"Vampire's End" is the eighty-ninth chapter of the Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign manga series, written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto.

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Guren engages in a bitter fight with Yu and Mika where he uses spell tags to gain the upper hand. With Yu debilitated, Mika sacrifices himself to try and kill Guren.

Kimizuki is escaping with Yoichi, Shinoa and Mitsuba determined to save his sister, before heading back when they spot Yu.

Mika is severely wounded and unable to recover with drinking blood having lost too much of it. Yu begs Asuramaru to save him even at the cost of is own life before Krul finds them.

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As planned, Yu and Mika face off against Guren. Yu displays a new ability, Asura-Kannon, infinite phantom blades catching Guren off-guard with invisible swords. Guren can sense them and soon learns the mechanics behind the new ability and counters it, then requests Mahiru to auto-block them since he intends to use spells.[1]

Guren addresses Yu with two spectral empty sheathes on either side of him on whether this is all he can manage after he let his demon possess him. Yu activates a second round of the power in a knot of fate ability. This creates a huge ring of swords around the building which results in Mahiru-no-Yo urgently advising Guren to fall back. Swords stab into Guren but Yu can sense it felt wrong and that he did not really get him. His instincts are proven correct when the impaled Guren shows itself to be a spell tag that breaks in half after sustaining the barrage.[2]

The real Guren slips behind them, binding them both with a spell. Mika states they have not lost yet as Guren moves to inject a demon-suppressing drug into Yu's neck but it is blocked by Mika's hand. Irritated, Guren orders Mahiru-no-Yo to destroy Yu's heart. This is followed up with Guren using the needle which causes Yūichirō to regain his normal consciousness with the demon weakened.[3]

Mikaela charges Guren, biting into his neck and draining his blood. Guren pulls his sword out of Yu and slams the hilt into Mika's head before he could kill him. Determined to finish him off, Mikaela has his sword drink more blood as he lies against the wall. Yu cannot help Mika being unable to move as he must finish repairing the damage to his heart. Mika says for Yu not to worry, that he will keep him safe before he uses his entire lifeblood in a last-ditch attack that slices up the buildings of Shibuya.[4]

Kimizuki is driving Shinoa, Mitsuba, and Yoichi who are all surprised when buildings begin collapsing around them. Whilst Kimizuki is set on saving his sister first, Mitsuba and Shinoa are aware that the source of the destruction was where the Lt. Colonel was headed. Yoichi uses his cursed gear to spot Yu falling and can see that he is crying. With that, Kimizuki abandons his escape plan with them all immediately returning to help Yu.[5]

Yu is holding Mikaela who has been bisected. Yu tearfully demands he not die on him and when he receives a feeble response, he begs Asuramaru to save Mikaela even if it costs Yu his life. With blotch like markings appearing on Mika, Asuramaru insists that Mikaela is too far gone having expended too much of his blood. Krul finds them both and announces that she has finally found her big brother.[6]


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