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Seraph of the End (終わりのセラフ Owari no Serafu?) is a Japanese manga, anime and light novel series with additional media having been made available. After a calamity with most of humanity perishing, Yu and Mika attempts to survive in a world overrun by vampires. For other characters, the human members of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, attempt to consolidate power largely by wielding demonic powered cursed gear weapons. Seraphs are also active. This is the basis of the Owari no Seraph manga and its anime adaptation.

There is a prequel story concerning Guren as a teenager with his contemporaries before the apocalypse event which is detailed in the Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen light novels. This has received a manga adaptation of these light novels for two Seraph of the End manga released concurrently. The Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Resurrection at Nineteen light novel series continues the prequel story shortly after the world has ended.

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The modern world is a non-fictional Earth around the time of the late twentieth and early twenty first century AD, however it is reported that a human-made virus was responsible for the end of the world where supernaturally powerful adversaries such as vampires emerge to enslave the surviving humans. The Japanese Imperial Demon Army, along with the Moon Demon Company military unit under them has established bases in post-apocalyptic Japanese cities such as Shinjuku, Nagoya and Shibuya among other locations. Outside of Japan, it is largely vampire nobles particularly those on the progenitor council who have restored their version of order abroad. Those such as Urd Geales in Russia and Lest Karr in Europe keep humans as livestock for a sustainable blood supply yet make their way to Japan to deal with the human uprising there. Certain demons residing in weapons namely Shikama Dōji would work to possess their human contractors and exert a sizeable influence over events, which have been long in the making dating back to the dark ages of Ancient Greece.


Main article: Seraph of the End Timeline

Yu and Mika along with their Hyakuya Orphanage family were captured as children and taken to the vampire capital city of Sanguinem underground. After an escape was revealed as a trap by noble Ferid Bathory, only Yu was able to escape the massacre. Mika survived by being turned into a vampire by the third progenitor and Queen of Japan, Krul Tepes. Outside Yu was found and taken in by Guren Ichinose. Four years later, Yu would gain a cursed gear sword, Asuramaru, and join a squad led by Shinoa Hīragi, along with the first friend he made, Yoichi Saotome, and a member of his training class, Shihō Kimizuki. The fifth member would be Mitsuba Sangū. In addition to threats from the Horsemen of the Apocalypse monsters, the squad would come into physical combat with vampires and free captive humans from one of their lairs. They were then sent to Shinjuku to help fend off a full scale invasion by the vampires and come into contact with the thirteenth progenitor, Crowley Eusford. Within the city Mika was there with Ferid who had also survived. After Yu and Mika saw one another again, Yu would transform into a monstrous one-winged entity. With reinforcements led by Kureto Hīragi and Shinya Hīragi of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, the vampire forces would retreat.

After training with their cursed gear, the Shinoa Squad joined an operation targeting vampire nobles in Nagoya. Combined with Makoto Narumi's squad, they successfully vanquished the fifteenth progenitor, Lucal Wesker. With missions elsewhere having failed, they along with Guren's squad would attempt to free prisoners taken by Crowley. While successful, Guren was taken captive by the vampires. Yu's partial transformation into a demon was not enough and he fell unconscious. During the escape to the airport, Mika would find Yu and being defended by Shinoa and her squad he was helped to to escape with Yu. With no transportation found at the airport, Kureto would arrive and use the survivors in a sacrificial practice to energize the seraph within Mirai Kimizuki. Yu and Mika would join those gathered and see the monster Abaddon summoned to the world. Resorting to the seraph power within himself, Yu would be able to destroy Abaddon. With Guren having seemingly betrayed them and with Krul ambushed by Ferid, as the Imperial Demon army and the vampires forces clashed Yu and the squad now with Mika and Narumi would run from it all.

