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Shihō Kimizuki (君月 士方 Kimizuki Shihō?) is one of the main male deuteragonists of the Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign manga series and older brother to Mirai Kimizuki. He is a member of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army as well as Shinoa Hīragi's squad in the Moon Demon Company.

Note: This is the page for Kimizuki in the manga and light novels, for the anime article detailing Kimizuki see: Shihō Kimizuki (Anime).


Shihō in his JIDA uniform

Shihō is the tallest member of Shinoa Squad with short pink hair and reddish-brown eyes. He wears black, thick-framed glasses and has two piercings in his left ear.

At the beginning of the series, he is shown wearing his school uniform, a grey gakuran with a standing collar that is black with teal trim. The jacket is unbuttoned as he wears a hoodie underneath.

After he was enlisted into the Moon Demon Company, he wears the standard JIDA uniform which consists of a long-sleeved black coat with light green details including the shoulder epaulettes which has a brown Sam Browne belt passing diagonally over his right shoulder and two rows of gold buttons on the front. Along with that, he wears a pair of white gloves and a white web belt with a gold waist-plate. He also wears the uniform trousers with two white belts around his right leg and knee-high black boots which goes over his trouser legging.


As a student, Shihō is shown to be a very diligent and smart, scoring 100% in his Latin, English, and Japanese tests.[2] When he was first introduced in the story, he was not even listening to class, and instead was sleeping with a book covering his face and his legs resting on the chair in front of him.[3] At the start of the series, he was already recognized to be one of the students which have the privilege to make a contract with a Black Demon weapon. Shihō recognizes that he is a star student of his class,[4] and is not afraid to remind other people of what he has accomplished. He is also shown to be talented in a variety of things, such as being able to fix and drive cars,[5] and shown to be an excellent cook as well.[6] Among his squad, he is the jack-of-all-trades, being the most helpful one when the squad runs into trouble.

However, Shihō is shown to be close minded at times, such as showing surprise and anger when he learns that Yūichirō Hyakuya may earn Cursed Gear (the worst performing student in the class) before him.[4][7] Shihō believes that he is the fittest and smartest thus he deserves to be the first person to earn his Cursed Gear, and even complained to Guren Ichinose about this decision.[8] This starts a rivalry between him and Yūichirō Hyakuya. He is hot-headed and tends to get in fights with both Mitsuba and Yu.

Compared to members in his squad, Shihō appears to be more standoffish and detached to them. When his squad formed, the members are quick to familiarize themselves with each other and referred to each other on a first name basis, but when talking to Shihō, they only refer to him by his surname, which indicates a level of unfamiliarity between them. Shihō does not appear to be interested in knowing his squad members either, and it could possibly attribute to the fact that he only joined the Japanese Imperial Demon Army to gain access to medical help for his ailing sister.

Despite his faults, Shihō still have a gentle side. He does not show affection publicly, but as the story goes on, he is shown to be kind to his squad members and cares for them. One of the display of his kindness in the story was that he stripped off his jacket at night and covered Yu with it, stating that he does not want his friend to catch a cold while battling with a demon inside his mind.[9] Shihō also became emotional, and cried when he learned that his sister was safe.[10]

One of Shihō's most defining traits is his love for his sister, Mirai Kimizuki. He will do anything to save and keep her alive. Kiseki-o comments that he wouldn't hesitate to betray his friends if it meant saving his sister.[11] When his sister asks him to kill her, he fights to keep her alive.[12]


As a child, he and Mirai were experimented by the Hyakuya Sect to create a weapon of mass destruction, as part of the "Seraph of the End" plan of the destroying the world. Guren knew of this beforehand, thanks to intel provided by Mahiru eight years ago. When Kimizuki was eight years old, the apocalypse virus got released on Christmas 2012 and infected his sister.

Shihō as a child, with his little sister Mirai

Three years later, in 2015, when Shihō was eleven years old, he was about to go out to get food for Mirai one day, three other children come to tell Kimizuki that there's no more food and they have to leave the next day. When he told them that he needed more time to get his sister ready, one of them says that he should ditch her. They explain that since there are monsters everywhere, vampires that come out at night to hunt people, and all of the adults dead, they need Kimizuki as he is smart and can drive. The children claim that they cannot carry an invalid and ask Kimizuki to kill Mirai, claiming that this was his sister's request. When he refused, the children volunteer to do it for him, causing him to run into the apartment and lock them out. At some point, Kimizuki fled with Mirai, who he had to carry since the virus made her too weak to move.

In 2020, Kimizuki joined the Japanese Imperial Demon Army in order to pay for Mirai's medical expenses and get proper care for her. He sought to join the Moon Demon Company so that he could have his sister transferred to their medical division and give her access to the resources needed to keep her alive and cure her aliment. Like Yu, he worked as part of Shibuya's Military Police until joining the Moon Demon Company. Sergeant Shinoa Hīragi supervised Kimizuki through the same friendship-making routine in the regular classes as Yu, though he joined the Moon Demon Company class before Yu arrived.


Events of 2020

Second Shibuya High Arc

Episode 4 - Yu and Kimizuki fighting.jpg

Kimizuki first debuts when he learns from Shinoa about the vampire-killing transfer student, and goes to intercept him. This transfer student turns out to be Yūichirō Hyakuya, so naturally, Kimizuki makes Yu walk into him and picks a fight, earning himself the nickname "telephone pole" by Yu. He then beats him to the classroom and sleeps with a book over his face and his feet over his desk and on the back of Yu's chair. When Guren sits Yu in front of him, he recognizes Kimizuki which sparks another fight until Guren knocks them out.

Later that day, Kimizuki approaches Guren in his office and asks about the Cursed Gear aptitude test. He states that he is the top of the class in all subjects and asks if Guren is thinking of giving the chance to use Cursed Gear over Yu. Kimizuki explains that he needs to do well in order to earn money and resources to cure his sister, Mirai Kimizuki, who was afflicted by the apocalypse virus despite being younger than thirteen. Guren tells Kimizuki that he cannot even touch Cursed Gear yet because of his greed, and he reveals that Yu already bested a demon once. Guren tells him to make friends in order to resist the lure of the demon. At some point in a class taught by Guren regarding learning spell circles Kimizuki was seated behind Yoichi napping with a book resting on his face.[13]

During their next class, students have to pair up. Shinoa snatches Yoichi quickly to force Kimizuki and Yu to work together. They nearly start another fight when their teacher, Second Lieutenant Sayuri Hanayori, handcuffs them together. Facing off against Battle Dolls, Yu and Kimizuki go in opposite directions which leads them to get hit and lose ten points right from the start. Someone arrives and informs him that his sister is in critical condition. Kimizuki wants to work on the dolls to get the good grades he needs, but Yu wants him to go see his sister and settles the argument by punching Kimizuki and telling him that he might not ever be able to see her again.

Relenting, they both see Mirai where the healthcare provider informs Kimizuki that she pulled out of danger this time, but the treatment available to civilians is not enough. On their way back, Yu thinks better of Kimizuki even when Kimizuki himself blames him for making his grades drop, saying he will not make it into the Moon Demon Company now and can no longer save his sister. Yu tells him to not give up like that for which Kimizuki eventually apologizes.

