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Shinoa Hīragi (柊 シノア Hīragi Shinoa?) is a character in Seraph of the End, predominantly of the Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign manga series. She also appears in the prequel story Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen light novel series, and the manga adaptation of it. Shinoa is from the prestigious and rich Hīragi Family, and the younger sister of Mahiru Hīragi. Working with Guren Ichinose, she was appointed as Yūichirō Hyakuya's supervisor during his suspension. A sergeant of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, Shinoa is additionally a member of the Moon Demon Company where she is the leader of the Shinoa Squad (シノア隊 Shinoa-tai?).

Not partaking in the strife that undermined her family, Shinoa tends to her duties yet is fond of teasing others, including Yu, and Mitsuba Sangū who she was acquainted with. The other two members of her squad are Yoichi Saotome and Shihō Kimizuki, who she leads in campaigns against vampires that have assumed control over a ruined world. In combat, Shinoa generates her Cursed Gear scythe, using the power of her demon, Shikama Dōji. She would become aware of Mikaela Hyakuya's family ties to Yu. Open to discussions that Guren was using them, Shinoa would also entertain ideas that she was using her own squad. She remained concerned about human experimentation on Yu, where she was also experimented on as a child.

The whimsical aspect of her personality would be challenged on a mission in circumstances involving defeating vampire nobles, where her squad was joined with another, Makoto Narumi's. In response to her brother, Kureto Hīragi massacring his own troops, Shinoa ordered her squad to leave the army, with help from her adoptive brother Shinya Hīragi. With her developing feelings, Shinoa would increasingly realize Shikama Dōji's pernicious effects on world events. Ultimately possessed by him, her humanity was shattered away and her being was targeted by the emerged Hyakuya Sect directed by Saitō. With her mind back, Shinoa is firm in defending her squad.

Note: This is the page for Shinoa in the manga and light novels, for the anime article detailing Shinoa see: Shinoa Hīragi (Anime).


Shinoa in her JIDA uniform


In the light novels, Shinoa is described as a short, adorable, and beautiful young girl with shoulder lengthened ashen hair, the same as Mahiru's. The large bow on the back of her head is a dark shade of magenta, which is at the end of a twisted braid. She is described by Guren as having clear, piercing amber-red eyes that seemed to stare out at the world, and skin so pale that it was almost transparent to her blood. On her left arm, Shinoa has a black shackle.

She wears a black sailor-like uniform with ten yellow buttons along the side of the dress. Placed before the last set of buttons, Shinoa wears a silver belt, and on her hands are white gloves. There are two green stripes around the wrists of the uniform. On the neck side, she wears a dark pink bow tie.

Vampire Reign

As a teenager, Shinoa has grown taller, but is still notably shorter than many other people her age. She has a petite, thin figure, and now has her hair is pinned up at the back with a magenta bow, with side braids featured. While her natural eye color is a brownish orange, after being possessed by Shikama Dōji, her eyes become a pale yellow, with thinner irises and pupils.

In her supervisor role, Shinoa wears her school uniform, a sailor fuku which consists of a grey blouse with black cuffs that have teal trim in the middle. It has a black sailor-style collar with has teal trim and a single five teal petal design in the middle. The ribbon of the uniform is also teal and is tied in the front and laced through a loop attached to the blouse. The bottom is a black skirt. She wore it with dark blue knee high socks and white shoes.

Being a member of the Moon Demon Company, Shinoa is often seen wearing her Japanese Imperial Demon Army uniform. This consists of a long-sleeved black coat with a standing collar, which has a magenta bow tie around it. The coat has two rows of gold buttons on the front, light green details including the shoulder epaulets, which has a fourragère passing under and around her right side. Along with that, she wears a pair of white gloves, an armband on her left arm, and a white web belt with a gold waist-plate. Shinoa also wears the standard black skirt, dark gray thigh-high socks and knee-high black boots.

Her casual appearance does not differentiate much from her army uniform. The minor differences are that she does not have her gloves along with the bow tie on her collar, and wears a white long-sleeved dress shirt with a camisole over it.


Possessing a sarcastic, apathetic attitude, Shinoa does not put much emotion into her words. She loves teasing others and is quite dry-humored. Shinoa generally tends to smirk before teasing or performing her antics towards others, delighting in placing them in uncomfortable situations. She can be proud and facetious but has a nice, joyful and cheery part of her.

