Seraph of the End 7 (終わりのセラフ 7 Owari no Serafu 7?) is the seventh volume of the Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign manga, written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto.

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名古屋出撃命令を受け、優一郎たちは部隊の集結地へ向かう。だが大遅刻をしグレンの怒りを買ってしまう。隊全体に闘志と緊張が漂う中、遅刻の罰を受けることになる優一郎は!? また作戦を共にする小隊と出会い…。

English[edit | edit source]

Thanks to intelligence acquired by the upper echelons of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, the human resistance knows that vampire nobles are massing in Nagoya prior to an attack on the human stronghold of Tokyo in one month’s time. Yūichirō's squad joins a secret mission to exterminate them, but the Moon Demon Company is very unimpressed with their lack of polish. Can these rookies prove their worth in real combat?

Author's note[edit | edit source]

"So this is the volume right before the anime comes out. I've been so buried under work lately that I was thinking that the weight of it all might just kill me. But then I was treated to curry on my way home after a meeting and I felt way better. Curry is awesome. Hope you enjoy volume 7!"
Takaya Kagami
"Volume 7 is the buildup to Yūichirō and his friends' big confrontation in Nagoya. We will all be working together to try our best. I hope you like it."
Yamato Yamamoto

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