Shinoa Hīragi (柊 シノア Hīragi Shinoa?) is the main female protagonist in the Seraph of the End anime. She is appointed as Yūichirō Hyakuya's supervisor during his suspension and acts as a sergeant of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. The leader of her Shinoa Squad (シノア隊 Shinoa-tai?) in the Moon Demon Company, Shinoa would have Yu join along with Yoichi Saotome, Shihō Kimizuki and Mitsuba Sangū, the latter of who she was familiar with before. Shinoa is the younger sister to Mahiru Hīragi and from the prestigious and rich Hīragi Family that rules the army.

Working with Guren Ichinose, she is tasked with clearing a vampire lair and freeing the humans within. After, Shinoa would take part in the defence of Shinjuku from a large scale vampire invasion. With her squad Shinoa would participate in the mission targeting vampire nobles in the city of Nagoya.

Note: This is the page for Shinoa in the anime, for the article detailing Shinoa in other formats see: Shinoa Hīragi


Shinoa Hīragi (Anime)
She has a petite, thin figure and is physically shorter compared to other girls. Her height is an issue when it comes to seeing over the steering wheel of a truck. Shinoa's long lavender colored hair reaches over her shoulders at the front and is pinned up at the back with a magenta bow holding it in place with side braids as well.

For clothing, she is shown wearing her school uniform, a sailor fuku which consists of a grey blouse with black cuffs that have teal trim in the middle. It has a black sailor-style collar with has teal trim and a single five teal petal design in the middle. The ribbon of the uniform is also teal and is tied in the front and laced through a loop attached to the blouse. The bottom is a black skirt. She wore it with dark blue knee high socks and white shoes.

Her Japanese Imperial Demon Army uniform consists of a long-sleeved black coat with a standing collar which has a magenta bow tie around it. The coat has two rows of gold buttons on the front, light green details including the shoulder epaulets, which has a fourragère passing under and around her right side. Along with that, she wears a pair of white gloves, an armband on her left arm, and a white web belt with a gold waist-plate. She also wears the standard black skirt, dark gray thigh-high socks and knee-high black boots.

Her casual appearance does not differentiate much from her JIDA uniform. The minor differences are that she does not have her gloves along with the bow tie on her collar and wears a white long-sleeved dress shirt with a camisole over it.


Shinoa triumphantly gaining Yoichi as her partner

Shinoa has a merry sarcastic attitude where she loves teasing others and is quite dry-humored. She tends to smirk before performing her antics. Shinoa is quite fond of inventing joyful stories on situations such as Yu praising her appearance to him and Mitsuba falling in love.

Encouraging, after praising Yu she told Mitsuba that the two troublemakers were the Lieutenant Colonel's favourites, and that she bets he put Mitsuba on the squad to make them better soldiers to prod her into helping resolve Yu and Kimizuki's bickering. Although whimsical and even light hearted around serous matters, Shinoa does show anger when people are endangered, raising her voice when she was discussing how complying with Guren’s order was what caused Yu to lose control.

Explaining matters depends on the circumstances, as a leader of her squad, Shinoa takes a calm and strategic approach to situations. In drastic measures such as rescuing Guren she directs her squad to stay quiet and follow her lead. Shinoa takes her time to explain scenarios like leaving people behind to help Yu and she understands how others may be feeling. She is sympathetic and asks Guren to not have Yu and Kimizuki attack Yoichi when he was a demon.

After losing the mock battle between her squad and Guren's three-person squad, Shinoa finally realized the fear of losing someone important to her, and even a tiny mistake or her pranks can cost her family their lives. Also, she and her squad can grow even stronger and the closer they grow, the more powerful they shall become. She could identify this in others, it was Shinoa who regognized and defended Mika from her own comrades who were attacking him as a hostile vampire. Shinoa struck away a Major General to keep Mika safe and allowed him to escape with Yu who he had come to get.

Shinoa has a vulnerable complex about her short stature when Yu and Kimizuki teased her for being too short to drive a car. She laughs drily before proceeding to materialize her Cursed Gear to physically teach them a lesson. She is also shy when it comes to her feelings concerning Yu.


She details how her elder sister, Mahiru died at some point. Shinoa declined a higher station in the army that her status as a Hīragi could afford her.


Episode 2 - Screenshot 53

Shinoa Hīragi is seated behind Yūichirō Hyakuya in class and after an altercation with the teacher she taps Yu to show him a note she has written. Introducing herself as an army surveillance officer, Shinoa writes that if Yu continues to behave un-cooperatively she will have no choice but to report him to the army and extend his suspension.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 60

Yu heard right, to play nice and be a good student

Speaking for him to start co-operating, Shinoa waits for Yu to re-take his seat then also points out the suspension will remain in place until Yu makes a friend. Saying he heard right, Shinoa instructs Yu to play nice and be a good student. After class the other students intend to get ice cream. With Yu staying behind, she offers an example phrase Yu could have used to join them, then points out he missed a golden opportunity to make some new friends.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 82

Having heard about Yu's famous attitude

Asked if she is trying to boss him around, Shinoa comments on that famous attitude she has heard about. According to Lt. Colonel Guren Ichinose, Yu avoids social interaction because he lost his family and is afraid of getting close to anyone and losing them. Remaking that it sounds lonely, Shinoa asks whether Yu wants a girlfriend or boy before she is cut off.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 85

Remaining composed

Asked to quit running her mouth and get off his back, Shinoa guesses Yu can engage as she glances to Yu's hand on her shoulder. With Yu wanting Shinoa to use her trap for something useful like having Guren put Yu in the vampire extermination unit, Shinoa provides a note explaining that Guren thought he might say that.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 90

Observing Yu read Guren's note

She was told to present it in such an event and watches as Yu reads it then leaves her in the classroom. Joining him at his locker, Shinoa is unable to stop following him around since she is his army surveillance officer. Any violation of army guidelines will be reported.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 100

Finding Yoichi being bullied

Noticing a commotion nearby, Shinoa watches as a youth, Yoichi Saotome, is pushed to the ground by a bully, Yamanaka. She expresses herself disappointed in private Yu for walking away from the bullying incident, he will not make any friends if he keeps turning his back on people in need. This changes to being pleasantly surprised at Yu showing compassion and she continues that Yu might just prove his file wrong.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 111

Mentioning fighting civilians is prohibited

Backing away as accomplices Shishido and Yūji enter Yu’s personal space, and watching as he speaks with Yamanaka, Shinoa remembers she should have mentioned that fighting civilians would extend Yu’s probation. Walking with Yoichi and Yu, she is only here to observe not help them carry food related items.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 117

Listening to Yu and Yoichi

Looking between them as they speak about bullying and Yoichi's reasons for being around people he does not see as bullies, Shinoa does asks whether Yu is really that dense when he asks which one was Yamanaka. With Yoichi wanting to join the Imperial Demon Army but failing the exam, Shinoa does not comment on who is being considered for that or the Moon Demon Company.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 154

Yu has headed to fight an escaped vampire

Noticing it before it occurs completely, Shinoa sees a nearby building explode and hears the announcement of an escaped vampire from the bio-research facility. Asking why would a vampire want to come here, Shinoa reacts by instructing Yu and Yoichi to get out of here quickly, she will call the Moon Demon Company. Shocked at Yu’s intent to fight the vampire himself, she tells him to wait before calling him and idiot. A double idiot once the canned drink begins fizzing near her.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 250

With members of the Moon Demon Company, waving at Yu

Standing amongst the Moon Demon Company members, Shinoa is in between Norito Goshi and Shigure Yukimi with other members Mito Jūjō and Sayuri Hanayori nearby as she waves to Yu. Quipping on Guren’s comment regarding acting alone, Shinoa answers Guren that Yoichi is apparently Yu’s friend, or lover. Now that Yu has met his requirements, Shinoa points out to Guren that he has to keep up his end of the bargain.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 283

All a part of the Moon Demon Company

Sat nearby, Shinoa hears Yoichi point out that Yu has woken up. She has good news, Yu and Yoichi have been officially assigned to the vampire extermination unit. The two of them made quite the impression on their comrades, they put your lives on the line and fought bravely for people they do not even know. Shinoa concludes her praise by welcoming them to the Moon Demon Company.[2]

Episode 3 - Screenshot 14

Observing Yu's exchange

After observing the girl that Yu rescued leave, Shinoa makes her presence known by remarking she guesses it is only natural for the school hero to be popular with the girls. Stating to not let it go to his head, Shinoa says in no time they will have a trail of broken hearts to mend. Hearing that Yu is not a heart breaker, Shinoa teases that she sees he is a virgin.

Episode 3 - Screenshot 17

The current state of the world

Voicing that these days virginity may as well be considered a mortal sin, Shinoa explains it is why the Demon Army encourages everyone to form new relationships. The world has already come to an end once and anyone who was not killed by the virus ended up in the valley of wandering monsters. Shinoa says they are lucky even a tenth of them survived, and now past the walls in the distance lies a wasteland with said monsters.

Episode 3 - Screenshot 21

"Yay, elicit sexual relations!"

That is where the Imperial Demon Army comes in, the remnants of humanity will be gathered and they will breed their way to the top of the food chain once again. Shinoa uses gestures to illustrate a show of fondness for love and illicit sexual relations.

Episode 3 - Screenshot 22

As to why he's still here, Yu's question is for Guren

With Yu’s question on why he is still here despite having passed the test, Shinoa replies that is a question for the Lieutenant colonel, not her. Not knowing why Yu is yelling at her, Shinoa questions whether she looks like Guren’s keeper. She does add that Yu does not need to wait to start his training, as a matter of fact he has already begun. Producing a black key like object, Shinoa speaks of their special methods make the most difficult wishes obtainable.

Episode 3 - Screenshot 29

Cursed gear manifestation

A billowing dark shadow materializes from the utensil and Shinoa introduces the demon she formed a contract with, Shikama Dōji. This form returns to the large scythe that Shinoa now holds as she asks Yu to try and not embarrass himself around him. Answering why would she not have cursed gear as a member of the extermination unit, Shinoa replies if Yu wants one he needs to learn to work as part of a team.

Episode 3 - Screenshot 45

Baffled that Yu has announced he is taking her cursed gear, Shinoa tries to explain he cannot use someone else’s gear since there is a contract between the weapon and its owner. Shinoa obliges with Yu’s request to bring it on. Keeping it mobile, Shinoa's weapon emits a force energy when tapping against and striking away Yu's sword. Sating he is not to shabby, Shinoa has the power to crush the ground her weapon strikes.

Episode 3 - Screenshot 47

Ending the round in her favour

After demonstrating its capabilities in a physical fight, Shinoa ends it by guiding Shi, the demonic manifestation to fly into Yu and pin him against the railing. Walking through the corridor, Shinoa says vampires can stand against her since it is war and they will be up against their soldiers. There will not be any unarmed vampires in hospital gowns they will have weapons too. Asking why Yu thinks lieutenant Guren has been beating team work into that thick skull of his, Shinoa states they cannot win this without each other.

Episode 3 - Screenshot 62

Commenting on Yu's popularity

Seeing Yoichi hide behind her after he was running from Yamanaka and Shishido, Shinoa sighs at Yu’s newfound popularity with the male students too, she is starting to feel left out. Listening as Yu explains to them that if they quit acting like punks then people may want to help out, Shinoa quips hello pot, meet my dear friend kettle.

Episode 3 - Screenshot 71

The consequences of entering a restricted area

Catching on to what Yamanaka is saying, Shinoa should have guessed. The words class one restricted area that he is mentioning may as well have been a welcome mat to those morons. There is no excuse, and Shinoa honestly does not care why they did it, she only cares about the punishment. As far as the army is concerned, their friend’s punishment has already been decided. Sure that he is already in custody, Shinoa darkly replies that he will be in there until the army decides to execute him. Suggesting that they forget about him.