Oh, what are you looking at now? Do you see a naked girl?"

–Teasing Yu upon coming across him looking across the cityscape.

With the possibility raised upfront, Shinoa does not shy away from displaying a manipulative side. Shinoa does have a vulnerable complex about her short stature when Yūichirō and Shihō teased her for being too short to drive a car. She laughs smugly before proceeding to materialize her cursed gear to physically teach them a lesson.[5]

'Oh, Shinoa, you look so adorable in that uniform I could positively die! After all, I'm just a poor, inexperienced virgin.' Really? I understand.

–Voicing Yu's words as she imagines them. "Mitsuba's Squad"

Showing that she does not care about the conflict inside her family, Shinoa claims that family conflicts are what caused the death of her older sister.[6] Unlike Kureto, she lacks ambition and only wants to serve the army well. Shinoa explained to some soldiers that she does not actively seek a rise in rank, and her lack of ambition (and Mahiru overshadowing her) is what caused her to be cast out from her family. Due to her upbringing, Shinoa grew up without knowing what a sibling is, and never truly cared about anyone until her current squad was formed. Shinoa shows surprisingly little emotion when discussing her sister's death, suggesting an emotional detachment to people she knows. While she may also keep her friends away at an arm's length, she greatly respects Yu's resolve and feelings toward his family so acts to help him.

Ah, so you mean the struggle for power, I assume? The one that killed my gifted sister and has consumed my brother, Kureto? Little incompetent me ran away from that chaos as quickly as my feet could take me.

–Views on power and acting to avoid it considering how it affected others. "Defining a King"

In Catastrophe at Sixteen, Shinoa is revealed to be a lonely girl, shut away in an apartment on her own. With high expectations of herself, Shinoa thought how her older sister was a once-in-a-century genius and so she could not live up to these expectations.[7] Whilst Mahiru remained her only friend, in the end, the demon possessing Mahiru consumed her humanity, and that shattered Shinoa's resolve to form bonds with others. When Shinya and Guren offered to take care of her after seeing the mess in her apartment, she pushed them away, claiming that they are only there to use and exploit her. Shinoa's lack of faith in others caused her to believe that she can only rely on herself, as there is no one else to trust. Because of this, she believes in people less overall and is more negative about matters.

You have nothing to worry about, Lieutenant Colonel! Since I'm an adult, I know ignoring the whiny yipping of the weak, talentless losers is only the mature thing to do.

–A squad leader, to Guren while simultaneously teasing Mitsuba. "Mitsuba's Squad"

As a leader of her squad, Shinoa takes a calm and strategic approach to situations. Heavily supporting team work with a focus on maintaining formation, Shinoa encourages, mostly Yu, to stick with it. Effective at directing others in explaining the scenario at hand, and what they need to do, Shinoa also guides Mitsuba to take the lead in a sustained effort to empower others. In conflict she issues warnings about a foes capabilities, and strategizes on what their best response to a threat should be. Moving to defend others from attacks, Shinoa also shows a willingness to work with other teams not of her own.

Excellent! Well then, let us be off on a fun-filled, vampire-slaughtering excursion!

–An announcement to her squad before their first operation. "First Extermination"

Her personality while fighting is steady and momentum is used to keep her scythe actively swinging around defensively, and into foes. At times, in a battle she lacks self-control and can get distracted, and angered. It was not until after she lost the mock battle between her squad and Guren's three-person squad, did Shinoa finally realize the fear of losing someone important to her, and even a tiny mistake or her pranks can cost her family their lives.[8] Also, she and her squad can grow even stronger and the closer they grow, the more powerful they shall become.[9]

Who knows? I certainly can't say. But just a few minutes ago, for the first time in my life, someone told me they needed me. I think I'd like to try living up to that.

–To Guren when asked if she has a crush on Yu, where Shinoa notes a change in her view. "Possessed by Mahiru"

She developed feelings for Yu, in which she is uncertain of.[10] This is shown more when Shinoa later speaks with Shikama Dōji.[11] Shinoa keeps her developing emotions for Yu in reserve, as she says she wants to keep her feelings "professional". Practically, this is done to not indulge her demon with desires that could result in her possession. Her carefree side serves as a mask for matters she keeps to herself.

