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Yoichi Saotome (早乙女 与一 Saotome Yoichi?) is one of the main male deuteragonists in Seraph of the End anime. He is motivated to acquire revenge for the death of his older sister, Tomoe, and becomes a member of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army to do so. Yoichi becomes a part of Shinoa Hīragi's squad in the Moon Demon Company, a path began after he helped Yūichirō Hyakuya against an escaped vampire.

Remarkably capable at wielding his cursed gear bow, Gekkouin, he uses that to assist in rescuing humans from a vampire lair and then defend the city of Shinjuku from a large scale invasion. Under the direction of Guren Ichinose, Yoichi would participate in the missions targeting vampire nobles in Nagoya.

Note: This is the page for Yoichi in the anime, for the article detailing Yoichi in other formats see: Yoichi Saotome


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He is an average-height boy with medium length, brown hair and large, dark green eyes.

For clothing, he is seen wearing his school uniform: a gray with light blue design gakuran.

Yoichi wears the standard JIDA uniform, which consists of a long-sleeved black coat with light green details including the shoulder epaulettes. These have a brown Sam Browne belt passing diagonally over his right shoulder and two rows of gold buttons on the front. Along with that, he wears a pair of white gloves and a white web belt with a gold waist-plate. Yoichi also wears the uniform trousers and black boots which go over the trouser's leggings. He usually wears the cap and cape as well.


Largely unaggressive, Yoichi made little if any effort to prevent himself from getting bullied and did not view it as that; however, he still ran from the bullies when he saw them again. Yoichi initially was set on acquiring revenge for his sister though seemingly not out of hatred rather as part of a culture based obligation to enact vengeance on behalf of others. His innocent nature kept him blind to areas that could benefit from reflection.

He would receive alternate perspectives; Yoichi's concern for a friend led him to tackle a vampire, something he was afraid of even hearing about. Yoichi made the choice to progress with acquiring a cursed gear to become stronger, and it was a desire to take action and help with the inclination to keep friends safe that allowed him to overcome the demon he had succumbed to.


Good natured and pleasant overall, it was this that initially put him at odds with his demon that he was nice to. However, talking to it in his sleep also strengthened his cursed gear capabilities, so rather than changing, remaining the same helped Yoichi there. He is usually the peace maker around Shinoa's Squad, intervening in the event that Yuichiro and Kimizuki are bickering. He has developed a love for his "family" that impacted his personality greatly.

He used to get very nervous and stutter a lot, but the closer he got to the squad, the more confident he got. He does not question his self-worth as much as before, and instead focuses more on protecting his new "family". Whilst he dislikes conflict amongst friends, Yoichi can be counted on to defend them on the battlefield where his archery based powers have been a major asset on more than one occasion. Yoichi is also efficient at zooming in and revealing intel to carrying out attacks as he follows orders well. As time passed, Yoichi is shown to be much more confident with his skills, sniping down three Horsemen at ease by himself. Kind, and supportive, Yoichi will also not hesitate to unload cursed gear fire into threats ranging from vampire nobles to mass murdering generals.


Episode 2 - Screenshot 128.png

After the world was devastated in an event that left 90% of the world's population deceased with just those under thirteen kept alive, Yoichi was left with his older sister. As a child he was told by Tomoe to hide under the bed. Yoichi wanted to save her but froze, powerless to do anything as she was killed by a vampire who had come to gather surviving children to keep as livestock.


Being picked on

Yoichi Saotome asks a student, Yamanaka to please stop as he is rounded on by him with accomplices Shishido and Yūji. Pushed over and falling on the floor, Yoichi has Yamanaka’s shoe against his head as he is hassled for money for snacks, with the threat of having vampires set upon him.

Seeing Yu has intervened on his behalf

With him not saying anything, this is only interrupted with Yūichirō Hyakuya's intervention, with Shinoa Hīragi observing. He reacts to Yu saying this is why he loves bullies, because they are simple and stupid.

Desiring to the Moon Demon Company

Carrying items, he says sorry, feeling this is all his fault. Asking for forgiveness Yoichi replies that he is not being bullied, even with Yu saying that his face was being used as a stepping stool. Yoichi has a favour he needs to ask of Yamanaka, yet getting on his good side is not exactly easy.

Explaining to Yu and Shinoa

He clarifies that Yamanaka is the one that sucker punched Yu in the face. Replying that he is not exactly Yamanaka’s fan boy, Yoichi failed the Imperial Demon Army exam, but had heard Yamanaka was even being considered for the Moon Demon Company. Yoichi was hoping he had the right connections and knew the right people for Yoichi to get another shot at the entrance exam.

Sad at his sister's death, that motivates him

Of the view that he is not much of a soldier and there is no place for weaklings in the army, Yoichi is resolute in joining to get revenge for his sister. He remembers himself as a child hiding under the bed watching his sister get killed by a vampire as she tried to protect him. At the time he froze, Yoichi wanted to save her but could not.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 132.png

Tapped on the head by a can, Yoichi is called a moron and if he had have helped he would have died. He is advised to not join the army, his sister would not want revenge. Besides a wimpy kids like him has no place in the army, they are to defeat the vampires not feed them.

An explosion on campus

Processing this upsets him to some degree, before he is shocked by a nearby explosion. Yoichi hears the announcement that a vampire has escaped the bio-research facility and dropping his items, he comments if it is in the school they are as good as dead. He is instructed by Shinoa to get out of here quickly whilst the Moon Demon Company are called.

Left with Shinoa after Yu has ran off

With Yu announcing the intent to kill the vampire himself so that Guren will have to let him join, Yoichi calls after Yu that it is suicide. He stares after him before noticing a drinks can spraying everywhere.

Helping Yu against the vampire

Joining the fight in the classroom, Yoichi physically tackles the vampire before it can drink the blood of a hostage. First asking if Yu is okay, he sees that his action has drawn the vampire's attention. Raising his arm as shes strikes, Yoichi sees that Yu is defending him from the vampire with the sword against the vampire's hands. Thanking Yu for his praise, Yoichi says that is what friends are for. He calls for Yu as he is taken out the window by the vampire.

Tripping and falling/diving into Yu

Making his way down he is happy to see Yu is alive, thinking that he had died. In his excitement he jumps over, loses his balance and falls into Yu knocking him over. He asks what is wrong and to call an ambulance with Guren and his squad, Norito Goshi with Shigure Yukimi and other members Mito Jūjō and Sayuri Hanayori nearby.

