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"The Demon Army of Ikebukuro" (池袋のテイキグン Ikebukuro no Teikigun?) is the second bonus chapter of the manga series, Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign. It is placed at the end of volume 16.



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The chapter begins with Yu saying that whenever he closes his eyes, he has the same dream. Yu promises that he will kill all the vampires and is going to fight them. The vampire asks him if he can do it. In response, Yu activates Asuramaru and tells them that he gonna kill them all.

Yu continues his monologue. He says he can kill many vampires, but the dream will always be the same. This is a dream in which his best friend Mikaela dies at the hands of Ferid. Yu sees Mika telling him to run.

Yu wakes up in class and shouts out Mika's name loudly. While Yu realizes that it was a dream, the teacher sees it and asks why he dared to fall asleep in his class. He calls Yu's name and Yu apologizes. The class begins to laugh at Yu, and Shinoa touch a finger at him. He asks her what happened, but she says that is her question. Shinoa recalls that he screamed Mika's name and ask if that name belongs to his ex-girlfriend. Yu loudly protests that Mika is not a girl and that Shinoa shouldn't care about his relationship, but Shinoa says she cares about it. She reminds that they invaded the school disguised as students to find the vampire who hid here. She begins to tease Yu and says that they haven't spent a day here, but Yu has already become stick out like a sore thumb because he drooling in his sleep and calls out to his dear Mika. Yu counters that he doesn't drool. Teacher hears Yu yelling again and tells him to stand in the hallway with the buckets.

The bell sounds from the lesson. Shinoa walks out of the classroom and sees that Yu has was standing with the buckets for the entire lesson. Shinoa stops joking and asks if Yu has found a vampire. Yu denies this and asks if Shinoa has found. Shinoa also says she didn't find it. She reminds that there are two places under the control of humans: Shibuya and Shinjuku, which both have demon army commans centers, but Ikebukuro's defenses are thin, so the vampire will easily slip inside unnoticed. After the disaster, when many people died, the demonic army took control of Shibuya and began to destroy the vampires. Shinoa ponders and Yu realizes that the vampire could be anywhere. Shinoa asks how they should find the vampire, since the school is full of pretty huge student body. Yu says that maybe he will meet an ugly vampire or he perhaps should start by killing all the infuriatingly attractive students. Shinoa begins to say that like the most bautiful woman in school, that would make her the prime target, but Yu ignores her and tries to find a handsome student.

Suddenly, Yu and Shinoa see the girl being bullied by a group of students. They ask why she has such hair and say they will shave her head. Yu says he sees a pretty girl with a vampiregrade bad attitude. Shinoa begins to tease Yu, but one of the students sees them. The girl, the leader of the group, comes up and asks if they want to stop her so she can stop teasing their newly transferred friend. Yu hears the word "transferred" and recalls that seven students have been transferred in the past six months. He notices the girl who has been teased and realizes that she is the vampire.

Yu says that he finally found the vampire and she confirms it. Yu tries to approach her, but the student interferes with him, to which Yu breaks his arm. Shinoa tells him not to offend ordinary people, but Yu says he found a vampire. The vampire says that no one noticed her during this time and she need adjust her plans. Yu and the vampire start a fight. Yu promises to kill her, to which the vampire laughs at him. Shinoa says they are unarmed, and Yu asks her to bring his sword, which is in class. The vampire attacks Yu and tries to drink his blood, but Shinoa returns and gives Yu the weapon. The vampire realizes that this is a cursed gear, but Yu kills her.

Yu says it's over and Shinoa asks how he discover her by accident. Shinoa thanks him for his habit of examining the face of every lady in such detail, which helped them complete the mission faster with time in spare. Yu says she needs to work on the compliments, but Shinoa says that wasn't a compliment. They go on and take off their school uniforms under which they are wearing military uniforms. Yu says that since there are no more bloodsucker here, then there is no reason in leaving them at school. The student approaches them and asks who they are. Yu replies that it's a good question, but Shinoa teases him and he tells her to shut up. Guren call to them. He tells them to quiet playing around and get over here. The squad will greet Yu and Shinoa. Guren says that Shinjuku is under was attacked by a large group of vampires. Guren says they must return to war, stop dawdling and get butt in gear. Yu objects that they just killed the bloodsucker, but the Guren pats him on the head. One of the students looks at them and says that they are a the moon demon company and they are clean out an entire city of vampires.

The war begins and the soldiers give orders. Yu and Mika are on two different sides of the war. Mika goes with the vampire army and tells Yu to wait. He will be here soon to save him from filthy people. Yu says Mika's name and runs into battle. At the end there sound the words that in this broken and devastated world the war between vampires, angels, demons and humans finally bacome.


Image gallery: The Demon Army of Ikebukuro

Manga panels provide a visual overview of the events of chapter 63.5 with depictions of the characters, Seraph of the End world and scenarios.


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