On this Thursday, January 24th 2019 Seraph of the End was migrated to the new Fandom URL. A part of a long planned transfer beginning with the sites rebranding in October 2016 and then carried out from October 2018 to a planned completion date February 4th 2019.

Seraph of the End Migration Banner

This blog entry notes the transfer day for this wiki and to commend the good direction of this excellent change. The migration to Fandom was predominantly for SEO purposes so all the better people are able to learn of everything amazing about Seraph of the End. This is more so with phones, tablets and other portable devices being used more so the additions that come alongside this migration to Fandom makes things more user friendly for everyone. Coinciding with talk pages being replaced with Message Walls, and Forums being phased out for Discussions all the better if other people would like to take part on the site. 

The positive change extends further as the wiki can both be the most detailed and best source of information on the series. An officially sourced encyclopaedia with references to the content as well as having space set aside for contributors to add other content. Blogs, message walls, profile pages and Discussions are areas available for people to share theories, speculation, fan art and fiction, just more ways to take part in Seraph of the End materials!