After being possessed by Shikama Dōji, her personality changes drastically. Shinoa becomes violent and ruthless, attacking anyone who might pose a threat to her (under Shikama Dōji's influence). This is largely shown when she defends herself from Ferid by cutting him apart in multiple areas, then viciously attacking Crowley. It reaches the point where Ferid has to breathlessly advise others to run from her.[12] In this state, Shinoa also located Guren, Shinya, Kureto and Mika with the belief that there was a plot they were discussing, where she wanted to join in.[13] She has also developed the power to cut off one's head with her fingertips or hands which she appeared eager to do immediately without any warning or hesitation.

Restored to herself, Shinoa attempted to console Mitsuba who was upset, while dealing with her own aching body. Resorting to humor for the situation, Shinoa resolved to intervene at learning that Yu had been kidnapped and Guren had betrayed them. After another challenging ordeal, Shinoa again acted pragmatically in locating water considering the limited resources. In embracing the merriment she instigated, it may have bordered on recklessness given the circumstances.


Story: Shinoa Hīragi

Shinoa Hīragi is assigned to monitor Yūichirō Hyakuya, as he fails to work well with others. She relays Guren Ichinose's orders that Yu is to befriend someone in order to lift the punishment. Encouraging Yu to intervene when Yoichi Saotome is being bullied, Shinoa also alerts the Moon Demon Company to the presence of an escaped vampire. After displaying her cursed gear scythe, and the Shikama Dōji manifestation it is capable of, Shinoa reveals the entire school as being a training ground for the army, she is surprised that Yu can overcome one of the demons bound to a weapon kept there. Joining Yu and Yoichi in the vampire extermination unit, Shinoa shares updates to Guren regarding Shihō Kimizuki.

Attending the ceremony, Shinoa would see members of her new squad gain black demon weapons. Heading outside the walls of Shibuya, she has the fifth member of her squad, Mitsuba Sangū join her. Shinoa leads the mission to investigate a vampire lair. With her squad she helps rescue a girl from a Four Horsemen of John, which was a trap set by vampires. Ascertaining the location of their base, Shinoa takes part in clearing it and freeing the humans kept as livestock there.

Travelling to Shinjuku and finding it under attack, Shinoa is targeted by a vampire noble, Crowley Eusford. Surviving that since the vampires left for the front lines, Shinoa distributes Cursed Gear Stimulants to her squad to assist with their weapon capabilities. Arriving where the Moon Demon Company is engaging the vampire invaders, Shinoa finds Yu stopped his attack on the vampire threatening Guren since he is Yu's friend Mikaela Hyakuya. At Guren's urging, Shinoa would act to pacify a one winged monstrous form of Yu. After the battle was won with the arrival of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army led by Kureto Hīragi and Shinya Hīragi, she confronts Guren on whether the supplements were responsible for what transpired at Shinjuku. Warning Yu of her Hīragi Family members, Shinoa is also wary of Guren himself.

Journeying to Nagoya for a large scale operation targeting vampire nobles, Shinoa has her squad combined with Makoto Narumi's. Along with Shinya's assistance as well, they successfully defeat vampire noble Lucal Wesker. With other operations having failed, Shinoa prepares to rescue hostages at Nagoya city hall, then agrees with Yu's plan to help fight against the nobles there. Escaping to the airport, Shinoa recognizes that the vampire in their path is Mika and she defends him from the other soldiers, before helping him escape with Yu. Making it to the airport, Shinoa watches as Kureto arrives, before the survivors of the vampire noble extermination mission are sacrificed to bring a seraph into the world. Shinoa with her squad along with Narumi and Mika escape from both the army and the influx of vampires who have found them.

Three months later near the sea it is decided they rescue the captured vampire queen Krul Tepes for help in saving Kimizuki's sister Mirai Kimizuki and in retrieving Guren. Found by Ferid and Crowley first, Shinoa has little option but to head with them to Osaka Bay. With foreign vampire nobles having amassed there, and Ferid captured with Krul by Urd Geales and Lest Karr she and her squad travel to Ferid's mansion with Crowley. Once Guren arrives they formulate a plan to rescue the vampires they need from Ky Luc guarding them. When that is partially successful with Ferid with them, Shinoa regroups at Guren's residence where a seraph is being kept.

