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The Sixth Trumpet (第六ラッパ Dai Roku Rappa?) is a minor character in Seraph of the End. He is a boy who was experimented on, similar to Yūichirō Hyakuya and Mirai Kimizuki and eventually became a Seraph. The Sixth Trumpet and the youth it is within are kept restrained in Guren Ichinose's manor.

This seraph has been continuously summoning Horsemen of the Apocalypse to the world for the past eight years. It comes into contact with another human containing a seraph, namely Yūichirō Hyakuya who bears the King of Salt.


Existing within a human boy, this seraph has two pairs of feathery wings outstretched, with a steady stream of a blood like substance trickling out from its eyes and down the boy's face. The youth himself had his hair swept back over his head where his ears were visible. Appearing as a teenager his build was slim.


Furious, the active seraph bellowed in rage and had an awareness that the chains around it were what was keeping it confined. In moments of calm such as when it was approached by Yu, the Sixth Trumpet was insightful, taking time to asking a few questions then finding out anyway who Yu was. Not entertaining ideas of being saved, the Sixth Trumpet thought it was saving who it perceived as a broken King of Salt. Questioning why it failed to destroy the world, the Sixth Trumpet sought to remind this other seraph of their true purpose, and then murder Yu to have the King of Salt reborn. Making sure it understood the situation, the seraph would share its view with Yu, revealing that he was neither demon, human, or seraph so had to be destroyed.

Dismissing demons as inferior beings would act as an arrogant belief in that it was detrimental to this seraph. While it could perceive Asuramaru, the Sixth Trumpet may have not realized that this demon was more than capable of keeping a seraph's power in check, indeed was doing it with the King of Salt's power within Yu. Further, though his Cursed Gear the seraph could not overcome Yu's demon powered sword, indeed it witnessed its trumpet sustaining damage from it. The Sixth Trumpet often expressed surprise at such developments. Ultimately, for the moments of lucidity they steered themselves towards convincing the seraph that humans, especially Yu needed to die. Crumbling to a furious state, the Sixth Trumpet did not use its considerable power it could generate, particularly an energy based ranged attack, but resorted to violently swinging its susceptible to damage trumpet in multiple attempts to hit Yu, yelling for him to die all the while.


At some point of his life, he was experimented on, purportedly by Saitō where it is probable the boy would have been a part of the Hyakuya Sect's human experimentations. This caused him to become a seraph, and eventually gain the ability to summon Horsemen of the Apocalypse. He was at some point imprisoned inside a magical barrier in an underground laboratory of Guren Ichinose's former mansion located in the Aichi Prefecture.

The Sixth Trumpet was aware of a fellow seraph, the King of Salt, and knew killing it would result in a new King of Salt being reborn. The Sixth Trumpet supported the Second Trumpet's goal of destroying the world and humanity. This seraph knew that demons existed.


Within Guren Ichinose's childhood home that bears human experimentation apparatus, the Sixth Trumpet within the boy it is in control of cries out in rage. Kept within a magical barrier, the seraph is unable to move due to being restrained in the air by multiple chains from the ground. The large seraph trumpet in its possession begins emitting musical notes.[1] Upon being addressed by another seraph, The King of Salt within Yūichirō Hyakuya, the Sixth Trumpet calms its rage to focus on the entity below.[2] Regarding Yu[3] and asked if he has been crying the whole time these past eight years, the Sixth Trumpet questions bluntly why Yu approaches. Hearing it is because they are the same kind, the seraph wonders who Yu is. After a moment without a word, the seraph acquires its own answer, correctly discerning that it is the Second Trumpet, the King of Salt.

Asking why the King of Salt did not destroy this world, and questioned in turn has humanity not suffered enough, the Sixth Trumpet affirms humanity must be eliminated. Disregarding Yu's claim he is here to save him, the Sixth Trumpet sees in its view that Yu is broken. Resolving to kill him, that will cause a new unblemished King of Salt to be born. Raising its hand, the Sixth Trumpet orders his marked enemy to die.[4]

Hearing that Yu is going to save him, the seraph orders silence and orders the traitor to die. From the hand, projectiles that are in the stages of forming into Horsemen of the Apocalypse are launched at Yu. Surprised that the chains tethering it have been cut, the seraph deems Yu a fool and states he has cut the chains that bound him. Rejecting Yu's statement that he will save him, the Sixth Trumpet asks to be allowed to save the broken one. Intending to remind him of the true mission, the seraph blows into the trumpet which results in Horsemen of the Apocalypse to rise and form from out of the ground.[5]

Startled to find Yu with his sword draw near, the seraph uses its trumpet to block the weapon. Noting the situation, the Sixth Trumpet can see a demon and feels its foul curse must be inhibiting the memory of its duty. Holding the trumpet steady against the Asuramaru blade, the seraph judges it a wasted effort and adds that demons are inferior beings. While stating that Yu's weapon cannot damage his, the Sixth Trumpet notes the scratch inflicted into its trumpet. In response, the wings are used to blast its way out of the basement and upper floors of Guren's house. In the air, the seraph keeps ahold of its trumpet.[6]

