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Shinoa Hīragi is a member of the Hīragi family that rules the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. Also a member of the Moon Demon Company she is close with the Lieutenant Colonel, Guren Ichinose. She would become a squad leader with Yūichirō Hyakuya as a member in addition to Yoichi Saotome and Shihō Kimizuki then Mitsuba Sangū as well. Shinoa interacts with various other characters throughout the Seraph of the End series, which affects herself and the story. This article details Shinoa's relationships with other characters.

Japanese Imperial Demon Army


A member of the ruling Hīragi family of Japan, who are also in charge of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, Shinoa is not a prominent member where her older relatives occupy the ruling ranks, but still receives benefits from her surname.

I am a member of the Hīragi family... the leaders of this Demon Army. Am I still forbidden to pass?

–A statement to guards in the army's underground Shinjuku barracks. "Everyone's a Sinner"

Due to what befell her sister Mahiru, she avoids army politics hence the scarce amount of interaction with a family preparing its members to be ruthless leaders if anything. Shinya, an adopted member is one of the few who Shinoa gets along well with, where she is prepared to work with Guren against them.

I like how the word rolls off the tongue. Besides, I have little interest in the petty power struggles of the upper ranks. I lost my elder sister to that sort of thing, after all.

–Explaining to guards on why she has the meager rank of sergeant. "Everyone's a Sinner"

While generally Shinoa keeps her background to herself, it does affect her relationships with others. Although Shinoa can be held in high regard, there are also comments that she is spoilt.

It is true the Demon Army is the most dangerous organization in all of Japan.

–Her views on the army that her family runs. "Where It All Begins"

Mahiru Hīragi

Chapter 85 - Page 4 - Panel 1.png

Shinoa's older sister, Mahiru Hīragi helped with the development of cursed gear. Her desire for power and love was manipulated by her demon and she was used as a pawn for a greater plan thus she was eventually taken over by the demon. She was romantically involved with Guren Ichinose who Shinoa thinks killed her to acquire a weapon, however unknown to Shinoa is that Mahiru killed herself. Shinoa and Mahiru were rather close compared to their other siblings.

I don't compare myself to my sister, thank you.

–Speaking to Shikama Dōji. "Shuttered Shinoa"

Also unbeknownst to Shinoa is that Mahiru requested that Guren pass Shikama Dōji to her so that Shinoa could survive the apocalypse. It eventually becomes her Cursed Gear scythe. Shinoa reveals that Shikama Dōji may have possessed her sister when she owned it at some point. Shinoa was protected by Mahiru from Shikama Dōji's possession until she was capable of handling it herself.

Shinya Hīragi

Episode 23 - Screenshot 63.png

Her adoptive older brother, Shinoa and Shinya are both friends with Guren. In the light novels, Shinya is shown to be kinder to Shinoa than the other Hīragis. She considered him a somewhat pitiful person, they are a bit similar in origin.[1] Shinoa would receive his assistance when they worked together with Narumi's squad during battling in Nagoya where they defeated vampire noble Lucal Wesker. Helping Shinya to walk after rescuing him from thirteenth progenitor Crowley Eusford with Chess Belle and Horn Skuld, Shinoa would also comply with Shinya's direction to calm Yu down after he did not want to leave Guren behind. With uncertainty of their situation at arriving at Nagoya airport with no rescue in sight Shinoa looks to Shinya and is happy with his decision to head back and rescue Guren.

Kureto Hīragi

Shinoa's half-brother where they have a very distant relationship. Kureto shares the same father, Tenri Hīragi. He only cares about carrying out his duties as he tortured Shinoa at a young age. In the battle at Nagoya airport after Shinoa ran from his offer of being saved from a massacre he was prepared to sacrifice her for the seraph to work without a care, despite being siblings.

Seishirō Hīragi

One of her half-brothers, Seishirō is a part of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army.

Tenri Hīragi

Shinoa's father. Her sister Mahiru overshadowed Shinoa so much that Tenri never even met with Shinoa. He displays no interest in her. Likewise, Shinoa showed no care or grief in her father's death at Kureto's hands.

Moon Demon Company

Shinoa Squad

Made the leader of her own Shinoa Squad, she is invested in their development and helping to ensure that they can survive. While Shinoa is fond of teasing members, she also sees how she can count on them in dealing with foes.

In the end, the only ones we can trust are our friends inside this rest stop with us.

–To Mitsuba where they would join the male members of the squad in the next lavatory. "The Making of an Angel"

After Mika and Narumi informally became members, Shinoa still focuses on support and ensuring everyone can take part in planning their next course of action as a squad.

