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Saitō is an ancient being, who along with Urd Geales was turned into a vampire by the first progenitor, Sika Madu. Turning Ferid Bathory into a vampire himself, Saitō would depart the progenitor council and pursue the First. Directly in response to him forming the Emperor's Demons organization, Saito formed the Hyakuya Sect which would come to have many exceptionally loyal and capable human and vampire members.

Changing his name, Saito would know many, but be known to few during his actions over centuries. Being the power behind the Ichinose house, Saito was acquainted with Guren Ichinose. Additionally working with Mahiru Hīragi of the Hīragi Family that he knew the First was supporting, and so opposed, Saito sought to work with both.

In knowing their backgrounds, Saito would bring Yūichirō Hyakuya to the Hyakuya orphanage, where he met Mikaela Hyakuya. Saitō, generally secretively interacts with various other characters throughout the Seraph of the End series, which affects himself and the story. This article details Saitō's relationships with other characters.

Hyakuya Sect[]

The Hyakuya Sect was an organization created in the past as the Brotherhood of a Thousand Nights in response to Shikama Doji's founding of the Emperor's Demons. As the head of the organization, Saito commands both humans, and high ranking vampires. Similarly for vampires where rank is of importance, Saito has them working with humans who do not match it. Through Saito, a sixth progenitor vampire Basteya Irclu would not just work, but work well with a human Hyakuya Sect Member. His forces were capable in fights, and often operated in the shadows where they were all the more proficient in assassinations. Whether they were assassins wielding swords, or agents capable of using the same chains he could use, Saito spread his agents across territories.

Where there are human members of the Hyakuya Sect, it is an indication of his views of them where other vampires regard them as livestock. Taking an interest in family houses to some extent, Saito was friendly with them and spent time fostering alliances. For human organizations that dabbled in spellcraft, this was something not looked down upon, rather wholeheartedly embraced, for for himself and the Hyakuya Sect at large.

Do you want to practice too? I could introduce you to a Hyakuya Sect basics of spellcraft classes.

–Inviting Ky Luc to learn about spell tag illusions. Chapter 106, "I Am Your...", page 2

With heavy weaponry at his disposal, Saito also has obedient units at his control. Preparing them to assault the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, he also informed them of what to expect not just from them, but other likely factions who would be in their location. Upfront about his nature, and sharing information on beings others did not know even existed, Saito details how the First would be in Shibuya, as well as several family members who shared his genetic material. The trust he has amongst the Hyakuya Sect, where an army of members are willing to allow him to drain strength from them regardless of their wellbeing in a war zone, enables Saito to empower himself enough to battle Shikama Doji on an equal footing.

While having many soldiers, he does not react to losses. By himself wounded, for all his connections, Saito has no one come to his assistance. He was tracked by Ferid and Crowley, then sensed by other progenitors not long after, with none coming to his aid. While orders were given elsewhere for the Hyakuya Sect to retreat, evidently Saito may have failed to take into account that he could be damaged so prepared no recourse in such an event. In any case, with the working practice he had, Saito was found by multiple enemies before his own extremely dedicated army.

Mahiru Hīragi[]

A teenage girl born into the Hīragi family, Saito benefits from Mahiru joining the Hyakuya Sect to oppose her family. His organization receiving secrets from her, Saito only hints at Mahiru being the traitor when it is time for her to reveal herself armed with the newly created Cursed Gear. Arriving at First Shibuya High School with the Attack on First Shibuya High School underway, Saito is ready for that moment.

Where she is affected by the demon's curse taking over and her hand became clawed and demon-like, Saito uses a chain to bound her sword arm and speaks to calm her so that Mahiru does not succumb to the weapon's effects. Speaking that was enough, Saito told Mahiru that she will lose control if she used that weapon anymore. Falling back with her, Saito mentions Mahiru's love for Guren to try and sway him into joining them.

[Guren: So the one who convinced Mahiru to betray her clan…] …was me. She told me how she still loves you. She wants to create a world where the two of you can be together. She said she would do anything to achieve that goal. Even sell out her own family.

–Explaining to Guren how he is in league with Mahiru and why. Catastrophe Book 1 Chapter 7, page 149

Although Saito tells Mahiru to become a vampire, he refuses to turn her himself. Despite that, Saito helps Mahiru whilst also keeping his own objectives a secret. Not overly fazed that Mahiru has become the demon Mahiru-no-Yo, he also sought to betray her, along with Guren and Noya years later upon seeing one another again when Saito was battling the First.

Hyakuya Orphanage[]

The Hyakuya Orphanage is one of many that Saito's organization is involved in. It would become known that they were partaking in experimentation on the children who went there. Unauthorized by Saito, it would also transpire that this particular orphanage was added to the roster. Where a great number of children were being killed over years, Saito did not seem to care about that, and had the orphanage run as if it were behaving as it would do without his knowledge that it were added in the first place. Observing what was happening, and letting it play out to see where it was going, Saito did however pay attention to a specific child, Mika who was brought there. In visiting, Saito was friendly with him and the other children at that time.

The kids at the orphanage all know me as their friendly Uncle Saitō.

–Chapter 5, page 91

Accordingly, the orphanage became a point of contact for Guren that Saito offered should he ever wish to join the Hyakuya Sect. Additionally, it was the choice of location to bring Yu there after his house burned down. Where an orphanage that was not sanctioned by himself came into being, Saito adopted it as his own facility and was directly responsible for having Yu meet Mika there.

Mikaela Hyakuya[]

Where Mika's mother was a member of Saito's Hyakuya Sect, seemingly from the influence from there, she gravely injured Mika by throwing him out of a moving vehicle. After his parents died during the subsequent car crash, he is delivered to the Hyakuya orphanage to live.

Catastrophe Book 1 - Saito giving Mika money.png

Likely aware that Mika has seraph potential, Saito takes a particular interest in him. With him at a convenience store away from the orphanage grounds, Saito he gives Mika money to buy ice cream.

Here, Mikaela, take this money. The supermarket’s right over there. I can trust you to buy the treats on your own, can’t I?

–Treating Mika to whatever he likes at a supermarket Catastrophe Book 1 Chapter 5, page 91

Afterwards, he warned Mika that Guren nearby might be a pervert. His interest is not just on account of the seraph aspects, but dates back even further to a Mikaela who existed in the ancient past. Where Mikaela is Sika Madu's deceased son, Saito notes the resemblance of Mika to him. Learning that Sika Madu intended to resurrect his son, where vampires were speculated to be failed vessels to contain his soul, Saito would wonder if Mika was not in fact a perfected vessel.

