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Shinya Hīragi (柊 深夜 Hīragi Shin'ya?) is a supporting character in the Seraph of the End anime. He is a Major General of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army and uses his sniper rifle containing the demon Byakkomaru in both ranged and close quarter combat. Shinya is close friends with Guren and his squad and it is them he helps in their mission to defeat vampire nobles in the city of Nagoya.

Note: This is the page for Shinya in the anime, for the article detailing Shinya in other formats see: Shinya Hīragi


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He is a tall, young man with small blue eyes. Shinya has medium length silvery like hair with bangs and he sometimes has his left fringe behind his left ear during the midst of a skirmish on the battlefield.

For clothing he wears the standard JIDA uniform, but is slightly decorated to show his rank as a major general. He now has an aiguillette worn on the right shoulder with a crescent moon decoration below his collar. His uniform features four badges: the first three are stripes with the top being red, the second bearing white stripe, and the third being a green, red, and white; and below that is a gold badge with the Hīragi crest. Along with that, he wears a two white stripe, one black stripe armband on his left arm, a white web belt with a gold waist-plate, and black shoes instead of the knee-high boots.


Aiming at his foes he guides his demon to not hit Guren. In his practice match he does not attempt to hurt Yu, tripping him to end the round and keeping his finger away from the trigger when aiming his gun at him.

Whilst he is kind and patient he has a streak that stems not from ill will but out of practicality. On more than one occasion Shinya is clear that he will shoot comrades rather than have them captured and left behind where he assumes they will be tortured. His anger manifests by dragging Yu away and pushing him before deciding to handle the situation by sternly ordering Shinoa to shut Yu up.

An immediate way to remedy a hassle seems best for him. He is not confrontational in tense matters with comrades, having no reply other than glowering when Narumi was demanding he prove that he can lead them all by enacting punishment on Shinoa squad. Conflict diffusion worked when Narumi was speaking out of unease and Shinya practically began speaking out their orders.

Shinya cares about others well-being, asking if Guren was all right after the loss of comrades, and mentoring a fellow sniper in Yoichi.


Speaking at a meeting of army officials

Shinya introduces himself as Imperial Demon Army Major General Shinya Hīragi and that he will be covering reports from the Kanto region. Several of them concern suspicious vampire activity among other things. Shinya looks to a soldier to have him nudge Guren awake who is napping in the meeting. As the General of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, Tenri Hīragi mentions beating in response to Guren’s comments, Shinya pardons himself into their conversation to say that Guren’s attitude is nothing new to this room. With Guren taking off, Shinya states he cannot defend him forever and he is going to have to adjust his attitude sooner or later.

Aiming Byakomaru from across the city

Shinya is on top of a building as the battle for Shinjuku is underway. Armed with his long distance rifle and aware he has been spotted, he calmly assesses it is not soon enough to make a difference. Giving guidance to Byakkomaru to destroy their enemies, Shinya requests it try not to hit Guren before firing his weapon. The fire power is a pale blue fire that develops into three white spiritual tigers that dive into the earth where vampire noble Ferid Bathory was stood with Guren and noble Crowley Eusford.[2]

It is recalled by Shinoa Hīragi that the vampires were driven away from Shinjuku with reinforcements partially led by major general Shinya. Later he is sat reading a book.[3]

With Kureto and Aoi, meeting Yu

He stands in a room where the lights have come on after Yūichirō Hyakuya has killed a vampire in a test of loyalty along with Kureto and his aide, Aoi Sangū. With Yu ready for a battle display without the curse being activated as Kureto orders, Shinya advises perhaps it is better if he does not listen to everything brother Kureto says.

Reluctant to battle Yu

With his name called Shinya replies he does not want to, bullying the weak is not really his kind of thing. Questioned by Yu who he is calling weak, Shinya replies him, silly boy and that is the order he is supposed to follow when asked if he wants to try Yu.

Summoning his rifle to fight

Wordlessly conjuring his rifle, Shinya orders Byakomaru after Yu. He fires but only a roar is emitted, and then the white tiger projectile attacks Yu, from the side. Placing the bayonet near Yu for him to swipe at allows Shinya to trip Yu and announce it is over. Shinya explains he is not even that good at close combat compared to Kureto or Guren and elaborates his Byakomaru is more of a long ranged speciality weapon.

