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"Seraph of the End: The Beginning of the End" (終わりのセラフ特別編 The Beginning of the End Owari no Serafu: The Beginning of the End?) is a 24 minute recap of the first part of season one (episodes 1 to 12) of the Seraph of the End anime. It aired a week before the second part of the anime, Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya, on October 3, 2015.

For storytelling purposes, some scenes are shown here in a different order than they were in the twelve episodes. For example, the mannequin training exercise is first seen in episode 4, and Mitsuba is first introduced in episode 7. In this The Beginning of the End recap, during the Meet the new family section, Mitsuba is seen first before the mannequin training exercise. Some scenes are also altered in that they are interspersed with others here, when Yu stabs Mika visualizations of him smiling and younger are shown. Headings in the Summary section of the article indicate the titles interspersed through the episodes. The Character Details section informs where text has been added over a character in the episode to indicate who they are, such as their name and rank.


Yu has found Mika alive during the battle of Shinjuku. The invading vampire forces attempt to capture the members of the Moon Demon Company. In the attempt to retreat, Yu was seen partially transformed.

It was remembered how Yu first came to the orphanage where he met Mika. After a calamity which ruined the world, the surviving children were taken to an underground vampire city. They were effectively livestock and had their blood harvested. In an attempt to escape Mika and Yu saw their orphanage family murdered in an ambush set up by Ferid. With Mika's sacrifice, only Yu was able to make it out alive and found Guren waiting for him.

After his trauma, with Yu set solely on revenge against the vampires, he does not work well with others. He is monitored by Shinoa and was ordered to make a friend. With Yoichi being one, he begins training for a Cursed Gear sword in the same class as Kimizuki. With Cursed Gear weapons obtained, Shinoa has a fifth member of her squad. Mitsuba joined and they cleared a vampire lair.

Making their way to Shinjuku, the squad finds the city under a heavy attack. After encountering a vampire noble, Crowley, they join in the fighting in the city proper. Mika has just defeated Guren and then sees Yu charging towards them. After Yu stabs Mika through the chest, he sees who it is. With the human forces routed, Yu is transformed into a one-winged monstrosity. Reinforcements from the Japanese Imperial Demon Army drive the vampires out of Shinjuku. Mika was unable to retrieve Yu, yet Yu is happy to know that Mika is still alive. They both vow to save each other.


List of characters in order of appearance:


As the battle of Shinjuku is underway, Shinoa Hīragi speaks with Yūichirō Hyakuya who has found out that Mikaela Hyakuya was still alive. He was with the vampires on the opposite side of the battlefield with Ferid Bathory and Yu cries as he calls to him. Shihō Kimizuki is tripped up by Horn Skuld and Chess Belle kicks Mitsuba Sangū over. Yoichi Saotome is pinned with the vampires closing in while Shinoa is held up by the neck by Crowley Eusford as the Moon Demon Company members are captured. Yu watches as his squad's blood is consumed. After Guren Ichinose ordered a retreat, Yu attacked Ferid and was seen as a partial black one-winged seraph. After the battle Shinoa oversees Yu in an infirmary.

Eight years ago[]

It is recalled how Yu as a child was introduced to Mika with Akane Hyakuya and the other orphans at the orphanage by the director. Mika brought Ako Hyakuya and Kōta Hyakuya with him as he welcomed Yu to the family. In a separate location at night, an explosion occurred with Krul Tepes leading a host of vampires through a ruined and burning city. The orphans were captured by vampires and transported in trucks to an underground city. Shinoa speaks where at the time the children's details were noted, they were mistreated and had their blood harvested. Within their home, Mika shared a map of the city with Yu and together with the orphanage family, which included Fumie Hyakuya with Chihiro Hyakuya and Taichi Hyakuya as well, made their way out of their captivity.

The time of destiny has come[]

Happy to reach the exit they found, they were shocked to see that Ferid was there waiting for them, and the seventh progenitor, starting with Ako set about murdering the children. When Mika was stabbed by Ferid, the pistol he was holding was picked up by Yu who shot the vampire noble in the head. Mika was mortally wounded. Held by Yu he pushed him away to escape so that the sacrifice was not in vain. Making it outside, Yu fell through the snow to find the world was not utterly ruined. Guren was waiting for his arrival and had Sayuri Hanayori and Shigure Yukimi accompanying him when he offered Yu a chance for revenge against the vampires.

The present (Tokyo, Shibuya)[]

Presently, a Four Horseman of John crashes through a billboard which Yu uses his katana sword to first defend from its limbs before slicing across it. In class, Yu is tapped by Shinoa who writes that he should co-operate or his suspension will be extended. A note from Guren orders him to make a friend yet Yu shows no sign of willingness to do so. Yoichi notices the explosion as a warning is issued of an escaped vampire. Yu heads to his locker to retrieve his sword and pistol then confronts the vampire who has taken a girl hostage. Before she can drink her blood, the vampire is tackled down by Yoichi where his recent past experiences are briefly recalled. Defending him, Yu is taken out the window by the vampire where they fall into the bushes below. Guren has arrived and stabs the vampire with his cursed gear sword which causes her to disintegrate thus saving Yu. Members of the vampire extermination unit including Shigure, Sayuri with Norito Goshi and Mito Jūjō were also present. In his happiness that Yu is okay, Yoichi knocks him over, knocking Yu out. Meanwhile, Shinoa reminds Guren that he needs to keep his end of the bargain now that Yu has made a friend. When Yu awakens, he hears the news of the progression from Shinoa and Yoichi.

