Yūichirō Hyakuya (百夜 優一郎 Hyakuya Yūichirō?) is the main protagonist of the Seraph of the End anime. Taken to an underground vampire city after the world collapsed, Yu attempted to escape with Mikaela Hyakuya and the rest of his orphanage family. He became a member of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army as well as Shinoa Hīragi's squad in the Moon Demon Company.

Set on vengeance against vampires, Yu acquired a cursed gear sword and complied with Lieutenant Colonel Guren Ichinose's orders to wipe out a vampire base and free the humans kept there. Yu would head to defend the city of Shinjuku from a vampire invasion where he would lose control as a one winged hybrid being.

He then joined other squads in a mission targeting vampire nobles in Nagoya. There in response to a seraph summoning the demon Adaddon to the world, Yu would himself be transformed into the second trumpet with the powers to vanquish the threat.

Note: This is the page for Yu in the anime, for the article detailing Yu in other formats see: Yūichirō Hyakuya.


Yūichirō Hyakuya (Anime)

Human Edit

He has medium length black hair which can be considered quite neat and messy at the same time. Yu possesses sharp green eyes which fall under his eyebrows. His eyes are large compared to most other males in the series.

As a child raised as livestock, he wears the standard white uniform with short sleeves and a hood.

His school uniform consists of a gakuran with a standing collar that is black with teal trim. The collar and the top buttons of the jacket are unbuttoned, revealing is a white shirt underneath.

He wielded a standard demon katana until he was promoted into the Moon Demon Company. As a private of the Demon Army, Yu wears the conventional JIDA uniform which consists of a long-sleeved black coat with light green details including the shoulder epaulettes. These have a brown Sam Browne belt passing diagonally over his right shoulder and two rows of gold buttons on the front. Along with that, he wears a pair of white gloves and a white web belt with a gold waist-plate. Yu also wears the uniform trousers and black boots which go over the trouser's leggings. Yu keeps his katana on the left side of his hip. Sometimes he can be seen wearing the JIDA hat, and often wears the JIDA cape as well.

Demon Edit

Yu's eyes become scarlet and he sprouts two black horns from his head, His teeth become pointed while curse marks appear on the side of his face.

Seraph of the End Edit

In his incomplete seraph form, Yu's left eye turns into a black pit and his right eye becomes red and bleeds. He has an exceptionally large branched wing-like structure that emerges from his upper left shoulder. As a full seraph, Yu has a single pair of irregular black wings both of his sclerae are dark with gold irises, and the edges of his hair become white.

Personality Edit

Human Edit

Up until his teenage years, Yu started off as moody and antisocial due to the tragedies during his childhood. As a young child, he saw himself as a demon in the figure of speech sense that no one would love. At first, Yu wanted nothing to do with Mika and the other Hyakuya orphans.

Having a casual attitude to physical violence causes Yu to run to tackle a vampire as a child and older he is indifferent to being punched and returning them as when he fought with Kimizuki. He tells Mistuba to punch him as much as she wants if it will make her feel better. Even after sharing time with Shinoa and Yoichi, Yu had not mellowed around others. Refusing to introduce himself to his classmates, Yu instead called them weaklings that can become vampire food for all he cares. Confrontational when he returned Kimizuki's punch to trying to take a cursed gear weapon from Shinoa by force. He usually speaks of his intent such as when he asked what Kimizuki’s test score is and it had better be epic or he would pop him one for being arrogant.

Although confrontational he takes the blame for being late to spare Shinoa and the squad from being chastised, even when being shouted at he responded with an apology. His urge to acquire power makes him headstrong and he is vocal in his own abilities, confidant that he will be slaying monsters dusk until dawn. Another sense of bravado is that he will kill fifty of them with his eyes closed.

With weaknesses’ pointed out he will adapt them if it helps him achieve a goal. With Mika’s rescue being a possibility, Yu asked Guren to teach him the proper way of using his cursed gear to become a better fighter. He can be flippantly dismissive to what he does not feel is necessary such as the need to remember a target’s name. Instead Yu uses his good memory to remember the names of those he is to protect. His habit of speaking his mind and not having time for protocol with higher ranked army members can make him seem as if he is not being serious but he is, just in a different way.

He uses different words as substitutes for what he means to say, calling Lucal “La-la loo-loo” and agreeing that he and Mika should leave the Moon Demon Company when it was the Imperial Demon Army that were more problematic. Thinking simply out of practicality, Yu often tries to simplify serious matters. For example Abaddon is a gigantic, winged insectoid like creature emerging from a seraph girl’s back that is producing Four Horsemen of John and stopping Mika from healing. Yu refers to such an entity as “that big monster” where all he needs to do is kill it to make everything better.

Although it takes time, Yu is most passionate to notions of comradeship especially amongst members of the wider army. He was in favour of saving hostages and physically confronted Narumi when he said to leave them behind. His idea of what constitutes a family is also a significant feature of his personality. He felt no ill will towards a child who acted to defend those close to her. Yu feels he can never repay people for giving him a reason to live and has no qualms about being used, whether by Guren or Mika.

Whilst he initially wanted to and did fight vampires out of vengeance he came to almost enjoy defeating them. His deeply rooted opposition to them is a guiding force in his life, the only exception concerns Mika who he does not treat as other vampires, however he still continues to use the term bloodsucker even after meeting Mika. After wanting to reclaim Mika became a driving focus for Yu, Asuramaru was concerned that Yu had forgetton his desire for revenge, but Yu is still obsessed with family. When they are in danger of being harmed Yu loses all sense of what is right or wrong though this may be in the context of whether it is right to turn into a partial demon to rescue someone.

Happy at things like seeing a car being hotwired, Yu is filled with wonder that he can drive. His sense of humor includes commenting that he did not know he was so popular when hearing the exceptionally serious matter that he was being targeted by both vampires and humans.

Demon Edit

He yells in a mix of pain and rage in the uncontrollable state of being a demon. With a horn stabbing out his head Yu becomes sure of himself, convinced that he has the power to take a vampire nobles head in a fight he enjoys where he felt powerless before. Able to recognize others, he does not want them interfering in his battle.

Seraph of the End Edit

During his first transformation, he goes berserk and attacked specific targets. He struck then pursued Crowley to attack him again. After resuming his lethargic manner of walking, he spotted Shinoa and ran to angrily assault her. Even with his sword through Mika he paid no mind to him in his goal of trying to stab a human consistant with his muttering that sinners must die, and he must kill all sinners.Upon his second transformation, he is more sure of the need to destroy humanity and the world. He curses the tainted humans and plans to turn them into "pillars of salt." Coming under the fire from Mirai and Abaddon, Yu remained calm and steadily made his way to deal with that foe before turning his attention back to humans. Whilst he could see him, Yu did not react to Asuramaru, a demon.

History Edit

Episode 1 - Screenshot 117

At the Hyakuya orphanage, Yu was introduced by the director as the newest member of the family. He was approached by Mika with Ako and another orphan but hearing Mika speak of the notion of family, Yu asks if he thinks that means anything to him. He is here because his dad went crazy and tried to kill him, and his mom was so convinced that Yu was a demon that she committed suicide. Yu did not want Mika's offer of family.

Story Edit

Events of 2012 Edit

Episode 1 - Screenshot 18

Seeing adults perishing

Yūichirō Hyakuya runs through Taka-Amahara shopping centre behind Mikaela Hyakuya with other orphans Taichi Hyakuya and Ako Hyakuya. He stops to witness blood pour out of a man’s mouth who collapses before reaching the Hyakuya orphanage.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 34

At his orphanage after vampires have found them

An announcement declares a lethal virus has been unleashed on humanity for its foolishness and there is no cure. Upstairs he finds Akane Hyakuya before the orphanage director who is not breathing and is told by Mika to keep the other orphans where he is. The announcement continues that those aged thirteen or younger are not affected by the virus.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 37

Gathered by vampires

The children are currently being collected by the direct unit of the third progenitor, Krul Tepes. With that, he hears footsteps coming from the stairs. The glass is also smashed and two hooded vampires break into the room. Yu is confined to a truck with other captured children and transported.

Events of 2016 Edit

Episode 1 - Screenshot 61

Living as livestock for vampires

Four years later Yu is lives in a huge underground city. He provides his name to a vampire who has with his details before waiting for Mika. After walking with him, Yu is irritated at the nasty liquid they have to drink and squeezes it out in frustration. He is further angered at their situation with being livestock to the vampires where they blood is harvested via machinery. Even they get to live as family, Yu tells Mika he is not the vampire's livestock then throws the juice container at him.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 86

Seeing an unhooded vampire approach

Spotting a vampire step on another child, Yu tackles him and orders the vampire that has lifted him off the ground to apologize, or else. He is held over a ledge before being thrown to the floor after another vampire, Ferid Bathory, approaches. Noting he has no hood Yu wonders whether he is a noble.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 100

Advised he needs to be more careful

Walking back with Mika, Yu mentions that Mika butted in where he had the parasite exactly where he wanted him. Even though the vampires are stronger and they do not have a chance against them Yu feels they will not know until they try. With Ferid mentioned, Yu raises that Mika seemed familiar with the noble. Listening as Mika happily explains that he is giving his blood for food results in Yu hitting him. He walks away, not wanting anything from Mika.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 113

Joined by Akane

Lying by himself, Yu says to Akane who has found him that Mika is a good for nothing idiot, and then for Akane to leave him alone. He does not want her to sit so close. Rejecting the idea he has a family, Yu hears how everyone from the orphanage is one big family and it is true because the director said so, but he feels that is stupid.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 124

Remembering Mika tell him that everything was going to get better

He remembers when he was brought to the orphanage and shared the tragic details on his parents when meeting Mika and was why he rejected his offer of being a family. Presently, his attention is drawn to Akane telling him that dinner is almost ready and everyone is waiting on him. Whilst Yu is assured he can be grumpy at the table, he returns to lounging by himself.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 132

Greeted by his orphanage family

Eventually he joins the orphans he lives with Yu is greeted by Taichi Hyakuya, Ako, Fumie Hyakuya and with Chihiro Hyakuya and Kōta Hyakuya nearby also making up the household. Speaking with Akane about the curry she is preparing, Yu asks where she got it all and learns it was Mika who brought the ingredients. To himself he considers Mika an idiot.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 137

Not hungry knowing how the ingredients were gained

Not eating at the dinner table, Yu is neither talkative and he simply replies no to Ako when asked if he is not hungry. He does not take part in the merry antics of Kōta announcing it is his birthday, before Chihiro also states the same. Yu does smile at Akane declaring today to be everyone's birthday. With Mika mentioned and the ingredients he brought, Yu answers Chihiro that he does not know where Mika is.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 159

Next time Yu will give his blood

Staying awake as the others sleep, Yu awaits Mika to return but he is of course no longer mad at him, he has eaten his curry so they are even. Kidding, Yu shares that the kids really enjoyed it but then questions what Mika had to do to get the curry. Already knowing the answer, Yu says next time they are trading his blood. Telling Mika to stop taking the burden on by himself, Yu says he is not stupid and knows how strong the vampires are and that beating them is impossible. Told not to consider it, Yu hears how his words of defeating the vampires gives the family hope, Mika included.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 166

Handed a gun Mika has acquired

Seated together Yu tries to push the curry away not wanting any, but he is told he needs to keep his strength up if he is going to fight the vampires. Handed a gun by Mika, Yu sees he has also brought a map of the city, one where all the exits are shown. Asking if he stole them from the noble, Yu hears Mika’s plan to escape tonight. Cautious of the virus and that they could die as soon as they got outside, Yu is reminded they will not get infected if they are not thirteen or older. Asked if he has any idea of how old he is, Yu thinks they are twelve. He cannot tell if Mika really does have a plan or is making all this up and deems it risky.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 177

After Akane joins them Yu agrees to the escape the city plan

With Akane joining them Yu is asked what he thought of the curry. Happy, he enthusiastically agrees to Mika’s plan. For the orphanage family of Ako, Chihiro, Fumie, Kōta, Taichi, with himself, Akane and Mika, it is time they said goodbye to this city.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 189

Traversing through the city

Making his way through the streets and walkways of the city, Yu remains near the back of the orphans. With Kōta asking where they are going, Yu is told by Mika to share the news that they are heading back to the human world. There they can have curry everyday. With the spacious exit hall before them, Yu remarks that they are at the final stretch.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 213

Finding Ferid waiting near the exit

Walking serenely with the rest of his family, Yu comes to a stop at finding Ferid at the gate. He hears that Ferid was beginning to wonder if they would show up. He loves the expressions humans make when they realize all of their hopes have been dashed which is why Ferid cannot stop playing this game.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 215

Checking Mika who is troubled

Yu looks to Mika with him troubled and seeking some clarification from the map. His apprehension turns to horror as he realizes that Ferid has used a supernatural speed to snatch Ako from the group. She is dropped to the ground dead after having her blood drained by the vampire noble.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 226

Shooting at Ferid

Furious, he fires the pistol but is stunned to see Ferid evade the shot. Hearing him, Yu turns to find Ferid right behind him and hears the suggestion that that the map is the genuine article with the exit from the city being real as well.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 230

The map and exit is real

All they have to do is make it past Ferid and they will be back in their world. The question is whether or not they can make it there. Firing the pistol for everyone to run, Yu shouts for them to get going and he will hold him off. Yu is powerless to stop Ferid from darting into Chihiro, then murdering his orphanage family one by one with the strength of his own hands. Yu shouts for Akane to run with her left and Ferid in front of her but she is murdered as well.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 269

Shooting Ferid in the head

Hearing from Mika not to worry and not forget that the two of them are family, Yu then catches on what Mika means but he has the gun taken from him anyway. After Mika runs towards Ferid, he is stabbed by the vampire noble but Yu has regained the gun. Aiming for his head, Yu shoots Ferid in at point-blank range.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 273

Mika has been badly injured

Holding him as he lays bleeding Yu sorrowfully asks Mika to look at him. Yu replies he will not leave him there, they are going together. He tries to pull Mika along and says he cannot leave, Yu finally has a family and will not lose Mika. With vampires having appeared at the top of the staircase, Yu is pushed away by Mika and told to go.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 300

Collapsing into Guren

Yu cries in anguish as he runs though a tunnel before making it outside and tumbling down a snowy slope. Approached by Guren Ichinose with Sayuri Hanayori and Shigure Yukimi, Yu hears about the possibility of fighting the vampires yet still tearful he falls into Guren. Yu says he will do whatever it takes so long as he gets to kill every last one of them.

Events of 2020Edit

Second Shibuya High Arc Edit

Episode 2 - Screenshot 16

Haunted by what happened 4 years ago

Four years later Yu walks in a uniform amongst a ruined city.[2]Every time Yu closes his eyes he sees the same scene play out. He sees the smiling faces of his dearest friends and then their bloody and lifeless bodies in front of him. Finally he sees Mika and is told to leave them as Ferid bites down on him and Yu cries out his name. It never fails, even after four years he is still haunted by his painful memories of that night.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 28

Patrolling a ruined city

Presently as he walks during the night, Yu motions for a sword he is armed with as a large creature smashes its way towards him. Asked by the soldiers what he is doing within the combat zone and is ordered to leave. Yu answers them to not count on him running away.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 30

Charging towards a Horseman of the Apocalypse

The only reason he is here is to get revenge against the vampires, if he cannot handle a small fry like the towering monster before him then he feels he does not deserve to take another breath. Drawing his sword and running towards it, Yu parries the Four Horsemen of John’s limbs that stab into ground.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 37

Cutting through a hostile monster

Evading further jabs, Yu then uses his sword's powers to leap up on the creature. Holding his firm he slices the monster. The weapon sees to the rest which a blue light ending the creature. Yu lands as the monster collapses and he stands in the shower of blood.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 44

Paying no mind to class, Yu feels he should be elsewhere

Rather than being slapped with a suspension, Yu feels he should be promoted for defeating the monster. As he stares out the window in a classroom, Yu mumbles that he is a soldier. Yu is not inclined to listen to the teacher, however he is delighted at the possibility of being suspended and humbly requests it.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 51

Monitored by Shinoa

Tapped by a girl behind him, Yu asks if she has something to say. Reading her written note that she is Shinoa Hīragi, an army surveillance officer, Yu reads the ultimatum that if he continues to behave unco-operatively she will have no choice but to report him to the army to extend his suspension. Shouting loudly that she has got to be kidding him, Yu relents and re-takes his seat.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 71

He learnt the true situation on the world

Remembering four years ago when he escaped and met Guren, Yu questioned how he can be human when every person on the surface died. It is true that the virus reduced the earth's population by about 90% and thanks to the trumpets of the apocalypse an army of bizarre looking monsters are now roaming the earth. Wondering about the resurrection underway, Yu also heard of plans to ensure Guren's organization ended up on top, with humanity's remnants gathered under one banner.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 77

Remembering Guren's offer of power

In disbelief Yu asked who they were to learn he was speaking to Lieutenant Colonel Ichinose, and to call him Guren. With the Imperial Demon Army, Yu was asked how he would like to come with them and get back at the vampires as a jacket was placed over him by Shigure. At the time Yu was looking at Mika's blood on his hand when Yu confirmed he wanted revenge. Although he was told taking Guren’s hand would give him all the power he needs.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 80

Not joining other students

Yu presently sits in class and feels his time is being wasted. Not joining the other students as they head for ice cream, he is advised by Shinoa that he missed a golden opportunity to make some new friends to which he replies it is not a good idea to try and boss him around.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 85

Telling Shinoa to get off his back

With Shinoa knowing his background and turning to the matter of whether he wants a partner, Yu cuts her off there. Holding Shinoa by the shoulders, Yu insists he is not afraid of anything. He instructs her to use her ‘trap’ for something useful like telling Guren to put him in the vampire extermination unit, he is ready to make the fangs bleed for a change.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 88

Shinoa has a note from Guren

Receiving a note, Yu knew Guren had not forgotten about him and reads that he is to go and make a friend then introduce them to Guren which results in Yu crumpling the letter. At the lockers he tells Shinoa to stop following him around then notices a youth, Yoichi Saotome, pushed to the floor. Remarking it sucks to be him, uninterested Yu states he is out of here.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 108

Intervening in the bullying incident

It is only when one of the bullies mentions he will sic the vampires on the boy does Yu intervene. Addressing them as punks he tells them to give it a rest and does not react to Shishido and Yūji flanking him on either side. Asked whether he wants to play the hero, Yu is told after his face is beaten in he can be their new errand boy. Yu finds it awesome, it is why he loves bullies since they are simple and stupid. If they want to fight so does Yu yet he is then updated by Shinoa that harming civilians will extend the probation before being punched when his head is turned.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 119

Not taking kindly to Shinoa's comment on him being dense

Carrying food related items beside Yoichi, Yu points out Shinoa has hands and to help them carry stuff. Speaking to Yoichi he orders him to quit apologizing every two seconds, it is really annoying. Asking why he allows himself to be treated like that, Yu is not convinced by Yoichi feeling he is not being bullied, as Yu comments that his face was being used as a stepping stone. Listening to his account, Yu asks which one was Yamanaka before angrily raising a can to Shinoa who questioned whether he was really that dense.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 123

Angered further at Guren for not letting him join the Moon Demon Company

Wondering whether Yoichi is Yamanaka’s fan boy, Yu’s attention is drawn at hearing that Yamanaka is being considered for the Moon Demon Company. Dropping his items in astonishment, this then intensifies Yu’s irateness at Guren for not letting himself in, and that Guren will pay for this.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 125

Hearing why Yoichi wants to join the army

Calmed at hearing Yoichi wants to join the army, Yu hears that he wants revenge for his sister. Tapping him with a can, Yu says Yoichi is a moron and if he had helped her he would be dead too and that she would have died for nothing. Advising Yoichi to not join the army, Yu also tells him his sister does not want revenge and he would only get in the way. They need to kill the fangs not feed them. As Yu descends the steps there is an explosion from a building. An announcer warns of a vampire that has escaped a bio-research facility with the warning that they regain their strength by drinking blood.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 162

Retrieving a sword and gun from his locker

Told to get out of here by Shinoa, Yu instead wants Guren to eat his words. Intending to kill the bloodsucker with his own hands, Yu moves through the evacuating crowd and reaches his locker where he has both a sword and gun.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 170

Going to kill the located vampire

Hearing a scream, Yu walks into the classroom having found the vampire on the desk with a hostage. Seeing Yamanaka is also there, Yu speaks to the vampire to say that it has been a while since he has seen one. Preparing his sword Yu announces that he is going to kill her, for his family at which point he charges to engage his foe.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 177

Battling a much faster and agile enemy

His sword is avoided, Yu witnesses her jump right over him and spin through the air. Although Yu evades one of her strikes he is knocked back against the writing board by the much faster vampire.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 181