Episode 3 - Screenshot 80

The trespasser has likely been possessed by a demon

Walking down to the lower levels, Shinoa chuckles it is nothing like a secret lab rather just one of the school’s seven wonders, like the piano that plays concerts all by itself or moving anatomical dolls. Not remembering whether the chamber is third or fourth on the list, Shinoa answers that it is more than likely that Yūji entered the chamber and is trapped inside. That is not actually the issue though, the room is a training facility for the extermination unit. If a non-trained civilian like Yūji gets in there is a good chance he will get possessed by the demon.

Episode 3 - Screenshot 89

Descending further to the cursed gear room

Regarding demons, Shinoa asks Yu if he remembers what she told him, he does not have to worry about training since it has already started, and to follow her. As they walk she says it is not really a shrine, they just like to call it that. Back before the virus broke out a massive underground space was installed under the Shibuya part of Tokyo. Its original purpose was to prevent the rover from flooding due to excess rainfall but now has been converted into the vampire extermination units training ground. She reveals that every student here is part of a secret military experiment and the demon is the key. Anyone who is unaffected by its evil energies filter into the unit, and every one of them is a lab rat which may be hard for them to hear, but what do they expect in this messed up world they live in.

Episode 3 - Screenshot 99

Answering what happens if the demon eats their hearts

Coming to a set of doors covered in spell tags, Shinoa explains that there are two types of people that can go beyond this point: those summoned by the extermination unit and those chosen by the demon. Answering Yoichi on whether Yūji is in there, if he is they did not summon him and the demon may have already consumed his heart. With Yoichi’s concern that their hearts may be eaten, Shinoa answers it is not pretty, that is why they need to be trained first especially their strength of heart. Emphasizing that they need to understand the cost of wielding this cursed gear, Shinoa then sees Yu head into the room. Asking if he is crazy she then joins Yu in the room. Spotting Yūji stood in the center, she instructs Yu not to do anything just watch from a distance as the extermination unit will save him soon enough.

Episode 3 - Screenshot 135

Attempting to stop Yu from touching the cursed gear and becoming possessed

Glancing to Yu when he asks if anyone has claimed the weapon, with him running to acquire the axe, Shinoa turns to Yoichi that they will need backup. She tells him to go and find the Moon Demon Company, their barracks are at the back of this facility. Using her scythe to prevent Yu from sparring with the possessed Yūji, Shinoa deems it unbelievable and that Yu must be deathly allergic to teamwork. Brute force will not help him win against a demon, then adds if Yu grabs the weapon barehanded the demon will possess him as well. Countering that he will lose this time, Shinoa feels Yu does not have the strength to defeat a demon yet since his heart is far too weak to resist it. Demons thrive on dark desires and Yu’s hunger for revenge means the risk will not be taken to give Yu a cursed gear until he has conquered those feelings.

Episode 3 - Screenshot 192

Impressed Yu broke free from the demon

Catching Yu’s sword that is thrown to her, Shinoa asks what is he doing and stands by as he runs unarmed towards Yūji. She is sat beside Yoichi and seeing Yu awake she remarks how she cannot believe that he managed to come back all on his own. Looking to Yoichi, she explains that the demon tricked Yu and had him trapped inside some intense hallucinations. Noting that even without a contract spell that Yu broke free with the power of his mind, Shinoa compliments him that it was quite the accomplishment.

Episode 3 - Screenshot 195

There are procedures to follow when making a new contract

Denying that the axe beside them now belongs to Yu now, Shinoa says it is a little more involved than that. There are procedures to follow when a new contract is formed and Guren will decide which suits Yu best and that he will just have to be patient. Agreeing somewhat that Yu technically beat the demon, Shinoa adds that Yu also saved another classmate. Saying he will not have to wait much longer, Shinoa says starting tomorrow he will begin his training with the rest of the vampire extermination units whilst thinking not that she has the authority to make that decision, and that Guren will not be happy when he finds out.[3]

Episode 4 - Yu, Shinoa and Yoichi entering Class

Entering Guren's class

When Yu and Yoichi arrive, she comments that they are late then on how it looks like someone pummelled Yu’s face. Asking if another suspension is in order, Shinoa then says they have much bigger things on their plates. She is fine with Yu being put in the action, but if he is not going to put the time in training then he can fight without gear or a uniform. Excusing herself as she enters the room, Shinoa announces to the Lieutenant Colonel that she has brought Yu and Yoichi only to find Guren asleep. As she begins to share something for Guren’s information, Shinoa is ordered to mind her own business.

Episode 4 - Guren telling Shinoa to do her job

Having been keeping updates on Kimizuki, somewhat

She listens somewhat bemused by Yu’s tirade of an introduction to the class. Beside Guren observing Yu and Shihō Kimizuki scuffle, Shinoa replies she has been working on them very diligently, and with them now fighting she comments this is a marked improvement. She has been watching them, this morning Kimizuki attacked Yu to test his ability and maintain his alpha dominance over the student. Rather than break up the fight, Shinoa shares that she stayed in hiding and enjoyed the show.

Episode 4 - Shino pairing off with Yoichi

Within the gymnasium, she listens as Sayuri explains the test at hand. With it requiring a partner Shinoa takes a hold of Yoichi and is sure they will be the best team in the whole class and does he not agree. When Yu asks what about him, Shinoa smiles and is very pleased with herself as she grins, having denied Yoichi as a possible partner for Yu.[4]

Episode 5 - Screenshot 11

Discussing Yu's cursed gear acquisition

Sat with an eating tray, Shinoa sees Yu and comments on his head, he should know Guren does not pull any punches by now. Wondering whether Guren finally approved for Yu to acquire cursed gear, Shinoa responds to Yu’s doubt by saying he cannot fool her and is nearly bursting at the seams. Commenting that the lieutenant colonel may have a razor sharp tongue and a fondness for brutality, Shinoa says he always keeps his promises.

Episode 5 - Screenshot 29

Parading Yu's test around the class

In class after Sayuri hands back their test results, Shinoa has suddenly appeared by Yu’s desk. Although he tries to hide, it is too late as Shinoa seizes Yu’s paper, greatly desiring to see. She parades around the classroom, exclaiming on how impressive Yu’s score is, loudly so that everyone hears. Asking if Yu does not want to share it, he should be so very proud.

Episode 5 - Screenshot 30

Leaving it for other students to see

Revealing she does not have it anymore, students are viewing Yu’s result. Confronted over the matter, Shinoa questions whether that is any way to talk to a lady and that she is trying to help him fit in. Stating that Yu is being completely crystal about his clearness that he does not need friends, Shinoa tells him to not come crying to her when he realizes that he is completely worthless by himself.
Episode 5 - Screenshot 46

Unaffected by the power of Guren's cursed gear

Seated as Yoichi tries to calm Yu and Kimizuki, Shinoa notices Guren reach for his sword and asks if he is planning to attack. Saying this has got interesting fast, Shinoa is not affected by the powers coming from Mahiru-no-Yo as other students faint and laughs at Guren’s comment on her capabilities.

Episode 5 - Screenshot 47

Joining the Black Demon candidate's cursed gear ceremonies

Heading down with Sayuri and Guren with the three candidates who passed the test, Yu, Yoichi and Kimizuki, Shinoa is the only one who does not voice an opinion on Yoichi’s suitability for a black demon weapon. She listens as everyone shares their doubts and outright statements that Yoichi should leave, and silently turns her head when Yoichi resolves to remain. Taking the elevator below, Shinoa questions if Kimizuki is able to handle it when he is speaking to Yoichi. She saw that Kimizuki was leaning over when experiencing Mahiru-no-Yo’s power and she wonders whether it was too much for him to handle. Bringing Yoichi in, Shinoa clarifies whether he saw it too. She reaches the temple like room where the highest ranking weapons with the strongest demons are kept.[5]

Episode 6 - Screenshot 122

Along with Kimizuki she defends Yu who stands weaponless against Yoichi

Standing by as Yu, Yoichi and Kimizuki attempt to make their contracts, she speaks to ask if she can share her opinion after Yoichi has been possessed by his demon and is firing ranged projectiles from a bow down on them. Told to be quiet, Shinoa speaks that the situation is getting out of control. Then she asks for the lieutenant Colonel to not let them kill Yoichi since he is their friend. When Yu throws his sword aside, Shinoa moves beside him with her scythe drawn as Yoichi aims.

Episode 6 - Screenshot 141

Seeing 3 new members of the Moon Demon Company

She is stunned after Yoichi regains himself and questions Guren whether he knew it would end this way. He says he does not care, but Shinoa says it looks like he was really starting to sweat there towards the end. With vampires from the Kansai region planning on retaking Shinjuku, they are now heading to the front lines.[6]

Episode 7 - Screenshot 24

Onboard the subway train

Within a subway she sees Yu and comments on how the uniform looks awfully good on Yu, then speaks for Yu on how good she looks as well. Taking the train she queries whether Yu wants his orders, Guren has assigned them to investigate vampires in Shinjuku. Wondering if Yu is only interested in blood lust, Shinoa states there is more to their mission than killing vampires. Informed that she is boring, Shinoa guesses Yu does not want to survive as soon as they get out the wall.

Episode 7 - Screenshot 31

Orders beyond the wall

Departing the train, Shinoa addresses guards stationed at the gate that they are from the Moon Demon Company and have orders beyond the wall and to please let them out. With the guards comments she says one just called Yu a kid. Replying she will not be short forever, Shinoa mentions her sister Mahiru Hīragi then clarifies she had a sister and it is a way of life that everyone seems to have lost someone in this devastated world.

Episode 7 - Screenshot 46

Greeting Mitsuba who she is familiar with

Outside, with Yu asking who that girl is, Shinoa replies she does not know, maybe she is a new recruit like him so she suggests they find out. Greeting her with the nickname Mitsu, Shinoa teases Mitsuba Sangū that Guren thinks she is more qualified to be squad leader. Shinoa assures Guren she can handle Mitsuba’s temper, after all she is a mature woman.

Episode 7 - Screenshot 58

Guren is breaking up their fight

Using her scythe, her brief engagement with Mitsuba and her axe comes to an end when she is disarmed by Guren. Finding it crystal clear that there is to be no more infighting, Shinoa turns to ask whether “Mr. reckless behaviour” heard that. She checks whether Mitsuba’s kick hurt Yu before hearing she is to head to Harajuku, crush the growing vampire settlement there and free the human hostages, then head to Shinjuku. After Mitsuba emphasizes the threats they face, Shinoa tells Yu she does not want him dying on her watch. Finding a girl running from a Four Horseman of John and seeing Mistuba run after Yu who is intervening, Shinoa conjures her scythe and places it around Kimizuki.

Episode 7 - Screenshot 129 (3)

Defending a child running from a Four Horseman of John

Telling him not to move, she ominously warns the vampires are coming and they have to be on alert. She answers Kimizuki that the Four Horseman of John are not obeying the vampires, they only kill humans and thinks they seem to have been created to keep humanities population under control. She defends the girl being used as bait and orders Yu to allow the vampires to escape, they are behind enemy lines and need to leave before backup gets here.

Episode 7 - Screenshot 138

Not sharing details on Mitsuba's past

By nightfall they are in a secure location and after Mitsuba confronts Yu she says to not let her behaviour get to him. Everyone in Moon Demon Company has a troubled past and Mitsuba is no exception, but she declines to go into further details.

Episode 7 - Screenshot 151

Pouncing on Mitsuba

In the shower room Shinoa reacts to Mitsuba’s anger concerning Yu with a story on how it was not long before they both fell in love. Questioning whether she really hates him that much, Shinoa suspects Mitsuba hates Yu because he reminds him of herself back in the day. Assuring Mitsuba that it was not her fault, and what happened that night concerning Mitsuba's previous squad had nothing to do with breaking formation, Shinoa is ordered to not come in when Mitsuba is showering before playfully lunging on her anyway. Dressed, she joins the others and remarks how she feels so refreshed.

