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This article is about the 111th chapter. For the bonus chapter included in volume 9, see Yu and Guren.

"Yu & Guren" (優とグレン Yū to Guren?) is the one hundred eleventh chapter of the Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign manga series, written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto.


Being transported via truck, Mika contacts Yu in his mind with the concern of where they are going. Stating that Guren, Mahiru, Ferid, and Krul are in cahoots, Mika adds they need to find out what their plan is. Yu has an idea, and directly asks Guren what his grand plan is. While Yu speaks how he is grateful to him, he will destroy the truck and walk away if Guren does not answer his questions.

Guren confirms that he is using Yu, but in not answering promptly whether he was in cahoots with Ferid when he murdered his family, Yu asks Mika for power, and Guren orders the same from Mahiru. Clashing, Yu questions if Guren killed his family, Kimizuki, and Yoichi's too. Cast out of the truck, both combatants stab into nearby buildings. Where Mahiru is using poison, they can only sustain a few more hits.

Excited, Yu does like Guren but having never beaten him in a fight he wants to surpass him. When Mika draws upon that desire, Yu is determined to win in one hit and they won't even clash blades. After generating destructive powers, Yu and Guren near one another.


List of characters in order of appearance:


Seated in the cargo bed of a truck being driven by Ferid, Mika is nearby to Yu interacting with Kimizuki and Mitsuba among others. Krul, with Guren, and Mahiru are also there. After Mahiru grins at Mika, he speaks Yu's name as he is speaking to others. Then addressing him in his mind, Mika communes with Yu there and calls for him to answer.[1]

Reacting to him, in their sphere, Yu asks Mika what is wrong. Questioning what is he doing, Mika affirms now is not the time to be having a fun chat with friends. Apologizing, Yu wonders whether Mika wants to join in too. Answering that is not it, Mika asks if Yu even realizes what situation they are in. When Yu replies they are going to Ferid's place in a truck, Mika poses the question to do what. Where Yu does not know, Mika says for him to think. Speaking that Guren, Mahiru, Ferid, and Krul are in cahoots, Mika adds they have been for years.[2]

When Guren rescued Yu, he did it for a reason, and Mika explains further that they have some kind of grand plan which involves taking advantage of both himself and Yu to make it work. After Yu registers that, Mika states before they let that happen they need to investigate and find out what their plan is. Getting it, Yu asserts that he has got a plan, a good one and he will get them to the bottom of whatever they are planning. Reacting to this news of a good plan, Mika questions what it is, for Yu to reply just watch and see.[3]

Blinking and having returned to his physical consciousness, Yu is sitting beside Yoichi in the truck, before he addresses Guren. As Guren asks Yu what is it, Mika considers the unfolding scene. Questioning upfront what this "grand plan" Guren has got in the works, Yu wants him to tell everything. While Mika is exasperated in raising how Yu is just going to ask flat out, Mahiru laughs how Yu really is a funny boy. Raising his hand, Yu states to hang on a sec, before anything is said, he has something to say first.[4]

Announcing that he is grateful to Guren, Mika listens to Yu while Krul and Mahiru also pay attention. Mentioning how if it was not for him, Yu reveals that he probably would have killed himself, which Shinoa and Yoichi react to. Affirming after he watched his whole family get murdered that he totally lost the will to live, Yu continues that Guren saved him. While Guren awaits the ongoing words, Yu speaks that he is thankful for that. Yu likes Guren for it too, and he trusts him. Yoichi is also listening as Yu shares that is how he really feels, and he means it. Now having something to ask him, Yu specifies for Guren to answer yes or no.[5]

As Guren begins to question what this is about, Yu interrupts to add if he does not answer his questions with yes or no, he will destroy this truck, and walk away. After Yu adds if Guren does not want that then answer everything he asks, Kimizuki and Shinoa register this ultimatum. With Guren stating for Yu to ask his questions, the first one Yu has is whether Guren likes him, where the answer is yes. When Yu asks if Guren is using him, the answer is yes again, which both Mika and Yu consider.[6]

After a pause, Yu questions Guren if he was in cahoots with Ferid when he showed up to murder his family. When Guren comments about that, Yu immediately calls to Mika to give him power, they are smashing this truck. Shouting his name in turn, Mika generates power on the ground, and Guren calls for Mahiru who responds. Yu, and Mika in his cursed gear sword form emanate an aura around them, while Guren swings his sword with Mahiru within to engage. Clashing in the vicinity of the truck, Guren shouts for Yu to listen to him. Provoked, Yu reminds Guren he said yes or no.[7]

Reiterating the question whether Guren killed his family, Yu also asks what about the others. Where Kimizuki and Yoichi's family are mentioned, they listen as Yu questions if Guren killed them too. While Guren contends he can explain, Yu furiously demands a yes or no answer. Knocked apart slightly, Yu says for Mikaela to slice it open to generate an electrical like surge from the sword. Invoking Mahiru, a shadowy manifestation appears around Guren as the "Moon Demon Stance" is invoked. Striking one another, Guren and Yu clash, as Kimizuki and Shinoa look on with alarm.[8]