Kimizuki's perfect test scores

Shinoa recommends both Yu and Kimizuki for the Black Demon Series. The students receive their spell-craft exam grades, and Yu earned a zero. In response, Kimizuki shows Yu his 100s in each Latin spellcraft, English spellcraft, and Japanese spellcraft which leads into another fight. Guren attacks them with his sword's aura, wiping out most of the students. Kimizuki manages to stay on his feet, but he says his heart feels like it is being crushed. Yu and Kimizuki agree that Yoichi should not stay in the army because he is too nice.

Yu, Kimizuki, and Yoichi proceed to make contracts with their demons. Kimizuki finishes first, mocking Yu once he finishes. Yoichi becomes a man-eating demon, and Guren orders the two to kill him. Yu and Kimizuki team up against him, and Kimizuki nearly kills him until Yu calls out to him; Kimizuki hesitates, leaving the demon free to continue. Kimizuki wants to kill Yoichi, saying he is not coming back, but Yu stubbornly tries to snap Yoichi out of it. When Yoichi prepares to attack a defenseless Yu, Kimizuki and Shinoa rush to defend him. Guren's words break Yoichi free, stunning both Shinoa and Kimizuki.

Shinjuku Arc

Kimizuki is with Yoichi, Shinoa and Yu when Guren introduces them to Mitsuba Sangū, the fifth member of their squad under Shinoa. The now five person squad is then given their first vampire extermination mission by Guren in Harajuku.

When Yu jumps into a trap and attacks a Horseman, Kimizuki is the first to back him up. After they save the child, Kimizuki asks her about the vampires who used her. Once the squad reaches the Omotesando Station, Kimizuki sees a lot of livestock and asks why they are not trying to escape; if they escape, the Horsemen will attack them because they do not have the vampires' protection. Vampires surprise them, and they realize the girl lied about the number of vampires present. They kill the vampires anyway.

Kimizuki hotwiring a Hummer

After, Kimizuki hotwires a Hummer. Yu tries to drive it, nearly killing them all, and Kimizuki promises to teach him how to drive at another time. Yu keeps saying how awesome that is, making Kimizuki blush and orders him to sit in the back. The two laugh when Shinoa is too short to even see above the wheel, and she beats them up. Kimizuki drives with Yu next to him and the shorty trio in the back. They decide not to make fun of her height anymore.

Kimizuki crashes the car into Thirteenth Progenitor Crowley Eusford. They have a brief skirmish until Crowley receives orders to meet up with Ferid. Soon after, the squad continues slaughtering weaker vampires and receives orders to join Guren at the 5th Street intersection. Shinoa teaches them about drugging up. When Mitsuba makes a comment about this being a war again, Kimizuki just about starts a fight with her.

Once reaching Guren, Crowley arrives as well. After defeating Kimizuki, Seventeenth Progenitor Horn Skuld drinks his blood. When the JIDA reinforcements arrive, Kimizuki carries Yu to Shinjuku for medical attention.

Post-Shinjuku Arc

Once Yu wakes up from his coma, Yoichi contacts the other members of the squad, and they arrive. Kimizuki tells them to be quiet since they are in a hospital, and Shinoa jokes that Kimizuki looked after Yu with "such loving tenderness" while Yu was unconscious, making Kimizuki blush ferociously again.

Kimizuki is interrogated, tied up, and presented to Yu along with Yoichi during Yu's interrogation. Kureto has him stabbed in the right shoulder. Afterward, Kimizuki meets privately with Yoichi.

He arrives to the meeting with his squad half an hour early along with Mitsuba and Yoichi. They enter the ruined city for training. Shinoa and Mitsuba teach them about different demons and what to do for their training. After a brief dispute, Yu manages to begin before Kimizuki. Kimizuki asks Shinoa about telling Yu the truth.

Shinoa mentions it's chilly, and Kimizuki drops his army jacket onto Yu to keep him warm, causing the rest of the group to go owl-eyed at him. Kimizuki explains why, blushes, and creeps to the fire to get warm. Shinoa and Mitsuba team up to turn Kimizuki and Yu into a yaoi couple, causing him to yell at them. Yu makes contact with the demon. Kimizuki goes to fight against Horsemen that appeared nearby.

Kimizuki breaking free of Kiseki-o's thrall

Kimizuki goes next and struggles against his demon for over thirty hours, increasing his risk of losing control as he goes more wild than Yu did. In his mind, he battles against Kiseki-Ō, who keeps tormenting him with memories of his sister. In a prefecture city four years ago, Kimizuki is eleven years old and his sister is sick from the virus but still conscious at this point. He says he will get food for her. The demon tells him that he wanted to abandon his sister. Three other kids around the same age knock on the apartment door and tell him that no food is left; they plan to leave the next day, but Kimizuki says he needs more time to get Mirai ready. One of them tell him to ditch her. They mention that monsters are everywhere, vampires come out at night to hunt people, and all of the adults died. They say they needs Kimizuki because he is smart and can drive. They cannot carry an invalid and ask Kimizuki to kill her. They say this was Mirai's request. When they volunteer to do it for him, he runs into the apartment and locks them out. Kiseki-o uses his pain and guilt and fear against him. Kimizuki talks about Yu, using that motivation to stab himself with the knife instead of Mirai, finally breaking free of the demon's thrall.

Kimizuki cooking

He cuts Kiseki-o, who promises to uses his darkness against him in the future. Kiseki-o mentions that he would even betray his friends in order to save his sister. Upon awakening, Kimizuki attacks Yu to settle who is stronger. They fight using special abilities that neither of them should have. Yu retreats when Kimizuki begins using his special ability, saying that "it's something really, really nasty."

In a meeting at Shinoa's apartment, the boys hear screaming an run in to see Mitsuba with a great pan of flaming omelet. Kimizuki saves them and cooks breakfast, impressing Yu. Shinoa begins their meeting, which involves Yu's transformation in Shinjuku, where she appears serious until she makes a joke that Kimizuki is gay, which he vehemently denies. She then tells them about the struggle for power between Guren and the Hīragi family in the Demon Army, and Yu states he wants to follow Guren, and the rest of the squad agrees to stick with Guren.

Nagoya Arc

Episode 16 - Screenshot 68.png

The squad then depart for Nagoya, where Kimizuki drives them down the Tomei Expressway somewhere between Tokyo and Nagoya. A Horseman blocks their path, so Yu leaps out to slay it. Shinoa and Mitsuba prank Yu and then try to do the same to Kimizuki, but he responds by putting his twin blades to their necks. Kimizuki lets Yu drive the rest of the way to the Ebina rest stop. Shinoa briefs them on their mission.

They arrive late, and Yu takes the blame. The three boys meet Sergeant Makoto Narumi and his squad. The two squads are paired together for this mission. When Yu screams from his punishment, Kimizuki follows the others inside. Guren challenges the squad to a test: Guren, Mito Jūjō, and Shinya Hīragi in a fight against her entire squad. He gives them ten seconds to prepare.