Understanding Yu's situation

Reaching his point, he then asks if Yu understands what that means about his skill level as a close combat sword user. Feeling it is not Yu’s fault, it seems to Shinya that he was not properly trained to use his cursed gear and remarks what a shame but he try not to feel too pathetic.

Shinya turns to Kureto to ask if that finally clears him of any suspicion, it is obvious Yu does not know him or his fighting style. He answers Yu what the test was really about by saying they thought he himself might actually be a traitor too since he is friends with Guren. It does seem that there is a vampire spy in the army though, for the Hiragi’s that is a huge problem that must be dealt with immediately.

Present in Kureto's interview of Yu

He joins Kureto, Aoi and Yu for the next part of the interview in a different room. Shinya remains silent as Kureto questions Yu and reveals he has his squad members Shihō Kimizuki and Yoichi Saotome in the adjacent room viewable through a one way mirror. Shinya remains silent as they stabbed when Yu is answering Kureto’s questions anyway.

A particular interest in whether Yu joins Kureto

He glances to Yu when the topic of the Hyakuya Sect comes up and what Yu’s link is to the Hyakuya Orphanage. Shinya regards Yu when he considers whether to accept Kureto’s offer of joining him instead of Guren.

Commenting on the messed up world they are in

The interview ends with Kimizuki and Yoichi freed. Shinya remains when Kureto leaves with Aoi after which he laughs and remarks what a messed up place this is. However he cannot wait to see what Yu does next before addressing him as a lab rat.[4]

The importance of his bread

With one hundred members of the Moon Demon Company tasked with attacking vampire nobles in Nagoya, Shinya turns up at the Ebina rest stop in a red sports car, a Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SV to meet Guren and his squad. He is delighted with a piece of bread in his mouth as he greets them good morning.

Sharing how he found his ride

In response to Norito Goshi's question, Shinya reveals he found his car abandoned on the side of the road so hot wired it. Answering Guren why he is here, Shinya heard about their mission from Kureto. Feeling it sounds like those selected are sacrificial pawns, a hundred troops do not stand much of a chance against the vampire nobles, and Shinya continues that those blood suckers are just too powerful. He figured why not bring his impractical self here and help out. Beaming, he offers his head and says Guren can thank him now.

Near Guren as he delivers his speech

Shinya stands with Goshi and the other members of Guren's squad Mito Jūjō, Sayuri Hanayori and Shigure Yukimi facing the soldiers gathered. He listens as Guren delivers a speech that this mission will probably be the most dangerous they will ever have. Many of them will die yet they should remember that everyone here is family. That means those who fall in battle are each others brothers and sisters. They will not die in vain, their sacrifices will ensure their success and their goal is not to come back alive, but to be victorious no matter what.

Seeing Yu again

Within a derelict abandoned mall with the squad, Shinya sees Guren praise Yu for taking the heat for his comrades when they were late. Shinya speaks that now Yu understands, that their Guren is actually a big softie. With Yu’s choice of dialogue on how he remembers him, Shinya replies Yu certainly does not have a gift for words but he is right, and it is good to see him.

With Mito he is chosen to spar against Shinoa squad

As Guren speaks with his adoptive sister, Shinoa Hīragi on her responsibilities as squad leader, Shinya is chosen to battle with Guren against Shinoa and her squad.

Ready for initiating the practice

Awaiting for Guren's signal, Shinya makes the first shot by having Byakomaru get them. His tigers evade Yoichi Saotome's archery fire from Gekkouin and plough into Shinoa and Mitsuba Sangū. With Shinoa squad regrouping after his tigers bound through and consequently scattered them, Shinya says the rookies are not getting away and fires again.

Joining the battle after Guren took it outside

After Guren takes the battle outside, and slices the sports car Shinya found in half, he raises whether that was really necessary.

Covering Guren and set to fire at Yu

He is positioned behind Guren to fire at Yu yet his projectiles are deflected by Yu's cursed gear, Asuramaru. When the practice match ending in their favour, Shinya hears Yu is thinking of a strategy to beat Guren’s team next time and he comments that the hot-headed little rebel has brains as well.[5]

To carry out a planned attack on a vampire noble, Shinya has been placed with the combined Shinoa and Makoto Narumi squad and is at a vantage point with Yoichi. He is part of the same mission as described by Shūsaku Iwasaki stationed elsewhere. Their attack is to begin at fourteen hundred hours where the gathered teams spread across the city will attack in unison. The plan if successful should result in eight noble targets being executed and leaving two nobles alive.

