Sika Madu

Sika Madu, the First Progenitor, was the one who turned Urd Geales into a vampire. However, he lost interest in everyone other than Ashera Tepes. One thousand years ago, he abandoned everyone else and disappeared with Ashera, renaming him "Asuramaru" and planning to turn him into a demon. He established the vampire rules that Urd still follows. Urd outrules that an attack on their helicopter envoy was not from the first believing he would not bother with them.

Later during Urd's thoughts,it is revealed that he himself feels a slight sense of abandonment and sadness due to the First Progenitor having long since given up any interest in him or any of the other Vampires he Sired and has also shown a slight sense of resentment towards him because of this.

Ferid Bathory

A seventh progenitor residing in Japan. An eccentric vampire. He is the one who dethrones Krul along with Crowley Eusford's help. He asks for permission from the high progenitors to abandon Japan due to human intervention, and in return he will send them Krul. Instead, Urd sentences him to exposure torture for ten days.

Lest Karr

The vampire king of Europe and a third progenitor. He appears by Urd's side when he is watching a theatrical performance and tags along with him to the called progenitor council. A talkative, cheerful yet superior vampire. 

Gabel Parthe

A third progenitor vampire at the progenitor council.

Krul Tepes

The vampire queen of Japan and a third progenitor. A once proud vampire queen now dethroned. She appears beaten and bounded to her throne in an uncivilized manner. She is later rescued by Urd after meeting Saito and sentenced to exposure torture for ten days.


Urd addresses him as "Rigr Stafford," but he is a man of many names. He disappeared around the same time as the first progenitor and Ashera Tepes. He is a former second progenitor, sired by the first progenitor along with Urd Geales. Urd appears to have once been stronger than Saito until he underwent modifications that has increased his strength and while formerly a vampire, he can no longer be considered one, with Urd himself sensing this when they fought to a draw. He mocks Urd, stating that remaining a vampire is the reason the First Progenitor abandoned him. Urd refuses to agree to any of his demands but at the same time seems to harbor no actual hostility towards him, calmly leveling with the fellow Second Progenitor despite his mockeries. Urd is attacked by a missile strike on his aircraft by Saito and suspects him as much.



Originally Ashera Tepes, a vampire the first progenitor, Sika Madu disappeared with 1,000 years ago. Sika intentionally turned him into a demon, against his sister, Krul Tepes' wishes. Urd waits for Ashera to wake up soon after his transformation and quells his concerns saying that he has become superior to a human.

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