Three months later by the sea, Yu was transforming into a demon for increasing lengths of time after the events at Nagoya airport. When they were found by Ferid and Crowley they were unable to defeat them and had little option but to comply with their plans. They still set about fulfilling Mika's suggestion to rescue Krul to help them, yet at Osaka Bay the group would find an influx of vampire nobles from abroad. Nearby Saitō was speaking with Krul who was imprisoned. Progenitor council members Urd Geales and Lest Karr were unable to stop his escape, then sentenced both Krul and Ferid to sunlight exposure torture for their actions not limited in allowing Sanguinem to fall to humans and the seraph they controlled. Shinoa squad along with Crowley made their way to Ferid's mansion where Yu and Mika saw the stored bodies of their family members. Makoto's squad were also kept there and Guren arrived to inform them he plans to resurrect humanity. Kureto overthrows his father Tenri Hīragi and comes into contact with Shikama Dōji who has been possessing heads of the Hīragi family. Training Yu to help him control his seraph abilities commences. An attack is then launched on fifth progenitor Ky Luc who is guarding Krul and Ferid. They are unable to defeat Ky Luc who flees with Krul yet Ferid is freed.

Recuperating at Guren's home that he grew up in, the past experimentation comes to light. A seraph is also kept there, the sixth trumpeter who has been summoning Horsemen of the Apocalypse. As Saitō is mentioned being behind the human experimentation the seraph regards Yu as a traitor and attacks. All the while Shikama Dōji strengthens himself by influencing Shinoa's emotions. With the seraph overcome a cross shaped dagger is released from its body. Elsewhere Saitō has two of these gained from plan thousands of years in the making. Krul was taken to Sanguinem and agrees to share what she knows with Urd if they alter the rules placed on vampires by the first progenitor who is now known as Shikama Dōji. Due to the seraph's fall the Four Horsemen of John disappear from the world and humans can move outside once more. Where Yu exerted his seraph powers Asuramaru found he had memories from the past return. Asuramaru was a human with Krul as his sister and was found by Sika Madu and a young boy called and who looked like Yu.

With the awareness of Shikama Dōji Shibuya is travelled to. Kureto has been possessed and inside the plane where demons can interact with humans Shikama Dōji attacks Asuramaru. When Shinoa arrives to help Shikama Dōji targets her and physically sets about possessing her body. Vampires around the world sense the first's presence. Saitō directs missiles at the aircraft transporting Urd. When Yu volunteers his memories to help Shinoa he is kidnapped by an agent of the Hyakuya Sect. Shikama Dōji in Shinoa's body attacks those near them. Shibuya also comes under attack by the Hyakuya Sect forces which contain humans and vampires led by Saitō. By using chains to sap the power of his army Saitō has the strength to engage the first. Guren splits his demon Mahiru-no-Yo into the component beings of Mahiru and Noya. He is empowered and able to join the fight. As Saitō attempts to betray Guren to drain the strength of the demons he in turn is double-crossed by Guren with help from Ferid. With Saitō down Guren and his demons use three sinful keys to seal Shikama Dōji and save Shinoa.

Since his power is dwindling Guren sets about fulfilling the next stage if his plan. Finding them Guren attacks Yu and Mika. The fight reaches a point where Mika sacrificed himself to fend Guren off. Krul arrives to witness Mika's body rise into the air and be enveloped in an explosion. Guren states it is the birth of a black demon. Gaining consciousness in a serene world with his orphanage family Mika realizes it is an illusion but is happy to stay there. Hearing that he cannot be saved now, Yu leaves Mika and escapes far from Shibuya with Krul and Shinoa squad. As Krul shares details on what Mahiru's plan entailed, Shikama Dōji is revealed to be conscious and listening in Shinoa's body. Guren and Mahiru reach the location and Shinoa is able to subdue him. Shikama Dōji contacts Asuramaru and urges him to capture Mikaela before the humans do. Asuramaru is with Kiseki-o and Gekkouin within the dream world where they manage to outmaneuver Mikaela to reach Mika with the illusionary Yu. Asuramaru makes Mika murder his orphanage family to fulfil his deepest desire and fear of being blamed for their deaths. Yu reaches the world via a spell circle and with three seraph backing him is able to defeat the three black demons.