Informing Shinoa that Yu is awake

Remaining beside Yu’s bed, Yoichi appears relieved that he has awakened and points this out to Shinoa. Happy for Yu that he has been officially assigned to the vampire extermination unit, Yoichi hears that his own enlistment was also accepted. He encourages Yu to bring it in as they join hands.[2]

Feeling he doesn't deserve the honour of disciples

Calling Yu to help him out, Yoichi is running from Yamanaka and Shishido. Hiding behind Shinoa, he hears his bullies apologize for their behaviour before. but he cannot have any disciples when they ask to become his, he does not deserve that kind of honour.

Shinoa says a student will be executed and his friends should forget about him

Hearing how Yūji has entered a forbidden chamber, Yoichi was approached, since he is joining the vampire extermination unit. He listens further as Shinoa explains the ramifications of their actions of entering a class 1 restricted area. Rather than hard time, with it said that the army likely already has Yūji in custody and will execute him, Yoichi returns Yu’s look.

Asking if Yūji is trapped in the chamber

Walking down to the location, Yoichi hears that the forbidden chamber is not a secret lab, but one of the school's seven wonders. He waits as Shinoa explains the room to Yu. Clarifying that Yūji had entered the chamber and is now trapped inside of it, Yoichi hears the room is a training facility for the extermination unit. It is likely non-trained civilians would have been possessed by a demon. Looking nervously around as they head down further, Yoichi hears how back before the virus broke out a massive underground space was installed under the Shibuya part of Tokyo. It had been converted into the vampire extermination unit's training ground and Yoichi learns further details on how every student here is part of a secret military experiment.

The entrance plastered with spell tags

Coming to a set of doors covered in spell tags, there are two types of people that can go beyond this point. Those summoned by the extermination unit and those chosen by the demon. Yoichi asks whether Yūji is in there and is taken aback that the demon may have already consumed his heart.

Failure results in turning into a ravenous man eating demon

He is concerned with the possibility that the demon tries to grab them and eats their hearts. With the outcome being that he would become a ravenous man eating monster far worse than any vampire they have faced, Yoichi shakes at being told that it is not pretty. He needs to understand the cost of receiving the cursed gear before he sees Yu enter the room, then slowly joins him and Shinoa as they observe Yūji below. With Yu heading to acquire the weapon, Yoichi is told by Shinoa that they are going to need backup and he should go and find the Moon Demon Company. He heads to seek them out at their barracks at the back of this facility.

Yu has awoken after touching the weapon

Sat beside Shinoa as Yu awakens after being possessed, Yoichi hears that tomorrow training with the rest of the vampire extermination unit will begin.[3]

Seeing Yu, he asks what happened to his face and hears he walked into a telephone pole. Told they are late with Shinoa, Yoichi says he is so psyched, since after all this waiting, they can finally train to become members of the Moon Demon Company.

Introduced to Guren's class

He beams happily as he and Yu are introduced to the class by Guren. Then he questions what has gotten into Yu when he launches into an obtrusive introduction. Yoichi then questions whether Yu and Shihō Kimizuki will be all right after Guren kicks them into a door to break up their fight.

With Shinoa, and not Yu, for the group activity

Within a gymnasium, Yoichi hears from teacher and member of Guren's squad Sayuri Hanayori how if they cannot show her they are ready here, then they will have to take the cursed gear aptitude test at a later date. Although encouraged to do their best, Yoichi feels it is a lot of pressure. In a team work activity where they are to pair up, Yoichi is selected by Shinoa where they are to be the best team in the whole class[4]

Having weathered Guren's cursed gear unscathed

With Shinoa and Yu arguing over test results, Yoichi intervenes to say it makes sense that Yu failed. With Yu’s reactio,n he says sorry that it did not come out like he meant it to, he is just saying since Yu spent several years as a prisoner of the vampires, his Japanese reading and writing skills are not as strong as his English and Latin are hence why it makes sense that he failed. Yoichi tries to little avail to prevent Yu and Kimizuki form fighting. With students collapsing from the effects of Guren’s weapon, Mahiru-no-Yo, Yoichi appears completely unaffected and asks what is wrong with everyone.

Episode 5 - Screenshot 48.png

Being one of the three students who passed the test, along with Shinoa, he moves to the next phase with Guren and Sayuri. Not commenting on Sayuri's concern of him taking part, questioned by Guren if he still wants to acquire revenge for his sister's death, Yoichi replies of course. Not sure if he is willing to die for it, Yoichi is advised to quit right now by both Guren, Yu, and then Kimizuki as well.

No matter how hard he covers his ears he still hears it

Remembering back to when his sister was killed, no matter how hard Yoichi tries to cover his ears, he can still hear it and feels he is still under that bed as a tearful child, frightened. He tells Guren he has made up his mind and is doing it; this is the only way to get the strength he needs. With Yu and Kimizuki trying to encourage him as they, Yoichi confirms with Shinoa that Kimizuki was leaning over as he is questioned on the demon’s power and raises his hands defensively when seen by Kimizuki.

Facing a cursed gear bow

Reaching the room where the strongest demon weapons are kept, Yoichi faces a bow even with the risk that failure will result in either being turned into a man eating monster, or have his spirit crushed by the demon which shall result in his death.[5]

Pulled out from under the bed by his sister who was just killed

Reliving the moment when Tomoe was killed in vivid detail, Yoichi is surprised to see her lifeless body open her eyes. Remarking that she is alive, Yoichi as a child is pulled out from under the bed by who he sees as his sister before being told that her death is his fault. As his present self in the illusion of past memory, Yoichi questions who the Tomoe is before him.

The final one yet to make the contract

After Kimizuki and Yu have completed there cursed gear contracts, Yoichi remains within the magic circle. In the room with Tomoe, he asks who she is. Reminded by the demon, Yoichi remembers that he picked up a weapon and was going to make a contract with a demon, and then realizes that is what this Tomoe really is, a demon.

With Yoichi's heart and soul poured over, it seems there is a bit of a problem

Smiling as he comments that it is pretty mean that the demon chose to look like this, Yoichi bets the demon’s true form is pretty nasty. With his innate qualities such as being gentle, kind with a great love for others being despised by the demon, Yoichi asks it to look deeper, since he does want to avenge his sister. Backing away, he says it is not true that the strongest feeling he has is relief that he survived the attack.

Virtually everything about him is unsuitable

Informed that he would make a terrible fighter since he is afraid of conflict, Yoichi is also said to afraid of seeing his friends and family getting hurt. Slated further as a coward, a child without a backbone. After the demon finalizes its appraisal of Yoichi's unsuitability, he is startled at that and the black mist that appears. There is one way he can bring hell upon those who murdered his sister, by giving his body to the demon, forever.

