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Tenjiryū (天字竜 Tenjiryū?, lit. "Heaven-Shaped Dragon") is a manifestation-type demon who formed a contract with Mitsuba Sangū and became her Cursed Gear.


Tenjiryū's weapon form is as a giant black battle axe with a long, glowing green blade.


Nothing has been explicitly said nor shown about its personality, but is evident to be brutal and hostile to enemies, additionally obedient to Mitsuba.


A demon who was cursed within a giant battle axe, Tenjiryū makes a contract with Mitsuba Sangū prior to her appearance in the manga.


Tenjiryū fights as Mitsuba's demon weapon. It functions as a deadly melee weapon for close quarter combat, and can also generate multiple spectral manifestations proving a great distraction for stronger enemies.

When Guren calls for everyone to restrain Yu when he calls Mika as a sword with a potential decision to restore him or all of humanity at stake, Tenjiryu is produced by Mitsuba.[1]

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Demon's thrall: Tenjiryū has the ability to consume the host with illusions while she sleeps and challenge her for possession of her body. This ability can only be used against the host.
  • Basic form: A giant black battle axe with a glowing green blade. It is most effective at mid-to close-range.
  • Miniature form: A compact form of the weapon. It is easier to carry and to hide. A special ability of manifestation-type weapons.
  • Decoy demons: By cutting into the ground, the bearer can spawn multiple demons and attack with them. Although they are no match for a noble with a first class weapon.


Mitsuba Sangū[]

The human Tenjiryū forms a contract with. Their bond is developed enough that multiple spectral demons are able to be conjured to assail an enemy.


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