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Urd Geales (ウルド・ギールス Urudo Giirusu?) is a second progenitor of the vampires. He is the ruler of Russia and the current leader of the Progenitor Council.


Urd has the appearance of a young man with notably tanned skin and shiny, golden-blond hair styled in a neat manner. He wears a dark vest over a white collared dress shirt. He occasionally dons a formal-styled mackintosh with a high collar. He wears black gloves and a decorated neck tie. Upon his left ear, he has a golden adornment consisting of two clasps upon the upper and lower shells with a hanging charm from the earlobe.

Like all true vampires, he has red eyes, fangs, and pointed ears.


Urd is shown to possess a cool, nonchalant attitude. He claims to dislike unnecessary fuss, as shown in past memories of him alongside Rigr. He also displays a superior side as he constantly reprimands Lest about his words and place and refers to Ferid and Crowley as 'lesser vampires'. He also seems to believe that vampirism is a revolution for humans, as shown by his interaction with the recently turned Ashera.

Urd appears to be a strict follower of the rules laid out for the vampires. He refuses to stray from his path as a second progenitor even when Saitō states the position to be boring and foolish. He is willing to punish Krul and Ferid by using sunlight exposure (which is an extremely serious penalty) for their crimes, not caring that they are both high ranked progenitors.

Though harsh, Urd is also shown to possess fair judgement, displaying a quite reasonable and even somewhat merciful side when dealing with events that do not require serious handling and apparently being more inclined to non-lethal punishments instead of just instantly killing guilty vampires. He withholds blame towards Lest for being unable to stop Saitō, acknowledging his weaker position as a Third Progenitor. Even though he dislikes Ferid, he does not let that get in the way of his reasoning side, showing him some mercy by ordering Lest to return Ferid's heart to stop him from becoming a demon and later on giving Ferid and Crowley a chance of survival, presenting them with the option of surrender and facing judgement from the Progenitor Council, rather than death by him (he only resorts to attacking them after Ferid's challenge).

Being the King of Russia, Urd has a very strong sense of responsibility, demonstrated by his decision to personally see to the clean up of Japan for the duration of the time Krul and Ferid were being tortured.

Unlike most (if not all) other vampires, Urd is shown to be quite considerate in his treatment of the humans under his rule, allowing human children in Russia to wear normal clothes and run around with no restriction, with those children clearly being quite happy.[3] Likewise, Urd values humans more than others of his kind, stated to often be found observing humans for entertainment purposes (such as watching the humans perform ballet).[4]


Urd along with Saitō and the First Progenitor 1000 years ago.

Urd and Saitō meeting Sika

Urd's history is largely unknown. At some point in the ancient past, Urd was a human sat in a prison cell along with Rigr. Together they were found by Sika Madu and offered eternal life.[5] He was sired by the First Progenitor Sika Madu at about the same time as fellow Second Progenitor Saitō, and he was there one thousand years ago alongside Saitō and Third Progenitor Krul Tepes when Sika leaves with Krul's brother, Ashera.

At some point when he was still human, he is seen in a meeting with Sika accompanied by Yu in his chambers, watching on as Saitō appears to be talking enthusiastically.

Urd and Saitō are present while waiting for Ashera to wake up after being reborn as a vampire. Speaking to Rigr, Urd reminds him that he does not like unnecessary fuss before telling Ashera to not fear, as he has shed his humanity and surpassed humans by becoming a vampire. After Ashera starts to become thirsty and begins craving blood, Urd agrees with Rigr that they will have to help him get used to it before suggesting they go above.[6]

Soon after the First Progenitor left, Urd assumes command over the Progenitor Council as the strongest vampire active, intent on keeping the peace and stability of the vampire community and ensure the rules remained unbroken. In a secluded castle within a mountainous region of Romania Urd caught Rigr leaving to chase the First and tried to dissuade his brother against it. As the two of them, made their difference in opinion clear, Urd intending to uphold the laws of vampire society and ignoring Rigr's comments on how he was willing to do that for thousands of years without any hope of reward, and how the first had abandoned vampire society, Urd raised how now Rigr would abandon them as well and solemnly declared that only the two of them remain in the world, even confirming he would miss Rigr, only to again be refused.[7]