With the emissions colliding, Yu and Guren are flung away from the truck in opposite directions. Mitsuba calls Yu's name as he is cast through the air, before he stabs into the side of a building. Communicating through the sword, Mika warns Yu they cannot clash blades with him. Revealing that his sword is doing something, Mika details whenever they clash, she injects poison into him. While Yu sees that as the reason he is feeling sluggish, Mika states he is neutralizing it now. Mika thinks if they clash four more times they will be slowed down enough and Guren will be faster. From his expression, Yu is apparently sardonic when seemingly shocked at there only being four more and commenting that Guren sure is powerful.[9]

Where Guren has done the same in that has stabbed into a building, he remarks to look at that idiot, after all that, Yu is smiling, and has gotten stronger. Asking her what she thinks, Mahiru answers she adjusted the amount of poison to throw them off. If they can clash two more times, Mahiru states Guren will be faster. Commenting that he has adjusting his speed too, Guren feels sure he is already one stage faster. In that case, Mahiru asserts one more clash and they have won. Clarifying that the next one wins, Guren hears the answer is yes.[10]

Appearing confident, Yu speaks to Mika how he probably should not say this, but he is actually kind of excited for this, before asking if he can feel it. Floating within his realm, Mika replies he can and it's a powerful desire Yu has, to make Guren respect him. Agreeing, Yu says he has yet to beat him even once. After Mika raises how Yu likes Guren, he answers affirmatively. A memory of Yu as a child lying on the ground with a practice sword nearby also shows Guren ruffling his hair before walking away. When Mika addresses that Yu wants his respect, he does.[11]

When Yu declares that he wants to surpass Guren, electricity surrounds Mika and discharges out from them on the building. Where Mika is enveloped he is devouring that desire right now. Affirming they can do this, Mika avows he will make Yu win. Eager to do this, Yu announces they can be even more powerful yet. Dropping from the building, Yu proclaims they will win in one hit, and they won't clash blades. It will just take a second, before Yu decides an instant, a flash. Speaking to Guren as he descends, Yu states he is going to surpass him.[12]

Answering for Yu to not go getting cocky, Guren labels him an idiot. Landing in the road, Guren assumes a position before calling for Mahiru to invoke the "Moonlight Stance", which results in multiple ovals of different sizes spreading outwards from him. With Guren inviting Yu to bring it, he responds for them to do this. Monitoring, Kimizuki remarks here they go, while Yoichi and Krul also observe. The "Flicker... Mikaela" power is activated by Yu which releases a beam of light across the cityscape. Swathed in a shimmering light, with electricity around Mika as a sword, Yu draws close to Guren with his Mahiru sword emitting shadows.[13]


What are you doing? Now is not the time to be having a fun chat with friends!

–Mika speaking privately with Yu where he was happy even though threats sit silently around them. Page 6

Think, Yu! Guren. Mahiru. Ferid. Krul. They're in cahoots! They have been for years! When Guren rescued you... ...he did it for a reason. They have some kind of grand plan... ...and they're taking advantage of us to make it work. Before we let them use us... ...we need to investigate... ...and find out what that plan is.

–Mika raising with Yu on what their situation is. Page 6-7

I've got a plan. A good one! And it'll get us to the bottom of whatever they're plotting.

–Yu tells Mika he feels he has a good plan to find what Guren, Mahiru, Krul, and Ferid have in mind. Page 8

Were you in cahoots with Ferid... ...When he showed up... ...To murder my family?

–Yu questions Guren. Page 13-14

I said yes or no, Guren! Did you kill my family?! What about the others? Kimizuki's family?! Yoichi's family?! Did you kill them too?!

–Yu furiously assails Guren as Kimizuki and Yoichi observe. Page 19

Yu! We can't clash blades with him! His sword is doing something. Whenever we clash, she injects poison into me!

–Aware of the poison, Mika warns Yu of Guren and Mahiru's actions. Page 25-26

Aha, okay! So that's why I started feeling sluggish.

–Yu realizes he was feeling the effects of Mahiru's poison. Page 26

I'm neutralizing it now, but I think if we clash four more times... ...We'll be slowed down enough he'll be faster!

–Mika works on dealing with the poison and mentions to Yu how many clashes are feasible. Page 26

Hah! Look at that idiot. After all that, he's smiling. He's gotten stronger.

–Guren regards Yu. Page 27

I was just adjusting my speed too. I'm already one stage faster.

–Guren speaks to Mahiru on his capabilities. Page 28

I probably shouldn't say this... ...But I'm actually kinda excited for this. Can you feel it?

–Yu shares his excitement with Mika in their fight against Guren. Page 29

Yeah. I can feel it. It's a powerful desire... ...to make Guren respect you.

–Mika feels Yu's desire. Page 30

Your clan, huh. And does that mean you love me?