Trembling from being stabbed into

He cries out as he is stabbed through the chest. Accused of not having the guts to fight for his life, rather than being a suitable master, Yoichi is called the most pathetic human being the demon has ever met. He has tears fall at hearing this.

Yoichi's eyes open as a demon

Within the magic circle, Yoichi’s eyes flick open, which now have vertical pupils. He has demon horns, and his body is positioned near the ceiling where he speaks of his friends as threats to defeat. Yu and Kimizuki have been charged by Guren of showing him who is in control.

Attacking his friends

Holding the bow, Yoichi speaks that those below will be his appetizers and then the real feast will begin. Using the cursed gear to fire energy based green projectiles at his friends, Yoichi is also able to front flip across the room to the tops of other statues. Yoichi's body is a vessel now, and Guren says the other way to help him is destroy it, the monster is not Yu and Kimizuki's friend anymore.

Fending off Kimizuki

Used to block Kimuzuki's twin swords and then kicking him to the ground, Yoichi's body then blocks Yu's sword before he is disarmed of the bow. The demon is not in the weapon, though, but Yoichi's body, and he seizes Yu's foot to throw him to the ground. Landing, Yoichi can summon the physical bow out the air into his hands.

Telling Yu to die as he stands unarmed

After Yoichi speaks for Yu to die, he only falters as an out of control demon when Yu says he will not abandon a comrade. After laughing to himself for an extended period of time and intending to shoot, it is Guren’s words that reach him on whether he is going to stay under the bed and watch his sister die or take charge and stop it.

Ordering the demon to give him power

As a child under the bed, Yoichi says he is sorry and cannot stay when told to by Tomoe. Resolving to not run away from his fears anymore and that is why he needs the ability to protect those he cares about. Changing from his younger to present self, Yoichi continues that only then can he make sure nothing like this ever happens again, then shouts for the demon to give him that power.

Upset he almost shot Yu even though it wasn't him doing it

After the arrow fires harmlessly over Yu, Yoichi begins crying and runs to embrace him, upset that he shot at him. He hears from Guren how he has a rare gift, the guilt he felt from not helping his sister was preventing him from living his life, but today, he overcame that and maybe now will be able to reach his full potential.

The Moon Demon Company is his new family now

With the Moon Demon Company as his family now with the past meaning nothing, it is the future that matters. With his cursed gear bow acquired, Yoichi hears that they are heading to the front lines since vampires from the Kansai region are planning on retaking Shinjuku. He nervously asks whether they should have some more training first.[6]

There is a fifth member of his squad

Wearing his uniform, Yoichi stands with Kimizuki outside the walls and sees Shinoa and Yu approach and greets the latter. With Mitsuba Sangū set to become the fifth member of the squad, they are to stick together. Yoichi comments on Kimizuki’s appraisal of Mitsuba by saying if he is calling someone a pain then they must be pretty bad.

Kimizuki heard what he said

With Kimizuki confronting him on his comment, Yoichi laughs off that he said nothing. The established squad is more important than family and should be protected with one another's lives. Headed for Harajuku to defeat the vampires there and free human hostages, after Yoichi is to head to Shinjuku.

Barely remembering what outside the walls used to look like

Walking, Yoichi observes the ruined cityscape. Remarking the place is a wreck, he barely remembers what it used to look like anymore. He has not been outside the walls, since he has been in the Demon Army's custody.

Hearing Yu used to patrol outside

He asks whether before Yu and Kimizuki joined their general ed class on whether Yu used to patrol the outside as guards to confirm this was the case. Jumping down from a car on its side, Yoichi points out Harajuku station before hearing a scream and reacting to the Four Horseman of John that has appeared.

Defending and providing covering fire

Yoichi realizes it is bad with Mitsuba running to follow Yu, who has gone to rescue the young girl being chased. With his bow ready he hears that the Four Horseman are not obeying the vampires, rather just seemingly existing to keep humanity's population in check. He is near Shinoa defending the girl that was used as bait, and he firing a multi projectile attack to deal with the Four Horseman of John’s tail that was rounding on Kimizuki. He then moves near him after the monster has been vanquished.

Hearing Shinoa & Mitsuba in the showers

After hearing Mistuba and Shinoa in the shower, Yoichi listens to the rescued girl say that there is a vampire lair at Omotesando station and travels there with the squad, reaching the destination they are prepared to enter.[7]

Finding humans kept in the vampire lair

Heading down, Yoichi walks, as it is explained the unguarded humans there do not head outside, because the monsters and offer their blood to the vampires as the lesser of two evils. Spotting a vampire and seeing Yu defeat that and another one leaves Yoichi pleased. He observes Yu and Kimizuki bickering before proceeding with the operation, since five vampires are remaining. With no sightings, he finds that the vampires have come to them.

Found by the vampires

Drawing his bow as he faces the remaining vampires, the squad is ambushed further and Yoichi identifies that there are eight of them. He has his weapon prepared as Mitsuba is held by a vampire, and when Yu disobeys orders to engage them in combat, Yoichi shoots an arrow into the hand of a vampire that was about to attack Yu.

Apprehensive at the larger numbers

He is back to back with Kimizuki, as he sees that Yu saved Mitsuba. After Yu’s proclamation to the vampires, Yoichi laughs at Kimizuki’s comment that Yu really knows how to rile them up. He replies to Shinoa, who says that they can win by pointing out that there are still a few more vampires than them.

With the people rescued and above ground with soldiers within the vicinity, Yoichi walks with Kimizuki to see whether Mitsuba and Yu are done speaking yet.

Travelling to Shinjuku

Elsewhere he is sat with Mitsuba and Shinoa and comments it is impressive that Kimizuki has managed to hot-wire a truck. He is seated in between Shinoa and Mitsuba as they travel to Shinjuku before explosive sounds are heard. They are coming from the city itself and Yoichi sees smoke rising from it. In the road before them is a vampire noble, so he exits the moving vehicle with the rest of the squad.

Firing a multi-strike shot towards the vampire noble

The first to attack, Yoichi fires into the vampire. Startled that Crowley Eusford can deflect his projectiles, Yoichi lands on the ground as is protected from the return fire by Shinoa and Mitsuba. He stands bow drawn ready to fire as two other noble vampires, Chess Belle and Horn Skuld discuss matters with Crowley. When the vampires head to the front lines and leave them, Yoichi states that he is ready to head back to Shibuya. He heads to enter Shinjuku, since if that falls, then Shibuya is next.[8]

Shinjuku under missile attack

Within the city the damage has expanded to the western wall. Yoichi witnesses a missile strike on a building and jumps over a ledge to a lower level to avoid helicopter fire that is coming towards them. Taking cover, Yoichi notices the glint of enchanted gear used by soldiers to shoot arrows and destroy a helicopter. He asks if those cursed gear the same as his bow.

