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Shihō Kimizuki (君月 士方 Kimizuki Shihō?) is one of the main male deuteragonists in Seraph of the End and the older brother of Mirai Kimizuki. He is a member of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, as well as Shinoa Hīragi's squad in the Moon Demon Company. After acquiring a pair of cursed gear swords he would assist his squad in exterminating vampires and freeing humans. Kimizuki headed to Shinjuku to defend the city from a vampire invasion force, and then took part in the mission targeting vampire nobles in Nagoya.

Note: This is the page for Kimizuki in the anime, for the article detailing Kimizuki in other formats see: Shihō Kimizuki


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He is the tallest member in the Shinoa Squad and has short, messy dark pink hair and reddish-brown eyes. He wears black, thick-framed long rectangular glasses and has two piercings in his left ear.

For clothing Kimizuki is seen wearing his school uniform, a grey gakuran with a standing collar that is black with teal trim. The jacket is unbuttoned as he wears a hoodie underneath.

After he was enlisted into the Moon Demon Company, he wears the standard JIDA uniform which consists of a long-sleeved black coat with light green details including the shoulder epaulettes which has a brown Sam Browne belt passing diagonally over his right shoulder and two rows of gold buttons on the front. Along with that, he wears a pair of white gloves and a white web belt with a gold waist-plate. He also wears the uniform trousers with two white belts around his right leg and knee-high black boots which goes over his trouser legging.


Initially confrontational, Kimizuki picked a fight with Yu and the aggression was maintained after seeing him again. Guren commented that Kimizuki was starting to seem friendly and less volatile. Shinoa observes that Kimizuki attacked Yu to test his ability and maintain his alpha dominance over the students.

As a student, Shihō is shown to be a very diligent and smart, scoring 100% in his Latin, English, and Japanese tests. When he was first introduced in the story, he was not even listening to class, and instead was sleeping with a book covering his face with his legs resting on the chair in front of him. Feeling he is a star student of his class, Kimizuki is not afraid to remind other people of what he has accomplished.

His practical talents include being able to fix and drive cars, and Kimizuki is shown to be an excellent cook as well. He follows directions such as attacking a demon that a team member had turned into, and complied with Shinoa's order to swerve the car for something he could not see. Kimizuki is sure of his abilities in combat, and told Yu they could handle a squad of vampires.

Kimizuki's capabilities and doing what is expected of him and beyond is part of what enables him to effectively deal with problems. He also supports team members whether it is defending them from attack, to doing what he can to rescue them. One instance was using the Devil's Coffin, an attacking ability to instead save Yu and simultaneously deal with his demon possession problem.


Episode - Young Kimizuki and Mirai (2).jpg

After the world ended with adults perishing, Kimizuki remained with his younger sister and helped look after her as she was affected by the apocalypse virus. With food becoming scarce, he could drive then so was needed by the other children but he refused and chose to remain with Mirai who was bed bound. When he was older Kimizuki joined the army in order to pay for Mirai's medical expenses served as a guard in Shibuya's Military Police.


A less than cordial association with Yu

Shihō Kimizuki walks through the school corridors and into Yūichirō Hyakuya. He then tells him to watch where he is going. Asking if he is trying to start a fight, Kimizuki proceeds to punch Yu first. Later he is sleeping in Guren Ichinose's class with his feet up and is told to move them. Asking the speaker to back off, he raises the book resting over his eyes to see that it is Yu. Kimizuki could ask him the same question when asked on what he is doing here, and calling Yu a twerp he asks what does he mean by calling him a telephone pole. His scuffle with Yu comes to an end when he is kicked into the door by Guren.

Enquiring about cursed gear weapons

In Guren's office, Kimizuki has a question about the cursed gear aptitude test a week from now, namely whether he will be allowed to try out for the top ranked Black Demon series. The power is needed since his sister is ill with the apocalypse virus. Surprised that Yu has broken free from a demon already, Kimizuki responds that he is stronger than what Yu will ever be. He is advised to also make some friends and form a support system, otherwise when he finds himself faced with a demon Kimizuki will have no chance of controlling it. Witnesses the demonic aura emerge from Guren’s sword, the room is tinged dark purple as Kimizuki is informed that demons feed upon desperation and rage. If he attempted a contract now he would be swallowed whole and would never find his way out which leaves Kimizuki appearing daunted.

Waiting for Yu since there is no one left to partner with

Remaining silent in the gymnasium as teacher Sayuri Hanayori explains the abilities test at hand. He stands alone as Yu, Shinoa and Yoichi Saotome talk amongst themselves. With partners needing to be chosen Kimizuki remains by himself. He simply stares at Yu when there is no one left to partner with but each other.

Handcuffed to Yu for the practical test

Handcuffed together as the test commences, they find that they are facing the army's cursed puppets. The large mannequins that emerge are somewhat slow and Kimizuki notes the faster they trash these things the faster their scores go up. Heading in the opposite direction to Yu, he asks what his problem is then to quit messing around, they both have to go after the same one.

The choice is the test or his sister

The cursed gear puppets are halted as Kimizuki hears from Sayuri that he should go to the hospital ward immediately as his sister Mirai has taken a turn for the worse. In response he apologizes to everyone for the disruption and answers Yu is does not concern him, his goal is to impress everyone in this training exercise stating that to be all that matters. Told that he is abandoning his sister, Kimizuki tells Yu to shut up. Questioning what he knows about his personal life, he feels getting recruited is everything and calls for the puppets to be started up again. Punched by Yu for this, Kimizuki is told that family is not something he can ignore. If his sister were to die he would always regret not being there for her when she needed him.

Mirai is stable

He is still handcuffed to Yu as he waits by Mirai’s hospital bed in a medical room covered with spell tags. Kimizuki hears from the doctor that they are in the clear where it looks like Mirai is going to pull through for now. Kimizuki understands that the equipment here is not made to combat this virus then tells the doctor soon he will be joining the Moon Demon Company. He can transfer her over to the army facility so Kimizuki asks him to please take care of Mirai for just a little while longer.

Re-evaluating his path and perspectives

On a bench outside Kimizuki is told that he walks around like a badass but it turns out he was doing it all for his sister. Saying it is all Yu’s fault as to why he is getting a bad evaluation, Kimizuki feels he will not be eligible to join the company and because of that his sister will not be saved. Asking who said anything about giving up, Kimizuki wonders how he ended up getting stuck with Yu. Whilst he says Yu is nosy, Kimizuki agrees he is right about not giving up yet. He will forget that Yu punched him since he got to be with his sister and Kimizuki guesses he also owes Yu an apology since he will get a bad score on the evaluation too.[2]

Bickering with Yu

After Sayuri hands the test scores that factor into their cursed gear ranking back, Kimizuki is checking Yu’s paper that Shinoa paraded through the class. Voicing that Yu’s excuse for receiving a zero is even worse, Kimizuki allows Yu to see his own results for himself. Kimizuki has received full marks for Latin, English and Japanese spell craft then wants to see Yu try and use him for vampire killing practice.