Grasping his sword, Urd stated that the penalty for breaking their laws is death and he would kill him if necessary but was infuriated when Rigr bitterly stated the vampire utopia they wanted to build was just an illusion, demanding silence and declaring Rigr had no right to decide it was mere illusion, and as Rigr commented that their parent has left them and expressed admiration that he himself was staying and could protect everyone along with apologizing, Urd furiously shouted that he won't allow it and attacked Rigr, declaring he would cut off his legs and arms if needed to.[8]

Their clash destroyed rock structures as Urd continued to assail Rigr and pushed him into the defensive. Refusing to stop, Urd said Rigr would pay for this, believing that he has beaten Rigr repeatedly and would do so again, only to be caught by surprise when Rigr responded by darting to new positions and then cutting off his arms mid-air as Urd fell to the ground, realizing in shock that Rigr had been holding back a bit in their previous spars in preparation for a real fight to catch him off-guard and win for once, Rigr even confirming that since he looked slightly pleased with himself when he would win, Rigr had liked that so held back every time, so had a realization that Rigr was pretending to lose in their previous battles. When Rigr added that he did not intend to hurt him, Urd bitterly declared he never cared if Rigr hurt him, but with him gone who is left that could leave a scratch on himself, and that with both his parent and now his brother gone, little would be left for him in this world apart from tending to the vampires, along with questioning what was he to do with this undying body of his, furiously declaring he would hate Rigr forever.[9]


Events of 2020

Post-Nagoya Arc

He first appears in Moscow, Russia sitting in the Bolshoi Theatre, watching a ballet performed by humans. Lest Karr enters and casually converses with Urd about his inclination for watching theatre. The second progenitor dismissively asks Lest why he is in Russia, stating that his territory is in Germany and telling him to return.

Urd questions Lest's appearance

The third progenitor states that he has nothing to do in Germany since his ruling is firm. Lest brings up the fact that Krul isn't fairing as well in her rule over Japan, questioning if Urd had received the news yet.

Before Lest can inform Urd about the events unfolding in Japan, another vampire bursts into the room. He informs Urd of the humans in Japan experimenting on the Seraph of the End once again. Hearing about the experiment, Urd wonders aloud what Krul was doing. Lest casually remarks that Krul has many responsibilities and tries to imply that he himself would've fared better before Urd abruptly silences him. The unnamed vampire then informs Urd that the Progenitor Council has opened for a meeting from Japan over the situation. Lest wonders if Krul is attempting to give excuses.[10]

Both progenitors head towards St. Basil's Cathedral; children are seen running around freely while wearing normal clothing, in stark contrast to the uniformed children in Japan. Lest notices this and comments that the humans are pleased, praising Urd for even allowing his humans a level of culture. He compliments Urd on being a shining example for vampires by creating villages like these. Urd asks if the former is being sarcastic, in which Lest replies that he is simply being honest.

Inside St. Basil's Cathedral, Urd calls for contact to Kyoto Sanguinem with the other progenitors present on-screen. As the live feed loads for Kyoto, they are shocked by the sight of Krul Tepes, appearing beaten and bound to her throne. Ferid Bathory pops up on the screen in a joyful, playful manner. Urd acknowledges his presence in exasperation.

The seventh progenitor apologizes to Urd and the other higher progenitors about the urgent call. One member, Third Progenitor Nix Parthe, is infuriated that Ferid - a non high-ranked progenitor - is calling them. As Nix starts to admonish Ferid about his place, Lest silences him. He states that with Krul dethroned, Ferid is the next highest ranking vampire in Japan. Ferid proceeds to inform the rest of the progenitors of the events that have occurred in Japan. Crowley Eusford, Chess Belle, and Horn Skuld speak up, bemoaning becoming caught up in Ferid's games. Urd tells them to get to the point.