Meet the new family[]

Guren introduces Yu and Yoichi to his class. Yu recognizes Kimizuki and they begin fighting as Shinoa and Guren discuss them before the scrap is broken up. Outside the city walls, Mitsuba learns that Shinoa is the squad leader and their axe and scythe weapons clash. Before, during a mannequin training exercise Kimizuki explains his reasons for staying. Yu remembers a vision of his orphanage family walking away into the dark and Kimizuki was persuaded to visit his sister Mirai Kimizuki who was ill. In a demonstration of his Mahiru-no-Yo cursed gear Guren deploys some of the curse on those in the class. Guren commented how Yu along with Kimizuki and Yoichi were left standing.

Cursed Gear Contract Ceremony[]

Facing a katana sword, Yu unsheathed it and landed on a glowing circle to begin forming a contract with a demon. He found himself in a demon sphere where he saw Asuramaru.


In Sanguinem, Krul listens as an announcer informs those gathered of the massing human forces where Ferid is listening. Mika who is revealed to be alive, enters the area. Elsewhere, Guren faces the Shinoa squad where they were tasked with their very first mission.

First mission (Harajyuku)[]

On their way, they find a Four Horseman of John, Mitsuba warns Yu of a trap. Disregarding the danger, Yu defends the girl being chased and Mitsuba uses her axe to finish off the monster. In the showers, Mitsuba vents her frustrations about Yu's actions to Shinoa. When Mitsuba alerts her to not enter the shower area, Shinoa advances further and pounces on her. At Omote Sando, the squad entered underground to find themselves ambushed by a greater number of vampires than anticipated. Mitsuba is captured and orders that they leave her and when Yu fights to free her she has flashbacks of her previous squad dying from a Four Horseman of John attack. Cutting across the vampire clutching her, Yu rescues Mitsuba. The united squad stand ready with their cursed gear weapons prepared. After the mission was a success, Mitsuba recalls her thoughts at the time concerning Yu's behaviour.

As Kimizuki was driving them to Shinjuku, he was told by Yu to speed up and plow their vehicle into the vampire noble in the road ahead. Crowley was able to not only stop the truck but lift then hurl it towards them. Having his sword drink his blood, Crowley directed a ranged projectile towards Yoichi who was defended by Shinoa and Mitsuba. When Crowley targeted Shinoa, he had his sword knocked out his hand by Yu. With Chess and Horn descending from the sky beside Crowley, it is three vampire nobles in the area and Yu questions if they should retreat. Cursed marks covered Shinoa's face as they prepare for a fight since the option to escape might not be available. Horn speaks with Crowley regarding Ferid waiting for him so he decides to move on but not before tapping Yu from behind. Shinoa is greatly relieved that the nobles departed.

Shinjuku battlefront[]

Guren is dramatically knocked away from Mika by Ferid while Sayuri is locked in combat with Lacus Welt. After Guren has violently hurtled through some debris, he contemplates ingesting further Cursed Gear Stimulants. Mika resumes combat and knocks Guren over before driving his sword into his chest. Yu is furious and charges to save Guren. Turning, Mika is stunned to see it is Yu and is then stabbed by his cursed gear sword. Seeing who it is, Yu is shocked and remembers Mika as a child. With them both registering one another Guren uses his weapon to swipe at Mika who leaps away but experiences a rough landing from his injuries. Ferid comments on the reunion after four years and says that he will help capture Yu only. Crowley with Horn and Chess arriving changes that plan to capturing the leaders of the Moon Demon Company and Guren orders them all to retreat. Blocking his path, Ferid antagonizes Yu into attacking him to draw him away. When Guren intervenes he is kicked away by Ferid. While Mito attempts to help her efforts are hampered by Lacus and Guren's squad effectively stand as captives. Shinoa is then pinned down by Crowley and Kimizuki and Mitsuba were dealt with by Horn and Chess respectively while Yoichi is also restrained. Mika holds Yu tightly and discourages him from heading back.

A golden light shines in Asuramaru's world where Yu also views the seraphs flying in the sky. There are seven trumpets appearing through the clouds. Where Yu stands physically, a black flowing branch like extension rips out of his shoulder. His right eye has turned red while the left one is completely black. In this condition, Yu turns his attention to Shinoa and Guren as he is held by Ferid is familiar with the one-winged being that Yu is. Not responding to Mika or anyone, Yu slowly but surely attempts to assault Crowley. The wave like force generated from his sword blasts its way across multiple buildings before Yu uses his sword to engage Crowley close up. A pillar of darkness encircled by a shining halo of light is also used in the assault. Mika has endured Yu's sword that was directed at Shinoa so he would not kill a human. When Shinoa embraces Yu in the murderous state he was in would be pacified. With Guren speaking with Ferid, he is not fully aware that Shinya Hīragi is observing them using a sniper rifle, Byakkomaru was fired towards the vampires. Kureto Hīragi has also arrived with the main force of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army to drive the vampires out of Shinjuku.