Affected by the power of Guren's cursed gear sword

The squaring off is interrupted with Guren’s arrival, yet Kimizuki calms Yu to let him do the talking since Yu is too loud. Speaking respectively, Kimizuki feels Guren owes an explanation to the students, and giving them some cursed gear would make up for that. His further squabbling with Yu comes to an end when Guren uses his cursed gear sword, Mahiru-no-Yo to fill the room with a greater degree of the energy from before. This time Kimizuki clutches his chest and says it feels like his heart is being squeezed.

Heading to acquire a cursed gear weapon

Along with Yu and Yoichi, Kimizuki is one of the three students to pass the test of not fainting from the curse gear's power. Along with Shinoa, he heads down with Guren and Sayuri to acquire a cursed gear weapon. With Yoichi not sure if he is willing to die to attain his revenge, Kimizuki agrees with Yu and Guren that Yoichi should quit and leave while he can. Taking the elevator down Kimizuki advises Yoichi who has decided to remain that there is no point worrying about it, he has made his choice to stay. Called out by Shinoa, Yoichi and Yu who had noticed he was leaning and in pain when experiencing Mahiru-no-Yo’s power, Kimizuki’s attention is then brought the the demon room they have arrived at.

The cursed gear swords to acquire

The highest ranking weapons with the strongest demons are kept within a chamber filled with large demonic head statues. Within the spell circle, once he touches one of the rare Black Demon series the contract ceremony will begin. If he does not lose to the demon he gains its power. Asking Guren what if they do lose, the answer is that he would be turned into a man eating monster, or have his spirit crushed by the demon which would result in his death. Choosing the weapon he likes, Kimizuki faces a pair of swords [3]

Looking after his sister

As a child Kimizuki stares out a broken window across the ruined cityscape. With his sister checking whether it is him, Kimizuki says sorry to Mirai, he did not mean to wake her up. Checking how is she feeling, Kimizuki also feels that it is going to be a good day for them. He bets that she is hungry and intends to get Mirai something to eat. Asked why he does not leave her so he can move on with his life, Kimizuki tells her to not start with this, taking care of her is his duty. He means to have them both survive but as Mirari darkly changes her tone, Kimizuki hears her words that he wishes she would just die already. Shocked at why she would say that, it is only after Mirai continues that despite how noble Kimizuki tries to be, deep down he is a selfish human that Kimizuki gets it, that this is the demon. Questioned whether the demon got his thoughts right, Kimizuki snaps for it to shut up when it wonders what his sister would say if she knew the truth of his thoughts. Kimizuki’s body lies on the magic circle twitching slightly as he speaks with the demon in his mind.

Yoichi has failed his contract ceremony

Being the first to complete the contract, Kimizuki tells Yu to not get so cocky since he took his time to subjugate the demon. With Yoichi possessed by his demon and firing at them, Kimizuki is tasked by Guren with ending him. Drawing his swords, he brings Yu with him to engage demon Yoichi. Able to deflect the projectiles from the cursed gear bow, Kimizuki gets close but is kicked away. Returning, his sword nears to the demons throat but he stops after Yu shouts they can still save him. Remaining active as the demon continues attacking, Kimizuki moves to defend Yu after he throws his weapon aside with the demon aiming at him. Kimizuki wonders whether Yoichi beat it after he has recovered and listens as Guren announces that the Moon Demon Company is their new family. Notified that they are heading to the front lines since vampires from the Kansai region are planning on retaking the city of Shinjuku, Kimizuki comments they do not even get a break after this.[4]

Meeting the fifth member of their squad

Wearing his uniform, Kimizuki stands outside the wall with Yoichi before questioning whether it would kill Yu to be on time when he arrives with Shinoa. Meeting the fifth member of their squad, he comments on Mitsuba Sangū being a pain when she shows her views on joining. Kimizuki then confronts Yoichi on whether he said anything regarding himself deeming someone that.

The complete squad heading for a vampire lair

Headed for Harajuku to crush the vampire settlement there, they are to free the human hostages after which they are to continue to Shinjuku. His background is detailed by Yoichi, before Kimizuki joined the general ed class he used to patrol outside the walls as a guard. He listens as Mitsuba explains how the Four Horseman of John are stronger than they are when near the spell protected wall.

Finding a girl chased by a Four Horseman of John

Reaching Harajuku station they find a girl being chased by a Four Horseman of John. At first he is ordered to stand by but after moving to join Mitsuba who has run after Yu, he finds himself stopped by Shinoa and her scythe and told not to move, the vampires are coming.

A vampire trap is underway

Drawing his swords, Kimizuki does not feel that this being a trap makes sense, the Four Horseman of John have no will of their own so why would they obey the vampires. With Yu under attack by three vampires who deliver on their ambush, Kimizuki joins to deal with the Four Horseman by slicing across its gaping toothed maw.

Saying Yu left himself wide open, as he fails to notice the still active tail

Adding that Yu left himself wide open, at that point Kimizuki did not react to the Four Horseman's tail preparing itself, however he was covered by Yoichi's archery fire. After the Four Horseman has been defeated, and the vampires retreat, Kimizuki oversees Mitsuba’s exchange with Yu.

Finding out where the vampire lair is

Rather than comment on Shinoa and Mitsuba’s giggling in the shower, Kimizuki offers a drink to the girl they rescued and asks if she does not mind he has questions that need answers. Wanting to save other people as well, Kimizuki asks whether the vampires have a lair and if so where can they find it.

Reaching the underground station where the vampires are

Learning there is a vampire lair at Omotesando station, the squad makes their way there and Kimizuki wonders what they are going to do about the civilians the vampires have captured. He does not verbally protest that they are to ignore them as they focus on the mission. He reaches the entrance to Omotesando station. Since he has the black Demon series, it is felt by Shinoa he could defeat the vampires on their own but sticking together is best.[5]

Finding humans kept underground

Entering and seeing humans there, Kimizuki asks why if no one is guarding them then why do the captives not escape. With it due to the monsters outside, the vampires are the lesser of two evils so Kimizuki assumes in return the humans give their blood. With one spotted and Yu able to kill the vampire, defend Mitsuba and kill another, Kimizuki appears pleased and comments how Yu is almost as good as he is, and that Yu is a chump.

He could beat Yu easy, before he even gets his sword out

Responding to Yu, if they were to fight one on one Yu could not handle it and would be dead before he could even get his sword out. Kimizuki dares Yu to call him “four-eyes” one more time, and that he is asking for it. The messing around comes to and end with Mitsuba, they still have five more targets left.

The vampires have come to them

The passage is uninterrupted until they seemingly reach a dead end. Kimizuki turns to sees that the vampires have came for them and he faces the group.