Taking his place in the noble targeting plan

The target that Shinya and the two squads with him are to defeat is described as a strong one, Lucal Wesker, the fifteenth progenitor. If they are unable to take him by surprise then their priority is to cut off Lucal’s retreat and prevent him from joining the other nobles. Once their target is dead they are to hold off any remaining vampires until the Lieutenant Colonel supplies them with new orders. The best-case scenario is that all the targets are killed simultaneously and they do not have a problem regrouping and killing the remaining two nobles in Nagoya. If the targets are not destroyed and the nobles join forces there is no way they will be able to beat them.

Overlooking the park where Lucal will be

From his position on a radio tower, Shinya asks Yoichi what is wrong, he is starting to make him nervous and they still have five minutes before the mission begins. He cuts Yoichi off to tell him to not even entertain the idea that they will screw up. With any luck they will finish him off and then they shall be war heroes. He then adds if Yoichi worries too much he will mess up for sure then turns to the matter of it being Yoichi’s first sniper mission and how Guren asked him to teach Yoichi a few things to get him prepared.

Calming and guiding Yoichi

Like he said first Yoichi needs to calm down, then try to remember to take it easy, they are not alone. If they do not take Wesker down then the others will. He continues that snipers need to keep their cool, it is the only way they are going to pick off enemies, and back up their comrades. Shinya adds it is also to kill them if they are captured, reasoning that it saves them from unspeakable torture at the hands of the vampires. He confirms to Yoichi that he would kill his own teammates if necessary, but so long as they land their shots they will not have to worry about anything like that. Concluding with the advice for Yoichi to unwind, Shinya recommends he take a deep breath then relax his muscles and focus on trying to slow down his pulse.

Searching for their target

Thanked, Shinya replies for Yoichi to stay alert, their target should show himself at any time now and he should go ahead and get the park in his sights. He instructions are to ignore the normal vampires down there and focus on finding the noble, Shinya sees him come and reveals the one in the hat is Lucal Wesker. Saying for Yoichi not to get an itchy trigger finger, wait until he gives the signal otherwise all their plans will be thrown off.

Shooting into what vampires he can as their radio tower vantage point falls

Firing Byakkomaru, alongside Gekkouin towards Lucal, their combined attacks destroy Esther Lee who was used as a living shield. Return fire of a red arc propelled from Lucal’s blade flies towards them and slices into the tower Shinya is on. He guides Yoichi to not fall apart yet and take down as many vampires as he can before jumping to safety.

Close range firing

Having joined the two squads on the ground, along with Yoichi he is stood behind Shihō Kimizuki ready to fire into Lucal when he charges towards them. His projectile is blocked but it allows Yu to deliver a sword strike to Lucal. Shinya is nearby as the vampire noble uses Yayoi Endo’s sword to end himself rather than die to humans. After the battle is won, Shinya smiles and waves as he watches the squad rejoice over the defeat of a fifteenth progenitor vampire noble.[6]

Awaiting the arrival of other squads

Shinya does not interact with Aiko Aihara and other squads that are awaiting Guren’s arrival, neither comments on the new mission to rescue the twenty five hostages at city hall and kill the three nobles there.

Checking on Guren's well-being

It is only when walking does he ask Guren if he has got a second. He is not here to point out it is a trap and gets they do not have a choice. Shinya says they need those squads to win this war, it is not like there are many humans left to take their places. Replying he never said he had any complaints, Shinya comments how many of their comrades were killed and Guren does not always handle that well. Shinya was just worried about him. Although with the mission they were bound to lose some soldiers, Shinya replies Guren is still going to beat himself up over it and that is part of his charm.[7]

Part of the force to free hostages

Nearing Nagoya city hall where the hostages are tied to crucifixes outside, Guren’s plan is to leave the hostages behind if their foes prove too strong. They are all part of a larger plan to keep the vampires in Nagoya whilst the main unit moves from Shibuya.

Not optimistic about their chances

To keep the enemy occupied for as long as they possibly can, Shinya adds they are going to see how the vampires react to a bit of expert sniping. If the vampires attack in force, they will run but if they see an opening they will try and save all of the hostages. He cheerfully replies that Guren is dreaming about thought on killing the nobles, things never go that well.

