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Brandishing Deadly Claws: The Gigantic Noble was a battle event in the Seraph of the End: Bloody Blades, that took place from January 28 to February 11, 2016. It featured the character, Mel Stefano.

By playing the event map, players stood a chance to obtain a copy of the featured card, 0248 Mel Stefano, as a drop reward.

Featured Cards[edit | edit source]

0246 Mel Stefano thumb.png
Nobles of Nagoya: The Nineteenth Progenitor
0246 Mel Stefano
0247 Mel Stefano thumb.png
Deadly Claw Modification
0247 Mel Stefano
0248 Mel Stefano thumb.png
The Gigantic Noble Who Wields Deformed Claws
0248 Mel Stefano

Event Quest[edit | edit source]

There is a chance to obtain 0248 Mel Stefano (SSR) in all three difficulties.

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