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Not to be confused with the manga volume.

Seraph of the End Volume 2 (終わりのセラフ第2巻 Owari no Serafu Dai 2-kan?) is the second Blu-ray and DVD disc set for the Seraph of the End anime. This is a limited edition item with added content in addition to the three episode disc set itself.


Bonus animation []

Limited Edition Bonus[]

  • Three-way back case with character designs illustrated by Satoshi Kadowaki.

Bonus disc: Drama CD[]

  • Track One: Head Towards! Road to debut!! (目指せ! デビューへの道!!, Mezase! Debyū e no michi!!)
  • Track Two: Hide! Black History!! (隠せ! 黒歴史!!, Kakuse! Kokurekishi!!)

Bonus content[]

  • 32 pages of anime character illustrations 
  • 8 pages of bonus content.