That has supernatural strength as well

Narrowly missing the vampire's hand that crushes into the board, Yu moves out of the way of chairs being hurled at him. After she leaps, Yu strikes to cut her arm off. Standing guard he notices the unconscious student stir and he calls for Yamanaka to take the girl and get her out of here. Yu reminds him he is a soldier candidate before learning that Yamanaka lied about this to have everyone fear him.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 205

A strike that draws blood

His attention is drawn back to the vampire that has re-attached and healed her severed arm. She has twisted off a metal chair leg and will not waste time playing with her food. Blocking against the weapon, whilst his sword slashes her, Yu’s face is scraped as well.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 207

Attacking a foe that can consistently heal

Recovering quickly, Yu manages to cut her across the body. However with previous sword attacks only inflicting wounds that the vampire can heal, and with the vampire leaping away to make use of the short amount of time it takes to regenerate, Yu resorts to the gun he has kept in the back of his pants.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 210

Making use of the pistol that fires away

The multiple shots that are fired are avoided. Keeping the gun aimed, Yu sees the vampire recover from the previous sword swipe. Hearing he might think he is tough, Yu is told there is no way he will ever defeat her. Yu listens as shehe means to become unstoppable by drinking the girl's blood.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 225

Defending Yoichi who has arrived

He sees Yoichi enter the room and tackle the vampire away from the student. Yu intervenes to uses his sword and block the vampire’s hand when she moved to attack Yoichi. Impressed, Yu praises Yoichi’s action as a good job before reacting to the notion that they are friends and that is what they do.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 234

Falling into trees below

Held by the neck, Yu staggers back and yells as the vampire pushes him towards the window. Smashing through the glass they are both sent hurtling stories below. Falling through tree branches, Yu lands on some bushes and bounces off of them.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 239

Landing fine, his sword was never enough

His neck remains held by the vampire, who is smirking that his sword is through her chest. It was not enough to kill the vampire, who shares she was too powerful and has earned a little snack for the road. Yu sees everything disintegrate except for the clothes after the vampire is destroyed entirely by Guren's cursed gear sword.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 245

Rescued by Guren and his cursed gear

Saved by Guren, Yu is certain he was in control of the situation and was about to make his move. He is sulking before seeing that the Moon Demon Company are before him as well which is made up of Mito Jūjō and Sayuri with other members Shigure and Norito Goshi. Still not interested in making friends, even after seeing Shinoa wave, Yu is adamant that he can kill vampires with the best of them so asks Guren to make him a part of the company already.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 261

Accidentally knocked over by Yoichi

The rules Shinoa gave remain the same, if Yu cannot make a friend then he cannot join. Wanting to know what is it with Guren trying to force him to make friends, Yu is sure that will not help him kill more vampires. He sees Yoichi and after he loses his balance, Yu is knocked over by him to fall unconscious.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 270

Hearing Mika and his family say they are glad Yu made a new friend

Every time Yu closes his eyes he sees the same scene play out. He sees the smiling faces of his dearest friends, his family. Yu stands in the serene exit hall as he is now and turns to see Mika with the rest of his family as they were four years ago. Yu hears from Mika they do not want him to live for revenge, and that he needs to take good care of his new friend. With some urgency Yu then questions Mika what does he means that he is going and asks him to please not leave him.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 283

Officially signed to the vampire extermination unit

Yu wakes up with his hand outreached in a hospital bed. Yoichi and Shinoa are there with him and Yu hears the good news that as of today he is officially signed to the vampire extermination unit. Voicing that it is stupid, Yu relents in bringing his hand in.[3]

In a meeting on the roof, Yu receives a letter from the blushing girl he helped rescue. He pockets it as Shinoa joins him then tells her to quit talking like she knows him when he is teased, Yu replies he is not a heartbreaker.

Episode 3 - Screenshot 23

How can he ask Guren why he's still here

Listening to the importance of people to hook up to recover from the ruined world, Yu instead wants to know why he is still stuck here when he has passed Guren’s test. Needing to know how he can contact Guren when he does not even go to his office, Yu hears how his training has already begun. Their special measures make the most difficult of wishes obtainable. Asking what Shinoa knows of his desires, Yu hears she knows he desires power. He is startled to see the demon manifestation, Shikama Dōji appear from a large cursed gear scythe.

Episode 3 - Screenshot 37

Intending to take Shinoa's cursed gear

Describing it as incredible, if the weapon were his Yu could kill any vampire he wanted. Ignoring what Shinoa is saying about working as a team, drawing his sword Yu states he is taking her cursed gear. He says for her to just hand it over. Unable to use someone else's cursed gear since there is a contract, Yu wants to see how Shinoa handles it and tells her to bring it on.

Episode 3 - Screenshot 46

Fighting against the Shikama Dōji scythe

Yu finds that his sword making contact with the scythe knocks him back slightly with the cursed gear emitting a tangible power. Striking back all the harder Yu can overcome the passive effects of the scythe. Fighting her, Yu is described as not too shabby.

Episode 3 - Screenshot 48

Avoiding a weapon with a repelling effect

He also makes use of avoiding the weapon that is strong enough to break into the ground as Shinoa continues swinging it in a circular attack style. Yu hears that fighting with conventional weaponry, like his katana, will not get him very far.

Episode 3 - Screenshot 50

The manifestation aspect of the cursed gear

Powerless against the manifestation that flies forth from the scythe, Yu is blown into the guard railing and kept there as the power streams over him. Unharmed as the practice match comes to an end, Yu is impressed with the demonstration and considers the experience to be pretty badass.

Episode 3 - Screenshot 58

Yoichi's bullies were chasing him

As they walk Yu asks how a vampire could stand a chance against Shinoa. Disheartened that with it being war, vampires will also have weapons, Yu is then called by Yoichi who is running from Yamanaka and Shishido. Thanked and praised by Yamanaka for saving him from the vampire yesterday, Yu raises the change. Reminding him that he was using Yoichi as a footrest before, Yamanaka has no right to come back and ask any favours.

Episode 3 - Screenshot 67

Learning of a forbidden chamber

With them needing help anyway, Yu comments that delinquents these days seem a bit short in the pride department and if they quit acting like punks them people might want to help them. Informed that Yūji has entered and not returned from a forbidden chamber, Yu listens to the consequences that await him. With Shinoa stating it is best to forget about the trespassing student, Yu glances to Yoichi.

Episode 3 - Screenshot 86

Heading to help a trapped student

On the way there Yu asks if it is some sort of secret lab, and replies Shinoa is not as clever as she thinks as he points out what is obvious to him that the military must control the room. Picking up on the demons within the room, Yu asks why such a shrine was put in the school and underground of all places. Yu learns the entire school is essentially acting as the Vampire Extermination Unit's training ground.

Episode 3 - Screenshot 101

There are demons within the chamber

Coming to s pair of doors that are plastered in spell tags, Yu is undaunted at the possibility of having his heart eaten by a demon. Needing power by beating the demon, Yu heads in since his family has waited for revenge long enough and he does not care what he has to do.

Episode 3 - Screenshot 108

A room filled with cursed gear weapons

Finding a room filled with many weapons, he is instructed to observe Yūji below from a distance. Commenting on how the sizeable axe is a nice weapon, Yu intends to claim it. Leaping down he draws his sword before stating the axe Yūji has is his and to hand it over. Connecting his blade with the handle, Yu is fended off by the purple aura powering the cursed gear.

Episode 3 - Screenshot 129

Impressed after seeing the effects of the axe

Left impressed with the weapon, Yu comments that it is weaker than Shinoa’s scythe but it will do the job. His path is blocked by Shinoa’s scythe itself and he asks why she is always getting in her way. Despite hearing touching the weapon will result in his possession, Yu is certain he will never lose to some monster. Undeterred at engaging the demon, Yu tosses his sword to Shinoa.

Episode 3 - Screenshot 139

Passing his sword for Shinoa to catch

Seeing Shinoa’s warnings as a challenge, Yu feels he can make that demon cry out for his mother. Now he will prove it to her as he passes his katana for Shinoa to catch. Yu runs towards Yūji unarmed.

Episode 3 - Screenshot 148

Taking a hold of the cursed gear

Even when the weapon begins radiating its purple energy, Yu continues to run. He ducks to avoid the axe and knees Yūji away from the cursed gear possessing him. Yu acquires the axe handle in both hands with just himself holding it.

Episode 3 - Screenshot 152

Pleased, but as a child facing his family

Yu is pleased with his success but it is as a child in the home he had in the vampire city. He is further perplexed at seeing Mika at the table with his orphanage family. Acquiescing to their collective encouragement that he eat with them, Yu joins them then is asked by Mika how the revolution is coming along.

Episode 3 - Screenshot 165

Hearing notions of revenge from 'Mika'

Reminded of his goals to help them Yu asks if they are alive or if he is dreaming. He is shocked at Mika saying they are all dead and that he watched Ferid murder them and ran away. As Yu is held by Mika he hears how accepting his gift will grant him to power for vengeance. Agreeing that he is right that he needs power to get back at those parasites, Yu then answers that this is not his family.

Episode 3 - Screenshot 174

This is not the Mika who Yu knows

Taking a hold of Mika, Yu asks just who he is, that he is not the Mika that he knows. Yu says Mika is not like him and that he would never tell him to live for revenge or try and make him feel guilty. He knows Mika would tell him to be smart and he would go behind his back and shoulder all the burden himself.

Episode 3 - Screenshot 182

The demon trying to trick him with Mika's face was a huge mistake

Ordering the being before him to shut its mouth, Yu states using Mika’s face was a huge mistake. Changing from a child to his present self, Yu orders it to say how it knows so much about his precious family. The black smoke like demon with a glimmering mouth and eyes appears amongst the fracturing environment.

Episode 3 - Screenshot 189

Having come back by himself

Awakening in the weapon room, Yu asks Shinoa and Yoichi why he is lying on the floor. Questioning where he came back from exactly, Yu hears how he was trapped in an intense hallucination by the demon but even without a contract spell he was able to break free with the power of his mind. Having no idea what she is saying, Yu wonders if the axe beside him now belongs to him. Although he has to wait, he is pleased he beat the demon and notes it is the second time he beat the Moon Demon unit.

Episode 3 - Screenshot 204

Told he can begin his training, soon Yu can kill every last vampire he sees

Greatly pleased, starting tomorrow Yu will get to continue his training with the rest of the vampire extermination unit. Contemplating his hand, Yu thinks he has finally made it this far and it will not be long now. Starting tomorrow he will kill every last vampire he comes across.[4]

Episode 4 - Yu bumping into Kimizuki

Walked into by Kimizuki

Yawning as he walks through the corridors, Yu has someone walk into him and is asked if he is trying to start a fight. Yu is punched before responding that he asked for it as he engages. Later coming across Yoichi, Yu replies that he walked into a telephone pole, one with a nasty attitude. Hearing they are late from Shinoa, Yu already knows that he does not need any training and says for them to save him some time and put him in action.

Episode 4 - Class

Arriving in Guren's class

Finding Guren in class, Yu does not see the need to introduce himself to the others. He is not here to be liked or make friends and has a low opinion regarding and little care towards them. Making one thing clear, Yu does not know which one of them was the best in class until now but they can kiss that goodbye and the strongest cursed gear is his. Feeling he should not even be wasting his time here, Yu says he deserves to be in the company. Ordered to take a seat in the back row, Yu is thinking about stupid Guren, on how he thinks he knows everything.

Episode 4 - Yu's second meeting with Kimizuki

Finding Shihō Kimizuki in his seat

Reaching his seat, he tells the person behind to move his feet before learning who it is. Stating that they meet again telephone pole, Yu questions what he is doing here. Pointing out that he was the one who bumped into him, Yu’s quarrel turns into a scuffle as he punches his foe in the face before his fight is broken up by Guren.

Episode 4 - Shino pairing off with Yoichi

Shinoa has stolen a potential team mate

As Sayuri readies them for a test in the gymnasium, Yu is sure whatever happens he will prove the strongest here. The test requires them to choose a partner, Yu is uneasy and checks around for Yoichi. He has been taken by Shinoa and Yu sees the final person left. Handcuffed with Kimizuki the test commences as the army's cursed puppets are released. Encouraged that they are pretty slow, Yu heads in the opposite direction to Kimizuki, assuming that he was going to follow him.

Episode 4 - Yu telling Kimizuki to go to his sister

Earnestly saying for Kimizuki to go and see his sister

The cursed puppets are stopped as Sayuri announces that Kimizuki should head to the hospital ward immediately since his sister Mirai Kimizuki has taken a turn for the worst. With Kimizuki apologizing for the interruption, Yu questions what he is doing, if his sister is dying then he does not have time. When Kimizuki intends to remain and impress everyone in this training exercise, Yu feels he is abandoning his sister. As Kimizuki calls for the puppets to be started up, Yu questions how stupid can he be and punches him. Family is not something you can ignore, if his sister were to die then Yu states Kimizuki would always regret not being there when she needed him. Still handcuffed, Yu waits as Kimizuki sees his sister and hears from the doctor how she will pull through.

Episode 4 - Yu and Kimizuki making up

Low evaluations will not stop him

Seated outside, Yu would not have thought that Kimizuki walks around as he does but it turns out he is doing it all for his sister. Saying Kimizuki should have just told him about her, Yu then raises with that being said he is still taking the strongest cursed gear for himself. Held accountable that Kimizuki is no longer eligible to join the company and get the medical care needed for his sister, Yu replies that only a coward would give up on her life so easily and advises him to pick himself up and start fighting for what he wants. It is what Yu is going to do, and nothing as small as a bad evaluation is going to stop him. If he is being honest he does not even need the Moon Demon Company and Yu would still fight all by himself. With Kimizuki apologizing since Yu will also get a bad score on the evaluation, he answers that the only person who has the right to evaluate him is himself.[5]

Episode 5 - Screenshot 7

Having found Guren

Having discovered Guren’s whereabouts, Yu makes his presence known by shouting that he cannot hide from him today as he charges to jump kick him. Needing a cursed gear and saying he can handle the demon, Yu requires it for getting vengeance for his family. That being the only thing Yu has lived for since Guren brought him here. He is elated when Guren agrees.

Episode 5 - Screenshot 10

Coming across Shinoa

Finding Shinoa in a dining area, Yu wants to know why she asked about what she already knew. Yu comments that Guren makes a choice on a whim but does not follow through. With Shinoa’s comment that the Lieutenant Colonel always keeps his promises, Yu thinks he finally has the chance to kill those parasites.

Episode 5 - Screenshot 28

Trying to hide his 0 test result from Shinoa, futilely

In class he receives his test back from Sayuri with the score crucial to his overall cursed gear ranking. Yu has received a zero, tries and fails to stop Shinoa from seeing, then pursues her around the class after she has taken off his his paper. With the rest of the students viewing his result for the spell craft answer sheet, Yu rumbles and lunges to retrieve his test. Walking with the paper crumpled in his pocket Yu confronts Shinoa and is told she was trying to help him fit in. Yu replies she can take her gratitude and choke on it.

Episode 5 - Screenshot 32

Bickering with Kimizuki

Telling her what he keeps telling Guren, that he does not need friends to stick it to the blood suckers, Yu snaps back that Shinoa is the childish fool. Hearing from Yoichi that since Yu spent several years as a prisoner of the vampires, his Japanese reading and writing skills would not be as strong as what his English and Latin are so it makes sense that he failed. His anger quelled with this, Yu feels it goes without saying. Finding that Kimizuki is viewing his test, Yu asks his result to see how smart four eyes as he call him is. Seeing that Kimizuki has full marks, Yu asks how about he use Kimizuki for vampire killing practice.

Episode 5 - Screenshot 39

Affected by the demonic power of the Mahiru-no-Yo sword

Upon seeing Guren, Yu says they will put this on hold for now since Guren has come out of hiding. Thinking he was going to get to contract with a demon, Yu asks how much longer does he have to wait. Standing by as Kimizuki makes a more reasoned and calmer request for cursed gear, Yu answers Guren there is no doubt he himself will not fail. His further arguing with Kimizuki ends when Guren draws his cursed gear sword, Mahiru-no-Yo and envelops the room in a crushing dark purple aura. As other students fall around him Yu wonders what is going on.

Episode 5 - Screenshot 47

Heading to acquire a cursed gear weapon

Along with Kimizuki and Yoichi, Yu is one of the three who successfully pass Guren’s test and heads with Shinoa and Sayuri to gain a cursed gear weapon. With Yoichi not sure if he is willing to die to attain revenge for his sister, Yu agrees with Guren that Yoichi should quit, this is not the place for a nice guy like him and he knows it. Hearing Yoichi is determined to get strength to avenge his sister and so staying, Yu thinks Yoichi is no different than what he is. Taking the elevator down Yu rouses Yoichi by telling him there is no point getting cold feet now. With Shinoa raising how Kimizuki was leaning over when experiencing the effects of Mahiru-no-Yo’s power, Yu chips in that he remembers Kimizuki being in a lot of agony. He answers Guren he already knows that the much stronger demon he will be making a contract with will kill him if he lets his guard down for even an instant.

Episode 5 - Screenshot 55

Facing a cursed gear katana sword

Reaching the floor, Yu appears surprised at the large room with huge demon themed head statues adorning the walls. Wondering if it is a temple, Yu hears it contains the highest ranking weapons and is where the strongest demons are kept. Asking whether if he had one would he be able to kill vampires, Yu then questions what he has to do. Told to choose a weapon he likes and enter the spell circle, Yu is not daunted at all to hear that if he loses against the demon he will either become a man eating demon or have is soul crushed resulting in death. It is fine by him and opting for a cursed gear katana sword Yu says he has been waiting a long time for a chance like this. Besides, he would rather fight the demon rather than sit through another boring lecture and the vampires will suffer.

Episode 5 - Screenshot 59

Landing on the now active spell circle

Speaking largely to himself, Yu declares for Mika and his family he will exterminate every last one of the vampires, it is the only thing he still lives for. Pulling the sword from its sheath Yu shouts for it to give him its power and he lands on the spell circle which alights.[6]

Episode 6 - Screenshot 28

Unconscious in the cursed gear chamber

Physically lying on his back unconscious on that, Yu walks through a barren cloud like realm with gently flowing mist. Hearing a voice he turns to see the young Mika sat in a changed environment of the playroom of the Hyakuya Orphanage. Yu is unfazed at hearing that he ran off to leave them to die by the vampires.

Episode 6 - Screenshot 34

Aware he is speaking to a demon, and commenting on who it has appeared as

Taking no notice of the statement, Yu replies to the demon that it is not a good idea to imitate people he cares about. Yu answers that he is not rattled since this is not the first demon that tried to mess with his head, and should just hand over power. Aware that this is a demon and seeing a dark energy emerge from it, Yu still calls Mika’s name out of concern when he falls to the ground and moves to help him.

Episode 6 - Screenshot 42

Impaled by the Black Demon in an illusion of his orphanage

Impaled by the now solid spikes coming from the black fog like being with red eyes before him, Yu states it talks big but he is not leaving until he has a contract. If the demon has so much strength then prove it. Needing the might for revenge, Yu confirms he lost the only family he ever had.

Episode 6 - Screenshot 47

The corpses of his family speak to him

He sees the corpses of his family nearby, with Akane speaking that he will have to succumb to his desire for vengeance. The demon mentions possessing him will give Yu the power he wants. Yu shouts for it to wait before he is questioned by an illusion of Mika and Akane on whether he will run off and ditch them again. He then sees illusions of Fumie, Taichi and Chihiro wonder whether he would leave his family. Yu's weakness by the demon is felt to be love in his heart and that is holding him back. With Yoichi then Kimizuki and Shinoa mentioned, Yu is advised to forget about them.

Episode 6 - Screenshot 54

Hearing he has moved on and forgotten about his family

He is asked whether he thinks it is fair that they are dead yet Yu is making a news family. Yu replies to Akane that he has not moved on or forgotten about them, and for Mika to stop it. He then shouts to stop trying to confuse him, Yu does not just need the demon’s strength to get revenge, there is more to it. His aim is bigger, he wants enough power to protect everything and everyone.

Episode 6 - Screenshot 57

The demon's realm

The setting fades and Yu is before the Black Demon, happy to hear that it agrees to follow him. Yu guesses it is fair that his body and soul will be taken if weakness in his heart is detected for even a moment. He asks what the demon is talking about when Yu hears that he seems human but about ten per cent of him is something else and wonders what the demon is suggesting.

Episode 6 - Screenshot 59

The contract with Asuramaru is complete

With Asuramaru appearing from within the black profusion as himself, Yu hears the contract declared complete. From this day forward Yu will be lent his strength and abilities. Yu is charged to open his eyes then fan the flames of desire inside of him and forge a blood stained path in this world.