Shinoa assigns Yu and Kimizuki to keep Guren busy. She orders the squad to stay within the radius of her scythe. Kimizuki and Yu do not have time to explain their abilities.

Guren slips past Yu and breaches their lines. He tells Shinoa's squad that it is over as all their friends are dead. Guren scolds Yoichi and Kimizuki for being too slow. He could have killed Shinoa with his first strike, and Mitsuba was already incapacitated. Since they lost their commander, the squad was already done for.

He introduces them to the other soldiers as sixteen year old rookies and states that three of them bear black demon weapons. The combatants evaluate their performance. When Shinya used his special technique to shoot from behind, he turned Kimizuki and Yoichi's attention to their backs. Shinoa's squad agrees that they desperately need to work on their teamwork, and the operation commences. The squads mobilize and head to Nagoya.

Within Lucal Wesker's ward in Nagoya, Narumi and Shinoa's squads have ten minutes left before beginning their assignment. Their target is Fifteenth Progenitor Lucal Wesker.

Kimizuki, Shinoa, and Narumi jump in when Yu charges at Wesker. Lucal swings Shinoa in Narumi's path, but Yu defends her. While Yu's back is bared, Lucal claims Yu is too powerful for a human and makes to attack him. Mitsuba summons Tenjiryū's dummies to defend Yu, but Lucal banishes them with a wave of his hand. Kimizuki strikes, but Lucal disarms him. Rika manages to make the first successful attack against Lucal by stabbing him with her weapon from behind. Shūsaku summons his demon Akahebi, which becomes a chain binding Lucal's left arm.

By cutting off his own arm, Lucal avoids Kimizuki, Yu, and Narumi's attacks against him.

Kimizuki goading Lucal Wesker

Kimizuki taunts the vampire, asking if a vampire can regrow his arm if it is vaporized with a curse. He tells Lucal to beg for it if he wants it back, sending the vampire into a rage. Lucal charges in, swatting away Shinoa and Mitsuba's attacks. Yoichi and Shinya fire at him. As he dodges, Yu strikes, slicing the vampire in half. Narumi finishes him. The two squads cheer.

Yu does not give Kimizuki the praise he looks for and praises Yoichi instead.

On the streets of Nagoya, Shinoa Squad and Narumi Squad wait for the survivors to regroup. Sergeant Aiko Aihara arrives with a bruised, battered, and bleeding face. Kimizuki notes that Aiko Aihara's squad only has seven survivors, so eight of them died. Guren and his squad come above ground, but they are all worse for the wear. Narumi reports that Shinoa Squad did very well.

Guren orders Shinoa Squad and Narumi Squad to join his squad and hunt down Crowley, Chess, and Horn. Guren orders them to stage an attack on Crowley that will last ten minutes. If they cannot kill him during that time, they will retreat and tackle the next mission with those numbers. Guren orders Aiko to hold position for thirty minutes and pass on orders to any late teams to report to Nagoya Airport. Anyone late is presumed dead.

They reach Nagoya City Hall, and after Crowley catches Gekkouin, Guren and his squad discuss what to do. After careful planning, Guren decides that his squad will take his squad to attack Crowley while Shinoa and Narumi Squads free the hostages. He gives them five minutes to rescue as many hostages as they can and act as a proper diversion for the main force in Shinjuku. As soon as the five minutes are up everyone has orders to retreat to the Nagoya Airport immediately.

Sometime later, Yoichi reports on the situation with Guren's squad to the squad and Yu insists on rescuing him. Shinoa agrees with him but says they only have five minutes. She gives them specific instructions regarding their plan.

Yu breaks through the floor and attacks Crowley Eusford. Crowley blocks easily and moves to decapitate Yu. Kimizuki parries the attack, and Mitsuba distracts Crowley by summoning dummies with Tenjiryū. Yu uses Asura Kannon, but Chess and Horn immediately step in and defend Crowley from it. Chess and Horn counterattack and rip apart the shield Mitsuba forms with Tenjiryū.

They rescue Shinya Hīragi and are forced to escape, leaving Guren behind.

Outside, Yu breaks free of Kimizuki's grasp and complains about leaving Guren behind. Yu asks if ignoring feelings and abandoning family is acceptable as long as it is for their mission. He holds back tears and states that would mean giving up on family. He calls Guren family.

After his flashback, Yu wipes away his tears and states he cannot follow orders. He says he is not cut out for teamwork. He tells the others to proceed without him, and he will stay behind. Kimizuki questions his reason for staying here, as it would be a pointless death if Yu died.

After Yu rushes off and challenges Crowley, Kimizuki later appears behind him, telling Kiseki-o to begin the count to nine until the devil's coffin opens. After Kiseki-o gets to four, Yu invites Kimizuki to kill this bloodsucker together, but Kimizuki notices Yu's horn. Guren warns Kimizuki that Yu has been possessed and to grab him and run. Yu tells Guren to shut up now that he has the power to rescue him.

Capturing Yu

Kimizuki tells Yu that that what he said before was right. In this screwed up world...there's no point to living if you don't have a family to cling to. He then says that's why it's his turn to rescue him. Kiseki-o finishes the countdown and captures Yu with the devil's coffin.

Kimizuki joins with the rest of their squad while Kiseki-o begs to kill Yu, who is in his coffin. Kimizuki orders him to only knock out the demon inside of Yu. He reveals that Kiseki-o's special ability is to suck in and trap any enemy within melee range who has heard the entire count to nine. He orders Kiseki-o to spit him out and catches Yu in his arms. He's glad that it worked as Yu's horn is gone meaning that the demon possession has stopped.

They run toward Shinya, who orders them to move as vampire reinforcements are coming. They join with Narumi Squad and many injured soldiers. They flee, and Rika Inoue reports seeing a single vampire straight ahead. Shinya says they can handle one noble and orders them to keep pushing forward.

As Mika engages the Moon Demon Company, Kimizuki says the should stop him before Mika kills them. Yoichi protests. Mika reaches for Yu. Mitsuba tries to block him, but Mika smacks her axe away. Kimizuki drops Yu while trying to block Mika and says Mika cannot have Yu. Mika throws him aside. Mika begins to lift Yu from the ground, but Yoichi jumps on his back. He says he is not letting Mika go anywhere, and Mika tells him to quit getting in his way. Yoichi says Mika can kill him, but Mika is their family so long as he is Yūichirō's family. Mika knocks him off as well, telling him to not be stupid and to die.

Shinya uses the distraction to stab Mika through his back and chest.

Shinoa activates Shikama Dōji and knocks Shinya away from Mika, surprising both of them. With her back to Mika, she explains that Yu would be mad at them if Mika were to die. She orders Mika to take Yu and run.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 281.png

The other soldiers demand to know what she thinks she is doing and say they must kill that bloodsucker. Kimizuki, Mitsuba, and Yoichi join Shinoa, stepping between Mika and the other humans as well. Yoichi says that they've already decided on their motto: "Family takes care of family." The squad then charges at the Moon Demon Company while Mika flees with Yu.

Shortly after Mika flees with Yu, vampires rain down around the Moon Demon Company.

