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Urd Geales is a second progenitor vampire, one of two along with Rigr Stafford that was sired by the first progenitor Sika Madu in the ancient past, where he also encountered Ashera Tepes. Whilst Urd considered himself a superior being, as of the present time period after the apocalypse event Urd would treat the humans under his domain in Russia markedly better than what other vampires did elsewhere.

Heading the progenitor council, Urd acted on information provided by Ferid Bathory and punished him along with Krul Tepes after he arrived in Japan. Although Urd now has animosity with Rigr, he works closely with Lest Karr and Ky Luc. With them, Urd would be open to the idea of learning further details of Shikama Doji's activities.

It is esteemed characters that Urd mostly interacts with, which are often other vampire nobles. Apprently unconcerned with human activities, such as the Japanese Imperial Demon Army that have the power to kill vampires, Urd seizes their commanders in a characteristically efficient manner. Urd interacts with various other characters throughout the Seraph of the End series, which affects himself and the story. This article details Urd Geales' relationships with other characters.


A vampire himself, Urd has expressed views that they are a superior form of existence. His perspective backed up with what he can do, Urd is a second progenitor vampire and consequently one of the strongest beings in the world. A member of the progenitor council that manages the world after its ruin, Urd gathered the remaining humans to ensure a blood supply for vampirekind. Involved with events, Urd brings a host of vampires to Japan to restore order after a seraph sacked the kingdom of Sanguinem. Enacting punishments against vampire nobles for treasonous actions, Urd also tasks others with monitoring the punishment, where he is both an effective leader of vampires and ensures they carry out tasks.

Sika Madu

Meeting the First.PNG

Before becoming known as the demon Shikama Dōji, he was found by the First Progenitor in the ancient past while imprisoned. Offered eternal life by Sika Madu, he naturally respected his creator. Considering him as his father, Urd would often meet with him and dutifully follow his orders. After Sika Madu left the vampires behind, Urd was shown to be saddened by his departure and felt abandoned, but still maintained respect for his sire and continued to follow and uphold the vampire rules the First Progenitor established. At the same time, Urd harbors a sense of abandonment due to the First Progenitor having long since given up interest in him or any other vampires he sired.

By the current time, having maintained the First's laws for centuries, Urd considers his possible actions. Reaching the conclusion that the attack on their helicopter envoy could not have been sent from the First, Urd bitterly believes that Sika Madu would never take the time to look at them, much less respect them. Having given up hope that the First would ever take notice of them, Urd lacks the obsession with him that Saito has. While dutifully upholding what Sika Madu tasked them with, Urd does eventually aid his brother in defeating the First Progenitor. Seemingly not done on account of any personal hatred, Urd still refers to him as father and appears almost displeased having to bind him, showing he regards it as forcing Sika Madu to return. Regardless, as Saito observed, Urd has spent time creating a prison where the strength increased depending on the power of the individual it contained, an apparent device in mind for the First.

With Saito doing the talking, Urd is also not inclined to hear what Shikama Doji has to say, not even with the enticement of the death of all vampires where they are supposedly bored of living. Instead of assisting the First, whose laws he upheld for so long, Urd is prepared to stop him from resurrecting his son Mikaela so as not to bring ruin to the world in the likely event that seraphs would act to punish it.


Chapter 92 - Page 11 - Panel 1.png

With Urd and Rigr Stafford, who would assume the name Saitō, being the eldest vampires sired by Sika Madu during the Dark Ages of Greece, the two second progenitors appear to have had a cordial relationship with each other. Urd, however, seemed to harbor none of the obsession with the First that Rigr shows, even looking perplexed by his enthusiasm and antics. The two refer to each other as "brothers", having been turned by the same sire around the same time.

