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Shikama Dōji is the first progenitor and founded the race of vampires all of who he largely becomes indifferent to. He was training Yu as a seraph during the dark ages of Greece where he came into contact with Ashera Tepes. Sika Madu kept the deceased body of his son Michaela in an off limits room. Having turned into a demon known as Shikama Dōji the first would possess the head member of the Hīragi Family until the present time. Shikama Dōji mentions a god to the next head he aimed to possess, Kureto Hīragi. Succeeding in possessing and occupying Shinoa Hīragi's body he would come into conflict with one of his second progenitors, Saitō. The first interacts with various other characters throughout the Seraph of the End series, which affects himself and the story. This article details Shikama Dōji's relationships with other characters.



His son Mikaela whose deceased body was kept during the dark ages of Greece. Of his own account Sika Madu was blamed for his crimes and made him into what he is now. He keeps Mikaela in a private room and harbors negative sentiments to an undisclosed they who also killed his child. Sika Madu intended to make another Mikaela by resorting to biological experimentation. Both his vampire creation, and demon experiments appears to be attempts to find either a vessel strong enough to contain Mikaela's soul, or bring him into the world via another method.

Japanese Imperial Demon Army[]

Having founded the organization that became the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, the First heavily influences the largest human army in Japan. While the Japanese Imperial Demon Army crush dissent which is somewhat helpful to him, Shikama Doji appears more interested in the human experiments they are willing to conduct. Direct manipulation of them is not required, the army will of its own accord develop both cursed gear and undertake seraph experimentation as they seek to survive against vampires, where with them doing the work it is helpful for Shikama Doji to potentially bring his son back and deal with likely seraph problems that could trouble him if they were not restrained.

Tenri Hīragi[]

The current head of the Hīragi family is Tenri Hīragi, who Shikama Dōji possessed. That he did this was unknown to even Tenri's son Kureto. When Tenri was targeted in a coup by Kureto the first seemingly made no effort to defend his vessel instead he then infected Kureto without a thought to Tenri laying deceased nearby.

Mahiru Hīragi[]

Shikama Dōji was one of the demons that had resided in Mahiru Hīragi. When Shinoa was younger, Mahiru extracted Shikama Dōji through unknown means in order to protect Shinoa from experimentation, erasing her memories in the process. Shikama Dōji as a weapon was then given by Mahiru to Guren Ichinose to give to Shinoa. After receiving Shikama Dōji, Shinoa regains her memories of the demon. Whilst he was possessing Shinoa during the invasion of Shibuya the first would be surprised to have one of his scythes blocked by Mahiru and then sealed due to the sinful key she wielded. He later leaves Mahiru's body as he considers her to be dangerous.

Sensing her influence before she appeared, in possessing Shinoa he would be affected by drugs injected within Mahiru when she drew near to their location.

Shinoa Hīragi[]

Episode 3 - Screenshot 29.png

The human girl Shinoa Hīragi that Shikama Dōji formed a contract with from an early age. Shikama Dōji appears to have been residing inside Shinoa as she was born due to experimentation performed under Tenri Hīragi's command. Whilst as a scythe manifestation Shinoa seems to be fond of Shikama Dōji who fondly addresses Shikama Dōji as "Shi-chan" in the Japanese version and "Shi" in the English. Shikama Dōji states that Shinoa was successful in the experiment that Tenri conducted due to the lack of desires that Shinoa has. Shinoa can contract to any number of demons without getting possessed by them, Shinoa is still unaware about this however.

Appearing behind Shinoa.png

After learning that he is the one who is controlling the head of Hīragi family for generations and was possessing multiple individuals including her and Mahiru, Shinoa became aware of his true personality towards her and that his ultimate goal is to possess Shinoa completely when he learns her feelings towards Yu. Seemingly holding her in high regard, Shikama Doji viewed Shinoa as superior to her sister.

Of course, you don't. Because you're stronger. You are so much stronger than she ever was.