After seemingly escaping the vampires, Shinoa and her squad, sans Yu, run in Nagoya Airport for their rendezvous. Mitsuba says the attacks against them have stopped, but the vampires are most likely still pursuing them. Kimizuki asks Shinoa if she has more information on their assignment.

Later on, a van pulls up at Nagoya Airport, and Aoi Sangū steps out. Although she notices Mitsuba, she quickly turns from her. Then, Kureto Hīragi steps out. Shinya Hīragi and the members of Guren's squad are immediately alarmed, surprising Makoto Narumi with their reaction. Yoichi and Kimizuki recognize Kureto as the one who tortured them. Shinoa and Mitsuba are concerned.

After Kureto orders Aoi to kill the "sacrifices", Shinoa orders her squad to quickly prepare to retreat.

As Aoi launches chains from the ground, a pair of chains strike down at Narumi from above, but Mitsuba and Kimizuki block the attack. Kimizuki yells at him to not give up yet. Yoichi fires arrows at Kureto, which Kureto easily deflects. Shinoa and Mitsuba order a retreat, and Shinoa commands them to take their curse stimulant pills.

Yu and Mika then step into the fray, surprising the Shinoa Squad and Narumi. Chains erupt out of one of the trucks. Mika, Yu, and Kimizuki block them. An army of vampires arrive, cursing the insolent humans for their recent attack. The vampires and humans wage war. Shinya shoots vampires near Yoichi and says he and Guren Squad will back up the children. He orders them to run. Fighting through their enemies, the children flee. Kimizuki warns Yu that he has run too far ahead.

Mirai erupts from the van and floats in the sky. She has four large, feathered wings and a single long trumpet before her. Her eyes are dark with peculiar markings on her irises. She curses the sinners and says ruin will fall down upon them. Kimizuki recognizes her, shocked and horrified.

Kimizuki recognizes Mirai

Chains erupt from the remaining van and pierce through Mirai, making her scream in pain as a magical circle appears behind her.

While Kimizuki is enraged, Guren stabs him from behind. He tells him to hold still because they have not yet offered enough blood to control Mirai. As Yu loses control over his Seraph, Kimizuki begs to the berserk Yu to save his sister. Awakening in his seraph mode, Yu defeats the demon Abaddon and later stabs himself through the chest with his cursed gear.

As the squad makes their escaped from Nagoya Airport, Shinoa tells her squad that they are now seceding from the Japanese Imperial Demon Army.

Three months later, the group is near the sea. Kimizuki is seen chops wood while children play nearby.

Post-Nagoya Arc

Shinoa, Kimizuki, and Mitsuba listen to Yu and Mika's exchange from outside. Horsemen then attack the village. With the exception of Makoto, the group fights four Horsemen. Afterward, the villagers thank them.

Shinoa Squad prepares to fight Horsemen.

Makoto arrives with food he found in a supermarket two kilometers southwest and throws a can of red bean jam at Shiho.

Their group notices that Mika drank their blood and approach him. Yoichi asks if their blood was okay. Mika says it was gross. Shinoa rambles about the pure and sweet blood of a virgin and then asks if unchaste blood got in there before looking at Mitsuba with an aghast expression. Yu, Mika, and Shiho share identical blank expressions.

Shinoa brings up their future plans. Mitsuba summarizes what has been going on. She says that the Japanese Imperial Demon Army will probably hunt them down and kill them, which puts the villagers at risk. They mention they cannot travel overseas because of how acidic and poisonous the blood-red oceans are. Monsters even worse than Horsemen swim in their depths.

They suggest surrendering, and Mika rejects the idea of returning Yu to the army to prevent him from becoming a demon. Makoto tells him to keep his fangy mouth shut unless he has any other options. Shiho states he will do absolutely anything to save his sister and even betray the rest of them. Yu suggests meeting up with Guren, but Shinoa vetoes that idea and says they cannot trust him. Makoto tells Mika this is the circle of discussion they are stuck in and asks if he has anything to offer.

Mika says the vampire queen, his sponsor, participated in the Seraph of the End experiments. They may be able to trust her. He says she was captured and he does not know what happened to her, but rescuing her might be their least complicated option. Makoto asks if vampires are less dangerous than the Demon Army, and Mika says yes. Vampires actually care little about humans and are only concerned by power-hungry humans. Makoto agrees and says that describes the Demon Army pretty well. Shiho also agrees with that plan and states he does not trust anyone aside from those standing right there. Mitsuba agrees to the plan, and Shinoa says that the Demon Army is the most dangerous organization in Japan.

Shinoa announces their next objective is to rescue Krul Tepes before Yu becomes a full demon.

While the group is on the beach Mika and Yu begin discussing Ferid Bathory until Yu notices the sound of a car engine. Yoichi rushes to the roof of a nearby building and uses his cursed gear to see Ferid and Crowley driving toward them. Shinoa orders them to take their curse stimulant pills and flee.

They run, and Yu and Mika say that Ferid is a seventh progenitor, the second strongest vampire in Japan after the queen herself. Mika and Yu talk about Ferid's mansion and the past, but Kimizuki tells them to focus on running.

Crowley lands in front of them and strikes Mitsuba with his sword, sending her flying.

Mitsuba goes flying after Crowley’s blow but is shocked to realize that she is uninjured. He throws her to the ground. When Kimizuki asks what they will do, Yoichi responds first by manifesting his bow and saying they must rescue her.

Mitsuba latches onto Crowley’s leg and orders the squad to abandon her and flee since they cannot waste time there. Yoichi refuses and shoots at Crowley, who easily deflects his shots. For the first time, Yoichi summons his demon to the extent curse marks cover his face. He fires again. Kimizuki steps in next. Makoto asks what they are all thinking, and Shinoa orders everyone to assist Kimizuki.

Kimizuki summons the devil's coffin to capture Crowley.

Yu surrenders to Crowley and Ferid until Ferid presents Akane's head in a jar to them, sending Yu's demon out of control and making him attempt to kill Ferid. Mika gets Yu to struggle against the demon temporarily.

Kimizuki looks at Crowley and asks for a temporary truce. Crowley says he does not mind, and Ferid agrees.

Ferid and the main characters get on a bus. Ferid jokes about them being on a "field trip" with a "ton of packed lunches," and Kimizuki hopes he is not referring to their squad as the meal. Ferid teases Kimizuki about Mirai and counts down until Yu wakes up. Kimizuki says he finally realizes what Crowley and Mika meant when they said dealing with Ferid is a pain.

The group take a bathroom break. In the boys' bathroom, Yu rants about Guren taunting them with information but never giving them answers. The boys tell Yu to quit shouting.

The girls then enter the boy's bathroom where they discuss their situation and the Seraph of the End. Going back to the topic at hand, they decide they must betray Ferid before he betrays them. Mika tells them they are not capable of killing him. Yu mentions that Asuramaru may be able to kill Ferid if Yu lets him take control for three seconds, but Kimizuki says demons are even worse than vampires. Shinoa mentions they cannot trust a single adult still alive.

They crouch together and whisper to come up with a signal of when to attack Ferid en masse.

