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Tenri Hīragi interacts with various other characters throughout the Seraph of the End series, which affects himself and the story. This article details Tenri's relationships with other characters.

Japanese Imperial Demon Army[]

Kureto Hīragi[]

The next head of the Hīragi clan, Kureto was loyal to Tenri. However in the light novels Kureto learns Mahiru was never a traitor and she worked for the Hīragi so that Shinoa would not be experimented on. Tenri asks if he need to have a hostage for Kureto to ensure his loyalty and has Aoi's leg sniped off. Kureto later decides to kill his father as part of a coup and take his place as the head of the Hīragi clan.

Mahiru Hīragi[]

The genius who was the next head of the Hīragi clan. For her intelligence and talent, he favored her over the rest of his children. She betrays the Hīragi to join the Hyakuya Sect and develop cursed gear. Later Tenri reveals to Kureto that Mahiru was a double agent always on the side of the Hīragi. She continues working for them to ensure Shinoa's safety.

Shinya Hīragi[]

An adopted son who was Mahiru's fiancée. Tenri looks down on him for not being a blood related Hīragi though does permit him to sit in on official meetings.

Shinoa Hīragi[]

Tenri's daughter who he discards because she was living in Mahiru's shadow.

Aoi Sangu[]

Kureto's personal assistant who follows his every order. Tenri has her leg sniped off when asking if Kureto needs a hostage to ensure his loyalty.

Seishiro Hīragi[]

Tenri held nothing special for him compared to Mahiru and Kureto. He called him a fool and even gave Guren the permission to kill him if he ever saw him again.

40 Unnamed Siblings[]

Although his exact relationship with his siblings was unknown, Tenri had stated that in order to survive and not be killed he himself had resorted to personally killing each and everyone of his brothers and sisters in order to become the family head and has seemingly shown no remorse or sadness at his actions and even considers them a good thing due to believing that it showed his strength and power in comparison to them and of how worthy he was in comparison to them in leading the family.

Later upon being killed by his own son Kureto,Tenri is later shown to in truth harbor a sense of guilt and remorse at killing them and was jealous of Kureto who had successfully become "King" without throwing away his sense of humanity.

Order of the Imperial Moon[]

Guren Ichinose[]

The head of the Ichinose clan, Tenri looks down on him and his father, saying the branch family's only use is to be discriminated against. Tenri dismissed him as being weak for openly showing rage and hatred at him and stepped on Guren's head with more force before eventually accepting him as the head of the Ichinose clan. Years later, Tenri is not at all amused by Guren's defiant attitude and tells him to drop it since he is not as special as he might think. He expresses and intention to have him beaten had Shinya not defended him.

Sakae Ichinose[]

Tenri looked down upon Sakae as he was a member of the branch Ichinose Family. He holds him hostage against Guren so that Guren is forced to kill Mahiru and later on has Sakae executed because Guren failed to kill her. Tenri did, however, acknowledge the man's mental strength, noting on how it far exceeded Guren's as even when he ordered him to dance naked before being executed, he smiled.