Seraph of the End Mini Soundtrack CD -Out Tracks- is a bonus soundtrack album containing music used in the Seraph of the End anime series. It was enclosed with the Seraph of the End Vol.3 Limited Edition BD/DVD.

Track listing Edit

  1. Super Nova
  2. Gallant Fight (颯爽とした戦い Sassōtoshita Tatakai?)
  3. Depressing Days (ウックツした日々 Ukkutsushita Hibi?)
  4. Dilemma (ジレンマ Jirenma?)
  5. Always, Everyday (いつもの日常 Itsumo no Nichijou?)
  6. Alarming Situation (憂慮すべき事態 Yūryo Subeki Jitai?)
  7. Declaration of war
  8. The Beginning of the end
  9. The Vampire's Underground World (吸血鬼の地下世界 Kyūketsuki no Chika Sekai?)

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