Ferid finally reveals to all in the Progenitor Council of Krul's betrayal, specifically of her involvement with the humans' experimentation on the Seraph of the End. The Council expresses shock and disbelief at the news. Ferid continues, stating that the experiment has been completed and the Seraph has been weaponized by the humans. He and Crowley managed to subdue Krul and call her out as a traitor, risking their own lives in doing so. He informs the other Progenitors that the vampires are now weak and powerless against the power the humans now possess.

Suddenly from outside, the humans invade Sanguinem and on-screen, they blow in the wall behind Ferid. Lacus Welt and René Simm run in on the meeting, saying the humans are coming to the palace and that he must flee. The seventh progenitor asks the higher progenitors for permission to flee Japan, and in return he shall send them Krul. Urd murmurs the country's name as a last word.

Osaka Arc

Urd and Lest Karr appear on a boat headed for Osaka Bay to meet with Ferid. Lest asks Urd if they will first retake Kyoto but Urd only mutters the country's name and wonders if "he" will be there. He and Lest, with the company of other European vampires, soon arrive and wait until Ferid arrives via bus with Crowley and the Shinoa Squad.

Urd watches as Lest pulls Ferid's heart out of his chest, interrogating him on Krul's whereabouts, before ordering him to return it before Ferid transforms into a demon. After Ferid drinks blood from Kimizuki, Urd asks who the humans are. Ferid responds that they are his toys.

Urd detects the scent of blood, with Lest noting its sudden disappearance a second later. Realizing Krul's location, Urd rushes over to Ferid's mansion and fights Saitō, who he calls Rigr Stafford. He comments that Saitō has gotten slower and cuts off his arm. He is surprised by the chains attached to Saitō's arm and pulls a chain out of his neck as curse marks begin to appear.

Urd and Saitō fight

Urd questions Saitō about the chains and Saitō replies that it is a curse made by the humans. Urd realizes he is not a vampire anymore, prompting Saitō to wonder how much longer Urd will continue to live as one.

They talk about how the First Progenitor abandoned them and Saitō orders Urd to leave Japan, claiming it to be his playground. Urd refuses and Saitō throws Krul at him as Lest Karr arrives. Urd yells for Lest to stop Saitō, but Lest is quickly cut in half by the latter.

Urd decides chasing Saitō to be futile by now, and tells Lest not to blame himself for being unable to apprehend a second progenitor.

Urd and Lest holding Krul and Ferid in their hands

Urd returns to Osaka Bay holding Krul by the neck followed by Lest who is pulling Ferid by his hair. Urd orders Lest to silence Ferid's mocking pleas, to which Lest complies by punching Ferid in the gut. He announces that both traitors have been captured and sentences them to torture by exposure.

He tells Ferid and Krul that they will be exposed to sunlight for ten days, with Fifth Progenitor Ky Luc being tasked with overseeing their punishment. Urd assures him that the pair will be restrained and states that if Saito is pulling the strings, the two won't know anything.

Urd justifies the torture as punishment for letting humans invade Sanguinem, declaring that he will go there to take control once more. He warns them that upon his return in ten days, if they do not have an interesting story to tell, their sentence will be changed to eternal torment.

In Kyoto, Urd along with Lest Karr and Ky Luc feels the presence of the First Progenitor. He says that they will be going to Tokyo.

