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Yūichirō Hyakuya (百夜 優一郎 Hyakuya Yūichirō?) is the main protagonist of the Seraph of the End anime. Taken to an underground vampire city after the world collapsed, Yu attempted to escape with Mikaela Hyakuya and the rest of his orphanage family. He became a member of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army as well as Shinoa Hīragi's squad in the Moon Demon Company.

Set on vengeance against the vampires, Yu acquired a cursed gear sword and complied with Lieutenant Colonel Guren Ichinose's orders to wipe out a vampire base and free the humans kept there. Yu would head to defend the city of Shinjuku from a vampire invasion where he would lose control as a one winged hybrid being.

He then joined other squads in a mission targeting vampire nobles in Nagoya. There in response to a seraph summoning the demon Adaddon to the world, Yu would himself be transformed into the second trumpet with the powers to vanquish the threat.

Note: This is the page for Yu in the anime, for the article detailing Yu in other formats see: Yūichirō Hyakuya.


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He has medium length black hair which can be considered quite neat and messy at the same time. Yu possesses sharp green eyes which fall under his eyebrows. His eyes are large compared to most other males in the series.

As a child raised as livestock, Yu wears the standard white uniform with short sleeves and a hood.

His school uniform consists of a gakuran with a standing collar that is black with teal trim. The collar and the top buttons of the jacket are unbuttoned, revealing is a white shirt underneath.

He wielded a standard demon katana until he was promoted into the Moon Demon Company. As a private of the Demon Army, Yu wears the conventional JIDA uniform which consists of a long-sleeved black coat with light green details including the shoulder epaulettes. These have a brown Sam Browne belt passing diagonally over his right shoulder and two rows of gold buttons on the front. Along with that, he wears a pair of white gloves and a white web belt with a gold waist-plate. Yu also wears the uniform trousers and black boots which go over the trousers' leggings. Yu keeps his katana on the left side of his hip. Sometimes he can be seen wearing the JIDA hat, and often wears the JIDA cape as well.


Yu's eyes become scarlet and he sprouts two black horns from his head, His teeth become pointed while curse marks appear on the side of his face.

Seraph of the End[]

In his incomplete seraph form, Yu's left eye turns into a black pit and his right eye becomes red and bleeds. He has an exceptionally large branched wing-like structure that emerges from his upper left shoulder. As a full seraph, Yu has a single pair of irregular black wings both of his sclera are dark with gold irises, and the edges of his hair become white.



Up until his teenage years, Yu started off as moody and antisocial due to the tragedies during his childhood. As a young child, he saw himself as a demon in the figure of speech sense that no one would love. At first, Yu wanted nothing to do with Mika and the other Hyakuya orphans.

Having a casual attitude to physical violence causes Yu to run to tackle a vampire as a child and older he is indifferent to being punched and returning them as when he fought with Kimizuki. He tells Mistuba to punch him as much as she wants if it will make her feel better. Even after spending time with Shinoa and Yoichi, Yu had not mellowed around others. Refusing to introduce himself to his classmates, Yu instead called them weaklings that can become vampire food for all he cares. Confrontational when he returned Kimizuki's punch to trying to take a cursed gear weapon from Shinoa by force. He usually speaks of his intent such as when he asked what Kimizuki’s test score is and it had better be epic or he would pop him one for being arrogant.

Although confrontational he takes the blame for being late to spare Shinoa and the squad from being chastised, even when being shouted at he responded with an apology. His urge to acquire power makes him headstrong and he is vocal in his own abilities, confidant that he will be slaying monsters dusk until dawn. Another sense of bravado is that he will kill fifty of them with his eyes closed.

With weaknesses’ pointed out he will adapt them if it helps him achieve a goal. With Mika’s rescue being a possibility, Yu asked Guren to teach him the proper way of using his cursed gear to become a better fighter. He can be flippantly dismissive to what he does not feel is necessary such as the need to remember a target’s name. Instead Yu uses his good memory to remember the names of those he is to protect. His habit of speaking his mind and not having time for protocol with higher ranked army members can make him seem as if he is not being serious but he is, just in a different way.