Main article: Characters

Main Characters[]

Yūichirō Hyakuya Description
Episode 8 - Screenshot 29.png When he met Mika after being taken to the Hyakuya Orphanage, Yu was against the very notion of family and insisted he did not have one. Resenting the captivity and having his blood taken when they were taken underground Yu would speak of fighting back against the vampires but have little means to do so. Having finally gained his family Yu had to leave as the sole survivor. Swearing revenge against the vampires, the goal to kill every one of them would be his driving motivation in life. Yu sought to join the Moon Demon Company to that end and he would gain the black demon katana sword, Asuramaru. His lack of team work and not making friends would be obstacles. A headstrong commitment to helping others when their lives were in danger coupled with the resolve to enact his desire to destroy vampires would make Yu an effective fighter. Moved to tears at seeing that Mika was alive, Yu's vengefulness was replaced with the goal of reclaiming him.
Mikaela Hyakuya Description
Episode 11 - Screenshot 34.png Understanding Yu's plight, Mika assured him everything would be fine when he welcomed him to their family. While he acted pragmatically in providing his blood to vampires in order to gain food for his family Mika was content to remain with them where he was together with the other orphans. Seeing Yu's frustration was what motivated Mika to steal a map and a pistol from Ferid's mansion where he led others to what he saw as their freedom. The loss of all who he held dear and being forcibly transformed into a vampire would remove Mika's cheer and optimism utterly. Against drinking human blood that would transform him into a complete vampires Mika sustained himself on vampire blood. He lived for the hope of finding Yu again and at doing so Mika wanted to rescue him from the humans.
Shinoa Hīragi Description
Episode 3 - Screenshot 54.png Assigned by Guren to monitor Yu until he made friends Shinoa would offer guidance on how to do so. She also demonstrated the power of cursed gear using her Shikama Doji scythe. While a member of the Hiragi family that controls the Japanese Imperial Demon Army Shinoa does not take part in the power struggles at all. Not missing the opportunity to tease others, Shinoa would deny Yu someone he knew as a practice partner so he had to work with someone he was not on friendly terms with. Happy to rub it in that she was squad leader instead of Mitsuba, Shinoa still encouraged her to guide the other members of the team. Serious when the need was pressing Shinoa would send for others for assistance. Asking for their trust Shinoa led the rescue attempt to help Guren and Shinya. She would successfully identify and rescue Mika where Shinoa let him leave with Yu.
Yoichi Saotome Description
Episode 10 - Screenshot 117.png Thinking that he was not being bullied when that was evidently the case, Yoichi gave the excuse it was just a means of joining the Moon Demon Company. Stating that he was fighting to avenge his sister clashed with Yoichi's sweet disposition. Brave in tackling a vampire Yoichi would be concerned when Yu came under attack. His choice in not hiding even when told to and instead fight to defend others would help Yoichi overcome a demon possession. Making fast progress with his weapon Yoichi would become accomplished at raining destruction upon foes using the explosive power of the Gekkouin bow.
Shihō Kimizuki Description
Episode 11 - Screenshot 76.png His temperament results in him being fast to pick a fight. In equal measure Kimizuki is level-headed and is effective in speaking to the point to reach the outcome he wants. Needing money to help pay his sister Mirai's medical bills would lead to him acquiring the Kiseki-o twin swords. Attacking directly in combat to following other's leads, Kimizuki is a good team player and covers others.
Mitsuba Sangū Description
Episode 7 - Screenshot 52.png Having lost her entire squad, Mitsuba is angered at reckless actions that could result in the same thing happening again. Familiar with vampire ambush methods, Mitsuba would still intervene to help when Yu came under attack. When captured Mitsuba called for the others to retreat and leave her. Unrestrained she used her war axe Tenjiryū to cut apart enemies.
Guren Ichinose Description
Episode 9 - Screenshot 244.png Becoming a Lieutenant Colonel and the captain of his squad Guren would also lead the Moon Demon Company. In accordance with prophecy Guren was awaiting the arrival of Yu and would help him in his training. It was on an irregular basis and Guren would also not treat meetings with high ranking members of the army with much seriousness either. On more than one occasion Guren would miss the classes he was supposed to teach or fall asleep where unknown to almost everyone he was regularly being possessed by his demon Mahiru-no-Yo being a Namanari himself. Guren was motivated to defeat vampires and overthrow the Hiragi's world order and planned a coup for that.