They are further ambushed by more vampires breaking through the glass behind them resulting in Mitsuba’s capture. Kimizuki joins in the attack against the now eight vampires and keeping one occupied he shouts for Yu to go.

Impressed that Yu rescued Mitsuba

He is back to back with Yoichi and smirks when Yu successfully rescues Mitsuba. After Yu’s choice of words for the vampires, how they will do anything to protect those they care about, Kimizuki comments that Yu really knows how to rile the vampires up.

Confident they can prevail

Weapons ready with the squad, Kimizuki says to Shinoa for them to do this, he is sure they can take on the rest. With the rescued people underground above it and soldiers around them, Kimizuki approaches Mitsuba and Yu and questions whether the two love birds have done flirting yet as they are ready to go.

Discovering that Yu has crashed the truck into a lamp post

Sitting within a truck, Kimizuki is capable of hot-wiring it to have it work. He answers that it will never be Yu’s turn to ride it since he has no experience behind the wheel. With Yu’s enthusiasm, Kimizuki says for him to not touch anything for now but he will give him an intro lesson or something later. Praised by Yu, Kimizuki labels him like the annoying little brother he never wanted. Stepping out he shares with the other he got it started before staring in open mouthed horror as he sees Yu crash the vehicle and knocking over a lamppost.

Experiencing the perils of Yu's driving

After running he says he is going to kill Yu when he almost reverses into him and they fight when Yu tries to get him in the car. Kimizuki laughs loudly at Shinoa in the front seat of the truck intending to drive, teasing that she cannot even see over the steering wheel. After she draws her cursed gear in response, and as he is driving he agrees with Yu for once that they should not make fun of Shinoa’s height anymore.

Driving, with Shinjuku just ahead

Hearing an explosive sounds Kimizuki guesses maybe it was a Four Horseman of John, but determines they should not kill it since more will just show up. He intends to head to Shinjuku to see if they can lose them. Realizing they are heading towards the sounds, Kimizuki says Shinjuku is just ahead and they should be able to see the defensive barrier soon.

Smoke rises from the city

As they approach the city they can see smoke rising from it, and in the road there is a figure ahead. Reaching for the lever, Kimizuki hears from Yu he should speed up since that is a vampire noble. Doing so, Kimizuki exits the speeding vehicle for it to crash into the vampire. After ranged attacks have been traded by Yoichi and the vampire, Kimizuki then draws his swords as they prepare to fight.

Remaining in formation against a vampire noble

He sees Yu knock the noble's sword out his hand after the vampire uses his supernatural speed to try and attack Shinoa. Standing battle ready, with two other noble vampires, Chess Belle and Horn Skuld arriving, Kimizuki awaits as they discuss matters with Crowley Eusford.

If Shinjuku falls then Shibuya where they came from is next

When the vampires head to the front lines and leave them, Kimizuki hears Yoichi’s desire to head back to Shibuya but right now it is not an option since if Shinjuku falls the city they came from is next.[6] Entering Shinjuku in the midst of a vampire invasion, as the damage to it expands to the western wall, Kimizuki witnesses a missile strike on a building. He leaps over a ledge to a lower level to avoid helicopter fire that is coming towards them. Taking cover, he curses that this place has turned into a war zone then shouts for them to move as they come under machine gun fire.

Helping defeat invading vampires

Leaving the refuge point with the rest of the squad, Kimizuki assists the soldiers who have come under attack from vampires that have descended. Standing back to back with Yoichi, Kimizuki gives him space when he is called to shoot down the chopper, Then he reinforces Yu as they both charge to overcome the vampires.

A transport is readied for them to assist further

Their area is clear and Kimizuki stands by as the squad is approached by corporal Nagai. Kimizuki sees the wounded soldiers in a medical tent. The situation is that vampires have blown a hole through the Western defensive barrier and they are asked to head there to reinforce the defences.

Heading to the Western defensive barrier

Travelling in the back of a truck with Nagai driving, they should be at the defensive line in the next fifteen minutes. With Shinoa saying she has their medicine, Kimizuki quips whether she is in charge of handing out vitamins now. With it concerning vampire nobles and their skill levels Kimizuki states that Shinoa is not very assuring and what does she want them to do.

Hearing how their cursed gear can be affected

Seeing the cursed gear stimulants and hearing that taking one will make a person one and a half times stronger, then with two they are one point eight times stronger, Kimizuki looks to Yu when he mentions taking ten and how that would probably make him some sort of god. He also appears curious as to whether taking a pill will allow him to max out the power of his cursed gear. With Mitsuba remarking they could die out there, Kimizuki comments that her glass it always half empty.

Defending from helicopter fire

Sent flying out the upended truck due to a sudden missile strike, Kimizuki runs from the artillery fire. With Yu and Shinoa attempting to rescue Nagai who is unconscious in the truck, Kimizuki joins Mitsuba in using cursed gear to shield them from the bullets before calling for Yoichi. The helicopter’s final missiles detonate the truck which causes Yu, Shinoa and Nagai to fall underground to the subway.

Fine after falling underground

Kimizuki calls for idiot and whether he is down there, then replies there is no way they would die in a place like this. They can get out no problem and are to Yu and Shinoa them at the defensive line since they intend to take Nagai to a medical tent. Kimizuki takes Yoichi to guide him away when he begins to ask a question.[7]

Surrounded as an incomplete squad

Kimizuki was sent to defend the route to a medical tent to prevent it from being wiped out and battles in Shinjuku Central Park. With one of his swords in a fallen vampire’s back, Kimizuki uses the wire to pull it back into his keeping and is tiring from the combat. He shouts to warn Yoichi of a vampire behind him and protects him before stabbing through the vampire that had leapt towards his comrade.

Fending off vampires at Shinjuku park

Surrounded, he wonders whether they are really that weak without Shinoa and Yu backing them up. He tells them to get ready with a vampire jumping and as he blocks the vampire's sword he shouts for it to not underestimate him.

The rest of the vampires are all dead

Defended by Yu from a vampire that has attacked him from behind, Kimizuki answers genius Yu the rest of the vampires are dead, and Yu must have forgot how good he was at killing them. Then wondering whether Yu should be backing up Guren, he replies that Yu did not need to check on them in case they were backed into a corner, besides it was Yu’s plan to meet at the defensive line.

Hearing that Yu cares

Ascertaining whether Yu thought they would fail, Kimizuki asks whether he really thought they did not have the strength and training to take down an enemy platoon. He finishes that Yu has got to learn to trust his family and to not go making the same mistake in the future. With Yu saying he would do it again since he cares, Kimizuki adds to Mitsuba’s comment that the more they try the dumber Yu gets.