–After being pushed over, Mika asks Krul a question. Page 32

Yu... I'm devouring that desire right now. We can do this. I'll make you win.

–Mika empowered by Yu's desire to surpass Guren. Page 35

Yeah, let's do this! We can be even more powerful yet!

–Yu ready with Mika to become stronger. Page 35

We'll win in one hit! And we won't clash blades. It'll take just a second... No, an instant... A flash.

–Yu planning to re-engage Guren in combat. Page 36

Chapter Notes[]

  • This chapter shares its name with the first bonus chapter, "Yu and Guren", from volume 9.
  • The colored cover image is the first instance of Mika as a demon in his present age being depicted in color. His eyes are blue, and the coloration of his clothing is seen.
  • The cover image features Mika looking upwards seemingly finding that he can look at the sun. Furthermore, buildings are reflected in a pool that has cracked upon contact with Yu's foot, where with the frayed edges it may indicate a memory being accessed. Both were events occurring in the previous chapter 110: "Expose the Past to the Sun".
  • To speak with him privately, Mika contacts Yu in his mind and shares his concern that Guren, Mahiru, Ferid, and Krul are in cahoots. Where Mika considered how there is a plan afoot in the previous chapter, he shares his concerns with Yu here rather than keeping it to himself.
  • The previous chapter also had Guren comment they were heading to a place where no one could touch them, a location left unspecified. In this chapter, Yu says they are going to Ferid's place, which might be Ferid's place as in a residence, or an unstated location that is referred to as Ferid's place that he is taking them.
  • When the plotters Ferid, Krul, Mahiru, and Guren are visualized they are in the setting of what appears to be a road, with a barbed wire fence on one side, a setting not seen in the story proper.
  • Registering a grand plan at work that involves them, Yu assures Mika he will get to the bottom of whatever they are planning.
  • Upon returning after having communicated with Mika, others are apparently speaking amongst themselves where no one commented on Yu who would have likely zoned out of the conversation he was having with them.
  • The method Yu has in mind for figuring out Guren's plan, is to ask him directly.
  • In establishing the setting for the questions he has, Yu shares with his squad he probably would have killed himself if not for Guren's help.
  • To acquire answers he seeks, Yu delivers an ultimatum to Guren for him to reply yes or no, or he will destroy the truck they are in and walk away. Yu's questions are:
    • Does Guren like him (yes).
    • Is Guren using him (yes).
    • Was Guren in cahoots with Ferid when he showed up to murder his family (Guren's answer: "about that", which results in Yu attacking).
  • Updating Mika in the moment, Yu calls him for power, as they are smashing this truck.
  • Yu and Mika within the sword clash with Guren and Mahiru also within the sword. While Yu needs answers on whether Guren killed his family, Kimizuki and Yoichi's too (Guren had Tomoe's body retrieved, and indeed murdered Mirai for the sinful key within her), Guren attempts to get Yu to listen to him.
  • Guren and Mahiru's Moon Demon Stance power is seen, which creates electrical like shadows around them. It may or may not be the power that resulted in Mika being afflicted with a speed impeding poison that left Yu feeling sluggish when the weapons came into contact with one another.
  • After exchanging sword strikes, Mika says to Yu that he is having poison injected into him by Mahiru where he felt it first and realized what it was. Capable of neutralizing it, Mika thinks clashing four more times would slow them down enough for Guren to be faster.
  • Guren remarks that Yu has gotten stronger.
  • Able to adjust the amount of poison, Mahiru also feels if they can clash two more times then Guren will be faster. In terms of adjustments, Guren is able to do this for his speed, which with both he feels the next clash will result in them winning.
    • In the next chapter 112 Yu would block Guren's sword, for Mika to sustain another dose, one more intense than before. Mika would still be able to provide power to Yu.
  • After sharing that he is excited, Mika discerns Yu's desire to make Guren respect him. Also feeling that he likes Guren, Yu confirms this. For all his anger that Guren possibly murdered family members, Yu wants to surpass him, which ensures a powerful desire for Mika to consume.
  • When supplying power to the sword, Mika in his location floats. Affected by a strong desire appears to manifest as electricity around him, and then around Yu.
  • On the ground, Guren invokes the Mahiru. Moonlight stance which generates rings around them.
  • A Flicker... Mikaela. power is spoken by Yu, which blasts out a tremendous singular beam of energy.
  • As Yu and Mika fight Guren and Mahiru, no one else intervenes. Ferid is driving, while Kimizuki, Yoichi, Mitsuba, Shinoa, and Krul observe where the only comments concern how they are re-engaging.
  • Where Yu fights Guren in the chapter 112 to cut apart a spell-tag creation, it is likely the Guren approaching him at the end of this chapter 111 was that illusion.
  • Although neither in this chapter or the previous chapter 110, was Crowley seen in the truck Ferid was driving, he would be shown present in chapter 112.


Image gallery: Yu & Guren

Manga panels provide a visual overview of the events of chapter 111 with depictions of the characters, Seraph of the End world and scenarios.


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