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This unnamed Vampire Noble was a part of Krul Tepes entourage as they travelled to Nagoya to wipe out the Japanese Imperial Demon Army in the North of Japan.


He has slick auburn hair that grew down to his neck, and a same coloured chin beard beginning under his lower lip. He had a furrowed brow and red eyes with darkened eye sockets. He wore a collared shirt with purple sections on either side, and wore it open showing the top of his chest. He also had white gloves, a black belt with a double side tongue buckle, and black boots with a brown coloured heel and front part of each boot.


He looked down upon humans to such an extent that he was filled with a greater degree of anger when they defied him. Under such a rage he would not listen to orders of other vampire nobles, and seemed intent to continue beating the target of his uncontrollable anger.

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Known history is that he was of high enough rank to be seated on the left of Krul Tepes as their carrier plane transported her and her retinue to Nagoya.

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This Vampire noble travelled on the same carrier plane as Krul. Upon arriving at their destination he is seen hitting Guren who has his hands bound to interrogate him. After kicking him a few times and ignoring a fellow nobles request to stop, he is approached by Crowley who tells him that Lord Krul has ordered that he is not to be killed. He responds to him that Guren will soon think he's better off dead, addressing him as "human" he lifts Guren by the throat and asks if he wants to die that bad. After Guren spits in his face and smirks in defiance, he throws Guren to the ground with the force to cause the ground to crumble. His temper lost, he stamps on Guren repeatedly, ignoring another nobles suggestion that he stop, and continues to kick a defenceless Guren on the ground.

This relentless rage filled beating backfires, as Guren is taken over by the cursed gear Mahiru. The vampire noble’s wide-eyed rage induced beating and shouting “die” repeatedly is cut short but only temporarily. He is outraged to an even greater extent when a now piercing red eyed Guren grabs his boot and says he’ll kill him if he touches him again with his dirty boot. Flummoxed, he says how dare livestock before instantly being killed as his head, left arm and torso are all at once instantly dismembered and both his body and clothes themselves disintegrate from the sheer power of this cursed gear.

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