Running to where Guren has been disarmed and cornered by a vampire, Kimizuki complies with Shinoa’s order to take their cursed gear stimulant and is ready to save Guren and then retreat.[8]

Yu's family, Mika, is with the vampires

He alone says nothing on the situation with Yu not killing the vampire that disarmed and stabbed Guren. With it being the case that one of Yu’s family, Mikaela Hyakuya, may be with the vampires, Kimizuki watches as the scenario unfolds. He is surprised to see Crowley, Horn and Chess arrive. When Guren orders a retreat, with Yu against it since it involves leaving Mika, Kimizuki nods at Yu since the squad is at risk.

Pushing Yoichi out of harm's way

Retreating, Kimizuki asks what has gotten into Yu as he savagely slashes towards seventh progenitor, Ferid Bathory, then orders Yoichi to focus as they are under attack by vampires who disrupt the retreat. Using his swords to kill a vampire, he shouts what Yoichi is doing and to get on his feet.

Bitten by Horn Skuld

Recognised and greeted by Crowley, this time he is not getting away from him. As Crowley chokes Shinoa, Kimizuki orders him to let go of her but he cannot attack with Horn having wrapped his leg with her whip and ten hoisted into the air. He is held by Horn with not the strength to resist having his neck bitten.

The Japanese Imperial Demon Army help win the battle for Shinjuku

After Yu has transformed into a creature with a branch like wing that drips possessing the power to smash craters into the ground, Kimizuki is standing having been rescued with the arrival of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army under the command of Lieutenant General Kureto Hīragi and Major General Shinya Hīragi.[9]

Carrying Yu after he fell unconscious

It is recalled that after Yu has fallen unconscious when he lost control and became a one branched wing creature, Kimizuki was the one to carry him to safety and asked where they could go to regroup.

Telling Mitsuba to use her indoor voice

Seven days later after Yu has awakened from his coma, Kimizuki enters the room and first moves Mitsuba away whilst telling her to use her indoor voice. Stating that Yu looks fine to him, he asks whether he enjoyed his little nap, then replies why he would spend his valuable time worrying about Yu.

Kimizuki did not spend time worrying

Aghast at Shinoa saying he is pretending to act tough and had spent quite a bit of time spent by Yu’s bed worrying, he accuses her of making stuff up and was never in here watching Yu sleep. Hearing Yu thank them and saying he is lucky to have them all, Kimizuki looks to Yoichi before commenting they should call a doctor since Yu obviously still needs medical attention.

Thankful for downtime to heal

He considers it good that they have a little downtime to heal. Asking if there any requests, Kimizuki intends to go pick up some drinks for them but then replies never mind when Shinoa teases he is always trying to take care of his family.[10]

Kept prisoner as Yu is interviewed by Kureto

Kimizuki is a part of Yu’s ‘interview’ with the leaders of the demon army, the Hīragi family. Along with Yoichi he has his mouth covered and is restrained with handcuffs in a chair facing the reflective side of a one way mirror. He cannot see Kureto on the other side but he is the one to order the soldier stood behind Kimizuki to stab him with a knife.

With Yoichi he is stabbed even with Yu answering Kureto's questions

Kimizuki's mouth is covered which muffles his angonized reaction. After Aoi Sangū announces that they are done here, Kimizuki is freed and he slumps onto the floor. Walking outside with Yu and Yoichi, he finds Mitsuba and Shinoa waiting for them. He watches as Yu attempts to persuade Guren to help get Mika back.[11]

Outside for cursed gear training

Outside at night, Kimizuki requests that Shinoa spare them the lecture on the history of devils, demons and blood suckers, being more in favour of preparing his weapon training with Yu. Kimizuki repeats Shinoa’s concern of the demon going out of control but tells Yu it is nothing. Preparing to fight the Four Horseman of John that Yoichi has spotted, but seeing that he can manifest his demon, Gekkouin to destroy them all himself, Kimizuki asks Shinoa whether she has been giving Yoichi private lessons or something. He asks Yoichi if he is serious when Mituba mentions that he has a surprisingly strong connection with his demon. Speaking to a demon during sleep can help with cursed gear manifestation.

Seeing Yu's curse begin to take effect

Noticing him giggle at such news, Kimizuki tells him to wait as he sees Yu have the blade of his sword, Asuramaru drink his blood.

Defending in case Yu attacks as a demon

He follows Mitsuba’s command to prepare to fight when Yu’s eyes turn red by drawing his swords. After Yu falls on his front Kimizuki wonders what just happened. Sitting watch as Yu makes contact with his demon, Kimizuki says it is trouble as usual as his jacket is used to keep Yu warm. He is just saying that he and Yoichi were interrogated and tortured by the Hīragi's since they wanted to know more about what Yu did.

It kind of looks like Shinoa is trying to manipulate Yu

He told them exactly what Shinoa ordered him to but did not know what they were talking about. Asking whether Shinoa still does not think it is smart they do not tell Yu that he completely lost control, it kind of looks like she is trying to manipulate Yu for some reason. He does not know what, if Shinoa was doing that, but he would still follow orders to keep his sister safe but he would vomit every time he saw her. They will discuss what happened with Yu and where they stand as a squad when Yu awakens.

Pleased Yu has awakened fine

When that happens Kimizuki appears happy and adds that Yu looked like he was going to die on them for a minute. Asking whether he was actually successful, Kimizuki says it was worth it when it is the case. With Mitsuba tired and saying they should do Kimizuki’s training later, he answers they should do it right now and that no one cares if he is hungry when Yoichi suggests the same.

Working on defeating his demon

Having his way, Kimizuki's training begins. He is held down as his eyes turn red and whilst his body reacts, Kimizuki is in a purple fog like landscape. Lunging towards him, Kimizuki is armed with his blades and wants his demon Kiseki-o to die. Called desperate, Kimizuki replies he will make Kiseki-o yield to him.

Stabbed by his demon, Kiseki-o

In this plane Kimizuki has his weapon tapped away and is stabbed with a duplicate of his own sword. Falling to his knees and coughing up blood, he has that licked by his demon. Kimizuki is then bitten by his demon. He is in a vivid memory, as a child he wipes the cursed mark on Mirai’s face with a cloth.

With Mirai, hearing the door knock

Hearing the door knock, he reassures to not to worry and heads to check who is there. Looking through the door viewer to see three boys outside, he joins them and answers Mirai is not good and he thinks she is getting worse. Told the food is running out and they will not last three days with what they have got, he asks whether they cannot wait longer when the youth's plan is to leave tomorrow since he will have to figure out how to move Mirai.

Told he has to leave Mirai behind

He shoves one of them against the wall and asks if he is out of his mind when he says Mirai will have to be left, she would just slow them down. Handed a switch knife, he calls the giver a monster for saying that he should take care of her. Asking how could he, Kimizuki is stunned to hear Mirai was the one who came up with the idea. With one of them saying he will do it himself if Kimizuki cannot, he hits, kicks and pushes them away then uses the chance to run back into his apartment.