Blowing into the trumpet summons Four Horsemen of John in many locations spread throughout the surrounding woodland. Told to stop it, and questioned if humanity has not suffered enough, the Sixth Trumpet claims that humanity has committed a sin that cannot be forgiven. With it mentioned how Yu hasn't, and whether those still alive in the world are going to continue to be punished, the Sixth Trumpet opts to focus on perceiving Yu's background where it ascertains he is not human. When Yu speaks in agreement that from an angel or demon he is not really sure what is mixed up, the Sixth Trumpet clarifies the matter and asks if Yu does not realize that he is not human, neither is he angel, or demon, none of them. Remarking that Yu's very existence touches upon the forbidden, the Sixth Trumpet asserts that Yu must be destroyed. Ordering him to die, a swipe of the seraph's arm blasts the woods below.[7]

Repeating for his foe to die, curse marks appearing on the boy's left ankle indicates the presence of a demon.[8] Reacting to curse marks appearing on Yu in turn[9] the seraph moves to clash with him as feathers flutter downwards.[10] Having taken to trying to whack Yu with its trumpet[11] the seraph furiously assails Yu in the sky[12] then incessantly commands him to die.[13]

Paying no mind to Yu's words that they have no reason to fight, are comrades, and with concerns they are both sacrifices for the experiment, the Sixth Trumpet is tackled below by seraph Yu that generates a sizeable explosion upon landing. On the ground pinned, the Sixth Trumpet orders Yu to let go. Stating that they are all mad, the seraph shouts that the humans have to be purified. Appearing pleased to say that it is the end and for Yu to begone, the trumpet is brought down end first where it would impale Yu and likely itself.[14]

Seeing that the trumpet has been struck away by Mikaela Hyakuya, the Sixth Trumpet also finds Shihō Kimizuki dropping down to their location, in the possession of some medicine. Ordering them to stop, the seraph tells the humans to let go. Listening to Kimizuki's words that it might kill him, the Sixth Trumpet does nothing physically, other than tremble slightly as the needle is administered. The boy hurtles into the air and from his chest emerges a small cross like utensil.[15] Falling to the ground, the youth is caught by Kimizuki and the Sixth Trumpet's seraph wings are gone. From his snoozing, the boy is seen to have survived[16] as he lies sleeping between Yu and Kimizuki[17] while others including Shinoa Hīragi with Yoichi Saotome and Mitsuba Sangū gather around.[18]

Powers and Abilities[]

The Sixth Trumpet had the distinction of being able to bring an entire world's worth of Four Horsemen of John into the world, monstrous creatures that plagued humanity leaving them little choice but to reduce themselves to vampire livestock to survive, if that option was available. The seraph could cast forming masses of the Horsemen out using its human host's hand, which could serve as a ranged attack. In possession of a trumpet, blowing into this could cause many to emerge as large blobs from the ground to form into fully formed Horsemen. A great many of the beings could be conjured seemingly at random locations across a great wooded area. It is probable that the degree, duration and repeated instances of blowing the trumpet would be sufficient to summon a world's supply of them. It is stated that the Sixth Trumpet had been summoning the Horsemen continuously for the eight years since they appeared. These monster's fates are intrinsically linked to the Sixth Trumpet, once the sinful key within had been removed, the Horsemen disappeared from the world entirely just as fast as they appeared.

To a greater extent than a demon, the seraph can discern a human's background where physical contact is not required. It could also discern a demon's presence where not even vampire senses can fully detect them. Through some means, the Sixth Trumpet was aware that Yu possessed a seraph of his own, and could make out the specific one. After analyzing him with a glance, the Sixth Trumpet also knew more about Yu than what he knew of himself, where it decreed him not of any specific state of being. Capable of flight using its four wings, the Sixth Trumpet could also use its hand to generate a wide area light based attack. Although said to be weakened where it was no stronger than a vampire, the seraph's tremendous physical strength was apparent with that comparison, and with its aptitude in the fight against a black demon cursed gear sword. The Sixth Trumpet's capabilities were influenced by its demeanor. The seraph's sheer state of fury left it physically swinging its trumpet, rather than resorting to its other extraordinary abilities, in a frenzied attempt to destroy Yu. Despite that, it was able to fight in the air and possessed the stamina to wildly flail the trumpet around.


Guren Ichinose[]

The seraph was kept restrained in the childhood home of Guren Ichinose who would become the Lieutenant Colonel of the Moon Demon Company.


Likely unknown to the Sixth Trumpet and the boy it inhabits, but they are a part of Saitō's experiment. This second progenitor vampire heads the Hyakuya Sect where the youth likely would have been involved with human experimentation.

Yūichirō Hyakuya[]

Another human bearing a seraph, the Sixth Trumpet abandoned its fury to find out who Yūichirō Hyakuya was. Seeing him as the King of Salt, the Sixth Trumpet enquired why he had not destroyed the world. Not interested in Yu's notions of saving him, the seraph saw him as broken, with a demon having helped cloud his memory of a supposed true purpose. Calling him a fool for freeing him the Sixth Trumpet spent moments gauging Yu's background, and deeming his very existence an affront filled the Sixth Trumpet with an even greater drive to kill him. For all his violent intent, the Sixth Trumpet would be sealed after Yu delivered on his goal to not kill but rescue the boy whose body the seraph was in.

Shihō Kimizuki[]

It is due to Shihō Kimizuki reaching the boy with a medicine that could restrain the seraph as to why his life could be saved.

Ferid Bathory[]

The sinful key coming from the host's body would be used by seventh progenitor Ferid Bathory to stab into Saitō and stop him from betraying Guren and his demons in his battle against Shikama Dōji who was possessing Shinoa's body.