Japanese Imperial Demon ArmyEdit

Shinoa HīragiEdit

Leader of Shinoa Squad. She has to constantly keep Yuichiro Hyakuya in line.

Shinya HīragiEdit

A sniper who bears a Black Demon. He helps Narumi's team exterminate Lucal Wesker. It is Yayoi who first notices Mika when they are making their way to the airport, and she turns to Major General Shinya to tell him that they have enemies ahead.

Yūichirō HyakuyaEdit

A rude member of Shinoa Squad. He bears a Black Demon Weapon.

Guren IchinoseEdit

Leader of the Moon Demon Company.

Rika InoueEdit

A member of Narumi Squad.

Shusaku IwasakiEdit

A member of Narumi Squad. He binds their targets for extermination.

Taro KagiyamaEdit

A member of Narumi Squad.

Shihō KimizukiEdit

A member of Shinoa Squad. He bears a Black Demon Weapon.

Makoto NarumiEdit

Yayoi's squad leader. Yayoi is shown to respect him as a leader and take orders from him.

Mitsuba SanguEdit

A member of Shinoa Squad.

Yoichi SaotomeEdit

A member of Shinoa Squad. He bears a Black Demon Weapon.


Fifteenth Progenitor Lucal WeskerEdit

A vampire Narumi Squad and Shinoa Squad exterminate in Nagoya. Yayoi, along with Rika and Taro successfully stab Lucal in the back whilst he is distracted, and are overall successful in their plan to overwhelm him with numbers and skill. Yayoi takes it upon herself to deliver the finishing attack to the progenitor but Lucal grabs her sword by the blade and throws her aside. He then uses Yayoi's sword to destroy himself, opting for that fate over being killed by humans.

Mikaela HyakuyaEdit

Seeing a vampire charging towards them, Yayoi acts as anyone would and makes a brave attempt to attack Mika. He simply evades their attacks and jumps over Yayoi as he makes his way to retrieve Yu.

Crowley EusfordEdit

Crowley surveys the aftermath of the ambush that Yayoi was caught up in. He finds her lying on the ground and simply lifts her head up to view her. Without any malice, indeed complete indifferent to her existence, he slowly places her back and resume his business at hand.

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