Getting to the balcony first

Hearing them bang on the door and meaning to head to the balcony, Kimizuki runs into Mirai’s room to guard it. Ignoring her question of why he has a knife, Kimizuki orders the changed in tone Mirai to shut up when he hears she does not want to see him wasting away on account of her sickness.

Anguished by 'Mirai' asking him to kill her

Kimizuki is deeply unsettled and repeatedly tells her to shut up when she explains the benefits her death would bring him. He hears from Kiseki-o using Mirai to speak that his thoughts can be heard and just now Kimizuki wondered what it would be like to be rid of Mirai. He looks on stunned at hearing his thoughts are that he is sick of caring for Mirai, she is holding him back and he is just a kid too and should not have to do this.

Angered by the statements

Kimizuki says he did not when Kiseki-o voices if only he could kill his sister right here. With further statements of him finding it easier to run away from here and never look back, he shouts for the demon to shut up. As he is hugged by Mirai and thanked for finally relieving her misery, Kimizuki trembles with the knife and says he is so sorry.

Mentioning Yu and his concern for family he is not related to

Before he does this Kimizuki wants to ask Mirai something, he has recently met this really stupid guy that he absolutely hates. Now he cannot seem to get away from him even though he might be the most annoying person on the planet. He says he will risk his life to protect the people he cares about, even if his family is not related to him by blood.

Using the knife on himself to break an illusion

Ending the description Kimizuki says it is crazy and the guy is a moron. It is driving Kimizuki himself crazy that he might be a better person than him, he would give up so much for people he is not related to so Kimizuki asks how can possibly kill his own sister. With that Kimizuki stabs himself and the scenario fades to him before Kiseki-o with one of his swords through his body. That sword disappears and Kimizuki triumphantly asserts it is over now and uses the other sword to cut across Kiseki-o.

Activating his swords

Physically near his squad Kimizuki speaks for Kiseki-o to come and he swings a shimmering blade into Yu to knock him away some distance. Then with the rest of the squad’s weapons drawn, he tells them to relax and there is nothing to worry about.

Needing to settle once and for all who is stronger

As to why he attacked Yu, they need to settle once and for all who is stronger. Walking to where Yu was thrown back unharmed, Kimizuki has outsmarted his demon and can now use possession to beat Yu at any time, like now where there is no holding back.

Facing Yu's Asura-Kannon ability

Kimizuki appears afraid at Yu fanning out Asura-Kannon, the multiple floating sword power of his cursed gear, but he stands his ground to deflect the crimson spiritual weapons away when they fly towards him. It was a nice try but Kimizuki responds with on the count of nine he is opening the devil’s coffin.

Conjuring the Devil's Coffin

He invokes Kiseki-o and uses his sword to spray out a purple energy that sustains a huge black coffin. It opens and from the clear mist being emitted, two purple eyes begin the countdown. Kimizuki tells Yu to not run away from this fight when he does exactly that. He says Yu may be dumb but he has got good instincts, and bashfully feels it was his hatred for him that helped Kimizuki overcome his demon. He clarifies that he was just saying Yu is a pain.[12]

Shinoa will explain what's going on in the meeting

By morning he is advising Yu to stop going to sleep with wet hair as the means to stop it sticking up. Kimizuki is also with Yoichi to head to a meeting with Shinoa and Mitsuba. He hopes they have breakfast ready, with coffee and donuts too. He tells Yu that Shinoa will explain and until then to focus on taming his stupid hair.

Preparing an omelette

Finding the omelette Mitsuba and Shinoa were preparing has caught fire, Kimizuki prepares one and they eat the larger prepared breakfast. His cooking is considered really good but as for where he learned how to cook, Kimizuki replies anyone with half a brain can make an omelette.

Breakfast with the squad, then revealing how Yu lost control

On with the main purpose of the meeting, they are gathered to discuss two things. Kimizuki listens as Shinoa explains first that Yu may have been a part of a human experiment where he lost control in the heat of battle and tried to kill Shinoa.

The 2nd issue of what Guren is up to

The second concerns Guren and whether he is truly on their side. He may have just been using them either to intimidate his superiors or because there is something bigger at stake. Kimizuki shakes his head at Yu when he is looked to for clarification, it is all news to him. As a squad they need to decide whether to stick by Guren and if they do they might end up traitors to the army.

Sticking with Guren as family

Kimizuki surmizes the meeting as basically a discussion on whether to abandon the Lieutenant Colonel. When he returns Kimizuki listens as Yu explains his reasons for choosing to remain with Guren and stands having heard enough. Yu was right for saying he cannot turn his back on family and motions for the others to agree. With it settled that they remain in support of Guren, Kimizuki moves to the matter of doing something about Yu’s hair.[13]

Obstacles on the road to Nagoya

Driving the squad he asks for Shinoa to tell him where they are going, relying on her to navigate for them is kind of annoying. On the road to Hakone with the end destination being Nagoya, Kimizuki swerves to avoid a Four Horseman of John, one of many who have emerged out of nowhere. Swerving to avoid them as the squad deal with any that come too near, Kimizuki mentions he is not slowing down when Yu has stepped onto the bonnet of the vehicle.

If Guren is mad he will tell him it's Shinoa and Mitsuba's fault

Kimizuki then follows Shinoa’s guidance to take a hard right with the effect of moving the vehicle so Yu cannot land in it and he speeds off further. With Yu back in, and it likely they will be late Kimizuki says if Guren is mad he will just tell him it was Shinoa and Mitsuba’s fault.

Guren is angry and Yu accepts the blame for being late

Arriving as the meeting is underway, Kimizuki is present for Yu taking the blame for being late, and Guren’s rallying speech on how this will likely be the most dangerous mission they will ever have. Many of the one hundred member army gathered will die but the goal is not to survive but come back victorious. When a member of Guren's swurd, Shigure Yukimi, summons Yu, Kimizuki adds to Shinoa and Mitsuba’s desire to head in as well by saying if this is a party he guesses he may as well come, for back up.

Hearing Yu yell

He watches Yu walk in when he is happy to go by himself, but hears him yell so runs into the abandoned derelict mall with the others. He appears surprised to see Yu tied up and dangling over a burning pyre, yet this is an illusion created by Norito Goshi's cursed gear. The true disciplinary is is for Shinoa and as a part of her squad, Kimizuki is to fight against Guren, along with Mito Jūjō and Shinya.

Alleviating her concerns of Guren by saying they'll just have to take him down

Gaining some distance to plan, Guren is noted as a master of close quarters combat, so Kimizuki and Yu are to team up to fight him. He hears if they are beaten by Guren then the test is as good as over. Kimizuki feels it is no sweat, they will just have to take him down.

Evading Shinya's rifle fire

Having taken up defensive positions the battle is underway. Kimizuki moves to avoid the blue fiery white tiger projectile, Byakkomaru that has been blasted from Shinya’s cursed gear rifle that comes crashing near him. Following Shinoa's orders and running to regroup, when Guren comes bounding Kimizuki says for them to do this and runs in with Yu.