Summoning his rifle cursed gear

Questioned why he is always a pessimist, Shinya conjures his rifle and answers he is just telling it like it is. He adds for Guren not to worry, he is still going to kill these guys and directs Yoichi to pick a sniping perch, he can show everyone what he has learned.

Preparing to observe for targets

Stating he has the fourth floor, Shinya guides Yoichi to focus his attention on the windows in the next level up. He hears Yoichi has spotted a noble, yet when he fires and fails to destroy him, Shinya comments that ordinarily even a noble would not have been able to dodge a shot like that.

Considering his two choices

With it noted that the nobles are Crowley Eusford, also with Chess Belle and Horn Skuld, he states they have two choices. They can either shoot their comrades right now to save them from being tortured and then get out of this town. His tells Shinoa the other way is to somehow split up the nobles, rescue the hostages then retreat. Naturally that plan is more dangerous and Shinya doubts they will all survive. With Guren’s plan to make the vampires think they are the main unit, Shinya says he is not against killing the blood suckers, but he does not see how they stand a chance with their foes waiting around for them. Along with Guren and his squad, Shinya is to attack the nobles to give Shinoa and Narumi’s squad five minutes to rescue as many hostages as they can before retreating at once and joining the other teams at Nagoya City airport.

Keeping watch but feeling they are walking in partially blind

Monitoring the situation, he replies to Guren that their enemies are not making any moves but then most likely they are waiting on them and they are walking into this partially blind.

Ready with Guren and his squad

With Goshi needing to get close to use his illusionary powers, Shinya jokes it looks like Goshi is their first casualty. With the time arriving, he stands with the squad as they share that are ready.

Aiming at Crowley Eusford

As the rescue underway, Shinya is guarding Goshi so he can be in range for his illusionary cursed gear to affect the vampires. He has joined Guren on his attack on the nobles. Shinya speaks to Crowley that it is a rookie mistake not watching his back as he aims his rifle pointed directly at him. Shinya guesses this is checkmate, but it is not, Guren is swung into him by Crowley which knocks his rifle out his hand and hurls Shinya into the building.

Resting with Guren in Nagoya city hall

Recuperating in a meeting room, Shinya has reclaimed his rifle and feels that guy is going to be a problem, he is on a totally different level than the other nobles. Shinya is afraid this might be it for them. He questions who is Guren trying to kid when he is assured this is a part of Guren’s plan. Shinya does not want to be rude when Crowley, then Chess and Horn join them and insist that they stay. As Guren fights Crowley, Shinya monitors them with his gun aimed but needs them to stop moving so much.

Embracing the chance to fire at Crowley Eusford

He is further prevented from interfering due to Horn’s whip. After Guren invokes Mahiru-no-Yo, Shinya follows his direction and shoots into Crowley but his deflected projectiles are rebounded and he is struck in the chest.

Injured and needing support

Having escaped through a hole in the wall, Shinya is supported by Guren. Regarding how bad he is hurt, Shinya feels it could be worse, he could have broken all his bones. Told if he is strong enough to joke then he can walk on his own, Shinya replies Guren is not getting rid of him that easily.

Covering fire against the pursuing nobles

This way he can also hold them off behind them and does exactly that by shooting Crowley who is right there, whilst replying that he could always stop chasing them. Helped to run by Guren, he checks round to confirm the vampires are not coming and hopes maybe he scared them off after that last shot. He is thrown out of the way of Crowley who has crashed through a side wall to appear in front of them. Shinya aims his gun but is ordered to retreat and lead the rest of the mission.[8]

Held up by Shinoa

After a hole is blasted through the ground nearby with Shinoa squad attacking from the floor below, Shinya is held up by Shinoa. Guren has ordered them to retreat after Chess and Horn have arrived. Shinya grabs Yu and tells him to not dare when he means to go back and save Guren. They have to get out of here and when Yu breaks free Shinya orders someone to stop him, that is a direct order. Noticing a helicopter approaching he remarks the vampires have back up inbound. He appears upset at something Guren mouths to him. Grabbing Yu he states they are retreating right now.

