Front of Second Shibuya High

Front of Second Shibuya High

Second Shibuya High School (第二渋谷高校 Dai ni Shibuya Kōkō?) is a upper-secondary school in the city of Shibuya, the capital of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army's empire. The school possesses the usual educational facilities and in addition, it seems to possess a underground laboratory where captured vampires are to be experimented on along with an underground temple, which the army uses as a training ground.

The school was the initial setting of Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign, where Yūichirō Hyakuya, was enrolled to after Guren Ichinose selected him for "training" in fighting vampires.

Uniform Edit

The students wear typical Japanese uniforms.

The male students wear a grey gakuran with a standing collar that is black with teal trim.

The female students wear a sailor fuku consists of a grey blouse with black cuffs that have teal trim in the middle. Attached to it is a black sailor-style collar with has teal trim and a single five teal petal design in the middle. The ribbon of the uniform is also teal and tied in the front and laced through a loop attached to the blouse. The bottom is a black skirt.

Known Students Edit

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