Targeting the aircraft

Taking refuge from machine gun fire, Yoichi heads to assist the soldiers who are engaging the vampires that have descended to the ground. Back to back with Kimizuki, he is called by Mitsuba to take down the chopper. With Shinoa clearing the way, Yoichi succeeds in shooting it down. The area is clear and Yoichi walks with the squad and corporal Nagai. Making their way past a supply area and medical tents with many wounded, the situation is that vampires have blown a hole through the Western defensive barrier, and they are asked to head there to reinforce the defenses.

Travelling to the Western defensive barrier

Travelling in the back of a truck with Nagai driving, they should be at the defensive line in the next fifteen minutes. With Shinoa discussing their skill level compared to vampire nobles, Yoichi sees her bring out a case of cursed gear stimulants and is handed a packet.

Escaping the aircraft firing

Once the truck they are driving in is toppled over due to a missile strike, Yoichi runs with Kimizuki to evade the machine gun fire. Called by Kimizuki, Yoichi is on it as he conjures his cursed gear bow and applies his expertise firing into the helicopter to destroy it before running to avoid the final missiles. The resulting explosions collapse the ground, and Yoichi falls to the tunnel below with Kimizuki and Mitsuba. Hearing Yu and Shinoa mean to take Nagai to the medical tent, Yoichi begins to asks something before being led away by Kimizuki.[9]

Dropping to avoid a vampire attack at the park he is defending

Yoichi was sent to defend the route to a medical tent to prevent it being wiped out and battles in Shinjuku Central Park. From a vantage point in a tree, he fires and hits a vampire before being warned by Kimizuki of the vampire behind him. Dropping down, he tries to use his arms to defend himself before being assisted by Kimizuki. Surrounded, Yoichi can only breathe heavily from weariness of the battle.

Yu and Shinoa have rejoined them

He notes the arrival of Yu and is pleased to see him. Yoichi answers that Yu just killed the last one of the vampires when he asks where the rest of them are. He listens as Kimizuki tries to explain to Yu that his arrival was not needed and that they have been trained to handle a vampire squad. With Mitsuba and Kimizuki teasing Yu on his intelligence, Yoichi adds that they are just kidding. He is happy they will be able to go as a full squad to join Guren. He runs there to arrive as Guren is disarmed and cornered by a vampire. They are to take their cursed gear stimulants, rescue Guren, and then retreat.[10]

Yu's family member, Mika, has been found

Reaching Yu after he did not kill the vampire that stabbed Guren through the chest, Yoichi chooses a softer approach to Mitsuba’s chiding on the situation. Asking Yu what is wrong, Yoichi comments that he does not look so good. With the situation that one of Yu’s family members Mikaela Hyakuya is with the vampires, Yoichi reacts as Mika rises to his feet in apparent confirmation that is the case.

Checking Yu

He is focusing on Yu during the scenario. With Guren giving the order to retreat, but Yu against it since it involves leaving Mika, Yoichi places his hand on Yu to entreat him into complying with falling back. In addition to seventh progenitor, Ferid Bathory being on the other side, there is now Crowley who has arrived with Chess and Horn as well.

The retreat is hampered

Their escape is impeded by vampires so Yoichi fires a pair of arrows at vampires leaping towards him. One is blasted away, and he runs from the other that brings a sword down on him. As Yoichi aims he makes eye contact with Lacus Welt (the vampire who murdered his sister), before being told to focus by Kimizuki.

Captured and bitten by a vampire

With Yu having been taken by Mika, Yoichi is held to the ground by a vampire before being bitten. He continues to be restrained as Yu, who has transformed to have a dripping branched like wing out his shoulder, makes his way towards him. Yoichi is safe once the Japanese Imperial Demon Army led by Lieutenant General Kureto Hīragi and Major General Shinya Hīragi arrives and end the battle of Shinjuku in humanity’s favour.[11]

Excited and heading to tell the others that Yu has regained consciousness

With Yu being in a coma, Yoichi is asleep with his heads resting on the bed. Excited that Yu is awake, Yoichi remarks it is a miracle and proceeds to hug him. Everyone will want to know that Yu is up so Yoichi runs out to tell them the news, knocking the chair over in his hurry.

Confirming everyone else is okay

He returns to the door briefly to note Yu sounds worried after he asks if everyone is okay. Assuring him that everyone is fine, Yoichi adds that Yu is the only one who they thought might have been a goner and has been in a coma for seven days, and that is why he has to tell everyone that Yu is awake.

Happy with the squad together

Arriving with Kimizuki after Shinoa and Mitsuba have entered, Yoichi adds that he thought Kimizuki said not to tell Yu about watching him sleep when Shinoa suggests he was doing that out of concern. He is ready to listen as Yu says he wants to say something, and looks to Kimizuki when they are thanked with Yu sharing that he is lucky to have them all. Not agreeing with Kimizuki and Mitsuba that they should call a doctor, since Yu obviously needs medical attention, rather, he says Yu has actually been a good guy since the beginning. Asking Kimizuki to wait, Yoichi will come with him to get drinks, since he only has two hands.[12]

Imprisoned by Kureto for his meeting with Yu

Yoichi is a part of Yu’s ‘interview’ with the Hīragi family. Along with Kimizuki, he has his mouth covered and is restrained with handcuffs in a chair facing a one way mirror. He is not able to hear Kureto Hīragi on the other side, yet the questioning concerns his own background, since they have black demon weapons with little known about them as people. It is also Kureto who gives the order, and Yoichi reacts with pain as he is stabbed with a knife by the guard stationed behind him. After Aoi Sangū's voice announces they are done here, Yoichi is released, and he slumps to the floor. He is helped to walk outside by Yu where Shinoa and Mitsuba are waiting. When Yu confronts Guren, he is supported by Mitsuba and listens as Yu tries to persuade Guren to help him get Mika back.[13]

Spotting monsters in the distance

Outside at night, Yoichi is sat on top of a lamp post. He calls to his squad below that there are Four Horseman of John. Using a zoom function on his bow, Yoichi can home in on the three and then five monsters that he spots approaching. Calling upon Gekkouin to destroy their enemies, Yoichi intends to protect everyone.

