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The Selection Exams Referee and others like him were characters from the Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen manga. They monitored fights between students of Shibuya High School. The referee decided who wins and loses, of which family houses factored heavily into their decisions.


All men, they wore Japanese Imperial Demon Army style uniforms. The long sleeved jackets featured six largely decorative buttons on them. In addition to dark colored pants they wore boots as well.


Generally silent in their observations, the referees did not care much for the physical well-being of students. Indeed one was willing to watch as Seishirō Hīragi humiliated and physically beat Sayuri Hanayori when she was defenceless. One member did encourage a student to fight when he had the chance. Otherwise they spoke only to announce the winners of the fight. Standing by their own judgement, members do resort to questioning if students are going against Hiragi family law.


At the First Shibuya High School field, a referee observes a selection exam match taking place. Observing the dagger and sword fight, he raises his arm when announcing first year, class 9’s Midori Sugiyama as the winner after she disarms her opponent of his weapon. With Mito Jūjō overcoming the effects of Shigure Yukimi’s spell tag enhanced kunai to punch her over, the referee orders her to wait. With it clear Mito is the winner and announcing as much, the referee soon asks her what it wrong and to get down from the stage. Requested to make this match a draw, the referee does not consider that if this were a real battle then Shigure’s kunai would have been covered in poison. Affirming Mito as the winner, the referee states their decision would not be changed, the winner is decided by them so she should not interfere. He then enquires whether Mito is saying that she intends to go against the law set by the Hiragi.

One was addressing Shinya Hīragi with his opponent nearby. When the student using spell tags was questioned by Shinya whether he was doubting his power, a referee urged him to attack Shinya quickly. With the spell tags rendered useless, yet with Shinya not attacking the boy in any way, rather walking away, the referee has moved off the stage as he shouts that Shinya is the winner. With Guren Ichinose facing a student armed with a spear he observes from the sides. After the student is knocked over, the referee says Guren is the winner.

The referee monitoring Sayuri’s match against Seishirō does nothing to quell the chants of kill the Ichnose livestock from savagely rowdy students around them. He stands attentive and if he heard Guren’s shout on why he is not stopping this he did not act on it. With Mahiru Hīragi intervening on Sayuri’s behalf, the referee is asked to please stop this unsightly match. Doing so, he announces Seishirō as the winner.[1] After a student is cut, a referee remarks they were hoping for no deaths this year.[2]


Acting in accordance with Hiragi family law, as the adult presence at the selection exam match they were all complicit in having the students fight one another with weapons.