Resorting to Shinoa to shut Yu up

Having escaped, he is dragging Yu and throws him to the ground. Addressing Shinoa, he asserts Yu is her team member and it is Shinoa’s job to shut him up. Having a moment to himself, Shinya then helps Yu understand that it is not that they are abandoning Guren, rather honouring his orders. Reminding them of his words, the point of the mission was not to come back alive the goal was victory. They still have work to do and people to protect, if Guren were here he would tell Yu to complete his mission.

Arranging their next move with Guren gone

Joined by Goshi, he says his quick thinking saved them back there and he asks if everyone else is all right as the rest of the squad arrives. Questioned what his orders are by Mito, he nods at Goshi and announces they will find Narumi’s team who should have saved all the hostages by now and are likely waiting for them at the rendezvous point.

Seeing Yu has collapsed

As he interacts with Guren’s squad he notices the commotion with Yu and his squad. Shinya asks what is he doing after Yu has taken two cursed gear stimulants when he has already ingested two that day. Unable to help as a large volume of blood spills out from Yu’s mouth, Shinya calls him a fool and orders Goshi to take the girls and go and find Narumi’s team, they will join them later. Stating this is going to be ugly, Shinya orders Mitsuba and Shinoa to get out of the way before trying to physically restrain Yu. Blasted away from him by an invisible force, Shinya watches as Shinoa checks Yu’s heartbeat and then Yu himself as he lays on the ground, still.[9]

Shouting that the vampire back up has arrived

Kneeling nearby he sees that Yu is alive and conscious. Shinya joins Shinoa squad at city hall and when they have reclaimed Yu after he attempted to save Guren, Shinya shouts for them to move, the vampires back up is here.

Ready to fight the one enemy ahead

Running along a road as part of a amass retreat, Shinya hears from Yayoi there is an enemy ahead and he questions whether there is just one. There is, and he replies they should be able to handle it so Shinya says to kill him and keep moving. Drawing closer, Shinya only sees one enemy and calls for the soldiers to eliminate him.

Stabbing into Mika's back

The vampire in question is Mikaela Hyakuya, Yu's childhood friend, and after he has parried, evaded and leapt over virtually the entire Moon Demon Company squads to reach Yu, Shinya has made it to the back of the regiment and has stabbed Mika in the back. Under the impression that Yoichi was distracting Mika, he praises this smart move before turning to the matter of killing this vampire, unaware of his background. Shinya’s finger is on the trigger however he is struck by the manifestation of Shinoa's cursed gear, Shikama Dōji and knocked away from him. Shinoa means to have Mika escape with Yu and with Tarō Kagiyama, Rika Inoue among other soldiers incensed at this, Shinya commands them to stand down.

Ordering soldiers not to kill Shinoa as a traitor

After Mika escapes with Yu and a soldier knocks Shinoa over, Shinya shouts they cannot kill her. He then shouts they are out of time, the vampire’s backup is here. After Yayoi and Kagiyama are killed, Shinya tells Narumi to stay back, they are dead if a noble comes and they are leaving.[10]

Shooting at vampires that have descended from aircraft above

Blasting a vampire, Shinya yells this is a full on retreat and for everyone to get to the airport. He uses his rifle to defend from a vampire’s sword then shoots it. The escape helicopter should be waiting for them and he says for them to do whatever it takes to get there alive before he resumes firing. Seeing Narumi is still there he orders him to move it before noticing Yayoi and Kagiyama. Shinya punches Narumi to get him to focus before joining the escape.

Finding no transport at the airport

Having made it to the deserted airport[11] Shinya is stone-faced, ignoring questions from Goshi and Narumi concerning where the transport is and the concern of the vampires who will no doubt be following. Hesitatingly accepting the Japanese Imperial Demon Army directive from Mito, he answers Goshi that it directs them to stand by and wait for new orders.

Asked if he is going to punish Shinoa aquad

Joining the exchange occurring between Rika and Shinoa where the latter and her squad are blamed for the deaths of Yayoi and Kagiyama, Shinya says he is sorry but it is not Narumi’s decision to make when he intends to enact corporal punishment on Shinoa. Asked is he is going to punish Shinoa squad for siding with a vampire which led to their troops being ambushed, Shinya reiterates that Narumi does not get to decide.