–Remarking that Shinoa is stronger than Mahiru. "Shuttered Shinoa"

After Shinoa lowers her internal walls to save Yu from being killed by Shikama Dōji he takes the opportunity to possess Shinoa completely leaving Kureto Hīragi's body in the process. Shinoa's humanity and heart no longer existed as Shikama Dōji has complete control over her body. As her host he protects Shinoa's body from bisecting Ferid's body after he aimed his sword to kill her and then slicing off his sword holding arm. Shikama Dōji inside Shinoa's body could appear in front of Guren, Shinya, Kureto and Mika where it was able to summon multiple scythes. Shikama Dōji saw Shinoa as a valuable host since he was willing to allow himself be sealed to spare her body from the effects of three sinful keys being used on it.

Waking up to find Shinoa with her scythe in him, Shikama Dōji announces his departure. Bidding Shinoa farewell to save Yu and Mika, he declines to elaborate and adds it is none of her business what he intends to do.

So that you can protect Yu? True. I can sense that that's the desire you've hidden in the corner of your heart. How brave of you.

–His answer to the offer to possess Shinoa, and what he knows and thinks of her. Chapter 103 "The Sky Awaits Them Both", page 20

Although pausing to consider Shinoa's offer to possess her, Shikama Dōji thanks her for everything before leaving.

I'm abandoning you. In all these millennia... you two sisters are the first to ever surpass the parameters of my plans. You make me feel fear.

–Views about Mahiru and Shinoa. Chapter 103 "The Sky Awaits Them Both", page 20

Feeling fear at Shinoa and Mahiru, he would deem them outside his plan.

Kureto Hīragi[]

Kureto attacking Shikama.PNG

After Kureto Hīragi kills his father, Tenri Hīragi, to take over the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, Shikama Dōji leaves Tenri's body to possess him instead. Shikama Dōji speaks amicably with Kureto and freely reveals that he is the first vampire. Saying that he has been trying to die for sometime the first also makes little attempt to defend himself as he is stabbed by Kureto. After nullifying Abaddon with Mirai as a seraph Shikama Dōji focuses on possessing Kureto's body rather than fight him even with resistance from Kureto's demon, Raimeiki. Afterwards he leaves Kureto and goes after Shinoa to possess her completely.

Yūichirō Hyakuya[]

Sika with first Yu.png

Prior to becoming the demon Shikama Dōji, Sika Madu brought a young Yūichirō Hyakuya with him to free the imprisoned Ashera from a slave dealer in ancient Greece. Sika Madu would question how Yu could be hungry when he just ate and fed him regardless whilst engaging in conversations about his growth. Toys were provided for Yu at Sika Madu's residence and he brought Yu to his chambers at night. There when the past Yu transformed into a Seraph with a murderous intent towards Ashera, Sika Madu would calmly try and quell Yu's unnatural fury. He resorted to grabbing Yu to stop him attacking and was sure that modifications should have addressed the anger issue. When Yu flew off into the air Sika Madu would join him and decapitate Yu. Sika Madu would be near Yu as a dark substance interacted with him.

C73 1.PNG

Fine with Yu entering a forbidden room containing his son, it transpires that Sika Madu had been reading fairy tale based stories to him. Surprised to hear that Yu had a secret, Sika Madu also appeared to consider Yu in a new light due to the time he spent around Mikaela, and upon hearing that his son had spoken to him.

Well, true or not... ...It's obvious you truly care about Mikaela. Ah. I care a lot about him too. So, Yu? Let's bring him back to life. Both of us. Together.

–Firmly bringing in Yu in his goal to resurrect Mikaela. Chapter 113: "Everyone's Secrets", page 9-10

Expressing familiarity with Yu the first tells him it has been a long time since he last saw him. Later when he invades Asuramaru's heart Yu joins them and Shikama Dōji is delighted to see both him and Asuramaru together. The attempt to recover his memory of him fails and he mentions Yu who was just supposed to be another empty vessel. It is revealed his true goal was to draw out Shinoa by nearly killing the pair with the latter achieving his goal and possessing Shinoa. He later completely abandons his vessel Shinoa to "save his precious Yu and Mikaela". In the past, Yu was created by Shikama to help resurrect Mikaela. In the present, Shikama confronts Yu when he tells Mika to become his demon.