They go back to the bus and after a short ride, the group disembark to see an army of foreign vampires.

Osaka Arc

Lest Karr rips out Ferid's heart and questions him until Ferid begins turning into a demon. After getting his heart back, Ferid feeds on Kimizuki and nearly kills him.

Ferid bites Kimizuki.

Back on the bus, Shinoa Squad watches as Kimizuki gasps for air, anemic and wishing he had meat. When Yu says he will go out there and look for meat on his own, Kimizuki knocks him in the head with a can.

The squad are driven to Ferid's Mansion, and Crowley leaves to unlock the front door. Shinoa is surprised by how luxurious the mansion is and wonders if he makes good money. Kimizuki tells her to stop being stupid as money does not matter anymore.

Mika gets mad at Yuu for being greedy and thinking about reviving Akane, saying that the price for her revival could mean someone in Shinoa Squad could die.

Tenth Progenitor Fuola Honte appears and knocks back Yuu and Narumi. Kimizuki exclaims that he is stronger than Lucal Weskar and Shinoa orders them to go to battle formation. Mika's arms get cut off.

Shinoa and Mitsuba pull Yuu and Mikaela back and KImizuki goes into battle formation. Crowley appears and cuts off Fuola Honte's head and Kimizuki asks why there is a vampire noble and what is their goal. Crowley challenges them to fight him in their battle formation and they lose easily.

Yu tells Kimizuki that if Crowley used to be human that makes him their ally and KImizuki asks if he got stupider. Crowley tells them that if they want to be able to rescue Ferid them must be strong enough to fight a fifth progenitor. While Yu follows Crowley inside, Kimizuki remains outside with the rest of the squad and watch as Makoto interrogates Mika on his fading humanity, and stops Makoto's "test" on Mika, stating that they are no longer technically human either. Kimizuki and the squad eventually come inside where the boys raid the fridge and cook a meal. Kimizuki, Yu, and Yoichi ended up eating too much and are surprised that Shinoa, Mitsuba, and Makoto are still able to eat dessert. He then listens with the squad to Crowley's discussion about the cellar holding the corpses of their loved ones with special mention going towards Yu for his risk of going berserk.

Hearing that Mirai is still alive

After Yu settles it, they all go into the basement, and minutes later, Guren comes down and Kimizuki greets him along with the rest of the squad members after seeing that Guren is not being possessed. He asks Guren about Mirai, and upon learning that she is still alive, cries tears of relief. Kimizuki then asks who is using his sister if Guren is not in control of the experiments on Mirai and listens to Guren's explanation on the person manipulating the Hīragis.

After listening to Guren, Mika attacks Guren, causing Kimizuki and Yoichi to step in to deter Mika from attacking again. After hearing out Guren's plan to resurrect everyone that died in the Apocalypse which involves heavy involvement from Yu, Kimizuki, Shinoa, and Makoto are struggling to comprehend the tomes found in the basement and races outside with everyone to find Yu face down on the lawn. At some point, he with his squad and Guren squad gather around to listen to Guren's summary of the plan against Ky Luc. Seeing Guren's squad getting along with each other so well, Kimizuki comments to Yoichi that he isn't friends with his teammates which Shinoa disagrees with, and Yoichi says that they can get to that point if they hang out together for as many years as Guren's squad did. Three days later, he participates with Guren and Makoto in charging at Ky Luc to free Ferid, but was unable to save Krul, who is taken away by Ky Luc. He and the rest of Shinoa squad surround Yu and Mika after Ky leaves.

Gren and Kimizuki ready to go.PNG

He is later taken with everyone else to Guren's home back in Nagoya seen with the rest of the squad, and goes down into the basement with the rest of Shinoa and Guren squads to see Guren, Mika in front of a barrier alongside Ferid and Crowley. He learns from Ferid about how his sire, Saitō, called him Mikaela, "Saitō's angel" until he abandoned him and is more likely choosing Mika as his new angel. At some point, Yu gives chase to another seraph, the Sixth Trumpet, leading to Kimizuki to race outside with everyone to see the forest being filled with Horsemen. Yu shouts to Kimizuki to give the drug that he's been using on himself to control his own seraph on the Sixth Trumpet, and if it works, it should work on Kimizuki as well. He demands Guren to give him that drug, and Ferid gives it to him, saying that Kimizuki will sacrifice anything to save his sister, including his friends which Kimizuki agrees. Joining with Guren, he asks him if he is going to be lectured on the fact he's now doing the same thing as Guren did which the former says if Kimizuki wants him to do. As they are racing towards Yu and the Sixth Trumpet, Kimizuki asks why do they have to keep doing this over and over again. Guren answers that it is because they are alive, and that they are living for their families, even if it means doing something unforgivable or forbidden.

Shibuya Arc

Kimizuki stands next to the stretcher holding Shinoa as she is being transformed into a vampire[14] and watches as Kureto sends her to the examination room.[15] He calls Yu’s name in shock as he witnesses him declared an experimental subject by Kureto and also taken away.[16]

He is near Narumi as they stand around Yu with Mitsuba and Yoichi nearby as they hear what sounds like a battle. After a moment, Kimizuki takes off to go and check on his [17]

Reaching her just as Mirai is activated as the Seraph of the End in response to the attack on Shibuya, Kimizuki bursts into the room demanding to know what the scientists present are doing. Telling them not to abuse his sister like that, he responds to one that she is not some test subject, reiterating that she is his sister.[18] Calling her as she screams with seraph wings emerging from her back, the staff members in the room are suddenly killed. Kimizuki turns to see who was responsible, it is Saitō stood directly behind him with the murdering chains above his head.[19] Apprehensive, he asks Saitō who he is before turning as the first in Shinoa's body also enters the room.[20]

Stood near Mirai, Kimizuki is confused not knowing who either of these people are before focusing on Mirai.[21] Saitō and the first in Shinoa's body's conversation turns to Mirai and Kimizuki tells the first to not dare when they reach towards her. Kimizuki finds Saitō intercede on his behalf and is told to take the girl and run. He is advised to make his way towards Shinjuku and to find Saitō's allies there. Kimizuki is surprised when the first frees themselves from Saitō's chain restraint by slashing Saitō's head off which continues to speak to him. Kimizuki hears that the demon army was founded by the first for his personal use and if he stays he will only be experimented on further. Carrying Mirai he does indeed run and is called to by Yoichi who guides him away[22]

Running through the ruined streets of Shibuya, with further explosions occuring, Kimizuki carries Mirai on his back. He shouts to Yoichi to just forget about what is going on and run, they have to get out of here. Not sure specifically where, Kimizuki does not trust anyone but means to leave Tokyo completely having to save his sister.[23]

He calls Guren when he spots him ahead, before appearing stunned when he is told Guren has to kill his sister. Taking a moment to register the words, Kimizuki grits his teeth asking if Guren is serious and whether this is some kind of joke. Seeing it is not, Kimizuki calls upon Kiseki-o to give him power. He is then left standing alone before turning and being filled with horror. Mournfully doubting what has happened, he asks Guren to tell him as such, that he would never kill Mirai. With Guren holding Mirai above him with his sword, Kimizuki becomes furious and repeats he will kill Guren as he transforms into a demon.[24]

