Traitorous Allies is the ninth episode of Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya and the twenty-first overall in the Seraph of the End anime series.

Short Summary

The power of angels forces Yu to stay alive, and Asuramaru lures him from their power. After reviving, Yu charges off to save Guren and battles Crowley. As Asuramaru begins possessing him, Kimizuki appears and captures Yu using Kiseki-o's Box. Yu is unconscious, and the soldiers retreat.

Mika waits for the Moon Demon Company and charges in to rescue Yu. When Shinya is about to kill Mika, Shinoa attacks Shinya and saves Mika instead. Her squad turns against the company, and Mika flees with Yu.

Long Summary

Differences with the Manga

Manga Anime
Yu's pain and curse marks disappear when he appears before Asuramaru. Yu is in pain when he meets with Asuramaru in his mind.
Yu begins to approach the trumpet, but he does not argue with Asuramaru about it. Yu wants the trumpet enough to leave Asura to get it, and Asura stabs him in order to distract him from it.
When Asuramaru stabs Yu to give him power, he curses and says he cannot put Yu back to normal. He says that Yu has lost even more of his humanity and is even uglier than before. He yells at Yu to never do that to Asuramaru's body again. Not shown.
Shinya is not present. His squad members beg him to spit up those pills. Shinya is watching over Yu with the rest of Shinoa Squad when Yu comes to.
Not shown. Everyone is still in the broken hallway. Chess, Horn, and Crowley ask Guren questions in a courtroom. Chess hits him.
Yu attacks Crowley right away. Crowley strikes at Yu and damages a building on another city block when Yu dodges it. Crowley mentions using both hands. Guren uses himself as a shield when Crowley is about to use both hands against Yu, but it is not a close call. Yu attacks Chess right away. Crowley punches Yu. Crowley simply uses both hands. Guren uses himself as a shield when Crowley comes close to killing Yu, and he nearly gets his neck cut. Chess and Horn hold Guren down.
Asuramaru appears above Yu. When Yu keeps begging Asuramaru for power, Asuramaru appears next to him.
Crowley mentions that getting involved with Ferid's plans means something interesting is going to happen. He says Yu is so lively and full of energy that he now wants Yu's blood. He apologizes to Ferid because he might drink Yu dry when he comes close again. Crowley licks his lips.
Yu wants Kimizuki to help him kill Crowley. Kimizuki mentions that what Yu said before was right and that there is no point living in this screwed-up world without family to cling to. He says that is why it is his turn to rescue Yu now. Yu tells Kimizuki that he will be the one to kill Crowley and does not want his help.
Kiseki-o's attack opens into a mouth of rib-cage like structures. Kiseki-o screams from the box about his prey being captured and repeatedly yells to kill him. Kimizuki orders Kiseki-o to not kill Yu but only knock out the demon. He later orders Kiseki-o to spit Yu out. He explains the ability as sucking in and trapping an enemy who hears the count of nine within melee range. The scene is shortened. Kiseki-o's attack is much less detailed, and Kimizuki opens the coffin later without problems. He pulls Yu out himself. The ability is explained as trapping the person who hears the whole count.
Narumi and the other soldiers scream at the rookies about having freed the hostages ages ago. Not shown.
There is no snow. Since there was lush greenery on the way to Nagoya, the season is implied to be in summer. It snows.
Krul is with Ferid for transport, and the setting does not appear very comfortable. There are many creates inside. Ferid taunts her by calling her "Krullie dear" and says that it looks like this area is already under attack by the humans. Krul is with eight other vampires instead of Ferid alone. They all have comfortable chairs. She does not have any banter with Ferid, and no one mentions an attack.
The flashback with Mika asking Yu about escaping when they were livestock took place in an earlier chapter and in a home free of furniture, candles, drawings, or a loft. This occurs in chapter 12. The anime setting is different.
Mika does not mention trying "extra hard." The thorns pierce through his hand instead of wrapping around it. Mika mentions trying extra hard today. The sword's thorny vines wrap around his hand instead of through it.
The fight is slightly longer and involves more of the characters. Narumi mentions that Mika made a stupid decision by running into the middle of the company. Sayuri wonders about Mika's objectives. Shigure says they have to kill the vampire either way. Mika's actions confuse the company soldiers. Narumi manifests a shield. The fight is slightly shorter with less dialogue.
Yoichi recognizes Mika first. Shinoa recognizes Mika first.
Mika is stabbed by the lower-ranker soldiers as he makes his way to Yu. He is first stabbed by Shinya.
Does not occur. Mika briefly attacks Shinoa and headbutts Kimizuki.
Shinoa Squad's motto is "family takes care of family." Shinoa Squad's motto is to protect their friends.
Shinoa Squad defends only. Shinoa Squad attacks the Moon Demon Company soldiers instead of only defending Mika.
Narumi bonks Shinoa on the head after he saves her and says she has a lot of explaining to do. Narumi does not bonk her on the head and angrily demands an explanation.
Not shown. Shinoa kills a vampire about to strike Narumi.
Mika carries Yu in his arms and begs for him to wake up. Mika carries Yu on his back.

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