Guren Ichinose[]

Finding Guren Ichinose, the leader of the Moon Demon Company join the battle against Saito, the First regarded him in his state as a demon of little importance. Surprised to find that scythes flung at Guren were caught by his own two demons, Mahiru and Noya, the First would then see each armed with a sinful key. Where Shikama Doji was possessing Shinoa's body at the time, he was enveloped by the power generated from the sinful keys. While confident that he could endure, Shikama Doji abandoned his control of Shinoa's body to keep that vessel intact. Told to stay sealed forever by Guren, he laughed in response before successfully being banished by him.

The First would again have his possession of Shinoa interfered with by Guren'a arrival. His goal of acquiring Mikaela's spirit would be competed with by Guren, who sent Yu to gain Mika first. Unlikely registering that he is regarded by Guren as acting with no regard for humans and so is a threat, Shikama Doji would be referred to as Shika Madu, in reference to his past name. His plot to seal both Yu and Mika would be challenged by Kimizuki and Yoichi who were sent on Guren's orders. Unknown to him, Shikama Doji's quest of using sinful keys and vampire sacrifices to resurrect Mikaela would be contested by Guren, who wanted to use the process to restore humanity instead. In simply not acknowledging him, Shikama Doji is continuously undermined by his leadership and direct action, with his own goals snatched away by Guren.


Calling himself the first vampire, Shikama Doji established a race of supernaturally powerful beings that required blood to survive. Their numbers were kept very low, with only two known second progenitors being created, before vampires of lower ranks were also formed, again of which they were few in number. With no goal of vampire conquest of the world in mind at all where this would be feasible, it would be guessed some time later that Shikama Doji had created vampires as potentially strong enough beings where one could house the soul of his son.

Vampires cannot die. They become demons. With no will of their own... ...They're condemned to a hell of eternal reliance on human desire. But if you listen to me...

–Able to speak with vampires in their minds, and seeking to have them join him. Chapter 114 "Everyone's Goals", page 15

Losing interest in them rather quickly, Shikama Doji left them with their own eternal lives. It seems a case he gave them laws to uphold forever as something for his test subjects to do before promptly moving on from them. Even when vampires established control of the ruined world after the catastrophe, after a long reign of humans managing their own affairs, Shikama Doji still did not react to them. Where some vampires felt he should provide purpose, Shikama Doji would not appreciate it was in his interest to address their apathy with living, where he would be undermined by certain members.

Urd Geales[]

Meeting the First.PNG

A second progenitor, Urd Geales is the current leader of the Progenitor Council and the vampires who largely rule what remains of the world. When a human, Sika Madu found him in a prison and offered eternal life. Urd was more likely the most loyal as he and Saitō used to accompany Sika Madu when he was the First Progenitor. Despite Sika Madu leaving him and the vampires, Urd continues to uphold the First Progenitor's laws upon becoming leader of the vampires. Not having any words for him after Urd was seen again after some time, neither for upholding his laws so vigorously, Shikama Doji would find this most loyal and thankful for his powers individual would work against his plan to resurrect Mikaela.


A former second progenitor, Rígr Stafford was probably loyal to the First Progenitor thousands of years ago as he always accompanied him. Along with Urd, it was also Saito as a human who Sika Madu found in prison before offering eternal life. Some time after the First Progenitor abandoned the vampire race, Rígr decided to no longer follow the First Progenitor's laws and soon relinquished his position as a second progenitor. He then turns up thousands of years later in Japan, where he disguised himself as a normal looking human named Saitō who worked for the Brotherhood of a Thousand Nights. Saitō then aided Mahiru Hīragi in betraying the organization and has since continued fulfilling his own agenda. Saitō dislikes him as he interferes with his plans however it is later revealed that Saitō's actual idea was to obtain Sika Madu's attention and be truly "seen" by him, a goal that he seemed to have pursued since ancient time during his first years as a immortal. Shikama Dōji hears how Rigr has gone to extreme lengths to accomplish his goals such as stealing the power and life force of his own subordinates in order to boost his own power in order to fight the First on even ground. Whilst the first greets Saitō after a long time apart he swiftly moves onto the Fifth Trumpet near him and cuts off Saitō's head when that is hampered. The first does not remember building Saitō like that when he sees the chains that connect Saitō's body. Shikama Dōji is unable to ignore Saitō any longer as cutting the neck chain tethering Saitō's head and torso causes a greater numbers of piercing chains to fly towards him. Shikama Dōji registers the beast of the apocalypse like power that Saitō has produced and guides his scythes to slice Saitō to pieces.

