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Shinjuku (新宿区 Shinjuku-ku?) in Seraph of the End is the second capital of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, and is en route from vampire territory to Shibuya. It is famous for experimenting on vampires.


This is a large city maintained by the JIDA. It is surrounded by high defensive walls endowed with magical barriers to repel Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Shinjuku is surrounded by high defensive walls.

Although it is well-kept since the Apocalypse, it suffers extensive damage during a vampire attack. The underground houses the experimentation for their numerous vampire guinea pigs. Sometimes, Kureto Hīragi takes the captured vampires above ground for further testing just outside the city walls.

Shinjuku's 5th Street Intersection.

A great deal of damage occurs at Shinjuku's 5th Street Intersection where the main forces of Guren Ichinose's Moon Demon Company and Ferid Bathory's vampire forces clash. This is also where Yūichirō Hyakuya and Mikaela Hyakuya meet for the first time in four years. When Yūichirō transforms, he destroys a few city blocks and leaves a massive crater in the ground.

Guren Ichinose can occasionally be found working in their high-tech laboratories deep within the underground Shinjuku Barracks.

It also has a hospital. In chapter 14, Yūichirō rests there after the battle.

It has a Spellcraft Research Library full of information on magic and vampires. After Yūichirō Hyakuya learns that Mikaela Hyakuya has been turned into a vampire, he goes there to study up on them while he is stationed in Shinjuku. One of their books is titled A Study of the Horrors of Bloodsucking Creatures.

The Shinjuku Central Army Headquarters First Office is here as well. Inside, Kureto interrogates Shinya Hīragi, Mitsuba Sangū, Yoichi Saotome, Shihō Kimizuki, and Yūichirō Hyakuya about a traitor. He also tortures Yoichi and Kimizuki in order to make Yūichirō divulge information to him. He then tells Yūichirō about the Hyakuya Sect.

The ruined city outside the walls has numerous broken buildings and damaged roads. Horsemen may appear nearby. Shinoa Hīragi takes her squad out here and away from the city in order to advance Yūichirō and Kimizuki on the next step of their Cursed Gear training.

Prior to the apocalypse, it had an underground tunnels consisting of many door step that lead deep underground. As well as many forbidden laboratories which consists of dangerous experiments that are locked, and surveillance camera's everywhere.


Shinjuku was conquered by the Moon Demon Company, who led only one platoon of soldiers to wipe out the vampires, thus making it the second city of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army.[1] This is why the Moon Demon Company has a great responsibility to defend this land from any further attack; such as the one seen during the battle in the Shinjuku Arc.


Like Shibuya, this city is ruled by the JIDA and Hīragi Family, although this is not their main headquarters. They do extensive experimentation on vampires and do not consider them human. The experimentation is an open secret.


Events of 2012[]

In December 25th, 8:10 pm, there was an enormous research facility under Shinjuku central park that belonged to the Thousand Nights. Though the place was abandoned, the lights were on as Guren and his friends ran down to the lowest level, using his swords to cut the doors.

There Guren and his friends then descend the stairs,and the lowest the level would consist of a long corridor and a ceremonial hall at the end, they then find an accurate map which would lead them to Mahiru Hīragi which she was conducting a ritual to bring out the apocalypse. As Guren says they are here to save the world, and halt the catastrophe.

After the final battle where they found Mahiru, where she slaughtered all of Guren friends. Guren threw away his Cursed Gear Noya. Mahiru informs Guren about the reason the vampires destroyed the Thousand Nights as to stop the Seraph of the End experiment. Mahiru then picks up Noya, stabs herself in the chest and fused with her heart. She tells Guren that him and his friends coming here wasn't part of the plan, as he can halt the catastrophe. Mahiru informs Guren how to activate the Seraph of the End to revive people .

As the time reached 10:30 pm which was supposed only Mahiru could achieve it, but having killed herself, Guren had no choice but to revive his friends. This is also where Guren met Ferid Bathory the second time who was amazed by what Guren selfish actions. Following Mahiru's instructions. Guren starts to activate the Seraph of the End to revive his friends. Guren then understands and accepts it as it is his sin. After activating the Seraph of the End, the world ends.

Events of 2020[]

Shinjuku Arc[]

Vampires attack Shinjuku. The battle is close and exhaustive, but the main army of the JIDA arrives and chases off the vampire invaders. Many soldiers are stationed here afterwards. The city acquires extensive damage.

Moon Company arrives in the battle field to exterminate the vampires

After the battle, Guren Ichinose goes deep underground in one of the research facilities. Shinoa Hiragi finds him there and asks him some questions. After that, Yūichirō Hyakuya continues recovering in the hospital above ground. The next week, all of Shinoa Squad aside from Shinoa are interrogated by Kureto Hiragi. He tortures Yoichi Saotome and Shiho Kimizuki in order to get Yūichirō Hyakuya to speak. He then reveals information about the Hyakuya Sect.

Post-Shinjuku Arc[]

Later on, Kureto exposes vampires to sunlight and starvation above ground to try and force them into transforming into demons. The experiment fails, and he has them killed. Kureto then gives Guren Ichinose orders to attack Nagoya.


  • Shinjuku is a real place in Tokyo, Japan.


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