Yūichirō Hyakuya

Episode 2 - Screenshot 51.png

Shinoa acted as an army surveillance officer to watch Yu under a school setting until he made friends. She introduces herself and her purpose when Yu is not co-operating with the class teacher. Offering pointers on what he could say to make friends, Shinoa reports on him and watches him when they enter the training classroom for the Moon Demon Company. Later, Yu joins her squad where she still enjoys teasing him. Shinoa acknowledges his fighting capabilities of which she is impressed with and is pleased to see his developments such as asking whether they should retreat when facing a stronger foe.

My, my! I knew Lieutenant Colonel Guren's protégé had to be powerful. But I hardly expected him to be this powerful.

–Impressed with Yu's battle prowess and regarding him as Guren's protégé. "First Extermination"

Shinoa is asked by Guren whether she has developed feelings for Yu, and she occasionally blushes when in close contact with him. However, she says she is uncertain about her own feelings, and Yu is oblivious to them. Understanding that Mika was Yu's family first Shinoa greatly respects Yu's resolve and feelings towards saving Mikaela and she agrees to help save him knowing he will do so anyway.

Later on, during a conversation with her demon Shikama Dōji, Shinoa admits that she is jealous of Yu for being able to get attached to people and instinctively act on his feelings to protect them. She laments her own inability to act on her desires. Shinoa sacrificed herself to save Yu and his demon, Asuramaru from being overcome by Shikama Dōji, becoming possessed by Shikama Dōji as a result. Learning that Guren is heading for Yu she intends to help Yu.

Clear that she loved someone, Shinoa's desires for Yu were practically used to free herself from the confines of Shikama Dōji. Repeating that she loved Yu, Shinoa let her desire run wild to the point she turned into a demon. With her body back Shinoa was relieved at seeing Yu.

Yoichi Saotome

Episode 4 - Shino pairing off with Yoichi.jpg

Finding Yoichi being bullied Shinoa encouraged Yu to intervene. Clear that Yoichi was Yu's first friend, Shinoa took Yoichi for herself in a group activity so Yu had to join Kimizuki and stated that they would be the best group. They attend the same classes together and Shinoa is alarmed when Yoichi is possessed by his demon where Guren has ordered him destroyed. Yoichi would become a part of her squad she leads yet Shinoa is curious that background records on him have been deleted. They are on very good terms with each other and get along well as teammates.

Shihō Kimizuki

Episode 14 - Screenshot 39.png

Before becoming Yūichirō's supervisor, Shinoa supervised Kimizuki and tried to teach him how to make friends. She was aware that Kimizuki had picked a fight with Yu who fought back but preferred to enjoy the show. He later joins her squad under her command. Shinoa was upfront on what Kimizuki would do if she really were manipulating squad members but agreed to discuss the matter as a team where they would be honest with one another. Although his swift response time makes him more difficult to tease than other members of her squad Shinoa would find a way by teaming up with Mitsuba to act as him and Yu being more than friends as a joke once.

Mitsuba Sangū

Chapter 86 - Page 5 - Panel 1.png
Episode 7 - Screenshot 151.png

Shinoa and Mitsuba have a history together, and Shinoa often addresses her as "Mitsu" ("Mi-chan", in the original Japanese text). She is pleased that Mitsuba is joining her squad and so under her command. Shinoa teases her about having a crush on Yu.

And so... the two clashed mightily at first. But as time passed they grew closer, until one day—

–Teasing Mutsuba about her supposedly falling in love with Yu. Chapter 9 "First Extermination"

They often team up to tease the other squad members and they are the closest pair in the squad. On more than one occasion Shinoa has commented on the size of Mitsuba's bust and appears wary at how much larger it is than hers. On personal bodies, Shinoa only makes such kinds of comments to Mitsuba.

A... A G-cup... Even a holstein reborn as a human like you couldn't... No. Just no. It's impossible.

–Alarmed at bra sizes as Mitsuba passes nearby. Chapter 54 "Sinner's Christmas"

Guren Squad

Episode 6 - Screenshot 115.png

Where they were members of prominent family houses before the world ended, Shinoa came into contact with future members of Guren Squad when she was a child and they were teenagers.