At an unspecified time they took up residence within a castle located in Romania. When Rigr was leaving to chase the First, Urd no longer cared about what Sika Madu was doing and chose to focus on the fact that Rigr was leaving. Considering the incoming loss of a friend, where only the two of them remained in the world, Urd spoke that he would miss him. Resolving to stop him from leaving, Urd clashed furiously as they both made their difference in opinion clear. Where Rigr wanted to pursue and bring back the First , Urd resolved himself to simply uphold the laws of the vampire society and was ready to strike him down if necessary for breaking their laws. The confrontation escalated when Rigr felt the vampire utopia that would last forever they wanted to create was just an illusion, yet Urd felt it was real so drew his sword.

I'll cut off your arms and legs if I have to. You will stay... ...Rigr!

–In Romania, determined for Rigr to not leave. Chapter 105 "Saito and Urd", page 21

While Urd pushed Rigr into the defensive, attempting to use his previous experience in beating him in every fight they had before, Urd's arms were quickly cut off. Urd was caught off-guard to learn that Rigr had been holding back in previous fights. Defeated by Rigr's advantage against him, Urd claimed that he never cared if Rigr hurt him and only asked with him gone, who was left who could leave a scratch on him. Reflecting how with his parent, and now brother gone, Urd had nothing left with his undying body apart from ruling the vampires. Urd ended by stating if Rigr left he would hate him forever.

Rigr. If you go... ...I'll hate you forever.

–Parting words for Rigr. Chapter 105 "Saito and Urd", page 27

This ultimately estranged their relationship with Rigr departing the Progenitor Council and disappearing for centuries, leaving Urd alone as the sole, active proprietor of vampire kind. According to Lest Karr, having Rigr mentioned in front of him is the only thing that makes Urd furious.

After having adopted the name 'Saitō' and changing his appearance, Urd is still able to recognize Rigr and continues to address him by the name he knew him as. Urd appears to have been keeping loose tabs on Saitō, knowing his general whereabouts in Japan and having insight on his true intentions. He also expresses a refined sort of exasperation with Saitō's actions in trying to gain the First's attention, knowing it to be a futile effort.

When facing each other for the first time in centuries at Osaka, Urd refuses any of Saitō's demands and is left surprised by his newly acquired chain based powers, noting that his fellow Second Progenitor is no longer a vampire. Despite his actions appearing treacherous, Urd still refers to Saitō with respect. During his attack on their helicopters, Urd immediately deduces Saitō as the culprit, still attempting to seek the First's attention, so calls him foolish. He also wonders if Saitō is looking for a reason to die, seemingly resolving the duty to himself if this were the case.

While Saito is being assailed by Ferid and Crowley, Urd makes his way to the location. Intervening on Saitō's behalf, Urd cuts Ferid's arm off that Saito's chains were wrapped around and offers him help. Hearing yes, Urd acts in striking at Ferid and Crowley. Although Saito escaped, he was still located and imprisoned. Feeling that Saito remained and had something to share, Urd questioned how far his plan for the First has come along. Freeing Saito from his prison, Urd came to his aid after Sika Madu threw a scythe into him. Listening to the details, ultimately Urd would take his brother Saito's side over the first progenitor's. Although commenting that Saito had made selfish demands of them, it is very much amicable where Urd adds that he need not protect the world order alone.

Ferid Bathory

Chapter 92 - Page 5.png

Urd stated that he had been there when Rigr was about to turn Ferid Bathory into a vampire and was against it, abhorring Ferid's abnormal tendencies. In the present, Urd was quite aware of the eccentric seventh progenitor Ferid has become. His feelings towards Ferid seem to be a complicated mixture of dislike that doesn't reach the level of personal malice and acknowledgement of his status. While Urd tolerates him he is exasperated by Ferid's antics and flippant remarks during the Progenitor Council meeting but willing to listen when he replaced Krul, as Ferid was second only to Krul in Japan in terms of rank and power. This turns into slight vexation at Ferid's repeated dramatics.

