Yoichi Saotome interacts with various other characters throughout the Seraph of the End series, which affects himself and the story. This article details Yoichi's relationships with other characters.


Tomoe Saotome

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His older sister who commanded Yoichi to hide under the bed when vampires attack after the world ended. Yoichi remains there for her to be killed by Lacus Welt by draining her blood entirely. Gekkouin often makes an illusion of Tomoe when he tries to take possession of Yoichi's body. Evidently his older sister cared enough to put her own safety on the line so that Yoichi could remain undetected. Ignoring the advice to stay under the bed is what allows Yoichi to take charge and overcome possession. Yoichi was left feeling murderous at hearing Guren say that Tomoe's body had been kept and he intended to kill Guren over this.

Japanese Imperial Demon Army

Shinoa Squad

Yūichirō Hyakuya

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After being helped by him from bullies he would possibly be Yoichi's closest friend, aside from Kimizuki. Yoichi takes every reasonable opportunity to glomp him. He was helped by Yu when he got bullied, and was ordered alongside him to be Yamanaka's gang's errand boys. After Yoichi reveals information about his past and his regrets of not being able to save his sister, he is hit by Yu with a soda can and told that his sister would not want to be avenged. In addition to this, he states that a spoiled weakling like him would have no place in the army.

However, Yoichi helps him save a civilian girl when one of the vampires from the research facilities escape. When Yoichi finds out that Yu is safe, he tearfully runs up to hug him (although he accidentally falls into Yu and knocks him out). He and Shinoa are at his bed side when Yu comes to. Yoichi feels bad about attacking Yu when he was possessed by a demon in the cursed gear ceremony and runs to hug Yu. He checked to see whether Yu was all right and urged him to retreat to save the squad when Yu saw Mika again.

Shinoa Hīragi

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From the prestigious Hiragi family Yoichi would meet her when attempting to access the Moon Demon Company. He was snagged as her partner in a group training exercise, to deny Yu a partner he got along with. Yoichi would become one of the members of Shinoa's squad. She usually acts like she wants to protect Yoichi's innocence or blames him as the source of ideas for her pranks. Later Yoichi is defended by Shinoa from a counter attack from Crowley. Yoichi turns to Shinoa on whether they should do something when Yu and Kimizuki head outside to spar.

Mitsuba Sangū

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A member of the prestigious Sangu family. Originally a part of another squad Yoichi would find Mitsuba assigned as the final member of the squad he is a part of. Mitsuba has experience in battle and is close friends with Shinoa. He is one of the few who Mitsuba does not instigate fights with. Yoichi adheres to Mitsuba's guidance in not heading into a vampire trap and stays at a distance to defend a girl used for bait whilst providing covering fire.

Shihō Kimizuki

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Finding him in class Yoichi would begin his practice of attempting to stop him and Yu from fighting. He has vampire threats pointed out to him by Kimizuki and is defended as well from this other black demon holder. Although he first appears to be temperamental, he actually strongly values family. Yoichi in all seriousness does ask why Kimizuki is being so mean when jokes about them be closer as a squad. Although Kimizuki has gotten in fights with the rest of their squad members, he has only shared barbed remarks with Yoichi and out of everyone is more laid back with Yoichi.

Guren Squad

Guren Ichinose

The commander of the Moon Demon Company and from the prestigious Ichinose family. Guren experiments on Yoichi and makes him a bearer of the Black Demon Series. When Yoichi is possessed Guren orders his death as a test of resolve for the others involved. Yoichi would be able to overcome his demon when trying to make a contract due in part to Guren's words on whether he wants to stay under the bed or take charge. In a training exercise at Ebina rest stop Yoichi is soundly defeated when he tries to ambush Guren from behind. Aside from these controlled circumstances, Yoichi is likely seen as a prized Black Demon holder. Although Guren mentioned that his sister Tomoe could be resurrected, that her body was kept in storage induced a never before seen murderous rage in Yoichi and he attempted to kill the Lt. Colonel.

Sayuri Hanayori

She is Yoichi's teacher, overseeing his classes and training exercise against mannequin like contraptions. When Yoichi is heading to the cursed gear ceremony room he hears Sayuri voice that he might not be ready. She is present on the battlefield later with Yoichi when they launch attacks on the vampires.

Mito Jūjō

A member of Guren's squad. Both their squads faces off as a challenge by Guren to prove their worth and strength before the battle. Yoichi does not manage to fire an attack her way with his missiles dealt with by Shinya and Guren. He is also not directly attacked by Mito even though she could have.

Narumi Squad

Makoto Narumi

Leader of his own squad who at first believes that Yoichi and his squad are undisciplined and is reluctant to work with them. Working together the two combined teams with Shinya successfully defeat their target of Lucal Wesker without any casualties. He somewhat holds grudges against Shinoa's squad for the death of his comrades, but even so aids them in escaping from the battlefield at the airport and rescuing Yu. After escaping the army they would function as the same squad.

Rika Inoue

She escapes with everyone else to the airport and holds a grudge against Shinoa's squad for the death of her two friends.

Shūsaku Iwasaki

When Yoichi helps Mika escape with Yu and other vampires attack, Iwasaki manages to escape with everyone else to the airport.

Yayoi Endō

She is killed by vampires when they are ambushed after Yoichi helps Mikaela escape with Yuichiro.

Tarō Kagiyama

A member of Makoto Narumi's squad. He is killed by vampires when they are ambushed after Mikaela escapes with Yuichiro.


