A Sinful Key (罪鍵 Zaiku?) is what Shikama Dōji calls a cross-shaped dagger like object. There are seven in total and mentioned by others, they obtainable via a few methods. Multiple keys can be possessed by a single individual.

Appearance Edit

Their appearance is similar to a dagger, namely a cross-shaped dagger. Its size is small just as the size of a normal dagger with the blade longer and thinner compared to the grip and guards which are of similar length. The guards have a ringed feature on the end, the same as the pommel. When first obtaining one it glows, emitting a light around the dagger for a single moment but otherwise is completely black in appearance.[1]


Events of 2015 Edit

When Saitō was having a long conversation with Guren, in the midst of it, Saitō smiled and took a Sinful Key out of his breast pocket. Guren was clueless about the dagger object, questioning Saitō about his intention of using the dagger and receiving no response, Mahiru-no-Yo materialized next to Saitō .

Saitō however despite not being able to see or hear Mahiru still sensed a presence, seemingly able to recognize her so asks if she is there. Mahiru-no-Yo apparently confirms so, though she adds even if he knew he doubts he will be able to see nor hear her. Guren informs Saitō of her location, which Saitō had a feeling so.

Guren asks about the dagger, but Saitō replies it is none of his business and instead asks Mahiru-no-Yo but she is ignorant as him. Just then Saitō throws the Sinful Key at Mahiru-no-Yo's neck, even though Saitō could not see her. She gives a short cry, putting her hand on her throat and then she collapses..

Screaming at Saitō, Guren demands to know what did he do. Though unconcerned, as he hid something, this confuses Guren when Saitō mentions he hid a sin. Before departing he informs Guren that he will find out soon enough, as they need to collect those sins for their wishes is to be granted.

Events of 2020 Edit

When the 6th Trumpet is neutralized and is stabbed by an injection into the angel's neck, the 6th trumpet floats into the air and a cross-shaped dagger appears.

At the Sunshine 60 Building in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Saitō is seen holding two Sinful Keys while pondering to himself how many thousands of years it took to get this far, then he asks himself about Sika Madu's plan while holding the two Sinful Keys.

After the events of the 6th trumpet, Mika takes hold of the key that came out of the seraph, Ferid requests he hand it over to him and after some argument Mika gives Ferid the key. Guren says they will be taking the sinful key to Tokyo so that humanity can fight back against "millennia-old monsters".

Much later the sinful keys play a big role in the battle against the First. As Ferid and Crowley walk amongst unconscious Hyakuya Sect Soldiers, Ferid is playfully balancing a sinful key on his finger. Crowley asks about it and what it does, and Ferid is aware it is a magical item that can do lots of amazing things. What is more interesting to him is that Saitō badly wants to have them all, and has been looking for them for a over a thousand years.[2][3]

Later Guren come across Shiho who is carrying his sister Mirai and after killing Mirai a sinful key comes out of her, which Guren retrieves then departs. Guren arrives to where Saitō and Shikama Doji are fighting, Saitō asks for the sinful key and Guren tosses it over to him. Saitō then brings out his own two keys with three in total and considers three are enough to seal the first away, as he is currently possessing Shinoa and has yet to manifest his real body. After Saitō's betrayal, he is betrayed in turn by Guren calling on Ferid, whom activates Jigenso's portal next to Saitō and stabs Saitō with his own sinful key. Directly after, Guren, Mahiru and Noya each acquire a sinful key then surround Shikama Doji where a power entraps Shinoa.

Shikama Doji leaves Shinoa's body and allows himself to be sealed since the power that was emitting from the sinful key would break his vessel; Shinoa.

When the Hyakuya Sect are retreating from the battle with the Imperial Demon Army, and chain marks in the ground are noticed by Ferid leading to an alley, he takes out the sinful key.[4] It produces a sound and effect when scraped along a building wall[5] and Ferid raises it in front of Saito[6] before bringing it down on him.[7] He keeps ahold of it even with his arm bound by chains[8] and when his arm is sliced off and caught by Crowley.[9]

Powers and Abilities Edit

The Sinful Keys are extremely powerful despite their size and they can be used for both offence and defense. Saitō, who is a former second progenitor, was stabbed by a single one which caused a detonation that prevented him from taking any further action. Whilst he lay dismembered, he was not able to heal at all. The combined might of three Sinful Keys are also powerful enough to seal Shikama Doji, the first progenitor who has acquired powers to the point where he is viewed as close to a god. Sinful Keys have other mysterious powers but it is yet shown. It is unknown why a Sinful Key shows up when few Seraphs are killed or neutralized. They can send a mysterious sinister power to trap someone (such as they entrapped Shinoa who was possessed by Shikama Doji) and Ferid is aware that the keys have a range. If a Sinful Key is used by a demon, their power is enhanced. Saitō wanted to have all the seven Sinful Keys so badly that he has been searching for them over a thousand years, demonstrating their valuableness. A demon, Mahiru-no-Yo was able to be struck in the neck by a Sinful Key from Saitō and she attained his abilities to use chains, the Sinful Key simply disappeared.

Sinful Key owners Edit

Seraphs with Sinful Keys Edit

Currently very few Seraphs have Sinful Keys within them:

  • The 6th Trumpet
  • Mirai Kimizuki

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References Edit

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