Knocked to the ground by Yoichi firing Gekkouin at point blank range, Kimizuki lays on the ground as a human with tears from his eyes.[25] Unconscious, he is carried by Yoichi as he finds Shinoa and Mitsuba.[26]

Conscious[27] Kimizuki is driving and panics at the dozens of buildings that have just gone flying. Electing to forget this as building tops fall, Kimizuki decides to save his sister since that takes priority over everything.[28] Hearing from Yoichi that Yu can be seen and he is crying, asking if he is kidding him Kimizuki instantly decides to head back resolving to save him. He shouts to Yoichi of the obstruction ahead as he continues to drive towards Yu.[29]

His head clutched by Mitsuba, Kimizuki tells her to shut up as he is already going as fast as he can, then asks whether she wants him to cause an accident.[30] Warning them of a sharp turn incoming, Kimizuki shouts that he will have to slam the breaks so the squad will have to grab onto something fast. Asking if Shinoa is able to use her demon to grab a corner, he follows her plan to maintain the speed.[31] With his glasses grasped by Yoichi, Kimizuki questions what he was trying to grab before noticing that Yoichi has been pulled out of the vehicle. Kimizuki uses his foot to anchor himself to the steering wheel and pulls Yoichi, Mitsuba and Shinoa back in. He does not agree with Shinoa's assessment that the power of the first vampire is amazing.[32]

Post-Shibuya Arc

He waves to Yu when they are noticed.[33] Seated within an apartment room after escaping Demon Army territory Kimizuki has no clue what Yu is talking about and asks how dumb is he. Telling Yu to start from the beginning before ordering him to speak normally Kimizuki replies whether Yu wants to start something before stepping outside with him when that is the case.[34] Examining Mirai he is thankful there is no sign of degradation even without refrigeration and speculates it is due to all the experiments she went through. Kimizuki says for Mirai not to worry and that he will have her better in no time before announcing he is ready to battle Yu.[35] Clashing with him Kimizuki thinks how stupidly fast Yu is. Knocked back he considers how Yu is nothing like he was before and is much better before wondering how since they both have black demons. Feeling that Yu is going easy on him Kimizuki appears livid and shouts that Yu should quit insulting him. He is not so weak that he needs Yu to coddle him yet a single hit from Yu is sufficient to almost KO Kimizuki. Whilst Kimizuki announces he is not out of this yet he is unable to defend against multiple attacks and wonders how he is this weak. Shouting that he will save his sister Kimizuki declares he cannot afford to lose.[36]

Approached by Kiseki-o as Kimizuki sits cross-legged in his realm he is calmly lambasted for being pathetic and just screaming that he wants to save his sister for show but deep in his heart he has given up. Not replying to Kiseki-o saying that in reality he just wants a peaceful life, to hang out with friends, mess about and have fun Kimizuki answers that it happened again. He was too weak and let them kill his sister while he just watched. Agreeing that Kiseki-o is right on his inadequacies Kimizuki feels he is just running away. Compared to Yu and the Lt. Colonel he is justifying excuses not to try. Informed that he is very rational and cares a lot about his friends as he tries to be the adult in the room Kimizuki hears he has lost sight of his own desires. Questioning what it is that he desires Kimizuki wonders whether he is weak because he has to figure that out for himself but has not. Asking whether his desire to keep everyone safe is enough Kimizuki is told how Kiseki-o wants to hear his soul and voice. He is to forget his sister and friends then entertain his selfish, childish and ugly desires.[37]

As he cries Kimizuki says he is sick of it and wants to win. He cannot stand Yu showing him up all the time. After Kiseki-o's arm breaches his chest curse marks sizzle over his face and two demon horns appear out of Kimizuki's head before Yu. Twin coffins appear in front of and behind Yu before firing projectiles at him. They levitate on either side of Kimizuki and he is in control of his own mind. Answering that his rapid gain in power was due to him taking a page from Yu's book Kimizuki clarifies that he tried being dumb for once. Conceding that Yu is still more powerful than himself, at least for now, Kimizuki says soon he will outstrip him in strength. He considers Yu's words on them training together since it is better to have stronger friends.[38]

After a scream Kimizuki returns to the apartment with Yu and asks what happened. Wondering why the floor is covered in vomit Kimizuki deems Yoichi useless for not being able to tell him why this is. Hearing Yu say that Asuramaru's sister is gone, Kimizuki again turns to Yoichi for answers before seeing Krul approach where he wonders why she is wearing different clothes.[39] He cannot believe that Yu is teasing Krul and states that she is a third progenitor who could kill them both without breaking a sweat if she wanted to.[40] Kimizuki does not agree with Yu's assessment that they are the closest of family and hears Krul say that Asuramaru's real name is Ashera.[41] With Yu having difficulty with the name, Kimizuki informs Krul that Yu is dumb and to ignore him before offering to explain. With Krul leaving due to the smell, instead Kimizuki explains to Yu that vomiting is basically barf. Asked why the others did so Kimizuki kicks a drinks can as he replies to not ask him, he does not get what morons think. Raising that drinking now of all times is dumb Kimizuki then holds Yoichi up and says for him to let his curse run rampant for a bit. Speeding up his metabolism will process the alcohol faster.[42]

Noticing the darkening aura around her Kimizuki addresses Yu to point out that Krul is starting to look really scary and he means it that they should probably stop messing around and get serious.[43] Told that it was Guren who raised Yu, Kimizuki replies that he does not know or care.[44] He stands as Yu begs Krul to help him rescue Mika then addressing Krul as her majesty Kimizuki says he will shut Yu up for her when he is enthused by the reply. Kimizuki looks to Mitsuba when Krul asks them how much of the situation do they understand then raises his hand to show himself as one of the black demon weapon holders.[45] With Mahiru mentioned rather than her possessing Guren, Kimizuki is of the view that she was more likely manipulating him.[46]

Surprised when Krul reveals Shikama Dōji to be in possession of Shinoa's body[47] he also raises that Krul and Guren know each other when the latter comes crashing into the room.[48] Kimizuki is called upon to put up a barrier outside to turn Mika into cursed Gear.[49] With Yu convinced this is to save Mika and Shinoa he shoves Yu where Kimizuki is incredulous at how stupid Yu can be to let Guren convince him that easily. Kimizuki shouts that the Lt. Col killed Mika and questions if Yu remembers. Hearing that turning Mika into cursed gear will save him Kimizuki challenges Yu to think how that would count as saving him. That would just be turning Mika into a tool that they use. Before Guren can finish what he would say Kimizuki has transformed into a demon and does not believe him at all as he strikes Guren. Shouting that Guren killed his sister and cursing him, Kimizuki has not forgiven him for that. He asks if Guren insists he is going to save everyone is he going to resurrect her too.[50]