He uses different words as substitutes for what he means to say, calling Lucal that “Loo-loo la-la guy” and agreeing that he and Mika should leave the Moon Demon Company when it was the Imperial Demon Army that were more problematic. Thinking simply out of practicality, Yu often tries to simplify serious matters. For example Abaddon is a gigantic, winged insectoid like creature emerging from a seraph girl’s back that is producing Four Horsemen of John and stopping Mika from healing. Yu refers to such an entity as “that big monster” where all he needs to do is kill it to make everything better.

Although it takes time, Yu is most passionate to notions of comradeship especially amongst members of the wider army. He was in favour of saving hostages and physically confronted Narumi when he said to leave them behind. His idea of what constitutes a family is also a significant feature of his personality. He felt no ill will towards a child who acted to defend those close to her. Yu feels he can never repay people for giving him a reason to live and has no qualms about being used, whether by Guren or Mika.

Whilst he initially wanted to and did fight vampires out of vengeance he came to almost enjoy defeating them. His deeply rooted opposition to them is a guiding force in his life, the only exception concerns Mika who he does not treat as other vampires, however he still continues to use the term bloodsucker even after meeting Mika. After wanting to reclaim Mika became a driving focus for Yu, Asuramaru was concerned that Yu had forgetton his desire for revenge, but Yu is still obsessed with family. When they are in danger of being harmed Yu loses all sense of what is right or wrong though this may be in the context of whether it is right to turn into a partial demon to rescue someone.

Happy at things like seeing a car being hotwired, Yu is filled with wonder that he can drive. His sense of humor includes commenting that he did not know he was so popular when hearing the exceptionally serious matter that he was being targeted by both vampires and humans.


He yells in a mix of pain and rage in the uncontrollable state of being a demon. With a horn stabbing out his head Yu becomes sure of himself, convinced that he has the power to take a vampire nobles head in a fight he enjoys where he felt powerless before. Able to recognize others, he does not want them interfering in his battle.

Seraph of the End[]

During his first transformation, he goes berserk and attacked specific targets. He struck then pursued Crowley to attack him again. After resuming his lethargic manner of walking, he spotted Shinoa and ran to angrily assault her. Even with his sword through Mika he paid no mind to him in his goal of trying to stab a human consistant with his muttering that sinners must die, and he must kill all sinners.Upon his second transformation, he is more sure of the need to destroy humanity and the world. He curses the tainted humans and plans to turn them into "pillars of salt." Coming under the fire from Mirai and Abaddon, Yu remained calm and steadily made his way to deal with that foe before turning his attention back to humans. Whilst he could see him, Yu did not react to Asuramaru, a demon.


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At the Hyakuya orphanage, Yu was introduced by the director as the newest member of the family. He was approached by Mika with Ako and another orphan but hearing Mika speak of the notion of family, Yu asks if he thinks that means anything to him. He is here because his dad went crazy and tried to kill him, and his mom was so convinced that Yu was a demon that she committed suicide. Yu did not want Mika's offer of family.


For the comprehensive account of Yu's experiences in the Seraph of the End anime view:

Story: Yūichirō Hyakuya (Anime)

Powers and Abilities[]

Natural Abilities[]

Yu has a natural resistance to demons such as the power given off by Mahiru-no-Yo that rendered virtually everyone else in the class unconscious from its crushing power. His abilities with a sword allow him to put up a good fight against monsters such as Four Horseman of John, and agile vampires with supernatural strengths. One tenth of his being is not human, rather part seraph specifically the King of Salt where in that state Yu possesses tremendous analogous abilities.


Enchanted Gear[]

When Yu was patrolling outside he wielded a katana sword to battle Four Horseman of John. He would keep such a weapon within his locker and retrieve it to fight an escaped vampire who had taken a student hostage.

Cursed Gear[]

Yu's cursed gear is Asuramaru, of which the physical weapon is a green katana.