Guren Ichinose

Shinoa works for Guren rather than the Hīragi family. They have a close relationship with Shinoa acting beyond her years around him. She follows his orders such as when she kept watch eye on Yu Shinoa was angered at feeling that Guren was behind Yu's transformation and more so at hearing him invoke his sister's name when using his weapon. He loved her sister, Mahiru Hīragi, who became the demon in his sword. Gathering her squad they decided whether they should stick with Guren when he could be using them to intimidate army higher ups and agreed to do so. Shinoa maintains trust in Guren but was taken aback when her jovial answer as to why they were late to the Ebina rest stop was shut down and she was shouted at. Rather than Yu it was Shinoa who was the one Guren wanted to punish as she had never experienced what it was like to lose someone. Shinoa became confused when he slaughters many of the humans and stabbing Kimizuki in Nagoya airport.

Thinking that they were all Shikama Dōji's guinea pigs, Shinoa speculated that Guren had been secretly undermining the First. Bearing in mind how she has been personally targeted by Shikama Doji, it would heavily factor in Shinoa feeling he was behind events, and not Guren.

This is a very important distinction, I believe. Shikama Doji has been plotting these events for untold millennia. Both Mahiru and I were caught up in those plans since birth... ...With absolutely nothing we could do but despair. But then you came along and tried to rescue us. The fact I'm here with you, that I can smile and joke with you... ...Is because of what you did, Lt. Colonel!

–Differentiating between Guren's and Shikama Doji's end result. page 30

In a rare case of being overcome with tears, Shinoa would also feel she was responsible for the calamity as her life was spared due to Guren's action where others perished.

Sayuri Hanayori

Episode 5 - Screenshot 29.png

Listening to Sayuri in class, who is a teacher and member of Guren's squad, Shinoa feels free to parade Yu's zero mark test around the class. They would be in the same battles in Shinjuku and Nagoya.

Mito Jūjō

Episode 23 - Screenshot 288.png

A member of Guren's squad, Shinoa takes part in a practice fight against Mito along with Guren and Shinya. Whilst Shinoa plans for her and Mitsuba to engage the colonel Shinoa is then prevented from assisting her squad mates further in the skirmish when Mito steps on her scythe and pinning it to the ground.

Shigure Yukimi

Unknown to Shinoa she and her squad are monitored by Shigure when they clear out a vampire lair and free the humans within.

Narumi Squad

After experience of managing her own squad, Shinoa would come into contact with others such as Narumi Squad at the Ebina rest stop. In preparation for a vampire noble extermination mission, Shinoa would pay heed to Makoto's, a senior squad leader, direction. Offering apologies for Yu's behaviour, Shinoa would also come into conflict with members for her actions.

Makoto Narumi

Episode 17 - Screenshot 26.png

Both squad leaders, Shinoa defers to Narumi's judgement in their joint mission but still adds her input. The two shake hands in partnership. When Shinoa lets Mikaela escape she is blamed by Narumi Squad for their comrades death, even by Narumi. Even after being threatened with unsanctioned corporal punishment afterwards, Shinoa protects Makoto from an incoming attack from a vampire. After a few months, the two seemed to have reconciled.

Rika Inoue

Episode 23 - Screenshot 18.png

Not having been acquainted with Rika for long, the first time they are seen in actual contact is when they take part in a joint mission to defeat Lucal Wesker. After the Demon Army arrive at Shinjuku airport and Shinoa is approached and struck by Rika who blames Shinoa for her friend's deaths. She is threatened by Rika's sword and told she must pay. After apologizing Shinoa is yelled at and told to give her friends back until Narumi and then Shinya calm the situation.

Shusaku Iwasaki

Along with Shusaku, they take part in a successful operation to defeat Lucal. He escapes the vampire's ambush after Mika escapes with Yu due to Shinoa squad's actions and heads to the airport with everyone else.

Tarō Kagiyama

Shinoa squad and Narumi squad of which Kagiyama is a part of defeat their target without any casualties on their side. Later Kagiyama is killed by vampires when they are ambushed after Shinoa's allows Mika to escape with Yu.

Yayoi Endō

She fights alongside Yayoi during the vampire noble extermination mission. Due to her actions of allowing Mika to escape with Yu, Yayoi is killed by vampires when they are ambushed.


After the catastrophe, Shinoa found herself relatively safe compared to other's from the Vampires that emerged to establish their control over the world. Being a human, Shinoa would generally be regarded as a food source by them at best. Once her squad was formed, Shinoa would tasked with destroying vampires in both pre-emptive, and defensive strikes.