Episode 6 - Screenshot 64

Awake with the sword in his possession

Awakening physically in the Black Demon weapon room, Yu replies to Guren that he is okay. Seeing the cursed gear katana by his side Yu is satisfied that he beat the demon. Finding that Kimizuki has finished first, he then wonders about Yoichi before seeing him still asleep on the magic circle. When the demon statue cracks Yu wonders where he is.

Episode 6 - Screenshot 97

Ranged projectiles from demon Yoichi

With Yoichi possessed by his demon and firing cursed bow projectiles at them, Yu asks Guren how they are supposed to deal with this with Yoichi still being one of them. Told that Yoichi’s body is just a vessel now and that to save him he should destroy it, Yu answers Guren that he is not going to give up on one of his friends.

Episode 6 - Screenshot 108

With Kimizuki struck away, Yu attacks the demon from a different angle

His cursed gear greatly enhances his physical capabilities and joining Kimizuki up near the top of the demon statues they get close to the actual demon. Appearing from behind, Yu shouts for the monster to let Yoichi go, he is one of them then brings his sword down on to the bow.

Episode 6 - Screenshot 109

Cursed gear enhanced abilities and skills allow him to knock the bow away

Yu adroitly uses his sword and is pleased to knock the bow out the demon’s hand, but that is not where the demon is, it is inside Yoichi’s body. Thrown towards the ground, Yu shouts for Kimizuki not to do it, that they can still save him. Yu knows Yoichi is in there and reminds him they are supposed to kill vampires together. Remaining active to deal with the attacks, Yu encourages Yoichi that he is strong enough to beat this thing.

Episode 6 - Screenshot 124

Having cast his weapon aside and facing Yoichi

When the demon aims directly at him and tells him to die, he replies to do it. Yu will not kill a comrade, but he will not abandon one either. If Yoichi is still alive in there then he will not be able to shoot him. As the demon chuckles to itself, Yu says it is how he and Yoichi are alike, after watching their family die there is no way he could kill a friend. Throwing his sword aside, Yu is defenceless as he shouts that he will have to come back or shoot him.

Episode 6 - Screenshot 134

Comforting Yoichi

Pleased after the arrow flies harmlessly over him, Yu is embraced by a tearful Yoichi then tells him that is enough, he did a good job. Told by Guren to forget his previous friends and loved ones, Yu replies for him to not be ridiculous then hears that the Moon Demon Company is the only family he will have now. Told the past means nothing, Yu vizualises Mika specifically, happy and smiling. With vampires from Kansai planning to retake Shinjuku, Yu is happy they will finally be able to fight vampires.[7]

Episode 7 - Screenshot 6

Waking from a demon tampered dream

As he sleeps Yu experiences Asuramaru taking the form of Mika questioning why he abandoned them, and if he does not answer he will continue having this dream. Grabbing his alarm clock kept by his pillow, Yu considers his cursed gear sword before preparing himself for his uniform. Before he leaves Yu thinks of Mika as he sees the gun from their past.

Episode 7 - Screenshot 20

Taking to train to head outside the wall

Within the subway he finds Shinoa but refrains from returning her joyous compliment on his uniform. On the subway he requests to hear the orders, that Guren has assigned them to investigate vampires in Shinjuku. Sighing, he deems that Shinoa is so boring after hearing there is more to their mission than killing vampires.

Episode 7 - Screenshot 34

The door to outside

Meeting guards stationed at the gates and seen as kids, Yu replies to Shinoa they are talking about her because she is so short. Saying sorry after hearing about Shinoa’s sister, Mahiru Hīragi, Yu then heads outside the wall. Overseeing a blonde haired girl in an argument with Guren below, he asks Shinoa who she is. After watching the exchange between Shinoa and Mitsuba Sangū, Yu hears the latter is to be the fifth member of the squad.

Episode 7 - Screenshot 72

Mitsuba is the fifth member of the squad

Replying he cannot promise no reckless behaviour, as Yu speaks on coming face to face with a vampire, he manages to grab Mitsuba’s foot that is aiming for his head then questions what is her problem. He replies to Shinoa the kick kind of hurt but he is okay. The squad is tasked with heading to Harajuku, they are to crush the growing vampire settlement there and free the people held hostage before heading north to Shinjuku.

Episode 7 - Screenshot 92

The Four Horseman of John are stronger away from the walls

On the way to the vampires location, Yu confirms with Yoichi that before joining his class he patrolled outside as a guard. He hears how the Four Horseman of John are stronger the further they are from the spell enhanced walls. Questioning Shinoa on whether Mitsuba is always like this, he hears she does not want people dying on her watch. Reaching Harajuku station, Yu wonders how they are supposed to find the vampires before hearing a scream.

Episode 7 - Screenshot 105

Unaware of a vampire trap taking place

His path is blocked by Mitsuba where he is ordered to not break formation, yet with the girl being chased by a Four Horseman of John knocked over Yu insists they have to go and save her otherwise the monster is going to kill her. Questioning what good is the Vampire Extermination Unit if they cannot even save one kid, Yu is willing to put his life on the line even knowing it is a trap by the vampires.

Episode 7 - Screenshot 112

Defending the girl from the Horseman

Not intending to abandon anyone ever again, Yu runs to intervene and stands in front of the girl to swipe the Four Horseman’s tendrils away. Holding his sword against the creature's appendage, Yu shouts for the girl to go now.

Episode 7 - Screenshot 116

Defending against the ambush

The Horseman is knocked away and from their shadows Yu detects the new arrivals. He is immediately beset by three vampires as they spring their trap. Yu deflects their sword attacks before being assailed by a vampire from behind where his forehead is grazed by one of the weapons.

Episode 7 - Screenshot 117

Drawing upon the cursed weapon

At that point Yu invokes Asuramaru to drive them back with a substantial outpouring of dark magic from his cursed gear. This results in markings appearing on his sword arm and face and he attempts to fight them again, incensed at being called livestock. Yu is instructed to let the vampires go since they are behind enemy lines.

Episode 7 - Screenshot 135

The girl was rescued

By night-fall Yu stands before Mitsuba and is slapped by her. Although Yu acknowledges he should have followed orders, he does not regret what he did, that girl would have been dead if it were not for him. Thanked by the child for rescuing her, Yu replies not to mention it, he was just doing his job.

Episode 7 - Screenshot 152

Unsure if the girls are fighting or giggling

Overhearing Shinoa and Mitsuba in the showers, Yu cannot tell if they are giggling or fighting. With Kimizuki questioning the girl they saved on a possible vampire lair, Yu assures her she does not have to say anything if she does not want to, understanding that she must be scared. Hearing that there is a vampire lair in Omotesando and heading there, Yu denies there is a problem with ignoring civilians who will be present when Mitsuba raises the matter.

Episode 7 - Screenshot 164

Agreeing not to break formation

So long as he gets to kill bloodsuckers he is good, however Yu is surprised at Shinoa’s direction that they will retreat again if the vampires are awake and armed. He knows to keep in formation and is pleased at least Shinoa can recognize that he could do it alone. Alongside the squad Yu is prepared to set foot in Omotesando Station.[8]

Episode 8 - Screenshot 8

Finding humans within are wearing the livestock clothing

Entering, he notices people kept there and the uniform they are wearing. Yu remembers the similar attire children wore in the vampire city and thinks they are dressed like livestock as he was. He walks as it is explained that the unguarded humans do not head outside because of the monsters and offer their blood to the vampires as the lesser of two evils.

Episode 8 - Screenshot 29

Engaging a vampire

Spotting a vampire walking who has also noticed them, Yu ignores Mitsuba’s order to form up and prepare to attack. However he does practically adhere to the following part of the orders to not allow the vampire to call for backup by heading straight into attacking.

Episode 8 - Screenshot 31

Promptly defeating the first vampire

Stabbing the vampire through the chest right away, Yu is addressed as livestock and that he will pay for this. He questions the vampire how it feels to be killed by his food before telling him to burn in hell. Taking Mitsuba’s hand, Yu explains he followed her rules, Yu assessed the enemy and did not draw until she said to.

Episode 8 - Screenshot 45

The vampire he saved Mitsuba from was not fast enough

After saying that Mitsuba needs to stop complaining and give him some credit, he pulls Mitsuba towards him and kicks away a second vampire who had snuck within range of them. Boasting that the vampire was not fast enough, Yu states he has waited four years to do this and now the vampire is going to pay.

Episode 8 - Screenshot 52

His cursed gear dealing with hostiles

Charging towards him, Yu’s Black Demon cursed gear is strong enough to break through the vampire’s sword and then destroy the vampire itself. Praised by all gathered, Yu approaches Kimizuki since he said Yu was almost as good as him. Wanting to test that one on one, Yu accepts Kimizuki’s dare to call him “four-eyes” again.

Episode 8 - Screenshot 62

The vampires have come to them

As they press on the squad finds the remaining vampires come to them. They are ambushed further with additional vampires breaking through the glass behind them. Yu shouts for Mitsuba as she is captured and raised off the ground by a vampire.

Episode 8 - Screenshot 79

When it comes to it, Yu is firm in not leaving a comrade behind

Ordered not to attack with Mitsuba saying she is as good as dead now, Yu and the rest of the squad are told to retreat. Holding his sword, Yu replies to Mitsuba on why he has to keep repeating himself, there is no way he is ever leaving a comrade behind.

Episode 8 - Screenshot 89

Fighting the vampires to rescue Mitsuba

Apologizing, Yu has to disobey and moves to engage the vampires now coming towards him. After clashing with one his sword is held against the opposing weapon as another threat approaches. Covering fire from Yoichi helps him yet fighting two vampires at a time, Yu has his shin and thigh cut by the vampire’s swords.

Episode 8 - Screenshot 93

The process of weapon disarming

Disarming one and kicking him aside, Yu runs towards the vampire holding Mitsuba. Whilst the vampire is raising his sword to Mitsuba's face, Yu leaps and manages to strike across the enemy and rescue Mitsuba at the same time.

Episode 8 - Screenshot 105

Sharing his perspectives on humans

Yu addresses the remaining vampires on what they said about humans being disgusting, that they are scum that will turn on one another if their friends and family are threatened. Then how they do not have a sense of pride, Yu guesses the vampires know them pretty well. The vampires are right about their assessment of the nature of humanity, that they will do anything for the people they care about. They will push themselves to the brink, make contracts with demons and become devils themselves. Whilst the vampires may call it repulsive, Yu would call it honourable, and that the disgusting ones are them.

Episode 8 - Screenshot 109

Prepared to deal with the remaining vampires

The squad are collected and ready to fight again, and the vampires are armed with second class weapons. Yu reassures Yoichi and says that they were outnumbered from the start when he is concerned about the odds. He then turns to Mitsuba to see what she says.

Episode 8 - Screenshot 117

Assuring the child she did the right thing

The humans underground have been rescued and are outside with soldiers in the vicinity. Yu comforts the girl who is crying after she felt she betrayed them. Yu understands that she was trying to protect the people she cared about and he gets that. Even though they were put in danger Yu states she was doing what she thought was right, there is no need to apologize.

Episode 8 - Screenshot 129

His background inquired about

After she leaves Yu notices Mitsuba regarding at him and he is asked whether it is true that he left his family behind when they were attacked. Opposed to discussing the matter, Yu insists it is none of her damn business, walks away and tells her to not poke around in his past. Hearing Mitsuba say he did nothing wrong, Yu frames it as him leaving his own family behind to save his own skin.

Episode 8 - Screenshot 131

Feeling that he left others behind

He visualises Mika's face before he turned for the exit and feels even though they were dying he should have stayed with them. Yu cannot change what happened yet he trails off and tells Mitsuba to forget it. He then asks what she wants to ask him when Mitsuba has more to say.

Excited and observing him in a truck, Yu questions whether Kimizuki can really hot-wire a car. Deeming it perfect, Yu is pleased that they have finally found something Kimizuki is good at. Being serious, Yu says the only time he has ever ridden in a car is when he was a little kid. He had almost forgot about them since there were not any in the vampire city. Yu also knows gas is so rare nowadays that they are hardly ever seen around Shibuya.

Episode 8 - Screenshot 147

Delighted to try something else after crashing into a lamp post

Thrilled the vehicle is working, Yu wonders when it will be his turn to ride it. Agreeing he technically does not have any experience in driving, Yu says he is a quick learner and is even more happy to discover Kimizuki can hot-wire and drive a car then guesses he is cool. When Kimizuki leaves, Yu is in the car and crashes into a lamppost. Guessing it must be the other way Yu tries something else.

Episode 8 - Screenshot 151

He has the driving thing figured out after nearly running over Kimizuki

Reversing as Kimizuki is approaching, Yu then casually rolls down the window and invites everyone to hop in since Yu thinks he has this whole driving thing figured out. Outside the vehicle, Yu just feels he had a rough start then appears to try and physically move Kimizuki to get him into the truck which results in a fight.

Episode 8 - Screenshot 155

Finding it very funny that Shinoa is too short to see over the steering wheel

Laughing loudly at Shinoa in the front seat of the truck she intends to drive, Yu observes that Shinoa is way too short so cannot see over the steering wheel. In the passenger seat as they travel to Shinjuku, Yu says they probably should not make fun of Shinoa’s height anymore. Hearing an explosive sound Yu asks what it was and whether they should kill it if the sound comes from a Four Horseman of John.

Episode 8 - Screenshot 163

Explosive sounds are heard

As the near the source of the noises, Yu sees smoke rising from Shinjuku. There is a humanoid figure in the road ahead and Yu urges Kimizuki to not slow down rather hit him. Yu has recognized the vampire as a noble. Exiting the moving vehicle, Yu runs when the truck they just crashed into the unaffected noble is thrown back in his direction before exploding.

Episode 8 - Screenshot 189

Disarming a vampire noble

Receiving orders to stay in formation, Yu is informed that the vampire is wielding a first class weapon and no one is to attack him alone. However when Crowley Eusford has used his supernatural speed to appear behind Shinoa, Yu is able to disarm him of his sword and send it flying into the air.

Episode 8 - Screenshot 194

On guard, remaining in formation

Ignoring the noble's question of who he is, Yu instead asks the squad if they are okay as he stands near the team. As he stands ready and maintaining the formation, Yu is considered by Shinoa along with Kimizuki as the strongest one on one fighters when thinking of possible battle plans.

Episode 8 - Screenshot 198

Two other nobles have joined in

An additional two vampire nobles, Chess Belle and Horn Skuld, descend from the sky. Questioning whether they should retreat then hearing that they may not be able to, and that they may die, Yu remains undaunted but is sure he will not let any of them die. It is the whole reason he fought for so much power, and he asks his sword Asuramaru if he is right.

Episode 8 - Screenshot 210

Tapped on the shoulder

At first agitated with Crowley stating that the next time they meet the squad will be drained of their blood, Yu is then unnerved. He has been tapped on the back by the vampire noble who was just in front of him and Yu is left speechless. With the three nobles electing to head to the front lines and so spare them, Yu deems Crowley an arrogant jerk for treating them as his play things. Even after being told to pull himself together by Mitsuba, Yu is aggrieved that it is all wrong and with his cursed gear Yu is supposed to be as strong as the noble is.

Episode 8 - Screenshot 216

Discouraged at his capabilities

Frustrated, he asks Shinoa why she has not taught him any curses since he is a Black Demon holder. His stance is softened when he is complemented on suggesting they retreat and mostly when thanked for saving Shinoa’s life. As Yoichi and Kimizuki discuss if Shinjuku falls then Shibuya is next, Yu reminds Kimizuki that his sister is there and to remember that when they fight.[9]

Episode 9 - Screenshot 30

Within Shinjuku under a full-scale vampire invasion

Entering Shinjuku, the western wall has been hit and Yu wonders what is going on. Witnessing a missile strike a building, Yu leaps over a nearby ledge as an invading helicopter fires a missile towards him. Taking cover, Yu sees the helicopter use machine gun fire and runs into a building to avoid that. Exiting the defence, Yu assists the soldiers close by who have come under attack from vampires that have fallen to fight on the ground.

Episode 9 - Screenshot 70

Aiding nearby soldiers who come under attack from vampires

Once they are defeated Yu reports they are clear where he and Kimizuki are. The group is thanked for their assistance by Corporal Nagai of Shinjuku's security unit and updated that the vampires managed to blow a hole in the Western defensive barrier just before they showed up.

Episode 9 - Screenshot 80

Walking past the medical tents

Making his way through a supply and medical tent area, Yu hears a counter attack squad is holding off the invading forces. Requested to head West and assist with the defences there, Yu responds that Nagai does not need to convince them, it is the whole reason they are there.

Episode 9 - Screenshot 173

Heading to the Western defensive barrier

Travelling in the back of a truck with Nagai driving, they should be at the defensive line in the next fifteen minutes. He is curious as to what Shinoa has for them and wonders why is she smiling. With Shinoa presenting the cursed gear stimulants and explaining how they improve synchronization with their demon thus increase their power, Yu is taken with the idea that using one will allow him to kill nobles.

Episode 9 - Screenshot 182

Intrigued at the possibility of enhanced power

Hearing that one will make someone one and a half times stronger, and two they are one point eight times stronger, Yu considers it crazy and thinks of what ten pills can do before hearing that with three a person's organs explode. Handed a packet of them, Yu questions why did Shinoa not give them these earlier, they could have destroyed the noble. With one more question, Yu raises that Shinoa mentioned demons earlier. He definitely wants to max out his Black Demon series so wonders if he takes this pill will he be able to draw out the power of his cursed gear. With it being war and them needing every advantage over the enemy they can get, Yu thinks Shinoa has a good point.

Episode 9 - Screenshot 199

Hurled out the truck by a aircraft missile

Their truck is sent on a collision course due to a missile attack from a helicopter and Yu evades the machine gun fire that arrives shortly after. Seeing sees Nagai unconscious in the front of the vehicle, Yu runs to help the corporal. Defended by Mitsuba and Kimizuki’s cursed gear, and assisted by Shinoa he manages to get Nagai to safety.

Episode 9 - Screenshot 221

The ground collapses to a tunnel below

The final missile fire detonates the truck which causes them to fall underground. Yu taps Shinoa’s face and attempts to wake her. Seeing they have fallen into the subway, he does not think the others fell with them but notes the corporal is banged up pretty badly.

Episode 9 - Screenshot 231

They will meet with the others

He can hear Kimizuki on the other side of the collapsed rubble where Yoichi and Mitsuba have fallen, too. Yu asks whether he is okay, then whether they can get out. Communicating they will met them at the defensive line, Yu carries the corporal and makes his way out with Shinoa.[10]

Episode 10 - Screenshot 20

A memory with Mika when they lived in the vampire city

It is recalled that as children, Yu remained reading with Mika as Kōta and the rest of the orphans headed out. Trying to read, Yu told Mika he was being annoying when he was asked to take a break. Asking if Mika had hit his head when he suggests escaping, Yu replied the virus outside would kill them.

Episode 10 - Screenshot 27

Yu would have been happy away from the vampires

As for imagining if they could escape, Yu focused on the without vampires part and thought it sounded great but felt it was impossible. Confirming he would be happy with just them as family when questioned further, Yu was confused at what Mika had got do when he left. Yu concluded Mika was a weirdo, not being able to make sense of his behaviour.

Episode 10 - Screenshot 30

Considering how Mika wanted to escape

Presently Yu reflects on how unfortunately Mika did not escape the way he thought he would. It turned out the world beyond was also no paradise. Yu stands before the wounded within the temporary medical tent and is concerned for the corporal when Shinoa says they should go and meet the others. He is glad when told the doctors have said that Nagai will be fine and is then surprised to learn that Guren is in Shinjuku. Told they need to back him up since he is fighting the main forces, Yu echoes the words and if they can crush them then the vampires can be defeated and they can win this.

Episode 10 - Screenshot 47

Inquiring about the soldiers mentioned that sound like the squad.

Overhearing how three members of the extermination units, kids, have been sent to prevent the medical camp location from being wiped out, Yu asks the soldier whether it was the Moon Demon Company. Cutting off Shinoa’s explanation of who they are, Yu questions whether those sent were a girl and two guys and where are they fighting. Learning they are at Shinjuku Central park, Yu intends to help them so the soldiers stationed here can send everyone else to the defensive line as ordered.

Episode 10 - Screenshot 52

Ignoring the front line to head for his squad

Walking silently, Yu ignores Shinoa that they are needed elsewhere and that he cannot even be certain the soldier was talking about their squad. They cannot ignore their orders based on speculation. Her words that Guren and the rest of his troops are counting on them to maintain Shinjuku's defensive line are the only ones to give Yu a pause, but only briefly before he proceeds to the park.