Stating what their plan was supposed to be

Explaining that they were to escape in a chopper then lead the vampires into a trap waiting for them in Shinjuku, Shinya states the thing is Guren was not the one to plan this final mission. He reveals it was Lieutenant General Kureto Hīragi and with Narumi venting how he is sick of their conduct, Shinya tells him to calm down, freaking out is not going to help.

Physically confronted by Narumi

Shinya is pushed up against the fence by Narumi. At first he does not speak when Narumi intends to abandon this mission and head back to rescue Guren. Neither when Shigure and Sayuri follow Narumi's course of action. Taking time to consider it he tells Narumi to hold on, then shouts for him to shut up for a second and listen to him.

Electing for them to abandon the mission from high command

Shinya is trying to tell him that they are abandoning the mission together. They will ignore the orders from high command, from now on the Demon Company has one goal, the rescue of Lieutenant Colonel Guren and he looks to Shinoa after the announcement. Noticing aircraft approach in the distance, Shinya orders Yoichi not to fire when it is assumed they are vampires, and reveals the helicopters are there’s since they are demon army aircraft.

Seeing that Kureto has arrived in Nagoya

When they land he sees Aoi exit and then Kureto after which causes Shinya to frown. After Kureto’s announcement of total victory, Shinya is sceptical of such a claim, vampire nobles are on their way as they speak and he asks how Kureto plans to defeat them.

Detailing their situation and Guren's capture

Shinya says they have lost a lot of comrades and do they not deserve to know what is happening. Cut off, he answers Guren was captured by the vampires. He is confused when Kureto asks which personality was in control, but rather than question further what he is talking about Shinya reminds Kureto that Guren has been taken. With Aoi motioning for a spell tag covered crate to be unloaded from a helicopter, Shinya asks Kureto what is going on.

Drawing his weapon in response to the crate unloaded

Having his rifle materialize he questions what he is planning to do before finding Aoi in front of him with her hand above the hilt of her sword.

Wary that something is seriously amiss

He stares apprehensively at the crate mechanically raised into the air behind Kureto. After Kureto draws his sword, Shinya motions defensively in front of Narumi and makes the case that they just completed an impossible suicide mission behind enemy lines.

Defending Narumi when Kureto draws his sword on him

They did what Kureto asked of them and Shinya requests they just to be allowed to go. Surprised that Kureto says he will let it slide, Shinya swears after he hears Narumi is going to die soon anyway.

The crate is opened and the surviving Moon Demon Company members all come under attack from the long connected rods. They are spiked at the end and stab through the soldiers.

Hearing Naraumi's reaction concerning his two squad members

Shinya appears shocked after Narumi cries in anguish over the death of Rika and Shūsaku. When the vampire fleet arrives, Shinya makes his way to Yu who returned shortly before. Shinya assures him not to panic as a masked noble directs the first wave of vampires to attack.

Helping Yu and those around him to escape

Appreciating that this is a great opportunity, Shinya listens as Mika continues what he was saying, that the vampires are not paying attention to them. Along with Guren’s squad they intend to help them escape and Shinya sets about clearing a path by firing into the oncoming vampires.[12]

The container the chains are coming from explodes revealing a white shining orb with outer colors of purple and gold. Mirai Kimizuki as a seraph blows a long golden horn to have jagged rocks erupt from the surface with the sky overhead darkened. A black mass has emerged from Mirai’s back and formed into a gargantuan winged monster called Abaddon. Having three darts thrown into it has created globules that break off and form into Four Horseman of John that attack vampires and humans. The landscape is returned to normal after Yu uses the power of the second trumpet, the King of Salt to destroy Abaddon.

Confronting Guren for attacking human troops as well

Whilst the vampires resume their fight with the Imperial Demon Army, Shinya finds Guren and points his rifle at his face. Asking him what the hell is going on, Shinya tells him not to laugh at him. Raising his voice, he tells Guren to explain himself as he punches him. In response to Guren’s justification that he is rebuilding the world so people like them can actually move up, Shinya shouts whether Guren has lost his mind, he killed their own men.

Realizing that Guren is possessed

He continues that Guren’s betrayal destroyed them, emphasizing that their comrades are dead.

Shinya backs away as he registers that Guren has been possessed, but he says Guren is still in there somewhere.[13]

Powers and Abilities[]

Natural Abilities[]

Shinya, like all users of Cursed Gears, has heightened physical abilities. He is shown to be able to take command of the Moon Demon Company after escaping from Crowley, and is an adept fighter.

