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Seraph of the End 27 (終わりのセラフ 27 Owari no Serafu 27?) is the twenty-seventh volume of the Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign manga, written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto.







刃に想いを乗せろ!!激闘、優一郎VSグレン!!!死闘の末に明かされる真実とは...!? (Put your thoughts on the blade!! Fierce battle, Yuichiro VS Guren!!! What is the truth revealed at the end of the death battle...!?)

–Official headline of the twentieth seven volume


List of characters in order of appearance:

Author's note[]

Cover Details[]

The cover image for volume twenty seven features Shinoa squad, including Mika who graces a volume cover for the first time as a demon appearing in his current age. Positioned prominently in the forefront of the scenario, and in the centre, Mika glows with a gentle light that brightens his complexion. Mika’s black collared horns are viewable. Perhaps on account of the light, or because of an artistic colouring decision, Mika’s eyes are a purple tinged blue color. This is in comparison to the lighter blue eyes he had as a human, indeed the light blue eyes Mika had when seen as a human on the cover of Volume 25.

For Mika’s clothing, the fur effect collar shines in areas, and is above his white cape that covers his shoulders. A band over his chest seemingly helping to secure the cape has a white line in between two purple ones that run across it. For the dark coloured garment Mika wears over his torso, it is shown that the collar section is royal blue in coloration. Where the outer garment extends over his waist, Mika has it around his knees as a result of his posture. The cape around Mika darkens in areas, likely due to the fact that the material is actually darker the lower down it is, and on account of the shade. Crouching on a rock formation, the lower half of Mika is in an environment of a shadow covered floor. His tail winds from the middle right of the image, off the page, and is seen in places below from where Mika is situated where it curls into a clockwise spiral at the end.

Behind Mika stands Yu on his own rock, who is holding the sheath in his left hand, with his right one on the golden hilt of the sword that Mika can inhabit when providing power to it. Yu’s determined, or satisfied expression is distinct from Mika and the members of Shinoa squad, who all appear to be somewhat warily regarding something different they can see. They all have their cursed gear generated and drawn. For his Japanese Imperial Demon Army uniform, Yu sports red features in areas such as the lining of the cuffs, and down the opening of his jacket.

Where the light and shading affords for two looks, Yu along with the curse gear wielders is within a sepia effect like background. At Yu's back is Shinoa, who has some light afforded to her. In her right hand, Shinoa holds the Shikama Doji scythe. Positioned on the right of Shinoa is Mitsuba, who stands ready with her Tenjiryū axe. Where the female characters are together on the right side of the image, the other two male members of the squad are on the left.

Darkened with virtually no color at all, Yoichi is armed with the bow Gekkouin. The weapon alone has color, namely the neon green disc above the bow’s handle. Unlike others whose boots are seen, Yoichi does not appear to be standing on anything, rather floats as if placed there. Yoichi beholds something in the direction Mika is looking at. Next to Yoichi is Kimizuki who is glancing in the same general direction as Yu is. Where Kimizuki is almost shown entirely, one of his twin Kiseki-o blades can be seen. Both the sheathes are visible, and Kimizuki has his own rock to stand on.

Around the section where Kimizuki and Yoichi area, there is a cloudy mist like environment. Overall, the backdrop scene consists of an unkept footpath of some sorts. The rectangular shaped stonework, or tiles, are in a horizontal grid tile pattern. Some tiles are cracked in parts, others are missing if they were there to begin with. For the lighting of the background, it is a similar pinkish hue to that of Volume 15, which may depict an evening setting. Perhaps made by buildings nearby, but the shaded area around the top of the image, what is causing that may also be what is cloaking some characters. A flock of birds are flying in the sky of this scene. Smaller the further the way they are, for ones closer they are relatively long-necked birds, where they are all flying in the same direction, the opposite to where the squad are looking.


Additional Covers[]


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