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Yūji (雄二 Yūji?) is a student in Seraph of the End who attends Second Shibuya High. He is the first character in the series to become possessed by a demon.


Yūji has medium length light golden brown hair. He wears his school uniform, a grey gakuran with a standing collar that is black with teal trim. He leaves his jacket unbuttoned revealing a blue shirt underneath.


At some point of his life, he enrolled into Second Shibuya High, where he became friends with Satoshi Yamanaka and Shishido.


Events of 2020[]

Second Shibuya Arc[]

Yūji is first seen with Shishido, watching Yamanaka knock Yoichi Saotome to the ground. Yamanaka kicks Yochi around and asks him buy drinks for him and his friends until Yūichirō Hyakuya intervenes. He and his friends ask Yu, what does he thinks he is doing and gets ready to fight him. However, when Shinoa Hīragi mentions that Yūichirō's punishment will be extended if he gets caught harming a civilian, Yamanaka and his group manage to injury him without a fight.[1]

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After the vampire incident at Second Shibuya High, Yamanaka and Shishido chase down Yoichi to the rooftop of their school, where Shinoa and Yūichirō are at, and apologizes for picking on him after hearing he got into the Moon Demon Company. He asks Yūichirō and Yoichi to help his friend Yūji who entered the forbidden underground area at the school, which is one of the army's class one restricted zones, and has yet to return. Shinoa tells them that Yuji wanted to test his strength. She also mentions he was probably arrested and may even be executed. She says saving him is out of the question. However, it was revealed by Shinoa shortly after, when she told Yu and Yochi that it's an underground temple that actually serves as a training ground for the Vampire Extermination Unit. Those who have undergone enough training can go in there without being possessed by a demon, which is what most likely happen to Yūji.

They went to the underground temple to save him. When they enter the training ground, they find a possessed Yūji in the middle of the room holding a Cursed Gear in form of an axe. Yu fights Yūji and manages to remove the axe away from him which allows the demon to enter his mind, which saves Yūji. Afterwards, Yu overwhelms the demon through willpower alone and returns back to reality.[2]

Powers and Abilities[]

He wasn't able to control a Wisdom King class demon[3] he came into contact with and became possessed thus making his ability to handle a demon weak.





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  • Yūji 「雄二」 is a Japanese name that means "two males."