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The Seraph of the End Timeline lists the known time and date of all the events that have occurred in the Seraph of the End series in chronological order.

578 B.C.[]

Circa 820 A.D.[]


March 3rd[]


October 27th[]

Circa 1020 A.D.[]

13th century[]


  • The Ichinose clan splits from the Hīragi clan five hundred years ago. The story goes that the eldest daughter of the Ichinose clan of the time had been exceedingly beautiful and as a result, the first and second sons of the Hīragi clan fell in love with her. It was the second son that managed to win the Ichinose girl's affections which the eldest son could not forgive, resulting in him raping the girl, impregnating her, and castrating his own brother. The disgraced couple were banished and were the founders of the Order of the Imperial Moon, left untouched as an eternal reminder of humiliation.[2]


After World War II[]



June 27th[]




March 31st[]



May 10th[]

May 15th[]

May 23rd[]


July 26th[]


August 28th[]


November 22nd[]



January 1st[]

January 25th[]


February 14th[]


  • The young talented Shinya is chosen by the Hīragi clan to participate in a special training course over the next five years.[4][† 13]


August 23rd[]


September 19th[]


October 1st[]


  • As children, Guren Ichinose and Mahiru Hīragi play together, however, they are ripped apart due to the weight of their last names.[5][† 14]
  • While walking to school, Sayuri recalls the events that led up to her falling hopelessly in love with Guren.[6][† 15]


January 14th[]


February 2nd[]

February 5th[]


March 10th[]



May 1st[]


July 7th[]


October 16th[]


November 23rd[]

November 26th[]



December 25th[]


  • After having survived the grueling battle, Shinya is adopted into the Hīragi Family and meets his fiancee, Mahiru, although is quickly shut down as she has someone she loves already. Shinya had already figured out the problem and agrees to be Mahiru's fiance until she could be with the one she loves.[4][† 17]



  • Mrs. Shindō joins a religious organization and begins attending strange gatherings.[7]



First day of school[]

  • Guren Ichinose, Sayuri Hanayori, and Shigure Yukimi begin their first day of school at First Shibuya High School.[8]
    • Guren has a bottle of cola thrown at his head before being attacked by Shinya Hīragi.[9]
    • Shinya attempts to befriend Guren in the classroom.[10]
    • Mito Jūjō strikes up a conversation with Guren during the assembly.[11]
    • Mahiru Hīragi gives her speech as freshman class representative.[12]
  • 19:30 JST: Guren, Sayuri, and Shigure go to the apartment complex.[13][† 19]

A day of school[]

  • In a magic duel, Guren is punched by Norito Goshi which triggers a wave of laughter from the other students. Mito and Norito then get into a fight.[16]
  • Shinya attacks Guren with all his might, severing an artery and sending him to the nurse's office.[17]
  • After ten years, Guren reunites with Mahiru face-to-face.[18]

Another day of school[]

  • The teacher announces the qualifying exams while Shinya tries to figure out if Guren was indeed as weak as he says he is.[19]
  • When Guren, Sayuri, and Shigure were going to head home, Guren bumps into Seishirō Hīragi who then tries attacking Guren but is stopped by Shinya.[20]
  • In irritation, Seishirō changes targets and attacks Shinya instead, asking him about Guren's strength.[20]
  • Shinya informs Seishirō that Guren is weak and loses all respect for Guren while he was at it.[20]
  • On the way home, Sayuri and Shigure apologize over and over again for being weak while Guren quiets them and begins processing the information about Seishirō.[20]
  • Guren and Saitō meet again and have a discussion where Saitō asks for the cooperation of the Imperial Moon which Guren denies.[21]
  • Sayuri and Shigure complete their shopping at the supermarket before Guren tasks Shigure with a mission. He then writes a letter to his father explaining the situation with the Brotherhood.[22]

Day one of Qualifying Exams[]