Episode 10 - Screenshot 123

Arriving at the park to defend Kimizuki

Running, Yu thanks Shinoa for coming, and agrees that Guren would probably call him an idiot right now. He arrives in time to defend a battle weary Kimizuki from attack then slices the vampire assailing him apart. Yu questions where the rest of the vampires are and learns that was the last one.

Episode 10 - Screenshot 134

The squad had largely handled the vampires themselves

He surveys the vampire clothing remains and compliments the squad on being amazing after all. Questioning what Kimizuki is talking about when he hears he should be backing up Guren, Yu states he heard they were in a tight spot so came to make sure they did not get backed into a corner.

Episode 10 - Screenshot 137

He should have been backing up Guren

Listening that they can handle taking on a platoon, and that he needs to learn to trust his family, Yu agrees. However when it is regarded as a mistake Yu states if it were to happen tomorrow he would still do the same. It is not that he does not trust them or think that they are weak, it is just that he cares.

Episode 10 - Screenshot 149

Contemplative after discussing how he should trust his family

The squad is upbeat about how well they function as a team and discuss catching up with Guren. Yu takes a moment to focus on the sky where the sun has just come out. Asked whether he is ready, Yu has a mix of eagerness and anger in his determination to kill every one of the blood sucking vampires.

Episode 10 - Screenshot 241

Running to Guren's location

Along with the squad Yu has made his way to the location where Guren is defenceless and cornered by a vampire. Yu complies with Shinoa’s order for everyone to take the cursed gear stimulant. He is ready for the plan to rescue Guren then retreat. Yu calls to Guren as he is stabbed.

Episode 10 - Screenshot 259

Yu stabs Mika through the chest

Furious, Yu shouts at the damn vampire to get away from Guren right now. Ending the run towards his target, Yu proceeds to skewer the vampire through the chest with his cursed gear. Looking at him, Yu’s expression reverses from anger as his eyes widen in disbelief.[11]

Episode 11 - Screenshot 1

4 years later Yu finds Mika alive

Staring at him, it sinks in that this is Mika physically before him after Yu he had to leave four years ago. Eventually Yu manages to voice that it cannot be. His attention is drawn to Guren as he is asked what is he waiting for, and to activate the curse and kill Mika.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 4

Ordered to kill Mika

It is an order but looking to him, Yu says he cannot. When Mika frees himself after defending from Guren’s cursed gear, Yu stares bewildered at him after he lands some distance away. Yu is punched by Guren, and says he is sorry to the squad but if that is who he thinks it is, then his family is with the vampires.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 28

Weeping since it is Mika

Calling for him to say whether it is really Mikaela, Yu feels it is him when Mika stands. Stepping forward, Yu has tears running down his face as he expresses his sorrow that he abandoned Mika.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 35

His squad has arrived opposite the vampires

Watching as Mika and Ferid plan, shortly after Crowley arrives with Chess and Horn, Yu is surprised when Guren breaks the inaction with the order to retreat. Shouting they cannot run away, Yu propounds that Mika is his family and they cannot leave him with these monsters. With the squad’s safety at risk, and Kimizuki, Yoichi and Shinoa beseeching him to comply, Yu has an uncertain look on his face.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 78

Berserk as he needs to kill Ferid

Retreating, they are to keep their formation as they fall back to the second defence line. Yu finds his path blocked by Ferid and is quizzed whether he wants to play. Registering who it is, Yu is overcome by an irrepressible fury. He slashes at Ferid wildly and shouts for him to die as he remembers Ako and the other members of his family being murdered by the vampire noble.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 79

Drawn away from the formation

Continuing to be lured away from the squad in his frenzied need to slash Ferid, he is hurled to the ground when Ferid jumps off him to avoid Guren’s sword. With Guren being hit by the vampire, Yu runs to help. His sword is avoided and cuts into the stone wall stopping short near Guren’s neck.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 137

Asking what Mika means by escape

After Ferid’s arm is sliced off after the hand was placed on Yu’s shoulder, Yu finds himself close to Mika. He says his name before stumbling backwards when he approaches and is asked to leave everything behind and escape with him. Not sure what Mika means by escape, Yu says to answer him then raises his voice further when he asks why Mika is with the vampire who killed their family.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 139

Carried by Mika

Lifted off the ground and transported bridal style by Mika, after some distance he tells Mika to let go of him and stop playing. Needing Mika to tell him what is going on, Yu says he at least owes him that much. Hearing that the humans are using him flares Yu’s temper, it is the dumbest thing he has ever heard and he demands Mika put him down.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 150

Unintentionally tactlessly raising whether Mika is still human

Landing, he repeats the statement that the humans are using him but in the context of what it means for Mika to speak like that. Even with Mika’s unsettled reaction Yu continues with this conversation topic, outright asking whether Mika is still human and inoffensively asking Mika not to tell him that they changed him.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 151

Feeling responsible

Wondering out of concern, Yu questions whether it is because of him as he shoulders the blame for leaving Mika. Asked by Mika to please come with him, Yu’s answer is an immediate no, he has to stay until it is over and says sorry. These people are his friends and he will not leave them. Hearing Yoichi call Shinoa, Yu turns to see her held by Crowley and he shouts her name.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 164

Hearing to not to look back, there is nothing important

With Mika telling him to not look back and to just come with him, Yu remains watching as Kimizuki is hoisted into the air by Horn, and Mitsuba is kicked over by Chess. Yoichi is also restrained by a vampire and Yu shouts that they are in trouble.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 175

Meaning to rescue his squad

Running to help his squad, his arm is taken by Mika. With it stated there is nothing he can do to help them, Yu is set on carrying out what he can. He yells for Mika to get off him as he resumes running to defend his squad from the vampires who have them captured.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 178

Told his friends will betray and toss him aside

Held by Mika, he sees Mitsuba being bitten in the neck by Chess. Kimizuki and Yoichi are also being bitten by Horn and a hooded vampire respectively which causes Yu to lift Mika over his shoulder as he shouts he will not run away again. He begs Mika to please call them off and seeing Shinoa cry from being bitten causes Yu to clutch his face.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 199

Yu's blood red left eye bleeds

After crying out in anguish, Yu’s left eye turns red and blood trickles out down his face. The drop that hits the floor is now golden and changes the landscape to match in the setting with himself and Asuramaru.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 203

Asuramaru's plane is golden

Seeing his demon balancing on his sword, Yu looks around at the clouds and a golden sky above him. Asking Asuramaru to talk to him, Yu wonders what is happening and whether he is trying to possess him. Hearing that this has nothing to do with Asuramaru, it seems they have a big problem on their hands. Hearing that Asuramaru never thought he would be terrified of a monster inside the human he is possessing, Yu is pointed to see how the clouds are parting.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 207

There are some seraphs in the sky

It is as if the heavens have opened to shine judgement on this cursed world. Advised to listen to his friend and leave, Yu hears if he stays here then he will not be human for long. Seeing and then hearing them, Yu observes seven huge trumpets coming forth from radiant sun beams. There is also seven seraphs flying high above as well. Yu stares as he hears from Asuramaru that he is afraid it is too late, that the non-human part of Yu is about to lose all control.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 218

A violent partial transformation

Yu cries in prolonged agony as a black non-corporal structure tears and flows out his right shoulder. His left eye is fully black with his right one now red and the dripping branch like structure is now huge.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 224

Projecting a ranged power

Once the transformation process has settled, Yu responds to Mika's voice by swinging his sword to send a ranged power ahead of him. After the initial sweep of the structure blasting force, the roof they are both stood on breaks apart. A moderate quantity of a black tar like substance splashes over the wreckage.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 235

Drizzling a black substance that reddens the ground

Stable in not being himself, Yu can walk and the ground around him becomes reddened with each of his lurching steps. The nebulous furcated appendage is congealed in that the shadowy substance keeps its overall shape, yet it flows like rising smoke and the entire structure sways like a plant under water. A greenish black haze rises upwards as it synchronously drips down a continuous steady rain of long black droplets. With Crowley before him, Yu swings his sword and the result is an enormous mass of shadows that sweep across multiple buildings. Once the dust has cleared a sizeable crater has been left in the ground.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 247

Scraping Crowley along the ground

Rapidly attacking Crowley again, Yu follows him through the building he sent him crashing into and flies along the ground, dragging Crowley forward through it. Deflecting Crowley's blood strengthened sword is effortless, as is kicking the vampire noble away. Yu brings his cursed gear down to engulf Crowley in a thick high pillar of blackness. A halo of light is generated at the top of the building sized power then widens to descend down the column. Reaching the bottom the faint light envelops the entire black structure, which glimmers, then explodes.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 284

Honing in on and attacking Shinoa

Walking as he was before as if nothing had happened, Yu notices Shinoa and slowly makes his way to her. Brandishing his sword he murmurs that sinners must die, they must all be annihilated. When Shinoa stands, Yu then runs to attack and disarming her of her scythe easily, Yu moves to stab her.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 288

Stabbing at Shinoa where Mika endured the attack

His sword goes through Mika who has used himself as a shield. Yu continues to push it through Mika and towards Shinoa's face. Being hugged tightly by Shinoa and pleaded to stop otherwise all of them will die appears to pain Yu. The black energy coming out of him splutters and slides across to his weapon to push Mika off it.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 306

Enraged, set on stabbing Shinoa

At that point Yu yells as he positions the weapon to its original target, Shinoa. Just as quickly as it began, the branched wing returns to Yu's body and both his eyes become the same red and green before blinking and returning completely to normal. Then Yu spits up some of the black fluid and falls unconscious.[12]

Episode 12 - Screenshot 66

In a coma for 7 days

During that time, unbeknownst to him the battle of Shinjuku was won in humanity's favour by the arrival of Lieutenant General Kureto Hīragi along with Major General Shinya Hīragi at the head of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. Yu remained unconscious in a hospital room unaware that Shinoa is nearby.

Episode 12 - Screenshot 72

A recollection of how Yu was helped by his squad

It is remembered that Yu was tended to by his squad. Days after the incident Yu awakens, and asks what is going on as he tries to wake Yoichi. He asks if everyone is okay before toning his concern down by saying it is no big deal after Yoichi comments that he sounds worried. As Yoichi leaves to notify the others, Yu is surprised to learn that he has been in a coma for seven days yet is overall relieved that nobody got hurt.

Episode 12 - Screenshot 120

Tearfully happy that Mika is alive

Considering Mika, it was not just a dream and Yu cannot believe that Mika is still alive. Smiling, Yu begins crying after all these years. Wiping his tears as Shinoa enters, Yu avoids speaking of it. Turning to what transpired at Shinjuku, Yu replies that he does not know what happened, it is a blank and Mika is the last thing he remembers. Told he was knocked unconscious but they were saved by reinforcements led by Lieutenant General Kureto and Major General Shinya, Yu asks what about the vampires and whether they all got away. Hearing that no nobles were captured but many were killed he steers the conversation to what happened to the vampire on his mind.

Episode 12 - Screenshot 137

Stepping around the subject of what happened to Mika

With Shinoa guessing that Yu wants to know what happened to his friend, Yu asks if he escaped and whether Mika is his friend or enemy he needs to know what happened to him after he lost consciousness. Asking if Shinoa is sure after she says Mika was taken by the vampires, Yu says he understands and thanks her. Assuring Shinoa that he will stay put and not raid the vampire city, knowing that Mika is alive is enough for him, at least for now.

Episode 12 - Screenshot 152

Checking the bandaid on Shinoa where she was bitten

Thanking Shinoa for worrying about him, he then notices the bandaid on her neck and checks it, wondering if she was injured as well. With Mitsuba joining them Yu is also concerned that she has a bandage too and asks if she is okay. Joined by Kimizuki, Yu questions whether he was concerned about him when he comments whether Yu enjoyed his nap. He happily asks them to listen up since he wants to say something, namely thanking them and apologizing for sleeping so long.

Episode 12 - Screenshot 177

Sharing that he feels lucky to have them

He says he is lucky to have all of them. With Shinoa saying she knows he is probably anxious to go after Mika, Yu agrees he needs to reclaim his strength first so promises to take it easy and behave, Yu does not does not want to cause anymore trouble.

Episode 12 - Screenshot 213

Thinking of who he has promised to save

When everyone has left, Yu thinks how none of his friends got seriously hurt, Mika is still alive and it is unbelievable. Wondering why so many good things are happening to him Yu continues to ponder that Mika is out there, somewhere and he will find him again. He will do whatever it takes to save him.[13]

Nagoya Arc Edit

Episode 13 - Screenshot 34

Having been researching vampires

Seated in a library, Yu is on “Chapter 9: Basic Interpretation of Spellcraft.” Opening his eyes to Shinoa, he is startled by her above him. Rather than be on bed rest Yu says he feels totally fine now. The book he was reading is found by Shinoa and he is very keen to hear information she knows concerning turning Mika back into a human being.

Episode 13 - Screenshot 48

Attentive and ready to hear what Shinoa has to say about turning Mika back

Learning that humans being turned into vampires being a rare happening, and that only nobles have the authority to turn humans, Yu grasps that it was not random that Mika was turned and that he was chosen. He can think of a noble who might have picked Mika. Told it is their duty to destroy vampires, Yu answers not him, he thought Mika was dead but he is alive and that is enough.

Episode 13 - Screenshot 53

Serious about turning Mika back onto a human

Questioning if Shinoa has any idea on how to turn a vampire back into a human, seeing that is not the case Yu replies now what. He does not comment on Shinoa feeling that he has never looked so serious before and it is like he has found a whole new reason to live. The intercom requests special private Yūichirō Hyakuya to report to the first office immediately. He wonders what Guren wants now before hearing from Shinoa that it is probably the Hīragi family. He knows them as the leaders of the Demon Company that got Japan back on its feet after the world ended.

Episode 13 - Screenshot 59

Noting that Shinoa's last name is Hīragi

Hearing that he should not keep them waiting, at the door Yu raises that Shinoa's last name is Hīragi. After Shinoa jokes that she is basically royalty, Yu is advised the Hīragi's can be an intense group of people. Finding Guren on the way, Yu replies whether he is supposed to just ignore the summons. Not sure what Guren is getting at with his crane rewarding a man who saved him allegory, Yu only gets the feeling Guren is patronizing him. With now the time to return the favour, Yu asks Guren to just tell him what it is he means.

Episode 13 - Screenshot 77

Heading to the first office, Yu is reminded that Guren saved him

Told that Guren owns him and to not go wagging his tail for the Hīragi's, Yu understands what it is about and replies Guren does not control him. However he finds it ridiculous and does not care about whatever grudge Guren has against the Hīragi family. Yu assures him he is not someone who abandons his friends.

Episode 13 - Screenshot 83

His meeting is after Mitsuba's

As Mitsuba exits the elevator Yu questions whether she got called in too, then how did her meeting go. Registering that Mitsuba has received a promotion, Yu deems it nice then simply leaves for the elevator. Stopping, Yu hears Mitsuba reverse her act as she really feels a failure and was only promoted since she is a member of the Sangū family.

Episode 13 - Screenshot 94

Consoling Mitsuba who feels her promotion is due to her family name only

With her crying Yu assures her he is not laughing. Finding it weird that until today with her and Shinoa, Yu had no idea that they basically have two princesses on their team. Between the Sangū's and the Hīragi's Yu says should they not be living in a castle. Judging Mitsuba’s promotion good news, the higher she is the more Mitsuba can help him out with regards to his family.

Episode 13 - Screenshot 96

His connection with a vampire is going to be asked about in the interview

Hearing from Mitsuba that she has been ordered to keep an eye on him, Yu asks if she thinks he is a spy. Somewhat thankful to hear that Mitsuba told them Yu is not smart enough to be a double agent, Yu is glad to know that Mitsuba believes in him.

Episode 13 - Screenshot 120

A hostile vampire in the meeting room

Knocking and entering a dark room, Yu finds the door close behind him. A light reveals a vampire and Yu wonders aloud how on got in here. Evading its strike that is able to pierce the ground, Yu jumps off a support column and moves to kill it without hesitation. Asking himself what they are trying to pull, the room lights flick on.

Episode 13 - Screenshot 127

Senior members of the Demon Army

Hearing that was a test of loyalty to make sure he is not a traitor, Yu asks who the heck the speaker is and learns he is Kureto Hīragi, Imperial Demon Army Lieutenant General. Flanking him is Shinya Hīragi and Aoi Sangū. With a display of battle prowess needed, without the curse being activated, Yu stands ready and mentions for Kureto to not get angry if he humiliates the all mighty Hīragi.

Episode 13 - Screenshot 136

The electrical power of Raimeiki is generated

Before he can process what Shinya mentions about not listening to everything Kureto says, Yu is preparing how he can after Kureto has called for his demon, Raimeiki, to possess him. When the thunderous, tile breaking surge is shot towards him Yu is bracing himself and can block it momentarily using his sword.

Episode 13 - Screenshot 139

Thrown back by the cursed gear's impact

After being blasted back by the force of the impact, Yu rebounds and is back on his feet. Finding Kureto's cursed gear sword near his neck, Yu is questioned on whether that was the best he can do and in turn comments that was dirty. He is told to complain about someone fighting dirty in a real battle and see if that stops them from killing him, and hears he takes orders well.

Episode 13 - Screenshot 144

As Kureto is talking Yu attacks from behind

As Kureto walks away finding it hard to believe his link with Guren, Yu attempts to strike him from behind yet his sword is blocked by Aoi. Ordered to back off by Aoi, he addresses Kureto and returns that he would be dead if his comrade had not stepped in.

Episode 13 - Screenshot 147

Returning a dirty move to Kureto

Asking why the long face, Yu wants to know whether Kureto thinks it was a dirty move for him to attack from behind. Thinking that they are done and that was pretty fast, Yu finds he is to fight Shinya next who Yu orders to stop fooling around and who is he calling weak. With it being himself, Yu responds whether he wants to try him, and that is the idea.

Episode 13 - Screenshot 161

Destroying Shinya's cursed gear projectile, Byakomaru

Swiping his sword expecting the Byakomaru projectile from Shinya’s rifle, Yu sees nothing has apparently been fired out yet he knows that it has. Yu has a moment to sense the burning blue fire, white tiger projectile's presence, and it has appeared to his left. With it lunging in, Yu immediately slices the fire power in half.

Episode 13 - Screenshot 162

Hitting Shinya's rifle away

After striking at Shinya’s rifle he finds near him, it was a decoy move and results in Yu being tripped. On the floor with the bayonet on the end of the rifle pointed at him, Yu is unable to fight further. It is over and Yu hears that Shinya is not even that good at close combat compared to Kureto or Guren. He is asked whether he understands what that means for his skill level.

Episode 13 - Screenshot 166

His cursed gear skill level commented on

However Yu is also told that it is not his fault, it seems he has not properly been trained to use his cursed gear. With Shinya asking Kureto whether he is cleared of any suspicion, that it is obvious Yu does not know him or his fighting style, Yu questions what that test was really about. Hearing that Shinya was also suspected of being a spy and that it seems there really is a vampire agent in the army, Yu replies to leave him out of it. He is angered at truly being thought of as the spy.

Episode 13 - Screenshot 174

Taken to another room

The next phase is underway and Yu commands Aoi to let go of him as his arm was taken. He is placed in a small windowed room. Glancing around, Yu's attention is drawn by the lights where on the other side of the glass there is Kimizuki and Yoichi who are restrained in chairs.

Episode 13 - Screenshot 179

Kimizuki and Yoichi are restrained

Trying to get their attention, he cannot be heard and Yu demands to know what Kureto has done to them. He replies Kureto is insane hearing they have been interrogated since they think Yu is the spy. The interview begins and Yu is told if he deceives them his friends will die. Whilst Yu has a black demon weapon, there are no background checks on him so Yu is asked where he is from and what is his mission.

Episode 13 - Screenshot 186

Having already provided the answers

Having told Kureto his mission he is disturbed to see Kimizuki get stabbed with a knife by the guard standing behind him. Telling Kureto to stop it, Yu does not know what he wants him to say when told to answer truthfully. With Yoichi stabbed next Yu asks Kureto to please stop, he will do whatever he wants and to ask him anything.

Episode 13 - Screenshot 194

His status to Guren and last name is questioned

Moving to details of his past, with the knowledge of the loss of his family mentioned, Yu confirms the details in the file are correct. There is no way he is working for those blood suckers, but he hears his protests are not doing him any favours. He does not have an answer for why Guren took an interest in him neither what he is to Guren.

Episode 13 - Screenshot 201

Hearing what the Hyakuya Sect was

Denying being part of the Hyakuya Sect, Yu explains it was just the name of the orphanage he grew up in. He hears that the Hyakuya Sect was the largest spell craft organization in Japan. They routinely brought lost children to their orphanage and routinely used them for human experimentation and to test out new forms of magic. Yu was likely a lab rat for spell craft experimentation.