One day... ...Several decades later... ...A certain boy appeared on its doorstep. He had a familiar face. A familiar name. What is he, hmm? Did you finally find a vessel up to your high standards? Were your preparations for his resurrection finally complete?

–With Mika arriving at the Hyakuya orphanage, Saito wonders about his connection to the First's son. Chapter 114: "Everyone's Goals", page 12-13

More curious about his possible connection to the First's plans, and although kind to him anyway, Saito does not seemingly intercede in the events that play out where Mika is turned into a vampire. Occupied with his own objectives, the closest they would come to one another in years is near Osaka Bay. Where Saito was escaping from Urd, he did not have the time to engage with Mika who was nearby even if he wanted to.

If Saito were successful in betraying Guren during the battle in Shibuya against the First in Shinoa's body, he may have prevented him from acting with impunity. In not stopping Guren then, he attacked Mika with the result that he turned into a demon. Severely injured, Saito could not help him, but would indirectly be assisted by Mika. Where Ferid and Crowley were activating a sinful key in the area, the sound of Mika turning into a demon was heard across the city which also nullified the debilitating effects of the weapon being activated. In response, Saito could at least escape from Ferid and the sinful key he meant to used against him on account of Mika's change.

In an indication that Saito had been paying attention to Mika, when the First was targeting him, he communicated with Guren to relay the means to save Mika who was a demon with no memories. Launching an attack on Sika Madu in a demon realm, he may have been more concerned with assaulting him, yet with Mika and Yu conveniently nearby where his own goals were concerned, Saito made use of their presence to call for others to get involved. Sharing the news worked, and Guren had Kimizuki and Yoichi head to also assail the First. Where Saito wanted to beat the First, yet Mika's friends wanted to save him, it was still additional forces acting in his favor. Although likely not outright trying to save Mika, his thinking to bring others into it successfully helped save him nonetheless.

Yūichirō Hyakuya[]

Saito dragging Yu.PNG

Where Yu as a child was in his apartment that went up in flames, Saito was conspicuously in the area. Just in the area, with Yu's mother the one who had attempted to burn him alive, where she was rambling about him being a demon who needed to be destroyed, Saito could come in and take Yu to the Hyakuya orphanage.

Driving him there, Saito heard his concerns of being a demon but was not exactly sympathetic. Where Yu's father was also abusive, Saito tried a different approach for Yu was was short-tempered in his distress. His words concerned Yu finding others like him.

True, your old home did go up in flames. Not to mention you are now so hated even your own parents tried to kill you. But it's all okay now. In this orphanage, you'll find friends who're just as unwanted as you are. You'll have a big, new family.

–Transporting Yu to the orphanage after he lost his home. "Taboo Krul"

Bringing Yu to the same orphanage as Mika and so being the one who brought them together, Saito done this shortly before the incoming apocalypse began. From that point on, Saito kept his attention focused elsewhere and apparently left his fate in the hands of Guren.

At some point Saitō orders his men at the Hyakuya Sect to infiltrate the building in Shibuya where he is being held around the time the First was becoming active. A member who could use the portal creating Jigenso was evidently tasked with Yu's retrieval. Disguised as one of Kureto Hīragi's scientists, the agent Saito trusted with this captured and retrieve Yu successfully. Further, Saito ordered that Yu be taken to a lab in Ikebukuro. Perhaps reflecting his own views, a code name for Yu seems to have been "the Devil".

When Yu has travelled to a demon realm where Mika is located and has come under attack by the First, he is aware of what is transpiring. In contacting Guren with this news, Saito guides his group to help and so Yu is assisted thanks to what he can see and is willing to share.

Japanese Imperial Demon Army[]

The Japanese Imperial Demon Army has by the present day become the largest human military force in Japan. Aware that this organization that is attempting to fight back against vampires who have exerted controlled over the world is in fact under control of Shikama Doji, he is against its very existence. Knowing of the reality of this situation, it is something Saito learned very early on in the past. Apparently close to the time of its inception in Japan where it was formed, Rigr knew it as the Emperor's Demons.

Ages ago, when I was still tailing you, I found something. You'd founded a human organization. The Emperor's Demons. It was ostensibly a religious sect... ...But they were conducting experiments on turning vampires into demons.

–Having followed the First to Kyoto, Japan, he saw the activities there. Chapter 114: "Everyone's Goals", page 5-6

Right from the start, its public face as a religious group was concealing that it was founded by the First, where activities concerned carrying out experiments in turning vampires into demons. Seeing this, Rigr created his Brotherhood of a Thousand Nights (to become the Hyakuya Sect by the present day) organization in response. As groups rebrand over time, the Emperor's Demons group would evolve into the Order of the Imperial Demons where it was managed by the Hīragi Family, in turn whose leader was under the sway of Shikama Doji who was operating as a demon over the centuries. In the time before the catastrophe, the Order of the Imperial Demons that had grown from the prior Emperor's Demons had become one of the most powerful magical syndicates in Japan. Where Saito's Brotherhood of a Thousand Nights, in league with the Ichinose clan, had also made developments, it was still a challenge to surpass this order.

The Imperial Demons are desperate to overtake the Thousand Nights as the leading magical syndicate in the country. In their panic, they have begun pursuing forbidden arts. We are doing all we can to stop them.

Catastrophe Book 1 Chapter 5, page 93

The Imperial Demons were involved with First Shibuya High School. Essentially a caste system operated there, where student's family backgrounds heavily affected their standing. There were also cases of students fighting to the death using weapons. In creating soldiers, Saito and his organization attacked the school after he began receiving secrets from Mahiru who sought to betray her family. Not there to help the children in any way, Saito was conscious of the background concerning the school itself, namely the experimentation taking place. Where tensions were simmering, it was Saito and his organization that commenced the attack.

Only ten days. In ten days, the war between the Thousand Nights and the Hīragi Clan will begin.