  • 08:00 JST: The qualifying exams begin.[23][† 20]
    • Shigure and Mito's match ends with the latter's victory.[24]
    • Norito easily defeats a boy in his match and Shinya defeats a high-ranking spell cast by his opponent with ease.[25]
    • Shinya questions Guren, asking if he knew what he had done to which he doesn't bother to stop to listen to an answer (Guren does know what happened, however).[26]
    • Directly after, Guren is called for his match and defeats his opponent with what seems like a lucky wild swing. Meanwhile, Norito scoffs and Mito accuses Guren of his weakness, scolding him for having Shigure serve him while he himself was incompetent.[27]
    • Shigure defends her master which sparks more ridicule. Guren then spots Mahiru, who had grown exceedingly powerful, easily defeating an opponent that was at Mito's level.[28]
    • On the other hand, Seishiro was dishing out a beating to Sayuri, to the point where she loses consciousness partway. Seishiro taunts Guren who immediately tries to go and fight him but is stopped by Mahiru who proceeds to fight Seishiro off and save Sayuri, handing her to Guren before berating him on his inability to protect the girl.[29]
  • Guren, with Sayuri in his arms, and Shigure proceed to leave the area to which Seishiro catcalls them, resulting from an explosion of laughter from the students. In his mind, Guren contemplates how great would feel to simply drop his ambitions and kill all of them.[30]

Day two of Qualifying Exams[]

  • Guren's class has been undefeated ever since the start, causing Guren to wonder if what the Hiragi were doing at this school was any different from the Thousand Nights. Shinya interrupts Guren's thoughts, inquiring about Sayuri, to which Guren replies that she had been hospitalized, and suggesting that Guren forfeit his match against Seishiro which results in Shinya's opinion of Guren to lower yet again.[31]
  • When Shinya enters the ring and Guren reveals his forfeit, both Mito and Norito blow their top while Seishiro laughs at the top of his lungs which spread like wildfire among the other students.[32]
  • The Attack on First Shibuya High School begins.[33]
    • Guren notices a red ray of light, aimed directly at Mito and Norito, and with a split-second decision, he shoves them aside, saving them from the explosion.[34]
    • The war between the Hiragi and the Thousand Nights begins much earlier than what Saito had told Guren (he never believed him in the first place).[35]
    • Saito himself appears and Seishiro attacks him, only to be almost killed then blown away to safety by Guren's kick, before Guren himself attacks Saito, unintentionally revealing his true power to Shinya to which Guren asks him about his ambition to bring down the Hiragi.[36]
    • Saito attacks them again but Guren and Shinya easily avoid them before the two began bickering about which of them was stronger while Saito laments about his luck, having to deal with two of the seven dangerous targets himself.[37]
    • Saito begins attempting to negotiate with the two teens to which Guren doesn't buy it and tortures him to get a true answer.[38]
    • Through hints given via Saito's way of talking, Shinya figures out who the traitor is and charges away into the smokescreen around them, seconds before Guren figured out for himself who the traitor is.[39]
    • The attack moves into phase two, with the traitor, Mahiru Hiragi, pretending to be 'captured' while Guren continues to torture Saito.[40]
    • Guren fights Mahiru, who reveals to him that she had begun perfecting Cursed Gear. Mahiru's human personality briefly breaks through, crying to Guren that she had failed the experiment which her demon obviously rebuked. Mahiru then reveals about the Apocalypse of Christmas Day. After Mahiru shows the power of her Cursed Gear by easily bisecting Guren's Kujakumaru, Saito and Mahiru both retreat but not before Mahiru stresses how much she loves Guren.[41]
    • Once the magic smokescreen was removed, Guren was able to survey the carnage brought about by the Thousand Nights' attack. Mito immediately hugged Guren which sparked Norito to make a joke about how close they were to each other to which Mito only acknowledged by stating that he was alive, resulting in Norito questioning Guren's luck with girls. Mito then questions how Guren survived to which his reply earned him another exasperated response from them.[42]
    • Shinya returns and he falsely claims that Mahiru had been kidnapped which Guren takes it as Shinya truly hates the Hiragi. When discovering that Guren was still keeping up his act of incompetence, Shinya sighs in complete exasperation.[43]

Another day of school[]

  • Sayuri had recovered from her injuries and insists that she stick by Guren's side.[44]
  • As usual, Guren had another bottle of cola thrown at him but Shigure intercepts. Shinya, however, helps Guren keep his act of incompetence and interferes with Shigure's interception allowing the bottle to strike true.[44]
  • Mito begins berating Guren then berates the other students who find it odd that Mito was standing up for Guren.[44]
  • Norito also appears, scaring off Guren's bullies, but Guren disagrees, telling them off with the reason that he needs no friends.[44]
  • Mito again tries to invite Shigure to her compound to have a talk with her father while Norito hits on Sayuri.[44]
  • Guren sighs as he contemplates on why they were acting like this when they were in the middle of a war.[44]