Episode 13 - Screenshot 205

Offered to join Kureto, he replies to let his friends go

Receiving the offer of joining Kureto and having him as his guide instead of Guren, Yu takes a moment to consider Kureto’s outstretched hand. His answer is to let Yoichi and Kimizuki go right now. With them freed, Yu’s fist is trembling. He does not know what is up between Kureto and Guren or what they are fighting about but at least Guren would not use this type of torture.

Episode 13 - Screenshot 227

Directing his anger at Guren

The meeting over, Yu helps Yoichi to walk as he heads outside with Kimizuki as well to find Shinoa and Mitsuba waiting. Mentioning the interview and that stupid Hīragi, Yu then sees Guren and shouts that he had better start explaining. Kureto said that he and his family were all used a guinea pigs, experimented on by some weirdo sect practising spell craft. Yu wants the truth, whether Guren saved him just so he could use him. This is confirmed, but Yu is not going to sulk, regardless of Guren only having the luxury of saving those who serve a higher purpose, Yu says he would have died if Guren did not find him.

Episode 13 - Screenshot 238

Turning to getting Mika back and becoming a better fighter to achieve that

All he wants to know is whether he is of use to Guren in the fight against the vampires. If he is then Guren must want to recruit Mika as well, persuading him that Mika was a lab rat too for persuasion purposes. Yu does not care about whatever the Hyakuya did to him, he cannot change that with it done, but he asks Guren to tell him how he can get Mika back. If it is true that they are a family, Guren included so will work together to get Mika back as Guren says, then Yu shouts for Guren to teach him how to be a better fighter, the proper way to use his cursed gear.[14]

Episode 14 - Screenshot 3

Cursed gear training outside

Outside at night Yu holds his sword and calls upon Asuramaru to lend him power. Curse marks appear on his face and Yu asks if he is possessed. He is, at the lowest level of possession. Gaining more demonic power involves him cutting himself on the blade and asking to sword to drink his blood.

Episode 14 - Screenshot 4

His sword sounds like a vampire

Commenting that it sounds like his sword is some kind of vampire, Yu then hears he and Kimizuki are unable to train at the same time in case their demon goes out of control. He asserts they need to deal with the five Four Horseman of John that Yoichi has spotted in the distance. With Yoichi dealing with them single handily, Yu asks if he just manifested his demon before insisting that Shinoa explain how that is possible. Yoichi has been speaking to his demon in his dreams and Yu is greatly encouraged from the power demonstrated.

Episode 14 - Screenshot 28

Having his demon drink his blood

Grinning, he seizes his blade and tells Asuramaru to drink his blood. His blood travels into the sword sheathe and Yu’s eyes turn red. After a moment Yu then falls on his front. Unconscious he is moved to keep warm near the camp fire and his physical body stirs.

Episode 14 - Screenshot 52

Yu as a child with his parents nearby

Yu is a child inside a house. He sees a crying woman say he should never have been born and they should kill the seraph of the end. Likewise Yu’s father says he is the devil’s child not their son. Asking his dad what is wrong, Yu panics after seeing him approach with a kitchen knife. Told he is going to be sent to a better place, Yu runs for the door and yells.

Episode 14 - Screenshot 62

An illusion of his family added within the memory

Out in the landing he finds the corpses of his orphanage family strewn on the floor. Stabbed by his father, Yu is told by him that he should have died here with the others. Everyone else is dead because he ran away like a coward.

Episode 14 - Screenshot 69

Haunted by the fantasy memory, unknowingly being bitten by his demon

In Asuramaru’s plane Yu stares upwards unresponsive with his demon biting into his neck. Speaking as a child Yu says if Asuramaru thinks that the memory he experienced will make him lose control then he has underestimated himself and how much there is at stake. Continuing, Yu says he made him a promise and he intends to keep it.

Episode 14 - Screenshot 71

Facing an apparition of Mika who is counting on him

As a child in the exit hall of the vampire city, Yu is facing Mika and hears for them to protect their family together. He affectionately replies he knows Mika is counting on him. Yu could not save him if he did not want his help.

Episode 14 - Screenshot 75

Yu will not fall for any of Asuramaru's demonic tricks

Stating he will not fall for any of his demonic tricks, Yu moves to entwine his fingers with Mika’s. In Asuramaru’s realm Yu is tearful before seeing the demon in front of him. Determined, Yu states he knows how Asuramaru fights and this time he was prepared. With Asuramaru knowing all his secrets Yu replies he can try and tear him down all he wants.

Episode 14 - Screenshot 82

Sustained by the goal of defending others

Yet if Mika, Guren or Shinoa and the others need his help then he will do whatever it takes to keep them safe. Whilst he is mentioned as being stronger than the last time they talked, Yu's devil-may-care attitude is deemed annoying. Accordingly Yu asks what Asuramaru is going to do about it.

Episode 14 - Screenshot 88

Throwing his weapon down

When the answer is kill him, Yu throws his sword into the ground which puts a stop to the pointed shadows that are coming with Asuramaru and the demon himself. Yu did not come here because he wants to hurt him and answers he needs him and his strength so Yu asks him to help save Mika.

Episode 14 - Screenshot 94

An offer of friendship to Asuramaru if he helps get Mika back

With Asuramaru asking what is in it for him Yu says if he helps then he will be his friend. It is tough being alone and difficult to feel like he is unwanted and Yu says he knows what that is like. Beaming, Yu confirms he thinks being Asuramaru’s friend will change all of that.

Episode 14 - Screenshot 100

His training complete

Awakening, Yu hopes he did not cause his squad to worry, and did not know what was happening with his body but he was successful. Yu knew he was not alone now that he has them, then says never mind. As he holds Kimizuki down as his training is underway, Yu requests for Shinoa to talk to him and say whether he was this messed up. Asking what are they supposed to do if Kimizuki’s demon does take over his body, Yu is told to be ready to attack just in case.

Episode 14 - Screenshot 117

His transformation is known to vampire progenitors

Elsewhere around this time, Yu's transformation at the battle of Shinjuku is shown in a holorecording. This is used by Ferid in a progenitor council meeting to reveal how humans are partaking in forbidden experiments in a blind desire to defeat the vampires. From the being Yu was transformed into the vampire's ruling body can see that the humans have succeeded in weaponizing the seraph of the end. Yu's destructive capabilities are observed by Krul Tepes and Lest Karr among other progenitors.

Episode 14 - Screenshot 226

Defending from Kiseki-o's invocation

Back near the campfire, Yu remains overseeing Kimizuki with the squad. After Kimizuki invokes Kiseki-o, Yu has his sword ready to defend from his strike. He is sent hurtling backwards from the impact of the weapon yet lands unharmed.

Episode 14 - Screenshot 231

Not impressed by the stunt

Yu reacts to Kimizuki not actually being possessed by demanding to know why he was attacked. Approving of the need to know who is stronger out of the two of them, in that context Yu switches to being impressed that Kimizuki outsmarted his demon.

Episode 14 - Screenshot 239

Manifesting the Asura-Kannon power

Stirred by Kimizuki’s claim he can beat him at anytime, Yu is eager to knows whether he wants to do this for real. Invoking Asuramaru, crimson flames ignite from Yu’s sword and he amplifies it further by using a fan out Asura-Kannon power to produce an arc of at least eleven katana swords enveloped in the red spectral fire behind him. Telling Kimizuki to try not to cry, Yu dashes to him.

Episode 14 - Screenshot 243

Practising his cursed gear ability

The levitating blazing swords are in tow and Yu is able to have them glide towards Kimizuki. Although the solid weapons are deflected by Kimizuki's cursed gear, it is just as well since they also have an aptness for ruination which is demonstrated after one rebounds into a vehicle that explodes.

Episode 14 - Screenshot 247

Spotting Kimizuki's manifestation power

Yu halts in his tracks when Kimizuki raises one of his swords to produce the devil’s coffin above him. With the lid slightly ajar, a pair of will-o'-the-wisp like substances that resemble glinting violet eyes have appeared. Yu also finds that it has a voice that has began counting.

Episode 14 - Screenshot 250

Promptly running away from the "murder-coffin"

Forgoing any desire to fight, Yu rapidly falls back. He is not going to stand by and get killed by some murder coffin, that thing looks super scary. After it is stated that Yu may be dumb but he has good instincts, Yu demands what Kimizuki just said, yet appears to hear Kimizuki voice that it was because of Yu as to why Kimizuki was able to overcome his demon. Yu responds to Kimizuki calling him a pain by replying that if Kimizuki thinks he is bad wait until he gets a taste of his sword.

Episode 14 - Screenshot 262

Yu's data on his past has been deleted

Yu is discussed with Shinoa and Mitsuba when his record is checked for information since Yu is able to use special abilities that should be way above his skill level. It was found that Yu's file was only started when he joined the army where data on his past has been apparently been deleted.[15]

By morning, Yu is checking his reflection and cannot fix his hair sticking up. When it will not work with him and lay down, Yu guesses it is not that bad, and at least it looks better than Kimizuki’s. Asking if he or Yoichi know what this is about, Yu feels it is kind of early for a meeting with one planned with Shinoa and Mitsuba, and wonders if they are ignoring him when they discuss breakfast then deems it ridiculous that he is left in the dark.

Episode 15 - Screenshot 31

An omelette has caught fire

Running to the direction of smoke and screaming, Yu wonders if the omelette that Mitsuba and Shinoa has on fire is for them before watching Kimizuki prepare one. Eating, Yu says breakfast is really good and asks where Kimizuki learned how to cook. Turning to the matter of why they are here, Yu gets the feeling he is being left out and thought they were not supposed to keep secrets from one another.

Episode 15 - Screenshot 50

Two topics: 1) human experimentation 2) whether Guren is really on their side

Waiting for Shinoa to speak, there are two things they need to discuss amongst the five of them. The first is that Yu has been the subject of some kind of human experimentation. This is related to Yu's altered state at the battle of Shinjuku and concerning that Yu hears that he lost control in the heat of battle and tried to kill Shinoa.

Episode 15 - Screenshot 54

Why Guren might be using them

Surprised at this, Yu reacts more strongly to the second matter on whether Guren is really on their side. He asks what Shinoa means when Guren is the one looking out for them. There is the possibility Yu has been used this whole time, either to intimidate Guren's superiors or because there is something bigger at stake. Yu looks to Kimizuki to learn it is also news to him regarding Guren. They have to decide whether they are going to stick by Guren where if they do the squad might end up as traitors to the army even if they are just following orders.

Episode 15 - Screenshot 132

Contemplating the horizon

On a building top Yu looks out across the distance before finding Shinoa join him. With her guessing that he is staring so intensely because he has spotted some girl taking off her clothes, Yu answers why she assumes he is always doing something perverted. Checking if it is true what Shinoa said, on whether he almost killed her, normally he would spend the entire fight protecting her. Yu then wonders whether Guren planned on him losing control and was that what he was going for the whole time.

Episode 15 - Screenshot 141

Sincerely thanking Shinoa for sticking with him

Suddenly saying he was looking to the West, Yu asks whether the next time they fight the blood suckers will Shinoa promise to stay by his side. Playing with his hair, Yu explains if he loses control then Shinoa can stop him before he thanks her whilst offering a handshake. With that settled Yu says they should go back, the others are probably mad that he has taken so long up here.

Episode 15 - Screenshot 150

Deciding to stick with Guren since he's family

Regrouping around the table Yu has decided he is going to stick with Guren since family is what he has called the team from the very beginning. He notes Mitsuba, Yoichi, Kimizuki and Shinoa in that order as his new brothers and sisters. He really believes that, they are all important to him. Yet Yu cannot forget about Mika either, he is also an important member of his family.

Episode 15 - Screenshot 156

Feeling he has no right with getting them involved

Yu reveals his parents abandoned him so he never really learned how families are supposed to work but Yu is pretty sure they do not turn their back on their brother just because he kept a secret from you. He also said he would help get Mika back to complete his family and Yu is going to trust his word. Yu knows he has no right to get them all involved in personal issues like this. As Yu begins to say if they want him to leave, he is interrupted by Kimizuki, the squad unanimously agree with Yu's decision.[16]

Episode 16 - Screenshot 5

En route to Ebina

Being driven to take part in a campaign to exterminate vampire nobles, Yu remarks it has started to get colder. The road they are on leads to Hakone but they are really headed to the meeting area of Ebina, a place Yu does not think he has heard. With the end destination being Nagoya Yu voices to himself whether Mika is there.

Episode 16 - Screenshot 26

Dealing with attacking Horseman

Jolting from the vehicle swerving to avoid the sudden arrival of Four Horseman of John, Yu steps onto the bonnet of the moving truck. His cursed gear enhances his physical capabilities to the point where he can stride towards and cut down the two creatures in front of their path.

Episode 16 - Screenshot 28

Aiming to land back in the truck

Immediately after Yu leaps to land back in the truck, but lands on the road again as it is moved. The truck speeds off in the practical joke of leaving him behind and Yu shouts where are they going, he does not give chase. In the vehicle again Yu comments now they are definitely going to be late. He is sceptical of Mitsuba’s claim that they are comrades since they tried to leave him behind.

Episode 16 - Screenshot 78

Arriving late to the meeting

Arriving at the Ebina rest stop where a one hundred person army have gathered, Yu steps forward and apologizes to Guren after he shouts at Shinoa for being late. Yu says it is all his fault and he accepts the blame before presenting a cover story that they were late because he took it upon himself to fight the Four Horseman of John. Denying it means he is going to leave, Yu says to please let him stay, he wants to help destroy the vampires.

Episode 16 - Screenshot 94

Not feeling Shinoa needs to apologize

After Guren’s rallying speech that this will likely be their most dangerous mission they will ever undertake, where the goal is not to come back alive but victorious, Yu is tapped by Shinoa and apologised to. Telling her not to sweat it, Yu questions what is the worst Guren can do to him. He smiles that Shinoa can take all the blame next time. Summoned by Shigure, Yu says to Shinoa it is time for him to get an earful. With his squad wanting to come in for support, Yu happily tells them not to worry about it, he is used to Guren yelling at him anyway and waves and walks.

Episode 16 - Screenshot 110

Brought before Guren

Walking into what resembles an abandoned mall with a Christmas tree decorating the entrance, Yu makes his way up the non-functional escalator alongside Shigure. Asked how it is going by Guren, Yu wonders why he would ask a question like that when he about to lecture him. Not denying it was not his fault when Guren knows it, and praised for taking the heat for his comrades, Yu questions whether Guren means to reward him. With him speaking, Yu recognizes Shinya there as that guy he met from that place Yu had to go that time. Goshi’s illusion spell shows Yu tied and hanging above a burning pyre. When Shinoa slices through that Yu is beside Guren and listens as he explains this is about her.

Episode 16 - Screenshot 127

Beside Guren since the punishment is for Shinoa

As Guren initiates a test with himself, Mito and Shinya against Shinoa and her squad, after they leave to prepare Yu says that Guren should not be so tough on Shinoa, he knows she is trying really hard. Told he should show his support by beating them instead of standing around, Yu is ready but says not to blame him when he embarrasses Guren. With Shinoa planning for Yu with Kimizuki to battle Guren, Yu has been waiting to get a piece of that loser.

Episode 16 - Screenshot 166

Regrouping after Byakomaru scattered them

The battle is underway and the first development involves Byakomaru being fired from Shinya’s rifle. This has hurtled throughout the building and Yu runs to avoid it as it ends its rampant venture by crashing near him. After retreating to regroup, Guren is sighted and Yu shouts he will not let him past him. Battling along with Kimizuki, after he is kicked away Yu engages Guren one on one.

Episode 16 - Screenshot 175

Battling with Guren

In between strikes and parries, Yu replies of course when complimented that he is not half bad. The fight is declared over before Guren projects a red energy that forms into a small cyclone. With the skirmish taken outside, Yu drops down and lands on Shinya’s commandeered sports car.

Episode 16 - Screenshot 186

Evading Guren's car dividing weapon

Seeing him drop with his sword raised, Yu leaps back from Guren just before the vehicle he was stood on is cleaved in two. With him told he should try not to cry, Yu ardently replies that he is not done with Guren. He fights the lieutenant colonel relatively evenly as nearby gathered Moon Demon Company members observe.

Episode 16 - Screenshot 200

Unsure what to make of a spell tag stuck on him

Surprised at a spell tag being magically attached to his forehead, Yu appears unfamiliar with it. Tugging it, the spell tag is applied to stay on his forehead. With Shinoa unable to disenchant the explosion spell due to Mito, Yu is powerless to remove it. Yu is offered the chance by Guren to admit defeat before his head is blown off.

Episode 16 - Screenshot 207

If Yu explodes he's taking Guren with him

Receiving that ultimatum, Yu answers the terms at once, deciding that if he is to explode then he is taking Guren with him. Yu sprints towards Guren for that purpose. Such a move was anticipated and prepared for, with Shinya waiting behind Guren.

Episode 16 - Screenshot 212

Cutting away the Byakomaru projectile

With Byakomaru fired Yu still manages to deflect Shinya’s rifle fire, yet pauses to breathe with it being a taxing effort to do so. Hearing that Guren is past the defences, it hypothetically means now all his comrades are dead. As Yu turns the spell tag still fixed to him minorly detonates, largely to indicate the time it could go off rather than meaning to cause injury. After the smoke has cleared Yu is unharmed and finds Guren lambasting Shinoa since this is the best they can do with three black demon holders, Yu one of them.

Episode 16 - Screenshot 234

Pensively regarding their battle

Dissatisfied, Yu is thinking of what strategy he should use the next time they face off against Guren's team. Not paying any mind to Shinya’s comment on him being a hot headed rebel who has brains as well, Yu demands to know why Guren is touching him when his hair is ruffled.

Episode 16 - Screenshot 244

Introduced to Narumi, whose squad is being combined with his

After hearing squad leader Makoto Narumi’s less than complimentary verdict on their capabilities, and consequently being combined into Narumi’s squad, Yu is formally introduced to sergeant Makoto Narumi and told by Guren he will be trained well. Yu replies they do not seem too thrilled to have them. Nevertheless Yu says he is looking forward to serving with him and offers a handshake. Wincing with pain from the grip, Yu asks his squad what is with that sergeant as Narumi walks away.

Episode 16 - Screenshot 257

Supporting Shinoa when she blames herself for being late and losing

Encouraging Shinoa that they can improve by working as a team, Yu will not hear Shinoa apologize. He asks whether she heard what Guren said, they just need to work as a team. Yu is supportive towards Shinoa remaining squad leader when she holds herself accountable for being late and losing the practice match.[17]

Doing some stretches in an abandoned building, Yu asks Shinoa how much longer and hears twenty minutes.

Episode 17 - Screenshot 8

Gathered to go over their mission plan

Called into line by Narumi, they go over the plan of attack again which is heard from Shūsaku Iwasaki. The attack is to begin at fourteen hundred hours where the gathered teams spread across Nagoya will attack in unison where if goes to plan then eight targets will be executed leaving two nobles alive. Shinoa squad and Narumi's target is called a strong one, Lucal Wesker, the fifteenth progenitor. If they are unable to take him by surprise then their priority is to cut off his retreat and prevent him from joining the other nobles.

Episode 17 - Screenshot 19

There aren't as many troops in their combined squad compared to others

Once their target is dead they are to hold off any remaining vampires until the lieutenant colonel supplies them with new orders. The best-case scenario is that all the targets are killed simultaneously and they do not have a problem regrouping and killing the remaining two nobles in Nagoya. If the targets are not destroyed and the nobles join forces there is no way they will be able to beat them.

Episode 17 - Screenshot 21

Feeling that defeating the noble will not be that hard

With the lives of their one hundred comrades spread about also depending on them, Yu sighs and is sure the essence of it is that they just basically need to kill this “Loo-loo la-la guy”, and considers it no sweat. He appears perplexed at Narumi’s seriousness, Yu is just saying that is not going to be that hard. Approaching Narumi, Yu says he feels the same way regarding not wanting to lose any comrades. Interrupting him, Yu is aware of the joint squad’s cohesion and he will make sure that none of them get hurt.

Episode 17 - Screenshot 32

Remembering the names of who he is going to protect

Replying there is no point in remembering the name of someone you are just going to kill, Yu does however remember the names of the people he is going to protect. In order he lists Shinoa, Kimizuki, Mitsuba and Yoichi. Then Makoto Narumi, Yayoi Endō, Rika Inoue, Tarō Kagiyama and Shūsaku Iwasaki, Yu will not allow his comrades to be killed and they can also show Guren they can be victorious without losing a single team mate.