Mikaela Hyakuya

Episode 21 - Screenshot 298.png

Shinoa first met Mika when they were eight years old, while she was delivering messages from her sister, Mahiru Hīragi, to Guren. Eight years later at Shinjuku, they meet on the battlefield, however they do not remember or recognize each other. Shinoa was saved by Mika at the risk of his own life from Yūichirō when he suddenly goes berserk. She asks why and is ordered to get her filthy hands off Yu when she embraces him on Guren's orders to calm Yu. Shinoa keeps her promise to Yu to help him save Mika in Nagoya when she defends Mika from her compatriots in the Moon Demon Company. She even attacks Major General Shinya Hīragi to save Mika's life, and was labeled as a traitor as a result. Shinoa allows Mika to escape with Yu and tells him to meet up with them at the Nagoya Airport later on.

If you die, Yūichirō would be mad at us when he wakes up. Go on. Take Yūichirō with you and run.

–Defending Mika from her own comrades, and saying for him to leave with Yu. Chapter 35 "Traitorous Allies"

Thanks to her intervention, the rest of her squad joins her, and Mika is able to flee with Yu. By the time the battle in Nagoya comes to a close, Shinoa is helped to escape the Demon Army and the vampires by Mika. Having prepared blood collected from the squad for him she is patient with Mika's distrust specifically concerning the experimentation on Yu. She calls for Mika's involvement to also get him away from interacting with Ferid. Shinoa eventually becomes one of the few humans Mika places trust in so far.

Crowley Eusford

Episode 11 - Screenshot 230.png

A vampire noble and Progenitor, Shinoa encounters Crowley when they head back to the stronghold after their first given mission and engages in a short round of combat with him. Although as the one issuing directions she is targeted by him in the end he withdraws and they are spared. Later when they are defeated in Shinjuku, Shinoa is pinned down by Crowley and has her blood drained. Later when Crowley defeats Tenth Progenitor Fuola Honte, Shinoa states she does not mind having a strong ally.

Well, er... You won't catch me complaining about our allies being too powerful.

–After seeing Crowley Eusford kill Fuola Honte easily Chapter 52 "Suspicious Mansion"

Noticing him observing someone deceased in Ferid's manor, Shinoa would question if it was anyone he knows. Part of the same faction targeting Ky Luc, they would take part in the effort to free Ferid and Krul. Similarly Shinoa would head to Shibuya with Crowley as well. When her body was possessed by the First, it was used to attack Crowley with a multitude of scythes before beheading him. Meeting again after this event, once more Shinoa and Crowley would find themselves involved with the matter of human resurrection.

Ferid Bathory

A seventh progenitor that Shinoa first comes across at Shinjuku. Later, Ferid meets Shinoa Squad to take them to the Progenitor council. She agrees that they must first betray him before he betrays them, however they agree to work with him because they cannot trust anyone else. With no other recourse to fight or defend against Ferid's tactics such as showing the head of a family member to Yu, Shinoa is subdued as she guides her squad to get onto the bus.

There are clean clothes for us to change into. New, clean Demon Army uniforms, even. In other words, Ferid has a connection to the Demon Army. At this rate, it's possible that even his own crucifixion was all part of his plan.

–Considering Ferid's connections and plans to Mitsuba, and alert to what he is capable of. Chapter 54 "Sinner's Christmas"

She is happier with him not in their presence. After rescuing him for the information he has access to Shinoa is greatly alarmed at turning to see what the show is that Ferid mentioned was behind her. At seeing Ferid naked and in a state of regeneration Shinoa resorted to her scythe to cut Ferid's head off. She sees Ferid near her when the first is possessing her.

Krul Tepes

Chapter 96 - Page 3 - Panel 1.png

After deciding to rescue the vampire queen, third progenitor, Krul and failing Shinoa would find her again after escaping Demon Army territory together. After becoming and finding Krul enter the room Shinoa would regard her as a new challenger approaching. Rather than her getting Krul as she intended Shinoa finds herself restrained.

It looks like a new challenger has arrived!

–After becoming inebriated from drinking soda that was alcoholic, Shinoa decides to advance towards Krul. Chapter 95 "A Demon's Tale" page 41

While Shinoa was resisting the First's possession, she was pulled along by Krul. Given the circumstances, Shinoa questions Krul about her brother Ashera and wonders why he would be helping Shikama Doji.

Ky Luc

A fifth progenitor, Shinoa prepares to assault Ky Luc along with the squad combined with Crowley in an attempt to free Krul and Ferid who were undergoing sun exposure torture.

Chess Belle

A seventeenth Progenitor, she finds Chess Belle as Crowley Eusford's aide alongside with Horn Skuld, serving under Ferid Bathory's faction. Shinoa's squad encounters her when they engage in combat with Crowley as they are heading back to the stronghold. Later when they are defeated in Shinjuku, Chess defeats Mitsuba and drinks her blood.