Episode 7 - Screenshot 156 (2)

Locating the vampire's lair

With the intel they receive from the rescued girl, Shinoa heads towards the vampire lair in Omotesando station. Reading a note she has, Shinoa says the vampires are raising human children there and as they draw closer she tells everyone to stay alert and if the vampires are awake and armed when they go in they will have to retreat.

Episode 7 - Screenshot 160

Reaching the vampire lair entrance

Reaching the entrance to the underground station, Shinoa feels the black demon series holders might be able to fend off the vampires themselves yet with it still being dangerous she suggests they stick together and no matter what to not break formation.[7] Entering, she explains the little girl they rescued said there were seven vampires down here and with any luck they are sleeping right now so can be taken by surprise. Emphasizing they do this by the book, it is important they stay in formation and watch each others backs. She explains to Kimizuki that the captives do not try and escape since the vampires try and protect them as the lesser of two evils compared to the monsters outside.

Episode 8 - Screenshot 53

Delighted with Yu defeating vampires

With Yu taking out two vampires, Shinoa applauds his skills as amazing. She figured he had to be good and is why the Lieutenant Colonel has taken such as interest in his training, but Shinoa did not know Yu was this strong. As Yu and Kimizuki are bickering, Shinoa explains to Mitsuba that those two are the Lieutenant Colonel's favourites, a couple of troublemakers who are bad at teamwork. Shinoa continues that she bets he put Mitsuba on the squad so she can whip them into shape and make them better soldiers. Her guidance for Mitsuba is applied and they refocus to locate the remaining five targets.

Episode 8 - Screenshot 61

The vampires have come to them

Reaching a dead end the squad see that the vampires have come to them. They are further ambushed by vampires breaking through the glass behind them. Shinoa joins the others in attacking the eight total threats when Yu heads to help Mitsuba who has been taken hostage.

Episode 8 - Screenshot 107

Prepared for the remaining vampires

Listening as Yu explains what the vampires have said about humans being true, that they will do anything to protect those they care about, Shinoa is happy to hear it. With Mitsuba rescued they are complete as a squad. Beside Kimizuki she affirms they absolutely can handle the remaining vampires, from what she can tell they all armed with second class weapons.

Episode 8 - Screenshot 121

A story of Mitsuba's feelings for Yu

The people underground have been rescued with soldiers present in the vicinity as well. As Shinoa is packing supplies into a bag she notices Mitsuba watching Yu speak with the girl they rescued. Shinoa delivers an imagined soliloquy for Mitsuba on how she pictures her thoughts to be, including that Yu is Shinoa’s knight in shining armour and that they are destined to fall in love. With Mitsuba asking what Yu’s story is, Shinoa is aware Yu grew up in captivity and he and his friends made an attempt to escape but it did not work out.

Episode 8 - Screenshot 152

Transport ready for Shinjuku

Sat with Mitsuba and Yoichi, Shinoa comments that what she is eating out a tin is not actually that bad. Hearing Kimizuki has managed to hot-wire a car she asks where he learned to do that. With Yu and Kimizuki fighting, Shinoa feels it looks like her expert driving skills are needed once again.

Episode 8 - Screenshot 155

Not as happy that she is too short to see over the steering wheel

At the steering wheel Shinoa invites everyone in, the next stop, Shinjuku. Realizing that she cannot see over the steering wheel, Shinoa’s eyebrow twitches as she is laughed at by Kimizuki and Yoichi and she draws her cursed gear is response. Travelling in the back seat to Shinjuku, explosive sounds are heard and Mitsuba points out they are headed for it.

Episode 8 - Screenshot 162

On alert with banging noises ahead

Ordering everyone to stay alert since they have no idea what might be waiting for them, the city is just ahead and should be able to see the defensive barrier soon. Shinjuku comes into view and smoke is rising from it.

Episode 8 - Screenshot 171

Exiting the speeding truck for it to plough into a vampire noble

Hearing from Yu that the figure in the road before them is a noble, Shinoa exits the moving vehicle with the squad. The truck crashes into the vampire but the vehicle suffers the impact from the noble's supernatural strength. Shinoa runs from the truck exploding vehicle that is thrown towards them. Moving to defend Yoichi, Shinoa then uses her scythe to bend the trajectory of the ranged attack produced by the vampire’s sword to have it fly into a building away from them.
Episode 8 - Screenshot 185

Targeted by the noble

Voicing that was something and that he is strong, Shinoa calls for everyone to listen up and stay in formation. Knowing he is wielding a first class weapon, Shinoa orders that no one attacks him alone before finding that the noble has appeared right behind her. Saved after Yu disarms the vampire, she answers Mitsuba that she is fine. In her mind Shinoa plans for Yu and Kimizuki as the strongest one on one fighters, with the others as support in the fight against Crowley and is wary to not underestimate him. Seeing two other vampires, Chess Belle with Horn Skuld, join him, Shinoa notes the turn for the worst. Answering Yu that retreat is the best idea, she however doubts the three vampires will let them do that.

Episode 8 - Screenshot 212

Relieved after the vampires left for the front lines

Curse marks appear on her face Shinoa decides to fight at full power by letting the demons almost completely possess them, yet acknowledges that still might not be enough. When the vampires in fact head to the front lines and leap away, Shinoa slumps to her need and is anxiously relieved that they are okay and do not have to fight.

Episode 8 - Screenshot 215

With Yu upset over his capabilities, Shinoa helps him to feel better

With Yu frustrated that with his cursed gear he is supposed to be as strong as the vampire noble was, Shinoa states that since he has the black demon series he could always learn some curses which would help Yu get closer to his power level. Replying she could teach him, Shinoa then questions what good it would be if Yu were the only one who could defeat a powerful vampire.

Episode 8 - Screenshot 218

Thanking Yu for saving her life

She would probably be killed whilst she fought, and Yoichi and Mitsuba would end up dying too and that is why they have to work together and all of them have to keep training as a unit of equals. Saying they are improving, Shinoa is happy to hear Yu talk about retreating. Shinoa has something else to say and thanks Yu for saving her life, it is like lieutenant colonel Guren said, Yu cares about his friends.[8]

Episode 9 - Screenshot 33

Aircraft are a part of the invasion of Shinjuku

Entering Shinjuku as the city suffers further damage now on the western wall, Shinoa answers Yu on whether he heard what nearby soldiers said, summarizing that the vampires are attacking. She leaps over a wall to a lower level to avoid helicopter missile fire now that they are in the city. With Yoichi questioning if the cursed gear soldiers have used to shoot down a helicopter are the same as his bow, Shinoa answers that they are not nearly as powerful. After taking cover from machine gun fire, Shinoa heads to fight the vampires that have descended to attack the soldiers nearby. She slices into vampires that are interfering with Yoichi’s aim of downing the chopper.

Episode 9 - Screenshot 74

Interacting with Corporal Nagai

Once the vampires are cleared Shinoa speaks with corporal Nagai that they are members of the Moon Demon Company. Walking past a medical tent with many wounded, Shinoa hears from the corporal how the vampires have blown a hole in the Western defence barrier. Appraising their tactical situation as much worse than she expected, Shinoa and her squad are asked to head West to reinforce their defences.

Episode 9 - Screenshot 173

Heading for the Western defence barrier

Travelling in the back of the truck, Shinoa is informed Nagai that they should be at the defensive line in the next fifteen minutes. There is something her squad needs to go over before they get to the front line. Gleefully, Shinoa raises her hand to announce this might sound weird but she has got something for them and it is time for the boys to take their medicine. Asking whether they remember how strong that noble was, Shinoa says surely they realize he was way out of their league.

Episode 9 - Screenshot 177

Going over something with the squad

Even with the black demon series weapons he could have slaughtered them in the blink of an eye. Honestly they would be as useless as little babies with toys if they were fighting a noble. Acknowledging it may seem a little strange but once they get the hang of it, it will be second nature, Shinoa produces the object central to what she is discussing, namely cursed gear stimulants that will help in synchronising them with their demons which results in their power increasing. She answers Yu it is no guarantee taking one will result in him being able to kill nobles but he will have a much better chance of not dying. Using her fingers Shinoa explains that taking one pill will make them one and a half times stronger, and with two they are one point eight times stronger. She says if Yu took ten pills he would probably become some sort of god, there is just one thing though, organs explode when they take three. Even two pills could severely damage a body and cause death from shock so to be safe they should stick to one at first before she hands out a pack for each of them.

Episode 9 - Screenshot 189

Nobles are still stornger

She says they still would not have won against the noble, it takes ten seconds for the pills effects to take a hold. Answering Yu she says the pill is just temporary and he will have to study and train more to master the cursed power, but they do not have time for that right now. This is war do for now they will take a shortcut and they need every advantage over the enemy they can get.

Episode 9 - Screenshot 220

Rescuing Nagai under helicopter missile fire

Shinoa is thrown out of the truck as it topples over from a missile strike, and she runs from the helicopter artillery fire. With Mitsuba she shouts for Yu to be careful as he runs to help Nagai who is unconscious in the vehicle then helps move the corporal before the truck explodes from the last of the aircraft missiles. The explosion collapses the road causing Shinoa to fall underground.

Episode 9 - Screenshot 226

Having fallen into the subway

Awoken by Yu she sees they have fallen into the subway and Shinoa questions where the others are. They did not fall with them, then noting the corporal’s state Shinoa says they need to get him to the temporary shelter above ground, there should be medics there who can treat his wounds. Hearing the others on the other side can get out Shinoa tells them to go ahead and they will catch up with them since they need to find a med team for the corporal.[9]

Episode 10 - Screenshot 35

Guren is within Shinjuku and has new orders

Approaching Yu at the front of the medical tent, Shinoa says they should go and meet the others. She assures him the corporal will be fine here and the doctors say he is going to recover. Besides, the Lieutenant Colonel Guren has issued some new orders for their squadron and has been organizing troops within the city. Walking through the rain Shinoa explains Guren is already at West Shinjuku's fifth street and has been fighting the vampire’s main forces there so they need to go back him up. She offers that the vampires are probably thinking the same about them in regards to defeating the main force and they win, if they crush the Moon Demon Company, victory is there’s. they should get moving, and Shinoa continues that Mitsu and the others have probably made it to the defensive line by now.

Episode 10 - Screenshot 42

Overhearing the soldier's dilemma

Overhearing soldiers discuss how three members of the extermination unit have been sent to prevent this area from falling, Shinoa begins to introduce herself and Yu as part of the Moon Demon Company before being cut off. She listens as Yu tries to ascertain the locations of three members of a vampire extermination unit that sounds like their squad.

Episode 10 - Screenshot 53

They can't ignore orders to head to front lines

With Yu heading to the Shinjuku Central Park location, Shinoa asks him to wait and states he is not thinking clearly, that he cannot even be certain the soldier was talking about their squad. They cannot ignore their orders based on speculation, they are needed as backup and that is their top priority. Shinoa continues that even Guren will have a hard time going up against the vampire's strongest forces and they have to maintain Shinjuku’s defensive line. Her words that Guren and the rest of his troops are counting on them are the only words to give Yu a pause, but only briefly.

Episode 10 - Screenshot 89

Running to the park where the squad was sent

Running behind Yu, she thinks they are almost there. Thanked by him, Shinoa replies that they are a family and it is just like Guren said: they need to protect one another no matter what. She also shares that Guren would also call Yu an idiot right now. Nearing it, Shinoa points out Shinjuku Central Park ahead.
Episode 10 - Screenshot 127

Dealing with remaining vampires

Arriving at their location, Shinoa slices a vampire apart then poses to tell Mitsu to not get distracted on the battlefield. With the sun out and the park cleared, as well as the squad being safe, Shinoa mentions they should probably catch up with Guren.