–Alerting Guren of what will occur, except Saito would attack earlier that what he said. Chapter 5, page 95

With the apocalypse coming to pass, Saito's Hyakuya Sect would withdraw and remain growing in the shadows, yet it is the Order of the Imperial Demons under Kureto that would be renamed and become the Japanese Imperial Demon Army that would publicly battle for humanity's future. Ever-vicious, Saito would not particularly mind that they continued experimenting on humans and vampires alike. Where Guren had become the leader of the Moon Demon Company, a branch organization of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army that was often used as a vanguard, Saito left them to their own devices.

Although the Demon Army had developed Cursed Gear on a relatively large scale, and had even successfully produced a seraph that was able to be controlled and used as a weapon to sack the vampire city of Sanguinem, he had pulled away from attempting to undermine them as they gained victories on multiple fronts. It is only once the First awakens, after Tenri Hīragi was murdered in a coup by his son Kureto, was Saito also roused. Accordingly, Saito brought what he had prepared to light. Missile carrying vehicles, on the ground as well as missile armed helicopters, in addition to a Hyakuya Sect army, were all sent to Shibuya. Announcing that the Japanese Imperial Demon Army would be destroyed, Saito commenced the bombing of the city and its defenders. Focusing on the First himself, Saito warned that the Japanese Imperial Demon Army was his creation, where Shikama Doji had been possessing each head of the Hiragi family, who ruled the organization.

The demon army was founded by the first for his personal use. Stay here and you'll only be experimented on further. Run quickly.

–His view of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, knowledge of experiments on people, and explaining this whilst his head is on the floor with only a chain connecting it to his body nearby. Chapter 81: "Fallen Wings", page 13

Although the human members would not know about the army they were a part of had its Hiragi leader under the influence of the first progenitor turned demon, Saito never did seem to give that any major consideration. Attacking them anyway, Saito and his Hyakuya Sect invasion would be repelled by the Demon Army. His forces retreating, Saito would fail to destroy the Demon Army in Shibuya. Where both armies were weakened due to an attack he launched, it would be a third faction, the vampire progenitor council members under Urd who would be able to come in and shape the aftermath of the battle how they liked.

Guren Ichinose[]

Chapter 84 - Page 25 - Panels 4-5.png

The heir to the Ichinose family, Guren also opposes the Hīragi family rule. Both those beacons combined make Guren a very enticing target for Saitō to seek an alliance with. Waiting to happen across him, Saito first encounters Guren in the elevator of the residential block that he is staying at. Making conversation, Saito professes to be acquainted with the Ichinose family. Regarded as a generic assassin, possibly from a rival family house by a youth none the wiser who he is, Saito does not mind being attacked by Guren's sword.

It seems the future head of the Ichinose Clan is no pushover. But my, such a temper… A person just happens to board an elevator at the same time as you, and you attack without giving it a second thought...

–Comments to Guren upon their first meeting. Catastrophe Book 1 Chapter 3, pages 60-61

Freely revealing he is a member of the Hyakuya Sect and so shares his resentment of the Hīragi family, he requests that Guren join him. With Guren declining his offer to do so, Saitō does not entertain the idea of a fight and departs. After time for tension to pass, Saito is persistent and offers an alliance one occasions that arise. Finding Guren outside a store, Saito discloses he does not have a true name, before revealing some particularly sensitive details of a man-made virus that will ruin the world.

The Thousand Nights is dedicated to ensuring our country’s future. You may not be aware of it, Guren Ichinose, but if Japan continues on the path it’s on, it will face ruin. The trumpets of the apocalypse are soon to sound.

–Encouraging an alliance, and revealing quite the major event of the apocalypse to come. Catastrophe Book 1 Chapter 5, pages 92-93

Additionally, Saito alerts Guren that the Hyakuya Sect will attack the Hīragi family in ten days to prevent that. While departing with Mika, he warns that Guren is probably a pervert as a joke. After the Hīragi family were defeated, Saitō was fine with leaving everything to Guren, yet was slashed. Raising how this was already tried, Saitō reminds Guren that physical attacks do not work on him since he has undergone body modifications. Saitō is surprised at being affected by the spell enchanted blade, Kujakumaru.

As Guren has learned that Mahiru is the traitor who sold Hīragi secrets to the Hyakuya Sect, he questions is it not stupid to call a girl Guren has not seen in ten years a lover. Finding him at the attack on First Shibuya High, he attempted to affect Guren with a curse from his eyes. Saitō mentions for Guren to come with him to where Mahiru is.

Taking an interest in Guren after the catastrophe, he helps him with his tasks. Where Guren has acquired a cursed gear sword, Saito is keen for him to embrace more demonic power. Although sharing details to Guren on how he can save his friends, Saito will also encourage brutality for Guren to become more savage. Revealing his involvement with the Ichinose clan, Saito shares how he had added some of his own tissue to one of Guren's ancestors. Pleased Guren was invoking demon power to try and kill him, Saito remarked he was making his dad proud. Clarifying he was more like a greatest grandfather so in fact a stranger did not calm him. Having shared knowledge, it is likely that Saito imparted details of sinful keys to Guren, as well as the chains he could come to use.

For all the time spent apart over years, Saito would consider Guren a trump card in his fight against Shikama Doji who was possessing Shinoa's body. Checking the sinful keys he had, Saito also found that Guren had bolstered his strength along with his demons, Mahiru, and Noya. Requiring greater strength of his own to overcome the First, his perception of a trump card seemed more based in how Saito saw a chance to attempt to bite Guren and drain his collective power for his own sake. The betrayal leading to his own downfall, upon pouncing, Saito found his treachery met by Guren's own subterfuge. Thanks to Guren calling upon Ferid who appeared from Jigenso's portal armed with a sinful key, Saito not only lost his opportunity to drain Guren, but also to capture the First. As a result of Guren's gambit being triumphant, Saito's army would also fail to conquer Shibuya given that the First was sealed and their leader had exploded.

In a testament of how dealing with a greater threat unites them, more than untrustworthiness, and outright betrayal in the middle of a major battle divides them, Saito contacts Guren when requiring assistance against Shikama Doji in a demon realm. Urgently mentioning how their plan can still be on track is enough to induce Guren into acting, and Saito benefits from his help. Successfully capturing Shikama Doji in a separate set of conditions, Saito is pressed to consider how many sinful keys he has in a conversation on how their creations have outmaneuvered them. Where Guren is fortunate is that Saito's resentment is firmly on Shikama Doji more and so he focuses on him instead.

