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"Yu's Sword" (優のツルギ Yū no Tsurugi?) is the one hundred eighth chapter of the Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign manga series, written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto.


Demon Mika changes his form confirms he is Yu's sword now. They fight against Sika Madu, who is able to regenerate his head. Needing to draw upon his desire for further power, Yu wants to protect everyone and wants his friends to love him. They clash with Sika Madu who does want them to merge any further.

The First warns them the power they are using may be noticed. It already has been, by three seraphs. Sika Madu raises a barrier, but is attacked by Yu with Mika, also Kimizuki and Yoichi. The seraphs speak of a great sinner who defied holy law to revive the cursed child and brought blight upon the entire world.

When the seraphs attack, Sika Madu calls for Rigr and Urd where chains pull him away. The First speaks how the angels are their enemy. Saitō and Urd are glad to see Sika Madu, and mention how it was said he would tell them all. Sika Madu is within a prison with his hands bound.


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As Demon Mika and Yu keep their hands a together a jolt of electricity expands to shoot upwards. Where demon Mika appeared as a child, now he has changed to become the age when he became a vampire. His clothing has also transformed. Speaking to Yu to say he has become his demon now, Yu did not need to open his eyes to know, he can feel him devouring his desires. While demon Mika mentions that there is so much they have to talk about, especially about their future, while Yu agrees, they both know now is not the time for that, they have to take out the First. Yu asks if demon Mika thinks they can do it, where the reply is they have to.[1]

Set on it, Yu questions if demon Mika is his sword now, which he confirms. Asked if he is a powerful one, demon Mika would say it depends on his wielder. That it is on him, Yu guesses he had better do a million push ups which demon Mika laughs at. When Yu speaks for them to do this, demon Mika becomes a light that forms into a sword at his waist. Yu checks if he is good, and demon Mika answers yes from the sword. Stating to slice it open, Yu has Mikaela as a sword launch a ranged arc towards Sika Madu.[2]

Noting they are fast, Sika Madu thinks he can still bring them under his control. When Yu appears behind him with Mika as a sword and orders the First to die, Sika Madu wonders if he can dodge this. The poison still hampers him where he cannot move as he wishes. Thinking he can, the First does avoid Yu and demon Mika's strike. The "Second Edge, Black Gash" power is activated. Concentrated on Sika Madu, he finds it is warping space and feels it will take his whole head. It does exactly that, and with the First's head gone, Yu triumphantly states they did it.[3]

With his wings outstretched, Sika Madu's head has also reformed. Speaking that they will have to do better, Mika agrees, then Yu sees Kimizuki and Yoichi approach. Feeling they came here to save him, Yu thanks them, where Kimizuki adds he was taking too long. Asking if Yu rescued Mika, when Yu smiles and holds up the sword, Kimizuki's other question is if he is powerful. When Yu answers yes again, Kimizuki states it is good. The question is if all of them work together, can they take out the First here and now.[4]

Addressing Mika to see if they can gauge things, Yu asks him how powerful does Sika Madu look and whether they can beat him. From a circular groove in the sword hilt, an eye can form and consider Sika Madu standing nearby. Demon Mika speaks from the sword that he thinks it is possible at least, it depends on Yu's desire. Telling him to go ahead and devour it all, possess him if he wants, Yu continues that ever since they joined together he has been feeling awesome and can do anything right now.[5]

Yoichi shouts that whatever it is to do it quickly. Adding that Shinoa poisoned herself so that she could weaken the First, Yoichi states to finish this while it is still working. Since Shinoa is helping, she is imagined, and Mitsuba along with Kimizuki and Yoichi back on the rooftop are also envisioned. Wanting to give something back, Yu wants to protect his friends, everyone. Moreover, his desire includes wanting his friends to love him. As a radiating fire cloaks him and Mika as a sword, Yu feels after all he cannot love himself so needs to have others do it for him.[6]

Voicing that is plenty, demon Mika shares he has eaten his fill, so they should kill the First. When Yu agrees, Sika Madu speaks calmly for them to stop this and not merge any further, it is not time yet. Demanding to know who cares about him, Yu engages and affirms all the First is going to do it die. Blocking Mika as a sword with his scythe, Sika Madu clashes with them in a relatively even fight.[7]

When Sika Madu senses that the poison is starting to fade, Yu guesses they will just have to finish this quick. "Third Edge, Phantom Journey" is spoken which results in demon Mika appearing with Yu. The "First Edge, Pandemonium" causes a shadowy energy to flow from the sword. Calling for Yu and Mikaela to stop, Sika Madu claims they cannot use that much power yet. If they merge any further then an unnamed 'they' will notice.[8]

Turning to three seraphs that have appeared in the sky above, Sika Madu at once raises his hands in response. Circular outlines are formed as Sika Madu focuses on establishing a barrier. Finding that Kimizuki's sword, and Yoichi's arrows have been launched into his back, the First demands to know what the insects are doing, and to not disturb him.[9]

