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The Second Shibuya High School Teacher (第二渋谷 高校の先生 Dai ni Shibuya kōkō no Sensei?)[1] is a teacher at Second Shibuya High School.

Appearance []

He had medium length brown hair, and blue eyes. He had a pair of light blue semi rimless glasses. He wore a brown jacket with a white collared shirt underneath. He was also wearing a dark red tie that along with his shirt was partially covered by a peach colored waistcoat.


Whilst calm when explaining the content of the class, he did not take interruptions lightly and was flustered by Yu's disinterest in the classroom.


Whatever his history, he survived the apocalypse and dedicated his time to educating students of the High School in Shibuya.


Events of 2020[]

Second Shibuya High Arc[]

Whilst using a chalkboard to teach a language class, he was quick to call Yu out for mumbling during his lesson. Turning to ask Yu if he had something he would like to add, he proceeded to scold him for his attitude and demanded that Yu give him no more trouble. He threatened suspension for this infraction, to which Yu responded positively to the prospect. This teacher’s anger got the better of him when he threw the book he was holding across the room and berated Yu for mocking him in front of the class, he ended by telling Yu to sit down and pay attention.

He was evidently informed that Shinoa was there to monitor Yu's behavior, as he did not react to her interactions with Yu. He began to threaten sanctions against Yu for any more loud outbursts from him before throwing his chalk on the ground in frustration. He calmly resumed the lesson when Yu sat down, his anger subsiding for the remainder of the lesson.


Yūichirō Hyakuya[]

Whilst maintaining the teacher student conduct whilst classes were in session, this teacher did not appreciate Yu's indifferent attitude to the lessons at hand. This was likely a regular occurrence on Yu's part as the teacher's usually calm disposition changed to anger when he believed Yu was mocking him.







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