Episode 17 - Screenshot 103

The vampire noble extermination begins

With Gekkouin and Byakomaru fired from Yoichi and Shinya respectively, Yu heads out on foot and is ordered by Narumi to take the cursed gear stimulant. Running, he requests that Narumi let him take the first strike so he can gauge the enemy’s strength, then asks for cover. Heading towards the vampires coming for him, Yu sees those blasted by Yoichi’s covering fire and says aloud it is some nice shooting.

Episode 17 - Screenshot 112

Stopping with Lucal Wesker sighted

With hooded vampires not interfering, Yu's running comes to a stop when he sees the noble walking. Yu is appraised as livestock then deemed pathetic. He replies to call them whatever he wants, Yu will show Lucal who is really pathetic.

Episode 17 - Screenshot 120

His cursed gear avoided

Enthusiastic, Yu has to admit that he cannot wait to take his head. Charging with his sword and shouting for Lucal to die, Yu swings twice with his sword but both strokes are evaded when Lucal simply moves aside. Bringing his cursed gear down Yu manages to make contact with Lucal's sword used to block it.

Episode 17 - Screenshot 122

Holding steady against a noble's sword

The weapon he weighs down on is enhanced with Lucal's blood supplying it. As Yu presses forward it is a false advancement since Yu is sharply thrown back, essentially flicked away by the vampire noble. After Kimizuki and Shinoa enter the fray, Yu re-joins by preventing Narumi's cursed gear trident from hitting Shinoa when she is swung into his path by Lucal.

Episode 17 - Screenshot 139

Lucal's target from the beginning

Knocked back slightly after contacting Narumi's weapon, Yu has saved Shinoa. His attention is drawn back upon hearing Lucal speak behind him that he was his target from the beginning. Yu panics slightly but is in a battle stance ready.

Episode 17 - Screenshot 141

Covering power from Tenjiryū

After being assisted by Mitsuba's cursed gear manifestation of Tenjiryū, and when Shūsaku has used Akahebi to chain Lucal’s arm, Yu says this is it as he charges towards Lucal alongside Narumi. To free himself of Akahabi's chains, Lucal cuts his own limb off to free himself and move away from Yu and Narumi's weapons with such speed so as to in effect disappear and reappear nearby.

Episode 17 - Screenshot 173

Needing to prevent Lucal from joining with other vampire nobles

Maintaining the formation, Yu then sheathes his sword to help Kimizuki’s plan to lure the vampire in. He stands with his eyes closed as the ploy involving taunting Lucal with his missing arm succeeds and results in Lucal virtually flying towards them in a primal madness.

Episode 17 - Screenshot 203

Leaping towards his target

Making his way behind him, after Lucal has blocked Yoichi and Shinya’s ranged attacks, Yu contends that the only one dying today is Lucal and runs through him with his cursed gear sword. After he is on his knees Yu answers Shinoa that he is okay. He is held by her as they see Yayoi attempt to finish Lucal then registers that the fifteenth progenitor destroyed himself using her sword rather than die by human hands.

Episode 17 - Screenshot 230

Successfully defeating a noble yet wondering how other squads have done

He agrees Kimizuki is really good at annoying people when he points out he provoked him. Greeted by Yoichi, Yu says thanks for the back up and they could not have done it without him. Whilst they have been successfully in defeating a vampire noble, with no casualties as well, Yu stands silent after Yoichi wonders whether the other squads are doing okay.[18]

Episode 18 - Screenshot 56

Seeing other squads have arrived

Within site of the radio tower, Yu stands around a disused fountain and asks Shinoa how long they have to wait around exactly. Wondering what if other squads do not show, and hearing they will have to assume they are dead, Yu requests the time. With Aiko Aihara returning with her squad, and Narumi trying to get Shinoa to say what a great leader he is, Yu addresses both by telling Aihara he is glad she made it back alive. They have this area locked down so tells them to get some rest.

Episode 18 - Screenshot 67

Annoyed when Narumi pretends to have forgotten his name

Appearing aggravated that Narumi has forgotten his name, Yu reminds him it was after Narumi took issue with him forgetting the name of their target. He happily replies to Aihara they have their backs, before returning to his squad where it sinks in that this war really does have its casualties. He feels better after Shinoa says they will make each day count. Seeing Guren and his squad join them, Yu tells Guren they beat their guy.

Episode 18 - Screenshot 83

Ebullient when Narumi is asked by Guren how he did

With Narumi is asked how they did Yu gives him a thumbs up as a clue for how he should answer Guren. Praised, Yu and his squad did not just managing to survive, Yu hears how they did an outstanding job. Yu approaches Narumi to gleefully ask him to say it again louder. With no time to stand around and wait for others to arrive, they have to head into their next mission and Yu asks what they are going to do now.

Episode 18 - Screenshot 269

His attention drawn to smoke behind him

His squad along with Narumi and Guren’s are on the roof of a building and Yu turns to see smoke in the distance. He answers Shinoa there is nothing wrong, it is just getting really cloudy. The next mission is a rescue one: out of the forty five member squad sent to Nagoya city hall, nineteen have been killed with twenty five taken hostage (Eita Kusunoki passed away shortly after relaying the message).[19]

Episode 19 - Screenshot 6

Hearing something that faintly hints they might not rescue the hostages

Overlooking city hall with the hostages tied to crosses in front of it, Yu asks Guren what he is talking about when he needs to reconsider what they should do next. Even though it is an obvious ambush, Yu is set on rescuing them and says as much to Narumi. With Guren’s plan to leave the hostages if their foes are too strong, Yu sees this as giving up and says he is not going to leave them hanging like that.

Episode 19 - Screenshot 50

Learning they have met these nobles before

After Yoichi fires at but fails to eliminate a noble he spotted, Yu hears from him that Guren is right they do not stand a chance. The noble is the vampire they fought when heading to Shinjuku and both his comrades are with him too. Yu remembers Crowley able to lift the truck that was driven into him and when he was pinning Shinoa down, and Chess biting Mitsuba and Horn doing the same to Kimizuki respectively.

Episode 19 - Screenshot 51

Using Guren's spyglass to observe

Seizing Guren’s spyglass, Yu takes a look himself and confirms Yoichi is right, that guy is big trouble and is insanely strong. With Shinya’s proposal of shooting their comrades to spare them torture and then leaving, Yu steps towards him to say he cannot be serious. After he turns to Guren asking whether he is right that they are not leaving their comrades behind.

Episode 19 - Screenshot 67

Confronting Narumi for suggesting they shoot the hostages and escape

Cursing Narumi who thinks shooting them and leaving is most practical, Yu grabs his clothing and tells Narumi to not be stupid. With Guren deciding to attack, with him and his squad heading for the nobles, Yu questions whether Guren thinks he will be all right with just them. They will have five minutes to rescue as many hostages as they can before retreating at once and joining the other teams at Nagoya City airport.

Episode 19 - Screenshot 113

A well wish that the same goes for Narumi squad when told to not dare die

Walking to their positions, Yu smiles and says the same goes for Narumi squad when he is told to not dare die. The two squads part ways to rescue more people between them. Synchronising their clocks, they are to set an alarm for exactly five minutes. When it goes off they have to retreat no matter what is happening at the time.

Episode 19 - Screenshot 126

They have to retreat in 5 minutes no matter the circumstances

Yu specifically is asked by Shinoa whether he understands. It is an order that when the time is up they leave the battle no matter how many people they have saved. It also means if they have to leave someone behind they retreat. His lips are covered with Shinoa’s finger and Yu takes her hand as he tells her he will be a good soldier. Calling it a simple job, all they have to do is save everyone. An explosion through the clock tower signals the beginning of the attack.

Episode 19 - Screenshot 166

Joining the rescue of hostages with vampires around

Yu moves towards the wooden crosses with soldiers trapped on them. After Guren and Shinya are swung into the city hall building itself by Crowley, Yu raises with Shinoa whether they are just going to let Guren die, they should head up there and take out some nobles. He considers three minutes plenty of time to save the day then shouts for them to go.

Episode 19 - Screenshot 219

Following Shinoa's direction to stay quiet and follow her lead

Running up the city hall staircase Yu questions why Shinoa is going that way, Guren and Shinya are on the fourth floor. He turns to Kimizuki before complying with Shinoa's order. This was to stay quiet and follow her lead as they head along the corridor.

Episode 19 - Screenshot 273

Erupting through the floor from the level below to ambush Crowley

With Guren captured by Crowley, Yu bursts from the floor below to swing his sword into the vampire noble. The plan was rather than approach the situation from the end of a long corridor where they would be seen, from the floor below a hole was blown in the ceiling by Tenjiryū with Yu coming up with it. The squad could then jump up through it and appear nearby in a surprise attack.

Episode 19 - Screenshot 276

Blocked due to Crowley's superior speed

Whilst it is nearby, Yu's sword is blocked and he sees the opposing weapon aiming for him since Crowley was not remotely fazed by the surprise and has the advantage in terms of speed.[20] Yu is prevented from being hit by Kimizuki defending him from Crowley’s return attack. When Crowley is enveloped in Tenjiryu’s flames from Mitsuba, Yu shouts for Crowley to die but refrains from attacking when Guren is moved in the way.

Episode 20 - Screenshot 14

Utilizing the manifestation blades to fly around Guren who is used as a shield

In response Yu adapts by fanning out the Asura-Kannon power around him. He has the arc of floating katanas fly around Guren in an attempt to strike Crowley. The swords are deflected by Chess and Horn who have arrived and the spectral blades ricochet harmlessly into the walls of the corridor and fade.

Episode 20 - Screenshot 25

Challenging to block a strike whose impact breaks the tiles under his feet

Hastening towards them, Yu defends against the sword brought down upon him from Chess, the force of which causes the tiles underneath his feet to crack. He is unable to be protected against Horn’s whip and is lifted into the air by his leg. Yu is saved by Shinoa blocking the sword from Chess and falls to the ground. Ordered to retreat otherwise they will be picked off one by one, Yu does move to re-engage the vampires before being pulled away by Kimizuki.

Episode 20 - Screenshot 64

Physically restrained to stop him from going back, they need to retreat

With Mitsuba and Yoichi’s covering powers falling to pieces from the vampires, Yu struggles away from Kimizuki determined to not leave Guren behind. Telling them to keep him covered, Yu is going back in and asks why not when Shinya stops him. Going anyway he is physically restrained by Kimizuki and Yoichi before seeing the 15:10 timer on Shinoa’s pocket watch. Asking her to tell him she is joking, Yu reiterates they have captured Guren and he is a part of their family. Insisting he is not leaving, Yu is grabbed by Shinya and ordered to retreat.

Episode 20 - Screenshot 153

Escaping, but having to leave Guren behind

Successfully escaping, Yu orders Shinya to let him go already and that he cannot just drag him around everywhere as exactly that is happening. Unable to believe them, Yu questions whether they are really just going to leave Guren behind to die. Tended to by Shinoa, Yu forlornly states if they all go back they might be able to save him.

Episode 20 - Screenshot 159

The point of the mission was not to come back alive but gain victory

Finishing Shinya’s sentence for him, Yu understands the point of the mission was not to back alive rather achieve victory. He also knows Shinya is right about that they still have work to do and people to protect. Yu hears if Guren were here he would tell him to complete his mission.

Episode 20 - Screenshot 160

Agreeing that Shinya is right but not feeling it

Although Yu says that Shinya is right it does not count for much in having Yu feel better. After Goshi arrives back with Sayuri, Shigure and Mito the orders are to join Narumi’s team at the rendezvous point. Yu articulates that Shinya wants them to ditch Guren and put the mission first, like it does not matter. He feels like they do not care what happens to Guren, and he does not want them to give up.

Episode 20 - Screenshot 169

Resigned to the circumstances

They are living in a messed up world, and if they cannot protect their family then why bother living at all. Yu continues why try to save it if they are just going to abandon the people they care about. With Guren being family Yu staggers over to the wall and slumps down and ends that Guren saved him.

Episode 20 - Screenshot 176

A memory, he had never wet the bed, from nightmares of a vampire

Yu remembers when he was younger and Guren had heard he was screaming in his sleep again. He had the same nightmare as always, Yu had to watch a vampire kill everyone he cared about but Yu did insist he is not a baby and has never wet the bed. Saying he has been trying to figure out why Guren saved him, Yu does not have a family anymore. He never really had one, not since he was born and Yu stated his parents tried to kill him. Then when he finally found a new family he lost them too, Yu thought maybe he is cursed. Not knowing why he is alive, or if he is even worth it, Yu did not know if he found life to be painful.

Episode 20 - Screenshot 185

Finding life to be painful

At the time he was trembling before changing his answer to yes, and was crying when Yu said that it hurts so much. He was consoled by the advice to endure and concentrate on killing vampires when life feels too painful to give him focus, until one day where he might be able to keep someone else from hurting the way he does. Yu felt better and said he supposes he can do that. Yu was assured one day he will help someone else and realize all this pain will be worth it. He was concerned on how he would know and what if he misses the person he is supposed to help.

Episode 20 - Screenshot 197

Realizing who the person is who he was waiting to help

After that recollection Yu is happy having made up his mind. Guessing he just cannot get this team work thing down, Yu says he is sorry and is going back for Guren. Holding a packet of cursed gear stimulants, he first prevents Shinoa from taking them from him, and stating if he cannot protect his family then life is not worth living, Yu decides to ingest two of them.

Episode 20 - Screenshot 209

At ease and not bothered by his squad's panic

Not paying any mind to Shinoa's alarm that he has already taken two today, Yu also does not react to Mitsuba grabbing his clothes and telling him to spit them out all he will die. Yu is at ease as he tells Shinya when he comes over that it is not that big of a deal and he actually feels kind of great. As Yu begins to say maybe he is not, he grips his chest then tries to stop a substantial amount of blood from discharging out of his mouth.

Episode 20 - Screenshot 213

Massive internal bleeding from the cursed gear stimulants

An even greater volume falls and now Yu has trickles of blood coming from out his eyes. As he grips his face he is prevented from moving as Yoichi, Shinya and Kimizuki hold him on the spot. An instantaneous force blasts all three of them away before cursed markings appear on Yu's face.

Episode 20 - Screenshot 223

Having had his heartbeat checked

Yelling pain, Yu clutches his chest against a backdrop of white with black shadowy tatters fizzling out all around him. Once these fade Yu then quietly thuds to the ground. He has his heartbeat examined by Shinoa who does not react well.[21]

Episode 21 - Screenshot 6

Not strong enough he needs more power

Remaining weak in Asuramaru’s realm, Yu continues to hold his chest. Only thinks of power, Yu needs it. He is not strong enough and has to go and save Guren. Urgently requesting every last ounce of it, Yu hears it is no problem, all he had to do was ask.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 8

A dangerous combination

The problem is the cursed gear stimulants he took was a mistake, not only do they kill his passion they also enhance his curse making it super strong, but this is a dangerous combination. Asking Asuramaru to just tell him what he needs to do to get the strength to save Guren, Yu hears that it is too late for that because there is nothing Asuramaru can do to make the deceased more powerful.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 10

Yu hears he is dead

Yu is dead. Told by Asuramaru that his heart and other organs ruptured after taking the extra pills, Yu died in front of his friends. With this the end, Yu asks where is he now. Wondering whether this is the after life he hears unfortunately that is not the case and the afterlife may be better than whatever trials are in store for him. Wanting to know what Asuramaru is saying, Yu is informed his body died but he is not at peace, but he does not comment on why he thinks this is.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 14

Noticing an instrument displayed underneath a golden radiance

After a chime sound is heard, the answer is that those angels are keeping Yu here, forcibly tethered to this world. His attention is drawn behind him to a ray of light shining on a long golden musical like instrument. Asking what it is, Yu hears Asuramaru is not sure but it looks like a trumpet to him. His eyes not moving from it, Yu begins to crawl towards the object.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 17

Advised to stay far away from it

Stopped by Asuramaru, Yu hears the trumpet is no good and that angels can be more dangerous than demons. He reaches towards it as his heart starts beating again, where it can now be repaired by Asuramaru. Regardless Yu continues to stare mesmerized at the trumpet, wanting it. Staggering towards it, Yu says he does not need Asuramaru anymore, he wants the trumpet.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 25

The captivation with the trumpet ended

As he reaches forward, Yu's arm is taken by Asuramaru and he is stabbed through the chest with his hand. Reminded not to touch it, Yu has been restored to his senses to demand Asuramaru give him his strength. The power is already given and all the pills Yu took remain in effect. He can use Asuramaru's power for two or three minutes.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 39

Yu launches himself forward

Opening his eyes and breathing heavily, Yu looks around at his squad equally as surprised as him. Sitting up Yu sees he is okay, and then says he will be back in a few. Yu propels himself through the air; he has a fluid worldview as he races along the road to city hall then shoots himself near an upper window of the building and searches.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 55

Breaking into where Guren is being interrogated

Leaping and smashing through another window to a conference room, Yu has found what he seeks. After dashing to place himself in an opportune position to lunge towards Chess who is near Guren, Yu’s sword is blocked by Crowley’s.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 63

A brute-force combative style

His weapon is held trembling against the first class vampire sword before Yu curses Crowley then shouts to give Guren back. Battering Crowley's sword with his own, Yu is questioned whether he is really a human. Despite the relentless ferocity of his enhanced battling prowess, Crowley remains a stronger foe.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 68

Drawing on Asura-Kannon, San-To blades

Leaping to the upper observational floor, Yu generates the Asura-Kannon San-To blades above him which are pointed forward. Not having them with him after an arc of energy is sent from Crowley’s weapon, Yu takes to jumping over the smoke cloud from the object damage to strike from above.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 76

Elbowed aside by Crowley

With this blocked, Yu has little chance to react as he is then elbowed away to the floor. More or less the second he raises his face, Yu finds Crowley there and he is punched into the side of the room. Slamming backwards into it, Yu hits it with the force to cause some significant fractures to the wall.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 81

Crowley thinks he's tough but Yu will destroy him

Speaking that Crowley he thinks he is tough, Yu says he will destroy him and dashes to re-engage. He is immediately disarmed and only saved when Guren has placed himself in the way. Questioned why he came, Yu is told to get out of here.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 94

Not understanding why he can't save Guren, and told it's because he's human

Quelled, Yu asks why, he has come this far and cannot understand how he still does not have enough power to save Guren. Hearing the answer that it is because he is human, nothing more than vampire's livestock, Yu softly answers that is not true. Told that he can fight all he wants but he will never defeat a noble like Crowley, Yu orders him to shut his mouth as the cursed markings on his face spread.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 99

Reacting to Crowley's taunts

This time shouting for Crowley to shut up after he explains Yu's purpose is to feed vampires, Yu springs out from behind Guren. Unwaveringly he slashes repeatedly at Crowley.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 102

A renewed, intensified assault

Noted as being even faster than before, Yu ignores his remark and continues to attack savagely. He does not let up as he swings wildly, even with Guren shouting to not use any more power otherwise the demon will take over and he will lose control.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 112

Unshaken in his resolve to save Guren

Kicked away and smashing into a counter, Yu speaks for Guren to shut up, he is going to save him. Ordering him not to dare give up, Yu reminds Guren he was the one who told him to keep on living, and he has finally found the person who needs his help. Proceeding to attack Crowley, he is punched away again.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 122

Enough strength to protect his whole family

Stating this is not over yet, Yu calls that Asuramaru has to give him more power. Speaking for it to fill him, Yu can feel he has enough strength to protect his whole family. The left side of his face is clotted with the curse and violet markings have developed in his eye, but he needs more, all of Asuramaru's power.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 126

A demon horn stabs out of Yu's head

After Asuramaru speaks for Yu to become a demon, a black horn has arisen from Yu’s head. He has fanged teeth and his left eye has changed from green to red with curse marks on both sides of his face. Lucid, Yu audaciously speaks that there he is now strong enough to take a head.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 132

Noticing Kiseki-o's ability, the devil's coffin (Kimizuki's cursed gear power)

Comprehending it appear, Yu notices the devil’s coffin power from Kiseki-o has arrived. When Kimizuki joins them, Yu instructs him to not get in his way, he is going to turn this guy into ash. Grabbed by Kimizuki, Yu is thrown towards and caught by a large eel like blob that emerges from the coffin that then swallows him into its large fanged maw.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 154

Knocked out with the demon aspects negated

Taken to safety, Yu is retrieved from the coffin. Whilst unconscious he is said to be fine and is back as a human. In this state he is carried by Kimizuki to the rendezvous point to catch the transport helicopter. The vampire's backup has arrived in the large number of inbound helicopters approaching.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 183

Carried as a part of the mass retreat to an escape transport

It is recalled when he and Mika were younger that Yu said he would be happy in a place without the vampires. Presently Yu remains unconscious near the back of the collected squads heading for Nagoya airport. Yu does not realize that Mika has battled his way through the entire retreating forces of the Moon Demon Company, Guren’s squad included.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 254