Yu is held unconscious by Shinoa and Mika observes. Kureto means to capture vampire nobles as Yu is surrounded by his concerned squad. René Simm and Lacus discuss what transpired at Shinjuku. Before, Mika is seen exiting the curse detoxification chamber and finds that he has cried for the first time ever since becoming a vampire. Overviews of ruined cities were viewed before Tenri Hīragi is seen. Shinoa shares her thoughts as does Guren and then Mahiru Hīragi is visualized holding a sword that resembles Asuramaru. Mika, then René with Lacus, and Crowley, then Ferid are observed. Both Mika and Yu are thought about by Shinoa who acknowledges their connection. Yu awakens in bed to see Yoichi asleep by him and wakes him. Pleased to see that he is okay Yoichi runs to get the others. Shinoa confronts Guren in his lab. Yu registers that Mika is alive and sheds tears. Mika thinks about Yu from where he is and they both promise to save one another.

Character Details[]

For this special the character's names and details such as the cursed gear they have, and what faction they are a part of is depicted in green text placed over them once during an appearance. Some are shown the first time a character is seen, others at later points, in order the text appears:

  • Guren's titles and cursed gear sword Mahiru-no-Yo was listed shortly after he met Yu outside Sanguinem.
  • Goshi is listed as a colonel of the Moon Demon Company when he is first seen with Guren and the rest of his squad after he saves Yu from the campus vampire.
  • Shigure is listed as a second lieutenant of the Moon Demon Company the second time she is seen, with Guren and the rest of his squad after he saves Yu from the campus vampire.
  • Sayuri is listed as a second lieutenant of the Moon Demon Company the second time she is seen, with Guren and the rest of his squad after he saves Yu from the campus vampire.
  • Mito is listed as a colonel of the Moon Demon Company when she is first seen with Guren and the rest of his squad after he saves Yu from the campus vampire.
    • The four members of Guren squad have their details shown together where they are collectively noted as a vampire extermination unit.
  • Yu's details are shown at the same time as Yoichi's when he is introduced to Guren's class. His cursed gear weapon is noted as Asuramaru even though at that point he had not yet seen the weapon let alone formed a contract.
  • Yoichi's details are noted at the same time as Yu's when he is introduced to Guren's class. His cursed gear weapon is stated to be Gekkouin even though at that point he had not yet gained it.
  • Kimizuki's details are shown when he is first seen with a book on his face as he naps in Guren's class. Similarly his Kiseki-o cursed gear swords were not acquired at the point.
  • Mitsuba's details are shown when she summons her Tenjiryū axe right after she is first seen noticing Shinoa when she is assigned to her squad.
  • Asuramaru's are shown when he extends his hand to Yu when they are making their contract. As a black demon he is the only one shown.
  • When Krul takes over speaking from the announcer in a throne room she is noted as queen third progenitor.
  • Rather than when she was shown near the beginning Chess' name and rank is displayed when she appears to reinforce Crowley who is facing Shinoa squad.
  • Rather than when she was shown near the beginning Horn's name and rank is displayed when she appears to back up Crowley who is facing Shinoa squad.
  • In scenarios of him holding Shinoa and engaging her squad in combat it is when Crowley is discussing Ferid with Horn that his details are shown.
  • When Mika means to re-engage Guren in combat after Ferid knocked him away his name and that he is a vampire is displayed.
  • That Shinya was a major general of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army and that his cursed gear was Byakkomaru (with two 'k's) was shown in his first appearance aiming at Ferid who was holding Guren.
  • Kureto is shown as the Lieutenant General of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, with his cursed gear named as Raimeiki in the second instance he is seen.
  • René Simm seen briefly near the end of the special in his first appearance in the changing room is noted as a vampire.
  • Lacus' details are also shown right after even through he was seen fighting Sayuri earlier.
  • Tenri Hīragi and Mahiru are the only only major characters (in the larger story) visually shown yet their details are not shared at any point.


  • A title names the underground city as Sanguinem which is not mentioned at all except for the final episode, "Seraph of the End".
  • Where the episode covers the first part of the anime, scenes from the second part are briefly seen right at the end of the special. In order, these are from:
  • Shinoa firing the Shikama Doji manifestation at Guren.
  • Kureto in his office flanked by Aoi Sangū and Shinya.
  • Kureto generating Raimeiki's electrical energy and breaking into the ground with it as it is launched at Yu.
  • Krul raising her hand in fury (near Ferid after the progenitor council meeting).
  • Yu using his sword to parry Shinya's rifle then being tripped by him (from episode 13).
  • Kimizuki summoning the Devil's Coffin.
  • Ferid snapping his fingers in the progenitor council meeting.
  • Mika clutching his chest (from episode 13).
  • Yu swinging his sword (at the vampire left in Kureto's office as a test (from episode 13).


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