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Spell Circles are magical-based assets in Seraph of the End that are physically marked on a surface. One purpose of them is to bind demons to cursed gear.


An individual spell circle overall largely consists of many ringed and visually geometrically perfect circles. Apart from three straight line based patterns, and the lettering, an equilateral triangle feature makes up the only non-circular marking. Where each point of this triangle should be there is instead one multi-ringed circle with varied distances between the rings within them. One of the rings of each of these three circles was drawn thicker and shaded in darker. Within the triangle constituent is an incircle which is tangent to the widest section of the triangle sides. It is made up of a tessellation of curved isosceles trapezoids that make up the outer circles. The radius did not reach the center of the circle rather they stopped to form their own pattern which depended on which outer part of a circle they belonged to. The outer rings of the incircle had more divided spaces containing a greater amount of writing, three of them for each inner circle of curved trapezoids which featured one symbol each that was written larger in comparison. The triangle's incenter was seen unadorned.

The smallest inner circle outside of the triangle, due to the triangle's presence, existed as three semi-circles that had an orb shaped drawing in the middle of each arch. These were where constellation like lines were connected to smaller circles and then the triangle sides on one side with outer midway rings connected as well. Of the three connecting patterns that were directed towards the center, each are unique in design. The next ring point incorporated four rings that were close together in distance and were connected to the sides of each of the three triangle point circles. Finally three additional rings farther apart enclosed the entire design yet they reached near the top of the three triangle point circles. With the points of outer circle intersection it left them to stick out and so not have the overall structure as a true circle.

Multifarious inscriptions were added after the spell circle shaping was down where sentences of text often followed close to the curving outer lines with individual symbols displayed featured in a center. The inner circles contained singular logographs whilst the three quadrant circles were filled with what resembles an alphabetical syllabary. Some written characters here were larger than others in the same manner that capital letters at the beginning of words are. Throughout the script was drawn in varied sizes and although the individual characters where all disparate across the three focal points they all followed the same elaborate pattern where they were placed. The spell circle created by Guren, and then with Kimizuki and Mitsuba assisting, was remarkably large.


Spell circles are used as part of a ritual to bind a demon to a cursed gear and then attach that to a human. The patterns are drawn first before any inscriptive graphemes are added. What was considered to be the standard parts of the circle involved the inscriptive elements of it with a high level of detail to the symbols. There is a style, a standard spell circle four, for subduing a black demon, the strongest type of demon. Guren was creating this when there was a rank one demon to be contained, namely Mikaela the son of Sika Madu who was the first vampire. This basic spell circle was the first one taught in class to those preparing to acquire cursed gear weapons. Guren taught such a class where often he would not take part or fall asleep when he did attend. When Mahiru felt it seemed the right time she cast two handfuls of spell tags which based on this are involved in a spell circle's existence. Kimizuki appeared to be writing text from his right to left although with separate areas being developed timing may not be as crucial in this particular case. Around this time Mika's sword was struck into the ground who is the individual that Mahiru and Guren mean to bind as a demon to a cursed gear weapon.


Guren and Mahiru intend to turn Mika into a cursed gear then attach him to Yu before the first can get him.[1] To do this Guren begins creating the spell circle on top of the building rooftop far from Shibuya.[2] Guren passes what resembles dark charcoal or chalk to those gathered for them to assist. Kimizuki begins marking the Western quadrant namely the text along one of the other lines whilst Mitsuba details the Eastern quadrant specifically of one the three largest symbols within one of the three triangle circle ends.[3] The extraordinary detail involved including the on-point created shapes seemingly requires no blueprint where it is also all drawn by hand. The sinuous manner of the shapes and writing is apparently done from memory. It is recollected that Guren taught spell circles in class. Presently Mahiru's spell tags along with Mika's sword are the additions.[4]

As the construction continues[5] it is then completed where the entire spell circle, which includes a few small detached symbols around the construct, glimmers with the rays of light reaching up to over twice the size of a person.[6] This continues to glow[7] around Mika's sword which is also coated in an ethereal fire like substance as Yu approaches.[8]

While they may be a different variety, or not related at all, various overlapping spell circles of different designs and sizes form a part of Saito's prison.[9][10]