All right, then. If you despise me this much... ...you can die.

–Responding to Saito's attack. Chapter 107 "Angel's Plan", page 22-23

Under attack from Saito's chains when he was attempting to seal Yu and Mika, he reacted with violence. Weathering the assault from seraphs who had appeared, it was Saito and Urd who Shikama Doji called for assistance. Finding himself imprisoned, Shikama Doji addresses how they have both underestimated their creations.[1]

Asked what his plan is, Shikama Doji feels Saito must know about that, but does not clarify if it is concerning the resurrection of his son. Suspecting that Saito may have held a grudge ever since being discarded, Shikama Doji reacts by telling him nothing in this world means anything. Aware that he had founded the Hyakuya Sect to compete with his own Emperor's Demons, Shikama Doji planted the Hyakuya Orphanage into Saito's organization.

Well. You aren't a normal vampire anymore, are you?

–Commenting on Saito using spell tags to dispel his voice. Chapter 114 "Everyone's Goals", page 16

Accused of still involving Saito within his grand plan, Shikama Doji answers he is not god and attempts to have him listen. Apparently not fully registering Saito's perspective, Shikama Doji seems to have felt he was doing a good thing in offering Saito a way to die as he claimed to be bored of living. Not appreciating that Saito would not welcome the chance to die so Shikama Doji could use all vampire's sacrifice to resurrect his son, he came under attack by him. Ignoring Saito instilled aggrievement, and Shikama Doji's method of alleviation worsened it so now he has his plans opposed by him.[2]

Mikaela Hyakuya[]

It is unknown what plans Shikama has for Mikaela Hyakuya, but it is known that he knows him and he needs him. In one of his conversations with Shinoa, Shikama said that he knows a way to make Mika a human. Noya, when he saw Mika, said that Mika is "The Completed Shikama Experiment". Krul also mentioned that Mika is one of Shikama Dōji experiments. Secretly inserting an orphanage into Saito's Hyakuya organization, the First would find Mika turn up to the one he had added.

In the present, Shikama finds Mika in the past. He was surprised when he realized that Mika was in the distant past. Summoning his scythes, he says he won't let him go. Shikama tries to get Mika to sleep, but due to Yu's interference, his plan fails. Shikama looks upset when he hears Mika say that he will become Yu's Demon.

Krul Tepes[]

A third progenitor of the vampires, Krul Tepes was around his son's deceased self in the past. Sika Madu utterly ignores and left heartbroken when he disappeared with her brother, Ashera. At some point he sired Krul, she still holds a grudge against him and loathes him. It is later revealed that she was supposed to be one of Shikama's chosen ones, but he abandoned her.

Lest Karr[]

A third progenitor of the vampires, it is later revealed that Lest Karr was not considered to be one of Shikama's chosen ones. While imprisoned, Shikama Doji would find Lest Karr would be prepared to act against his plans to resurrect Mikaela as that was what Saito and Urd were doing.

Nix Parthe[]

A third progenitor of the vampires, Sika Madu is not seen to have paid any mind to Nix Parthe.

Ky Luc[]

A fifth progenitor of the vampires, Sika Madu would not consider Ky Luc outside his prison. He would find Ky Luc wouls be acting against his goals.



Finding the human Ashera chained to weight at a slave dealer during the dark ages of Greece, Sika Madu would procure him. Asking if he was hungry, Sika Madu provided food and commented that Ashera held his fork nicely and was aware of his noble background. At his manor, Sika Madu would have Ashera summoned to his chamber as Yu was transformed into a seraph. Sika Madu would speak calmly for Ashera to leave on account of the bad timing and although he held Yu by his wrist with him cutting his own arm off Sika Madu did not stop Ashera from being seriously injured by Yu.