With Yu battling Guren in a practice fight

After fighting briefly two on one, Kimizuki is kicked aside by Guren. The Lieutenant Colonel has fired off a red cyclone to blast squad members out the building and Kimizuki has joined them.

Maintaining formation around Yu

He forms around Yu who is fighting Guren one on one. After Guren knocks Mitsuba over, Kimizuki and Yoichi attempt to attack him from behind but are told they are too late. Raising himself after leying on the floor, Kimizuki appears downtrodden as he hears Guren explain to Shinoa the vampire nobles are far stronger than them and will not hold back.

Feeling Narumi is right about them

His squad is combined with Makoto Narumi's squad, and Kimizuki tells Yu he cannot really blame the sergeant, he may be a complete jerk wad but he is dead right about them. With Shinoa feeling incompetent as a squad leader, Kimizuki joins the rest of the squad in being supportive and tells her they will still need a commander.[14]

Waiting for the countdown to target vampire nobles

Waiting in a building with twenty minutes to go before the mission start to target vampire nobles across Nagoya, Kimizuki gathers with Narumi squad and hears the attack plan from Shūsaku Iwasaki. The attack is to begin at fourteen hundred hours where the gathered teams will attack in unison which, if goes to plan will result in eight targets being executed leaving two nobles alive.

Their combined squad is one of the smallest

Their target is a strong one, Lucal Wesker, the fifteenth progenitor. If they are unable to take him by surprise then their priority is to cut off his retreat and prevent him from joining the other nobles. Once their target is dead they are to hold off any remaining vampires until the lieutenant colonel supplies them with new orders.

Lucal Wesker should be in the park

The best-case scenario is that all the targets are killed simultaneously and they do not have a problem regrouping and killing the remaining two nobles in Nagoya. If the targets are not destroyed and the nobles join forces there is no way they will be able to beat them. He tells Yu to come one when he has surmised all they need to do is kill this “loo-loo la-a guy”. With unrest from Tarō Kagiyama and Rika Inoue, Kimizuki tells Yu to go apologize.

Attacking the vampire noble

With Gekkouin and Byakomaru fired from Yoichi and Shinya respectively bombing the target area, Kimizuki moves out with the squad. Ordered by Narumi to take the cursed stimulant pill, cover fire on the hooded vampires is provided by the ranged weapon users and Kimizuki joins Yu to fight Lucal Wesker. Flanking the fifteenth progenitor, his swords are evaded and Kimizuki sees Lucal grip the blade of Shinoa's scythe.

Renewing the fight

After Narumi fails to strike the vampire with Lucal swinging Shinoa in the way, and then Mitsuba’s Tenjiryū power is fended off, Kimizuki says that is it and charges to attack the blood sucker.

Disarmed of a sword

He is able to trade a few sword moves before one of his twin weapons is knocked out his hand. He is assisted by Tarō, Rika and Yayoi Endo as they all stab Lucal in the back when Kimizuki has the vampire’s complete attention.

A plan to discourage Lucal from retreating

With Lucal escaping the chain power of Akahebi by cutting off his own arm, Kimizuki steps forward knowing that the squad cannot keep the formation and stop him from escaping. They need to lure him in close enough to surround him. He glances to Yu who sheathes his sword, then sets about fulfilling what he had in mind.

Using his cursed gear to sizzle his arm

Addressing Lucal as ugly bloodsucker, Kimizuki knows vampires can re-attach their arms but he is curious as to whether they grow a brand new one. Wishing to find out the answer, Kimizuki stabs Lucal Wesker’s dismembered arm that lays at his feet. Ignoring Lucal’s quiet warning that he does not want to make him angry, Kimizuki moves his sword around to exacerbate the curse effects on the limb.

Lucal must have said that as a fancy vampire he could not beat some humans

Assuming it is Lucal’s dominant arm, thus all the more important, Kimizuki happily tells Lucal if he wants it then he had better start begging. With Lucal saying he will kill him, Kimizuki did not quite get what he said, but maybe it was that a fancy vampire noble cannot kill a couple of humans.

Standing his ground as the end begins for the noble

The ploy works and Kimizuki stands by as Tenjiryū flies past him into the oncoming noble. Remaining as he is when Lucal cuts through that and continues towards him, he has Gekkouin and Byakomaru fly overhand from Yoichi and Shinya now behind him. He sees Yu deliver a strike across Lucal and then the fifteenth vampire progenitor turn into orange ash when Lucal ends himself with Yayoi’s sword rather than die by humans.

Wondering how others have done

He tells Shinoa not to forget that he provoked Lucal when she praises Yu, and as with the others he is happy with their victory. By working together they really can destroy the nobles. Kimizuki stands in silence as it is wondered on whether the other squads are doing okay.[15]

Awaiting the arrival of other squads

With the radio tower in sight, Kimizuki waits near a disused fountain. As squad leader Aiko Aihara arrives with her team, Kimizuki asks Shinoa was there not fifteen soldiers when they set out earlier since there are seven now. When Guren joins them, Kimizuki is praised by Narumi then hears from Guren how they cannot wait for others to arrive and have to head into their next mission.

A next mission is underway since people have been captured

Twenty five soldiers have been taken hostage from the failed attack on three nobles at city hall. The new objective is to kill the three nobles and rescue the hostages. His squad along with Narumi and Guren’s are on the roof of a building in preparation for the mission.[16] Crowley Eusford, Chess Belle and Horn Skuld are the vampires inside and Guren’s plan is to leave the hostages behind if they prove too strong. Kimizuki is part of a larger plan to keep the vampires in Nagoya whilst the main unit moves from Shibuya.

Suspecting their whole mission serves as a decoy

He explains what Guren is basically saying is that this whole attack on Nagoya has been nothing but a decoy. After Yoichi’s failed attack he hears the noble he failed to destroy is the vampire they fought when heading to Shinjuku and his comrades are with him too.

Hearing where they are going when arriving at the airport after the rescue

With the strength of the vampires, Kimizuki awaits Guren’s answer on whether they rescue them or not. They will have five minutes to rescue as many hostages as they can before retreating at once and joining the other teams at Nagoya City airport. Kimizuki asks where they are going after the airport, yet orders should be there when they arrive.

5 minutes to save as many soldiers as they can

Walking to their positions, he parts ways with Narumi squad for them to rescue more people between them. Synchronising their clocks, they are to set an alarm for exactly five minutes. When it goes off they have tor retreat no matter what is happening at the time. As Yoichi feels favourably on how they will do, and that they have become really good friends, Kimizuki responds to that to say that might be an exaggeration, before laughing that he is just kidding.

In favour of helping Guren & Shinya

An explosion through the clock tower signals the beginning of the attack and he moves in to where the wooden crosses are containing the prisoners. With Guren and Shinya swung into the city hall building itself by Crowley, he does not think helping them is a bad idea, they might be able to launch some kind of pincer attack.