There are two concurrent manga. The first released is Owari no Seraph. The second is Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen which adapts the prequel light novels of the same name. The individual chapters and volumes for the two are released by various publishers. A spin-off manga titled Serapetit! "Seraph of the End" four-frame manga was released in December 2014 to commemorate the release of the anime.

Owari no Seraph[]

Main article: Owari no Seraph
Main article: Chapters and Volumes

Released on September 3, 2012 the Owari no Seraph manga is written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto with storyboards by Daisuke Furuya. This is the primary story involving Yu and Mika after the world comes to an end. Chapters are generally released near the beginning each month. Currently there one hundred and four chapters contained within twenty four volumes. The events of the story is divided into story arcs.

For overviews of each chapter, see Owari no Seraph Manga Story by Chapter.

Serapetit! "Seraph of the End" four-frame manga[]

Main article: Serapetit! "Seraph of the End" four-frame manga

Serapetit! "Seraph of the End" four-frame manga is a spin-off gag manga made to commemorate the anime adaptation of Owari no Seraph, and is written and illustrated by Ren Aokita. The manga was initially serialized in Jump SQ.19 from December 2014 to February 2015, however eventually moved to Jump SQ, where it ended on April 4, 2015.

Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen[]

Main article: Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen (Manga)
Main article: Chapters and Volumes/Catastrophe

The second manga is titled Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen and adapts the prequel light novels of the same name. This is written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Yo Asami. Chapters were released in Kodansha's Monthly Shōnen Magazine on June 6, 2017.

For overviews of each chapter, see Catastrophe at Sixteen Manga Story by Chapter.

Light Novels[]

There are three sets of light novels. The first is Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen which was released after the Owari no Seraph manga, yet in terms of the in-universe story it is a prequel focusing on Guren when he was a teenager before the catastrophe event. The second light novel series is titled Seraph of the End: The Story of Vampire Mikaela which involves characters in Sanguinem and then in the past. The Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Resurrection at Nineteen are the third set of light novels.

Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen[]

Main article: Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen

As with the Owari no Seraph manga, the Catastrophe novels are written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto. The seven novels were published by Kodansha and released from January 4, 2013 to December 2, 2016. They were published in English by Vertical as omnibus' where two novels in Japanese were combined into one English Omnibus. For example, books 1 and 2 are combined into one, full-length novel instead of two separate ones.

Seraph of the End: The Story of Vampire Mikaela[]

Main article: Seraph of the End: The Story of Vampire Mikaela

Written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto there are two light novels available where a third one was announced. The first novel was released on December 4, 2015 and concerns the angel Mikaela and the origin of vampires. Mika being thrown away by his parents and hearing about Ferid Bathory is shown. Crowley Eusford's life during the 13th century crusades is recounted. The second book was released around five months later on May 2, 2016. Yu and Mika's time in Sanguinem is detailed. In the past Crowley and the Templar Knights along with Ferid Bathory investigate the actions of a monster.

Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Resurrection at Nineteen[]

Main article: Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Resurrection at Nineteen

This story is a sequel to the catastrophe novels. The first novel was released on December 27, 2017 with the second one on November 30, 2018. With the catastrophe event having taken place, three years later Guren survives in the ruined world where only children and demons have been left. While it is a sequel to the novels it follows on from it is still a prequel to the Owari no Seraph manga.