Shinya Hīragi[]

Firing chains in Shinya Hīragi's direction upon finding him at the attack on First Shibuya High, he is intrigued that this adoptive member of the Hiragi family also detests them. Regarding him as someone with a brain, Saito asks if Shinya wants to join hands to defeat the Hīragi. Afterwards, Saito added he was more than happy to let him take over. Asked when that day comes, who would be the leader out of him and Guren, he answered it was a matter between the two of them.

At having his eyes covered by him with a spell tag after he attempted to curse Guren with them, Saitō comments that even though Shinya is just a brat, he is more powerful than expected. With Guren asking Shinya whether he sold Hīragi family secrets to the Hyakuya Sect, Saitō comments that he was not approached since someone more brilliant than him had already been contacted.

Years later, likely unknown to one another, they would be in the same warzone together at Shibuya. With Saito's aircraft and soldiers attacking, his forces would threaten Shinya on the battlements. In fighting the First, a scythe that was ricocheted away by Saito's chains would dive near him.

Kureto Hīragi[]

Aware of Kureto, he hears the third year president of the student body as a candidate for the Hīragi family traitor, and comments it was someone more exceptional than him. Where Saito's Brotherhood of a Thousand Nights group had been pressed against the Order of the Imperial Demons in a simmering tension at best for an exceptionally long, and unceasing end, he would find the latter organization would become the Japanese Imperial Demon Army with Kureto at its head.

During the Hyakuya Sect invasion against Shibuya it is Kureto who is commanding the forces that Saito is out to destroy. Finding his forces assailed by Kureto, with the lightning of his cursed gear Raimeiki, and the Demon Army soldiers under his control, Saito heads to the room where his greatest weapon, the Fifth Trumpet within Mirai is.

In his focus on capturing the First, with the battle against the Demon Army left to his units, Saito would himself disregard Kureto entirely in the midst of the battle. Having the chance taken, while Saito had losses, his Hyakuya Sect forces were ordered to be captured by Kureto, the victorious commander of the Demon Army.

Although in ordering an invasion Saito suffered a spectacular loss compared to Kureto, it is his other connections that very much resulted in a losing the battle but winning the war situation. On account of his affiliation with Urd, he literally could sit imprisoned while the other second progenitor brought Kureto defeated and unconscious to him. Where the vampire progenitors had their own goals, and were now influenced by what Saito desired, he used Kureto's demon in a ploy against Shikama Doji. Stabbing a chain into the unconscious Kureto, he could bind his demon Raimeiki. From that, Saito could navigate demon realms to locate Shikama Doji and assail him with chains.

Shigure Yukimi[]

Knowing Shigure from her friendship with Guren, he often seemingly waited until she was not around before entering into conversation with him. In forging Guren to become more ruthless, Saito targeted Shigure as one of his friends.

You can try to chew through your tongues if you like. I’m pretty sure you both know how difficult it is to kill yourselves that way. The worse for wear you both wind up, the more Guren will be affected and the more powerful he will be.

–Speaking to Shigure and Sayuri after he prevents them from committing suicide. Catastrophe Book 4: Chapter 2

Sayuri Hanayori[]

Aware that Sayuri is close to Guren, he sees her as a means to an end to have him embrace a darker path.

We didn’t make it to the final act, unfortunately, but what did you think of our little performance? That forbidden power feels better than you ever imagined, no? You were able to save your two followers from being terribly abused. The truth is I was hoping to injure these two lovely girls beyond repair. So that I could drive you even further into despair and teach you the sweet, sweet joy of revenge.

–Speaking to Guren concerning Sayuri. Chapter 2

Norito Goshi[]

Where Goshi is a member of a prominent household, it is not one that is as alluring to Saito, even though it was possible he could be persuaded to take action against the Hiragi family. As Guren was apparently the better prospect, Saito involved him with his plans. Aware of where Goshi was, Saito shared the details fro Guren to rescue him.

This is your chance. Save young Norito first, in the fifth-floor girls’ bathroom, and then Mito in the audiovisual room. If you go in that order, you’ll be able to protect them both. Once you do, you’ll understand just how incredible this power really is. It will consume you. You won’t be able to turn back, to shake how good it feels. Yesterday you were pond scum. Today you are god. You’re their savior. Once you see how good that feels, you won’t be able to resist becoming a real demon.

–Having Goshi saved to empower Guren. Chapter 2

Mito Jūjō[]

Since Mito also attends Fist Shibuya High, he identifies her as one of Guren's friends. She is a member of the prestigious Jūjō family.

Shihō Kimizuki[]

Standing behind Kimizuki after Saito had slaughtered the staff tasked with activating his sister Mirai as a seraph, he spared him alone. Stating how he did not have time to speak with him right now, Saito prodded Kimizuki to act by asking should he not go to his sister. With the First in Shinoa's body there, Saito told Kimizuki to escape with her.

Take the girl and run. Make your way towards Shinjuku. I have allies there. Find them.

–Helping Kimizuki to escape with Mirai from the First. Chapter 81: "Fallen Wings", page 12

Sharing with Kimizuki how the Demon Army was founded for the First's personal use, Saito cautioned him that if he stayed he would only be experimented on further. Guiding him to run, with Saito drawing the First's attention it allowed Kimizuki to escape with Mirai.

While Kimizuki did not head to where Saito advised, he is still able to track him from afar. Using his chains, Saito could apparently move through demon realms and use his demon Kiseki-o's coffins to cause a chain to emerge from Kimizuki's chest. Using him for communication purposes, in sharing his plan with Guren he shared how Kimizuki could reclaim his demon. Consequently, through Kimizuki he could help ensure Yu and Mika ended up away from Shikama Doji.

Mirai Kimizuki[]

In making his way to Mirai he denied her to both the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, and to the First in Shinoa's body. Particularly significant since Mirai's body can have the Fifth Trumpet occupy it, Saito ensured this seraph could not be used on the battlefield.

Oho! It's your sister, hm? I guess I'll have to treat it with care.

–Referring to Mirai as a seraph and "it" in front of Kimizuki. Chapter 80: "Lightning over Shibuya"

The action of helping Mirai would not place him in good stead with Kimizuki at the time, given that he was set on escaping the city, but would certainly be useful later if Saito wanted to remind him of who helped. It is unlikely that Saito had Kimizuki escape with Mirai, for them to run into the path of Guren who would take the sinful key from her. It remains possible that Saito could have provided them refuge but experimented on them had they travelled to Shinjuku.