In the process of helping the commanders

Running up the stairs, he pauses after Shinoa has ran along the corridor underneath the fourth floor where Guren and Shinya are. Kimizuki tells Yu he heard her when Shinoa orders him to follow her lead.[17] He joins Yu by jumping to where Crowley is from the floor below to block his attack aimed at Yu.

Restraining Yu who is reluctant to retreat

He grabs Yu to help them retreat before Crowley, Chess and Horn can pick them off one by one. Kimizuki complies with Shinya’s direct order to stop Yu from going back and he physically restrains Yu. Ordered to escape by Shinya, they successfully do after Guren’s squad distract the vampires to also help cover their retreat.

Safe yet Guren was left behind

Out of harms way, he looks on concerned at Yu’s upset that they have left Guren behind to die. He is stood around the squad and shouts that Yu is an idiot after he has taken an extra two cursed gear stimulants.

Blasted back by an invisible force from Yu

With Yoichi and Shinya, they attempt to physically restrain Yu before a force emitted from him propels Kimizuki back into Mitsuba. He watches as Shinoa checks Yu’s heartbeat. As Kimizuki processes Yu lying before him, in bafflement he asks whether this is some kind of joke.[18] He is surprised to see Yu awake and tells him they thought he was dead. Kimizuki helps support Yu as he sits up before shouting his name after Yu abruptly leaves by propelling himself through the air.

Having tracked Yu down

With Yu attempting to rescue Guren from Crowley, Chess and Horn, Kimizuki joins them at city hall and sends Kiseki-o’s Devil Coffin power into the room, and telling it to open on the count of nine. Leaping in himself he is startled to see the black horn coming out of Yu’s head.

Retrieving him with Crowley nearby

The countdown is nearing completion and his weapons are sheathed as he runs over and grabs Yu. He proceeds to throw him towards the coffin floating above to have Yu swallowed by the black fanged entity that emerges, and results in Yu being swallowed into the coffin.

Escaping with Yu inside

Kimizuki lands with the object where they both descend to the floor below after a ring is cut into the ground around them. Escaping, Kimizuki opens the coffin and is pleased to see that Yu is okay. Unable to miss the transport helicopter, he lifts Yu out and runs with him on his back. When Shinoa asks he replies that was Kiseki-o’s ability and that anyone who hears the nine counts is forced into containment, just temporarily. He shakes his head when Yoichi mentions Guren before hearing Shinya warn that the vampire’s backup is here.

Escaping to Nagoya airport

As he runs along a road there is a single vampire ahead. Kimizuki thought the rest of the city was cleared. He stands watching with some apprehension as Guren’s squad engage the incoming vampire, which is Yu's childhood friend Mika. Surprised to hear Shinoa say that the vampire might be Yu’s family, Kimizuki keeps Yu on his back as Mitsuba is knocked aside and Shinoa attempts to tell Mika that they are Yu’s family too.

Head-butted by Mika

Grabbing Mika’s wrist, Kimizuki states they are not giving Yu to him yet he is head-butted to the ground. He is surprised when Shinoa means to have Mika take Yu and run. Yet when Tarō and Rika speak for those discontented, Kimizuki has his swords out and takes his place in between them and Mika who the squad is defending. Effectively traitors to the Moon Demon Company soldiers, some of whom wish them ill, Kimizuki asks if they are really doing this as they help Mika escape with Yu.

The sky is filled with vampires

The reinforcements have arrived and he looks up disturbed at the sky filled with descending vampires.[19] An escape helicopter should be waiting for them so Kimizuki follows Shinoa’s order of falling back.

Finding the airport deserted

Although he has arrived at the airport safely, it is to find it deserted so Kimizuki asks Shinoa what is going on.[20] After seeing Shinoa struck by Rika as she is blamed for the deaths of Yayoi and Kagiyama for helping Mika escape, whilst Kimizuki objects to it he is motioned to stay back.

Shinoa has Rika's sword near her face

When Rika draws her weapon near Shinoa, Kimizuki holds the hilt of his sword as he witnesses the grief. With Shinya intervening, it is then revealed the final mission was to escape in a chopper then lead the vampires into a trap waiting for them in Shinjuku. Kimizuki hears that Guren was not the one who planned this but Lieutenant General Kureto Hīragi. The Demon Company’s new mission directed by Shinya is to ignore upper commands orders and rescue Guren.

Kureto, who tortured him and Yoichi has disembarked

With helicopters approaching, Kimizuki voices vampires. He watches at what transpires to be Demon Army aircraft land nearby. After Aoi Sangū exits, Kureto himself follows and he hears from Yoichi that he is the one who tortured them. Kimizuki remembers the name, Kureto Hīragi.

Receiving orders from Kureto to disarm and relax

After he introduces himself to those gathered as the Lieutenant General and gives orders to disarm and relax, Kimizuki is instructed by Shinoa to stay at attention and be prepared to fight just in case. He sees the crate with spell tags Aoi has signalled for raised up behind Kureto.

Defending Narumi from connected spiked rods

This is opened with a mass of connected spiked rods stabbing into and killing many soldiers including Rika and Shūsaku. When Narumi is fighting Kureto, Kimizuki intervenes alongside Yoichi to defend Narumi from the spiked chains that are aiding Kureto. He comments it was a nice save when Yu appears in time to defend Shinoa from the rods sent at her. Seeing that the rods are coming from the container, he calls to Yoichi to press him to fire at it.

Shouting that Yu is going too far out

Retreating as a squad now including Narumi and Mika, Kimizuki finds the escape path blocked by a host of vampire led by a masked noble that have descended from the arriving helicopters. Shinya and Guren’s squad are helping them escape both the army and attacking vampires. As Kimizuki blocks the sword of a Demon Army member he calls Yu an idiot since he is too far out.[21]

His sister was within the crate

With Guren having returned, Kimizuki looks on in shock as he assaults vampires and human soldiers. The rods stab into them and turn red then the container the chains are coming from explodes, Kimizuki sees a white shining orb with outer colors of purple and gold. After wings are unfurled Kimizuki is stunned to see that it is Mirai.

Furious at what has been done to Mirai

She labels them blasphemers who have brought this upon themselves. Blowing a long golden horn darkens the sky and brings jagged rocks up from the ground. With spell tag covered ropes wrapped around her limbs by the Japanese Imperial Demon Army command, Kimizuki furiously tells the monsters that is his sister and what have they done to her.

Stabbed by Guren

As he runs Kimizuki is stabbed through the stomach by Guren. He can raise himself to see Mirai. A black mass has emerged from her back and formed into a gargantuan winged monster called Abaddon. Having three darts thrown into it has created globules that break off and form into Four Horseman of John that attack vampires and humans.

