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Yūichirō's father (優一郎の父 Yūichirō no chichi?)[1] was the father of Yūichirō Amane, who later goes by the name Yūichirō Hyakuya. He also appeared as a character in Yūichirō's nightmares in Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign.

Although Mrs. Amane was confirmed to be Yūichirō's step-mother, it is unconfirmed if Mr. Amane was his real father.


Yūichirō's father was an adult man with dark blue hair with bangs only on his left side, and light green eyes. He wore a sweater over a collared shirt.


He cursed Yu as demon spawn and condemned him for ever being born. He believed that killing Yu and the Seraph of the End was for the greater good. In Yu's nightmare, he comes at Yu with a knife.


Events of 2020[]

Post-Shinjuku Arc[]

Yu faces Asuramaru in a battle for control within his mind. The illusion shows Yu as a child in his home with his father and his stepmother before the apocalypse. The room is a mess with an overturned table and bottles, papers, and pens scattered on the floor.

As Yu's stepmother kneels on the ground in the kitchen with her back to him, his father curses him, calling him demon spawn. Mr. Amane says he must kill the Seraph of the End as soon as possible or else the world will be ruined. Yu realizes his father is holding a large knife, and he tries to plead with him, saying he will be a good kid. His dad says that killing Yu is the right thing to do.

Yu screams that he is not the devil, and his dad chases him into an oversized apartment hallway, where he encounters Mika and Akane once again.

After Mika blames Yu, stating he became a vampire because Yu ran away, and Akane wishes Yu never came to the orphanage, Mr. Amane appears in the doorway and tells him to die. He stabs Yu through his back and left chest.

Yu fights the illusion, stating he will not go berserk over something like that.

Shibuya Arc[]

With Yu's grief over what has befallen Mika, Yu remembers his parents saying that he was devil spawn and did not deserve to live.[2]





Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign[]

Demon. Yu, you're... demon spawn! Why were you even born? We have to kill the Seraph of the End... We have to kill it now!! If we don't, the whole world will be destroyed...

–Asuramaru's illusion of Yūichirō's father. "The Demon's Nightmare"

This is for the greater good. Killing you... is the right thing to do!

–Asuramaru's illusion of Yūichirō's father speaking to Yu. "The Demon's Nightmare"

Die. This is the end for you... demon spawn.

–Asuramaru's illusion of Yūichirō's father speaking to Yu. "The Demon's Nightmare"


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