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Shinya Hīragi attended school with people who would go on to be leading figures in the Moon Demon Company and Japanese Imperial Demon Army. He was adopted into the Hīragi family and arranged to marry Mahiru Hīragi, who was romantically involved with his best friend Guren Ichinose. As a Major General, Shinya interacts with various other characters throughout the Seraph of the End series, which affects himself and the story. This article details Shinya's relationships with other characters.


Mahiru Hīragi

Young Mahiru and Shinya Interlude.png

Shinya and Mahiru first meet after Shinya was selected as the winner of a life or death tournament against other children for Mahiru's hand. Directly after meeting him, Mahiru challenges him to a fight, which she wins without much effort and reveals that she is already in love with Guren. Nevertheless she offers to pretend to be engaged to him and Shinya agrees.

It is never revealed what Shinya feels for her nor what their relationship was like during the years in which they were engaged. Though Shinya knows that he can never win her over, like he intended to, they are described to get along well until she betrays the Hīragi and runs away.

Shinya doesn't seem to know himself what he feels for her. When Guren asks him, if he loves her, he answers 'maybe'. He shows jealousy about Guren's and Mahiru's relationship, realizing that he had lost against Guren. During the events of Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen, he gives up on Mahiru and tells Guren he is no longer chasing her.

In their final meeting, Shinya taunts Mahiru on her obsession for Guren. He wants to convince her to stop. But by that he angers Mahiru greatly, so that she murders him by her by thrusting her arm through his chest.

Due to being aware of Mahiru being the demon in Guren's sword, Shinya is wary of the possibility of Mahiru-no-Yo taking over Guren. When his fears did happen, he desperately tried to return Guren back to his normal self. When Shinya sees Mahiru as a spirit, Shinya attacks her with the full power of his cursed gear rifle to protect Guren.

Kureto Hīragi

Episode 13 - Screenshot 151.png

He is the next leader of the Demon Army and adoptive brother. When they were younger Shinya was often reminded that Kureto is his superior and he should not double cross the Hīragi family. At school Shinya suspected that someone like the president of the student body, third year Kureto was the more brilliant person who had sold Hīragi family secrets to the Hyakuya Sect. Shinya is suspected of being a vampire spy because of his close connection to Guren. Learning that Kureto has sent Guren on an extremely dangerous mission to Nagoya, Shinya thought it sounded like a suicide mission. After completing the operation in Nagoya Shinya was uneasy with Kureto's arrival at the airport and urged him to just let everyone go.

Shinoa Hīragi

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Episode 20 - Screenshot 58.png

Shinya is friendly towards Shinoa as she is Mahiru's younger sister. After becoming a squad leader in the Moon Demon Company, Shinya is used by Guren along with Mito Jūjō to help train Shinoa and her team briefly before the attack on Nagoya. Shinya works with her and Narumi's squads in Nagoya in a joint mission targeting vampire noble Lucal Wesker. When Shinya was knocked away by Shinoa's cursed gear after he stabbed Mikaela Hyakuya, he observed the other soldiers viewing them as traitors and they allowed Mikaela to escape. Rather than Shinoa's act Shinya focused on keeping order and defending Shinoa from others who desired vengeance against Shinoa.

Tenri Hīragi

The leader of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army as well as the head of the Hīragi family. Shinya was adopted into the Hīragi family as a fiancé for Mahiru. Whilst Shinya's talents and capabilities were the reason for this they do not have a good relationship. In official army meetings Shinya is responsible for getting Guren out of trouble for his attitude by their standards, so has some rapport with Tenri.

Seishirō Hīragi

Preventing his adoptive brother from assaulting Shigure, he attempted to quell the situation by saying if Seishirō raised his hand here, against a weak woman from the Ichinose house, there will be gossip and he will hurt the family name. Giving his apologies for providing his opinion, Shinya is then punched in the face by Seishirō and stands silent bearing it. Shinya describes Seishirō as the kind of person who would taunt someone to death. A higher-ranking member of the Demon Army who Shinya reports information to in meetings..

Other Imperial Demon Army members

Aoi Sangū

Episode 23 - Screenshot 185.png

The personal assistant to his older adopted brother Kureto. With mounting unspoken tension after Shinya draws his rifle dues to unease at what Kureto might do he finds Aoi standing on guard between them. She orders the activation of the chains that are used to absorb the blood of both vampires and humans alike for the Seraph that the army possesses. Kept in confinement is not impressed to see Aoi where Shinya addresses her as Kureto's pet dog and questions her about her sister.