Shinya Hīragi

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He is coached by Shinya on sniping when they attack Fifteenth Progenitor Lucal Wesker in Nagoya. Nervous in case they fail Yoichi was calmed before being instructed to snipe as many vampires as they can as the building where their vantage point is located falls down. They both together launch another joint attack on their original mark of Lucal Wesker. They work in tandem to survey Nagoya City hall during the continued operation to target vampire nobles.

Kureto Hīragi

Lieutenant General of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. Along with Kimizuki he is tortured on his orders by having soldiers stab them with knives to force Yuichiro in telling the truth during his "interview". He is released when Yu agrees to his terms and simply notes him as the person who tortured them when seeing Kureto again at Nagoya City airport. When Kureto begins uses the survivors as human sacrifices for his Seraph related experiment Yoichi orders him to leave his friends and shoots at Kureto.

Aoi Sangū

Kureto's personal assistant and Mitsuba's older sister. She is present when Yoichi and Kimizuki are tortured, and later when the survivors of the battle of Nagoya were to be used as sacrifices.


Lacus Welt

The vampire who killed Yoichi's older sister, Tomoe. Since he was under the bed when the incident occurred, Yoichi does not appear to recognise him when they meet on the battle field years later but does notice Lacus observing him. At Osaka Yoichi recognizes Lacus right away nearby and speaks to his demon Gekkouin on how he would want Lacus to suffer sunlight exposure torture for his crimes.

Crowley Eusford

A thirteenth progenitor that they first encounter when heading back to the stronghold after their first mission. For a short while they engage in combat with him. Yoichi tells him to eat his cursed gear weapon attack, though has to rely on his squad members covering him when Crowley counterstrikes. They meet once more on the battlefield of Shinjuku and are defeated. Later, they meet again at Nagoya City Hall where Crowley rules over in attempts to rescue trapped soldiers. Yoichi is the first to spot him through the window and requests confirmation that he can attack the noble whilst he can. He later attacks again to cover their retreat at this foe that they are unable to overcome.

Chess Belle

A seventeenth progenitor that they first encounter when heading back to the stronghold after their first mission. They meet once more on the battlefield of Shinjuku and are defeated where Yoichi is restrained and bitten by a vampire near them. Later, they meet again at Nagoya City Hall in attempts to rescue trapped soldiers.

Horn Skuld

A seventeenth progenitor that they first encounter when heading back to the stronghold after their first mission. They meet once more on the battlefield of Shinjuku and are defeated. Later, they meet again at Nagoya City Hall in attempts to rescue trapped soldiers and Yoichi fires spectral arrows at her to give them a chance to escape.

Lucal Wesker

His and Narumi squad's target is this fifteenth progenitor. Yoichi snipes him from a distance with Shinya before shooting at the vampires in his vicinity. The building Yoichi was on would be affected by a ranged slice from Lucal's sword and collapse. After reaching the ground Yoichi would fire at close range to help slow and end the vampire noble.

Esther Lee

A servant of Lucal Wesker. He is sacrificed as a meat shield when Yoichi fires at Lucal to kill him. Yoichi's arrow strike is part of a joint attack that destroys Esther instantly, leaving just his arm behind.

Mikaela Hyakuya

Yuichiro's family, who was forcibly transformed into a vampire. When they are running to Nagoya airport, Mika fights his way through the entire regiment to retrieve Yu. After Yu had knocked Mitsuba aside and head-butted Kimizuki to the ground Yoichi grabs Mika from behind to prevent him from leaving with Yu. He clutches him and appeals to Mika that they are the same family. Though he is swung off by an aggrieved Mika, who raises a sword to him, Yoichi is shocked when Mika is stabbed in the back by a rifle bayonet. Defending him to allow Mika to escape with Yu they would meet again at Nagoya airport. Escaping, later Yoichi would ask Mika whether their blood was okay.

Krul Tepes

After escaping Demon Army territory with this third progenitor Yoichi carries her unconscious to a bed. He thinks how this is the queen of Japan and how she looks just like a child, a pretty little girl. Whilst Yu has told them Krul is their friend for her connection with Mika, Yoichi ponders how they cannot decide anything about her yet.

Second Shibuya High School

Satoshi Yamanaka

A bully at Second Shibuya High School who Yoichi is pushed over and mistreated by. He complies with Satoshi's demands that he buy them stuff as Satoshi assures him that they are friends. Having failed the exam Yoichi hopes Yamanaka can help him since he has supposedly been admitted into the Moon Demon Company. Running away from him Yoichi would then help rescue Yūji as requested.


A bully at Second Shibuya High School who joins in picking on Yoichi. He runs from him thinking he has returned to bully him, then agrees to help him after hearing otherwise.


A bully at Second Shibuya High School. Despite the bad way Yoichi was treated by him, he still helps rescue Yūji when he is possessed and overcome by a cursed weapon.



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Yoichi's demon that is a part of the cursed gear bow he wields. He often replays memories of when Yoichi's sister died at Lacus's fangs. Yoichi feels he is mean for assuming Tomoe's form when interacting. Although he possesses Yoichi at first, they come to get along. They chat when Yoichi goes to sleep, even going so far as to discuss their favorite colors. Thanks to this, Yoichi masters manifestation without any help. Yoichi asks that Gekkouin keep his sadistic streak regarding Lacus a secret.

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