Alert in response to Shinoa regaining consciousness[51] Kimizuki supposes that what she has to tell them concerns Shinoa really being Guren's ally and that all this is according to plan. Angered once more Kimizuki questions if Shinoa is going to say that they are all just guinea pigs and that she has been laughing at them this whole time.[52] Wanting to believe that Guren will save everyone including their families, Kimizuki is unconvinced since there is no proof. He listens as Guren shares his guilt at causing the catastrophe.[53] Along with the rest of the squad Kimizuki is asked to help Guren at which point his swords are sheathed. Kimizuki is surprised that Guren wants to resurrect all of humanity.[54]

Joining Yu on the building's rooftop Kimizuki clarifies with Guren on whether he is looking at a spell circle. With a writing utensil passed to him Kimizuki is ordered to handle the standard parts of the circle namely the style for subduing a black demon and sets about doing that. With Yu unsure of how to form one Kimizuki shouts that he was in the same class as them and whether he does not remember. It is the basic spell circle, the first one they learned and Kimizuki adds for Yu not to overcomplicate it.[55] He is irked to discover that both Yu and Yoichi has forgotten the details. Telling them to forget it Kimizuki states he will draw the Western quadrant too before guiding Mitsuba to take the Eastern quadrant. He busies himself with inscribing some inscription on the outer ring of the circle.[56]

With Mika's sword pulled out of Mahiru and placed in the ground Kimizuki stands opposite Yu with it in between them.[57] As he helps construct the spell circle[58] Kimizuki then faces Yu who says he has heard Mika call for him.[59] Seeing it emit light Kimizuki remarks how the spell circle has activated[60] and reacts to Guren's announcement that they are going to save Mika.[61] He follows the others in wishing Yu well when he heads to help Mika. Asking if Yu gets it now Kimizuki states for him to get in there and subdue that demon before joining hands in the centre with Yu, Yoichi and Mitsuba. He makes no comment on his previous issues with turning Mika into a demon neither Yu hearing Mika's voice which is something a demon should not be able to do.[62]

After Yu has used the spell circle to access the world that Mika is in, Kimizuki is contacted via Kiseki-o's coffin. After registering the communication Kimizuki speaks to Yoichi that apparently their demons are collaborating with Asuramaru. Shouting that Yu is fighting their demons Kimizuki states they need to stop feeding them power now.[63]

While Yu physically lies unconscious in the spell circle, Kimizuki observes him. Following Yoichi's concerns Kimizuki notes how Yu is not waking up at all. Addressing him as stupid Yu he tells him to finish the spell already. Continuing that he should quit making them worry Kimizuki labels Yu a dolt and calls him Octopus Face. To illustrate his vision Kimizuki squishes Yu's mouth together to share with Yoichi and Mitsuba what he means. Hearing a cry Kimizuki turns to Shinoa.[64] It is recollected that before Yu entered the spell circle he was asked by Guren whether he remembered how to subdue a demon and Kimizuki commented that Yu had the memory of a gerbil. With Yu enthusiastic that he could do this Kimizuki remarked for him to shut up.[65] Asked whether weakening and subduing his demon is what they done Kimizuki answered yes.[66]

Powers and Abilities

Natural abilities

Shihō is very intelligent. He was the top of his class in all subjects and regularly earned perfect scores. He earned 100s on each of his Latin, English, and Japanese spellcraft exams. In fact, he's so smart that he doesn't even listen in class, and instead sleeps while the others are listening to their teacher during the lesson.

Noted by Sayuri, Shihō is one of the strongest students in her class and is able to make a contract with a Black Demon. In the initiation ceremony, he's the one that managed to seal a contract with his demon the quickest. However, in terms of his relationship with Kiseki-o, it's not as smooth as Yu's relationship with Asuramaru.

In terms of fighting skills, Shihō is shown to be very strong. His swordsmanship skills are on par with Yu, and he's able to dodge and deflect the swords from Yu's Asura-Kannon easily. In his squad, he's one of the melee fighters and have the role of the vanguard.

Shihō is shown to have excellent cooking skills, and is shown to fry an omelet perfectly as opposed to Shinoa and Mitsuba.

Cursed Gear

Kiseki-o (鬼箱王 Kiseki-Ō?, lit. "King of the Demon Box"): A possession-type demon weapon of the Black Demon Series. It takes the form of connected twin swords.

  • The Devil's Coffin: Kiseki-o's special ability involves manifesting and opening a black coffin on the count of nine. Anyone who hears the full count to nine within melee range will be forcefully captured into the devil's coffin upon reaching that number. Full details are not yet known, but the coffin can somehow 'knock the demon out' of whoever is inside it. Not even Crowley wanted to go near the coffin, saying that the vibe he gets from it is very unpleasant.
    • Twin Coffins: Not only are two coffins able to be summoned but both can be done instantaneously. They can also appear in close proximity such as on either side of a target. No verbal activation is required for them to open and fire a barrage of spiked dark projectiles at close range.


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Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign

"I'm top of the class in all subjects, Sir. You can't possibly be thinking of giving that chance to that loud-mouthed idiot who they say killed a vampire."
—Kimizuki to Guren. ("The Worst Pair")
"But soon I'll fight in the Moon Demon Company. Then, I can put her in an army hospital. Please, just a little longer..."
—Kimizuki to healthcare provider about Mirai. ("The Worst Pair")
"Do you have rocks stuffed between your ears?"
—Kimizuki to Yu when Yu earns a zero (Chapter 6 "Black Asura")
"From the right, Latin spellcraft, English spellcraft, Japanese spellcraft. Man, I've gotta say, English and Latin are rough for me. I could never be like you, Mr. I'm-a-special-case Yūichirō."
—Kimizuki to Yu when revealing his perfect test scores (Chapter 6 "Black Asura")
"This whole time, you've all been blathering about how we're 'friends' and 'companions.' But to be blunt... I don't believe that for a second. Yoichi and I were called by the higher-ups. The Hīragi family. They practically arrested us, and then they interrogated us. They asked us over and over, 'What happened on that battlefield?' Only that. I said I didn't know anything and was just following your orders. They bought it. Was that the 'right' answer? Okay, so how long will keeping a secret be the 'right answer'? Are we going to try to keep it from our allies—from him—for good? I thought Lieutenant Colonel Guren would explain. But he hasn't. And from the way this moron is acting, it looks like he doesn't know. Shinoa. He doesn't remember that he tried to kill you... or anything else, does he? So, here's my question. Are we all truly friends? Is this 'family' thing for real? If it is, then as soon as he wakes up... I'm telling him everything. But if it's just a front... to let you use Yu's whatever-that-was... [Then, I will do] nothing. I'll stay because I need money for my sister's medical care. But I'll only be in it for the money. Not because we're 'friends.' I won't be your knight in shining armor. I'll pretend to get along, and try not to vomit out of disgust."
—Kimizuki to Shinoa. ("Cause for Madness")
"...What're you looking at? All I have to do to get warm is sit closer to the fire. But if this dunce catches a cold, he'll lag behind in training, which delays my training."
—Kimizuki to his squad after he gives Yu his jacket (Chapter 20 "The Demon's Nightmare")
"Mirai... I'm sorry. But first... can I tell you something? See, uh... Not long ago, when you weren't around, I met this kid. His name is Yu. Can I tell you a little about him? He's a total idiot. He drives me up the wall with everything he does. I hate his guts. He's annoying, and he always does the stupidest things. I swear, he doesn't have two brain cells to rub together. I can't put up with him. But there's this one thing... that he's always saying. He wants to save his family. A family member of his is captured, and he wants to rescue him. They aren't even blood-related, but he's still risking his life to save him. Can you believe that? That's so stupid..... That's right, Demon. I don't have to let what he does affect me. But I can hardly let that blockhead show me up, now can I? And in my case, we are blood-related. So if the only solution is to kill my sister... then I'll choose death. I'll never do what you say, demon."
—Kimizuki against Kiseki-o. (Chapter 21 "Kiseki-o's Box")
"Yeah. So what? Have you seen this cracked and rotten world? There's no one without darkness inside."
—Kimizuki to Kiseki-o. ("Kiseki-o's Box")
"Now that we can both manage possession, don't you think it's time... we settled the question of who's better... for good?'"
—Kimizuki to Yu ("Kiseki-o's Box")
"Kiseki-o. On the count of nine... open the devil's coffin. One. Two. Three. Four. Ah. HEY!! NO RUNNING AWAY!!"
—Kimizuki against Yu ("Kiseki-o's Box")
"Y'know, I've never given two craps if either of you like me."
—Kimizuki to Mitsuba and Shinoa after they try to ditch him on the side of the road (Chapter 24 "The Moon Demon's Orders")
"Hey, Vampire! What's this you left here? I've seen you monsters stick limbs back on after they get cut off... but if I vaporize it with a curse, can you regrow it, like a lizard does its tail?.... Ha ha! You'd get mad? I guess that means you can't. If you want this back... beg for it.... Hm? What was that? I couldn't—"
—Kimizuki taunting Lucal Wesker (Chapter 28 "Livestock Revolt")
"Y'know, Yu... What you said before was right. In this screwed-up world, there's no point to living if you don't have family to cling to. That's why it's my turn to rescue you."
—Kimizuki to Yu. ("Asura's Power")
—Kimizuki seeing his sister being used as an experiment (Chapter 40 "Trumpet of the Apocalypse")
"Yu...? Please... Yu... My sister... You have to save her..."
—Shiho Kimizuki (Chapter 41 "Arrogant Love")
"But... is surrender really the best answer? We need to pick our path very, very carefully. Right now the Demon Army still has my sister. And I... I will do absolutely anything necessary to save her. And just so you know, that means even betraying you all to do it."
—Shiho to the group. (Chapter 43" Where It All Begins")
"I agree too. I don't trust anybody aside from the people standing here in this circle."
—Agreeing to Mika's idea ("Where It All Begins")
"Let's call a temporary truce. You two came looking to talk, right?"
—To Crowley and Ferid (Chapter 46 "Return of the Hero")
"Shut up and let him talk. You were going to tell us about the Seraph of the End, right? Quit wasting time and explain exactly what this 'reviving' involves."
—With Makoto unsettled by Ferid's comments Kimizuki ends that conversation and presses Ferid to discuss something of interest (Chapter 47 "Prayer's Price")
"Even if it is a lie, this story makes disturbing sense. Did the Lieutenant Colonel really cause the catastrophe...? Maybe. And thanks to that, my sister fell ill. Then she was used as a guinea pig. What I want to know is how does it all work...?"
—Considering what he has heard (Chapter 48 "The Making of an Angel")
"So, uh... that means...? If we go by what he told us, it sounds like the experiment first starts when humans try to resurrect the dead. So then... 1) Humans revive the dead. 2) That action is forbidden, thus earning divine wrath. 3) An 'angel of destruction' appears and destroys the world. Is that how it goes? When I saw my sister that day, she had what looked like angel wings. And it also looked like she was being bound by some kind of chain. Then, to top it all off, that enormous monster appeared. What was that all about?"
—Processing what he knows ("The Making of an Angel")
"Demons are even less trustworthy than vampires."
—Views on each ("The Making of an Angel")
"I don't like this method."
—Kimizuki intervenes on Mika's behalf when Narumi from making his blood drip in front of a thirsty Mika (Chapter 53 "Holy Knight's Secret")
"Your cut's already healed. For all your preaching, we aren't technically human anymore either."
—Pointing out facts to Narumi ("Holy Knight's Secret")
"Lt. Colonel? After what you said, I think I almost trust you a little."
—To Guren (Chapter 66 "Shuttered Shinoa")
"I'm sorry. By giving you this drug, I might kill you. I have no idea what it is... or what it really does. But I can't let that stop me. I have to keep moving forward, for my sister. If I kill you, forgive me."
—Shiho to the sixth trumpet. ("The Door into Puberty")
"Don't hog all the room. Scooch."
—Kimizuki sitting back-to-back with Mika on the roof of the van (Chapter 69 "The Day the Sun Was Lost")
"Because you're talking toddler gibberish! Speak normally!"
—Wanting Yu to explain the battle he and Mika had with Guren and Krul's sibling link to Asuramaru and not in toddler gibberish (Chapter 95 "A Demon's Tale" page 10)
"He's nothing like he was before. He's better. Stronger. How? We both have black demons"
—His thoughts during a fight with Yu ("A Demon's Tale" page 22)
"I!! Will save my sister!! I can't afford to lose!!"
—Shouting his driving force yet internally Kiseki-o feels this is for show and that Kimizuki has given up on his sister since he just wants a peaceful regular life. ("A Demon's Tale" page 29)
"Moron! How stupid do you have to be to let him convince you easily?! The Lt. Colonel killed Mikaela, remembers?! (...) How does that count as 'saving' him?! That's just turning him into a tool that we use!"
—Angered at Yu trusting Guren's words, reminding him of what he recently done and pointing out how being turned into cursed gear is not a god thing. (Chapter 99 "Mortal Love" page 21)
"Yoichi! Yu's fighting our demons! We have to stop feeding them power now!"
—Aware of the situation in Mika's dream world Kimizuki helps Yu by undermining Kiseki-o. (Chapter 102: "He's Calling for Me", page 35)


  • Shihō 「士方」 means "Samurai's Direction."
  • Kimizuki 「君月」 means "Your Moon."
  • Yamato Yamamoto insisted on giving Kimizuki glasses. The editor and Takaya Kagami loved the change and approved of it.[67]
  • Having astigmatism, until Kimizuki joined the Demon Army he was desperate not to break his only two pairs of glasses.[68]
  • Kimizuki has been able to drive since he was eleven years old.
  • In the light novels, it is confirmed he and his sister are also results of the "Seraph of the End" experiments the Hyakuya sect undertook.[69]
  • According to the Manga 8.5 Fanbook:[1]
    • Interests and Likes: [Interests] How to cure his little sister. [Likes] His sister/Making cookies.
    • Favourite foods: Chocolate cookies/Caramel cookies (Both of them because his sister likes them)
    • What he looks for in the opposite sex: Girls who won’t desert someone on the side of the highway/A lady who would be kind to his sister.
  • He is the only member of the squad to be addressed by his last name more frequently than his first name until Makoto Narumi joins their group.


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