Aiming his cursed gear manifestation power

The spectral black arrow on his bow is surrounded by a large green blackened avian like manifestation. Once that is fired, the arrow divides into soaring bird demons that fly into the Four Horseman of John, even the ones that try to evade them, and strikes them down. Yoichi runs towards his squad on the ground, pleased as he announces he did it.

Having formed a strong connection with his demon, Gekkouin

He has a strong relationship with his demon, since he has been talking to it before he sleeps as well as in his dreams, so now he kind of gets how to do it. With Yu’s eyes turning red from his sword drinking blood, Yoichi follows Mitsuba’s command to prepare to fight and has his bow ready. He asks whether Yu is okay after he falls on his front. Around the camp fire, he tells Kimizuki it is not Yu’s fault. With himself and Kimizuki tortured by the Hīragi family since they wanted to know what Yu did at the battle of Shinjuku, they both told them what Shinoa said to.

Wanting a better explanation for the circumstances around Yu's altered state

Asked what he thinks, Yoichi gets why Shinoa does not want to tell Yu about what happened when he lost control and tried to kill her, because that might cause him to freak out. He nods when Shinoa suggests he wants a better explanation. They are comrades, so he asks Shinoa to tell them her reasoning. With Yu’s movements, Yoichi says to hold him as he helps keep him restrained.

Pleased Yu is awake after contacting his demon

Once Yu awakens, Yoichi is happy and asks whether it is really him. He agrees with Mitsuba that they should wait to do Kimizuki’s training later, since he is kind of hungry. As they proceed with Kimizuki’s training, Yoichi helps hold him down and encourages him to fight it. When Kimizuki invokes Kiseki-o, the demon within his swords, and strikes Yu’s sword, Yoichi leaps back weapon drawn.

Attempting to quell Yu and Kimizuki bickering

Pleased, he says it really is him upon hearing Kimizuki speak regularly. He watches the sparring between Yu and Kimizuki as they demonstrate their Asura-Kannon and Devil’s Coffin powers respectively. Then he runs between them to try and calm them when they seem set on bickering and questions whether they could all just get along.[14]

Heading to a squad meeting

By morning, he is telling Kimizuki and Yu to hurry up, as they are going to be late. Yoichi heads to meet Shinoa and Mitsuba, imagining that they have probably got a whole feast ready, maybe a fancy breakfast planned. After watching Kimizuki prepare an omelette, Yoichi eats and says for Shinoa not to worry about how hers and Mitsuba’s omelette turned out.

Part of the meeting involves whether Guren is using them

The two part meeting involves divulging to Yu that he may have been the subject of human experimentation; the second is whether Guren is using them. After Yu thinks on the matter and decides to remain supporting Guren, Yoichi agrees with him and Kimizuki that they are right they cannot turn their back on family, even if they have kept a secret from them.[15]

The Ebina rest stop in mind

In the back of the truck, he is on the road for Hakone; Yoichi says he would personally want to go there rather than Ebina where they are headed. With the sudden appearance of Four Horseman of John, Yoichi reacts by firing into and knocking back two of them. He is happy in keeping with the practical joke of leaving Yu behind on the road as the truck continues to Ebina. With Yu picked up again, but now with them definitely likely to be late, Yoichi asks whether they will get in trouble.

Arriving as the address to the one hundred soldiers gathered is underway, Yoichi is present for Yu taking the blame for being late and Guren’s rallying speech on how this will likely be the most dangerous mission they will ever have. In the campaign targeting vampire nobles located in Nagoya, many of them will die; however, the goal is not to survive, but come back victorious.

Also opting to join Yu when he is summoned

When a member of Guren's squad, Shigure Yukimi summons Yu, Yoichi also wants to join the rest of his squad in heading in with Yu to meet Guren and his squad. He watches Yu walk in when he is happy to go by himself. Hearing him yell, Yoichi runs into the abandoned derelict mall with the others and calls Yu’s name.

Finding Yu tied above a burning pyre

Coming across a scene of Yu tied up and dangling over a burning pyre, after Shinoa slices though it, the scenario disappears. The mist from Norito Goshi’s cursed gear is left around them, and Yoichi realizes it was an illusion spell. With Shinoa the true target of the disciplinary, Yoichi as part of her squad is to battle against Guren, along with Mito Jūjō and Shinya. Gaining some distance to discuss this, Yoichi hears that Shinoa would like the ranged fighters against one another, so he acknowledges that he is against rifle wielder, Major General Shinya.

Firing at Byakomaro, Shinya's cursed gear manifestation

With the battle commencing, Yoichi emerges from his hiding position to fire three arrows into Shinya's rife fire, Byakomaru, yet the fiery white tiger projectiles can avoid them. Running to regroup, Yoichi shoots to cover their retreat and this time his arrows shoot into and destroy the other round of Byakomaru missiles sent by Shinya. The battle moves outside, and Yoichi is in formation around Yu who is fighting Guren.

A close ranged joint attack on Guren

After Mitsuba is knocked over by the Lieutenant Colonel, Yoichi attacks him from behind with Kimizuki, but even with his bow ready, Yoichi is told he is too late. It is a loss against Guren, Mito, and Shinya, and he listens as Guren berates Shinoa for the strength of the black demon holders and that the vampires nobles will be stronger than them.

Their conduct is commented on by others

As part of Shinoa squad, he is chastised by sergeant Makoto Narumi and accordingly becomes a part of Narumi squad when Guren has the two squads join together. With Shinoa feeling she is incompetent as a squad leader, Yoichi is supportive and states they are a family; the more they work together, the stronger they will be.[16]

With Shinya atop a radio tower a vantage point

Although he is in at a vantage point with Shinya, he is part of the same mission as described by Shūsaku Iwasaki stationed elsewhere. The attack is to begin at fourteen hundred hours where the gathered teams will attack in unison, the best case scenario plan if successful should result in eight vampire nobles being executed leaving two targets alive. The noble Shinoa squad, Narumi squad, with Shinya are to defeat is described as a strong one: Lucal Wesker, the fifteenth progenitor. If they are unable to take him by surprise then their priority is to cut off his retreat and prevent him from joining the other nobles, since if they join forces, there is no way they will be able to beat them. Once their target is dead, they are to hold off any remaining vampires until the Lieutenant Colonel supplies them with new orders.

Calming himself before the mission begins

He is panting heavily from his position on a radio tower. Answering Shinya, he knows they still have five minutes before the mission begins, but he is concerned what happens if they screw up. Told not to consider it, and if he worries too much he really will mess up, Yoichi is calmed when he has something to focus on at hearing Shinya was asked by Guren to teach him a few things since this is Yoichi’s first sniper mission. Surprised, Yoichi questions whether Shinya would kill his team mates if they were captured. Following his guidance to take a deep breath, Yoichi is guided to relax his muscles and focus on trying to slow down his pulse. Once he is breathing steadily he should try calling for his demon.

