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Where an official name has not been stated, this article's title is conjectural.

The Sanguinem announcer refers to this unnamed vampire who was a spokeswoman for Krul Tepes operating within Sanguinem.

Appearance []

Sanguinem Announcer.png

The most distinguishing feature is her distinctive headwear, which along with her hair covers her right eye, the left one which is vampire red. A purple flower bow is a part of the piece. Her lavender coloured hair is tied into a long ponytail that reaches down her back and leaves her vampire pointed ears visible.

She is wearing violet lipstick, and for clothing a light pink scarf adorns her neck covering a black material underneath. She also wears a light purple top with her stomach partially visible. The announcer appears to have a grey band on each of her upper arms in the style of a zig zag pattern within parallel circles, she also wears black gloves on her hands.


Though nothing is said of her history, the fact that she is announcer to the Queen of Japan and was entrusted to relay sensitive information to vampires with the progenitors blood indicates a trusting relation with Krul Tepes and herself, which may have arisen from time spent in Sanguinem.


Events of 2020[]

Second Shibuya Arc[]

She is host to the meeting that addresses all nobles with the progenitor's blood to discuss the growing concern of humans. She proclaims that the Japanese Imperial Demon Army is increasing their numbers in northern Tokyo, expanding human territory. She is also aware that they are flirting with forbidden enchantments and experimenting on the Seraph of the End. When she warns that another plague could break out such as the one eight years ago if they allow these humans to continue to rise and gain strength, she then turns to face Krul as she begins speaking.[1][2]