Seishirō Hīragi[]

Coming across Seishirō at the selection exam as agents are murdering students there, Saitō disregards his outrage at openly attacking the Hīragi family. What Saitō hates the most are annoying little brats who talk too much, and so he fires his chains at Seishirō. With one heading towards his face, Saitō tells Seishirō checkmate and to not forget to tell his god in heaven that he died due to his arrogance.


A second progenitor vampire, one of two, Saito is amongst one of the strongest beings in the world. Accordingly, few others can challenge him. For other vampires who are aware of him, Saito is afforded the deference that higher ranking nobles generally command. Where his interest in the First took precedent over ruling with vampires, Saito left the Progenitor Council and ceased contact, leaving few overly familiar with him. Having bodily modifications, including to his eyes and ears to remove vampire features, Saito would also comment that vampire bodies are clunky, inferior to his own chain based one.

Where vampires make up a great deal of his Hyakuya Sect army, he can depend on their support both in battle and to supplement his own strength. Having some exceptionally capable vampires backing him, both Basteya Irclu and Caek Sanorium were shown to have loyalties to him, and both are nobles as well. Significantly, Saito finds himself obeyed despite not even being part of the Progenitor Council anymore. As with other members they are a means to an end of enacting his plans.

Imprisoned, with other vampires aligned with the progenitor council discussing him with uncertainty on who he was, Saito made no attempt to interact with them. Crushing his armrest and unnerving them, Saito spoke of an intent to kill them in his boredom.

But I'm bored. Maybe I could pass the time... ...by killing every single one of you. That may be fun.

–When asked by Lest Karr to stop teasing their subordinates since everyone was terrified. Chapter 105 "Saito and Urd", page 10

Prepared to ask for help when necessary, Saito has rejoined with vampires he parted with ages ago, including fellow second progenitor Urd. Along with Lest Karr, and Ky Luc he sees much needed support in undermining the First where they have come around to move on from forever upholding the First's laws to instead see how his plan is coming along. Having promised to find a way for them to die, meanwhile Saito has brought vampire progenitors into adopting his view of how it is required to prevent Shikama Doji from resurrecting his son Mikaela, in order to prevent the seraphs from coming to ruin the world further in retribution.

Sika Madu[]

Saito and Shinoa engage in battle.png

Found in a prison cell by Sika Madu, he was turned into a vampire by the First Progenitor. According to Saitō, he disregarded almost everyone in the vampire race except for Ashera Tepes, because he was bored and was not interested in them anymore. Although occupying a fort in Romania with Urd, it was around that time that Rigr left in order to search for the First. Seeing it that the First has abandoned vampire kind, Rigr commented that he was a parent who had left him and Urd.[1] Having followed him to Japan, and finding Sika Madu had formed the Emperor's Demons, he formed the competing Brotherhood of a Thousand Nights in response.

Ages ago, when I was still tailing you, I found something. You'd founded a human organization. The Emperor's Demons. It was ostensibly a religious sect... ...But they were conducting experiments on turning vampires into demons.

–Having followed the First to Kyoto, Japan, he established his own Hyakuya Sect in response to what Sika Madu made. Chapter 114 "Everyone's Goals", page 5-6

Over the centuries, Rigr would change his name to Saito while Sika Madu became the demon Shikama Doji who set about possessing each head of the Hiragi family. On his own admission, for all his strength, Saito is still far surpassed by Sika Madu, the first progenitor. Finding him within Shinoa's body inside the seraph activation room in Shibuya, he spoke as if greeting a past acquaintance.

A good question. It's been at least, oh... 2,000 years or so, I'd say.

–Civilly discussing the last time he saw Shikama Doji (note, number "2,000" used over words "two thousand"). Chapter 81: "Fallen Wings", page 3

All the while cordial, Saito steadily produced his chains and took action in binding the First's wrist with one. After mentioning his chains which were not present the last time they saw one another, Saito moved to detailing his scheme to capture the First. Possessing a strong desire to obtain the First's attention and to be truly "seen" by him, Saito goes to significant lengths in order to accomplish this goal. Using his subordinates of the Hyakuya Sect and his own sired vampires by stealing their life force, Saito strengthened his own power in order to battle the First on even ground and finally obtain his attention.[2]

Engaging the First who was possessing Shinoa's body, Saito had calculated that he was not in his true for, and seemed to know what that was. In his current state, Saito felt that three sinful keys would be enough to seal him, which he had concentrated attention on acquiring. Although Saito failed in that attempt, in a later one he would react with an uncharacteristic fury at being told to die by the First after being struck with a scythe.

Despite trying to attack Shikama Doji with chains in the demon realm he was in, Saito was evidently paying attention to the First coming under attack by three seraphs. With Shikama Doji resorting to call him and Urd for power, with the offer to tell them everything in exchange, there was a response, though one that involved pulling the First out of harm's way via the chains. From there, Saito waited for Shikama Doji to wake up within the Vampire Prison he had been placed in.

How was it? Has your plan been destroyed, father?

–A question for Shikama Doji when asked if everything went as expected. Chapter 109: "Moving Pieces", page 37

Feeling left without a purpose by the First, he is also affected at the feeling that away for him, or tracking him, he is still a part of his plan. With no reason to live, yet no way to die, Saito asks the First what are they supposed to do. Laughing off the suggestion to become independent, Saito notes his Hyakuya Sect was taken advantage of so there is no way.

Shut. Your. Mouth. All that ever comes out of it is lies. I'll ask the questions here. You answer them, nothing more.

–Not believing he is free from the First, Saito then seeks information on Mika who resembles the First's son. Chapter 114 "Everyone's Goals", page 11

Aware that Shikama Doji had added the Hyakuya Orphanage to his organization, Saito wondered whether Mika was the perfect vessel the First had in mind to contain his son's soul. Unable to trust Shikama Doji, he fires chains into him repeatedly in response to his statements. Aware of the First's withering telepathic communication on vampires or not, Saito has spell tags ready to nullify what he sees as a brainwashing attempt. Not fully educated in what exactly Shikama Doji is, Saito has questions on where the divine punishment comes from, and who is chasing him. Unsure of whether the First is a demon or angel, where Mikaela would be the same, Saito focuses on the potential ruin other seraphs would bring for Shikama Doji attempting to resurrect such a being.

