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This unnamed Slave Dealer took part in selling Ashera Tepes as a slave to Sika Madu at some point during the dark ages in Greece.


He was of medium build and had short hair with his hair line being visible. He wore a plain, dark colored and short sleeved tunic with a lighter colored belt around his waist.


He was comfortable with slavery to the extent of keeping a child imprisoned with a ball and chain within a prison like cell. He demonstrated being irate with the same child when he did not quickly follow his new masters orders, striking him as he berated him. Appearing driven in part by money, he was content with a reputation of selling 'well-behaved' merchandise.


Whilst unstated, he came to become a slaver and had sold people before Ashera.

Story: Vampire ReignEdit

This slave dealer was present when Sika Madu arrived with a young Yu. Ashera Tepes is told the 'good news' that a buyer has been found for him as his sale to Sika Madu had been finalized.[1]

Though the confinement door is unlocked, it is not him but Yu who unlocks the shackle on Ashera's leg. He does not speak as Sika Madu and Yu discuss whether Yu himself was a slave.

In contrast to the calmness of Sika Madu, Ashera and Yu, this slave dealer strikes Ashera on top of the head when he pauses after Sika Madu saying they should be off. With his fist clenched in anger he chastises Ashera and says when Sika Madu says move, he should do so. As part of this display he also reveals that Sika Madu has bought slaves before, and that the slave dealer has a reputation for selling well-behaved ones.[2]

Quotes: Vampire ReignEdit

  • "Good news Ashera. I found a buyer for you" — The attitude to Ashera Tepes (note: with only a foot seen, this may be the quote of the slaver seen and detailed here, or a different slaver that may have been in the same vicinity) Chapter 78, "The Dark Ages of Greece"
  • "When he says move, you move, brat!! That nobleman pays damn well, y'know! Don't you dare ruin my rep for well-behaved merchandise!" — Aware that Sika Madu pays well, the slaver admonishes Ashera as he pauses when told it is time to go, Chapter 78, "The Dark Ages of Greece"


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