Main article: Seraph of the End (Anime)
Main article: Episodes

Wit Studio produced the Seraph of the End anime with Daisuke Tokudo as the director. The anime television series had one season that was split into two cours and consists of twenty-four episodes. The cours were entitled Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign (終わりのセラフ Owari no Serafu?) and Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya (終わりのセラフ 名古屋決戦編 Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen?), respectively. The first cour began airing April 4 and ended on June 20, 2015. A recap of the first cour, titled "Seraph of the End: The Beginning of the End", aired a week before Battle in Nagoya on October 3, 2015. The second cour premiered on October 10, and completed on December 26, 2015.


An OVA titled "Vampire Shahal" was released May 2, 2016 with volume 11 of the Owari no Seraph manga. In-universe the events take place in between the two anime cours.

Blu-ray and DVDs[]

Main article: Episodes/BD-DVDs

The first limited edition Blu-ray and DVD volume for the anime was released on June 24, 2015, while the last released on March 30, 2016. These BD/DVD releases contain episodes and physical bonus materials. Across the DVDs that were released was the Seraph of the Endless (終わらないセラフ Owaranai Serafu?) omake specials. Box sets featuring all the episodes in addition to unique artwork have also been made available.


The music is predominantly featured in the Seraph of the End anime and was composed by Hiroyuki Sawano, along with Takafumi Wada, Asami Tachibana, and Megumi Shiraish. With an opening and ending song for both cours there are four songs in total composed for the anime.


Released May 29, 2015, X.U. is the opening theme for the first cour, first played in the second episode up to episode 12. It is performed by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:Gemie.


The ending theme for the first cour, which is included on the same album as X.U. It is performed by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:Yosh.

Seraph of the End Original Soundtrack[]

Released July 15, 2015, Seraph of the End Original Soundtrack is the first soundtrack album used throughout the anime contains songs composed by Hiroyuki Sawano, Takafumi Wada, Asami Tachibana and Megumi Shiraishi.

Two souls -toward the truth-[]

Released December 2, 2015, Two souls -toward the truth- is the opening theme for the first cour, titled Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya. It is performed by fripSide.


Released December 9, 2015, Orarion is the ending theme for the second cour, first played in the thirteenth episode up to episode 23. It is performed by Nagi Yanagi.

Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya Original Soundtrack[]

Released January 27, 2016, the Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya Original Soundtrack involves the same composers as the first cour, the soundtrack is used for episodes 13-24.

Drama CDs[]

Main article: Drama CDs

Ikebukuro Vampire Hunting Edition[]

Ikebukuro Vampire Hunting Edition (終わりのセラフ ミニドラマCD 池袋吸血鬼狩り編 Owari no Serafu Mini Dorama CD Ikebukuro kyūketsuki Kari-hen?) was released June 24, 2015 that was bundled with the first Blu-ray/DVD disc set as an early purchase bonus. The voice cast speak for the five members of Shinoa squad in addition to Mika and along with Guren and Ferid being featured.

Seraph of the End Drama CD - "Head Towards! Road to debut!!" "Hide! Black History!!"[]

Seraph of the End Drama CD - "Head Towards! Road to debut!!" "Hide! Black History!!" (終わりのセラフ ドラマCD「目指せ!デビューへの道!!」「隠せ!黒歴史!! Owari no Serafu Dorama CD 'mezase! Debyū e no michi!!' 'Kakuse! Kokurekishi!!'?) was released July 23, 2015 with the limited edition of the second Blu-ray and DVD disc set.

Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen: The World's Last Christmas[]

This was released January 27, 2016 within the limited edition of the sixth Blu-ray and DVD disc set. Before the Catastrophe when Guren is a teenager friends come over to his to celebrate Christmas.