Cursed Gear[]

Byakkomaru (白虎丸 Byakkomaru?, lit. "White Tiger"): A manifestation-type demon weapon from the Black Demon series. It takes on the form of a black rifle with a glowing green streak down the middle. Byakkomaru's specialty is long-range firing and it is not very effective in close-range combat. While so, the tigers are fired and created in flames from out of the rifle.

Shinya can fire bullets which can split and then manifest into several white tigers. Each tiger can move independently, as if they have a will of their own. Applying the demon to the bullets increases its power and range. Shinya can additionally fire at something and make the tigers come from behind whatever he shot at, but he can only do this once within an unspecified amount of time as a surprise attack.


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  • “Uh oh, they’ve seen us. But not soon enough to make a difference. Destroy our enemies, Byakomaru. Oh, and try not to hit Guren, okay? Boom." - Noticed, Shinya fires his cursed gear rifle at vampires Ferid and Crowley.
  • “Aw but I don’t wanna. This isn’t my kind of thing. I don't enjoy bullying the weak.” - Aware he is about to be ordered to fight Yu but not wanting to.
  • “They actually think that I might be a traitor too since I’m friends with Guren, crazy right? It does seem there’s a vampire spy in the army somewhere though.” - Suspected of treason by his adoptive brother.
  • “Brother Kureto told me about your mission. Sounds like you guys are sacrificial pawns. A hundred troops don’t stand much of a chance against the vampire nobles.” - Hearing of the mission to attack vampire nobles in Nagoya, and deciding to help those chosen for the mission despite the danger. (ep.16)
  • “Don’t even entertain the idea. With any luck we’ll finish him off, then we’ll be war heroes. Worry too much and you’ll mess up for sure.” - When Yoichi is worried Shinya assures him they will not mess things up in their attack on vampire noble Lucal Wesker.
  • “Remember that we’re not alone. If we don’t take Wesker down then the others will. That’s the whole reason the close combat team exists anyway.” - Thinking round the matter of defeating Lucal Wesker, possibly an awareness of the background of close combat teams.
  • “Snipers need to keep their cool. It’s the only way we’re going to pick off enemies, and back up our comrades. Or kill them if they’re captured, saving them from unspeakable torture at the hands of the vampires.” - His stance as a sniper. (17)
  • “Many of our comrades were killed. You don’t always handle that well. I was just worried about you, that’s all.” - Making time to speak to Guren and aware of his reaction to loss.18
  • “We’re gonna see how they react to a little expert sniping. If they attack in force we’ll run, but if we see an opening we’ll try to save all of the hostages." - Practical plans for the hostages outside Nagoya city hall.19
  • “Hey Shinoa. He’s your team member. It’s your job to shut him up.” - Having just left Guren behind on his orders, and asked by Yu whether he is just going to leave him behind to die, Shinya deals with it by having Shinoa do so.20
  • “Distracting him. Smart move. Now then, die vampire.” - After stabbing Mika through the back, Shinya perceived Yoichi’s way of getting through to Mika as a methods of distracting a vampire to kill.21
  • “Escape in the chopper. Then lead the vampires to a trap waiting for them in Shinjuku. That’s what our final mission was. Only thing is, Guren’s not the one who planned this.” - Aware of their final mission and sharing it at Nagoya airport where there is no chopper but a note to await further orders.23
  • “Let’s do it, we’ll ignore the orders from high command. From now on the Demon Company has one goal, the rescue of Lieutenant Colonel Guren Ichinose.” - Agreeing with Narumi, Shigure and Sayuri's goal of rescuing Guren.23
  • “We completed an impossible suicide mission behind enemy lines. We did what you asked of us so just let us go.” - Conscious of the darkening mood, Shinya makes an appeal to Kureto.23
  • “What the hell’s going on, Guren?” - Pointing his rifle at Guren’s face after everything he has witnessed.24


  • Shinya 「深夜」 means "deep night,," as in "midnight." In the prologue of the light novel's 3rd volume, he tells Mahiru that it is written as 深い (Fukai) and 夜 (Yoru).
  • Hīragi 「柊」 means "holly."
  • The car Shinya drove in Episode 16 was a Rosso Bia Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SuperVeloce Coupé.