Now in the hands of Mika

Held in Mika’s arms, Yu is taken with Mika who Shinoa and the squad have helped him to escape with.[22] Carried on Mika’s back, Yu is dropped but does not awaken to see Mika’s weakened state where his injury sustained in his retrieval is not healing.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 62

With snow falling and Mika injured, Yu is taken into a building

He has been left temporarily after Mika in a state of blood lust investigated a noise he had heard from the building. After being pulled into a store by Mika to take shelter from the snow, Yu is laid on his back in an isle.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 68

Insensible from Kiseki-o's power in Asuramaru's domain

Unconscious in Asuramaru’s sphere as well, Yu opens his eyes to hear his devotion to those he cares about is overwhelming. When his family is in danger of being harmed, Yu loses all sense of right and wrong. Yu does not comment on whether he thinks that is going to get them in trouble one of these days.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 73

Asking about Guren and what happened

Checking his head and asking what he is doing here, Yu says to please not tell him he is dead again. Revealed that this time he has been knocked unconscious, Yu raises his voice as he remembers Guren and asks what happened back there. He replies whatever to Asuramaru’s comment that he is always obsessing over someone.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 76

His eyes have been closed for a while

Wanting Asuramaru to tell him that Guren, Shinoa and the others are fine, Yu is concerned that they might still have Guren. Hearing that Asuramaru has no idea what happened since he can only see what Yu sees, he is updated that his eyes have been closed for a while now.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 78

It is a different member of his family he should be worried about

Concerned that it may be the case that they might still have Guren, Yu hears that it is a different member of his family that he should be worried about. He turns around and exits the realm.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 82

Awakening within a store and searching

His physical body awakens, Yu sees a ceiling above him and wonders where he is. Noticing blood near a figure at the end of the isle, Yu draws his sword due to the uncertain situation then thinks it cannot be before asking if it is Mika. His weapon is knocked out of his hand and Yu is pushed over. He tells Mika to stop then questions what is he doing.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 96

Seeing Mika's state up close

With Mika needing blood and expressing pain, Yu is not sure with what is happening. Hearing the thirst is too painful, Yu’s expression changes. He lowers his hand to allow Mika to bite him and closes his eyes as he does so.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 100

Sorry that he left Mika all alone

Yu says that he is so sorry to Mika. Stating that is is his fault, Yu should not have left Mika all alone. After Mika backs away, Yu questions whether it is really that bad if Mika does not drink blood. Yu moves to check Mika as blood spills from his mouth and points out he is hurt when Mika tells him to stay back since he does not trust himself.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 111

Concerned for Mika's wellbeing before what he has to tell him

Whatever Mika has to say can wait, Yu has just got him back but now he is going to die. Yu tells Mika he cannot do that and to please not leave him. Blood will heal Mika and Yu unfastens his jacket then says Mika to take what he needs.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 113

Offering his blood

Saying for him to do it, Yu responds to Mika stating that he has to stay away and his claim that he cannot keep fighting it, by pulling him closer. Reiterating to just do it, if it is going to save him then Mika can drink all he wants. With Mika shaking his head, Yu asks him what is the matter.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 117

They have finally found one another, and Yu won't lose Mika again

They have finally been reunited, finally, and Yu will not lose him again. Hearing that Mika drinking human blood will irreversibly make him a complete vampire, Yu takes no notice of Mika's uneasiness that there will no longer be a shred of humanity left in him. Yu answers that it will still save him and they will not be separated again.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 119

Wording it as Mika staying alive

Trying a different approach that does not mention the vampirism, Yu requests for Mika to do him this one tiny favour and stay alive. When Mika replies he cannot, Yu informs him he has the wrong answer and holds Mika’s face in both his hands. If Mika does not want to do it then Yu will have to make him.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 122

Listening to what Mika is worried by

Letting Mika back away, Yu listens to him say he did not want Yu to see him as a monster or a grotesque creature so swallowed his thirst. When Mika adds that it was not easy, Yu picks on that word to interject and say of course it is not easy, does Mika think he wants to watch his best friend to be turned into a vampire. Not really addressing what Mika was talking about since Yu is focused on helping him, Yu asks Mika to tell him what other choice does he himself have.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 125

A very real threat that he will have to start crying

If Mika dies here then Yu warns he will start crying. He does not care if Mika becomes a monster, he will survive so Yu tells him to suck it up already and do it for him. Confirming that he wants Mika to become a vampire so he does not have to cry, Yu questions if Mika has a problem with that. He is offering and it is not like Mika is attacking him, besides Yu does not know if he believes Mika really fought it all that hard if he is willing to die even though survival is right in front of him. Yu casts doubt on Mika’s hesitant behaviour by saying if he wanted to die then he should have done in secret somewhere. Yet with Mika here he clearly wants to live.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 129

Drastic measures

Resuming the encouragement for Mika to drink his blood, Yu will not hear the unrelated matter when Mika wants to speak about the humans. This time Yu decides to cover his ears. In addition Yu makes loud unruly la-la sounds before stating that he cannot hear him.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 130

Agreeing to listen but only if Mika agrees to drink his blood

With his arm taken Yu is asked to please listen. He abandons the act right away and agrees to hear Mika but only if he will agree to drink his blood. Yu rolls up his sleeve and recovers his sword. Asking Mika to stay alive, for him, Yu has his blood ready on his arm.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 135

Yu refuses to let Mika die

Refusing to let Mika die, Yu tells him to go ahead and give in to his thirst. Allowing the blood to trickle and fall, Yu awaits. Replying to Mika, Yu agrees he maybe an awful person, but Mika only has himself to blame for making him his family. Smiling when Mika says he is going to keep living, Yu replies they will still be family no matter what Mika becomes.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 144

Awaiting Mika on his level

Kneeling, Yu offers his arm out and hears Mika say he is sorry and that it is so hard to resist. With him wanting to drink blood so badly, Yu places him arm forward and nods to Mika.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 151

Embracing Mika

As Mika leaps into him and Yu is bitten on his neck, he holds him as they land. Whilst Mika drinks his blood, Yu welcomes him back. After Mika backs away, Yu watches as his eyes then change color from blue to red, that of a true vampire. With Mika feeling drinking his family’s blood is not normal, Yu alleviates his concerns by asking so what, it is not like they care about being normal.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 169

Reminded of something Guren said

When Mika comments that he never thought he would become a real vampire, it reminds Yu of something Guren said. He forgot Mika does not know everyone and describes Guren as the army guy who found him after he escaped the vampires. Further that he likes to talk and gives good advice. Yu shares how Guren told him to keep on living even if it was just for revenge, then one day someone who needed his help would show up and give him a new reason to exist. That is why Yu is still alive, even when life felt pointless, that no one needed him, Yu forced himself to get through each day.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 175

Glad of Guren's advice since he got to see Mika again

He is glad, because Yu finally got to see Mika again. Moving to them making a promise, Yu wants them to survive together even if it is painful sometimes. Making light of Mika's adjusted status, Yu questions who cares if Mika is a vampire then adds if it is too difficult then he will just have to turn him back into a human. Yu would like Mika to promise that he will not give up and try and die ever again. Hearing that he has changed in some ways, Yu insists that he has always been the strong one. With it stated he used to be a cry-baby, Yu replies Mika is the one bawling right now before they both laugh together. If Mika thinks Yu is stronger now, it is probably all because of Guren’s training.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 184

Guren and Mika made Yu want to keep living

Yu knows Guren has his own plans but he is a part of his family, too. Yu feels he was as good as dead when his parents abandoned him and thought life was over, but Mika and then Guren both made him want to keep living. They are the only reason he is here today, so Yu can never pay either of them back for all they have done so he does not mind if they use him.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 185

Reminding Mika he just drink his blood

After Mika contends that he would never manipulate him the way that they are, Yu points out Mika says that but he did just drink his blood. Re-applying his hand on Mika’s face, Yu says he is just messing with him and does not care about the blood. He does have a small favour to ask concerning his team mates and Yu says his family is in trouble.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 190

At once leaving for his team

Asking Mika to please come with him, Yu heads towards the door. Not thinking about it, Yu walks away indifferent to what Mika is saying about how he cannot go back to those humans, and then exits into the light.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 195

Wondering how long he has been out for, and what happened to his squad

Snow has settled outside and Yu says this is not good and how long has he been out for. Pointing out that Mika is the one who carried him out here, he must have some idea of what happened to his team mates. Hearing Mika tell him that he cannot go back to the army, the organization is described as evil who have been experimenting on Yu and Mika since they were just kids.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 197

Unmoved by Mika's description of the army

See ya is the reply to it all and Yu continues walking. Questioned why he will not listen to him, Yu answers Mika cannot stop him. Wondering what he is doing when Mika has his sword near him, Yu asks if he really pulled that on him. If Mika is doing whatever it takes to protect him, Yu adds that he should be helping him. Taking the unsharpened blade of the sword, Yu tells Mika to kill him if he does not want him to go because he would rather die than fail to protect his family.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 208

Yu will not hear what Mika has to say

Instructing Mika to stop, Yu says they are his family just like he is. Enlivened by Mika saying he might have met the people he is talking about, Yu would like Mika to tell him everything beginning with where he saw them. Making eye contact as Mika turns his head, Yu says for Mika to answer him.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 211

He told Mika his squad were good guys

From the description of a girl with a scythe, who saved Mika with her friends, Yu happily states it is them. He told Mika they were good guys, that means they should be helping them out. With Mika agreeing to help only his friends, Yu is exhilarated.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 213

Thrilled Mika will help his friends

Running to hug Mika from behind, Yu says that is great as he squeezes him tight. Saying for them to get out of here, they have work to do and Yu holds Mika's arm as he walks. Asking where he thinks they are, an airport was mentioned.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 231

Yu is targeted by both humans and vampires across the globe

As he is transported to the airport Yu says he could have driven and he is good at it. Reminding Mika that he wanted to talk, Yu already knew he was a test subject but it is news that humans and vampires, abroad as well are targeting him and Yu jokes he never knew he was so popular.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 232

Asking if it was his fault the world was almost destroyed

Hearing it is the same experiment that ruined the world, caused all the adults to die, and almost made humans extinct, Yu asks if Mika is saying it is his fault that the world was almost destroyed. He hears how the Hyakuya Orphanage where they lived was nothing but a laboratory. After that was gone the Japanese Imperial Demon Army took over the experimentation, called Seraph of the End. Appearing crestfallen at the news, Yu listens to Mika’s comments on human nature.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 237

Reminding Mika he is also human and would like to try and change him back

Speaking that he is also a human, if if it is at all possible then Yu also wants to turn Mika back into one too, so it is not like he can say all humanity is bad. With the wrong people able to have Yu under control and end this world in a heartbeat, Yu hears Mika's desire for them to run away together instead. He adds to Mika’s suggestions of making a new secluded home, far away from this war where no one can find them whether it is the vampires or Moon Demon Company.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 242

Noticing two birds in the sky

Smiling at two birds overhead, this reminds Yu of another time. Asking Mika if he remembers how they ran away from the vampires because they thought they could find paradise somewhere else, he continues that it did not work, everyone got killed and they learnt paradise did not exist.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 245

Paradise didn't exist, only this world did

There was only one thing, and Yu taps the window as he states this world. Yu does not think there is anywhere else left to go. With Mika questioning if it is not worth looking, Yu replies they can discuss it with his friends.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 248

His friends can help them run away if that's what Mika wants

Enthused and holding them in high-esteem, Yu states they are smart and can help them run away if that is what Mika really wants them to do. Sure they can trust them, Yu tells Mika not to worry, his friends are the good guys and Mika should trust them as much as he trusts him.[23]

Episode 23 - Screenshot 249

Defending Shinoa from malefic spiked rods

Arriving at Nagoya airport, the scene is one of large scale slaughter as Kureto and Aoi have instigated long connected rods to stab and kill the surviving Moon Demon Company soldiers. He arrives in time to defend Shinoa from some of the weapons targeting her. Observing the murdered soldiers pierced by the rods, Yu solemnly replies to Mika that he is glad they came.

Episode 23 - Screenshot 257

Confronting Kureto on what his is doing

Approaching Kureto, Yu asks what he is doing to his comrades. With him sighted, the spiked rods are provoked into increased movements. When Yoichi’s arrows fail to hit the container where the spikes are coming from, Yu shouts that it does not matter what is hidden inside when Mitsuba asks, just that they stop it.

Episode 23 - Screenshot 270

Retreating from the unassailable peril

Joining Mika in retreating when Shinoa calls for it, the vampire fleet has arrived with forces led by a masked noble who has ordered to kill the humans. Stuck in between the Imperial Demon Army and the vampires, Yu is alarmed and questions what should they do.

Episode 23 - Screenshot 283

A chance to escape both humans and vampires

Told not to panic by Shinya, Yu hears from him and Mika that this is a great opportunity since the opposing factions are set on attacking one another. With them not paying attention to their group, which now also includes Narumi, anymore this is their chance to escape.

Episode 23 - Screenshot 285

All ready to escape two clashing armies

He also hears from Goshi, with Sayuri and Shigure with Mito nearby as well, that they should go ahead and run while they can, the seasoned pros will provide them with plenty of cover. With Shinya clearing a path with Byakomaru, Yu runs through the vampire side with the escape route from in all in that direction.

Episode 23 - Screenshot 290

Fighting his way out

Attacking any that come near him, Yu resolves that no more of his friends are going to die today. Yu concentrates on that rather than that he is too far out. After dividing a vampire apart Yu makes it through to find Guren stood by himself. Happy that he is all right, Yu says for them to go.[24]

Episode 24 - Screenshot 1

Guren's sword is only stopped from hitting him by Mika's intervention

Protected by Guren’s sword by Mika, Yu is pushed to safety as Guren and Mika fight. Yu appears unsure what to make of the situation even after having Mika knocked into him.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 17

Wondering what is wrong with Guren

Asking Guren what is wrong and why he is fighting them, Yu's confusion is summarized with the question on what is all this. Surprised at the answer that it is for the seraph of the end, Yu remains stunned as Guren moves past him and sets about slashing vampires and humans.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 24

Witnessing Guren attack vampires and humans

Looking on in shock as Guren carries out a swift onslaught of both vampires and human soldiers, Yu then sees the rods perforate their bodies and turn red. Once the blood flows into the container the chains are coming from, it bursts apart.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 39

What rises from the destroyed crate

Beholding a white shining orb with outer colors of purple and gold, Mirai Kimizuki is within. The seraph has her blow a long golden horn to create a darkened landscape where the ground splits and rises in parts. Imposing stalagmite shaped jagged rocks have erupted from the ground. After the seraph has been subjugated by the Demon Army, Yu sees Guren stab Kimizuki who has ran to get his sister.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 67

Attacking Guren for stabbing Kimizuki

Questioning whether he has gone insane and without waiting for an answer, Yu charges at Guren. Following him after Guren jumps away, Yu clashes his sword against Guren's. After Mika joins the fight, Yu has an opening and swings his weapon across Guren’s chest.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 78

Seemingly cutting across Guren

Guren is unharmed and Yu is asked if he has gone soft or something. Yu thinks this is not right, it is not him with how he is acting. Questioning if they have brainwashed him or something, Yu earnestly reminds Guren that he trained them and taught them to never turn their backs on their comrades.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 84

Finding that Guren is crying

Seizing his clothes, Yu tells him to stop smiling and say something already. He knows who they are and Yu continues with that they are still his family. At that point Yu notices that Guren has tears at odds with his facial expression and Yu sees that he is crying.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 86

Yu is stabbed

Notwithstanding, Yu gets stabbed by Guren and staggers away before falling on his back. With Mirai's circumstances developing, blowing the fifth trumpet has summoned the demon of destruction out from her back. Desublimation results in a gigantic winged monster known as Abaddon towering above all in the air. Afterwards Aoi has the demon produce Four Horseman of John.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 128

Taken away from it all

Helped to walk by Mika, he is removed from the calamitous setting. Asking where is he, Yu says he has to help Guren, he was crying earlier and Yu feels it is still him. Considering Shinoa and his comrades, Yu weakly states they have to go back and help, he cannot leave them to die.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 134

Having those he needs to protect

Saying they are his family, Yu tells Mika to listen to him and lists Guren, Shinoa, Yoichi, Kimizuki, Mitsuba and him as all people he needs to protect. After a Four Horseman of John approaches and knocks Mika over, Yu instantly kills it. Weakened himself, Yu joins where Mika is and places his sword into the ground.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 140

Seeing Mika is hurt

Noting that Mika is hurt, Yu sees his blood soaking into Mika's clothes. Alarmed, Yu holds Mika and says he has to drink his blood. With that unable to help Mika since Abaddon’s presence is interfering with his healing, Yu questions what can he do. Told he can save himself and his family, he follows Mika’s glance to Abaddon taking up the sky with no way to take it down.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 145

Guided to go and save his family

With them pointed out by Mika, Yu sees his squad within view across the jagged landscape. Hearing that his family are in danger and to go save them, Yu worriedly tells Mika to shut up. Yu states it is not like he can leave him here to die.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 147

Yu can't leave Mika

Yu continues that he just got Mika back and he will not lose him again. He is pushed away after being told to hurry and go or he will lose his whole family again. Yu makes it right in his mind by saying to Mika that all he needs to do is kill that big monster. That will save everyone including him. He might not be able to kill Abaddon but Yu will sure as hell try.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 155

Stabbing himself to access his demon's realm

Walking over to a katana sword, Yu uses it to stab himself through the chest. Speaking with Asuramaru, Yu replies he really does want to save them that much and knows his demon's power will not be enough. The golden trumpet that lies behind Asuramaru is the only way. With losing his humanity at stake where he would become something else that even his family might not recognize, Yu does not care.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 159

Blowing the seraph trumpet

He will do anything to keep them all safe. Blowing the trumpet there produces a deep horn sound at Nagoya airport. This is as well as the ignition of a gigantic whirling column of explosive fire that launches high into the air. The Horsemen of the Apocalypse have ceased their attack as the firestorm sustains itself.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 173

At the base of the fiery swirling tower

Stood within it, Yu yells as a pair of reaching black branch like wings break out of his back and then expand. Noticed by all, it draws the attention of Kureto and Yu is targeted by his countermeasures. The roaring inferno around him is only stopped when Yu is struck by a spiralling black stream emitted from Abaddon’s mouth.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 189

The fire cleared, Yu is responsive

Yu removes his hands from his now black and golden eyes to see the Japanese Imperial Demon Army members and Four Horsemen of John running towards him with orders to destroy Yu as a seraph of the end. Yu's voice speaks that the time has come to end this world. He will judge every human who has broken their taboos, and turn them into pillars of salt.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 193

A power to turn all into salt

A relaxed casting of his arm sends an outpouring of salt that disintegrates the Four Horseman of John into collapsing particles. This increases in size to a deluge as the wave of salt is set to flood all before it. The surge is broken apart by a shaft of energy from Abaddon, freezes temporarily, then it sinks. Yu has been identified by Aoi as the second trumpet, the King of Salt. Yu has a spear materialize in his hand and changes his pace from a steady walk to running.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 210

Raising barriers of salt as he runs armed with a spear

Raising his hand can form and elevate peaks of salt to serve as barriers in front of the trajectory of Abaddon's emission. Whilst these crumble before and cannot stop Abaddon’s black vortex, Yu's spear can.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 215

His spear enduring Abaddon's sustained power

Pointing into the blast, Yu's feet break into the ground as he perseveres to bear the energy until it is outlasted. Yu resumes moving towards the demon, and leaps to avoid Abaddon's fire where his power can project salt patches up the demon’s outpouring for Yu to run up.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 223

Running upwards with his spear in the colossal demon

With the emanation cleared Yu almost floats towards Abaddon itself and lands on the monster. Yu's seraphic power affords him the ability to run skywards where his movement increases in speed. Effortlessly traversing up the creature’s abdomen, Yu has his spear embedded all the while as he hurries and concomitantly slices vertically through Abaddon all the way.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 224

Soaring heavenwards from Abaddon

Shooting upwards high above the airborne monster, Yu turns to direct his weapon below. The spear is pointed to have a single prodigious circular stratus cloud above with four smaller yet still tremendously large different sized rings encircle Abaddon. The large flat cloud formation at the top generates a vast expanse of heavy pale blue lightning. After parting into two electrical surges that dissipate as they spread apart, the now gargantuan spear that is taller than Abaddon is impaled downwards through its body and into the ground. Abaddon’s entire being joins the spear in becoming salt and then blows up.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 237

Floating, Yu declares it's over

The environment has returned to what it was before as the Horsemen of the Apocalypse turn to salt and fall apart. Yu stands suspended in the air with his right-branched wing missing. Saying it is over, his spear fades away into a blue dust and he announces the lust for power that drives the humans ends today. Raising his arms, Yu proclaims that all before him will become pillars of salt.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 238

Electrocuted by Kureto's weapon

Struck by lightning, Yu drops to the ground. Before hitting it he slows to a hover so he is on his feet. Yu awaits Kureto to finish his sprint to him and is armed with his spear to block Kureto’s cursed gear. He holds steady as the electrical currents from Raimeiki continue to be discharged.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 243

Returning the Lieutenant General's aggression

His left wing dissolves and Yu yells back at Kureto before the collision of their magical based weapons blast them apart. Although he loses his salt spear, Yu lands fine as Kureto is sent hurtling away. Finding soldiers are approaching with orders to capture him, Yu does not appear to notice Guren approach who welcomes him to the crazy club. After speaking that humans are not worthy of this world, Yu holds his his sword hilt.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 252

Complete demon control

He then notices Asuramaru there in the world with him and Yu follows the Black Demon with his eyes as he listens to him speak. Taken over completely by Asuramaru, Yu’s own black golden eyes become demon red as two prominent horns appear out his head, at which point he collapses. Unconscious, he is carried by Narumi who retreats with Shinoa squad. They are leaving the Demon Army and are helped to escape by Mika.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 342

Joining the squad and Narumi with Mika

Four months later, Yu is wearing non-uniform clothes as he exits the building with Mika. He carries his sword on top of his bag as he walks across the beach and answers Mitsuba that his demon is sleeping and not to worry about it.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 345

Ready to get going

Smiling, he says for them to get going. Enthusiastic for the plan, they are to rescue Kimizuki’s sister and the "idiot Guren" too and get him back to his old self. With Shinoa having intel that Guren is in Sanguinem, Yu remarks that they ran away and now have to go all the way back.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 351

It's starting to rain

Told by Mika to not do anything dumb like grow wings and try and kill them all, Yu asks why would he say something like that. Besides, he saved the day.