Another day of school[]

  • Guren and Mito are training with each other and Guren is still insistent of keeping up his act of incompetence which irritates Mito.[45]
  • Becuase of Guren's teasing (he had wondered if Mito's constant attempts to help him were because she likes him), Mito rushes off in anger to which Norito lazily told Guren off. Some students began to bully Guren.[46]
  • Shinya arrives to tell the students off and orders them to return to their training. Shinya and Guren start up a conversation with Shinya commenting on Guren's ability to slack off. Shinya then shares information with Guren, stressing the fact of an internal investigation and how Guren is a target. Shinya also tells him that Kureto is watching him.[47]
  • Guren and Shinya fake a fight to throw off any suspicions that they were working together.[48]
  • On the way home, Sayuri and Shigure ask Guren what occurred that resulted with the bruise on his face which was a result of Shinya's kick. They complain that if Shinya had done it to help Guren keep up his act of incompetence, he should've kicked lighter but Guren told them that they were watched by the student council president.[49]
  • Guren contemplates what Mahiru had told him before sending Shigure and Sayuri off to shop for food at the supermarket, informing them that they were being tailed. However, before going, they asked Guren what he wanted for dinner and he replied with curry and rice which the girls found slightly unacceptable so they decided what to make themselves. Guren leaves them with saying that anything they make would be good.[50]
  • Guren shakes off the spy tailing him.[51]
  • Guren meets Shinoa some meters away from the entrance of Hyakuya Orphanage where she tells Guren that her sister had told her to warn him to stay away from there as Mahiru plans to betray the Thousand Nights too. Mikaela Hyakuya then spots them and asks Shinoa if she was okay and she jokes that Guren is a pervert causing him to sigh in annoyance and walk away.[52]

Three days later[]

  • The rainy season had struck and the school day begins with the students paying respect to the fallen in the attack of the Thousand Nights back in April before the teacher reveals that the qualifying exams will pick up from where they left off. Guren, Shinya, Mito and Norito were to be evaluated.[53][† 21]
  • 09:05 JST: Guren arrives late for his exam and is tested by Kureto, ordering Shinya to attack him to which Kureto stops the attack as he knew that Shinya was holding back. Mito and Norito try to defend Guren but Kureto would have none of it. Guren is forced to reveal his true strength. Kureto then drugs him unconscious, telling him that he'd be tortured when he wakes.[54][† 22][55]

Three days after[]

  • Under interrogation, Guren spins lie after lie before finally cracking in laughter due to the question of whether or not he joined the Brotherhood, arguing what would the point be if all he did was exchange which greater power was stomping down on both him and his clan.[56][† 23][57]
  • After a tense back-and-forth between Guren and Kureto, Guren agrees to become Kureto's lapdog.[58]
  • Finally free of the torture chambers in the later afternoon just when the sun begins setting, Guren has to explain his circumstances to both Mito and Norito, who were both red with fury for being tricked and lied to. However, they accept Guren's circumstances and insist on becoming his friends, prompting Guren to ponder Mahiru's actions.[59]

Several days later[]