Shibuya Arc

A squadron of helicopters transports them. Urd along with Lest Karr, Krul Tepes and Ky Luc are all together as they sense the awakening of the First once again. As the others talk, Urd orders silence, having detected a noise. Urd opens the door to their transport, having solely heard and noticed the vast number of missiles coming straight for them. He coolly states that they are under attack and that the helicopters will crash. Calling upon his sword, Urd is able to hold onto the side of his helicopter and send streaks off his weapon to destroy multiple explosives.[11] He concludes that there are too many as he leaps from the aircraft before the missiles make contact, stabbing into another nearby chopper. Surveying the fiery wreckage crashing downwards, Urd wonders aloud how many were allowed to die, if the missile attack was enough to end his companions. He wistfully remarks on how lucky death would be.

He sees that the attack was not enough after all as Ky Luc joins him on the side of the helicopter. Disregarding Ky Luc's joy at having fun and not dying, Urd asks about the others. Being informed that Lest Karr had fallen and Krul's whereabouts were unknown, Urd wonders who ordered the assault.[12] A second round of missiles is incoming, and the remaining helicopters can only be abandoned. Urd easily bounds across the missiles as he deduces that the First would not concern himself with them, and that it must have been Rigr behind the attack.[13] He thinks back to a time when Rigr was speaking to the First with Yu nearby.[14] Landing on the ground, Urd thinks Rigr's efforts are wasted, affirming that the First would never bother himself to look at them, let alone respect them. Paying no heed to Lest Karr, who has survived and asks if he is all right, Urd suspects Rigr may be looking for an excuse to die.[15]

Post-Shibuya Arc

Having found Saitō badly wounded and being attacked by Ferid, Urd emerges from an alleyway with Ky Luc and Lest Karr, asking whether his brother wants help.[16] Urd tells Rigr to look at himself, bringing up his warnings against the latter turning Ferid into a vampire. Asking again if Rigr wants his help, it is accepted and Urd immediately assails Ferid and Crowley.[17] Bringing his sword down on Crowley's, he states that the lesser vampires have certainly had their fun. Urd tells Crowley that he deliberately held back on his strike and could easily slice both Crowley's sword and him in half. Urd instructs them to lay down their weapons and be detained, offering them the chance to give up. Through this decision, their punishment for disrupting the order of vampire society will be decided by the Progenitor Council. The offer is declined, and Urd simply tells Ferid to die as his sword drinks his blood with winding, thorny vines. Cutting Ferid in half, Urd kicks both Crowley and Ferid's upper torso into the air.[18]

Turning his attention to Saitō, Urd tells him that his games are over and is it time he did the job he should have done a millennium ago. Urd states that Saitō's punishment shall be decided later, as the execution of Ferid takes priority. He stands by as Lest Karr and Ky Luc concentrate on keeping Saitō weakened. Heeding Saitō's words on how Ferid - if taken lightly - can be frightening, Urd states that he has no intention of going easy on him. A larger number of thorns appear to drink more of his blood as Urd condemns the entire city to destruction.[19]

Seeing a portal opened by Jigenso with Ferid emerging from it with a sinful key, Urd reacts instantly, decapitating Ferid; however he is unable to stop the sinful key from being thrown to Crowley, who activates it behind the trio. Urd shouts for his group to pull back.[20] An ear-piercing scream resounds throughout the city, and Urd remarks that the voice is on a frequency only vampires can hear. With the sinful key's power negated, Crowley and Ferid flee the scene as Urd asks what is happening this time.[21].

It is mentioned by a group of vampires that Urd is the one who placed Saitō in a cage that he sits imprisoned in.[22] On whether Urd is mad is discussed by Saitō with Lest Karr, where the latter comments that Urd has never been seen to grow emotional over anyone but Saitō.[23] It is recollected how when he and Saitō lived in Romania, Urd intended to uphold the laws governing vampire society. He attempted to prevent Rigr from leaving before being defeated in a fight.[24] Presently, when Saitō asks what Urd said, Lest Karr replies it was to not tell Saitō anything, not to speak with him at all in fact.[25] According to Saitō, Urd knows why the first took the best third progenitors but left Lest Karr.[26] While he does not hear it, everything that Urd values, Saitō vows to destroy.[27]