Moon Demon Company

Guren Ichinose

Catastrophe Book 2 - Shinya and Guren talking.png

Shinya and Guren become friends in High School during the events of Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen.

But Shinya knew about Guren since he was five years old. As Shinya got engaged to Mahiru Hīragi, she told him that she was already in love with Guren. From that day on she kept talking about how strong Guren was. As Mahiru was already stronger than Shinya, he always wondered how strong Guren must me. And who that guy was that made such 'a monster [like Mahiru] fall in love with him.'

Therefore on their first day of high school, Shinya waits outside of the school for Guren and attacks him out of the blue with a spell. Guren decieds to not block it and get knocked over to hide his power. In class, Shinya then sits beside him, telling him that he knows that Guren held back. After voicing his dislike for the Hīragi family for the poor way he was treated, which his shares with Guren, he questioned if he wanted to be friends.

Shinya keeps trying to find out Guren's true strength that Mahiru told him about by stalking Guren and challenging him to fights. But when Guren gets knocked over by Seishirō, failing to protect his subordinate Shigure, Shinya is so disappointed to see Guren, the person that Mahiru spoke so highly about, act so weakly that he tells him that he seemingly bought into it too much, and Guren really is just a boring guy from a second-rate fallen house.

Approaching Guren at the selection exams, Shinya was thinking he would want revenge against Seishirō for beating Sayuri, and would have told him his weak points. Although Shinya deems him trash for withdrawing, he helps him to do so anyway.

Shinya first sees a hint of the true extent of Guren's power after witnessing him strike Saitō's chains away. With this seen, in the confusion Shinya has Guren's sword at his neck and if he is serious about fighting the Hīragi then become his subordinate. After Saitō attacked, Shinya asked Guren how he planned to kill him. They work together for the first time.

Having seen Guren's true power now Shinya proceeds to seek his attention. When Kureto starts observing him, Shinya tries to help Guren to cover up that they had been working together - by kicking Guren. Shinya secretly checks Guren's evaluation and warns him it mentioned that he was someone so weak that he should not have been able to survive the raid. But Kureto nevertheless gets wary of Guren and orders Shinya to fight Guren. Shinya doesn't want to hurt Guren harmfully, so he puts less enegery in his punch. Kureto notices that and calls Shinya out.

In a mission together Shinya does not mind that Guren becomes team leader since his subordinates would only listen to him.

Shinya gives Guren information about a secret meeting of the Hyakuya Sect. While observing the meeting, the Hyakuya Sect is attacked by a vampire and Guren and Shinya have to run. Though Shinya could have run away alone, he decieds to go back for Guren and pulls him onto his motorcycle. After they both manage to escape Guren thanks him, though Shinya just jokes about it.

They become closer friends and Shinya starts to see Guren's true strength. Even though he tries to dislike Guren's behavior of wanting to protect everyone, he starts to understand what makes him so attractive. When Guren gets possesed by the demon sword and raids the school, Shinya wants to save and rescue him whatever it takes. He wants to be the only one killing Guren, so he command his troops not to attack Guren, but he will go in there alone. Shinya, Goshi and Mito go against Guren by themselves and are able to restrain him. Afterwards Shinya teases Guren that he should say thank you that his friends saved him. But Guren refuses.

From that day on, Shinya and Guren get along very well. Shinya helps and protects Guren whenever he can. He follows Guren unconditionally. In book 6 he has a conversation with Guren revealing that for him there was no meaning in become strong when there was nobody to protect with that strength. He says that they need bonds. This view is very different from the view that he had at the beginning. He adapted Guren's way of wanting to protect his loved ones and is now reassuring Guren to follow that path.

Facing Mahiru right before the apocalypse, Shinya tries to stop her by convincing her that her way is wrong. He explains to her that he understands that she loves Guren because he is weak, because he never gives up. He tells her to chose between the 'right path' and Guren. But Mahiru instead asks him in return, if he already chose and Shinya answers 'Guren.' Thereby drawing the connection that Shinya had now found out what Mahiru always saw in Guren.