Running to the location, Shinoa sees Guren defenceless and cornered by a vampire so she says for everyone to take their pill. They will save the lieutenant colonal and then retreat.[10]

Episode 11 - Screenshot 21

Yu spared a vampire

After Yu failed to kill the vampire that had stabbed Guren though the chest, Shinoa checks on the Lieutenant Colonel then tries to discern Yu’s actions. She watches as Yu confirms that the vampire is his family member, Mikaela Hyakuya, and remains close to Guren as the vampires plan. Crowley with Chess and Horn have also joined the vampires, and with Guren’s order to retreat, when Yu is against it since it involves leaving Mika, Shinoa says for Yu to please leave as the squad is at risk.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 80

Seeing Yu break formation

Retreating, she calls for Yu stop as he slashes viciously at seventh progenitor, Ferid Bathory, who has blocked his path. As the vampire try and interfere with the retreat, Shinoa uses her scythe to cut through vampire swords themselves. As she blocks Crowley’s sword, she calls Yu as he is taken away by Mika before she is flicked to the ground by Crowley.
Episode 11 - Screenshot 160

Captured by Crowley

Held by him she is choked and prevented from talking further, then cries as she is bitten. Shinoa is kneeling as Yu stumbles in her direction, whilst he has a dripping branch liked wing coming out his shoulder. Whether having fallen unconscious from her injuries or from the effects of its attack that leaves a crater in the ground, Shinoa awakens next to that and sees the creature now closer. She reaches for the condensed form of her scythe and trembles in fear as Yu moves towards her.
Episode 11 - Screenshot 285

Attacked by Yu in his state

Preparing the weapon, she is instantly disarmed and attempts to retreat before falling. Shinoa is saved from being stabbed by Yu when Mika endures the sword about to hit her. Asking why Mika saved her, Shinoa is further alarmed as the sword through Mika is pushed closer to her face. She is only prompted to move after hearing Guren shout their lives depend on her.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 297

Hugging Yu tightly

Running around Mika, Shinoa hugs Yu tightly. She pleads for him to stop otherwise all of them are going to die. She implores him to come back to them even with him raising the sword to her. When he does return to normal Shinoa holds him and says she is right here and that he is okay.[11]

Episode 12 - Screenshot 9

Seeking answers to what happened

After the incident, as she walks down a dark stairway Shinoa remembers Yu’s transformation and Guren’s apparent awareness of what was happening. At the time she had Yu’s head resting on her lap and told Guren when this is over they have a lot to talk about. Entering a room where unauthorized access is strictly prohibited, Shinoa replies to the guard that she is a member of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army’s extermination unit. That does not give her clearance to this area which is off limits to anyone ranked company officer or lower. Seeing the crescent moon like symbol on the gate, Shinoa questions what is the purpose of this facility, and hears from the other soldier it is where tests are run on the lab rats. Whilst vampires are being searched for weaknesses, Shinoa queries whether they are experimenting on people here.

Episode 12 - Screenshot 17

Her family name grants her access

Requesting access since she wants some answers, Shinoa wonders if the area is still off limits if she has a specific pocket watch on her person. Gaining access as a member of the Hīragi family, Shinoa answers she must like the sound of sergeant. She is not concerned with power struggles when she should have a higher rank due to the Hīragi family controlling the entire army. The power struggle is what killed her sister after all.

Episode 12 - Screenshot 41

Questions after finding Guren

Walking past prison cells containing vampires, Shinoa enters a large laboratory room and finding Guren she initiates conversation that this is where he is hiding. Shinoa needs answers since Yu still has not regained consciousness. It has been five days and she questions what Guren did to him, or rather what he is going to do to him. Regarding the cursed gear stimulants, Shinoa reminds Guren that he ordered her to give Yu a special drug combination because his cursed gear is so strong. Handing them to Yu like Guren asked, Shinoa says they are to blame and are why Yu lost control. Wondering whether she is right and pressing for Guren to answer her, neither being told that he knows what she is talking about or hearing that she is delusional would make her feel better, Shinoa just wants to truth about Yu.

Episode 12 - Screenshot 54

Her feeling for Yu should not get in the way

With the topic concerning human experimentation and how sacrifice is needed, as her older sister Mahiru knew, Shinoa is told to not let her feelings for Yu get in the way of remembering the importance of sacrifice. Shinoa blushes at the feelings being mentioned, but she is told to go even with her questions unanswered. On the way out she hears the drug wears off in five days, and if she has feelings for him she should be there by his side.

Episode 12 - Screenshot 67

Not sure but Shinoa thinks she might be falling for Yu

Sat near Yu, Shinoa asks his unresponsive body to please wake up, for her. She is not sure but Shinoa says she might be falling for him. Needing his help, the squad is incomplete and she asks him to wake up for all of them.

Episode 12 - Screenshot 125

Coming across Yu crying that Mika is alive

On the seventh day Shinoa arrives at Yu’s room after he has awoken, and makes her presence known by saying it is a sight she never expected to see, that Yu is such a cry baby. It is understandable, of course Yu is going to shed some tears having found out his family is alive. She is glad he is awake, they were all really worried after what happened. She finds it interesting that Yu cannot remember anything else after Mika but rather than tell him that he tried to kill her she jokes that Yu got sleepy and fell asleep on the battlefield. Shinoa details how Yu was knocked unconscious and their squadron was getting flattened but then their reinforcements showed up, the main unit led by lieutenant general Kureto and major general Shinya.

Episode 12 - Screenshot 139

Yu should not even think about going off and raiding the vampire city

On whether vampires got away, Shinoa reports no nobles were captured but they killed many of the normal ones, with a few taken as prisoners but they allowed too many to escape. Guessing that Yu wants to know what happened to his friend, Shinoa says Yu will not like this, that Mika was taken by the vampires. Suspecting his next move, Shinoa tells Yu to keep his cool, he still needs to recover so should not think of going off and raiding the vampire city. Shinoa says she happy to hear Yu’s response that he will not, but does not appear so.

Episode 12 - Screenshot 143

Recollecting when Yu was rescued, then how he and Mika were family first

She remembers back in the aftermath of the battle when Yu’s unconscious body was taken away to recover at the temporary base. Sat by her lonesome, Shinoa contemplated how Yu, and Mika were family first.

Episode 12 - Screenshot 159

Her bandaid examined by Yu as Mitsuba comes across them

Her attention is brought back as Shinoa is thanked for worrying about Yu and she blushes as Yu places his hand on her face. Seeing this is about the bandage on her neck, she says she is okay now. Seen by Mitsuba who assumes similar, Shinoa falls of her chair and tells her it is not what she thinks, laughing as she explains a vampire bit her the other day.

Episode 12 - Screenshot 169

They all know Kimizuki was worried

With Kimizuki and Yoichi joining them, she tells the former to not try to act so tough, they all knew he was worried, after all he spent quite a bit of time sitting beside his bed. Standing, she tells Yu to go on when he says he has something he wants to say. Thanked and told that Yu is lucky to have them, Shinoa adds that she hopes Yu has not lost his nerve since he is starting to sound pathetic.

Episode 12 - Screenshot 201

She is the squad leader

She confirms as a squad they are on hiatus until Yu recovers, the Shinoa Hiragi squad is taking a break. Shinoa says she knows Yu is probably anxious to go after Mika but he needs to regain his strength. With him offering to get drinks, Shinoa says that is there Kimizuki, always trying to take care of his family. She then comments on the opposite end of the spectrum they have Mitsu, who does not have a nurturing bone in her body. She does not have to play mom since she is the squad leader, then departs with Mitsuba.[12]

Episode 13 - Screenshot 15

Angered at Guren mentioning Mahiru when she knows the implications

Sparring against Guren on top of a building, Shinoa sends the demon manifestation of Shikama Dōji against him. Hearing him call Mahiru for power, Shinoa now has the scythe around Guren’s neck. When told she can go ahead and kill him, Shinoa replies not to mock her, he could dodge if he wanted. Hearing Guren would not mind if she were the one to take his life, Shinoa questions whether he is looking for atonement, then says sorry he is going to have to live with his mistakes. Her sister Mahiru loved Guren, but she was possessed by a demon, passion consumed her and Shinoa has Guren say what the outcome was.

Episode 13 - Screenshot 21

Suspecting Guren is possessed by her sister

Mahiru was killed by Guren but Shinoa says she did not leave this world and became something else. Shinoa surmises Guren used her to create his cursed gear and betray the Hīragi family, but Shinoa’s concern lays in the belief that Guren is possessed by her sister then wonders if that is why he is trying to manipulate Yu, because her sister is telling him to.

Episode 13 - Screenshot 23

Yu's safety in mind

Questioning what Guren’s end game for him is, Shinoa asks if he is planning on hurting Yu, even a bit she must humbly ask him to stop and ignites her scythe behind her. With the sword pointed at her, it is true that Shinoa's sister is in there. Hearing that Guren is the one in control, Shinoa questions whether he would even know if Mahiru had him.

Episode 13 - Screenshot 42

Knowing what Yu was really reading

Making her way to a library, she comments that Yu is always here lately and what is he reading. Raising whether he is still supposed to be on bed rest and recovering, Shinoa adds the doctors will decide when Yu is back in fighting shape. Coming across as having something to say, Shinoa instead answers Yu to forget it. Holding the book Yu had, Shinoa is sure Yu was not really reading this, she bets he was hiding porn in there and rummages through the pages.

Episode 13 - Screenshot 46

Asking if Yu wants to turn Mika back into a vampire

As she searches for where Yu has it Shinoa comes across a chapter on turning humans into vampires. Her playfulness disappears and Shinoa moves for the door, then asks whether Yu wants to turn Mika back into a human being. If that is the case she might have some helpful information and asks if he wants to hear it.

Episode 13 - Screenshot 49

Yu is always so cute and obedient whenever he wants something

Shinoa feels Yu is always so cute and obedient whenever he wants something. First of all it is pretty rare for a human to be turned into a vampire since the vampires like to keep their numbers small. Furthermore only nobles have the authority to turn a human. Shinoa asks whether Yu can think of a noble who might have picked him. Then decides to say that it is their duty to destroy vampires, all of them. She does not know how to turn a vampire back into a human then tells him she does not think she has ever seen Yu look so serious before, it is almost like he found a whole new reason to live.

Episode 13 - Screenshot 56

Noting it is probably the Hīragi family that have summoned Yu

With an intercom summing Yu to the first office, Shinoa says rather than Guren it is probably the Hīragi family, and that she should not keep them waiting. With Yu noting her last name is Hiragi, Shinoa joyously says he has finally figured out her secret, she is not just a sergeant but is basically royalty and he should feel free to worship her as much as he likes. All joking aside, Shinoa states the Hiragi’s can be an intense group of people so warns him to be careful.

Episode 13 - Screenshot 103

Mitsuba's promotion is super impressive

Finding Mitsuba about the building, Shinoa replies she is just enjoying a little walk. Questioning if the Hīragi family spoke to her, Shinoa finds the news of Mitsuba’s promotion to special second lieutenant to be super impressive, and shocking that a Sangū can get promoted without actually working for it. She ends chuckling for her to not be upset.