Arriving, Urd is carrying the Lieutenant General of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, Kureto Hīragi and Major General, Shinya Hīragi who lie still under his arms. With signs of a battle, Urd asks Lest Karr and Ky Luc what in the world are they doing. Hearing it was a disaster and that Lord Rigr got out of his cell, Urd interjects that no vampire can escape that prison, that is how he made it. Determining what the situation is, he says for Rigr to stop messing with his subordinates. After Saitō reveals he never escaped, it was a spell tag based illusion, and remains in his unbroken prison, Urd approaches him. Seeing that he is as insufferable as always, Urd then answers Ky Luc's apology for what happened by saying Saitō is of a higher rank than him so he stood no chance. Questioned by Saitō why he is imprisoned, and is he going to slice him to bits, Urd states if he refuses to tell him what he is up to it may come to that.[28]

Hearing Saitō's reminder that he is getting revenge for the first betraying them, Urd adds and in doing so Saitō betrayed him. While Saitō does not mind being killed by him, Urd raises the likelihood that he came here to talk, if he had no business with him, Saitō would not be here and would have had the cell opened. As Saitō speaks from the heart how he thought about him everyday, Urd cuts that off and presses him to answer his question. Asking what is, no, how far has Saitō's revenge plan advanced, Urd enquires is it going smoothly.[29] Then wondering whether Saitō invested this much time into his revenge, only for it to fail, Urd is invited to join him so they can kill the first. Appearing skeptical, Urd questions how Saitō plans to do that. With hostages already, Urd turns to induce Lest Karr check Kureto and Shinya, where the demons Raimei and Byakko are of interest for this matter.[30]

Before Saito, who has a pentagram made up of chains above him, Urd questions what in the world is he starting with this. Urd does not comment on the prison, which was made to drain more power the older the vampire it holds.[31] After Sika Madu has been located and attacked with chains, Urd shouts Saito's name as he is struck by a scythe.[32] When Saito calls for support, Urd removes the scythe from his chest.[33]

After his name is called by Sika Madu[34], and the First has been seized and captured, Urd waits beside Saito for him to awaken. Speaking how they have awaited his return, Urd addresses Sika Madu as father.[35] Viewing the First chained in the prison he made, the line of conversation they would like to discuss involves the beginning of the world, to the reason Sika Madu abandoned them.[36]

With Saito and Lest Karr stood near him, Urd listens as the First asks about the number of keys they hold, to speaking how his plan tens of thousands of years in the making has been outdid by someone.[37]

Akihabara Arc

Hearing Saito discuss with Shikama Doji on his plan to bring his son, Mikaela back to life, Urd listens as it is speculated that vampires like him were failures as vessels strong enough to contain his soul.[38]

Hearing that the Emperor's Demons organization was founded by Shikama Doji, and the Hyakuya Sect by Saito, he speaks Rigr's name after he grasps the First by the throat on what are they to do with their eternal lives. Where Saito feels he is still a part of the First's grand plan, and with Shikama Doji revealed to have blue blood, Urd makes no comment on these developments.[39] Although the First professes they have a mutual interest, after Saito stabs him through the neck with a chain, Urd is affected by Shikama Doji's telepathy. While the First communicates that vampires cannot die, rather become demons with no will of their own, Urd covers his ears where the voice has a detrimental effect.[40]

Spell tags from Saito nullify Shikama Doji's brainwashing spell, and Urd observes them drifting around him.[41] With the First's goal thought to involve bringing Mikaela back, where it is speculated that seraphs would punish the resurrection attempt, Urd is asked by Saito whether now in fact they should uphold the vow to maintain world order for eternity. As the world has been destroyed quite enough, there is the consensus to not let the seraphs come and punish it further.[42]

Learning that the price for resurrection is seven sinful keys, and the lives of every last vampire leaves Urd appearing shocked. After Saito reacts to Shikama Doji's words that they ought to be bored of living right now and skewers him with chains, Urd listens to what he calls his selfish request.[43]

Questioning when has Saito not made selfish demands of them, Urd hears the idea that they cannot trust Shikama Doji's words. Where something could happen to the world, and with Saito stating they need to stop Mikaela's resurrection where he will also search for a way for them to finally die, Urd regards the offer. Affirming that Saito need not do it alone, Urd places his hand on Saito's after saying that they will protect world order together.