We can't trust his words. Something could happen to the world. There's no guarantee we'll properly die if we listen to him.

–Flatly against working with Shikama Doji, and speaking for others to do the same. Chapter 114: "Everyone's Goals", page 22

Where the matter of him being bored of living is raised by the First, an option of death is available as one of the criteria for the resurrection is the sacrifice of all vampires. Taking a turn and reacting strongly to the assumption he would want to die to help Shikama Doji with his resurrection, Saito assails the First with chains. From that, he affirms his newfound true meaning for his life is to stop Shikama Doji from ever getting what he wants. Another consequence, is because of this, Saito decides to uptake Shikama Doji's vow he had them dedicate their existences to, namely prevent the world from being ruined.

Urd Geales[]

Saito 29.png

Like him, Urd Geales is a second progenitor. It is seen how as humans they were in the same prison cell together so knew one another before becoming vampires. When Saitō was still Rigr Starford, he and Urd had a kindred, friendly relationship as the eldest sired vampires. Having shared and worked together to complete the First Progenitor's tasks, they were both awaiting the newly sired Ashera Tepes to inform him about his new abilities and powers as a vampire, plus the new rules he must follow. The two are seen bantering and arguing with each other in a familiar, affable way.

At some point they resided together in a castle within Romania. Without announcing it before hand, Rigr left Urd as he felt the First had abandoned vampire kind. Commenting that is was selfless of Urd to uphold vampire laws for thousands of years, Rigr told him not to sulk, it was not like he was abandoning him.

True. Out of all the old vampires, it's just us. What? Are you going to miss me?

–Their special connection aside, it did not discourage Rigr from leaving Urd. Chapter 105 "Saito and Urd", page 17

Out of all the old vampires it was just them and Rigr questioned whether Urd would miss him. Despite the tone and notions of leaving and missing someone, Rigr was clear that he would not stay regardless of any possible sentiment. The laws they laid down to build a vampire utopia that would last forever was just an illusion from his perspective. Rigr questioned who Urd thought he was to decide it was real, before saying that since Urd was staying he would protect everyone. After being attacked by Urd he said he could not beat him. After cutting Urd's arms off, Rigr said that was enough.

You always looked slightly pleased with yourself when you'd win. I liked that. So I held back every time.

–After defeating Urd he revealed past restraint in previous fights, and why. Chapter 105: "Saito and Urd", page 25

Apologizing again, Rigr said he did not intend to hurt Urd, before sharing that he was off. Rigr heard Urd would hate him forever if he left, which he felt was fine if that gave him a reason to keep going. Over the years, their relationship was estranged as Rigr had taken up the name of Saitō and had left the Progenitor Council. Having known each other for so long, Saito understood Urd well, more so as he pays attention to his outward bearing more. They both hold each other in contempt for their strong beliefs and desires.

What do you want, living pointless century after century, faithfully upholding the rules set down by a father who carelessly abandoned us both? Oh, I don't need you to tell me. We are both brothers born of the blood of the same first progenitor, after all. So what say we stop interfering with each other? Okay? Okay. Now, leave Japan. This is my playground.

–Finding Urd after some time, and committed to his own path. Chapter 50: "Brothers in Blood"

Neither of them hesitated to fight the other when they met at Ferid's mansion while Krul was imprisoned. Despite having been able to match him in their fight, it was revealed that Saitō was actually wary of facing Urd. This was indicated in their previous clash by asking Urd to stand down and fleeing instead of continuing to fight him. If Saito's capabilities have been diminished compared to Urd, he would nevertheless be wary of the number of vampires backing him and the strength within each one. In preparing for his invasion of Shibuya, he took into account Urd's path of action and had measures prepared to hinder it. Rather than confronting him directly, Saitō sends a large missile attack on Urd and his compatriots as they were traveling via aircraft.

When Saitō was heavily wounded and cursed from being struck by a sinful key, and Ferid with Crowley had come to kill him, he also only saw Urd's imminent arrival as a threat. Unable to move away before his approach, Saitō commented that Urd was the last person he wanted help from. Although he reluctantly accepted Urd's aid against Ferid, it was also done out of the practical need to buy time for his body to recover so he could slip away. However, Saitō was pleased to see Crowley and Ferid activate the Sinful Key against Urd. Hearing from Lest Karr that he was the only one Urd got emotional over resulted in Saitō concluding that Urd was furious. Although wary that he would be executed by Urd, he also gave a show of targeting what he valued.

Everything that Urd values... ...I'll destroy.

–The claim made upon escaping a prison made by Urd to contain him. Chapter 105 "Saito and Urd", page 40-41

A most defining trait of their connection is it drastically altering from brotherhood, to one of fighting without a second thought. Accepting help, then happy to see a downfall, so other goals can be focused on, before working together. They apparently have never worked closer than when Saito could rely on Urd assisting him against Shikama Doji. Hit with a scythe, Saito counted on Urd to pull it out. They now share an objective of not allowing the First to resurrect his son for the sake of the world's stability.

Ferid Bathory[]

Ferid meets saito.png

The one who turned Ferid into a vampire, Saito may have regarded him as a Michaela candidate. Determining that was not the case, Saito then disregarded him because he did not act according to his expectations. Accused by Krul of having Ferid as his lackey, Saito is upfront about his perception of him.

Me? Oh, no. I have no connection to Ferid at all. He was unable to live up to my expectations. So I discarded him ages ago... Ah well. Not that that is any different than what the first progenitor did to us.

–Speaking to Krul on his thoughts regarding Ferid. Chapter 49: "Progenitor's Memory"

Identifying that it was a trap, for Krul to be sealed and found by Saito, where her blood dripping from a non-healing wound would be able to be detected by Urd when he arrived in Japan, to in turn draw them together and so result in a conflict, Saito finds Ferid again with that in mind. Having not seen him for ages, Saito is goaded into attacking him, but considers another trap. Patting him on the head instead of attacking, Saito comments he found an odd one to turn into a vampire. Forgiving him for today, since Urd may also be incoming, Saito would not extend this lenience should it occur again.

I certainly chose an odd one to turn into a vampire. I will forgive you for today. But next time, I will not be so generous to you and your games, Ferid.