Arriving in Shibuya, Shinoa is surprised to find her demon Shikama Dōji act on his own where she is asked to open her heart to him. Doing so in an attempt to rescue Yu from his attack, Shinoa begins transforming into a vampire as she is overcome by the First. Her body is used to fight anyone nearby, before seeking out and battling Saitō who leads the Hyakuya Sect army against Shibuya. Seraph like wings and the First's many scythes keep her physically safe. After the first is sealed by Guren with Mahiru Hīragi and Noya Hienma using sinful keys, Shinoa seeks out Yu and escapes outside the city.

As they collect themselves, Shinoa is seemingly keen to hear details of her sister from Krul. Realizing that Shinoa knew very little about her sister, it transpired that she was experimented on as a child. Having felt in Mahiru's shadow, Shinoa was also beaten in an effort to stop her developing emotions from making her susceptible to her demon's possession. Presently, with Shikama Dōji awakened, Shinoa engages him in her mind. Indulging her feelings for Yu gives her an advantage, and she learns Yu's demon Asuramaru is allied with the First. With her attempt to warn others thwarted, Shinoa acquires demon horns to regain her consciousness. Assuming Guren and Mahiru have long been acting to undermine the First, Shinoa works to keep him restrained. When he abruptly leaves, Shinoa offers herself for possession to keep him from acting as he wants.

Powers and Abilities

As leader of her squad, Shinoa remains levelheaded and takes an analytical approach at dire situations. She is knowledgeable about weapons, demons, seraphs, and vampires as well as the Demon Army politics. Her natural abilities include physical abilities, and mental abilities, such as having a strong resistance to opponents. According to Shikama Dōji, she is the first person to actually wound him by throwing her scythe at him despite being an immortal being.[14]

I'm sure I needn't remind you after we faced that vampire noble in the streets not long ago. Even though you bear a weapon in the top rank of cursed gear, a rare 'Black Demon Series' sword, you could still be killed in the blink of an eye. You'll be useless on the front lines. Completely useless. As helpful as a turd lying forgotten on the ground.

–Aware of their limits and the foes they face, to Yu in Shinjuku. "A Very Safe Supplement"

Innate abilities

  • Physical Prowess: As a child, Shinoa was naturally and highly skilled at martial arts, and also skilful in using magic; Guren once mentioned that she is an incredibly gifted child that looks like a genius. Using her sturdy build and physical strength, Shinoa proves to have the physical abilities to take down multiple vampires at once. Even before acquiring her scythe at seven-years-old, Shinoa's martial arts skills was more than enough to kick and take down vampires and humans possessed by demons. Minus using her legs, she additionally was shown being able to wield her scythe extremely well despite her young age, like when she was able to deflect several bullets at once when protecting Goshi. Shinoa is a very strong girl and Guren states that she has the strength that surpasses him, despite not having any sort of formal training.[15] Shinoa is also shown to have a strong range in battle, she can jump very far and sprint very fast. She has good strength in her arms, and legs for tough kicking skills. Her arm muscles are used for punching, as well as carrying and using her scythe.
  • Strong resistance to demons: As a member of the Hīragi Family, where she was experimented on, Shinoa proves herself qualified to handle a weapon of the Black Demon Series where she is unfazed from Guren's Mahiru-no-Yo power engulfing the room.[16] Shikama Dōji has said that Shinoa is the perfect product of the experiments, and that she is able to resist any demons that she comes in contact with.[15] This is due to the fact that she doesn't have a lot of desires in her heart. Shikama Dōji also mentions that Shinoa can contract to any number of demons without being possessed. Shinoa is still unaware of this.[15] As of eight years later, Shikama Dōji stated that in hundreds of years of possessing the Hīragi family, there has never been a vessel of her caliber, noting that there would be no need for him possessing Kureto any longer once he starts possessing Shinoa.[17] Which the latter succeeds in doing so.[18] After he leaves her body (whom she was possessed for a while), Shinoa experienced aches but otherwise recovered normally without any harm to her body.[19]

    Shinoa's angelic wings from Shikama Doji's possession

  • Shikama Dōji possession: After Shikama Dōji's possession, Shinoa's strength increased tremendously. She could remain still where her scythes alone done the task of cutting Ferid apart effortlessly.[20] Shinoa has also shown the ability to summon and materialize multiple scythes to attack.[21] In addition her agility has increased where she can smash through high building's windows,[22] and is able to evade Saitō's multiple chain attacks.[23] Gaining the ability to have the angelic wings of Shikama Dōji for flight,[24] Shinoa can also materialize numerous and enormous ethereal scythes around her wings that whirls around similar to a halo of scythes becoming a deadly attack.[25] She usually cuts off one's head with a single swift movement with her hand or her fingertips.[26]


  • Talismans: Shinoa is seen to be skilled with talismans as Guren noted her as an exceptionally gifted child, her talents befitting of her family name. Recognizing an explosive spell tag, Shinoa meant to disenchant it so had such knowledge.