You needn't do it alone. We'll protect world order together.

–Accepting Saito's plan to not trust the First's words, prevent Mikaela from being resurrected, and stabilize the world. Chapter 114 "Everyone's Goals", page 23

Urd's hand is joined by Lest Karr's and Ky Luc's.[44]

Powers and Abilities

Natural abilities

As not only one of the only two second progenitor, with strength greater than that of fellow second progenitor Rigr Stafford, having constantly defeated him in spars and only losing their last one in the past due to being reckless, but also the current leader of the Progenitor Council, Urd is the second strongest vampire in existence, the only vampire surpassing his strength being Sika Madu himself, and the strongest vampire active. His highest rank in the council makes him significantly stronger than those of lower rank, including the likes of third progenitors Krul Tepes and Lest Karr. He's displayed feats far surpassing Lest's own abilities (such as fighting on-par with Saito with his modifications, who effectively bisected the latter in an instant) and was able to effortlessly restrain Krul. He is even stronger than the other second progenitor to a certain extent, having always defeated him in the past, though neither of them were taking it seriously and their last fight ended in his defeat due to his emotion getting the better of him and Saito revealing he was holding back catching him by surprise. Even with his modifications, Urd still proved able to effectively handle Rigr, with Rigr opting to flee rather than continue the battle and admitting he is afraid of Urd's interference, Urd being confident he would be capable of killing him. Urd was also fully capable of killing Ferid Bathory and Crowley Eusford, effortlessly pressuring them while greatly holding back.

Urd displays a keener sense of smell than any other vampire, being able to pinpoint Krul's location from a mere cut far sooner than Lest Karr. He has a superior sense of hearing, as he was the first and only member in the helicopters to discern Saitō's attack. Upon the 6th Trumpet's defeat, he was able to immediately notice the shift in "color" of the world, showing that his senses are so powerful and advanced that he could easily sense the global change caused by the Seraph's defeat, despite being miles underground in Sanguinem. He is also completely unaffected by the illusion spell cast that managed to trick even the likes of Lest and Luc, showing his incredible senses can even perceive distorted reality with ease.

His speed and agility is stupendous enough to cover great distances and perform high jumps to a great extent with ease, as shown when he effortlessly reached Ferid's mansion within mere moments, and effortlessly dodged in-between missiles mid-air. His strength is also tremendous, simply clashing with Saito causing a crater, and able to effortlessly overpower vampires on the level of third and seventh progenitors with a single hand, as shown when he nonchalantly dragged Krul with one hand despite Krul's active resistance and while greatly holding back, casually pressured Ferid and Crowley in a sword lock, being able to easily cut them and their sword in half if he wished to. His far superior constitution is also shown by how whereas Lest and Luc were overwhelmed by the intensity of Mika's dead wail, Urd only expressed minor irritation.

Urd displays great swordsmanship abilities with his first class vampire sword, able to skillfully attack Saitō using swift slashes and cuts, managing to slice off his arm, and deflecting most of the chains fired by said amputated arm, along with stating he's always defeated Rigr in a sword fight. He is also shown to be fairly pragmatic, as after sensing something odd inside the chain he was stabbed in the neck with, he quickly composed himself and pulled it out.

