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Yamato Yamamoto (山本 ヤマト Yamamoto Yamato?) is a Japanese manga artist who is notable for providing the illustrations to both the light novel and manga series, Kure-nai by Kentarō Katayama. Yamamoto is also the illustrator to the Owari no Seraph manga series.


  • 9S -Nine S-, book 1–9 (light novel)
  • 9S -Nine S- Memories, book 1 (light novel)
  • Kure-nai, vol. 1–10 (manga, Jump SQ)

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  • Yamamoto's gender is left unknown.[† 1]
  • Daisuke Furuya, the manga's storyboarder, had assisted Yamamoto previously for storyboards in Kure-nai.[1]


  1. Despite Viz Media usually referring to Yamamoto as "Mr.", it is intentionally left unknown to the audience.


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