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Seraph of the End 6: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen (終わりのセラフ6 一瀬グレン、16歳の破滅 Owari no Serafu 6 - Ichinose Guren, 16-sai no Hamestu?) is the sixth book of the Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen light novel series and sixth novel overall to Seraph of the End, written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto. A drama CD was bundled with the novel on its release.[3]

It is the second and last half of the third English omnibus published by Vertical.



List of characters in order of appearance:


Prologue - Visited by a Fairy[]

Guren recalls how he first met Mahiru. She introduces herself as a fairy of the forest, and they grow closer over the next few months. After she shares her love of cake, he asks his father for pocket money and buys some for her. The day before he gives it to her, the Order of the Imperial Demons invades the Ichinose House and reports that Mahiru Hīragi is missing.

Now aware of the difference in strength between the two organizations (Demon and Moon), as well as Mahiru’s affiliation with them, he brings her the cakes and asks why she approached him. Before she can answer, a man from the Imperial Demons arrives with Sakae Ichinose, interrogating Guren about who he’s been having secret meetings with. Guren denies the existence of such meetings. He lies to his father as well.

A few days later, Mahiru returns. She answers his question from before, telling him she hates the Hīragi House for killing her mother and met up with Guren to spite them. She then confesses her love. Their separation is retold, and the book returns to the present.

Chapter 1 - Humiliation and Resolve[]

It is October 2nd. Guren visits his father at the penitentiary one last time before his execution. His subordinates are no longer set to be executed, as a reward for bringing back Asuramaru and the vampire. Kureto tells Guren that he was opposed to Sakae’s execution, and that Guren is his subordinate before he is the Hīragi House’s slave.

Now the head of the Ichinose House and Order of the Imperial Moon, he goes to the execution ground, witnessing his father’s decapitated corpse. Noya tries to take advantage of his pain and hatred, but Guren ignores him. Being broadcasted, he suppresses his feelings and carries away his father’s body.

Chapter 2 - The Funeral[]

Sakae's body is returned to Aichi, and his head is reattached prior to his burial. Guren dresses in his father’s ceremonial kimono and greets the other family heads. Shinya, Goshi, and Mito sneak into his house to console him and play video games. He decides he will continue searching for Mahiru in order to protect his friends and gain strength.

Noya speaks to Guren in a dream, drawing attention to his desire for revenge. Later, at Sakae’s funeral, he meets Makoto Narumi and Shūsaku Iwasaki. Guren tells Narumi that their status as dregs is temporary and to simply follow and believe in Guren.

The chapter ends with Guren and his friends heading back to Tokyo. As the new head of the Ichinose House, he is to attend a meeting with the higher-ups of the Order of the Imperial Demons.

Chapter 3 - The Severed Arm[]

Guren reports to the headquarters of the Order of the Imperial Demons, where he is humiliated and beaten by Tenri Hīragi. Ignoring Kureto’s attempts at kindness, he heads home alone, where Saitō is waiting. He encourages Guren to abandon his friends and join their side, but Guren attacks instead. Saitō uses Shigure and Sayuri’s unconscious bodies as shields, causing Guren to accidentally slice Shigure’s arm off. It is revealed that Saitō was once the Second Progenitor.

Once Saitō leaves, Guren calls Kureto for help to save Shigure. At the Imperial Demons lab where she is being treated, he tells Kureto what happened and learns that the power of the Cursed Gear has advanced dramatically thanks to studying Asuramaru.

On his way home, Guren is ambushed by a troop of armed forces led by Seishirō Hīragi. A fed-up Guren attacks, but just when it seems he’s about to kill Seishirō, Shinya forcefully stops him. He tells Guren that he wants to get closer to him and treats him to a can of coke. They go to Guren’s house, eating curry and playing Bomberman with Goshi, Mito, and Sayuri, and he reaffirms his desire to protect his friends.

Chapter 4 - Christmas Cake[]

It is December 2nd. Mahiru Hīragi, turned vampire by Krul Tepes, is released from Sanguinem. Saitō gives her a bracelet to protect against UV rays, which she breaks to research and create for herself before heading back to Tokyo.

Time skip to December 10th. Guren stops a rampaging First Shibuya High School student possessed by a demon. Mahiru appears and fights him and his friends. Six against one, faced with Guren and Shinya’s Black Demon Series’, she disarms and seems to surrender. However, she unexpectedly overpowers Guren, giving him Shikama Dōji to pass on to Shinoa. She sucks his blood and tells him she loves him before leaving.

The next day, Mito confesses her feelings to Guren properly, but he nakama-zones her. The day after that, the Order of the Imperial Demons is about to attack the Hyakuya Sect to stop the Seraph of the End experiment, but the vampires beat them to it. Within ten days, the organization is pushed to the brink of destruction, and it seems like the world has been saved.

On December 23rd, Guren goes to the Hyakuya Orphanage and finds out that the children moved to a different place four days before the vampire attack. He calls Kureto, and they determine that the Nii and Kuki Clans are traitors. While they are talking, Mahiru along with the Nii Clan come to attack Kureto. Guren delivers Shikama Dōji to Shinoa, who falls unconscious upon touching it. He carries her while regrouping with his friends. They joke about eating Christmas cake before he calls Mahiru, telling her that he’s betrayed the Hīragi Family and wants to help her. The world will end in two days.



  1. Second half of Omnibus 3 was 200 pages.



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