Noting that Ashera had survived the fall, Sika Madu saw that he had absorbed some of Yu's blood and lived through that. He would ask whether Ashera had something to live for before turning Ashera into a vampire. When Ashera awoke, Sika Madu informed him that the place they were in was hell.

Continuing to speak candidly, Sika Madu shared Ashera's dislike of the sun before revealing his awareness that Ashera had entered a restricted room containing the body of his son Mikaela. As vampires, Ashera was the only one the First Progenitor cared about and Ashera looked up to him, even going so far as to call him "Father." He assured Ashera that he would always be with him even after he became a demon.

Killing Asuramaru and Yu.png

After confronting him in his mind in the present day, when he became a demon, Asuramaru does not remember him calling him a pitiful monster, to which Shikama Dōji calls him Ashera Tepes to remind him. He tells him Asuramaru is not a demon and is glad that he is doing well, though Asuramaru ignores him and when failed to kill him, Shikama Dōji forces him to recall his memories and his past life, who he used to be and what was done to him. After Asuramaru regains his memories, he seems to obey the first with other demons.

Demon Mika[]

After Mika awakens as a demon without memories, Shikama Dōji orders his subordinates to capture his soul. Seemingly able to locate him within a demon based dream world, Shikama Doji also repeats this order one more time to Ashera when fighting Shinoa. After overcoming Shinoa, he leaves her body to retrieve his precious Mikaela. Able to perceive Demon Mika within a memory accessed through an eye, Shikama Doji could become the Sika Madu in the past memory to greet him. From there, he tried with some urgency to have him sleep, and then seal him. When Yu and Demon Mika have made a contract, Shikama Doji is against it as it is not time. Also against them deploying any power, Shikama Doji is wary, with good reason, that it might attract seraphs.

Noya Hienma[]

When Noya Hienma was a vampire he rarely obeyed Shikama Dōji and did whatever he thought to do. However, Noya later became a demon and was chosen by Shikama Dōji as an apostle. Presently Noya intentions were unknown if he is still siding with him even though now he is a demon but the only one who remembers his past as a vampire. However he fought against him when he was possessing Shinoa's body.


A former vampire, Raimeiki once knew the first progenitor. He had chosen her as one of his disciples involved with preventing a future catastrophe. Shikama Doji also trusted Raimeiki with news involving his son Mikaela.

Oh. Hello there, Raimeiki. Welcome home.

–Reacting to being stabbed in the chest by greeting Kureto's demon within his sword. "Defining a King"

After years apart, Shikama Dōji expressed familiarity with her, and was held off to be sealed temporarily from invading Kureto's body. The efforts provided only temporary relief as Shikama Dōji was able to possess then leave Kureto's body to target Shinoa. It is later revealed that Raimeiki also on the side of Shikama Dōji for a long time and is currently working for him.


A black demon, Shikama Dōji anoints Gekkouin as one of the apostles. He currently regains his memory and remembers that he works for Shikama Dōji. Together with Asuramaru and Kiseki-o, he tried to capture Mikaela's soul at the behest of Shikama.


A black demon who with Shikama Dōji for a long time, Kiseki-o is one of the apostles. He currently regains his memory and remembers that he works for Shikama Dōji. Together with Asuramaru and Gekkouin, he tried to capture Mikaela's soul at the behest of Shikama.


A black demon, Shikama Dōji selects Byakkomaru as one of the apostles.


While having wings that resemble a seraph, and performing experiments on one active in Yu, he generally otherwise seems to have been avoiding them. Aware that he had been sensed by three seraphs within Yu, he moved to defend himself from their javelin like attacks. In his weakened state, the First had to call for aid and escape where he was seemingly unable to overcome them.

Don't listen to them. Those angels. They're my... No. They're your enemy. That's all.

–Some parting words while being taken away in chains. Chapter 108: "Yu's Sword", page 37

Judging the seraphs within Yu at least to be threats, the First warned others against them. While seraphs enact divine punishment, Shikama Doji does not seem particularly bothered about their potential intervention in the even that he resurrects Mikaela.