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  • "You just had to go and butt in, didn't you. I had that parasite right where I wanted him." - Insisting to Mika that he had a chance against a vampire. 1
  • "About that. He seemed to know you pretty well." - Questioning how familiar vampire noble Ferid was with Mika and then learning that Mika is giving him his blood.1
  • "You think that means anything to me? You wanna know why I'm here? Because my dad went crazy and tried to kill me. And my mom? She was so convinced I was a demon child that she committed suicide. You think you know how I feel? Well you don't! Keep your family I don't want any part of it!" - Angrily responding to Mika welcoming him to the Hyakuya Orphanage and detailing his experiences with his parents.1
  • "All the kids really enjoyed it though. So, what did you have to do. I mean to get the curry? Idiot. Next time we're trading my blood." - As the others sleep Yu stays awake to share with Mika how the orphanage family enjoyed the curry he brought. Then raising how it was acquired, and not having Mika answer, Yu cuts in to spare Mika giving his blood again. Told to forget about it and focus on defeating vampires, with Mika saying to leave it to him and trying to act as if everything is okay, Yu replies for him to: "Stop it, you can't take on all the burden by yourself. I'm not stupid, I know how strong the vampires are. I know beating them is impossible." - 1
  • "You're fine. You're going to make it. Come on. Mika I can't leave. I can't, I finally have a family. I won't lose you." - Trying to bring Mika with him who has been seriously wounded, and Yu acknowledges he has a family.1
  • "I'll do whatever it takes. So long as I get... to kill every last one of them." - After escaping the vampire city when his family have just been murdered, Yu has this answer for Guren on whether he wants to help get rid of the vampires once and for all.1
  • "Every time I close my eyes I see the same scene play out. I see the smiling faces of my dearest friends. My family. And then... I see their bloody, lifeless bodies lying in front of me. It never fails. Even after four years. I'm still haunted by my painful memories of that night." - Years after escaping the vampire city, Yu has recurring nightmares on the loss of his orphanage family.2
  • "Hey, give it a rest you punks. Awesome, see this is why I love bullies. They're simple and stupid. Okay, wanna fight? Let's go." - After bullies mentioned setting vampires on Yoichi, Yu intervened. He then heard from Shinoa that fighting civilians is prohibited and will extend his suspension.2
  • "Yamanaka! Take this girl and get out of here, hurry! You're a soldier candidate, right? Hup to it, man!" - Relying on a student and directing him to rescue a hostage whilst Yu deals with a vampire. Also his first demonstration of teamwork and willing to work with a bully with an actual threat in the room.
  • "Moron. If you had helped her you'd be dead, too. Then she would have died for nothing. - After hearing that Yoichi feels bad for being powerless to help his sister, Yu adds: "No buts. Let me give you some advice, don't join the army. Remember, your sister doesn't want revenge, she's gone." - Advising Yoichi against his goals namely since it involves revenge, Yu's sole motivation for fighting the vampires is to avenge the loss of his family. Giving advice that he does not follow himself to help Yoichi.2
  • "Shinoa. I'm taking your cursed gear. Just hand it over, I need it to get revenge for my family." - Drawing his regular sword, Yu is under the impression he can take a cursed gear when a contract with a demon is required, and also thinking he can simply take Shinoa's scythe.
  • "The point is the beat the demon, right? I need power. My family has waited for revenge long enough." - Heading right to it when there is a chance to acquire a cursed gear weapon.3
  • "Vengeance. You're right. I need power to get back at those parasites." - Hearing who he sees as Mika telling him to open his heart to get justice for his family, before replying: "But you're not my family! Just who are you?! You're not the Mika that I know! He's not like me. He'd never tell me to live for vengeance or try to make me feel guilty. He'd tell me to be smart, and he'd go behind my back and shoulder all the burden himself. Because that's just the kind of friend he was! I'm done playing now who the hell are you!" - Earnestly livid, Yu can tell who is before him is not Mika as he impassionedly describes Mika's disposition. And when told to listen by the demon's illusion of Mika, Yu says to: "Shut your mouth! Trying to trick me with Mika's face was a huge mistake!" 3
  • "Only a coward would give up on her life so easily. Pick yourself up and start fighting for what you want. That's what I'm going to do, and nothing as small as a bad evaluation is going to stop me. If I'm being honest, I don't even need the Moon Demon Company, I'd still fight all by myself. But you're going to give up on your family just like that?" - Responding to Kimizuki who feels it is his fault he is getting a bad evaluation and so cannot save his sister. Yu simultaneously reflects on his own state where he desires to get what he wants even without the Moon Demon Company and is prepared to do it all by himself.