Seraph of the End: Seraph of the Butler[]

Owari no Serafu: Shitsuji no Serafu was released on March 9, 2016 as part of the seventh Blu-ray and DVD disc set. Guren runs a coffee shop with Shinya and employs Yu and Mika. Shinoa, Mitsuba with Ferid, Krul and Kureto are also voiced.


The two Seraph of the End games were developed for different consoles. The first, Seraph of the End: Bloody Blades is a role-playing game (RPG) was released for iOS and Android devices on September 28, 2015. The second game is a TRPG for the PlayStation Vita named Seraph of the End: Beginning of Destiny and was released over two months later on December 17, 2015.

Seraph of the End: Bloody Blades[]

Main article: Seraph of the End: Bloody Blades

Quests covered the first and then second cour of the anime and ran until September 29, 2016. A large amount of character cards from major to briefly seen characters were able to be collected.

Main article: Album Scroll

The Album Scroll features the 336 cards available.

Main article: Seraph of the End: Bloody Blades/Character cards

The elemental cards also act to provide unique character art.

In terms of gameplay the five member team that was able to be formed had stats including HP, attack, defence, recovery, teamwork and agility to assist them in battles against adversaries.

Seraph of the End: Beginning of Destiny[]

Main article: Seraph of the End: Beginning of Destiny

Bonds between characters on the battlefield can be levelled up. From the Japanese Imperial Demon Army Shinoa Squad is featured in addition to Guren Squad, and Narumi Squad. Player decisions throughout the game effect the ending. Special endings can be attained if trust is built up between the characters.

Supplementary Books[]

Both art books and fan books provide behind the scene details regarding the creation process of the manga and anime. The fan books are not created by fans, rather are in the context of being official releases that provide illustrations of the Seraph of the End characters and the world they inhabit, so insightful details released for fans.

Seraph of the End 8.5 Official Fan Book[]

Released June 4, 2015, the Seraph of the End 8.5 Official Fan Book was released for the original Seraph of the End manga. It has illustrations of characters featured as well as situations such as Shinoa reporting on her squad's handling of interactions with other teams and enemies. Practices such as vampires harvesting blood and the Japanese Imperial Demon Army's chain of command are elaborated upon.

Seraph of the End TV Anime Official Fan Book 108[]

Released on December 4, 2015 the Seraph of the End TV Anime Official Fan Book 108 concentrates on the anime. There are character profiles and a short story collection. A question and answers style interview with 21 cast and staff members is included.

Seraph of the End: Anime Material Collection[]

Released December 31, 2015, the Seraph of the End: Anime Material Collection is an art book for the anime. Character designs and image boards from the anime are featured. This is in addition to technical details such as prop settings and color designs.

Yamato Yamamoto Rough Art Book[]

Released January 22, 2016, the Yamato Yamamoto Rough Art Book features rough sketches of the Owari no Seraph manga along with other artwork illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto.

Seraph of the End: Genga Collection 1[]

This is the first of two books containing key animation art. Seraph of the End: Genga Collection 1 was released April 8, 2016. The subjects are human characters including Shinoa squad along with Guren, Shinya and Kureto. Animated layouts such as sketch like stills from the anime before being fully colored are shown from across the first twelve episodes. Original studio drawings are also included. Further content includes a staff round-table discussion with Satoshi Kadowaki and others.

Seraph of the End: Genga Collection 2[]

The second of two books in the Genga Collection, Seraph of the End: Genga Collection 2 was released around four months after the first one on August 12, 2016. It contains key animation art. Vampire characters, such as Mika, Krul and other major vampire characters are predominantly featured. The episode drawings are from episodes 13-24.

Yamato Yamamoto "Seraph of the End" Illustrations: The Art of Seraph[]

Following the Rough Art Book the Yamato Yamamoto "Seraph of the End" Illustrations: The Art of Seraph art book was scheduled to be released December 4, 2017. Having been delayed until January 4, 2018, the release remains upcoming content.



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