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Seraph of the End 22 (終わりのセラフ 22 Owari no Serafu 22?) is the twenty-second volume of the Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign manga, written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto. The volume includes a two-page fold-out poster of Ferid Bathory from the key visual of chapter 91.




シノアらが優一郎救出に走る中、ミカエラの命が消えかけ、悲しみのあまり自棄になる優一郎。「俺を殺せ」と言う優一郎に、阿朱羅丸が発した言葉とは? 一方、フェリドは、重傷の斉藤に止めを刺そうとするが…!?


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After trumpets of the apocalypse proclaim the fall of humanity, vampires arise from the shadows to rule the earth. Yūichirō wants just one thing—to get revenge by killing each and every vampire.

The battle for the fate of the world continues as the vampires, human armies and human sects converge and fight it out in Shibuya. Distraught at the loss of Mika, Yūichirō struggles to maintain control over his emotions, and he begs Asuramaru to kill him. Suddenly, Krul Tepes steps in and offers Yūichirō a glimmer of hope… Meanwhile, Guren rampages on as he attempts to right the wrongs of his past, and Ferid pays a visit to the man who turned him, Rígr Stafford.


吸血鬼の断末魔が末曾有の事態を引き起こす!! 優一郎とミカエラが分かたれる時, 世界が変わる-..!? (The dying vampire creates an unprecedented situation!! When Yuichiro and Mikaela separate, the world begins to change -...!?)

–Official headline of the twentieth two volume


List of characters in order of appearance:

Author's note[]

Cover Details[]

Volume 22's cover features all vampire nobles. Ferid holds a Sinful Key, of which the object may be black with red tints in part, or it may be for emphasis where this feature image is concerned. Next to him, Crowley stands nearby with his sword drawn, which is apparently being powered by his blood on account of the red coloration.

Vampire progenitors are also present in their own scenario, where Urd stands in the center with Ky Luc and Lest Karr flanking him on either side. Lest Karr is on Urd's right side, with Ky Luc on his left where both are positioned lower in comparison. All three are darkened by shadows, where their red eyes are glowing somewhat. A red emanation is around them, which appears to be present to distinguish them on the cover, they are not depicted as emitting this aura in the story.

Setting wise, the characters are all within an alleyway, a scenario explored in chapter 91 and chapter 92. Where Ferid and Crowley have been confronted by Urd with Lest Karr and Ky Luc, they were there to begin with having tracked Saitō to the alleyway in the aftermath of the war in Shibuya. Unseen in the image, considering the scenario, Saito's upper torso with Chains coming out would be lying nearby on the ground.


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