Scanning the park

On his feet, he calmly asks Gekkouin to come out. After a moment of contemplation, Yoichi thanks Shinya and says he feels better. Told to get the park in his sights, Yoichi pulls the string back on his bow to have the zoom power appear. Remarking there are lots of normal vampires walking around down there, Yoichi follows the guidance to ignore them and focus on finding the noble.

Vampire noble sighted, mission start awaited

Having it pointed out that the one in the hat is Lucal Wesker, his target acquirer zooms over the vampire noble. Contemplating him seriously, Yoichi affirms he has got it when told not to get an itchy trigger finger and to wait for the signal. He is crouching awaiting the commencement of the large scale mission across Nagoya.

Needing to destroy as many targets as he can whilst the structure collapses

His joint fire with Byakomaru’s power flies towards Lucal and destroys his servant Esther Lee. A red wave of energy is propelled from Lucal’s sword, and Yoichi panics that they missed and the counter power is coming towards them. After it cleaves through the tower, Yoichi replies okay to take as many vampires down as he can before jumping to safety. Yoichi delivers when he rains down destruction onto vampires running towards Yu, who is part of the ground assault on Lucal. After the combined Shinoa and Narumi squad’s have engaged Lucal, they were able to restrain him when Shūsaku used his weapon Akahebi to bind the noble with chains. Lucal cut his own arm off to escape and charge at Kimizuki at which point Yoichi was ready for the vampire.

Firing at Lucal when he lunges towards the combined squad

Having joined the team on the ground Yoichi and Shinya fire at relatively close range which allowed Yu to deliver a strike on the vampire noble, Lucal elected to end himself using Yayoi Endo’s sword rather than die by human hands and Yoichi runs to check Yu. Thanked for his help and told they could not have done it without him, Yoichi chuckles and shares that Shinya taught him how to be a much better sniper.

Wondering about the other squads

He nods in agreement with Mitsuba’s claim if they work together, then they really can destroy the nobles. With it dawning on him, Yoichi wonders if the other squads are doing okay.[17]

On a fountain awaiting other squads

With the radio tower in sight, Yoichi stands on top of a disused fountain and sees Aiko Aihara and her team approach. When Guren with squad joins them, Yoichi and the squad are praised by Narumi. He hears from Guren how they cannot wait for others to arrive and have to head into their next mission. Twenty-five soldiers have been taken hostage from the failed attack on three nobles at city hall.

The hostages are to be rescued or left if the nobles are too strong

The new objective is to kill the three nobles. His squad along with Guren’s and Narumi’s are on the roof of a building in preparation for the mission on Nagoya city hall.[18] Crowley Eusford with Chess Belle and Horn Skuld are inside and Guren’s possible plan is to leave the hostages behind if their foes prove too strong. Yoichi is part of a larger plan to keep the vampires in Nagoya whilst the main unit moves from Shibuya, so the vampires need to be kept distracted as long as possible.

Picking a sniping position to show everyone what he has learnt

Nominated by Shinya to pick a sniping position so he can show everyone what he has learned, Yoichi is guided to focus his attention on the windows above the fourth floor of the city hall. Responding that he has got it, Yoichi activates his cursed gear to zoom into view a target.

Noble targeted and to be blasted at

Announcing he has a visual on a vampire, Yoichi reveals it is a noble, and his back to him. Yoichi does not think he has noticed them yet and is told to take the shot now by Guren. Asking Gekkouin to fly true for him, Yoichi fires the demon manifestation form to send a large bird like projectile that aims for the window. It inelegantly crashes not just through the window panel, but explodes that and the outer side of the building where Crowley is stood. Monitoring the aftermath, Yoichi sees Crowley and Chess with Horn alive in the room and reports to Shinya that he has failed to hit his target.

Recognising these vampire nobles

He agrees with Guren they do not stand a chance against this noble, Yoichi reveals to Yu that he recognizes this vampire, since they have faced him before. Yoichi clarifies he is the vampire they fought when heading to Shinjuku, and his comrades are with him. When it is decided that they will attempt the rescue, they will have five minutes to rescue as many hostages as they can before retreating at once and joining the other teams at Nagoya City airport.

On top of improved team work they have all become really good friends

Walking to their positions, he parts way with Narumi squad for them to rescue more people between them. Synchronizing their pocket clocks, they are to set an alarm for exactly five minutes. When it goes off, they have to retreat no matter what is happening at the time. He follows Yu and Mitsuba’s direction of conversation, in agreement positively. On top of their teamwork improving, Yoichi happily states they have all become really good friends.

Ordering Kimizuki to tell him why he is being so mean

His expression changes to an particularly incensed one, and he advances towards Kimizuki slightly to question why he is so mean after he quips that they were friends is an exaggeration. An explosion through the clock tower signals the beginning of the attack and Yoichi moves in to where the wooden crosses are that the prisoners are tied to.

Favouring intervention in the fight against the nobles

With Guren and Shinya swung into the city hall building itself by Crowley, Yoichi awaits Shinoa’s reply on whether they should help them. Agreeing with Kimizuki on the idea of launching a pincer attack on the vampire nobles, Yoichi adds his voice for Shinoa to have them do it. Running up the stairs, Yoichi waits with Yu as he questions why Shinoa is going that way when Guren and Shinya are on the fourth floor before following Shinoa with the others.[19] Rather than approach from the end of a corridor to rescue Guren who at this point has been captured by Crowley, the plan involves jumping up through a hole in the ceiling to ambush Crowley nearby on the next floor.

No holding back against the vampire nobles

Yoichi follows Yu and Kimizuki in leaping up and firing a barrage of arrows at the vampire noble. Having to retreat before Chess and Horn can pick them off one at a time, Yoichi tells Gekkouin to go as he launches covering fire whilst they escape. Yoichi complies with Shinya’s direct order to stop Yu from going back, and he holds him tight.

Escaping but having to leave Guren behind

Having escaped to safety with Shinya and then with Guren’s squad making it as well, Yoichi listens as Yu expresses his distress at having to leave Guren behind. He bows his head when Yu asks what is the point of living in a world where they are just going to leave those they care about. Stood around the squad, Yoichi shouts for Yu not to do it when he sees that Yu has taken two extra cursed gear stimulants.