He stops Lest Karr from letting Ferid become a demon but shows no hesitation in ruthlessly sentencing him to torture by sunlight exposure for ten days for allowing Sanguinem to fall into human hands. When they meet again in Shibuya, Urd, clearly unamused watching Ferid's eccentric ranting and grudge towards Saitō, shows no hesitation in attacking him and Crowley upon Saitō accepting his help. He does offer him a chance to surrender but he is more than willing to cut down Ferid when it can't be done. Unlike Saitō, Urd never underestimated Ferid and was quite willing to use an all-out attack that would wipe out Osaka to make sure Ferid died.

Lest Karr

Lest alongside Urd.png

The vampire king of Europe, Lest Karr and a third progenitor with whom Urd has a civil - if somewhat indifferent - relationship. Lest appears by Urd's side when he is watching a theatrical performance and tags along with him to the Progenitor Council meeting.

State your business, Lest Karr. You were given Germany to rule. Return to your post.

–Urd Geales to Lest Karr. "Sanguinem's End"

He is also seen at his side during their arrival to Osaka where Urd moves into having a working relationship with him. Urd calls upon him in tracking down Krul and capturing Saitō, showing that he, at the very least, has faith in Lest's abilities as a high ranking Progenitor. Lest asks if Urd is alright following their helicopter crash. He had told Lest Karr not to talk to Saitō.

Krul Tepes

Urd and lest holding the traitors.png

The vampire queen of Japan and a third progenitor. After Krul Tepes's dethronement, she is later rescued by Urd after being imprisoned by Ferid and talking to Saitō. While familiar with her, as Urd remembers her and her brother from over one thousand years ago, Urd does not seem to bear any personal feelings over their acquaintance and is, in fact, quite unhesitant in his sentencing of punishment towards Krul for her crimes. He considers her a traitor for betraying the laws of the vampires and shows little regard to her mockery of him for still holding on to those rules. He did, however, eventually allow her to explain herself, but only after Ky Luc vouched for her.

Ky Luc

Apparently considering Ky Luc a fairly capable vampire progenitor, Urd entrusts this fifth progenitor alone with watching the punishment of Krul and Urd. Finding that Ky Luc has brought Krul to him after a human operation to free her and Ferid, he allows him to stand in on the interrogation of Krul. Heeding his words, Urd is also swayed by Ky Luc that they should hear what Krul has to say concerning how humans have delved into experimentation, and surpassed vampires in areas. Accompanied by Ky Luc as he travels to Shinjuku, where they survive missile fire on their aircraft, Urd also has him nearby when assisting Saito. When Urd presumably headed to apprehend the human commanders of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, he had left Ky Luc among others to monitor Saito.

Crowley Eusford

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Dismissive of Crowley Eusford, he does not acknowledge or refer to him at all possibly on account of his rank and association with Ferid. Likewise, he shows no hesitation in attacking Crowley alongside Ferid and made it clear Crowley is only able to barely hold him off in a sword block because Urd did not intend to kill him and Ferid. In an effort to have them sentenced, Urd offered a chance for Crowley to surrender. Crowley in return is very well aware of Urd's vastly greater strength and expressed a desire to just give up, knowing Urd could and will easily kill both him and Ferid if they push him too far.

Sensing the first progenitor appearance.png


Distinct entities that reside in Cursed Gear, the weapons that humans use, Urd does not share his thoughts on them previously being vampires, neither on how they are able to vanquish vampirekind. Similarly, where lower ranked progenitors could discern to some extent where these invisible beings were, Urd likely could but has not focused on them at all. He was however affected by the sound of a newly created rank one demon though. A greater amount of discomfort is also felt by Urd when he is being telepathically spoken to by another powerful demon, Shikama Doji.


Ashera, Rigr and Urd.png

Originally Ashera Tepes, a vampire the First Progenitor disappeared with over one thousand years ago. The only interaction shown between the two was when Ashera awakens after his transformation into a vampire. Urd quells his concerns, saying that he has become superior to a human, and tells Ashera that he and Saitō would show him how to feed.

While Urd would likely not know it, he would draw close in proximity to Asuramaru within Yu's sword when he arrived at Osaka.