Refusing help, he is concerned for Mirai

Even though he is seriosuly wounded with a myriad of threats around, Kimizuki orders Yoichi to get off of him as he is not leaving Mirai behind. Ignoring Mitsuba, he tells his squad to go ahead and escape, for him this battle is personal now. Kimizuki cannot walk too far before collapsing to his knees. He is being held up by Mitsuba when observed by Mika and Yu. The Horseman of the Apocalypse have stopped attacking concurrently as a great column of fire has exploded onto the battlefield.

Pleading for Yu to help his sister

It is Yu, and Kimizuki mentions his sister, imploring Yu to help her. He sees the landscape has been returned to what it was after Yu, filled with the power of the second trumpet, the King of Salt has destroyed Abaddon. Continuing to be supported by Mitsuba, Kimizuki appears to be relieved at the seraph aspects of Mirai disappearing before focusing on Yu in the air and asking how.

Needing to retrieve Yu after he fell

When Yu collapses from Asuramaru causing two large demons horns to come out his head, he follows Shinoa’s direction that they have to go and get him. Kimizuki is being carried on Yoichi’s back as they approach Yu. Narumi has used Genbushin to create a towering wide wall between them and Guren with the Imperial Demon Army on the other side giving them time to escape.

Understanding they can't head back for Mirai

As he is carried by Yoichi he tells him it is okay when he mentions his sister is still back there. Kimizuki waits as Shinoa confronts the Demon Army soldiers who have caught up to them. As they order Yu to be handed over, Kimizuki listens as Shinoa answers they no longer take orders from them, as of now they have withdrawn from the demon army. He sees Mika blast away the attacking soldiers and the retreat is continued.

Waiting for Yu and Mika

Four months later, Kimizuki stands on a beach, his cursed gear swords laying on bags at his feet. He is wearing non-uniform clothes and asks where are those two. With them exiting the building nearby, Kimizuki tells Mika he is taking his time. With Yu joining them he hears the plan for them to get going. They will rescue his sister, and Guren to get him back to his old self. Shinoa has intel that the lieutenant Colonel is in Sanguinem. With Mika commenting that Yu should not grow wings or try and kill them all when they get there, Kimizuki jokes they should bring back the demon horns, it was a good look for Yu. He stops walking and watches as Yu begins to walk into the sea.[22]

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  • "Hey. Watch where you're going, you damn punk. You trying to start a fight or something?" - Walking into Yu and accusing him of starting a fight, before punching him.4
  • "Can't you see that I'm trying to sleep? Back off." - Grumbling at having his sleep disturbed, in class.4
  • "Lieutenant Colonel Ichinose? I don't mean to intrude, but do you have time to talk?" - With the answer from Guren being no, and told not to come in without permission, Kimizuki continues anyway "I just have a question about the cursed gear aptitude test a week from now. On that day I'll be given the chance to try out for the top ranked Black Demon series, right?" - The question concerns cursed gear, but hearing he is starting to outwear his welcome, Kimizuki adds "My grades are better than everyone else's. I'm the strongest student in class."4
  • "Look, this doesn't concern you. My goal is to impress everyone in this training exercise. That's the only thing that matters." - Wanting the test to proceed with his sister having taken a turn for the worse.4
  • “We want to save other people. Do the vampires have a lair and if so where can we find it?” - Asking the girl they rescued on where to find the other people being kept by the vampires are.
  • "Hey, you two love birds done flirting yet? We're ready to go." - Asking whether lovebirds Yu and Mitsuba are done arguing.
  • "Just don't touch anything for now. I'll give you an intro lesson or something later." - Waving Yu away when he asks to drive, and told that being able to hot-wire a car and drive makes him cool Kimizuki replies: "You're like the annoying little brother I never wanted."8
  • "Are we really this weak without shorty and the dumbass backing us up?" - Along with Mitsuba and Yoichi he is tiring against the vampires they are fighting and wonders if it is because Shinoa and Yu respectively are not there. 10
  • “DON’T UNDERESTIMATE ME!” - Surrounded and battle weary, Kimizuki shows his resolve against an attacking vampire.
  • “Did you honestly think we didn’t have the strength and training to take down an enemy platoon? You’ve gotta learn to trust your family.” - Not needing Yu's help, and encouraging him to trust them as a squad.10
  • “And you still think it’s smart that we don’t tell Yu he completely lost control? Because it kind of looks like you’re trying to manipulate him for some reason. But you wouldn’t do that to your teammate, right?" - Then asked what if Shinoa would do such a thing he replies: "I don't know. I'd still follow orders to keep my sister safe. But I'd have to swallow down vomit every time I saw you."14
  • “I've recently met this really stupid guy who I absolutely hate. Now I can't seem to get away from him even though he might be the most annoying person on the planet. Anyway, he says he’ll risk his life to protect the people he cares about. Even if his family isn’t related to him by blood. That’s crazy, right? I mean the guy’s a moron. I know, and it’s driving me crazy that he might be a better person than me. He’d give up so much for people he’s not related to, so how can I possibly kill my own sister?” - Influenced by Yu’s concern for family not related to him by blood, with that as the means of overcoming the demon Kiseki-o in the guise of his own sister.
  • “Nice try but on the count of nine I’m opening the devil’s coffin!” - After blocking Yu’s cursed gear power, Kimizuki has his own specialized ability.
  • “Still, it was my hatred for him that helped me overcome my demon.” - Deeming him annoying and angered that Yu may be a better person than him since he values family that is not even blood related, were factors Kimizuki remembers.14
  • "If Guren's mad I'll just tell him it was Shinoa and Mitsuba's fault." - Answering Yoichi if they are in trouble for being late to the meeting at Ebina then he knows what to say.16
  • "Can't really blame him. He may be a complete jerk wad but he's dead right about us." - Commenting on Narumi who feels they are a squad do not belong on the battlefield since they do not follow orders and have no sense of team work.
  • Hey, ugly bloodsucker! You bastards can re-attach your arms but can you grow a brand new one? Why don’t we find out?” - Kimizuki stabs Lucal Wesker’s dismembered arm, before twisting the sword around to make it frizzle then proceeds: “It's your dominant arm, right? Well, if you want it, you better start begging!” 17
  • “Not a bad idea, we might be able to launch some kind of pincer attack.” - In favour of helping Shinya and Guren at Nagoya city hall to also have a chance at defeating vampire nobles.19
  • “It’s Kiseki-o’s ability. Anyone who hears the nine counts is forced into containment.” - Describing Kiseki-o’s Devil’s Coffin power, which he used to acquire Yu and subdue his physical demon aspects.21
  • “No, you monsters. That’s my sister! What have you done to her!” - Enraged after seeing the situation on Mirai.24
  • “Go ahead and escape. This battle is personal now.” - Telling his squad to go as he staggers forward to his sister.


  • Shihō 「士方」 means "Samurai's Direction."
  • Kimizuki 「君月」 means "Your Moon."