Yu walks along the beach with Mika, Shinoa, Yoichi, Kimizuki, Mitsuba and Narumi as they laugh amongst themselves for the journey ahead. Abruptly breaking away to wade out into the sea, Yu stops and notes it is starting to rain.[25]

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Able to deal with monsters
  • Yu is a capable fighter
  • Enduring the demonic powers of Mahiru-no-Yo
  • Dealing with Horseman of the Apocalypse
  • Powers as the King of Salt

Natural AbilitiesEdit

Yu has a natural resistance to demons such as the power given off by Mahiru-no-Yo that rendered virtually everyone else in the class unconscious from its crushing power. His abilities with a sword allow him to put up a good fight against monsters such as Four Horseman of John, and agile vampires with supernatural strengths. One tenth of his being is not human, rather part seraph specifically the King of Salt where in that state Yu possesses tremendous analogous abilities.

Equipment Edit

  • A sword he can fight Horsemen with
  • The power of Asuramaru
  • Manifesting the Asura-Kannon power
  • Conjuring an Abaddon slaying spear

Enchanted Gear Edit

When Yu was patrolling outside he wielded a katana sword to battle Four Horseman of John. He would keep such a weapon within his locker and retrieve it to fight an escaped vampire who had taken a student hostage.

Cursed Gear Edit

Yu's cursed gear is Asuramaru, of which the physical weapon is a green katana sword.


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  • "You just had to go and butt in, didn't you. I had that parasite right where I wanted him." - Insisting to Mika that he had a chance against a vampire. 1
  • "About that. He seemed to know you pretty well." - Questioning how familiar vampire noble Ferid was with Mika and then learning that Mika is giving him his blood.1
  • "You think that means anything to me? You wanna know why I'm here? Because my dad went crazy and tried to kill me. And my mom? She was so convinced I was a demon child that she committed suicide. You think you know how I feel? Well you don't! Keep your family I don't want any part of it!" - Angrily responding to Mika welcoming him to the Hyakuya Orphanage and detailing his experiences with his parents.1
  • "All the kids really enjoyed it though. So, what did you have to do. I mean to get the curry? Idiot. Next time we're trading my blood." - As the others sleep Yu stays awake to share with Mika how the orphanage family enjoyed the curry he brought. Then raising how it was acquired, and not having Mika answer, Yu cuts in to spare Mika giving his blood again. Told to forget about it and focus on defeating vampires, with Mika saying to leave it to him and trying to act as if everything is okay, Yu replies for him to: "Stop it, you can't take on all the burden by yourself. I'm not stupid, I know how strong the vampires are. I know beating them is impossible." - 1
  • "You're fine. You're going to make it. Come on. Mika I can't leave. I can't, I finally have a family. I won't lose you." - Trying to bring Mika with him who has been seriously wounded, and Yu acknowledges he has a family.1
  • "I'll do whatever it takes. So long as I get... to kill every last one of them." - After escaping the vampire city when his family have just been murdered, Yu has this answer for Guren on whether he wants to help get rid of the vampires once and for all.1
  • "Every time I close my eyes I see the same scene play out. I see the smiling faces of my dearest friends. My family. And then... I see their bloody, lifeless bodies lying in front of me. It never fails. Even after four years. I'm still haunted by my painful memories of that night." - Years after escaping the vampire city, Yu has recurring nightmares on the loss of his orphanage family.2
  • "Hey, give it a rest you punks. Awesome, see this is why I love bullies. They're simple and stupid. Okay, wanna fight? Let's go." - After bullies mentioned setting vampires on Yoichi, Yu intervened. He then heard from Shinoa that fighting civilians is prohibited and will extend his suspension.2
  • "Yamanaka! Take this girl and get out of here, hurry! You're a soldier candidate, right? Hup to it, man!" - Relying on a student and directing him to rescue a hostage whilst Yu deals with a vampire. Also his first demonstration of teamwork and willing to work with a bully with an actual threat in the room.
  • "Moron. If you had helped her you'd be dead, too. Then she would have died for nothing. - After hearing that Yoichi feels bad for being powerless to help his sister, Yu adds: "No buts. Let me give you some advice, don't join the army. Remember, your sister doesn't want revenge, she's gone." - Advising Yoichi against his goals namely since it involves revenge, Yu's sole motivation for fighting the vampires is to avenge the loss of his family. Giving advice that he does not follow himself to help Yoichi.2
  • "Shinoa. I'm taking your cursed gear. Just hand it over, I need it to get revenge for my family." - Drawing his regular sword, Yu is under the impression he can take a cursed gear when a contract with a demon is required, and also thinking he can simply take Shinoa's scythe.
  • "The point is the beat the demon, right? I need power. My family has waited for revenge long enough." - Heading right to it when there is a chance to acquire a cursed gear weapon.3
  • "Vengeance. You're right. I need power to get back at those parasites." - Hearing who he sees as Mika telling him to open his heart to get justice for his family, before replying: "But you're not my family! Just who are you?! You're not the Mika that I know! He's not like me. He'd never tell me to live for vengeance or try to make me feel guilty. He'd tell me to be smart, and he'd go behind my back and shoulder all the burden himself. Because that's just the kind of friend he was! I'm done playing now who the hell are you!" - Earnestly livid, Yu can tell who is before him is not Mika as he impassionedly describes Mika's disposition. And when told to listen by the demon's illusion of Mika, Yu says to: "Shut your mouth! Trying to trick me with Mika's face was a huge mistake!" 3
  • "Only a coward would give up on her life so easily. Pick yourself up and start fighting for what you want. That's what I'm going to do, and nothing as small as a bad evaluation is going to stop me. If I'm being honest, I don't even need the Moon Demon Company, I'd still fight all by myself. But you're going to give up on your family just like that?" - Responding to Kimizuki who feels it is his fault he is getting a bad evaluation and so cannot save his sister. Yu simultaneously reflects on his own state where he desires to get what he wants even without the Moon Demon Company and is prepared to do it all by himself.
  • "The only person with the right to evaluate this fool is me." - Ultimately unconcerned with his own evaluation test result.4
  • "Wait, let's put this on hold for now. Guren's come out of hiding." - Pausing an argument with Kimizuki after spotting Guren, then asking him: *"What's the deal. I thought you said I was going to contract with a demon."5
  • "Go Yoichi. This isn't the kind of place a nice guy like you should be and you know it." - Agreeing with Sayuri on whether it is a good idea for Yoichi to be joining them for the cursed gear trial.5
  • "The vampires will suffer. For Mika and my family I'll exterminate every last one of them. That's the only thing I still live for." - Before a cursed gear katana, Yu thinks of what drives him to make a contract with a Black Demon.5
  • "It's not a good idea to imitate people I care about." - Taking part in the Black Demon contract ceremony to acquire his sword, Yu says his first words to Asuramaru who has taken the form of Mika.6
  • "I have not! I've never forgotten!" - Illusions of Mika and Akane ask whether Yu thinks it is unfair that they are dead and Yu is making a new family. Further that he left them behind and moved on, Yu has almost managed to completely forget about them.
  • "We've got to go and save her, come on! That monster's going to kill her. What good's the Vampire Extermination Unit if we can't even save one kid?!" - Heading to intervene and save a girl under attack from a Four Horseman of John and stopped since it is a vampire trap, Yu answers *"I'm willing to put my life on the line. Let me save her! Are you really going to let that little girl die?! If you want to stand by then so be it, but I'm not abandoning anyone ever again!"
  • ”Don’t worry about that, it’s not a big deal. You must be scared and I don't blame you one bit." 7
  • ”How does it feel to be killed by your food?” - A question for the first vampire he kills.8
  • "I followed your rules. I assessed the enemy, and didn't draw until you said to. You need to stop complaining and give me some credit." - Responding to Mitsuba after he dispatched a vampire.
  • ”What was it you said about humans being disgusting? That we’re scum who’ll turn on one another if you threaten our friends and family? That we don’t have a sense of pride? I guess you know us pretty well. What you said is true. Humans will do anything for the people we care about. We’ll push ourselves to the brink, make contracts with demons, and become devils ourselves. You might think that’s repulsive, but I would call it honourable. The disgusting one, is you!" - After saving Mitsuba from her capture in a vampire lair, Yu addresses the vampires gathered.8
  • “I left my family behind to save my own skin. Even though they were dying, I should have stayed with them until the end.” - Angered remorse at feeling he ran from the vampire city leaving him family to die.8
  • “Okay fine, if that’s how it’s going to be. Just know that I’m not going to let any of you die. That’s the whole reason I fought for so much power. Right, Asuramaru?"
  • “Well damn, you guys, looks like you’re pretty amazing after all!” Yu’s happiness at how Kimizuki, Mitsuba and Yoichi handled the vampires.
  • “You damn vampire! You get away from him right now!” - Not knowing it is Mika, Yu runs towards the vampire who just stabbed Guren.10
  • “I’m sorry. But if that’s who I think it is. My family’s with the vampires” - Largely ignoring his squad's disbelief on why he failed to destroy the vampire he stabbed, Yu processes that it might be Mika he just saw.11
  • “No, we can’t just run away dammit! Mika’s my family, I won’t leave him with these monsters!” - His response to the order to retreat, and his attitude to having to leave Mika after finding him again at Shinjuku.11
  • “The humans are using me? What are you saying? Aren’t you still a-“ - Yu reads into Mika’s statement that the humans are using him with what it means about Mika (since Mika was forcibly changed into a vampire).11
  • "Mika... That wasn't just a dream. I can't believe you're still alive. All these years, I can't believe it." - After being relieved that no one in his squad was hurt, Yu considers Mika. Concerning him Yu experiences a mix of tears and happiness that Mika is still alive after four years.12
  • “None of my friends got seriously hurt. Mika is still alive. It’s unbelievable. Why are so many good things happening to me? He’s out there, somewhere. And I’ll find him again. Mika. I’ll do whatever it takes. I’ll save you. - Amazed at his luck, and thinking of Mika.12
  • “Sounds like fun, but don’t get angry if I humiliate the all mighty Hiragi.” - Keen for the practice sparring against Kureto.
  • “All I want to know is if I’m of use to you in our fight against the vampires. If I am then you must want to recruit Mika as well, right?” - Yu does not mind being used, now just hoping Guren can help Mika as well.13
  • “If you think this memory will make me lose control Asuramaru, then you’ve underestimated me… and how much there is at stake. I made him a promise and I intend to keep it.” - Yu is not so much concerned with traumatic memories of his parents saying he needed to die as he is with acquiring power to help Mika.14
  • “I’ve decided I’m going to stick with Guren. Family. That’s what he’s called our team from the very beginning.” - Yu makes his decision even taking into account that Guren may be using him and following his orders may make them traitors to the army.
  • “My parents abandoned me so I never really learned how families are supposed to work. But, I’m pretty sure you don't turn your back on your brother just because he kept a secret from you. Guren said he would help get Mika back and complete my family.” - Mentioning his parents to his squad, views on Guren, and remembering who offered to help get Mika back.15
  • “Nagoya… are you there, Mika?” - His enduring thoughts for Mika (and hearing the name of the city where Yu would be found by Mika).
  • “Sorry lieutenant colonel, this is my fault, I take all the blame.” - Although not at fault for being late, Yu accepts responsibility when Shinoa is being shouted at in front of a one hundred person army.
  • “Hey wait! You’re that guy from that place I had to go that time!” - Finding him again at the Ebina rest stop, Yu recognizes Shinya from where he had to fight him as part of Kureto's test to root out spies at the first office.
  • “If I explode then I’m taking you with me!” - Yu’s course of action for Guren when unable to remove a spell tag attached to his forehead, and after offered the chance to admit defeat before his head is blown off. It is not small talk either as Yu sprints towards Guren whilst he has the time.16
  • “There’s no point in remembering the name of someone you’re just going to kill. But, I do remember the names of the people I’m going to protect.” - A different view to that remembering a target’s name is an important quality for a soldier, and Yu has learnt the names of Narumi squad he is fighting with against target Lucal Wesker.
  • “I have to admit, I can’t wait to take your head!” - Where he had blind loathing for them, now Yu is enthusiastic at killing vampires, namely a noble such as Lucal Wesker’s.17
  • "Yoichi's right. That guy is big trouble! He's like insanely strong!" - Having faced Crowley before outside of Shinjuku, Yu turns to Guren to add that the noble Yoichi fired at in Nagoya city hall is powerful. Also a rare daunted assessment of acknowledging someone as being powerful where usually Yu charges head strong into battle. It was a hostage situation where Crowley was deemed trouble.19
  • “You want us to ditch Guren and put the mission first, like it doesn’t matter! Like you don’t care what happens to him…” - Yu consistently places the importance of comrades over a larger mission and is more so troubled it is Guren’s close friends that are leaving him.20
  • ”The same as always. I had to watch a vampire kill everyone I cared about.” - Yu remembers when he was younger he would wake screaming from recurring nightmares.
  • “I guess I just can’t get this team work thing down. Sorry, but I’m going back for Guren.” - After recollecting a past memory where Guren advised him to endure until he could find someone he could help, Yu has made up his mind on who that person is. This is after already one failed rescue attempt, and taking part in multiple team based exercises. 20
  • “No way. Then where am I now. Is this the afterlife, or what?” - Processing that he has died after ingesting cursed gear stimulants caused his organs to internally explode.
  • “I don’t need you anymore, I want the trumpet.” - Even though Asuramaru can repair his heart, Yu remains transfixed on the trumpet, as if he were enchanted to desire gaining it.
  • “Don’t you dare give up! Remember, you’re the one who told me to keep on living. And I’ve finally found the person who needs my help!” - His determined response to Guren after he said there was no hope for him with his capture by three vampire nobles.21
  • “It can’t be. No way. Mika, is that you?” - Checking if it is Mika he has found for the second time, in Nagoya.22
  • “I’m so sorry, Mika. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have left you all alone.” - At first not understanding Mika’s need for blood, Yu hears the lack of it causes Mika physical pain and after letting Mika bite him Yu says this.22
  • “Blood’ll heal you. Take what you need. Do it.” - With Mika still insisting for Yu to stay away, he pulls him in close and adds: “Just do it. If it’s going to save you, then drink all you want.” - And is only concerned with Mika’s wellbeing.22
  • “Do you really think I want to watch my best friend turn into a vampire?! But tell me, Mika, what other choice do I have?! If you die here… then I’ll… I’ll… I’ll have to start crying!” - Not wanting him turn into a complete vampire with Mika not liking it either, Yu resorts to other means to persuade Mika to go through with it. Yu then adds: *“I don’t care if you become a monster. You’ll survive, so just suck it up and do it for me!” - In the past Yu does not mind becoming a demon to save those he is close to. Using the word “monster” was not used as a pejorative to insult Mika, rather assure him even if the ‘worst’ happens it does not matter, so long as he is okay. “Suck it up” could be in the context of literally sucking Yu’s blood up or as an informal phrase for Mika to accept this difficult process, or something else.22
  • “Stay alive. For me.” - After various methods to help Mika who was exceptionally hesitant to turn into a complete vampire, wanting Mika to stay alive, Yu prepares to offer his blood.22
  • “We’ll still be family. No matter what you become.” - Surmizing what he has been saying, and Yu’s deep-rooted hatred for vampires was not even thought of once where helping Mika was concerned.22
  • “Oh yeah, I forgot you don’t know everyone. He’s the army guy who found me after I escaped from the vampires, he took me in and cared for me. He likes to talk and he gives good advice.” - After mentioning him to Mika, Yu describes Guren.22
  • “He told me to keep on living even if it was just for revenge. That one day someone who needed my help would show up and give me a new reason to exist. That’s why I’m still alive. Even when life felt pointless, even when I thought no one needed me. I forced myself to get through each day. And I’m glad, because I finally got to see you again.” - Sharing Guren’s advice and how it helped him see Mika again.22
  • “Hey, let’s make a promise. We’ll survive together, even if it’s painful sometimes. Who cares if you’re a vampire?! If it’s too difficult for you then I’ll just have to turn you back into a human. So please, promise me you won’t give up and try to die ever again.” - Concluding his thoughts after hearing Mika say he never thought he would turn into a complete vampire and speaking to help Mika feel better when he is crying.22
  • “That’s them! I told you they’re good guys, right?! Right?! That means we should be helping them out, right? Yeah!” - Very pleased that Mika has met his squad, indeed been saved by them and so all the more reason he should help rescue them as well.22
  • “Hold up a second. Are you saying it’s my fault the world was almost destroyed?” - Concerned that his may have been responsible for the apocalypse.
  • “This reminds me of another time. Remember how we ran away from the vampires because we thought we could find paradise somewhere else? But it didn’t work, everyone got killed and we learnt that paradise didn’t exist.” - After Mika suggests they run away from humans and vampires who were targeting Yu, he raises the experience of escaping the vampire city.22
  • “If so then we can discuss that with my friends. They’re smart, they can help us run away if that’s what you really want us to do.” - When discussing how the last escape attempt ended in failure, and that there was no paradise to go to, Mika would like them to try looking. Yu thinks of his friends and how he can rely on them to help them both if that is what Mika wants.22
  • “This isn’t right, Guren. This isn’t you. Did they brainwash you or something? You trained us, you taught us to never turn our backs on our comrades. Stop smiling and say something already!” - After Guren has stabbed Kimizuki it is not a case of overcoming a threat. Mentioning how Guren has helped them, Yu attempts to get through to him (unaware that Guren is possessed by his demon, Mahiru-no-Yo).24
  • “Listen to me! There’s Guren, and Shinoa. Yoichi, Kimizuki, Mitsuba and you. Your all people I have to protect, understand?” Not allowing Mika to get him to safety since Yu cannot leave any of them behind.
  • “All I need to do is kill that big monster, right? That’ll save everyone, including you.” With Abaddon’s power posing a serious threat,
  • “The time has come to end this world. I’ll judge every human who’s broken our taboos and turn them into pillars of salt.” - Not reacting at all to be blasted by Abaddon’s stream of energy, The King of Salt delivers on his intent by sending a wave at everything before him from humans to Four Horseman of John.24
  • “It’s over. The lust for power that drives you humans ends today. All before me will become pillars of salt!” - Abaddon is gone and so there is nothing to distract the King of Salt from doing what he wanted to do initially, with human’s lust for power as a grievance for him. 24
  • “Humans aren’t worthy of this world.” - Musing as the King of Salt as army soldiers charge towards him.
  • “Let’s get going! We’ll rescue Kimizuki’s sister and that idiot Guren too. We’ll get him back to his old self.” - Four months later the squad includes Mika and Narumi and they are ready for their plan.24


  • Yūichirō 「優一郎」 translates as "kind first son."
  • Hyakuya 「百夜」 means "hundred nights."
  • His identification number in the vampire city is: h16 – 0004 - 51366987.


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