Cursed Gear

  • Shikama Dōji (四鎌童子 Shikama Dōji?, lit. "Four-Scythe Child"): A manifestation-type demon weapon from an unknown series. A primary ability is to detect anything that comes within the attack radius of the scythe. Shinoa takes out a pen-length black rod and spins it, which then transforms into a black massive scythe that is far larger than herself. Rather than having grips to handle it, the curved snath is held. This ends in a large piercing spike at the other end. Opposite a warped structure, the scythe's chine is the largest aspect of the weapon, and much more so in comparison to the thinner parts of the apparatus. The curved blade is almost ovular in shape in between the toe and heel of the scythe, and is the only part that is lighter in coloration than rest of the implement. Magical in nature, the scythe often materializes with a thick, black aura enveloping it. The scythe appears to be made of a metallic like substance in its entirety, and the shadowy like generation may assist in its capabilities of being able to break into structures and enemies. Shinoa can call the demon (which she fondly addresses as "Shi") inhabiting it out of the weapon to attack an enemy nearby or at a range. Appearing as a black mass, it has arm like appendages, and a prominent eye like structure, with spectral flames spread about. It is strongest at mid-range, and this manifestation can be directed to targets with complete accuracy, where the force of its impact can knock a foe off their feet to some distance away.


Relationships: Shinoa Hīragi


Image gallery: Shinoa Hīragi


Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen

Book 2

I guess I can’t expect you to take my word for it. Maybe if I tell you some of what I know? About the Brotherhood of a Thousand Nights? And the cursed weapons? The fact that my sister sold out the Hīragis in pursuit of power, all for the sake of some boy she loves? Well? Is any of this starting to sound familiar?

–Shinoa to Guren Chapter 2, page 216

I’m just a kid. To be honest, power and influence just seem boring to me. I was lucky enough to be born with a powerful sister, so I don’t have to deal with the same expectations over leading the clan. That’s between Kureto and my sister. I’ve had some training from the clan, mostly just as a backup in case both Kureto and Mahiru die. I’m still fairly capable, though. At least, for my age.

–Shinoa to Guren. Chapter 2, pages 216-217

I’m just trying to prove whose side I’m on. I’m not interested in the Hīragis. Or the Brotherhood of a Thousand Nights. But I love my sister… She’s always been kind to me. And interesting. She tells me everything.

–Shinoa explaining why she is on Mahiru's side. Chapter 2, page 217

It caught me by surprise, to be honest. Apparently, my sister loves you so much that she’s willing to leak important information for you. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her act this way before. She’s usually very rational and logical. I guess love makes people act impulsively. I don’t quite understand it. But then again, I’m just a kid.

–Shinoa to Guren. Chapter 2, page 218

Hmph… I really don’t understand grown-up love. It all seems a bit twisted to me.

–Shinoa. Chapter 2, page 219

Book 3

Even after what happened, I think she’s still the one person in the world who would be most upset if I were to die. If I wound up dead in some gutter someday, I don’t think there’s anyone else who would really care.

–Shinoa to Guren about Mahiru abandoning her. Chapter 4

Well, that’s a shocker! Considering how little we know each other, I would’ve never thought the two of you would feel sad if I croaked. I guess that goes to show how much you both love my sister. You even care about me just because I’m related to her.

–Shinoa to Guren and Shinya Chapter 4

Count me out. All you adults with your grumpy faces and your stupid wars are boring me. I’m going home.

–Shinoa to Guren. Chapter 4

Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign

Virginity is a 'bad thing' these days. Every day, we of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army encourages couples to come together. The world has already ended once. It was ravaged by an unknown virus. Monsters appeared suddenly and killed more people. Now, the human population has been reduced to a mere fraction of what it once was. Beyond those walls lie blasted wastelands and crumbling ruins overrun with monsters. This world of ours... no longer welcomes humanity. We of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army are bringing the remnants of humanity together to reproduce so that we can take over the world! Breed for us, civilians! Multiply! Make more babies for the sake of the Demon Army! Long live premarital and illicit relationships!!

