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This article is about the 3rd episode of the Seraph of the End anime. For the manga chapter of the same name, see The Demon in Your Heart.

"The Demon in Your Heart" (心に棲むオニ Kokoro Ni Sumu Oni?) is the third episode of the first season and third episode overall of the Seraph of the End anime.


Yūichirō Hyakuya, sees a cursed gear weapon in action from Shinoa Hīragi and her scythe where his regular sword is no match for it.

They find Yoichi Saotome and went to a restricted area to save someone who was possessed by a demon there. Touching the weapon, Yu experiences an attempted demon possession on himself where he see's his family again.

In Sanguinem, Ferid has survived the gun shot to his head. Mika is also revealed to be alive. He appears to be in his mid-to-late teens and has fangs.


List of characters in order of appearance:


The restricted zone underneath the school, sealed by magic wards

In a restricted site, one of Yamanaka's companions, Yūji, attempts to open a room plastered with spell tags, but Yamanaka stops him before he could proceed to do so. The trio, including Shishido, begin walking away, however the door opens slightly when Yūji looks back.

Shinoa fully supports relationships

Above ground on the rooftop of Second Shibuya High, Yu receives a love letter from the girl he saved from the vampire that escaped and took her hostage. She runs off before he can respond, but he pockets the letter. Shinoa has overseen the encounter and teases him that he should build a relationship, but she continues in all seriousness to explain that humanity must increase in numbers in order to survive in the world.

The power of cursed gear manifestation

Moving on, and satisfying Yu's curiosity, Shinoa demonstrates her Cursed Gear, Shikama Dōji, which manifests as a large scythe. It can also project a spiritual based power that can manifest before them.

Far stronger than regular weapons

Yu is amazed by it and asks Shinoa to give it to him. When she refuses, Yu decided to attack her in order to test the weapon's strength. She spars with him for a few seconds before completely overwhelming him both physically and with the energy given off by the scythe.

Shinoa explains what could arise of entering restricted areas

Later, Yamanaka and his remaining friend, Shishido, are chasing down Yoichi, begging to become his disciples. Yu tells them to leave, then wanting to know if they have the pride to beg from help from a person they used to bully until recently. Yamanaka begs because he thought that Yoichi, who is now part of the Vampire Extermination Unit, could save their friend, Yūji, who went into the Forbidden Chamber and never came back. Shinoa replies that that action will lead to severe punishment, even the possibility of death and tells them to give up.

Yu, Shinoa and Yoichi enter the chamber containing demon weapons

Regardless, they agree to help and Yu, Shinoa and Yoichi went to the chamber. Shinoa warns Yu not to try anything dangerous, but Yu rushes in anyway and tries to seize the cursed axe from Yūji who is now evidently controlled by a demon.

At home Yu see's his family at dinner

When Yu grasps it, he suddenly finds himself back in Sanguinem with Mika, Akane and the other orphans at the age they were then. They ask Yu to continue with their dinner, but Yu feels uneasy and confused. He says he thought they died to which Mika and the others reply that they are dead, and asks Yu to avenge their deaths.

Knowing Mika too well, Yu see's the demon behind the illusion

However, Yu says that Mika would not want that as he realises that it is not really him, and Yu demands that the demon show its true colors and stop pretending to be his family. The deception cracks as a part of the demon contained within the weapon is seen.

They realise that Yu can expel a demonic possession through willpower

Yu wakes up, realizing that the demon had attempted to possess him. To Shinoa's surprise, Yu managed to expel the demon just by his sheer will. Since Yu has what it takes to handle a Cursed Gear, Shinoa says that she will tell Guren and he may soon let him into the training class, even though the course has already began.

Mika is revealed to be alive

In Sanguinem, Ferid, who had survived the gun shot to the head Yu gave him, struts down the hall to where he slaughtered the Hyakuya orphans. He cheerfully sings out alterations of Mika's name and approaches a figure dressed in the vampire soldier uniform. He reveals that Yu is being kept by the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. When Ferid approaches, the figure turns and draws his sword, remaining silent while he points it at Ferid's neck. The figure is revealed to be an older Mikaela Hyakuya. He glares at Ferid and his mouth opens slightly to reveal fangs.

Differences with the manga[]

Manga Anime
Not in the manga Additional scene: The opening scene where Yūji attempts to trespass into the Forbidden Chamber.
What Yu does with the love letter is not shown. Yu puts the letter in his pocket.
When Yu attacks Shinoa, she blocks his sword once and then sends him flying into the fence. The fight scene is extended.
Seconds after Shinoa beats Yu, Yoichi runs to the rooftop with his former bullies chasing after him. In the school hallway, Yoichi runs up to them inside the school.
Shinoa says the school is a training ground for the army. Shinoa says the school is a training ground for the extermination unit.
Upon entering the Forbidden Chamber, it is set on one level. There is a flight of stairs to descend after entering the Forbidden Chamber before being able to confront the demon.
There is a pentagram with a triangle design in the middle of the room. The possessed Yūji stands several meters away from Yu and the pentagram. There is a star-designed pentagram in the room. Yūji stands in the middle of it.
When Yu grabs the axe, the demon's illusion is set in a blank, narrow space. Yu asks if they are all alive first. The illusion is set in the Hyakuyas' old home in the vampire world. They wait for Yu to join them for dinner. Yu is more confused and sits down to eat with them before asking if they are still alive.
The illusion of Mika hugs Yu from the front. The illusion of Mika hugs Yu from behind and whispers about revenge in his ear.
Yu tries to strangle the demon whilst in Mika's form. The demon breaks apart. Yu grabs the demon by the collar while in Mika's form. The house breaks when the demon loses form and turns into a black shadow.
Ferid finds Mika sitting in a chapel at Sanguinem. Mika wears his hood and holds his sword with his left hand. Ferid finds Mika standing at the entrance to the outside world. Mika is not wearing the hood and holds his sword in his right hand.


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