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Seraph of the End 6 (終わりのセラフ 6 Owari no Serafu 6?) is the sixth volume of the Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign manga, written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto.




鬼呪装備の修業で優一郎は、阿朱羅丸と対決・対話する。鬼である阿朱羅丸をも仲間と呼ぶ優一郎にさらなる力は身に付くのか!? 君月の修業も経て、チームの絆は深まるが、軍部や吸血鬼には不気味な動きが…!?


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After trumpets of the apocalypse proclaim the fall of humanity, vampires arise from the shadows to rule the earth. Yūichirō wants just one thing—to get revenge by killing each and every vampire.

The only thing standing between humans and complete slavery to vampires is their tenacity and Cursed Gear. Yūichirō has the first in droves, but to increase the amount of power he can draw from the demon inside his cursed sword, he enters a coma-like state to thin the barrier between human and demon. His power boost can come none too soon as the vampire queen reveals her plans to annihilate the human's resistance.

Author's note[]

"I write this blurb right after I finish the afterword. Because I write it so soon after, I always feel like I don't have anything left to say. But I think of something. Right now, I'm eating chilled tofu at a family restaurant. I hope you enjoy Seraph of the End volume 6!"
Takaya Kagami
"Yūichirō begins training with his Cursed Gear. Will he survive? The writing and the drawing of this series is one trial after another. Your comments are a great morale booster!"
Yamato Yamamoto


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