Balsted back by a force from Yu

Joining Shinya and Kimizuki, they try and restrain Yu before Yoichi is sent flying away by an invisible force emitted from Yu. After Yu collapses, he watches as Shinoa checks his heartbeat, and then observes Yu as he still lays on the ground.[20] Waiting by him until he comes round, Yoichi tells Yu to wait as he abruptly leaves. Joining Yu at city hall where he is attempting to rescue Guren, Yoichi has Gekkouin manifest to appear in the hole in the ceiling that Kiseki-o’s Devil’s Coffin descended from to allow them to escape from the vampire nobles.

The vampire's back up has arrived

As they run having rescued Yu, he asks about Guren before hearing Shinya warn that the vampire’s backup is here. Outside, he is startled to see the large number of helicopters incoming. Yoichi is part of the large scale retreat to the rendezvous point with the surviving Moon Demon Company soldiers. A single vampire is running through the platoon ahead, and Yoichi stands his ground as the Moon Demon Company intercept him. When they fail, Yoichi has his bow ready as the last means of stopping the vampire. He is surprised when Shinoa says she thinks that vampire is Yu’s family.

Shinoa thinks the vampire is Yu's family

It is Mika, who has knocked aside Mitsuba, then Shinoa and head-butted Kimizuki to the ground to then acquire Yu. Unarmed, Yoichi grabs Mika and tells him to put Yu down. Yoichi says he is not scared of Mika when he tries to shake Yoichi off. Yoichi adds that he needs to protect Yu, since he is his family and that is what family does.

Attempting to reason with Mika

Asking Mika whether he is right, Yoichi is flung off. He is surprised after Mika is stabbed by the bayonet on Shinya’s cursed gear rifle, and similarly so when Shinoa means to have Mika take Yu and run. Yet when Tarō Kagiyama and Rika Inoue speak for those discontented, Yoichi has his bow out and takes his place in between them and Mika who the squad is defending.

Defending Mika from their comrades

He adds to what Kimizuki and Mitsuba have said, that Mika is Yu’s family, so that makes him their friend and they protect their own. After Mika escapes with Yu, the vampires reinforcements have arrived via helicopters, and Yoichi looks up disturbed at the sky filled with descending vampires.[21]

Finding the airport deserted

Arriving at the airport, Yoichi comments how it is deserted; there are not even any cars around let alone an aircraft to transport the survivors. 22 As he waits, Yoichi is troubled at seeing Shinoa struck by Rika, as herself and her squad are blamed for Kagiyama and Yayoi's death, yet he is motioned to stay back.

Witnessing the tensions

His worry remains as he observes Narumi argue with Shinya on the state of the mission in general as well. The new mission by Shinya is to abandon this mission established by Kureto and instead have the goal of the Demon Company to rescue Guren. With helicopters approaching, Yoichi heeds Mitsuba and materializes his bow. Ordered not to fire by Shinya, he watches as what transpires to be demon army aircraft land nearby.

A large spell tag clad crate is unloaded

Seeing Aoi exit and then Kureto right after, Yoichi recognizes him and mentions to Kimizuki that he is the one that tortured them. After Kureto introduces himself as the Lieutenant General and gives orders to disarm and relax, Yoichi is instructed by Shinoa to stay at attention and be prepared to fight just in case. He sees the crate with spell tags Aoi has signaled for mechanically raised up behind Kureto. This is opened with a mass of connected spiked rods stabbing into and killing many soldiers, including Rika and Shūsaku.

Defending Narumi from the spiked rods

When Narumi is fighting Kureto, Yoichi intervenes alongside Kimizuki to defend Narumi from the spiked chains that are manipulated to assist Kureto.

One of two shots for Lieutenant General Kureto

Shouting for him to stop hurting his friend, Yoichi fires two shots into the Lieutenant General. After Yu returns to protect Shinoa from the rods, Yoichi comments that Yu is back and also sees that Mika has arrived as well. With the rods coming from the container, Yoichi follows Kimizuki’s direction and fires a split shot barrage towards it, yet they are intercepted by the sheer number of the connected weapons. Retreating as a squad now including Narumi and Mika, Yoichi finds helicopters arriving with the escape path blocked by a host of vampires led by a masked noble. He sees their escape is to be assisted by Shinya and Guren’s squad.[22]

The crate has opened

The rods are stabbing into fallen soldiers and turn red. The blood that enters the container they are coming out is torn apart from a detonation coming from inside.

Observing the beginning of a seraph

Yoichi wonders what the golden purple light is that has materialized. Within it is Mirai Kimizuki, who as a seraph blows a long golden horn to create a darkened landscape filled with jagged rocks. Yoichi observes with shock as Kimizuki runs towards his sister only to be stabbed by Guren.

Kimizuki has been stabbed by Guren

He remains stunned as he observes that Yu has also stabbed. A black mass has emerged from Mirai’s back and formed into a gargantuan winged monster called Abaddon. Having three darts thrown into it has created globules that break off and form into Four Horseman of John that attack vampires and humans.

Kimizuki means to rescue Mirai

When Shinoa calls to retreat, Yoichi runs forward to help Kimizuki. He tells him to come on and go before being shoved off, since Kimizuki is not leaving Mirai. Yoichi is with Kimizuki after he falls to his knees and has his bow drawn when observed by Yu and Mika some distance away.

Identifying Yu within the towering fire

A tornado of fire has appeared on the battlefield, and Yoichi zooms in on the base to see that it is Yu. He sees the landscape has been returned to what it was after Yu, filled with the power of the second trumpet, the king of salt has destroyed Abaddon.

Yu as the King of Salt in the air

Yoichi appears happy at the seraph aspects disappearing from Mirai, before looking to Yu up in the air. When Yu collapses from Asuramaru causing two large demons horns to come out his head, he follows Shinoa’s direction that they have to go and get him. Yoichi carries Kimizuki on his back as they approach Yu. Narumi has used his cursed gear trident Genbushin to create a towering wide wall between them and Guren with the Imperial Demon Army on the other side giving them time to escape.

Mentioning Mirai as they escape

Carrying Kimizuki as he runs, Yoichi calls for Shinoa to wait. Kimizuki’s sister is still back there, and he asks if Kimizuki is sure when he says it is okay. He waits as Shinoa confronts the Demon Army soldiers who have caught up to them. As they order Yu to be handed over, Yoichi listens as Shinoa answers they no longer take orders from them, as the team has withdrawn from the Demon Army. He sees Mika blast away the attacking soldiers, and the retreat is continued.