As a noble vampire, he has the ability and permission to turn humans into vampires. Urd has shown himself to be a remarkably intelligent and knowledgeable individual, with centuries worth of experience. He is an exceptional leader, commanding the entire Progenitor Council and able to instantly command respect from even the arrogant Lest Karr and Ky Luc, Lest even commenting that Urd's leadership was considered to be a model for other vampire lords. He seems to possess a noteworthy scientific and magical acumen, as he was able to successfully craft a prison capable of binding any vampire no matter how powerful and designed to restrain them more the older and stronger they are, specifically made to imprison Saitō.


A first-class vampire sword wielded with one hand.


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State your business, Lest Karr. You were given Germany to rule. Return to your post.

–Urd Geales to Lest Karr. "Sanguinem's End"

...The Seraph of the End? What has Krul Tepes been doing?

–Urd Geales. "Sanguinem's End"

I believe it was made illegal to drink blood from humans directly.

–Urd Geales to Ferid Bathory. "Brothers in Blood"

Even when I cut off your arm, I could not smell your blood. You're no longer a vampire, are you?

–Urd Geales to Saito. "Brothers in Blood"

Sorry, Rigr. I will listen to no request from you.

–Urd Geales to Saito. "Brothers in Blood"

You allowed Sanguinem to fall into human hands. Such gross incompetence must be punished. The rest of us will now go there and clean up the mess you allowed to happen. We will return in ten days. If you do not have a very interesting story to tell me then, your sentence will be transmuted from exposure to eternal torment.

–Urd Geals to Ferid Bathory and Krul Tepes. "Crucifying the Immortal"

The first would never bother to concern himself with us. The one who did this... ...must be you... Rigr.

–Having a suspicion of whom is behind the huge missile attack on him, his fellow progenitors in their many helicopter transports. "Age of Immortals", page 28-29

Do not fear. As of now, you have shed your humanity. You have been permitted to become a superior being that surpasses humans.

–Alleviating Ashera's concerns after he is transformed into a vampire and his view on their state. "Eternal Hell", page 23

Give up. Lay down your weapons and we shall detain you. Your punishment for disrupting the order of vampire society will be decided by the progenitor council.

–Offering Crowley and Ferid a chance to surrender. "Black Demon Scenario", page 4

Sword. Drink my blood. My enemy... ...No... ...This entire city must be destroyed.

–Deciding to destroy Ferid and the city of Shibuya. "Black Demon Scenario", page 13

I will uphold the laws... ...of vampire society.

–Making a vow in Romania, one that would be upheld since then. Chapter 105 "Saito and Urd", page 16

No! I refuse! You will pay for this! And I've never lost to you! Not even once-

–In the past refusing to cease attacking Rigr, and unaware he had held back in previous battles. Chapter 105 "Saito and Urd", page 23

Rigr. I never cared if you hurt me. But with you gone... ...who's left who can leave a scratch on me?

–After Rigr's apology if he hurt him and announcement he was leaving. Chapter 105 "Saito and Urd", page 26

With my parent... ...and now my brother gone... what's left for me in this world? What am I to do with this undying body of mine?

–After Sika Madu and then Rigr departing Urd had questions for the latter. Chapter 105 "Saito and Urd", page 27

Rigr. Stop messing with my subordinates.

–Guessing the situation when Lest Karr and Ky Luc think Saitō had escaped the prison. Chapter 106 "I Am Your...", page 14

Silence. Answer my question. What is your- No. How far has your revenge plan advanced? Is it going smoothly?

–Broaching the topic of Saitō's plans for the First. Chapter 106 "I Am Your...", page 18-19

We've awaited your return... ...Father.

–With Sika Madu in his prison, Urd is beside Saito when speaking to who he calls father. Chapter 108: "Yu's Sword", page 39


  • Urd is a name derived from the Old Norse Urðr meaning "fate." In Norse mythology, Urd was one of the three Norns, or goddesses of destiny. She represents the past.
  • He bears a resemblance to Noé from Case study of Vanitas. Both wear similar clothing, have blond hair, and both are vampires.
  • In the 2019 popularity poll, Urd ranked at 10th place with a total of 695 votes.[45]


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