After Kimizuki orders the monster to shut up, Yoichi calls for Yu to do it. Ready to strike with Mika as a sword, the First damns it all. Wondering how much of the poison is neutralized, Sika Madu feels it is almost all. Contemplating if he can dodge this, the First thinks yes, his strength is returning. Adamant that he will kill him and saying as much, Yu slashes down across Sika Madu. When Kimizuki questions if he got him, Yu answers he will this time and strikes him again.[10]

Tones from the seraph trumpets are heard, which Yu and Kimizuki with Yoichi react to. Kneeling bloodied, Sika Madu regards them and speaks how this is bad. Musical notes accompany the seraph words that the sinner is found. Chanting this dialogue, the seraphs continue that the great sinner who defied holy law to revive the cursed child, and brought blight upon the entire world has been found. Conjuring spears, the seraphs announce that sinners must be executed on sight.[11]

Yu wonders who is that, and demon Mika appears to warn him this is really bad and they have to get away. Motionless, Sika Madu speaks how he was close, so close. Only a little further, a few more steps and then Mikaela would... While Yu and demon Mika interact, and the seraphs declare their intent to execute the fallen angel, Sika Madu vows not yet, he is not going to give up. As the seraphs cast their spears, Sika Madu raises a barrier to defend himself from the assault, but finds it is not enough.[12]

Calling to Rigr and Urd, the First declares he will tell them all, so give him power, now. chains surround Sika Madu, which Yu is shocked by. As the First is pulled away by them, demon Mika shouts to not let him get away. While Sika Madu moves to cover his mouth, the warning to not listen to them, that the angels are his, no, their enemy is detailed. The chains disappear into Kiseki-o's coffin before that closes, with Sika Madu out of sight. Demon Mika asks if he heard that, Yu did and wonders what is going on as he surveys the seraphs hovering.[13]

Making out light in the dark, and with a voice commenting that he is a wreck, then whether he can open is eyes, Sika Madu makes out Saitō and Urd before him. Speaking that if only he had asked in the first place, they gladly would have helped them, Saitō questions Urd whether that is right. Urd adds they have waited for the First's return and addresses him as father. Sika Madu remains chained upright in the prison that Urd built. The second progenitors speak how the First promised to tell them, from the beginning of the world, to the reason why he abandoned them. Stating for them to have it, Saitō assures him they are all listening as Sika Madu is asked to explain himself.[14]

Chapter notes[]

  • Demon Mika as a child changes his form, to a teenage appearing demon Mika who is seen in this chapter for the first time.
  • The "Second Edge. Black Gash" power is used for the first time in this chapter. Used by Mika's sword, it warps the space around a target's head, shining brighter until the head more or less disappears.
  • In his realm Sika Madu recovers from having his head removed.
  • Where Kimizuki was dismembered and Yoichi also cut apart in the demon realm in the previous Chapter, they have reformed their bodies.
  • The "Third Edge. Phantom Journey" is spoken for the first time in this chapter, which has demon Mika appear to help withstand the First.
  • "First Edge. Pandemonium" is the third Mika as a sword based power invoked for the first time here. This particular power, used after the previous two alarms Sika Madu where he warns not to merge any more or 'they'll' notice.
  • Three seraphs appear, apparently in response to the power that Yu and demon Mika are producing.
  • With the seraph's arrival, Sika Madu reacts by trying to establish a barrier.
  • The poison that Shinoa injected in the previous Chapter 107 is almost all worn off according to Sika Madu.
  • Where the clothing and wings have been seen before, the seraph's physical traits are depicted. Within the black smoke coming out of the neck hole of the cloak, two different sized glowing lights that resemble eyes are visible. They each have a right hand, one that has four pointed fingers and a thumb, attached to a thin wrist of which the entire limb is burnt black in appearance.
  • The seraphs can generate long thin black spears as weapons that they use.
  • Sika Madu's barrier can defend against multiple seraph projectiles but he required further power.
  • Calling to Rigr and Urd, the First seeks their help for his predicament and offers knowledge, namely telling them all.
    • While he does not receive power, Sika Madu is assisted by way of being taken out of this danger's way by chains pulling him into Kiseki-o's coffin, which transports him away.
  • Giving a warning to not listen to them, Sika Madu said the seraphs are his, and their enemy.
  • The seraphs do not react, yet, to other's presences, namely Yu, demon Mika, Kimizuki and Yoichi.
  • Having captured the First, Urd and Saitō keep him confined in a prison, the one made by Urd that Saitō himself was kept in.


Image gallery: Yu's Sword

Manga panels provide a visual overview of the events of chapter 108 with depictions of the characters, Seraph of the End world and scenarios.


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