–Shinoa to Yu. "The Demon in Your Heart"

It isn't actually a shrine. That's just what we call it. In the old days, an enormous tunnel system was built under Shibuya to control the river's floodwaters. Now, those tunnels are the army's training grounds. No, let me be truthful. This entire school is a training ground for the army. We keep demons in the basement. Any students who can tolerate the aura they emit without going mad are recruited. In other words, This 'school' is nothing more than one giant human experiment. Don't tell me you actually thought that a 'normal, peaceful school' could really exist in this insane age.

–Shinoa to Yu and Yoichi. "The Demon in Your Heart"

Aha ha. I won't then. But first, why don't I execute everyone who laughed just now?

–Shinoa about to drive before beating up Yu and Kimizuki for making fun of her. "Vampire Attack"

Well, with your gear, Yūichirō... If you learn to use a few curses, you should be able to fill in that gap a little. However, once you are on level footing with a vampire, then what? Myself, Mitsu, Yoichi... We're all stuck behind. We'll be killed. That is why all of us need teamwork. Today's encounter was an excellent lesson. We were even blessed to escape without casualties. And I am particularly happy that you, of all people, suggested a retreat. But most of all, I'm thankful that you saved my life. You are as protective of your friends as Lieutenant Colonel Guren thought.

–Shinoa to Yu after facing Crowley for the first time. "Vampire Attack"

These are a temporary measure. Getting the fullest out of your cursed gear requires copious study and training. The drugs are meant to make up for that which even the most devoted training can't provide. But look at the world around us. We simply don't have time for that. War has already begun.

–Shinoa to Yu in Shinjuku. "A Very Safe Supplement"

'Mika.' 'Yu.' Those two... are family.

–Shinoa to herself after the battle in Shinjuku. Chapter 14 "Everyone's a Sinner"

In fact, I'm almost certain the upper echelons have completely abandoned me. After all, it was my elder sister who betrayed the family and caused that big uproar a few years ago.... In fact, my sister was such an incredible genius that my father never even bothered to meet me at all. Of all the children sired by all those different women, my sister was considered the brightest candidate for heir. But now she's dead. And, luckily, I was considered unimportant enough to be discarded... We may only be a collection of half-siblings, but who wants to fight their own family for power? And besides, it would mean going up against that monster Kureto Hīragi.

–Shinoa to Mitsuba on the Hīragi family. "Cursed Guinea Pig"

After all, ours is a broken world. Who are our allies and who is the enemy are as clear as mud.

–Shinoa to Mitsuba. "Cursed Guinea Pig"

Aha ha! Don't be silly. My sister didn't care about the world. Deep down, all she wanted... was to love you. You couldn't be together, but she still wanted you. That was what led her down the road to possession. Yet, eight years ago, the world suddenly ended. Any adult who hadn't gotten the vaccine in time died. The Four Horsemen of John appeared out of nowhere and began killing those who survived. Vampires, fearing the loss of their food source, took control of as many cities as they could. In response to that, someone somewhere called it Armageddon. They said that divine wrath was unleashed on humanity for the sins of overpopulation and overindulgence. Everyone believes that now. If my sister hadn't completed the means of creating cursed gear by then... humanity might truly have gone extinct. Despite being just another girl in love, you could call her the savior of the world. But then she was killed. Killed, because she had been consumed by her research... and turned into a demon. And the hand that finally destroyed her... was that of her lover. You, Guren Ichinose. At least, that's the official story. Tell me, Lieutenant Colonel. Is my sister still with you... inside your sword? Does she still possess you?

–Shinoa to Guren on Mahiru Hīragi. "Possessed by Mahiru"

We are Hīragis. A Hīragi is not raised knowing familial love... That said, watching a certain someone get so desperate to save someone he has no blood ties to makes me a little... curious. I can't help but wonder if I, too, should put a little more value into 'friendship' and 'camaraderie.' Was it my sister who ordered you to take advantage of Yu? Does she—no, let me rephrase. Does the demon she's become command you from inside your blade? What is your goal, anyway? I should warn you that if that goal is something that doesn't benefit Yu... If you don't mind, I'd be very appreciative if you would stop it.

–Shinoa to Guren. "Possessed by Mahiru"

That's quite enough talking, thank you! I am making the decision to trust you, and that's that! The rest is up to you!