Horn Skuld

A seventeenth Progenitor, Horn Skuld is also Crowley Eusford's aide alongside with Chess Belle, serving under Ferid Bathory's faction. Shinoa's squad encounters her when they engage in combat with Crowley as they are heading back to the stronghold. Later when they are defeated in Shinjuku, Horn drinks Kimizuki's blood.

Lucal Wesker

Episode 17 - Screenshot 135.png

A fifteenth Progenitor of Lest Karr's faction and stationed at Nagoya. Along with Narumi squad and Shinya they attempt to defeat Lucal Wesker before he teams up with other vampire nobles in the city wide operation. Shinoa joins the close quarter fight yet her scythe swung towards him is seized by Lucal and then Shinoa is lifted off her feet into the path of an incoming weapon. They defeat him as their assigned mission to take down the nobles in that area.

Esther Lee

A servant of Lucal Wesker, she would not see that Esther Lee is sacrificed as a meat shield when they ambush the vampire to kill him, yet Shinoa would engage his master Lucal.


The First and Saito face to face.png

Whilst Shinoa's body was possessed by Shikama Dōji in Shibuya her physical being would come under attack from this second progenitor. Shinoa would almost be skewered by the chain weapons that Saitō sent jabbing towards her.


Concentrating on the possessive nature of demons, Shinoa would be wary of them taking control of others. Heading to deal with a demonic possession incident, Shinoa would take Yu to a room filled with cursed gear weapons that demons resided in as part of a test. Wielding cursed gear scythe herself, Shinoa learns her demon Shikama Doji was the first progenitor.

Shikama Dōji

Shinoa looks at Shikama.png

After her sister Mahiru extracted the demon Shikama Dōji from her, she forgot all about him. She regains her memory of him after Guren passes Shikama Dōji onto her by Mahiru's request.

Shinoa has become very affectionate and playful towards Shikama Dōji, always calling him "Shi-chan". The two shared the first character in their name, which alone, can mean "Four" or "Death". After he reveals his true personality Shinoa hears from him that she loves Yu and is much stronger than her sister Mahiru.[2] After Shikama Dōji starts acting on his own and manifests without Shinoa permission she is tempted repeatedly with thoughts of turning Mika into a human and restoring Yu's humanity. He reveals that he is not actually a demon and would happily possess her instead of Kureto, this conversation angers Shinoa as she tells him to shut up to the point of shouting and silence him in rage which then she wakes up and states he may have possessed her sister Mahiru.[3] She was able to fend off Shikama Dōji possession for a long time thanks for Mahiru protection. He later invades Yu's heart for the intent to draw out Shinoa to possess her, which the latter succeeds. Shinoa's humanity and heart are now gone as Shikama Dōji has complete control over her body.

Even when possessed Shinoa's body benefits from the protection of the first who will protect his host. When Shinoa was about to be attacked by Ferid, he mercilessly sliced Ferid in half and cut off his sword wielding arm. Shinoa's body is used to attack Guren, Shinya, Kureto and Mika. After Saitō has arrived he engages in a battle against Shikama Dōji who is in Shinoa's body with the goal of restraining him.

At the risk of her body breaking Shinoa has Shikama Dōji leave Shinoa's body due to the sinful keys which were used by Guren, Mahiru and Noya. This also seals him away 'for the time being' which he brings up before leaving her body. Suspecting that Shikama Dōji may be weakened Shinoa derisively suggests he shake off what is making him uncomfortable, use her desires for possession, and comments how she has never seen him look this bad. Shinoa exploits Shikama Dōji's state to try and possess him but then chooses to warn Yu of Ashera instead and she sticks her tongue out at Shikama Dōji. With that challenged Shinoa drew on her desires for Yu to transform into a demon where she meant to overtake him.[4]

After turning into a demon in order to try and contain the First, Shinoa concentrates on stopping him interfering with Yu trying to help Mika.

No! You're not going anywhere! Here! You can possess me! That's what you've wanted, right?!

–Shouting at Shikama Doji as he leaves for Yu and Mika Chapter 103 "The Sky Awaits Them Both", page 19

Not caring when the first remarks that the offer to let him possess her is to protect Yu, she orders him to come over to dissuade him from departing. After casting a scythe at the First, Shinoa finds that her power is gone.


Knowing Asuramaru as Yu's demon, Shinoa also inferred that "Ashera" was another name for him.[4]

It seems, unfortunately... ...That Asuramaru is an enemy. I heard Shikama Dōji ordering him to capture Mika's soul.

–Warning Yu of the first's connection with his demon Chapter 99 "Mortal Love" page 40-41