Episode 13 - Screenshot 105

Not being promoted herself

Shinoa has not been promoted, and if they did try and move her up a rank she would just kindly refuse. Not all of them do what they want, Shinoa feels as if her family have lost all hope for her these days. Turning to a different matter, Shinoa inquires on how much information Mitsuba had to give up in exchange for the promotion. She assumes they wanted to know what happened when Yu freaked out. If it is true that even the Hīragi family did not know anything about Yu’s change, then the experimentation on Yu was not officially sanctioned by the Demon Army. She has no idea what that thing was on the battlefield but Shinoa wishes she did. In a world like this it is not always clear who is on your side and who is not, she just hopes Yu is smart enough to know the difference. Waiting for Yu's meeting to be over, Shinoa is sat on a ledge beside Mitsuba and comments that she is so fidgety, and whether Mitsuba is really that worried about Yu. Seeing him, she watches as Yu confronts Guren as to whether he saved him just so he could use Yu.[13]
Episode 14 - Screenshot 4

Cursed gear training

Outside at night Shinoa answers Yu is at the lowest level of possession after he invokes his sword to lend him power. To gain more demonic power Yu will have to cut himself on the blade and ask his sword to drink his blood. With it sounding like a vampire Shinoa replies there is an interesting history between demons, devils and blood suckers. She agrees with Mitsuba regarding the dangers of both Yu and Kimizuki strengthening their cursed gear at the same time. Their demon could get out of control and she asks whether they remember when Yoichi tried to kill them, and that is why they are out here where they cannot hurt anything. With Yoichi able to attack the Four Horseman of John that have been spotted, Shinoa denies she has been giving him private lessons and answers Kimizuki that Yoichi has mastered demon manifestation on his own, he has always had exceptional curse control abilities.

Episode 14 - Screenshot 29

Defensive stances when Yu's eyes turn red

When Yu has his sword drink his blood and his eyes turn red, Shinoa follows Mitsuba in preparing to fight by drawing her scythe. She is not sure what just happened after Yu falls on his front, but he did not immediately go berserk so that is a big improvement. Right now he is more than likely trying to make contact with his demon. She tells the boys to not look so worried, they are here to look out for their family.

Episode 14 - Screenshot 40

What if Shinoa were to manipulate a teammate

Sitting guard, Shinoa wonders what Kimizuki means when he says trouble as usual, then what he told the Hīragi's concerning Yu. Assuring him he did the right thing by reporting what she ordered him to say, Shinoa replies what if she did try to manipulate a teammate. Assuring Mitsuba it is okay when she defends her, Shinoa then turns to what Yoichi thinks. Agreeing he is right they should trust one another, and that keeping secrets could drive them apart, Shinoa agrees to talk about it when Yu is awake and the training is over. Not just about what happened to him, but where they stand as unit too. Helping to restrain Yu, she says it looks like he has finally found his demon.

Episode 14 - Screenshot 103

Happy Yu's training was successful

Happy once he awakens, Shinoa says it took him long and enough then asks how was it and whether Yu is okay. She guesses Yu was able to fight off the psychological attacks. Holding down Kimizuki as his training is underway, Shinoa denies Yu was this messed up and says they might be in for a little trouble with him. She needs Yu to be ready to attack just in case. After Kimizuki invokes his demon, Kiseki-o and swings at Yu, Shinoa leaps back and shouts that Kimizuki is possessed.

Episode 14 - Screenshot 236

In favour of observing Yu and Kimizuki demonstrate their powers

Seeing that is not the case she holds her arm out to discourage Mitsuba from breaking up Yu and Kimisuki’s fight, she feels this could be very interesting. It is, and Shinoa observes Yu’s Asura-Kannon sword power and Kimizuki’s Devil’s Coffin. She finds it curious that they are both using special abilities that should be way above their skill level, Yoichi as well without any real training. Wondering where Guren found them anyway, Shinoa later seeks the answers on a computer to find nothing on their backgrounds, their records start when they joined the army and all the data on their past has been deleted. It could only have been Guren, but she would not be surprised if there was more to it than simply hiding their backgrounds from higher ranking officers, such as human experimentation and war with the vampires. Shinoa has a feeling something horrible is going to happen, and that they are totally unprepared for it.[14]

Episode 15 - Screenshot 32

The omelette has caught fire

By morning she is with Mitsuba preparing breakfast for their meeting, but asks how Mitsuba can be so bad at cooking that she has set an omelette on fire. Eating, Shinoa feels she would have made them a great breakfast if Mitsu had not been there messing things up. Turning to the main purpose of the meeting, there are two things they need to discuss. First that Yu has been the subject of some kind of human experimentation and he lost control in the heat of battle where Yu tried to kill her.

Episode 15 - Screenshot 47

The second concerns Guren and whether they are really sure he is on their side. It is possible he has been using them this whole time, specifically Yu and it is wonderered how Guren managed to put such a powerful team together in such a short amount of time. Whatever the case they have to decide if they are going to stick by Guren where if they do they might end up traitors to the army even if they are just following orders. With Kimizuki’s question, Shinoa confirms leaving Guren is one of their options.

Episode 15 - Screenshot 133

Yu must have spotted some girl taking off her clothes

Joining Yu on top of the roof, she guesses he has spotted some girl taking off her clothes, why else would he be staring so intently. Confirming that Yu did try and kill her, the nice thing is Yu did not actually go through with it in the end and whatever his intentions were she is still alive and kicking. Shinoa states for Yu to try and not beat himself up over it, they will figure out what is going on. She is delighted to hear that Yu has finally figured out his role in the squad when he says normally he would spend the entire fight protecting her. Continuing, Yu and Kimizuki are like the linemen, the strong knights of Shinoa squad whose job is to protect the queen and lay down their lives to ensure her safety.

Episode 15 - Screenshot 140

Unsure what to make of Yu being this serious

With Yu not reacting to her upbeat description she replies probably when Yu questions whether Guren was planning for him to lose control the whole time, and she understands if Yu has not made up his mind yet. Asking what has gotten into him all of a sudden when she is asked to promise to stay by his side the next time they fight vampires, Shinoa says they will make sure nothing bad happens to him. Thanked, she seems reluctant to accept his handshake, she is just doing her job as the squad’s leader and tells Yu not to worry.

Episode 15 - Screenshot 166

Deciding to stick with Guren

Back round the table, Shinoa listens as Yu explains the importance of sticking with family as a factor in remaining in support of Guren, and Shinoa formally taps a cup with a spoon in a display that it seems they have finally reached a conclusion, they defend their family. In this messed up world most people are just trying to survive that they forget to look out for each other. Yet Shinoa squad is different and she declares they can probably thank her strong leadership.

Episode 15 - Screenshot 220

Updating that Yu and Kimizuki have completed their training

Joining Guren, she informs him that both Yu and Kimizuki have completed their training and succeeded in possession. The last time they talked Guren had a question for her, where he asked if she had fallen for Yu. Not sure of the answer herself, Shinoa notes for the first time in her life someone needs her and she cannot let him down when he is counting on her.

Episode 15 - Screenshot 225

A mission to target vampire nobles in Nagoya

Saying she will see herself out, Shinoa is told to hold on. Guren has a mission for her so she is to come to the staging arena tomorrow at o six hundred hours. Handed a letter, they are going to kill all the vampires in Nagoya.[15] In the back of the truck used to travel there Shinoa answers she likes the colder weather, it feels so crisp outside. Asked for directions from Kimizuki, she replies if they stay on this road they will eventually end up in Hakone, there they could relax in the hot spring, eat a feast and wake up relaxed and refreshed. Shinoa ends with asking whether it does not sound like paradise. She would definitely want to go there rather then the actual destination of Ebina but a vacation just is not in the cards and Nagoya is their final destination.

Episode 16 - Screenshot 31

A practical joke of leaving Yu behind

With Four Horseman of John attacking and dealt with, Shinoa thinks she sees another one and presses Kimizuki to take a hard right. The result is Yu lands on the road rather than the truck and Shinoa jokingly waves they will see him in Ebina. With Yu returned she laughs that they picked up Yu eventually.

Episode 16 - Screenshot 73

Her fanciful story for being late is not appreciated

They are late for the meeting and Shinoa tries to sneak in at the back but is spotted. Upbeat, she has a really good excuse as to why they are late, it is not as if they stopped at the hot springs for a long luxurious bath. Her light hearted tone is not appreciated by the lieutenant colonel and Shinoa is taken aback at his shouting. With Yu accepting the blame, and told he will receive severe punishment later, Shinoa expresses worry for Yu.

Episode 16 - Screenshot 95

Feeling bad and that it was all her fault

After Guren’s rallying speech to relay the mission that the one hundred troops gathered will be fighting nobles, Shinoa taps Yu on the back, she just wants to apologize, this was all her fault. When Yu is summoned by Shigure, Shinoa says for him to let her go in and explain. She watches Yu walk in when he is happy to go by himself, but hears him yell so runs into the abandoned derelict mall with the others.

Episode 16 - Screenshot 126

Identifying and cutting apart the illusion

At the top of the escalator she sees Yu tied up and dangling over a burning pyre. The only one suspecting something amiss in the surreal scene, Shinoa uses her scythe to slice through what is Goshi’s illusion spell. Not impressed, Shinoa questions what kind of sick joke is Guren trying to pull. Answering she knows that not following orders can get her comrades killed, and knowing that what se did was wrong, Shinoa is told it is not good enough. She has never experienced what it is like to truly care for another person. Shinoa also hears how as squad leader their lives are in her hands, but Shinoa replies she knows that.

Episode 16 - Screenshot 133

The punishment is really for her

Guren has a test, himself with Shinya and Mito against Shinoa and her squad, also the fight begins in ten seconds. Asking if Guren seriously wants them to fight as Guren counts down, with three seconds left Shinoa announces they need to put some distance between them and their foes.

Having had that time and with Yu, first Shinoa wants to put the long range fighters against each other, which is Yoichi versus major general Shinya. Based on what she knows about colonel Jujo, Shinoa chooses Mitsuba and herself feeling they should be able to hold her off. She agrees the real problem is Guren with him being a master of close quarters combat and her answer is to have Kimizuki and Yu team up, but if he manages to beat them two then this test is as good as over. With everyone ready Shinoa says to take their positions.

Episode 16 - Screenshot 162

Regrouping after Byakmoaru scatters them

The battle begins and Shinoa is driven from her hiding place by Byakomaru, the spiritual white tiger projectile that was fired from Shinya’s rifle. Their defensive positions cleared right away, Shinoa orders everyone to regroup.

Episode 16 - Screenshot 176

With Mitsuba she engages Mito

With the squad fighting, Shinoa joins Mitsuba in running to battle Mito. The two on one fight is ended when Shinoa is sent out the building from a red cyclone from Guren’s sword. Seeing Yu fighting Guren, Shinoa orders everyone to get into formation with Yu at the centre and stands by as Yu spars with him. Shinoa knows it is a spell tag that has been attached to Yu’s forehead and she warns him it is an explosion spell and to let her disenchant it. Shinoa is prevented from doing so with Mito stood firmly on her scythe.

Episode 16 - Screenshot 223

Disarmed with a single stroke

After Mitsuba is knocked over by Guren, Shinoa announces she will stop him. Access to her scythe is regained after Mito steps off is yet running towards Guren, Shinoa hears what a foolish move. Her scythe is immediately knocked out her hands.

Episode 16 - Screenshot 224

It is a loss for Shinoa and her squad

As the sword is pointed at her, Shinoa is advised she should never challenge someone stronger than her. Her squad is down and she hears what a disappointment. Rebuked for having three black demon holders but this is the best she can do, Shinoa stands with her eyes closed as she is reminded the nobles are far stronger and will not hold back. With Makoto Narumi, another squad leader heavily chastising the squad, Shinoa and Narumi squad are combined.