  • "The only person with the right to evaluate this fool is me." - Ultimately unconcerned with his own evaluation test result.4
  • "Wait, let's put this on hold for now. Guren's come out of hiding." - Pausing an argument with Kimizuki after spotting Guren, then asking him: *"What's the deal. I thought you said I was going to contract with a demon."5
  • "Go Yoichi. This isn't the kind of place a nice guy like you should be and you know it." - Agreeing with Sayuri on whether it is a good idea for Yoichi to be joining them for the cursed gear trial.5
  • "The vampires will suffer. For Mika and my family I'll exterminate every last one of them. That's the only thing I still live for." - Before a cursed gear katana, Yu thinks of what drives him to make a contract with a Black Demon.5
  • "It's not a good idea to imitate people I care about." - Taking part in the Black Demon contract ceremony to acquire his sword, Yu says his first words to Asuramaru who has taken the form of Mika.6
  • "I have not! I've never forgotten!" - Illusions of Mika and Akane ask whether Yu thinks it is unfair that they are dead and Yu is making a new family. Further that he left them behind and moved on, Yu has almost managed to completely forget about them.
  • "We've got to go and save her, come on! That monster's going to kill her. What good's the Vampire Extermination Unit if we can't even save one kid?!" - Heading to intervene and save a girl under attack from a Four Horseman of John and stopped since it is a vampire trap, Yu answers *"I'm willing to put my life on the line. Let me save her! Are you really going to let that little girl die?! If you want to stand by then so be it, but I'm not abandoning anyone ever again!"
  • ”Don’t worry about that, it’s not a big deal. You must be scared and I don't blame you one bit." 7
  • ”How does it feel to be killed by your food?” - A question for the first vampire he kills.8
  • "I followed your rules. I assessed the enemy, and didn't draw until you said to. You need to stop complaining and give me some credit." - Responding to Mitsuba after he dispatched a vampire.
  • ”What was it you said about humans being disgusting? That we’re scum who’ll turn on one another if you threaten our friends and family? That we don’t have a sense of pride? I guess you know us pretty well. What you said is true. Humans will do anything for the people we care about. We’ll push ourselves to the brink, make contracts with demons, and become devils ourselves. You might think that’s repulsive, but I would call it honourable. The disgusting one, is you!" - After saving Mitsuba from her capture in a vampire lair, Yu addresses the vampires gathered.8
  • “I left my family behind to save my own skin. Even though they were dying, I should have stayed with them until the end.” - Angered remorse at feeling he ran from the vampire city leaving him family to die.8
  • “Okay fine, if that’s how it’s going to be. Just know that I’m not going to let any of you die. That’s the whole reason I fought for so much power. Right, Asuramaru?"
  • “Well damn, you guys, looks like you’re pretty amazing after all!” Yu’s happiness at how Kimizuki, Mitsuba and Yoichi handled the vampires.
  • “You damn vampire! You get away from him right now!” - Not knowing it is Mika, Yu runs towards the vampire who just stabbed Guren.10
  • “I’m sorry. But if that’s who I think it is. My family’s with the vampires” - Largely ignoring his squad's disbelief on why he failed to destroy the vampire he stabbed, Yu processes that it might be Mika he just saw.11
  • “No, we can’t just run away dammit! Mika’s my family, I won’t leave him with these monsters!” - His response to the order to retreat, and his attitude to having to leave Mika after finding him again at Shinjuku.11
  • “The humans are using me? What are you saying? Aren’t you still a-“ - Yu reads into Mika’s statement that the humans are using him with what it means about Mika (since Mika was forcibly changed into a vampire).11
  • "Mika... That wasn't just a dream. I can't believe you're still alive. All these years, I can't believe it." - After being relieved that no one in his squad was hurt, Yu considers Mika. Concerning him Yu experiences a mix of tears and happiness that Mika is still alive after four years.12
  • “None of my friends got seriously hurt. Mika is still alive. It’s unbelievable. Why are so many good things happening to me? He’s out there, somewhere. And I’ll find him again. Mika. I’ll do whatever it takes. I’ll save you. - Amazed at his luck, and thinking of Mika.12
  • “Sounds like fun, but don’t get angry if I humiliate the all mighty Hiragi.” - Keen for the practice sparring against Kureto.
  • “All I want to know is if I’m of use to you in our fight against the vampires. If I am then you must want to recruit Mika as well, right?” - Yu does not mind being used, now just hoping Guren can help Mika as well.13