–Shinoa to Mika. "Traitorous Allies"

Whaaat?! No way. That can't be right! After all, that bottle had the pure and sweet blood of a virgin in it! Wait...! Is it possible that the tainted blood of the unchaste somehow got in there too?!"

–Shinoa after Mika says their blood is gross Chapter 43 Where It All Begins"

Oh, it is very obvious that he can't be trusted in the slightest. However, the problem is that the Lieutenant Colonel himself along with my sister and the Demon Army are all equally untrustworthy.

–Shinoa to Mitsuba about Ferid and their options. Chapter 48 "The Making of an Angel"

My, my! The world's in shambles, and we can't trust a single adult still alive. Surrounded by enemies on all sides, here we squat in a men's room like a gang of school-age delinquents. We paint quite the picture right now, don't you think?

–Planning in a rest room "The Making of an Angel"

The show...? DWAH?! Sh-Shi!! Do something!

–When Ferid flashes his nude body at her and Mitsuba, and Shinoa has Shikama Dōji cut off Ferid's head Chapter 61 "Who Is More Bored?"

Goodness, are you really going to say such things of an innocent and virginal maiden like me?"

–To Shikama Dōji "Shuttered Shinoa"

I'm sorry to burst your little bubble, but I haven't felt any meaning or purpose in my life since the day I was born.

–Shinoa to Shikama Dōji. "The Door into Puberty"

A reason... to live. I'm curious, Yūichirō. Teach me. Teach me more.

–Shinoa's thoughts. "The Door into Puberty"

"I could tell when you touched me. The monster that is possessing me... has for some reason decided to visit you."

–Shinoa to Yu Chapter 73 "Inside Yu's Sword"

....Well then... Perhaps I might try a little, this time. Hng! Hrr! Hnnnn! Yep. It isn't working. I'm sorry, Yūichirō. It looks like it's no good.

–Shinoa to Yu about resisting Shikama Doji "Love Awakens"

Aha ha. Goodness, Yūichirō. You're always so loud. But I'm sorry. I'm afraid I might have to hurt you.

–Shinoa to Yu. Chapter 74 "Love Awakens"

Yūichirō. We're cheering for you. Good luck.

–Shinoa wishes Yu good luck from the entire squad in Yu's memories. Chapter 104 "The Same Dream" page 12

Yep, that was excellently done, Yuichiro! You are most definitely a grown-up!

–Agreeding with Yu's words after his return. Chapter 110 "Expose the Past to the Sun", page 18

Um! I-I... Hoo boy. I... I'm going to sleep. Good night.

–Alarmed at the concern for her from Yoichi and Kimizuki as well as Yu where Shinoa was just joking about feeling ill. Chapter 110 "Expose the Past to the Sun", page 20


  • Four 「四」 can be read as "Shi" 「し」. Shi 「死, し or シ」 means "Death."
  • Hīragi 「柊」 literally means "Holly."
  • She usually calls Yūichirō by the nickname "Yu-san" (優さん Yū-san?) in Japanese.
  • According to the light novel, she and her sister Mahiru were born as part-demons.[27]
  • She can't cook.[28]
  • Shinoa is the youngest and shortest member of her squad.
  • From the Osaka Arc, she is sixteen years old.[4]
  • According to the TV Anime 108 Fanbook:[29]
    • She does not have a favorite color.
    • To her, a person that gets bullied easily is Mitsu.
  • According to the Manga 8.5 Fanbook:[3]
    • She likes Pocky.
    • Interests/Likes: Originally had no interests, but lately has been thinking about her comrades/ Yu / Methods to increase her bust size.
    • Favorite food: Food with cheese / Mont Blanc.
    • What she looks for in the opposite sex: A prince on a white horse, of course. Oh, but what kind of person is this Prince Charming? He came from The Little Red Riding Hood, right?
  • In the popularity poll, Shinoa earned 2nd place with 4,074 points.[30] In the 2019 popularity poll, Shinoa is ranked at 5th place with 2,793 votes.[31]
  • She loves embracing people.[citation needed]
  • She is too short to drive.[5]
  • Shinoa gets teased/mocked for her height.[5]
  • According to Shikama Dōji, she's way stronger than her older sister Mahiru and Kureto.[32] Mahiru herself acknowledged this.[33]


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