  • 05:00 JST: Taking several days off on the excuse of recovering from the injuries he received during torture, Guren finally took the time to call his father during breakfast.[60][† 24][61]
  • 06:00 JST: The morning news reveals the mysterious deaths of the Ueno Zoo animals and Sakae tells his son to play it safe before hanging up. Directly after, Kureto calls and orders Guren to show up at school.[62]
    • On their way to school, Guren, Sayuri, and Shigure are taken aback by the complete 180 that the students exhibit now that Guren has become Kureto's retainer.[63]
    • Guren fights Seishirō and plants a lie in him to get him to trap himself later.[64]
  • Almost bursting out in laughter, Guren explains as little as possible to Sayuri and Shigure before charging them with the order of enjoying the student life while they still can.[65][† 25]
  • 09:00 JST: Guren, Sayuri, Shigure, Norito, Mito, and Shinya are all summoned to the student council's office where Guren and Shinya share speculations on the reason or reasons why.[66]
  • 09:02 JST: Kureto scolds the group on being late but mobilizes them for the mission of investigating the Ueno Zoo.[67]
  • 09:40 JST: In Meeting Room 302 which Kureto assigned to Guren, he begins briefing his team about the mission while also testing their reaction times and changing the battle plan to better reflect that.[68]
  • 11:29 JST: At Ueno, Guren gives the final orders to his team before the mission begins.[69]
  • 11:30 JST: Beginning the mission, Guren and his team encounter the strange white tiger and engage in battle with it.[70]
    • After receiving a deep wound which was cauterized by Shigure's flame talisman, Guren begins planning to retreat with his team when Mahiru attacks, knocking unconscious everyone except for Guren. In the conversation that follows, Mahiru reveals that the monster that was attacking them was a chimera altered with the genetic material of a Horsemen of the Apocalypse and tempts Guren into utilizing the Cursed Gear (possibly Asuramaru) to defeat the monster.[71]
    • In order to prevent the demon's curse from spreading even further, Guren amputates his own right arm resulting in Mahiru temporarily shifting back to her human side and desperately attempting to reattach Guren's arm which it did.[72]
    • Promising that Guren will soon reach for the demon's power again, Mahiru turns to leave only to find a vampire noble attempting to make off with a piece of the dissected chimera but not before engaging in a fight with them.[73]
    • Having awakened, Shinya questions Mahiru but to no avail which results in Guren attacking her to take a piece of the chimera she held. With no time left, Mahiru leaves, again reminding Guren that the demon had already tainted him while also teasing him when he suggests that he will catch up to her.[74]
    • Shinya relinquishes the chimera piece to Guren before resuscitating the rest of the team and with their mission complete, Guren finally loses consciousness.[75]
    • In his dreams, the demon begins tempting Guren.[76]


  • In the middle of the night, Guren awakens from his coma.[77]
    • With Sayuri at his side, she explains while crying that Guren had been out for an entire month. In that conversation, Sayuri inadvertently confesses her feelings for Guren while also asking if she could ever fill the hole in his heart caused by Mahiru.[77]
    • Shigure interrupts the conversation when Sayuri begins to get too touchy-feely.[77]
    • However, Guren already launches his own plans, instructing the Imperial Moon Occult Research Laboratory to use him in their Cursed Gear research. He also calls Shinya, inquiring with him about the chimera piece to which he replies he had kept it hidden and also informing Guren of his contact with the Brotherhood.[77]

Mid-July, ten days later[]

  • 08:15 JST: Showing up late to class, Guren finally returns to First Shibuya High School, much to his irritation.[78][† 26][77]



  • 01:00 JST: In an underground research facility of the Imperial Moon, Guren is actively performing Cursed Gear research in secret.[79][† 27]
    • After having his blood drawn and arguing against beginning human experimentation, Mitsuki Iori took Guren's blood and injected it into herself.[80]
    • Using Hoarfrost, Guren amputates Mitsuki's mutated hand and kills the mutant. Although still disagreeing, Guren reluctantly allows for the research to move up a level as time is of the essence.[81][† 28]
    • Guren adamantly orders Sayuri and Shigure to turn a blind eye to what he was doing on the off chance that they were captured by the Hīragis and tortured.[82]

August 20th[]

  • On a normal day of school, Guren, Shinya, and Mito bicker like normal high school kids.[83][84]
  • Shinya leans over and tells Guren that the Thousand Nights had made contact with them and want to meet them late at night.[85]
  • When class ends, Guren receives a call from Kureto ordering him to come to the student council office the following day during lunch and when his friends question the call, Guren lies and says it was his girlfriend.[86]


December 23rd[]

December 24th[]

December 25th[]

  • The Catastrophe begins.[41]




In Sanguinem[]

  • Yūichirō and Mikaela see a girl about to get gang-raped by sixteen-year-old boys. They go help her, which allows her to escape. As themselves attempt to run, one boy grabs Yu by the leg and beats him. When Mika goes to rescue Yu, he gets beaten too. After Mika threatens them, the group leave. He then helps an injured Yu return home to with other children.[87]



  • Fourteen-year-old vampire Mikaela witnesses the horrible outcomes of the "Seraph of the End" experiments done by the humans.[88]



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