  • “If you think this memory will make me lose control Asuramaru, then you’ve underestimated me… and how much there is at stake. I made him a promise and I intend to keep it.” - Yu is not so much concerned with traumatic memories of his parents saying he needed to die as he is with acquiring power to help Mika.14
  • “I’ve decided I’m going to stick with Guren. Family. That’s what he’s called our team from the very beginning.” - Yu makes his decision even taking into account that Guren may be using him and following his orders may make them traitors to the army.
  • “My parents abandoned me so I never really learned how families are supposed to work. But, I’m pretty sure you don't turn your back on your brother just because he kept a secret from you. Guren said he would help get Mika back and complete my family.” - Mentioning his parents to his squad, views on Guren, and remembering who offered to help get Mika back.15
  • “Nagoya… are you there, Mika?” - His enduring thoughts for Mika (and hearing the name of the city where Yu would be found by Mika).
  • “Sorry lieutenant colonel, this is my fault, I take all the blame.” - Although not at fault for being late, Yu accepts responsibility when Shinoa is being shouted at in front of a one hundred person army.
  • “Hey wait! You’re that guy from that place I had to go that time!” - Finding him again at the Ebina rest stop, Yu recognizes Shinya from where he had to fight him as part of Kureto's test to root out spies at the first office.
  • “If I explode then I’m taking you with me!” - Yu’s course of action for Guren when unable to remove a spell tag attached to his forehead, and after offered the chance to admit defeat before his head is blown off. It is not small talk either as Yu sprints towards Guren whilst he has the time.16
  • “There’s no point in remembering the name of someone you’re just going to kill. But, I do remember the names of the people I’m going to protect.” - A different view to that remembering a target’s name is an important quality for a soldier, and Yu has learnt the names of Narumi squad he is fighting with against target Lucal Wesker.
  • “I have to admit, I can’t wait to take your head!” - Where he had blind loathing for them, now Yu is enthusiastic at killing vampires, namely a noble such as Lucal Wesker’s.17
  • "Yoichi's right. That guy is big trouble! He's like insanely strong!" - Having faced Crowley before outside of Shinjuku, Yu turns to Guren to add that the noble Yoichi fired at in Nagoya city hall is powerful. Also a rare daunted assessment of acknowledging someone as being powerful where usually Yu charges head strong into battle. It was a hostage situation where Crowley was deemed trouble.19
  • “You want us to ditch Guren and put the mission first, like it doesn’t matter! Like you don’t care what happens to him…” - Yu consistently places the importance of comrades over a larger mission and is more so troubled it is Guren’s close friends that are leaving him.20
  • ”The same as always. I had to watch a vampire kill everyone I cared about.” - Yu remembers when he was younger he would wake screaming from recurring nightmares.
  • “I guess I just can’t get this team work thing down. Sorry, but I’m going back for Guren.” - After recollecting a past memory where Guren advised him to endure until he could find someone he could help, Yu has made up his mind on who that person is. This is after already one failed rescue attempt, and taking part in multiple team based exercises. 20
  • “No way. Then where am I now. Is this the afterlife, or what?” - Processing that he has died after ingesting cursed gear stimulants caused his organs to internally explode.
  • “I don’t need you anymore, I want the trumpet.” - Even though Asuramaru can repair his heart, Yu remains transfixed on the trumpet, as if he were enchanted to desire gaining it.
  • “Don’t you dare give up! Remember, you’re the one who told me to keep on living. And I’ve finally found the person who needs my help!” - His determined response to Guren after he said there was no hope for him with his capture by three vampire nobles.21
  • “It can’t be. No way. Mika, is that you?” - Checking if it is Mika he has found for the second time, in Nagoya.22
  • “I’m so sorry, Mika. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have left you all alone.” - At first not understanding Mika’s need for blood, Yu hears the lack of it causes Mika physical pain and after letting Mika bite him Yu says this.22
  • “Blood’ll heal you. Take what you need. Do it.” - With Mika still insisting for Yu to stay away, he pulls him in close and adds: “Just do it. If it’s going to save you, then drink all you want.” - And is only concerned with Mika’s wellbeing.22