4 months later the plan is ready

Four months later, Yoichi is wearing non-uniform clothes as he stands on a beach and confirms to Narumi that it is the last of the bags. With Mika and Yu joining them, he hears the plan for them to get going. They will rescue Kimizuki’s sister, and Guren to get him back to his old self. Shinoa has intel that the lieutenant Colonel is in Sanguinem, and Yoichi jokes that it is going to be a long trip as Mika and Kimizuki comment on Yu’s demon traits. He stops walking and watches as Yu begins to walk into the sea.[23]

Shinjuku Arc[]

Post-Shinjuku Arc[]

Nagoya Arc[]

Powers and Abilities[]

Natural abilities[]

Episode 5 - Screenshot 42.png

He is described by Sayuri as having a surprisingly high stability against demons. Shinoa says he has always had exceptional curse control abilities. Yoichi was almost completely unaffected by Mahiru-no-Yo's powers.

Cursed Gear[]

Yoichi uses a cursed gear bow named Gekkouin. The weapon itself is conjurable where a large black archery bow with two fluorescent green circles can materialize out of the air. The green is similar to the color of the projectile, a long arrow which can pierce through foes to having an explosive impact. Multiple arrows can be aimed and fired at once where they can be directed to change their trajectory and fly into targets such as Four Horsemen of John. Depending on how much of the demon's power is being drawn upon, Yoichi can rain down multiple shots upon different areas and annihilate vampires. The manifestation power is a large green black bird like missile which has a tremendous destructive capacity.




  • "Would you please stop?" - His first words and reaction to bullying.2
  • "I'm sorry, this is all my fault. Please, forgive me." - Speaking as Yu is talking to Shinoa after which he would have his apologetic habit called out.
  • "I'm not being bullied. No, it's true. They really aren't bullying me. Yeah, you see I have a favour I need to ask of Yamanaka. And well, getting on his good side isn't exactly easy" - At that point Yoichi was certain he was not getting bullied and saw the perpetrator as someone to seek assistance from, whose nice side he sought to gain favour with.2
  • "I failed the Imperial Demon Army's entrance exam. I've always wanted to join them." - Having failed Yoichi is seeking the means of re-sitting the test to join his desired organization.2
  • "I know I'm not much of a soldier, and there's no place for weaklings in the army. But... If I join, I can get revenge for my sister. My sister was killed by a vampire. She was trying to protect me. I froze, I wanted to save her but I couldn't." - Viewing his capabilities and motivated to avenge his sister, Tomoe's, death.2
  • "Now wait a second, I can't have any disciples, no way! Besides, I don't deserve that kind of honour." - Sheepish with Yamana and Shishido, the bullies now seeking him out for help, asking to become his disciples.3
  • "I've made up my mind. I'm doing it! This is the only way I'll get the strength I need! I have to make sure that nothing in this world can take away the people I hold dear ever again." - Pressing ahead with acquiring a Black Demon cursed gear weapon even when told to leave by his teachers Sayuri and Guren as well as his friends Yu and Kimizuki.
  • "So then, who are you?" - Picking up that Tomoe before him is not his sister, then reminded that he is the one who called 'Tomoe' before him and that he needs a strong set of cursed gear, Yoichi remembers "Oh, that's right. I picked up a weapon and was going to make a contract with- I see. That's what you are, a demon."6
  • "I'm sorry. But I can't stay. No more hiding. I'm not going to run away from my fears anymore! That's why I need the ability to protect those I care about. I want to be able to keep them safe from harm." - Answering the memory of Tomoe that he cannot stay under the bed as a child. He has changed from a child to his present self as he cries "Only then can I make sure nothing like this ever happens again. Give me that power, you demon!" 6
  • "Oh wow. If you're calling someone a pain in the ass they must be pretty bad." - Unable to resist the temptation of commenting on Kimizuki's remark that Mitsuba is a pain.7
  • "This place is a wreck. I barely remember what it used to looked like anymore. I haven't been outside the walls since I've been in the Demon Army's custody. Before you and Kimizuki joined our general ed class, you used to patrol the outside as guards, didn't you?" - Stepping outside the walled city, Yoichi comments on the derelict state. He is also aware of Yu and Kimizuki's backgrounds.7
  • "Yeah you wasted that vamp!" - Voicing his pleasure that Yu effortlessly destroyed a vampire.8
  • “Destroy our enemies, Gekkouin! Let’s protect everyone!” - Having his demon weapon attack to defend.
  • “I’ve been talking to my demon before I go to sleep and in my dreams, now I just sort of get how to do it." - Sharing his reasons as to why he is proficient at cursed gear manifestation. 14
  • “We’re a family the more we work together the stronger we’ll be.” - Fond of the notion of family and the benefit of teamwork.16
  • “Yeah, I know. But what happens if we screw up and the whole thing turns…” - His nerves five minutes before the large scale attack on vampire nobles occurs, stemming from worries of him messing things up.17
  • “Hey I’ve got a visual on a vampire! It’s a noble! His back’s to me, I don’t think he’s noticed us yet.” - Spotting Crowley in Nagoya city hall but not regarding his distinctive appearance despite seeing him twice before.
  • “Sir, I’ve failed to hit my target.” - Reporting to Shinya that Crowley survived, yet not mentioning Chess and Horn are there as well.
  • “And on top of that, we’ve all become really good friends!” - Agreeing with Mitsuba that their team work has gotten a lot better and how he views them as a squad.
  • “Heyyy, why are you so mean?!” - Almost angry in all seriousness that Kimizuki said that they were friends was an exaggeration.19
  • “Put him down! I’m not scared of you! I’ve got to protect him. He’s my family, that’s what we do. Right, Mika?” - Yoichi has grabbed Mika who has Yu, and continues to speak as Mika tries to shake him off.21
  • “Mika is Yu’s family. Which makes him our friend, and we protect our own, right?” - Defending Mika from fellow Moon Demon Company soldiers. Mika was previously hostile at the thought they were all family.21
  • “Hey! He’s the one who tortured us.” - Mentioning to Kimizuki after seeing Kureto again at Nagoya city airport.23
  • “Stop hurting my friend!” - Considering the mass murder situation it is relatively innocuous words that Yoichi uses, more so in contrast to the powerful archery shots he blasts into Lieutenant General Kureto.
  • “Shinoa wait! What about Kimizuki’s sister, she’s still back there!” - Reminding the squad leader than Mirai remains as they escape.24


  • In the Japanese industry, "Yoichi" is often used for "bow", but Yoichi's name has a different origin.
    • Yo 「与」can mean "to provide" or "award", whereas Ichi 「一」 means "one" or "first."
  • Saotome 「早乙女」 means "young maiden."