Episode 19 - Screenshot 19.png

After Guren became Commander of the Moon Demon Company Shinya arrives to reinforce Shinjuku's defence against an invading vampire force. He reminds his cursed gear rifle, Byakkomaru to watch out for Guren as he fires at the vampires near him. When Shinya learns that Kureto gave Guren a suicidal mission in Nagoya, Shinya joins with Guren to help him. Both Guren and Shinya led the main attacks on thirteenth progenitor Crowley Eusford to provide time for hostages to be rescued. In their attempts to retreat Shinya is supported by Guren yet Crowley still manages to catch up to them in a playful manner. At being captured by Crowley, Shinya was placed in charge and was given a final command that he and the other troops reach the rendezvous point at the airport. When Shinya meets Guren he is infuriated by how Guren has remorselessly killed their comrades and is not at all moved by Guren's ruthless justification of it being necessary for what they dreamed of. However, at realizing that Guren is possessed he still furiously tries to get him back into his senses, to no avail.

Three months later whilst imprisoned Shinya receives news from Aoi that Guren and Kureto will be returning sooner. He is also informed that Guren wishes to speak to him upon his return. Later it is revealed by Ferid Bathory that Guren revived his whole squad, including Shinya however this is not something Shinya can learn. After Shinya is confronted by Guren in his cell, Shinya says he no longer will be able to forgive Guren. Shinya was the first to be resurrected using the forbidden taboo Seraph of the End showing just how much Guren cares for Shinya. Having been with Guren for a long time, Shinya still does not understand his reasoning for becoming a Namanari and saving the world even after he tried but could not stop his actions. Suspecting that Guren has a secret connected with the end of the world Shinya is ordered not to pry.

Seeing Guren with chains out his back with Mahiru visible Shinya is desperate to save him. He calls for his demon to get more power to be able to have a chance against him. Even though he says that he hates Guren because he's an idiot, his demon calls him out for lying. Shinya admits that he admires Guren, because he never gives up. So Shinya would never give up on Guren.

Norito Goshi

Episode 19 - Screenshot 146.png

A member of the prestigious Goshi family and of Guren's squad since he was 16 back in high school prior to the apocalypse. Just like Shinya he enjoys making fun of Guren and they often team up to do so. Shinya and Goshi appear to good friends and often work together to annoy Guren. They gather at the Ebina rest stop and in Nagoya Shinya provides cover to Goshi to allow him to get within range for his illusion based cursed gear to affect the vampire defences. Shinya was able to escape with Shinoa squad when they had to retreat from Crowley with Chess Belle and Horn Skuld on account of Goshi's powers. They would stick together as a squad and attempt to rescue Guren from possession.

Sayuri Hanayori

Episode 23 - Screenshot 151.png

A member of Guren's squad since she was 16 back in high school prior to the apocalypse. Shinya would arrive with reinforcements from the Imperial Demon Army with Kureto and rescue Sayuri from being a captive of the invading vampires. Along with the rest of Guren's squad Shinya would stick with them in enabling Shinoa squad, Makoto Narumi and Mika to escape and later in attempting to save Guren from Mahiru-no-Yo's influence.

Mito Jūjō

Episode 16 - Screenshot 187.png

A member of of the prestigious Jūjō family, and Guren's squad since she was 15 back in high school prior to the apocalypse. At the Ebina rest stop Shinya along with Mito are chosen by Guren in a three against five practice match against Shinoa squad.

Shigure Yukimi

A member of Guren's squad since she was 16 back in high school prior to the apocalypse. She does not speak often but as with the rest of the squad their goals are aligned.

Yoichi Saotome

Episode 17 - Screenshot 57.png

A newbie soldier that Guren experimented on and so a wielder of a Black Demon. He member of Shinoa's squad and ranged fighter using a cursed bow, who gets tricked when Shinya attacks them from behind during a match to train Shinoa. Whilst the combined Shinoa and Narumi squad prepare on the ground in the vampire noble targeting mission in Nagoya, Shinya and Yoichi acquire a vantage point within a tower. He coaches him on sniping and remaining calm. Shinya does add how snipers have the possibility of shooting their own comrades to spare them torture. Both of them take on the sniping tasks during the Nagoya war and fire many missiles into the vampires around Lucal Wesker after they both initiated the attack by firing but hitting Esther Lee. Joining the combined squad on the ground Shinya and Yoichi would fire in unison at the approaching fifteenth progenitor. Shinya and Yoichi would examine Nagoya City hall for the whereabouts of vampires during a rescue operation. Believing Yoichi to have been distracting a vampire Shinya praises his actions before he moved to shoot Mika who Yoichi was trying to pacify.