Episode 16 - Screenshot 256

Feeling that being late and their loss is due to her being incompetent

Addressing her squad Shinoa is sorry about how things turned out, all of this stuff is her fault. Not just being late, Shinoa feels they lost because she is incompetent and does not feel fit to be called commander. After the squad voice that team work and support are the paths forward, Shinoa feels better and smiles happily.[16]

Episode 17 - Screenshot 6

Going over the vampire noble plan

Waiting close near Mitsuba in an abandoned building, Shinoa answers Yu they have got about twenty minutes wait. Called to fall into line by Narumi, she joins his squad to hear the attack plan from Shūsaku Iwasaki. The assault is to begin at fourteen hundred hours where the gathered teams will attack in unison, where if goes to plan then eight targets will be executed leaving two nobles alive. The target Shinoa and Narumi squad is assigned to is a strong one: Lucal Wesker, the fifteenth progenitor. If they are unable to take him by surprise then their priority is to cut off his retreat and prevent him from joining the other nobles. Once their target is dead they are to hold off any remaining vampires until the lieutenant colonel supplies them with new orders.

Episode 17 - Screenshot 29

She will make sure her squad is ready to follow orders

The best-case scenario is that all the targets are killed simultaneously and they do not have a problem regrouping and killing the remaining two nobles in Nagoya. If the targets are not destroyed and the nobles join forces there is no way they will be able to beat them. Shinoa will remember that the lives of the one hundred comrades depend on them. With unrest from Tarō Kagiyama and Rika Inoue, Shinoa apologizes to sergeant Narumi on behalf of Yu’s attitude, she will make sure her squad is ready to follow orders.

Episode 17 - Screenshot 41

Everyone on the squad feel the same, they committed to the mission

Even with Yu electing not to remember the name of the target but the people he is to defend and lists the entire squad’s names, Shinoa apologizes to sergeant Narumi if her subordinates attitude is out of line, but everyone on the squad feels the same, they are with them one hundred percent. They will follow the directive and try not to drag anyone down, and she swears this on her honour and life.

Episode 17 - Screenshot 46

Aiming for a best case scenario

Doing this together, Shinoa adds without any deaths and no one hurt, a victorious mission with all targets executed. When Gekkouin and Byakomaru are fired by Yoichi and Shinya respectively upon the target area, Shinoa heads out and is ordered by Narumi to take the cursed gear stimulant.

Episode 17 - Screenshot 128

Assisting in the fight against Lucal

As Yu is fended off by Lucal and Kimizuki has the vampire's attention, Shinoa joins in the battle by telling him he is finished as she attacks the noble from behind. However her scythe is pinched in his fingers and she is held there trying to little avail to free it as Shinoa is told not to fool herself.

Episode 17 - Screenshot 135

Swung into the path of Narumi

With Narumi attacking, Shinoa is being swung off her feet into the direction of his cursed gear trident that is on course. Defended by Yu, Shinoa kneels as they receive cover from Tenjiryu’s manifestations. After Lucal cuts off his own arm to free himself from the chain power of Akahebi, Shūsaku’s cursed gear, Shinoa shouts to cover his escape, they cannot let him join up with the other nobles.

Episode 17 - Screenshot 179

Assuring Narumi he can trust them to handle this

She tells Narumi he can trust Yu and Kimizuki with their plan to lure in the vampire noble. The plan successful, Shinoa says to look sharp, this is it as Lucal flies towards them. Checking whether Yu is okay after he attacked Lucal but is on the ground, Shinoa holds him as Yayoi Endo attempts to finish Lucal. Taking a moment to see the fifteenth progenitor stand and end himself rather than be killed by humans, Shinoa praises Yu that he did it and nice job.[17]

Episode 18 - Screenshot 49

Awaiting other squads

With the radio tower in sight, Shinoa stands around a disused fountain and answers Yu they are waiting for the other squads that should be joining them by two twenty. If they do not show they have to assume that they are dead. Checking her pocket watch it is already two thirteen and shortly after a squad headed by Aiko Aihara arrives. Shinoa confirms with Kimizuki that there were fifteen members where there is now the seven of them. She replies come on why is Narumi dragging her into this when he tries to have her say what a great leader he is to Aihara.
Episode 18 - Screenshot 107

A new mission to rescue hostages

With the reality that the war is having its casualties sink in, Shinoa feels it is why they have to make each day count, if their lives are short they will live them together. Praised by Narumi, she hears from Guren how they cannot wait for others to arrive and have to head into their next mission. Twenty five soldiers have been taken hostage from the failed attack on three nobles at city hall. The new objective is to kill the three nobles.

Her squad along with Narumi and Guren’s are on the roof of a building where she asks Yu is there is something wrong. With it is being really cloudy Shinoa considers it the perfect weather to launch an attack.[18]

Episode 19 - Screenshot 10

The 3 combined squads for city hall

Whilst it is a rescue attempt to save the hostages tied outside Nagoya city hall, another part of Guren’s plan is to leave the hostages behind if their foes prove too strong. Shinoa tends to Yu that he needs to calm down when he is firmly against the idea of that plan.

Episode 19 - Screenshot 12

Questioning Guren on what is their top priority in the mission

Applying a different approach, Shinoa questions Guren what he believes is their top priority at this point in the mission. She is part of a larger plan to keep the vampires in Nagoya whilst the main unit moves from Shibuya. Needing to keep the vampires distracted for as long as possible, Shinoa calls to her squad that they are prepared as they move into position. After Yoichi’s failed attack on a sighted vampire noble, Shinoa hears the vampire he failed to destroy is the noble, Crowley Eusford, they fought when heading to Shinjuku. In addition his comrades, Chess Belle and Horn Skuld are with him too.

Episode 19 - Screenshot 60

Asking Shinya what the other option is

Restraining Yu who has taken issue with Shinya providing an option to shoot the hostages to spare them torture then leave, Shinoa questions what is the other option. It involves attempting to divide the nobles, rescue the hostages and retreat. With Yu confronting Narumi over differences in how to handle the situation, Shinoa has an idea.

Episode 19 - Screenshot 71

They need to attack to rescue the hostages and distract vampires

Interceding, Shinoa points it out to Guren that this is still a decoy mission and if they leave the nobles alone they are putting the Shibuya unit at risk. With it acknowledged there is no way around it, they have to attack, Shinoa has helped secured the outcome. They will have five minutes to rescue as many hostages as they can before retreating at once and joining the other teams at Nagoya City airport.

Episode 19 - Screenshot 110

Separating to rescue more hostages between them

Walking to their position she replies to Narumi they should not do this together, not if they are going to free as many people as they can in five minutes. With Narumi and his squad moving out, Shinoa says they should move to their positions too. Telling everyone to please synchronise their clocks, they are to set an alarm for exactly five minutes. When it goes off they have to retreat no matter what is happening at the time. Shinoa asks Yu specifically whether he understands. This is an order and when their time is up they will leave the battlefield no matter how many people they have saved, that is the only rule for this mission. It cannot be broken, that means even if they have to leave someone behind, they retreat.

Episode 19 - Screenshot 129

No buts, they have to leave when the time is up

Placing her finger on Yu’s lips Shinoa tells him no buts, she is the team leader and they can all make it out of this but disobeying puts them all at risk. Shinoa concludes with asking Yu to please follow her orders and be a good soldier. With Yu considering it simple, they just need to save everyone, Shinoa replies she thinks he does not realize how hard this is going to be. An explosion through the clock tower signals the beginning of the attack and she moves in to where the wooden crosses are containing the prisoners.

Episode 19 - Screenshot 196

Stunned into indecision on whether to rescue hostages or assist against nobles

With Guren and Shinya swung into the city hall building itself by Crowley, Shinoa is asked whether they should help them. She is motionless yet agrees with Kimizuki and Yoichi being in favour of adding a pincer attack and affords them all three minutes. Shinoa says she will come up with a plan along the way and for Yu to promise he will please do as she says.

Episode 19 - Screenshot 218

Stay quiet and follow her lead

Running up the stairs Shinoa is asked why she is going that way, Guren and Shinya are on the fourth floor. She replies for Yu to stay quiet and follow her lead.19 Her plan is unveiled where rather than approach from the end of a corridor to rescue Guren who is now captured by Crowley, instead Shinoa has her squad blast a hole in the ceiling to the floor above to be close to Crowley to ambush him.

Episode 20 - Screenshot 35

Hit back by the impact Chess' sword

Shinoa is the last to join them and shouts that she is coming where she uses her scythe to block Chess Belle’s sword that is aiming for Yu. She cries as the force knocks her off her feet then calls for them to retreat from Chess and Horn otherwise they will be picked off one by one.

Episode 20 - Screenshot 54

Helping Shinya as they need to retreat

Assisting Shinya to stand, the vampire backup is inbound. Shinoa then presents her pocket watch where the timer has gone off to dissuade Yu from heading back. She retreats at Shinya’s command where they have to leave Guren behind with the three nobles.

Episode 20 - Screenshot 159

Reminded that the goal was victory no matter what

Having successfully escaped danger, Shinoa appears worried at Yu’s upset that they have left Guren behind to die. This carries over to how she answers Shinya and follows his direction to shut Yu up by heading over and asking him to listen. She is sorry but they made a promise before the mission started, Yu made a promise that when the time came he would leave no matter what. Regarding Shinya she explains to Yu that he has known Guren longer than him but understands their duty, then she holds Yu to comfort him in his state.

Episode 20 - Screenshot 205

Panicked at Yu taking 2 additional cursed gear supplements

As Shinoa is stood with the squad she sees that Yu has made up his mind to go back for Guren and has his packet of cursed gear stimulants. Panicking, Shinoa instructs Yu to put them down, and attempts to take them from him, yelling no when he puts two in his mouth. Smacking his back to no effect, she knows Yu has already taken two today.

Episode 20 - Screenshot 223

Checking Yu's heartbeat

She can only watch as blood erupts from Yu’s mouth where Shinoa says to not do this. When he collapses she asks him to stay with them then checks his heartbeat. It takes a moment for it to fully sink in and Shinoa is further stunned. She shakes her head at Kimizuki that this is not some kind of joke.[19]

Episode 21 - Screenshot 37

Checking if Yu is okay

Seeing Yu awake, she comments he is alive to the others gathered round. With Yu abruptly bounding off, Shinoa yells for him to come back. She joins him at city hall as the squad help rescue Yu from the vampire nobles using Kimizuki’s Devil’s Coffin power. As they run Shinoa asks Kimizuki what was that and hears it was Kiseki-o’s ability before hearing Shinya warn that the vampire’s backup is here.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 162

The vampire's full force backup

Outside, she is startled to see the large number of helicopters incoming. Running along a road to the airport rendezvous point, there is a single vampire ahead and she answers Kimizuki that one vampire will not be a problem. Shinoa orders them to stay in formation, they will protect Yu who is being carried unconscious on Kimizuki’s back, until the enemy has been taken out.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 236

Asking them to wait as she ascertains who this vampire is

When Guren’s squad fail to stop him, Shinoa sees the vampire closer and asks Mitsuba to please wait when she assumes it is up to them to stop him. Regarding that boy, Shinoa thinks he is Yu’s family, Mika.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 248

Attempting to get through to Mika

With him reaching their location, Shinoa holds her scythe against Mika’s sword. Stating she does not want to fight him, Shinoa attempts to tell him they are Yu’s family, too. When that fails and Shinya stabs Mika through the back, Shinoa uses the manifestation of Shikama Dōji to knock Shinya away and save Mika. She is stood in front of him facing the soldiers in front of her, scythe blazing.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 281

Defending Mika from her comrades

Answering Mika why she stopped Shinya, she replies if they allow Mika to die Yu will be really mad when he wakes up, so she guesses Mika has to take Yu and run. She remains firm when Kagiyama and Rika speak for those discontented and orders her squad to keep both Yu and Mika safe and stand guard. Reminding Mika to take him, this is his only chance and she will clear things up with the other troops. Shinoa then says for the two of them to join them at the airport and they will leave together.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 298

No time to argue, she's trusting Mika to take care of Yu

With Mika angered with her suggestions he join them, and asked whether she is insane, Shinoa remains equable. They do not have time to argue about this. She is just going to trust that he will take good care of Yu and she asks for Mika to not let her down.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 300

Creating an escape path

Using her scythe’s manifestation power, Shinoa splits and raises the ground to create a protected escape route then tells Mika to go now. After he escapes with Yu, Shinoa speaks aloud to Yu that this is only a temporary goodbye and if they are lucky they will meet again. She is then knocked over by one of the soldiers as Shinoa is seen to have betrayed them.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 309

Told to not look so relieved

Defended by Narumi, she is told not to look so relieved. The vampire backup has arrived from the air and Shinoa cuts through one that was behind Narumi. Greater numbers of reinforcements have arrived and Shinoa looks up disturbed at the sky filled with descending vampires.[20] An escape helicopter should be waiting for them, Shinoa has her scythe turn into its condensed form and announces for them to fall back.22 Arriving at the airport to find it deserted, Shinoa answers Kimizuki that she does not know any more than he does.22

Episode 23 - Screenshot 11

Confronted by Rika since her squad members died

Struck across the face by Rika, Shinoa motions for her squad to not intervene. She is blamed for the deaths of Yayoi and Kagiyama by betraying them when she protected that vampire. With Rika grieving over her friends being killed, although Shinoa is largely silent she says she is sorry. Shinoa does not react at being pushed to the ground with Rika’s sword near her face.