  • “Do you really think I want to watch my best friend turn into a vampire?! But tell me, Mika, what other choice do I have?! If you die here… then I’ll… I’ll… I’ll have to start crying!” - Not wanting him turn into a complete vampire with Mika not liking it either, Yu resorts to other means to persuade Mika to go through with it. Yu then adds: *“I don’t care if you become a monster. You’ll survive, so just suck it up and do it for me!” - In the past Yu does not mind becoming a demon to save those he is close to. Using the word “monster” was not used as a pejorative to insult Mika, rather assure him even if the ‘worst’ happens it does not matter, so long as he is okay. “Suck it up” could be in the context of literally sucking Yu’s blood up or as an informal phrase for Mika to accept this difficult process, or something else.22
  • “Stay alive. For me.” - After various methods to help Mika who was exceptionally hesitant to turn into a complete vampire, wanting Mika to stay alive, Yu prepares to offer his blood.22
  • “We’ll still be family. No matter what you become.” - Surmizing what he has been saying, and Yu’s deep-rooted hatred for vampires was not even thought of once where helping Mika was concerned.22
  • “Oh yeah, I forgot you don’t know everyone. He’s the army guy who found me after I escaped from the vampires, he took me in and cared for me. He likes to talk and he gives good advice.” - After mentioning him to Mika, Yu describes Guren.22
  • “He told me to keep on living even if it was just for revenge. That one day someone who needed my help would show up and give me a new reason to exist. That’s why I’m still alive. Even when life felt pointless, even when I thought no one needed me. I forced myself to get through each day. And I’m glad, because I finally got to see you again.” - Sharing Guren’s advice and how it helped him see Mika again.22
  • “Hey, let’s make a promise. We’ll survive together, even if it’s painful sometimes. Who cares if you’re a vampire?! If it’s too difficult for you then I’ll just have to turn you back into a human. So please, promise me you won’t give up and try to die ever again.” - Concluding his thoughts after hearing Mika say he never thought he would turn into a complete vampire and speaking to help Mika feel better when he is crying.22
  • “That’s them! I told you they’re good guys, right?! Right?! That means we should be helping them out, right? Yeah!” - Very pleased that Mika has met his squad, indeed been saved by them and so all the more reason he should help rescue them as well.22
  • “Hold up a second. Are you saying it’s my fault the world was almost destroyed?” - Concerned that his may have been responsible for the apocalypse.
  • “This reminds me of another time. Remember how we ran away from the vampires because we thought we could find paradise somewhere else? But it didn’t work, everyone got killed and we learnt that paradise didn’t exist.” - After Mika suggests they run away from humans and vampires who were targeting Yu, he raises the experience of escaping the vampire city.22
  • “If so then we can discuss that with my friends. They’re smart, they can help us run away if that’s what you really want us to do.” - When discussing how the last escape attempt ended in failure, and that there was no paradise to go to, Mika would like them to try looking. Yu thinks of his friends and how he can rely on them to help them both if that is what Mika wants.22
  • “This isn’t right, Guren. This isn’t you. Did they brainwash you or something? You trained us, you taught us to never turn our backs on our comrades. Stop smiling and say something already!” - After Guren has stabbed Kimizuki it is not a case of overcoming a threat. Mentioning how Guren has helped them, Yu attempts to get through to him (unaware that Guren is possessed by his demon, Mahiru-no-Yo).24
  • “Listen to me! There’s Guren, and Shinoa. Yoichi, Kimizuki, Mitsuba and you. Your all people I have to protect, understand?” Not allowing Mika to get him to safety since Yu cannot leave any of them behind.
  • “All I need to do is kill that big monster, right? That’ll save everyone, including you.” With Abaddon’s power posing a serious threat,
  • “The time has come to end this world. I’ll judge every human who’s broken our taboos and turn them into pillars of salt.” - Not reacting at all to be blasted by Abaddon’s stream of energy, The King of Salt delivers on his intent by sending a wave at everything before him from humans to Four Horseman of John.24
  • “It’s over. The lust for power that drives you humans ends today. All before me will become pillars of salt!” - Abaddon is gone and so there is nothing to distract the King of Salt from doing what he wanted to do initially, with human’s lust for power as a grievance for him. 24
  • “Humans aren’t worthy of this world.” - Musing as the King of Salt as army soldiers charge towards him.
  • “Let’s get going! We’ll rescue Kimizuki’s sister and that idiot Guren too. We’ll get him back to his old self.” - Four months later the squad includes Mika and Narumi and they are ready for their plan.24


  • Yūichirō 「優一郎」 translates as "kind first son."
  • Hyakuya 「百夜」 means "hundred nights."
  • His identification number in the vampire city is: h16 – 0004 - 51366987.