Yūichirō Hyakuya

Episode 13 - Screenshot 166.png

A newbie soldier, who Guren experimented on who became a wielder of a Black Demon katana sword. Yu is a member of Shinoa's squad and a hothead, who challenged Shinya to a fight when they first met in front of Kureto who was rooting out a traitor in the army. Shinya was reluctant to fight who he called a weakling and even though a ranged fighter he soundly won the round. He was encouraging and felt Yu simply had not received training in using his weapon. Shinya then explained why they were here as he too was suspected of being a traitor before he spoke to Kureto that it was clear that he did not know Yu. He hears that Yu is connected to the Hyakuya Sect and after a distressing ordeal Shinya commented on what a world they lived in. In a practice match Shinya would use his cursed gear shots to disperse Shinoa squad where his white tiger projectiles ended their rampage through the building by crashing into where Yu was. Shinya would position himself behind Guren, ready to reluctantly fire at Yu who was running to engage Guren. He would again be encouraging towards Yu who was considering the loss.

During the vampire noble extermination mission in Nagoya when Yu tried to make his attempts in rescuing Guren from Crowley and his aides, Shinya commanded that they retreat under Guren's final command. He ordered others to physically restrain Yu and dragged him the remainder of the way to ensure others could escape. Seeing that Yu had overdosed on cursed gear stimulants Shinya was blasted away from a force emitted from him. Shinya travelled back to city hall to gather Yu and the others and lead them in the escape to the airport. When Kureto arrived with the Demon Army and set about murdering members of the Moon Demon Company, and with vampires attacking as well, Shinya helped Yu and his squad to escape.

Shihō Kimizuki

A newbie soldier Guren experimented on who wields a Black Demon and became a member of Shinoa's squad. A sword fighter like Yu he is also in Shinya's range during the practice match in Ebina. After Kimizuki had successfully taunted Lucal Wesker into attacking rather than heading to join other nobles Shinya was waiting to fire over Kimizuki and into the vampire speeding towards him.

Mitsuba Sangū

A soldier of the Moon Demon Company. She works under Shinoa as part of her squad and is member of the prestigious Sangū family being Aoi's younger sister. Shinya assists Mitsuba along with her squad during missions in Shinjuku and Nagoya.

Makoto Narumi

Episode 21 - Screenshot 323.png

Leader of his own squad where Shinya joined his and Shinoa's in targeting Lucal Wesker. After two members, Yayoi Endō and Tarō Kagiyama are murdered by vampires, Shinya tries to get Narumi to retreat. With further vampires dropping from the sky Shinya has to punch Narumi to bring him to his senses and leave. Finding the airport deserted with no rescue in sight Shinya is the commanding officer and stops Narumi from administering corporal punishment on Shinoa after she is blamed for the squad members fate after she helped Mika. With him unsure of what is going on either Shinya does not have any satisfactory answers for Narumi including whether they are expected to just all die. With Narumi increasingly angered at their circumstances tensions boil over when Shinya is shoved against a fence by Narumi. He watches unable to stop Narumi from ignoring his orders and abandoning their missions to head back for Guren. Getting him to stop Shinya agrees to also come and rescue Guren rather than stick with the current one that was given by Kureto. With Narumi confronting Kureto over their situation Shinya moves to shield Narumi from potential repercussions having accurately assessed the mood.

Mirai Kimizuki

Kimizuki's little sister who possesses the Seraphim of the fifth trumpet. Shinya witnesses her bring forth the demon Abaddon and ruins the airport's landscape. In the end she is defeated by Yūichirō as the King of Salt with the second trumpet.



Asking Guren who he was when Saitō led an attack during the selection exam, Shinya would witness the chains this second progenitor could wield. Avoiding the chains that crashed where he was, Shinya has placed spell tags on some to keep the chains fixed to the ground. He learned from Guren that Saitō was from the Hyakuya Sect and wanted to start a war with the Hīragi. With Saitō preparing a cursed involving snakes appearing in his eyes, Shinya covered them with a spell tag to seal it. He is also interested in why Saitō is attacking the Hīragi students rather than their main fighting force. Shinya tells Saitō he has no reason to attack here.