Episode 23 - Screenshot 29

Silent as Makoto intends to take matters into his own hands

With Shinya intervening after Makoto has joined, Shinoa is helped up by Mitsuba. The final mission was to escape in a chopper then lead the vampires into a trap waiting for them in Shinjuku. Shinoa appears uneasy hearing that Guren was not the one who planned this, rather it was Lieutenant General Kureto Hīragi. When Narumi, and then Shigure and Sayuri abandon this mission to return and save Guren, Shinoa stands by near Shinya not commenting on the matter.

Episode 23 - Screenshot 64

Happy to be a part of the mission to save Guren

After Shinya calls for them to ignore the orders from high command and have the goal of the Demon Company to rescue Guren, Shinoa nods in approval. Addressing her squad, Shinoa says they heard him and for them to go. They are not going to abandon their friend when he needs help.

Episode 23 - Screenshot 140

Aircraft are approaching

As she considers a document, Shinoa notices aircraft approach in the distance and watches as what transpires to be Demon Army aircraft land nearby. After Aoi Sangū and Kureto disembark, Shinoa listens to older half-brother's praise of their actions and how they have secured total victory over the vampires. Shinoa is wary of Kureto telling them to disarm and relax and she orders her squad to stay at attention and ready to fight just in case. When Aoi motions for a crate with spell tags on it to be unloaded, Shinoa remarks it is not good and what has her brother done. This is opened with a mass of connected spiked rods stabbing into and killing many soldiers including the final two members of Narumi's squad, Rika and Shūsaku.

Episode 23 - Screenshot 242

Defending and ordering retreat from Kureto

Joining Kimizuki and Yoichi who have aided Narumi against Kureto, she says they need to retreat. Although assured by Kureto that she is fine since even if she does not act like it she is still technically a Hiragi, Shinoa carries out her retreat plan from him anyway.

Episode 23 - Screenshot 248

Finding the spiked rods are targeting her

After running she turns to see the rods pursuing for her and is protected from them by Yu who has returned. Noting that he is here Shinoa confirms she is okay. Remarking that was kind of close, Shinoa notices that Mika has also arrived. She observes the humans who have been killed by the spiked weapons. When Aoi says to do it after Yu is noticed, Shinoa uses her scythe to knock away some of the chains from the crate that come near them.

Episode 23 - Screenshot 269

Escaping what cannot be beaten

Calling for them to get out of here, they retreat as a squad now including Narumi and Mika. With a squadron of helicopters having arrived, Shinoa finds the escape path blocked by a host of vampires led by a masked noble. She sees that Shinya along with Guren’s squad intend to help them escape.[21]

Episode 24 - Screenshot 4

Finding Guren battling with Yu then Mika

Making it out the thick of the battle between the Demon Army and vampires, Shinoa looks on concerned at Mika and Guren fighting. She is shocked as Guren attacks both vampires and human soldiers and when the chains stab into their corpses and turn red. The container the chains are coming from explodes.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 39

What was in the container emerges

A white shining orb with outer colors of purple and gold is floating in the sky. After Mirai Kimizuki as a seraph blows a long golden horn, a darkened landscape filled with jagged rocks comes into existence and the sky is drastically altered as well. Shinoa sees Kimizuki run towards her, he is then stabbed by Guren.
Episode 24 - Screenshot 88

Asking if Yu is okay after being stabbed

Shinoa asks whether Yu is okay after being stabbed by Guren as well after he tried to speak with him. A black mass has emerged from Mirai’s back and formed into a solidified creature.
Episode 24 - Screenshot 100

The seraph has summoned Abaddon

The gargantuan winged monster called Abaddon has been summoned. The three darts that were thrown into it has created globules that fall to the ground and become Four Horseman of John that attack both humans and vampires. Shinoa says they need to retreat. Her orders ignored by Kimizuki who is heading to save his sister, Shinoa can only watch as he falls and Yoichi and Mitsuba help him.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 127

Seeing Mika and Yu moving away

To her right Shinoa finds Mika taking Yu to safety away from the calamity. Shinoa has her scythe ready when observed by them. A swirling column of fire has exploded onto the battlefield and the Horseman of the Apocalypse have ceased their attack and stand idle. Shinoa joins Yoichi who has zoomed in to see that it is Yu. She looks concerned at Yu in the air after the landscape has been returned to what it was after Yu, filled with the power of the second trumpet, the King of Salt has destroyed Abaddon. When Yu collapses from Asuramaru causing two large demons horns to come out his head, Shinoa says it is not good and they have to go and get him.
Episode 24 - Screenshot 290

Finding Narumi near Yu

She asks what Narumi is doing after he has used Genbushin to create a towering wide wall between them and Guren with the Imperial Demon Army on the other side. Her squad now with Narumi run from the renewed fight occurring between the vampires and Demon Army behind them.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 314

Facing the soldiers who have chased them

Running in front, Shinoa checks behind and notices they are being followed. Confronting the army soldiers who have caught up to them, Shinoa conjures her scythe where they have their swords drawn. She is ordered to hand over Yūichirō Hyakuya immediately.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 315

They no longer take orders from the army

Affirming they no longer take orders from them, as of now her team has withdrawn from the Demon Army. She is protecting from the soldier's attack by Mika who blasts them away with the power from his sword. With more surely to follow Shinoa guides the squad to move it as fast as they can as they retreat now with Mika as well. Shinoa says she is not losing any more comrades today.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 339

4 months later with their plans set

Four months later, Shinoa is wearing non-uniform clothes in a beach location. She answers Kimizuki that those two will be out in just a minute. When Mika and Yu join them she hears the plan for them to get going. They will rescue Kimizuki’s sister, and Guren to get him back to his old self. She answers Narumi she is sure the Lieutenant Colonel is in Sanguinem, the intel she got was solid. She stops walking and watches as Yu begins to head into the sea.[22]

Second Shibuya High ArcEdit

Shinjuku Arc Edit

Post-Shinjuku Arc Edit

Nagoya Arc Edit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Equipment Edit

  • The scythe is condensable
  • An orange fiery emission
  • The size compared to a katana
  • Skill used against vampires
  • Cutting through lower ranked swords
  • Shinoa's cursed gear

Cursed Gear Edit

Shinoa wields Shikama Dōji, of which the physical weapon is a large black styled scythe. The back of the chine is black on top with the green blade edge section underneath. The tang is also black and is an asymmetrical feature, the heel is a sharpened point similar to its opposite end at the base of the weapon. The snaith is slightly longer than the huge blade itself and makes for a very thin elegant handle yet it is balanced enough in terms of weight to be wielded effortlessly, usually two handedly. A fighting style is to spin the weapon in a circular motion where the curved toe is able to break into solid ground. The cursed gear can also cut through lower ranking vampire swords completely, and deflect the ranged power of a vampire noble. It is very effective at reaping through vampires which burn away from physical contact with the scythe. Shikama Dōji can also manifest as a large volcanic like creature of a blackened upper torso with detached clawed hands over a fiery orange body. This has a molten shining eye and the being can be directed to strike other targets.


