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This article is about the 4th episode of the Seraph of the End anime. For the manga chapter of the same name, see Vampire Mikaela.

"Vampire Mikaela" (吸血鬼ミカエラ Kyūketsuki Mikaera?) is the fourth episode of the first season and fourth episode overall of the Seraph of the End anime.


Mikaela Hyakuya is alive. However, he is now a vampire and a subordinate of Krul Tepes, Queen of the vampires in Japan.

Meanwhile, Yu, and Yoichi take part in their first training as part of the Moon Demon Company, but in the process, they meet a student with a tough attitude, Shihō Kimizuki.


List of characters in order of appearance:


Somewhere in a ruined city inhabited by free humans controlled neither by the vampires nor the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, a Horseman of John appears and attacks. One girl stumbles and falls. Mikaela Hyakuya, now a vampire, steps in between them and kills the Horseman quickly. The humans cheer that they now have protection from the vampires like the humans in Osaka, as a vampire named Lacus comments on Mikaela's strength. Meanwhile, whilst the human girl offers blood to Mikaela as gratitude for saving her, Mikaela contemplates it and recalls how he became a vampire.

Four years ago, after Yu escaped, vampires race to the bloodbath and are shocked to see that Progenitor Ferid had been shot. When they move to kill the dying Mikaela, Krul Tepes arrives and stops them. She dips her fingers into the pool of blood surrounding Mika and then licks it.

She demands an explanation from Ferid, who is actually still alive. Krul does not buy Ferid's excuse of getting shot (vampires especially nobles are quick enough to dodge bullets) and senses Ferid planned all this in order to let her Seraphs escape. She complains that one escaped and another lies dying. Ferid asks if he should tell the Progenitor Council about this in an attempt to blackmail Krul since meddling with Seraphs is a serious crime in the vampire world. Krul asks him to repeat himself and when he does, she suddenly attacks him, kicking him with such force to send him hurtling across the room. She then proceeds to rip off his arm and crush his throat to the ground with her heel. He surrenders, promising to not say a thing, and Krul releases him after she seems convinced.

After Ferid leaves, Krul approaches Mika and asks if he wants eternal life. He rejects her offer, but she smiles and tells him that he has no choice. Biting her lip deeply enough to make it bleed, Krul then straddles Mika and kisses him, turning Mika into a vampire against his will. She uses the kiss to muffle his screams.

Meanwhile, after bumping into another student and getting into a fight, Yu begins his first training as part of the Moon Demon Squad along with Yoichi and accompanied by Shinoa. When Guren introduces them to his other students, Yu declares that he refuses to mingle with anyone, to which Guren promptly smacks him in the head. When Yu is sent to his new seat, he once again meets the student who he bumped into and got in a fight earlier, Shiho Kimizuki. The two began fighting again. Guren asks Shinoa why the two are still behaving badly despite both being taught how to make friends. Guren tells Shinoa to do her job more seriously before knocking the two out.

Later, Kimizuki talks to Guren asking to be given a cursed weapon right away, and to quickly receive the benefits and medical operations needed for his sister after earning such a weapon and the status that comes with it. Guren tells Kimizuki he won't because Kimizuki is still not yet ready to control a demon, he shows his cursed weapon to Kimizuki and warns that he will kill Kimizuki once he gets himself possessed by a demon due to his unpreparedness.

During the examination, after Shinoa acquires Yoichi as a training partner and ensures that Yu sees this, Yu and Kimizuki are forced to team together against training puppets. It ends up as a failure because they refused to cooperate with each other, but the training is stopped when the supervisor Sayuri tells Kimizuki that his sister is in critical condition. Kimizuki asks to continue the exams, but Yu convinces Kimizuki to go to his sister. After much protest, Kimizuki finally decides to go see his sister (with Yu coming with him because they were still chained together) and though he failed the examination, Kimizuki thanks Yu for convincing him to spend time with his sister. Yu then tells Kimizuki that failing the exams or being part of the Moon Demon Squad didn't matter so long as he doesn't give up to find a way to save his sister, and the two finally get along.

Meanwhile, in the vampire city, Sanguinem, an announcer to an assembly of vampire nobles warns of the humans amassing. Mikaela and Ferid witness Krul's declaration of war against the Japanese Imperial Demon Army.

Differences with the manga[]

Manga Anime
The thorny vines from Mika's sword pierce through his hand when he activates it. The thorny vines only wrap around his hand and wrist.
Mika blushes and becomes tense when the girl offers his blood and shows her neck to him. Mika's reaction seems more subtle and stable.
Krul wears high heels and has only two pigtails. The tops of her boots are folded down below the knee. They unfold while she talks to Ferid. Krul only has high heels during the most well-drawn seconds, but they are black instead of white. She has her hair pulled up into two pig tails and one thicker pony-tail at the back of head. Her boots are unfolded and cover the knees.
Krul brushes the tip of her index finger into Mika's blood before licking it. Krul buries her middle and index fingers two knuckles deep into the blood.
Flames appear around Krul's body when she attacks. There are no flames.
Krul steps on Ferid's neck and then backs off after he surrenders. Krul steps on his neck but then steps across his face, presumably giving her a full showing of her underwear.
Ferid waves his detached arm at her and says he is going but will be back because he loves her so much. Krul looks at him with disgust. Ferid only picks up his arm and carries it instead of waving it. Krul does not look at him with disgust when he tells her he loves her.
Krul asks one of the vampires about Mika's condition. Does not occur. Mika and Krul appear to be alone.
Krul knees next to Mika and raises him to her when she kisses him. He screams freely and tears come from his eyes. Krul straddles Mika and leans down to kiss him while he lies on the floor. She muffles his screams with the kiss.
Chapter 4 introduces the Moon Demon Company's classroom as well as Kimizuki. Chapter 5 shows Mika's story as well as the meeting Guren leaves in the middle of. The two chapters are crammed into one episode.
Yu bumps into Kimizuki in the school hallway. He bumps into Kimizuki on a bridge in the school grounds.
Yoichi whines about being called a crybaby by Guren. Does not occur.
No music shown. Guren's office is more formal. Guren is playing music while conversing with Kimizuki in his office. The office is more homely.
Mirai Kimuzuki was covered with multiple spell cards. The spell cards are planted on the walls surrounding Mirai.
Sayuri supervises the examination on the same floor with everyone else. She supervises the examination from a balcony.
Sayuri throws handcuffs at each pair of students, cuffing them to each other before they realize it. She performs this skill well, even from across the classroom. Sayuri's impressive handcuffing skills are not shown.
The dolls rise up from the floor and are all bent up as if in a box. The dolls enter through large doors.
Yu and Kimizuki come to terms while walking from the hospital. They come to terms sitting on a bench outside the hospital.
Shinoa tells Guren there are two candidates for the Black Demon Series, Yu and Kimizuki. She says that both have strong desires and heart-breaking kindness. Guren mentions that adding them to his company will increase their firepower. He states that he plans to usurp the main family. Not shown.
Krul smiles when she sees Mika arrive to the auditorium. Krul does not smile.
Mika sits a few rows behind Ferid. Mika remains standing.


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