2

Boy, Urd sure likes keeping the dedicated ones.

–Reflecting on Urd after Lest Karr just avoided his chains. Chapter 106, "I Am Your...", page 4

Those aren't the moves of a mere fifth. I could see you killing a third like that.

–Complimenting Ky Luc's battle prowess and believing what he could do, with third progenitor Lest Karr nearby.. Chapter 106, "I Am Your...", page 6

Aha. So that's how this is going. A powerful attack, but it takes time to charge. I'd best dodge.

–Taking a moment to regard Lest Karr's Burst, Heaven's Fan power being generated, and his response to it. Chapter 106, "I Am Your...", page 9

It was an illusion. One of the kind humans can create. Vampires have a bad habit of looking down their noses at humans... ...Making it all too easy for them to fall for human tricks.

–Explaining a spell tag created version of himself that appeared to break out a prison, and fight other progenitors. Chapter 106, "I Am Your...", page 15

Do you want to practice too? I could introduce you to a Hyakuya Sect basics of spellcraft classes.

–Inviting Ky Luc to learn about spell tag illusions. Chapter 106, "I Am Your...", page 2

Hi, Urd. I hear you built this prison just for me. So I decided I wouldn't leave, just for you. I could've if I wanted, though. I just had to make them open it for me.

–Remaining in Urd's prison, Saitō he could physically escaped by having others unlock it. Chapter 106, "I Am Your...", page 15

Ah, Urd. You've truly been blessed with good companions.

–His thoughts on Urd around Lest Karr and Ky Luc. Chapter 106, "I Am Your...", page 17

But you already know what I'm doing. I'm getting revenge... ...for the First betraying us.

–Sharing his motives with Urd. Chapter 106, "I Am Your...", page 17

My revenge... ...is still going precisely according to plan. Together we can kill the first. Join me, Urd. I can't do it on my own.

–His plan on track, Saitō asks for help to kill Shikama Doji. Chapter 106, "I Am Your...", page 32-33

Why'd you create that cell, by the way? A jail that drains more power the older the vampire it holds. Who do you think really belongs in there?

–Freed from the cage he was in, Saito has questions for Urd. The 'who' in context likely is a reference to the First. Chapter 107 "Angel's Plan", page 17

Today! Is the day! We surpass you!

–His response to being told to die after being struck by Sika Madu. Chapter 107 "Angel's Plan", page 24

Guren? Guren! It's begun. It's time for us to put our plan into motion. Help me. Use the drug I gave you. Take your demons back from the first. Then use Kimizuki's power. That will let you reach Yu and Mikaela and save them from the First's assault.

–His first contact after betraying Guren is through a chain to resume a plan they developed. While Guren's demon, Noya has not shown to be active with the First recently, Saito has a substance to ensure Gekouin and Kiseki-o will assist the humans they are with over the First. He is aware they were in league with him, and of Kimizuki's specific capabilities. Chapter 107 "Angel's Plan", page 27

If you'd only asked in the first place... ...We glady would've helped you. Right, Urd?

–With Sika Madu caught, beside Urd he speaks to the First. Chapter 108: "Yu's Sword", page 39

How was it? Has your plan been destroyed, father?

–A question for Shikama Doji when asked if everything went as expected. Chapter 109: "Moving Pieces", page 37

At that point... ...You changed your tactics. You'd promised us eternal life... ...But then you discarded us without a second thought.

–Recalling when Rigr with Urd were human and in prison where they were found by Sika Madu. Chapter 114 "Everyone's Goals", page 4

Ages ago, when I was still tailing you, I found something. You'd founded a human organization. The Emperor's Demons. It was ostensibly a religious sect... ...But they were conducting experiments on turning vampires into demons.

–Having followed the First to Kyoto, Japan, he saw the activities there. Chapter 114 "Everyone's Goals", page 5-6

Are you kidding me? If everything's meaningless, why the single-minded determination to bring your son back? Don't drag us into your problems. Thanks to you, we've no reason to live, yet no way to die. What are we supposed to do, hm?.

–Seizing the First by the throat and rejecting his words that nothing in the world means anything. Addressing their existence with no direction from him. Chapter 114 "Everyone's Goals", page 8

One day... ...Several decades later... ...A certain boy appeared on its doorstep. He had a familiar face. A familiar name. What is he, hmm? Did you finally find a vessel up to your high standards? Were your preparations for his resurrection finally complete?

–With Mika arriving at the Hyakuya orphanage, Saito wonders about his connection to the First's son. Chapter 114 "Everyone's Goals", page 12-13

But who does that punishment come from? And considering your wings, you almost seem angelic. Where did you come from, hm? Who is chasing you? Who, and what, are you?

–Questions on who enacts divine punishment, and observations of Shikama Doji. Chapter 114 "Everyone's Goals", page 17-18

Your goal is to bring your son Mikaela back to life. If he's your son, he must be the same species as you. I can't say if you're an angel or a demon... ...But I do know reviving one would take an unimaginably large price. One so large other angels would punish the attempt.

–Unsure of what the First and his son are, but considering what the seraphs would do if such a being were resurrected. Chapter 114 "Everyone's Goals", page 18

The world has already been destroyed quite enough, I think. We can't let the angels come and punish it further.

–A sudden desire to protect the world, that happens to also go against the First's plan for resurrection. Chapter 114 "Everyone's Goals", page 19


  • His favorite food is sandwiches.
  • He was formerly a second progenitor but gave up his seat due to unknown reasons. It transpires that Saito was tracking the activities of the First progenitor.
  • Unlike most vampires seen so far, he is the only one without pointed ears.
  • Saitō (斎藤) is a Japanese surname that means "Purified Wisteria".
  • Rígr is the name the Norse god Heimdallr uses when impregnating women in order to create skilled boys, whom he then teaches runes to at the beginning of the Eddic poem called Rígsþula or Rígsmál. In this tale, both the most skilled son and grandson inherit the name or title of Rígr.
  • Stafford is an English surname meaning "landing-place by the ford."
  • Since the dark age of Greece was 1200 BC, Rigr would have to be 2000 years old in rotation. How old exactly is not certain because it is not stated when he lived there.


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