–Declining to attack Ferid after being lured into a trap by him. "Brothers in Blood"

While Saitō has not had Ferid in mind at all, the same cannot be said for him. During his clash against the First, he is ambushed by Ferid wielding a sinful key and consequently loses his chance to defeat Guren and his demons, as well as the first progenitor. Found by him again while Saito is missing a great portion of his body, he assumes Ferid has a point in mind for wanting to kill him. Not too interested in Ferid's grievance that he never gave a reason to live, Saito is attacked with the sinful key once more. Using his his chains to restrain Ferid, he says it was a mistake to turn him into a vampire, first and foremost since he was abnormal.

Unconcerned with Ferid, even though he did endure a severe injury from him, and remains an actively belligerent threat, Saito is more wary of Urd. However, when Ferid with Crowley manage to activate the sinful key against Urd, he praises him.

Basteya Irclu[]

A sixth progenitor vampire noble, Basteya Irclu is a member of the Hyakuya Sect who works under Saitō's commands. Addressed as lord Rigr Stafford, much of Basteya's loyalty may be based on their ranks. Although Basteya comments they are simply playing their part, Saito has entrusted quite the sizeable role to them. Where Basteya was part of the initial ground movement involving soldiers reaching the battlements of Shibuya, he could also count on them arriving by crashing into the room there Mirai was kept as a seraph. Depending on them to initiate the spell to sacrifice members of his army, Saito would then add a chain into Basteya in order to channel power from them all into himself. Sapping Basteya's strength along with the rest of the Hyakuya Sect army, it reached the point where Saito could attempt to capture Shikama Dōji who was possessing Shinoa's body.

Caek Sanorium[]

A vampire noble where Saitō is Caek Sanorium's master. He sent him to meet with Guren as a guide so that Saitō and Guren could meet. Additionally he gave Caek a mission to test Guren's strength by fighting him as well. His orders are obeyed by Caek without question where they were to delay Guren's friends until Saitō and Guren are done with their conversation. Perhaps not having explained them in detail, or at all, from what Saito has indicated, it leaves Caek understanding very little of his goals. Everything Saitō does doesn't make sense to him. While addressed as Rigr Stafford, his name of Saito is also known as well.

Crowley Eusford[]

A vial of his blood was used to turn Crowley into a vampire. It is unknown if Saitō is aware that Crowley is sired from him. Not paying him any mind when he sees him with Ferid, he is not even acknowledged as the one who decisively helped his plot and activated the sinful key towards the vampire progenitors.

Krul Tepes[]

SAito 22.png

Meeting Krul again while she is imprisoned in Ferid's mansion in Osaka, he comments on how pathetic she has become in her state. Addressing her as Miss Tepes, when he is not recognized, Saitō replies that she should know him quite well. Sharing with Krul that he dyed his hair and changed his name, Saito is remembered as being with Krul one thousand years ago when the First was taking her brother, Ashera to Japan.

Asking whether his Saito name has a nice Japanese ring to it, he is surprised to hear that Krul was captured by Ferid. Speaking how Krul is like him, a child of the first progenitor, Saito feels there should be quite a difference in power between her and Ferid. Accused of changing the subject, Saito denies that he ordered Ferid to capture her, and rejects any connection with him. Sharing his personal feelings with Krul, he describes it as throwing Ferid away when he did not live up to his expectations, which is felt to be the same as what the First did to them.

What? You allowed yourself to be captured by Ferid of all people? You must be kidding. Like me, you are a child of the first progenitor. Ferid is merely a child of mine. There should be quite a difference in power. My, my. He must have tried really hard if he managed to capture you. Still... So this is his mansion? He has been this way since the day we first met... but goodness, he is an eccentric one.

–Surprised to hear Krul say that he was overthrown by Ferid, before commenting on the bodies nearby. Chapter 49: "Progenitor's Memory"

Asked whether he was after the First as well, Saito deems it a good question. Having one in turn, Saito asks Krul whether Ferid has said anything about himself. Sharing with her that Urd along ships full of nobles have arrived, Saito suspects maybe Krul summoned them, but decides this is not the case after glancing at her. Engaged in a fight with Urd, he uses his chains to seize Krul and throw her into his path. In doing so, Saito uses Krul in his plan to escape further conflict with Urd.

Saito likely knows that she is one of the third progenitors the First did not take with him where he was specifically after them.

Lest Karr[]

Regarding his connection with Lest Karr it is unclear if Rigr and him had any actual contact prior to his defection from the Progenitor Council. Finding Lest Karr in his way as he was fleeing from Urd, he promptly cut the third progenitor apart. They would meet again after Saitō had been captured and confined to a prison where he was approached by him. Asked to please stop teasing their subordinates, Saitō shared how he was bored and told Lest Karr maybe he could alleviate that by killing every single one of them. He had questions for Lest Karr, namely whether Urd made the prison. Speaking to him as a confidant of sorts, Saito asked whether Lest Karr thinks Urd is still mad at him.

Do you think he's still mad at me?

–Speaking to Lest Karr as a confidant and asking him about Urd's feelings. Chapter 105 "Saito and Urd", page 11

Seeking his opinion on whether Lest Karr thinks he should apologize, Saitō considers his response on whether Urd would forgive him a good question. He also asks whether Lest Karr thinks Urd would torture him. With Lest Karr voicing that he should be executed, Saitō still attempts to gain clarification on what Urd said, before changing to a topic that Lest Karr came to him since he had questions.

Reportedly having information, Saitō raises how these could involve the First taking all the of the best third progenitors but not Lest Karr. Mentioning repeatedly that Lest Karr was left, Saito hints for him to ask why, interposing that he was incompetent, and is desperate to know. Mentioning that Urd will kill him so the secret will be lost as leverage, Saitō makes the request for Lest Karr to free him. When Lest Karr is certainly not interested, Saitō breaks out his cage anyway, attacking other vampires around but not Lest Karr.

After Saito plans to stop Shikama Doji from resurrecting Mikaela so as to prevent the seraphs from ruining the world again, Saito is welcomed home by a pleased Lest Karr.

Ky Luc[]

Come across by Ky Luc in the alleyway he is lying in, Saito has the chains making up his body examined by this curious fifth progenitor. In his prison, Saitō was approached by Ky Luc, who had heard legends about him, but they were old. Smiling pleasantly, yet when Ky Luc continued to wonder whether he was that powerful Saitō stated he was not. Professing to be weak, Saitō asked him why else would he be bound in humiliation like he was.

Oh, I'm not. I'm weak. See? Why else would I be bound in humiliation like this?