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  • "Start co-operating. I should also point out that your suspension will remain in effect until you successfully make a friend. You heard right. So play nice and be a good student." - Assigned to monitor Yu, Shinoa reveals the terms and begins.2
  • "Wait up, mind if I come along, I could really go for a cone right now. You just missed a golden opportunity to make some new friends." - An example phrase she mentions that Yu could have used to join other students in going for ice cream after class.2
  • "According to Lieutenant Colonel Guren, you avoid social interaction because you lost your family. You're too afraid to engage other people. You fear making connections, or letting anyone get close to you, because you're afraid you may lose them. It sounds lonely. Don't you want a girlfriend or maybe a boy-" - Having been informed on Yu's background affected by Guren's perspective, and opining that it is lonely, before moving onto the matter of a solution to the issue.2
  • "His friend apparently. Or lover" - Answering Guren on who Yoichi is when he has fallen on top of Yu2
  • "Now that he's met your requirements, you have to keep up your end of the bargain, Lieutenant Colonel." - With Yoichi as Yu's friend, Shinoa reminds Guren that his set criteria has been fulfilled for Yu to progress towards joining the Moon Demon Company.2
  • "I have good news. As of today you're officially assigned to the vampire extermination unit. I almost forgot. Your enlistment was also accepted. Welcome to the army, Yoichi! The two of you made quite the impression on your comrades. You put your lives on the line and fought bravely. For people you don't even know. Gentlemen, welcome to Moon Demon Company. From now on you're one of us." - Yu and Yoichi have joined and Shinoa praises their actions.2
  • "My, my. I guess it's only natural for the school hero to become popular with the girls. Don't let it go to your head! In no time we'll have a trail of broken hearts to mend." - Observing then commenting on Yu's exchange with the girl he rescued.3
  • "That's where the Imperial Demon Army comes in. We'll gather the remnants of mankind, and breed our way to the top of the food chain once again. Come one, and come all! Get together! Make love! Yay, elicit sexual relations!" - A show of support for what the goal is.3
  • "Not too shabby. But fighting cursed gear with conventional weaponry won't get you far, see!" - Demonstrating the advantages cursed gear has over a regular sword, Shinoa's scythe emits a power to tap Yu's sword away upon contact. The cursed gear can also have an energy materialize and launched towards others.3
  • "Looks like you're becoming popular with the male students, too. I'm starting to feel left out." - Shinoa appears rather glum at the praise Yu receives after confronting an escaped vampire.
  • "Of course you did. I should have guessed. The words "class 1 restricted area" might as well be a welcome mat to you morons. There's no excuse. To be honest I don't care why you did it. I care about the punishment. And as far as the army's concerned, your friends punishment has already been decided. I'm sure he's already in custody. - Guessing why Yūji has entered the forbidden chamber when Yamanaka and Shishido come to Yoichi and Yu for help. As for how long will he be un custody for, Shinoa replies: "Until the army decides to execute him." - Which instigated Yoichi and Yu into wanting to help where they were largely disinclined to before.3
  • "Remember what I told you? You don't need to worry about training because its already started. It's time for us to move onto the next step. Now, if you'll follow me." - When a student has entered a restricted area and likely been possessed by a demon, Shinoa uses that as a practical training exercise for Yu and Yoichi as well as help the student. 3
  • "Well it isn't really a shrine, we just like to call it that. Back before the virus broke out, a massive underground space was installed beneath the Shibuya part of Tokyo. It's original purpose was to prevent the river from flooding due to excess rainfall. But now, its been converted into the vampire extermination unit's training grounds. Then again the whole school has. Basically every student here is part of a secret military experiment. The demon is the key. Anyone who's unaffected by its evil energies filter into the unit." - Aware of background information on Second Shibuya High, and the room where cursed gear weapons are kept.3
  • "The demon, it tricked you. It had you trapped inside some intense hallucinations." - Seeing that Yu has overcome a demon then answering where Yu had went. Whilst his physical body was nearby, Shinoa is aware of the hallucination based powers that demons can use.3
  • "You won't have to wait much longer. Starting tomorrow you'll begin your training with the rest of the vampire extermination unit" - Impressed with Yu freeing himself from a demon's possession, and beating the Moon demon Company in rescuing another student, Shinoa says this to Yu. She then thinks to herself: "Not that I have the authority to make that decision. Guren won't be happy when he finds out." - Where Shinoa shares her thoughts, and refers to him as Guren where she usually calls him the Lieutenant Colonel when speaking.3
  • "We're going to be the best team in the whole class don't you agree?" - Delighted to choose Yoichi as a partner in a group activity, before proceeding to victoriously turn and unleash her smug grin on Yu just to make sure he knows for certain that she has stolen him away.4
  • "You can't fool me. I can tell you're nearly bursting at the seams. Don't worry about it. Lieutenant Colonel Guren may have a razor sharp tongue and a fondness for brutality. But he always keeps his promises." - Coming across Yu in a dining area, Shinoa speaks of how excited he must be to acquire a cursed gear. 5
  • "Oh wow, would you look at this score! How impressive! You’ve really outdone yourself, they say only super humans can get a score like this! Don't you want to share it?! You should be so very proud!" - Drawing attention to Yu's test, giggling merrily all the while.5
  • "Oh my! Are you planning to attack? This sure got interesting fast!" - Having been observing him, Shinoa joyfully reacts to Guren suddenly drawing his cursed gear sword in class.5
  • ”Aw don’t be that way, you know I’m the cutest thing you’ve ever seen in your life.” - When Guren comments it is a turn off that she did not even use a ward to resist the effects of his cursed gear.5
  • "Lieutenant Colonel! These boys are going to get themselves killed! They're not ready for this! Please don't make them kill Yoichi, he's their friend!" - Charging Guren to not have Yu and Kimizuki kill Yoichi whose body has been taken over by a demon in their trials to acquire cursed gear.6
  • ”You don’t have to say it, I know what you’re thinking. “You look drop dead gorgeous, Shinoa!” - Seemingly able to read Yu's mind concerning how she looks in her uniform.7
  • "We're from the Moon Demon Company. We have orders beyond the wall. Would you please let us out?" - Politely interacting with guards as she heads outside the wall with Yu.7
  • "Whatever. I won't be short forever, I'm still blossoming. My sister Mahiru was taller, and she had the kind of rack that made all the boys lust after her". - Unbothered about being short and speaking of her older sister.7
  • "In a completely devastated world like this, it seems everybody’s lost someone whose important to them. It’s just a way of life." - When mentioning how her sister, Mahiru is deceased.
  • "Don’t worry Lieutenant Colonel I can handle Mitsu’s temper. After all I’m a mature woman, the whining of an incompetent loser doesn't affect me one bit." - Stoking Mitsuba's wrath when Guren has her join Shino'as squad.
  • "At first they were like two rams butting heads, but it wasn't long before they started to fall in love." - A tale of Mitsuba and Yu falling in love.
  • ”Aw come on, don’t be so shy!” - Shinoa pounces on Mitsuba after she says not to come in when she is showering.7
  • ”Whatever the case we do this by the book. It’s important we stay in formation and watch each other’s backs.” - Ready for entering a vampire lair, defeating them and rescuing the humans within.8
  • "They're the Lieutenant Colonel's favourites. A couple of troublemakers who are bad at team work. I bet he put you on the squad so you could whip the boys into shape and make them better soldiers." - Sharing Guren’s views on Yu and Kimizuki which is not something he has outwardly expressed. Then Shinoa verbally prods Mitsuba to take control and settle their bickering since she was also unsure of her position on the team. Sharing knowledge of Guren's views, and empowering Mitsuba.8
  • “After being rescued from a dangerous situation, the girl watches her knight in shining armour. Passion fills the air! These two are destined to fall in love!” - After noticing Mitsuba watching Yu she gives her version of her thoughts.
  • "That was something! He's strong. Listen up! Stay in formation! He is wielding a first class weapon! No one attacks him alone!" - After defending Yoichi from a vampire noble's ranged power, Shinoa gives her orders and can identify a first class vampire weapon.
  • “Yuichiro and Kimizuki should take points since they are the strongest one on one fighters. The rest of us will cover them and tag in if things start to look rough. We can’t underestimate this guy’s abilities.” - Shinoa’s thoughts on how to fight Crowley when they first come across him outside the walls of Shinjuku.
  • "Yuichiro and Kimizuki should take points since they're the strongest one on one fighters. The rest of us will cover them and tag in if things start to get rough. We can't underestimate this guys abilities." - Battle plan thoughts on how to fight Crowley when they first come across him outside the walls of Shinjuku.8
  • "What good is it if you're the only one who can defeat a powerful vampire? I'd probably be killed while you fought. Yoichi, Mitsuba... they'd just end up dying, too" - With Yu frustrated over his capabilities after facing vampire noble, Crowley, after Shinoa offers to teach him some curses to help him feel better, she mentions the risk to the rest of the squad if only one person imprives. Whether she did not want to list another name or felt that he would not die, Shinoa did not mention Kimizuki.
  • "That's why we have to work together. All of us have to keep training so that we fight as a unit of equals. We're improving, I was happy to hear you ask about retreating." - Advocating for team work to support the rest of the team as well as Yu, and praising Yu's actions since he often charged into battle before. 8
  • “This is war, so for now you’ll take a shortcut. We need every advantage over the enemy we can get.” - Presenting the cursed gear stimulants, unbeknownst to her, Yu's were further tampered with.9
  • “I guess I just like the sound of sergeant. Besides I don’t have much interest in the silly power struggle over rankings. That’s what killed my sister after all.” - Her comment to a guard that since the Hīragi family controls the entire demon army she should have a much higher rank.
  • “Yu, and Mika. They were family, first.” - Shinoa’s crestfallen reaction.
  • "Interesting. Well, you said you were sleepy and then you laid down on the battlefield." - With Yu not remembering, Shinoa updates him on what happened at Shinjuku with a comical account of events, and withholding the truth that he really transformed into a monster and tried to kill her.12
  • “Oh, the bandage! That’s what this is about. I’m okay now, but one of the vampires took a little sip.” - Realizing why Yu has his hand on her face, and the manner of framing having her blood drank that made her cry when it happened.
  • “First of all it’s pretty rare that a human is turned into a vampire. The blood suckers like to keep their ranks tight and their numbers small. More importantly within vampire society the nobles are the only ones who have the authority to turn a human." - Aware of details of vampire society and explaining to Yu when the matter concerns Mika being transformed into a vampire.
  • “Ah, you’ve finally figured out my secret. I’m not just a sergeant, I’m basically royalty! Now, feel free to worship me as much as you’d like.” - When Yu notices her last name is Hīragi, the name of the family who rule the Demon Army and got Japan back on its feet after the world ended.12
  • “What if I did?” - Beaming, Shinoa has this answer when Kimizuki doubts she would try to manipulate a teammate.13
  • “Whatever the case, we have to decide if we’re going to stick by Guren. If we do, we might end up traitors to the army. Even if we are just following orders.” - Heading a meeting to discuss whether Guren is using them and if they do stick with him regardless how it can put them at odds with the army that is ruled by the Hīragi family, her own.
  • “Let me guess, you’ve spotted some girl taking off her clothes.” - A theory as to why Yu is staring into the distance, adding why else would he be staring so intently.
  • “Oh, I’m glad to hear you’ve finally figured out your role in our team’s formation.” - Her response to Yu saying normally he would spend the entire fight protecting her, and continues: "You and Kimizuki, you guys are like the linemen, the strong knights of Shinoa squad. Your job is to protect the queen, and lay down your lives to ensure my safety.
  • “Well it sounds like we have reached a conclusion. We defend our family. In this messed up world most people are so busy trying to survive that they forget to look out for each other.” - After a meeting to discuss it the squad decide to stick with supporting Guren.
  • “I’m honestly not sure myself. It’s just, for the first time in my life someone needs me. And I can’t let him down when he’s counting on me.” - Answering Guren’s question on whether she has fallen for Yu, and remembering Yu's sincerity in requesting her help.15
  • “Hey, everyone. I’m sorry about how things turned out. All of this stuff is my fault. Not just being late, we lost because I’m incompetent. I don't think I'm fit to be called the commander.” - Disheartened after her joking around resulted in her squad being late to the Ebina rest stop, and also accepting the responsibility of the practice match loss against Guren, Mito and Shinya. 16
  • “Without any deaths. No one hurt. A victorious mission with all targets executed.” - Her solemn response to defeating a vampire noble together. Although Shinoa did not appear convinced of this ideal scenario happening, she would have it fulfilled after her squad and Narumi squad defeated Lucal Wesker without any casualties.17
  • “But lieutenant colonel, this is still a decoy mission isn’t it? If we leave the nobles alone aren’t we putting the Shibuya unit at risk?" - Stating the deciding factor for rescuing the hostages at Nagoya city hall rather than leave them and head to the next part of the mission. The overall mission is to keep the vampires distracted to allow the main army unit to move undetected.
  • “Just stay quiet and follow my lead!” - Directing her squad without explanation, only action. When Guren and Shinya were captured by nobles at Nagoya city hall, Shinoa's plan was to help rescue them by blasting a hole through the ceiling to the floor above and attack the nobles that way rather than approach at the end of a long corridor where they would be seen.19
  • “Look at the major general. He’s known the lieutenant colonel longer than you have, but he understands our duty.” - When Yu feels bad about having to leave Guren behind, Shinoa explains Shinya’s perspective.20
  • “No wait, hold on! That boy, I think he’s Yu’s family.” - The surviving Moon Demon Company attack Mika as a vampire and Shinoa is the only one to have an idea of who he is.
  • “So I guess, you have to take him and run.” - Shinoa protects Mika from both Shinya and the soldiers she is facing and means to have him escape with Yu.21
  • “Keep both of them safe, stand guard!” - Defending Yu and Mika from the Moon Demon Company is not just talk, and she has Shikama Doji’s power demonstrate it.21
  • “Take him! This is your only chance. I’ll clear things up with the other troops. Join us at the airport and we’ll leave together.” - Reminding Mika to take Yu and arranging for them to rejoin. When Mika is angered at the suggestion that he join them, Shinoa has a level-headed response of: “Look, we don’t have time to argue about this, okay? I’m just going to trust that you’ll take good care of him. Don’t let me down.” - She then uses her scythe to practically help Mika take Yu away from the Moon Demon Company soldiers.21
  • “Everyone. Stay at attention and ready to fight just in case.” - Not entirely comforted by Kureto’s very kind orders of having those gathered disarm and relax, and enjoy some much needed downtime.23
  • “We no longer take orders from you. As of now my team’s withdrawn from the Demon Army." - Not complying with Japanese Imperial Demon Army orders to hand over Yu.24


  • Four 「四」 can be read as "Shi" 「し」. Shi 「死, し or シ」 means "Death."
  • Hīragi 「柊」 literally means "Holly."
  • She usually calls Yūichirō by the nickname "Yu-san" (優さん Yū-san?) in Japanese.




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