Ferid Bathory

Unknown to him Shinya partially owes Ferid his life as he helped Guren tor resurrect him. An extremely powerful vampire he holds Guren by the neck during the battle at Shinjuku, until Shinya snipes him that is. Blasting Byakkomaru at the seventh progenitor frees Guren from his grasp. When Shinya was being hassled by a Hyakuya Sect member at the battle of Shibuya, Shinya would be assisted by Ferid and asked for his co-operation for a task Ferid had in mind.

Crowley Eusford

Episode 19 - Screenshot 181.png

A powerful vampire in league with Ferid's. In Nagoya after capturing Guren, Shinya appears to rescue him from this thirteenth progenitor. Before he could fire at point blank range into Crowley, Shinya was knocked further into the city hall. Stalling for time for hostages to be rescued but also trying to escape Shinya provides covering fire by shooting at Crowley then suggests he stops following them when Crowlry is toying with him and Guren. Due to his outrageous power, Guren ordered Shinya to take command to lead the rest of the troops to the airport. During the invasion of Shibuya when Shinya came under attack from vampire Basteya Irclu he was helped by Crowley when he got the noble's attention.

Chess Belle

A seventeenth Progenitor and noble serving under Ferid's faction. Shinya would arrive in Shinjuku where Chess with other vampires were capturing humans. Later at Nagoya, Shinya along with Guren are pursued by Horn, Chess and Crowley through Nagoya city hall as they distract the three vampires.

Horn Skuld

A seventeenth Progenitor and noble serving under Ferid's faction. Their encounter is on the battlefield in Shinjuku, then later again at Nagoya. Shinya's efforts to assist Guren in his fight against Crowley is hampered by Horn's whip but he does manage to blast a hole through the wall to briefly escape the nobles.

Lucal Wesker

Shinya works with Shinoa and Narumi's squads to exterminate this fifteenth progenitor in Nagoya. Able to identify him Shinya targets Lucal as he walks through the park. Along with Yoichi they make the first move on Lucal by launching long distance sniper attacks. However, these would not hit Lucal as he tossed Esther Lee to take the shots. With the tower they are on sliced through from a ranged attack from Lucal's sword, after going down on the tower Shinya makes his way closer to cover his fellow squad members. With Lucal set on attacking them Shinya fires at close range to help defeat the vampire noble.

Esther Lee

A servant to Lucal Wesker. Whilst Shinya was targeting his master Esther is sacrificed as a meat shield for Lucal and essentially obliterated leaving only an arm behind.

Mikaela Hyakuya

Episode 21 - Screenshot 265.png

With Shinya leading the survivors of the Nagoya mission to the airport to be rescued he is informed that there is a vampire in the road ahead. Seeing a single threat Shinya orders his extermination then for the survivors to continue moving. When Mika does not fight rather makes his way through the entire amassed squads to the back Shinya is also there. As Yoichi is shaken off and Mika rounds on him Shinya stabs Mika through the back. After Shinya is knocked away he does not intervene as Mika is allowed to escape and with Yu as well. Shinya would include Mika as part of Shinoa's Squad who he intends to help escape Kureto's army and an approaching vampire one. Later when Mika believed others around him were under the influence of the first and attacked Guren, Shinya took the side of Guren. Apologizing to Mika that it would hurt, Shinya blasted Mika from behind before expressing surprise that Mika was fast enough to avoid the close ranged fire. He stood nearby as Mika was subdued and no longer hostile.



Chapter 83 - Page 9 - Panel 3.png

Byakkomaru is the demon Shinya formed a contract with and became his Cursed Gear. After Shinya underwent an operation to increase his chances of handling a Black Demon Series and emerged from the operation successfully, ever since he became his primary weapon as a rifle with a bayonet on the end. The projectiles consists of multiple large, spiritually fiery white tigers. These can be fired invisibly to appear and dive into a combatant from a different angle and can also race through multiple targets to scatter them. The long range impact can break apart the ground and utterly destroy foes. Byakkomaru himself is very protective of Shinya as he threatens Mahiru Hīragi if she should ever harm Shinya. Speaking to him Shinya would see Byakkomaru's humanoid form and speak candidly on why he wanted to save Guren. He was granted further power from Byakkomaru even when he sensed that the opposing demon, Noya may have been too powerful.