–Imprisoned, supporting a case of being weak when Ky Luc doubts his power. Chapter 105: "Saito and Urd", page 7

Claiming to be scared out of his mind, and asking Ky Luc to please not pick on him resulted in greatly angering Ky Luc. After he was calmed, Saitō repeated the plea to not pick on him to reignite the provoking. Fixing him with a glance, Saito wondered whether he could.

What? Don't you have the guts to pick on me?

–Addressing Ky Luc after his anger has been quelled. Chapter 105: "Saito and Urd", page 9

Such claims of being weak, and whether he knew this would provoke Ky Luc, were in keeping with Saitō claiming to be bored and working towards being freed. When Saitō broke from his confines, he had not skewered Ky Luc, unlike other vampires around. During the fight, Saito plunged a chain straight through Ky Luc's face, for him to keep approaching. Complimentary of his fighting methods, Saito regarded him as Urd's right hand.

Those aren't the moves of a mere fifth. I could see you killing a third like that.

–Complimenting Ky Luc's battle prowess and believing what he could do, with third progenitor Lest Karr nearby. Chapter 106: "I Am Your...", page 6

After the illusion of him was defeated due to being held by Ky Luc, he offered to demonstrate the spellcraft behind it. Along with other progenitors, Saito finds Ky Luc has agreed with his plan to undermine the First since Urd is in favor.

Ashera Tepes[]

Rigr and Ashera Tepes possessed an acquaintanceship a thousand years prior during his early years as a vampire. Along with Urd, he was one of the two vampires charged by the First Progenitor to familiarize Ashera with his new abilities and powers as a vampire. Additionally he was to teach him the new mechanics of his body and how to deal with them. Offering to help Ashera handle his new body's aversion to sunlight, Rigr also mentioned handling their never-ending craving for blood.

In the end... ...He was interested in only one child-your brother, Ashera Tepes. He ignored and discarded all the rest of vampire-kind.

–Mentioning to Krul where Sika Madu's interests were. Chapter 49: "Progenitor's Memory"

During a conversation with Urd a thousand years later, Rigr now using the name Saitō has implied to harbor jealousy for Ashera due to him being the only vampire the First Progenitor has ever displayed any form of attachment or interest in. Saitō has shown to long for the same treatment the First has shown to Ashera. Although Saito can sense demons, and has knowledge of which humans have which cursed gear, he makes no comment on how Ashera became Asuramaru to make a contract with Yu.


Learning that Sika Madu was experimenting on vampires to turn them into demons, Saito also sees their use in Cursed Gear as well. Aside from Shikama Doji on account of their background, Saito places no special interest in these invisible entities, where he is one of the few who could likely discern them.


The demon Mahiru-no-Yo is a fused being between Mahiru who he knew well, in addition to the demon Noya who he was familiar with as a third progenitor vampire. Familiar with further in that they reside in Guren's cursed gear sword, Saito only met them once when they materialized next to him when he brings forth a sinful key. Although unable to see them, Saito can sense their presence. After confirming with Guren that they are definitely beside him as he can detect, Saito throws a sinful key at their throat. For Mahiru-no-Yo specifically, Saito mentions a sin.


Aware of Shinya's demon Byakkomaru and saying he was a third progenitor, Saitō addresses him by the nickname 'Byakko'. With Shinya brought unconscious to him, Saito places a chain in him to encompass Byakkomaru in a mass of them. Liking drawing upon his strength, Saito then set about attacking the First who was within a demon realm.


He says Yoichi's demon Gekkouin was a third progenitor.


Kimizuki's demon Kiseki-o, who Saitō says was a third progenitor. His coffins are used to transport Saito's chains into the realm that Shikama Doji is in. Additionally, a coffin is what the First is pulled into in drawing him to the physical world.


Addressing Raimeiki as 'Raimei' he knew Kureto Hīragi's demon as a third progenitor. As with Byakkomaru, she is wrapped in chains when Saito is plotting against the First.

Noya Hienma[]

Able to sense Noya in Shibuya, Saitō was surprised he was there, and knew his surname. He did not make much of Noya being fused with Mahiru to become Mahiru-no-Yo. Upon their separation however, Saito could apparently sense his reawakening. Saitō tells Lest Karr that Noya was a third progenitor chosen by the First.



Having learned that Mikaela is Sika Madu's son, Saito gathers that his resurrection is planned. In seeing Mika in the present day, Saito notes the physical resemblance. Piecing together that vampires were a failed experiment in creating a vessel to contain Mikaela's soul, Saito further considers that Mika may have been a successful one.

You want to bring Mikaela back to life. He was your son.

–Aware of his relevance to Shikama Doji's plan. Chapter 114: "Everyone's Goals", page 3

Due to his feelings on the First, and with the world at stake in the event that seraphs would enact divine punishment against resurrecting the being that Mikaela is, Saito is committed to stopping the resurrection. This sudden concern for the world is likely not the true cause of Saito's intention, and less likely is that it has anything to do with Mikaela, rather is almost certainly about spiting Shikama Doji.

Your goal is to bring your son Mikaela back to life. If he's your son, he must be the same species as you. I can't say if you're an angel or a demon... ...But I do know reviving one would take an unimaginably large price. One so large other angels would punish the attempt.

–Unsure of what the First and his son are, but considering what the seraphs would do if such a being were resurrected. Chapter 114: "Everyone's Goals", page 18


Where seraphs are destructive beings, hell-bent on murdering humans, Saito pays them notably very little mind. Unlike other vampires, Saito did not care much that the Fifth Trumpet was being used as a weapon by the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. There was little to say regarding that an ally of his, Guren, had the Sixth Trumpet restrained. Saito does have an interest in Yu, but not apparently for the Second Trumpet within him. The only indication of Saito's views on seraphs is stopping Shikama Doji from going near one, and calling Mirai an "it" likely because of the seraph wings on her back.

What Saito is very interested in though, are the sinful keys that are emitted from seraph human hosts who perish. In having two, this may be a very strong indication that Saito has come engagement with seraphs. Upon affirming that they need to prevent Shikama Doji getting what he wants, Saito acknowledges the seraph's destructive potential.

The world has already been destroyed quite enough, I think. We can't let the angels come and punish it further.

–A sudden desire to protect the world, that happens to also go against the First's plan for resurrection. Chapter 114: "Everyone's Goals", page 19